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I have put together this kind of cheat sheet about George White’s subprojects to both correct wrong information out there (primarily as to dates) and to focus a little closer on what he was doing for the CIA, and when, using the declassified MKULTRA subproject documents.

Each Black Vault folder of scanned images  – that correspond to the 6 (now 7) different MKUltra subprojects known to be George White’s – have been turned into OCR’d PDFs and uploaded to the Internet Archive.

PDFs –

Quotes or notes in the timeline section will detail which Black Vault folder the document being discussed was originally in (and on which CD) as well as which image/page number. Sometimes that may be off by one page or so because there was occasionally a couple of images that were blank or defective causing the PDF process to renumber the pages accordingly.

Please see George’s Specific Persons page for a much more detailed description of his life and his activities both before and after MKULTRA including lots of pictures.


George White (born in 1906), started out as a journalist, specializing in undercover work for newspapers in San Francisco and Los Angeles before becoming a narcotics agent in the early 1930s. He worked for Harry Anslinger, and after he secured a strategic ‘drug bust’ of Jimmy Wong in 1937 (who was coincidentally, a rival to certain Mafia heroin operations) he was promoted to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics New York Office – a ‘plum’ job. Side note: Hoover had just founded the FBI in 1935.

This also happened to coincide with the heyday of organized crime and George was good at grabbing headlines with drug busts that made it look like they were actually really doing something about it (which they weren’t). By the time WWII rolled around Anslinger had become close to White and and personally requested that he join the OSS.

He did, and acquired the rank of lieutenant colonel. Donovan immediately sent him to Camp X, the British intelligence super-secret training camp of spies, saboteurs and assassins, with an eye for training White to be a trainer himself. Why? Because of his understanding of and connections into the narcotics smuggling networks and his willingness to play ball when it came to selectively targeting certain drug dealers (and it’s opposite – leaving certain ones alone).

George arrived at Camp X on February 25, 1942. In March of 1942, White was assigned as Branch Chief of Schools and Training for the OSS Counter-Espionage Division in Washington D.C. A couple of months later (May 1942) White took a six-week break to attend a six-week advanced commando and parachute school in Virginia, together with Garland Williams and Phillip Strong.

Notes: Garland H. Williams was born in Prentiss, Mississippi on January 5, 1903. He became an agent in the Customs Bureau in 1929, then in 1936 he transferred to the Bureau of Narcotics, where he worked with George Hunter White as his superior (district supervisor) at the New York Bureau right around the beginning of WWII.

In June 1942 Garland Williams was appointed OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations. He was immediately sent to London to confer with the Chief of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), Tony Keswick. After meeting with Keswick, Garland was sent home with SOE’s training manuals and helped establish OSS training schools in Maryland and Virginia. The SOE also sent 4 experts to help plan and organize the methods used by the OSS.

Garland was also the OSS’s Chief of sabotage training. In 1944, he served on special missions with the very secret “Y” force of the OSS.

In White’s ‘trainer’ capacity he would make rounds of the now several secret training sites including:

  • Area B3, a 9,000-acre center hidden away in Maryland’s Cotoctin Mountain Park, a few miles from today’s Camp David Presidential retreat.
  • Area A2, a 5,000-acre wooded site near Quantico, Virginia.
  • ‘The Farm,’ located forty miles from Washington, D.C.

Camp X was actually under an extremely secretive branch called Division 19. It was established by Presidential Executive order on June 28, 1941 tucked away underneath the National Defense Research Committee’s Office of Scientific Research and Development. It was run by Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell who would later become Assistant Director of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) and be involved in the whole UFO debacle.

Not only that, but as part of Division 19, he would have an intimate involvement in the Manhattan Project. AND, as if that wasn’t enough, it was Chadwell who would replace Machle as Assistant Director of the CIA’s OSI in February of 1950.

