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In September of 1947 L. Ron Hubbard published the second segment of The End Is Not Yet in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.



Page 1 –

page 1

The intro reads:

Second of three parts. The essential trouble with belligerent people is that they’re sure they’re right, their ends are good, and they’ll do anything to prove it. Murder and mayhem and war, for instance—

For readers unfamiliar with the story (and because I want to add some points never covered before) I’m going to do a review of Part 1.


Review of Part 1

In the first segment, (my post The End is Not Yet – Allied Scientists of The World) the story opened with character Professor MacIlwraith of Columbia appearing in character Charles Martel’s room as a “square man”, and talks about Interplane travel and how he isn’t the “real” Professor  but is his “counterpart” in another plane that had been created by a “time split” from the Germans nuclear bombing Washington in their plane in 1945.

Early in the story, Martel answers as to why he “did nothing” to prevent the War, and says that:

For a little while three atomic scientists and an ex-naval officer and myself attempted to form a group to be known as the Allied Scientists of the World. We attended a meeting or two at Cal Tech. We corresponded with the people at Alamogordo.


Now, this is actually Hubbard talking about some real events in his life.

In my post Ron Hubbard’s Allied Scientists of The World – Linus Pauling Letters Question His Veracity from February of 2015, you can read all about it (with lots of fun documents) but these parts are particularly important.

Now you see the climate here, anyone who dared question the atomic energy policies of the U.S. was immediately “watched” and under suspicion as communist.

This is also when Hubbard just happens to show up on the “atomic” scene out there in Pasadena/Hollywood, just one month after Hiroshima.

Two months later, Linus Pauling helped found the Association of Pasadena Scientists.

Hubbard’s lecture concerning this time period was included within the book All About Radiation – which you can find here.

Here’s the relevant part –

The Revolt of the American Nuclear Physicists

“At the end of World War II a friend of mine, Lt. Commander of the Coast Guard, Johnny Arwine, and myself went to the California Institute of Technology (Cal-Tech)-to meet with a great many old time atomic physicists who had been at the project that dropped the original bomb–from Alamagordo.

It was our intention to organize these people so that some sort of sensible control could be monitored across the bomb. Nobody had thought about it at this date and Johnny Arwine and I were still in uniform. We were both in the world of engineering, then in the world of arts and then finally in the service. Neither of us had a thing to do with atomic fission in its development.

We got these atomic physicists together. I took the chair and Arwine addressed them. We spoke of using a propaganda weapon against anyone who would use atomic fission further against the human race. We planned to use any means we had to educate the people in the world concerning this.

The nuclear physicists were already so furious about this that Arwine and I could not control the meeting. We could keep them in their place, tell them to talk but we couldn’t get across any thought that was even rationally workable. These men said one thing: “We wish to overthrow the government of the United States by force.”

That is an astonishing chapter in the field of nuclear physics which only a few of us know about. There was a revolt and later on offices opened in the United States to propagandize the public in a movement led by the late Albert Einstein.

Arwine and I failed and withdrew our support from that meeting and did our best to calm them. We reported the findings to the Navy Department and the President. We said that we could not associate our names with this organization. But the atomic physicist did try and he is not going to do much more because Albert Einstein is dead.


Hubbard was literally right there in 1945, right when there was indeed “communist” activities going on with the Caltech association.

There was definitely intelligence actions revolving around this Pasadena association – take for example OSS agent Polonsky.


This was actually one of many intelligence assignments Hubbard would carry out in his long career working for the slavemasters, as we call them.

As you can see, this is indeed what he is entering into his character Martel’s ‘history’ in the first segment of the End is Not Yet.


In the story, the next thing that happens is that MacIlwraith then makes 3 books appear in Martel’s room, one being the story and notes of the other Charles Martel –  and one of the books bore the Allied Scientists of the World in it’s title.

allied scientists of the world

The other book was titled: Negative Energy Flows: A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Future Potentialities in Life Creation

Hubbard has character Professor MacIlwraith call this “viticity” in this story.

MacIlwraith goes on to say that:

Many of your greatest puzzles there on your plane must come from an inability to measure, produce or utilize this magnificent and powerful source of energy and life. You are living in a world run on it and yet you cannot even measure it. You have yet to tap the greatest reservoir of energy and power which will be available to man.

The three books were bound in scarlet and each emblazoned with a “great golden sword”.

excalibur cover

The End is Not Yet part 1 goes on, starting with the Charles Martel character reading the story of the other Charles Martel in the other plane.