In a little over a year, he would oversee the start up Project BLUEBIRD together with Colonel James H. Drum, deputy chief of the Technical Services Staff, and Dr. Sidney Gottlieb of later MKULTRA infamy.

What most people do not know about this is the connection to Nazi Germany human experimentation – especially as visible through Doctors Beecher and Hebb. In 1944, Kurt Friedrich Plötner (Ploettner) had been given Dachau physician Sigmund Rascher’s role as head of the “Department R” of the Ahnenerbe project for carrying out experimental work on living subjects. As part of that he administered the hallucinogen mescaline to Jews and Russian prisoners, watching them display schizophrenic behavior. On October 2 and 6 he reported on his findings to Sievers. Ploettner had been brought over later by the OSS to continue his experiments here in the U.S. in 1945 as part of Operation Paperclip and his ‘report’ concerning his mind control work was given to Beecher, which then went to Hebb.

After BLUEBIRD had been renamed ARTICHOKE in 1951, several months later in February of 1952 Chadwell proposed the establishment of “an integrated CIA program for the development of special interrogations or other techniques for the purpose of controlling an individual without his knowledge.

CIA director Smith accepted Dr. Chadwell’s proposal, and a month later, the CIA set up a “small testing facility” at its downtown headquarters in Washington, D.C. and then linked up with Fort Detrick where Frank Olson was the chief of Detrick’s Special Operations Division (SOD).

George White was involved in this, and this is when they first began testing LSD on individuals.

In early 1952, SOD agreed ‘to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery systems.” By this agreement, CIA acquired the knowledge, skill, and facilities of the Army “to develop biological weapons suited for CIA use.’”

The Church Committee reported that one of the three principal functions of the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the U.S. Army Biological Center at Camp Detrick, Maryland was to conduct ‘biological research for the CIA.’ Church Committee, Book I, p. 395.


Under an agreement reached with the Army in 1952, the Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick was to assist CIA in developing, testing, and maintaining biological agents and delivery.

– Frank Church Committee, 94TH CONGRESS, 2d Session SENATE REPORT No. 94-755 FOREIGN AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE, BOOK I, FINAL REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE TO STUDY GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS WITH RESPECT TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES, XVII. TESTING AND USE OF CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL AGENTS BY THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY which references [9] Memorandum from Chief, TSD/Biological Branch to Chief, TSD “MKNAOMI: Funding. Objectives, and Accomplishments.” 10/18/67, p. 1. For a fuller description of MKNAOMI and the relationship between CIA and SOD, see p. 360.


At the height of World War II, Chadwell’s Division 19 (through the OSS) began the systematic recruitment of underworld figures that were most adept at ‘close-in killing methods…’ This is when George formed his connection with Meyer Lansky, by the way, whom George always managed to leave out of any BND drug busts.

These OSS assassination programs were PR-positioned as ‘executive action,’ ‘health alteration‘ and ‘incapacitation‘ programs, and adding Colby’s particular euphemism into the mix – “pacification“.

Another item that was run by George White out of Division 19 was the Truth Drug Committee. In this post about the activities of the British Security Coordination – I go into quite a bit of detail about this Committee, tracking down details and photos of every single member of it. I highly suggest you peruse it.

What was a surprise to me (and I’m sure it will be for you) is that this program was run in conjunction with the Manhattan Project – the project to create nuclear weapons!

Award-winning journalist John Marks fills us in a few more details about this conjunction of the Truth Drug committee and the Manhattan Project involving testing on several unwitting (they weren’t told first) scientists to boot –

…the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), America’s wartime intelligence agency, set up a ‘truth drug’ committee under Dr. Winfred Overholser, head of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington.

The committee quickly tried and rejected mescaline, several barbiturates, and scopolamine. Then, during the spring of 1943, the committee decided that cannabis indica –or marijuana –showed the most promise, and it started a testing program in cooperation with the Manhattan Project, the TOP SECRET effort to build an atomic bomb.

It is not clear why OSS turned to the bomb makers for help, except that, as one former Project official puts it, ‘Our secret was so great, I guess we were safer than anyone else.’

Apparently, top Project leaders, who went to incredible lengths to preserve security, saw no danger in trying out drugs on their personnel…

…While members of the truth-drug committee never believed that the concentrated marijuana could compel a person to confess his deepest secrets, they authorized White to push ahead with the testing.

On the next stage, he and a Manhattan Project counterintelligence man borrowed 15 to 18 thick dossiers from the FBI and went off to try the marijuana on suspected Communist soldiers stationed in military camps outside Atlanta, Memphis, and New Orleans.”

[Note: that’s another example of the OSS/CIA manipulating Hoover through using his ‘communist’ button. See this post]

– The Search for the “Manchurian Candidate”, John Marks, pgs. 6-8


Notice the dates of ‘spring’ 1943. Kurt Ploettner’s experiments on hapless prisoners over in Nazi Germany had actually begun right around that same time.

Rounding out his WWII experience here, George is specifically credited with helping establish the OSS (and later CIA) field office in Rome. He also went on to be promoted to Deputy Chief of Counter-Espionage in the United States (nicknamed X-2) but apparently by 1944 he is listed as the head of OSS counterintelligence operations in the US). This, we know from a CIA declassified document dated January 18, 1944 where White was making suggestions about planting false articles in foreign magazines.

Within weeks of the war ending in Europe White was discharged from the Army and OSS and was back working for the FBN.

One of the very first things that he did was that he arranged to meet with several powerful Mafia section heads who would all begin (or should I say continue) collaborating with the CIA in one way or another.

First off, he met with Santo Trafficante, Sr. in Miami on September 3, 1945.

Trafficante toasts Carlos Marcello, left, and Frank Ragano, right,1966Trafficante toasts Carlos Marcello, left, and Frank Ragano, right,1966


Why did White meet with this guy?

The slavemasters had big plans, big DRUG plans, that is. The Vatican would liaise with the British and the CIA, and control primarily the Central and South American climes, the British and American branches would cover China, Europe and Africa.

They needed the drug trade – the moolah from it – to carry out their covert world domination plans.

The Vatican started picking and grooming those it deemed corrupt enough to take part in their continuing schemes. They called them uomini di fiducia.

From The Connection between Scientology and Synanon Part 6: Thou Art Punished

Just after WWII and before Cardinals Pacelli and Montini’s man Nogara retired, the IOR [Vatican Bank] began forming a “trust” of Catholic and non-Catholic financial advisors, who became known as uomini di fiducia, or “men of confidence.”

One of those was Michael Sindona who got his start by having a patron who wrote letter of introduction to the future Pope – Giovanni Battista Montini  – who was at the time Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Milan.




George White’s meeting with Santo Trafficante, Sr. in Miami on September 3, 1945 was part of all this.

Trafficante was the head of the lucrative Havana-based gambling, narcotics, and prostitution empire (with help from his son, Santo, Jr.) – but he also happened to be a close associate of Meyer Lansky, which is how George White gained his introduction. Trafficante, from his Tampa, Florida base, actually oversaw Lanksy’s expansive criminal and narcotics operation.

This meeting would only be the first of many rather inexplicable (for a Bureau of Narcotics agent) meetings with the Trafficante’s for the next ten years. Of course, it’s not inexplicable at all when you factor in that his senior loyalties were to the slavemasters – not the American public whom he was supposed to be serving as a Federal employee.

But the Trafficantes weren’t the only meetings he arranged. He also met with other mafiosos including Luciano, Caligero and Rizzuto as revealed by his numerous date book entries. He didn’t give any reasons, of course, he wasn’t stupid, but every one that he met with became assets for the soon-to-be-created CIA in one way or another.