In that biography, you can see Hubbard talking about his own history through this now dual character Charles Martel. For example, Martel from the other dimension says:

He had been employed in various capacities because of his basic skill as a nuclear physicist, but for the entire duration these employments had all been in the fields of espionage and intelligence under the Allies. Such activities are never blatant and all records of him were buried in the most secret files of Washington and London where they were later, of course, utterly destroyed.

astounding august 1947 end is not yet Hubbard intelligence career london


Since the time I first posted (on October 17, 2012) about this second segment of the story by Hubbard and given what I have been unearthing about Hubbard’s actual intelligence history and role in the slavemasters various plans and schemes for controlling man (and the world) – the above passage stands out even more now.


Hubbard was revealing his intelligence career using the artifice (the veil) of fiction.

including where the records were.

Get that?

Both Washington and London.


I didn’t say anything about it at the time because…well, because.

trying not to laugh.

There’s something else I didn’t bring up before from this first segment of the End is Not Yet, but I will now.

Look at the rest of the paragraph in the big page image above –

A large portion of any credit accruing from the interruption of the rocket missile and atomic research activities in the Axis powers which were Germany,, Italy and Japan, was owing to him. Unseen, unknown, he had worked thoroughly and well.


And now look at this –

The Book – Spies and Saboteurs by William James Morgan, published London, Victor Gollancz LTD 1955

Plain Text – p. 22

…At the end of his stay in Pemberley he was failed as a team-worker but given an exceptionally high rating as a lone wolf operative, with the reservation that his success would depend on how far he could cut down his boasting.

He went into France several months before the Normandy invasion and, posing as a German, joined a German army unit. When the fighting became fierce he made his way to the American line with vital order-of-battle information.

His coolness, self-assurance, and talent for plausible lying won him the Distinguished Service Cross.

L Ron Hubbard Trains At Pemberley – And Passes? by Virginia McClaughry June 29, 2014

Which apparently no one ever knew about. Perhaps that’s why the line of “Unseen, unknown, he had worked thoroughly and well.” Interesting, eh?

Like I said, behind-the-scenes I have done a lot of tracking and unearthing of pieces here and there that line up with what Hubbard has only ever really hinted at in his fiction writings – his real role in things, his intelligence career.

For example, some of the work that I have done on this shows up in these two segments of my husband’s book Scientology Roots (currently still in editing).

Chapter Twelve – Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

Then there’s the back-work articles that I did in 2015 detailing some of the aspects of Hubbard’s intelligence connections –

and his being in tandem with what we call ‘the slavemasters’ to develop a religious cult to study and experiment on people aka Scientology –

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology –


You could say that it all started with this –

With the very key and giveaway attitude in it by Hubbard of “Nationalism is the cause of war” being brought out by me so everyone could see it, and what that meant that he was doing that.


You could even also say that because of that post, I taught certain people a hard lesson on what research really is or can be but you didn’t hear that from me.


What I will say is that some people are now following in my footsteps and that’s fine with me. In fact I’m pleased as punch and couldn’t be more thankful. Why? Because in this case –

It’s the destination that matters, not the journey.



And even if they don’t know where ‘we’ are going, I do.

* * *


Since the time of first posting about this, I have also found a place where Hubbard himself pointed out that this End is Not Yet story was a message, a propaganda piece “meant for” certain people.

Today we have an interesting little find that I came across when I was randomly reading in some of the recently declassified FDA records.

…Mr. Cox refers to various letters from Hubbard to van Vogt discussing ”EXCALIBUR” and “Dianetics”. The article also mentions that Hubbard was present at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society on several occasions in 1948.

…The minutes of these meetings were reported in Shangri-la issues Nos. 5, 6 and 7. The one of primary interest is the April 15, 1948 meeting which is reported in Shangri-la No. 6 on Page 9. A copy of this page is attached for the record.

April 14th; 436th consecutive meeting:

At this meeting we added still another distinguished guest to our rosters – L. Ron Hubbard, author of “FINAL BLACKOUT”. Mr. Hubbard spoke briefing about himself and his stories.

He said,

THE END IS NOT YET was not intended to be a great story; it’s sole purpose was to implant a half-dozen ideas in the minds of certain people. It has already had some results.

Fantasy Times – Sam Moskowitz Interviewed About Hubbard by the FDA by Virginia McClaughry March 17, 2015


Note: See the above post for all the images and documentation.

That was found by me more than three years after my accurate assessment of that was indeed what Hubbard was doing with his Sci-Fi stories, particularly this End is Not Yet one.

I only mention that to give you another example of that you can accurately see and know something and the fact that you can and did is why you can follow the right trails to dig up the pieces of evidence someone either forgot about or didn’t know was still around. If you didn’t do that first you’d never know how to pursue it or maybe even never try at all. This would effectively keep you off “their” backs, see how that works?

No matter what ‘critical thinkers’ try to tell you about that this is wrong and that it can’t (or shouldn’t be) done this way – that’s a lie. While there are people that do go about this about all the wrong things, that is not why this mantra of evidence first is always chanted.

It’s because the powers-that-be are terrified of exactly the kind of ability to see and know the right way.

I’m sure you can see why.

ill try to restrain myself 2


Coming back to Hubbard’s second segment of the End is Not Yet again now –


The Second Segment

End is Not Yet – Part 2, September 1947 in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

page 1

The second segment carries the following synopsis of the characters on the first page –

  • CHARLES MARTEL, nuclear physicist has left the employ of the Allied War Crimes Commission in Europe because
  • CONNOVER BANKS causes the useless execution of a famous psychiatrist who is part of a scientific group seeking to prevent an atomic war. Banks is a partner and employee of …
  • JULES FABRECKEN,  fascist industrialist whose international empire of business neatly survived another employee—Adolf Hitler. Fabrecken desires to monopolize all world industry and so rule. To do this he must promote an atom war between America and Russia and prevent further scientific discovery. Preventing him is
  • PROFESSOR HAUS, ex-Nazi who is intelligence chief for high-ranking scientists who have their headquarters in the High Atlas of Africa. Hause contacts Martel who has married
  • ANNE VON STEEL, daughter of the executed psychiatrist and who keeps house for Martel and their adopted boy,
  • BUCKINGHAM, a British waif abandoned early in the war on the continent and who has learned much of starvation and cunning.

In Biarritz, character Haus makes an appointment with Martel to show him the scientific personnel files. Buckingham follows Haus when he leaves Martel’s house.

The story opens with Banks and some character called Feak rummaging through Haus’s apartment and finding that Gritter had clubbed Haus over the head and he hadn’t “talked”. Haus wakes up, Banks questions him.

Martel shows up, hides and watches. Haus comes out, Gritter runs over him with the car, he and Banks leave. Martel finds out Haus is still alive, and in order to solve this, Hubbard brings out more of his self-aggrandizing in his character Martel, this time as having a “superior memory”.

ASTOUNDING hubbard end is not yet september 1947 perfect memory


Hubbard really goes over the top in praising himself via his character Martel.

A fantastic memory it was..

 “Built on a solid core of great capacity, constructed with the logic of which only a first rank scientist is capable..

…coupled with an imagination and intuition almost mystic and certainly seldom found..

…of championship rank in any field he entered..

This whole “perfect memory” idea would soon feature quite prominently in L. Ron Hubbard’s book Dianetics, and it’s claims of being able to make a Clear who has amongst other things perfect recall.

A clear, for instance, has complete recall of everything which has ever happened to him or anything he has ever studied.

– Dianetics book



There is obviously a plan going on here, because have a look at these statements side-by-side. There is a consistency as to how this “new science” is to be promoted.

L. Ron Hubbard – 1947 John W. Campbell – 1950 J.A. Winter – 1950
Hubbard praising himself via his character Martel.“A fantastic memory it was..”

“Built on a solid core of great capacity, constructed with the logic of which only a first rank scientist is capable..”“…coupled with an imagination and intuition almost mystic and certainly seldom found..”

Titles his editorial in the March issue of Astounding: On Human Memory

In the April issue, Campbell says:“a perfect, indelible, total memory, and perfect, errorless ability to compute his problems.”“It is a coldly precise engineering description of how the human mind operates”“To find, beyond that zone of madness, a computing mechanism of ultimate and incredible efficiency and perfection!’”

It is a machine incapable of error, working with memory storage banks of infinite capacity and incredibly detailed exactitude. …Hubbard’s discovery of the true nature of this wonderful device, the Human Mind, gives us answers we have never had before. They are engineering answers…“A clear has regression recall.”


The next thing that happens

Character Martel arrives with Haus to Dr. Franz’s and here we have Hubbard showing his supposed “mastery” of the endocrine system that would be boasted by him many times in Scientology tape lectures and materials. He has character Martel suggest:

Use anti-reticular serum. Use estrone and testostrone. Thyroxin. Amino acids. Use penicillin. Make him live.

…some adrenalin and blood plasma.

Inject them intramuscularly. The body will maintain a proper balance. Testosterone won’t work all alone…”

Use ten testosterone to one estrone and three grains thyroxin per day.”

hubbard endisnotyet endocrine medicine sept 1947.

So, Dr. Franz does what our hero Martel/Hubbard says and saves Haus’s life. Another parallel here is that Haus’s back is broken – a claim Hubbard later made about what he “went through” researching Scientology Advanced Level – Operating Thetan Level III, the infamous Xenu and the space aliens story of the universe.

space planes OT III


Some more aggrandizement of Martel/Hubbard and the Allied Scientists of the World is thrown into the mix concerning characters Buckingham and Martel making a pact:


Anne gets killed (Charles Martel’s significant other) and the police are investigating. During this, Martel has to go through his desk and he pulls out a manuscript, which is a parallel of Hubbard’s Excalibur, and in fact, this gives us a glimpse into what this Excalibur may have been. (the image of the first part of this series was a man carrying a manuscript with an Excalibur sword on it.)

hubbard endisnotyet excalibur manuscript sept 1947


Martel’s manuscript is titled:

Negative Energy Flows:
A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Potentialities in Life Creation.


The first two fission (atomic) bombs to be used in War conditions were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August of 1945. This act of unconscionable aggression was the “end” of World War II.



After the war, a number of scientists and laypersons looked for some potential peacetime use for this powerful new form of energy.

One of the concepts extant in nuclear physics of this time period (1947) was the harnessing of the negatively charged electrons – only they didn’t realize that is what they were doing – they thought they were releasing the “power” of the nucleus of the atom. But, as you can see, Hubbard’s twist on this is attempting to capitalize on the concern in the scientific community – he is attempting to turn Nuclear physics into “life creation” versus simply being used as a weapon of destruction

Nikola Tesla had been heavily invested for years in researching what he called “radiant energy”, which is also – as you will see – is what Hubbard is attempting to position himself with.

At the time of Hubbard’s big educational stint [early 1930’s] there was an ongoing discussion concerning something called the “hole theory” in physics.

So, what’s this hole theory – in layman’s terms please –

Earth’s current “approved scientists posit the idea that matter/energy is made up of atoms. The simple definition is that the structure of an atom has a nucleus, or center, composed of positively charged particles called protons (plus some particles called neutrons) and a “sea” of electrons that circle around it forming an electro-magnetic shell that holds the form. The number of positively charged particles determine an atoms weight, and identity – so to speak – as to what it is to our eyes. Calcium, for example, has a different weight than potassium, and so on.

Atom - the bohr model

atom big diagram


In math, you have what are called whole numbers and fractions of whole numbers. If you had one piece of pie and kept dividing it, it would still be a piece of pie – however small.  If it’s pie, it’s PIE!

slices pie

In Physics, an atom is a similar concept. It is the smallest possible piece  or fraction of the pie, that is still being PIE. Divide or break it any further? It’s no longer pie – which is the basic theory of atom-splitting. Break the atom, now it’s not recognizable as pie anymore, but the energy that was pie is now released – Nuclear fission. There are some things wrong with the standard physicist’ view of atoms and their behavior/identity, but I’ll get into that some other time.

Alright, so that’s the basic idea. Physicists in the 1930’s were very curious about this “sea” (a vacuum) of electrons and the barrier (that they could not see) that holds the form together. One of the theories that was being batted around, was hole theory.

They were referring to the negatively charged electrons that form the electro-magnetic “sea” or field around the nucleus. They were the “holes”.

The orange part in this diagram

atom big diagram


The theory was that these electrons emitted negative energy PHOTONS, which then “create the form” of the sea or “structure” of the atom. Further, that the “currents” (or back and forth attraction) between the holes and their photons was the sought after DARK MATTER. Anti-gravity, anti-time, all sorts of theories about the properties of DARK MATTER.


In the summer of 1933, European physicists Pauli, Heisenberg and Peierls were discussing hole theory by correspondence, (also with Oppenheimer in America). The main topic being the discovery of the positron – a positively charged electron.

The concept of zero-point energy was developed in Germany by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, using a formula developed by Max Planck in 1900. The term zero-point energy originates from the German Nullpunktsenergie.

It is the energy of the vacuum, it is the energy that remains when all other energy is removed from a system. By vacuum, I don’t mean the vacuum of space, I mean just an absence of any photons (light energy).

In 1947 Hendrik Casimir, came up with the Casimir force which is widely cited as evidence that underlying the universe there must be a sea of real zero-point energy. Since then, some scientists have posited that dark energy is the low frequency gravitationally active component of zero-point energy.

Thus zero-point energy would appear to be identical with the mysterious dark energy.


Black hole atoms

7-dark-universe-dark-matter black hole atoms


Schroedinger was apparently the first to note that solving the Dirac equation for the motion of the electron resulted in a necessary component that could be interpreted as random, speed-of-light fluctuations of a point-like particle.

*Important Note – this is also the basis for the SQUIDs device, which affects the tiny electro-magnetic fields of the body. See Scientology Roots chapter 26-3 War for the Minds of Men for more information.


The present conventional theory is very muddled in its treatment of the Dirac hole. Apparently, Dirac had concluded that the “hole” (left by the negative matter interaction) is somehow a positron.

Caveat: Earth’s science community tends to view matter and energy only according to their own skewed perception of a dipolar universe. (dipolar-two opposing poles) such as:


And so on.

Physics uses nuclear (as in the nucleus of an atom) power to destroy life, so, in our standard dipolar view that ALL enslavers take of things, you get Hubbard’s use of the negative (zero-point) energy or “holes” (which are the opposite of the positive charged nucleus) for the opposite purpose of creating life. Always having scales and hierarchies and whatnot which are based on one end being x and the other end being the supposed opposite of x.

Without fail, this is always how they view anything, anywhere from emotional responses to the behavior of energy and matter.

But, all of this “dark energy” and “dark matter” as the hidden substance of life and matter creation is right in Hubbard’s 1947 time period of his: “Negative Energy Flows: A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Potentialities in Life Creation.ergo obviously the secret ‘Excalibur topic’ in this story of The End is Not Yet.

We also have the obvious positioning of Hubbard’s alleged real-life writing of Excalibur together with this fictional character Martel’s “secret writings”.

This would then beg the obvious conclusion that Hubbard is also positioning these same alleged real-life writings of Excalibur as having within it –

the secrets of dark matter and negative energy as related to LIFE CREATION.


In the next part of this segment of the End is Not Yet Hubbard put other parallels with his actual manuscript called Excalibur and events surrounding it.

Character Martel finds out that his carbon copy of his “Negative Flows” manuscript has been stolen, just as Hubbard alleged that his in-real-life manuscript called Excalibur was stolen, only the story is reversed. In real life, Hubbard alleges he has the carbon and the original was stolen.

Same page, just on the next column.

hubbard endisnotyet excalibur manuscript sept 1947.

Here’s a couple places where some years later Hubbard talks about his Excalibur manuscript being stolen/missing.

“In developing Dianetics and Scientology over the last 25 years a great deal of the basic work was lost because there was no central depository for its materials. There is one whole textbook written in 1938 entirely missing now.”

– P.A.B. No. 90 From L. RON HUBBARD Via Hubbard Communications Office Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W.8 26 June 1956 THE ORGANIZATIONS OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY


“… Male voice: I’ve heard a lot of fabulous stories about the book “Excalibur” Could you tell us a little about that?

It still-it-still exists. I got a carbon copy of it. The original’s been stolen.

Male voice: Will you ever put it in print, Ron?

The original … No. The original was stolen by the Russians a long time ago. They offered me a hundred thousand dollars to go to Russia and work exclusively in Russia-all laboratory facilities-and actually offered me any facility and pay and equipment that Pavlov had ever had and they almost had me on the boat, you know? That was back with Amtorg. And a few years later, why, my apartment was raided, doors smashed in and so forth, and the only thing missin in the whole place-papers were all thrown about and so forth-and the only thing missing (there were very many valuables there) and the only thing missing was the original copy of the book “Excalibur. Still gone. I do have a carbon of it, however. I didn’t know I had the carbon. The carbon is the first writing. The book that was stolen had been rewritten somewhat. That answer it?”



The next interesting part is Charles Martel having difficulty sleeping, and the story turns to “The High Atlas” – an interesting similarity to the more recently named movie Cloud Atlas.

Martel/Hubbard talks about “Scientists ruling the world.”


Hubbard then has one of the characters have a holy cow over the other saying the guy was not a scientist “but a writer”. That’s a whole interesting little view in itself, into Hubbard’s feelings on the subject and probably specifically about those that criticized him for being a writer.

endisnotyet german intel files and dead scientists

Martel and the frenchmen then go on to access the “secret files” of German Intelligence, which are arranged in a row of green file cabinets. He examines them and finds that many of the “missing” or killed persons were scientists. He then delivers an impassioned speech about the new Dark Ages because of nuclear power in the hands of madmen (which goes on for a page or so) which ends with the “Old God” grinning at him in answer to the question –

“Sitting idle, then, are we brutes and beasts?”


There’s some other rather interesting points made in this big speech of Hubbard/Martel, see how many you notice.

ASTOUNDING oct 1947 end is not yet part 2 scaled.

See the last few words? Raging demons

That’s an interesting statement there, here’s the rest of it –

‘Raging demons are loose upon the world, that we know. But, good friend, how can we do this thing? To move the mass of humanity, educate it, make it understand, is to contemplate a task for the very Atlas.”

“How do you know,” said le Chat suddenly, “that we have not an Atlas here?” He smiled at Martel.”


Not only does it show that Hubbard is definitely a willing participant in the slavemasters plan (with the concurrent lofty attitudes towards those lowly “masses”) it shows he has this attitude several years before he actually launches the first front group to carry this out in his own special way – Dianetics.

But have a look at the rest of the dialogue here, it’s really something.

ASTOUNDING endisnotyet hubbard on how to change the masses oct 1947

Hubbard then projects himself into another character (the frenchman Le Chat) stroking himself that “all great writers” were a “master of illusion” and a member of the cult of “black and white magic” which he refers to as the “cult of writers everywhere.”

There’s also a none too subtle insult of that telling stories to members of a half-wild Berber Tribe is more difficult that “the drawing rooms where his targets were much more easily struck.


Growing up among some of my mother’s family (the rich and the corrupt) and seeing what I did, I’d have to agree. Many of the so-called intelligentsia literati are, well, gullible beyond belief. They also shift directions like schools of fish for no apparent reason other than because “everyone else did”. That’s what Hubbard is talking about and he’s right about that.

The ‘blustering ass’ routine is one they invariably make the wrong conclusions about, that kind of total gullibility to an appearance literally has to be seen to be believed. But, sadly, they fall for it every time. That’s probably why the British (the biggest influences in Hubbard’s life) have their deepest cover intelligence agents actually cultivate “acting like an ass” as one of their early intelligence manual instructs.

The question then becomes: “Who’s really the ass/fool? The one acting like that or the one that falls for the act…”

morticia - wink


The character Le Chat (Hubbard obviously) goes on to preach about what is wrong with Man. He’s got a pretty nasty attitude towards the bulk of humanity.

It’s basically the rather well-used crabs in a bucket rhetorical device somewhat restated.

crabs in a bucket syndrome.

“Most men are hypocrites…”


Apparently only artists, philosophers and gifted scientists are of any real use to humanity.

Come on

come on!

Sounds like a dang slavemaster recruitment drive to me.

Know why I say that? Because slavemasters hardly ever do any of the real work themselves. They need the rest of us to make their plans a reality. Need I say more?

It’s such an interesting conundrum for them. They need smart, perceptive and independent people but yet at the same time they tend to hate them because they have this nasty tendency to see right through to their evil little hearts. So, as some kind of weird solution to this ‘problem’, they come up with prepared and actually highly controlled pigeon-holes called artists, philosophers, and scientists. Those are the approved roles we independent types can have, you see.

Personally, I say frack that. But that’s me.

crazy baby

But you’re welcome to be their next pet slave to be fawned over if that’s your thing.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you, because if you do – there’s this minor little detail of that in order to FIT in those nice pigeon-holes? You won’t actually be living all that smart, perceptive or independent anymore.

See how this is such a conundrum for the slavemasters of the world? I almost feel sorry for them.


Hubbard is actually trying to reconcile this conundrum in his own mind, spoken through the words of his characters.

“He does not seek to rule, he seeks but to raise others to a higher destiny. And man, the complicated brute, mistrusts the effort and makes the poet struggle through mire, sucks his blood and kills him. And so I say men are hypocrites.”


Notice how “some” men are hypocrites has become “men” as in all men. I figured that was the real view. Slavemasters and their Igors always say they are trying to ‘elevate’ man.

They never seem to want to realize THAT is the problem with their view. It’s unimaginable the lengths that they go trying to get out of that simple truth that they do know.

Here, I’ll show you. Watch Hubbard do it…

ASTOUNDING endisnotyet hubbard pontificating about man oct 1947


This line in particular is quite the clarion call of Hubbard’s obvious slavemaster-in-training status – he’s dissing the American Revolution without mentioning it by name and positioning it right away with communism. A dead give away– just like one Catholic Pope after another did. (see The True Nature of “Communism” and Why the British/Vatican Slavemasters Needed It – Trashing the American Revolution for direct quotes and examination).

“They espouse a cause for good and then, if it conflicts with their life’s teachings in any way, they cry shame to it. They pretend what they are not.

A revolutionary, Buck, if he be not a god, seeks only to overthrow those who oppress him so that he, in his turn, can oppress.

Revolutions are not successful. They never are for men won’t change their patterns.”


That part I bolded is one hell of an insult of people like Thomas Jefferson, etc., trying to say Jefferson did what he did so he can oppress others?


That is so wrong it isn’t even in the same universe as wrong.

But what it is – is a dead giveaway that Hubbard is on board with the still bitchy slavemasters and their attitudes towards Jefferson etc. and their breaking of the slavemaster two-class system for a time. It was enough.

No matter how short a time until they slithered their way back into control and infected the entire system with their putridness?

It was enough.

kara thrace wink.

It still is.

So much so that they are still deathly afraid of people like Jefferson – even to this day. Hence, the desire to pigeon-hole them, recruit them either into one of their little peg-hole boxes of artists, philosophers and gifted scientists or failing that? Into one of their rat-trap front groups. Like Scientology. Like Catholicism. Like…you get the idea.

In fact, let’s look at the entire dialogue Hubbard gives us here about all the ‘ideas’ about this that we’re supposed to get.

Reminder – Hubbard stated:

THE END IS NOT YET was not intended to be a great story; it’s sole purpose was to implant a half-dozen ideas in the minds of certain people. It has already had some results.”

Fantasy Times – Sam Moskowitz Interviewed About Hubbard by the FDA by Virginia McClaughry March 17, 2015




ASTOUNDING endisnotyet Hubbard disses American Revolution and government.

Notice this little exchange?

“Buckingham: But in the United States, they say, the government is ‘by the people, for the people and of the people’. What of this? Do the army and navy in America protect the government?

Le Chat: Let us not walk on this quicksand…”


Oh yes. Let’s not.


But the real point in my showing you this, was this part –

“Le Chat: But some day, when we get to .America, make a few small tests: preach a barbaric religion, shout ‘Hooray for the Communists!’, refuse to join a union and tell people all laws are enforced with fear and see how long you stay out of jail. I am cynical. Do not heed me.”


So hey now! There we go. Hubbard is revealing that what he did when he created the religion of scientology (while working as a secret CIA agent/asset for Miles Copeland doing ‘political action’) was that he was intentionally setting out to undermine American ideals and government.

Its who on the phone - shock.

That means –

It was a PLOY the whole time.


Scientology was that ‘barbaric’ religion. And what were most of its most barbaric practices directly patterned after?

The Catholic Church.

See these posts for several comparison studies –
  1. The Worst Policies of Catholicism and Scientology – The Punishment of Those Who Disagree
  2. Where Scientology’s Introspection Rundown Came From – The Marriage of Catholicism and Psychiatry
  3. Catholicism and Scientology – Satanic Cults

Many of the British ‘agents’ are part of a rather long snit-fest towards the Catholic Church. They are always carping at each other for one reason or another.

It’s not really about any actual difference in the same desire/goal to rule the earth, it’s more of a family argument kind of thing. Like a family tends to do, when push-comes-to-shove they will align together. Like they did against the independence of America, like they did in WWI and WWII (to try and stop that kind of independence happening anywhere else).

Hubbard falls into the British side of this ‘family’ argument.

The next part of the story has the enigmatic Le Chat going off on a plan somewhere to Martel’s secret laboratory where he is obviously experimenting with electro-magnetic fields which “mystify” Le Chat. There is a lot of posturing in this part about the “magnificence” of Martels creations and how it is like the gods and so on.But, just as I suspected, Hubbard is going to go there – meaning he’s going to add in his own version of creating the magical “zero-point” energy.

Remember the title of the Martel-from-another-dimension book –

down point female tattoo finger

Negative Energy Flows:
A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Potentialities in Life Creation.


The description of the underground lab –

“Le Chat a Faime stopped at the laboratory entrance and looked with something like awe into the huge underground cavern. Switches gleamed sullenly, great banks of transformers stood like squat ebony giants, porcelain insulators winked, and scattered coils of wire, mounds of condensers, piles of tubes, cabinets of intricate connections jammed the place until, for all its immensity, one could scarcely walk for fear of stumbling into sudden oblivion.

The whole was bathed in eerie blue light from vapor lamps and there was a devil’s smell of brimstone in the air which caught and twisted the throat. But lowering down upon it all, its head utterly out of sight in the ink of the far off roof, muttering and snarling and crackling as though brooding mad, stood the god of the place, a vibratron.

Men, goggled and aproned and gauntleted until they were better thought of as earth gnomes, were busy in the place, dwarfs before power.

Far off in the distance splashed red, was another man, Martel. He stood before a bank of furnaces which roared and sighed and roared again under the onslaught of forcefed fuel and air, developing incredible temperatures and throwing out an angry scarlet glow which flickered and flashed upon their master and painted fantastic patterns upon the concrete floor.”


For some reason, that reminds me an awful lot of some scenes from the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Know which scenes I’m talking about?

These –


The “gnomes”


Interesting, eh?

Hubbard then has Martel describe the progress of his experiment into negative energy. Note the part with the red arrow by it.

ASTOUNDING endisnotyet Hubbard and his secret science oct 1947.

As you’ll see in another story of Hubbard’s I’ll be posting about soon, making things disappear is a bit of a ‘thing’ with him. Or maybe I should say it’s more of an attraction tactic, as in attracting people to what we already know was going to be a ‘trap’ for those needing edu-macation (yes, that’s intentionally misspelled) by the “gods” amongst us.

I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad if they actually were “gods”, that might almost be fun. But, sadly these people that Hubbard hangs with are most definitely not. I’d even go so far as to say that any attempts by them to look like they are just calls attention to what shabby imitations they really are.

I love the cyclotron being converted to a vibratron part – it’s just so…so…

Nicolas Cage Laugh.


The fun continues with Martel trying to explain what went wrong.

“We were using an atom pile for power,” continued Martel “and we did not know how violently our energy and fission disagree.”

tumblr image an idea of martel


Then there is some discussion about experimenting beyond the original intentions and then ‘the result” was produced.

A single small object about the size of a marble gets tossed ‘belligently” (is that a word?) out on the table – with seven pairs of eyes now staring at it.

rolling ball.

But what was it? They looked closer.



After all that pseudo-serious talk about negative energy and blah-blah-blah and complicated underground labs, now Hubbard goes in a completely different direction talking about gold out of lead?


whoosh-over your head

Not only is it different, it’s a completely different genre. He started from Sci-fi and then took a sharp left into an ancient religious alchemy myth.

The image on the page talking about it is this –


Which I guess is now supposed to position Martel as some sort of Rosicrucian-style alchemist regarding LIFE FORCE?

Cuz remember the title of the magic book again here –

Negative Energy Flows:
A Neglected Field with Some Notes on Potentialities in Life Creation.


So, wow. Now we’re really going over the top here with the allegories, but what a weird shift of story though too. But wait! There’s more. Then Hubbard shifts it all back somehow trying to relate the ‘Philosopher’s stone’ as actually being zero-point energy.



confused owl.

Alrighty then.

He then goes on about magnetism and flows aka zero-point energy, and a whole lot more. This, you have to see in full. Particularly note the part with the red arrow – this is the forerunner to Hubbard and Volney Mattheson’s E-meter, an integral device in Hubbard’s abreactive therapy auditing practices years later.

ASTOUNDING endisnotyet the precursor emeter idea oct 1947.

Hubbard again shows his fascination with presenting the idea of disappearing things.

Martel: “I could make elements apparently disappear if they were low enough on the scale and I could change the quality of the.higher end.”


This part is pretty interesting as well, because of his definition of this ‘viticity’.

Martel: “Because it comes from glass and because it is bound up with life, I’ve called it ‘viticity’ for it is not electricity any more than a cop’s whistle is a steam engine.”


Comes from glass? Err…

This second segment of the End is Not Yet essentially finished up with a discussion about how much money they need to continue researching this and then piles of ingots of gold begin being churned out by Martel’s ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ machine. Meanwhile – over in France, the ‘liberal’ scientists have been reported to be making bombs in the High Atlas (where Martel is) and inciting the Berbers to rebellion and insurrection, and two French Intelligence/Military men are forming some sort of plot about what to do about those dang scientists.

Or something like that.

The final scene pictures for the reader, a troop of legionnaires trompsing off into the Morroccan desert enroute to “Destination X” and a statement by Hubbard of the problem with soldiers – just following orders.

“Nobody thought to ask where they were going or why. But, after all this discomfort, when they did get there somebody was sure going to catch hell.

Orders were orders and they went.

They knew not the history of the ground where they walked, the composition of the government which sent them, the training or capabilities of their officers, the cause they embraced. They merely went.

When they got there they would fire and then some of them would come back.

They merely went.”


See you in part 3, Lieutenant Hubbard.

salute hans solo.

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