The reason for these meetings is now known. The following year, in 1946, Italian Mafia men-of-confidence (for the Vatican) “Lucky” Luciano, Don Calogero and Lucky Rizzuto began working with the CIA and Operation Gladio to organize an international drug distribution network between the Middle East, Europe, Vietnam and the U.S.

OSS CHINA man Paul Helliwell was also part of these back-channel moves preparing to set up BIG drug-smuggling plans with these men (and other mafiosos) and not only use the opium as part of a drugs-for-guns scheme (with the resulting profits) but also as part of plans of bringing into the U.S. large amounts of the premium of opiums – Chinese White.

Between 1946 and 1955, large quantities of opium were shipped to French Saigon headquarters and passed on to the Corsican Mafia, who in turn smuggled the drug to Marseilles. The opium from Southeast Asia (that Helliwell’s Sea Supply was about to start using in their various CIA adventures) had to be shipped to Marseilles first to be refined into the now famous white powder – heroin.


Note: Between 1946 and 1952 the number of U.S. addicts went from 20k to 60k.

In 1947, when Lucky Luciano wanted to use Havana as a narcotics transfer point (working with Lansky, Trafficante and George White) he went there personally – hence the real reason for the later Bay of Pigs fiasco – as usual, it was about their (the slavemasters) stupid drug trade.

Then the CIA gets formed – September 18, 1947.

To coordinate and oversea this lovely newest manifestation of the slavemasters long obsession with drugging humanity to finance their black operations against humanity – Irving Brown was dispatched by CIA director Hillenkoetter to help take over that end of things as well and make the deal with the Corsicans, utilizing the cover of being a “labor” official for the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

Irving Brown (right)

Irving Brown Labor Leader and CIA spy (right).

A number of foreign labor organizations established officers of their own in Brussels, and meetings of the International Confederation attracted representatives from all non-Communist countries, including delegates from the AFL-CIO, headed by Irving J. Brown, who gave me loyal cooperation.

DIPLOMAT AMONG WARRIORS By Robert Murphy, 1964, section: 351. VISITS TO THE BELGIAN CONGO 1951 AND 1960

Brown’s job was to infiltrate French trade unions orchestrating the drug trade of the Marseille port in order to take the drug empire away from “the Reds” using ‘strong arm squads’

Surrounded by his gangster hirelings, Ferri-Pisani stormed into local Communist headquarters and threatened to make the party’s leadership “pay personally” for the continuing boycott. And, as Time magazine noted with great satisfaction, “The first Communist who tried to fire Ferri-Pisani’s men was chucked into the harbor.” – Time, March 17, 1952, p. 23

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

For the next four years this goon squad beat people up, terrorized them, and even killed a few until they had complete control of the docks.

… the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican smuggling operations in Marseille. When control over the docks was compounded with the political influence the milieu gained with CIA assistance in 1947, conditions were ideal for Marseille’s growth as America’s heroin laboratory. The French police later reported that Marseille’s first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the milieu took over the waterfront.

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy


What’s George White doing in all this? About what you’d expect – arranging even more connections to get this “new” international drug trade going.

And, of course, he personally showed up in Marseille in 1948, checking in with Luciano and his narcotics associate Nick Gentile, another former U.S. gangster who (like Vito Genovese) had worked for the Allied Military Government in Sicily.

Lo and Behold?

Soon afterwards Mafia traffickers in the United States began to be arrested, but not men like Luciano, Gentile, or Coppola.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


Note: Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano had been deported to Sicily just a couple of years earlier in 1946, part of yet another show for the American public that the FNB was ‘doing their job’, that George White had been part of as well.

They were doing a job alright, just the American public wasn’t exactly told what that job really was – keeping the drug profits coming for the slavemasters.keep that drug money comin’…

This same year, purportedly while White was in Marseille, he hooked up with a man named Pierre Lafitte, who was raised there. As a small child his mother simply left, and he was literally raised by various members of the Corsican mafia.

Sometime in the mid-30’s Lafitte returned to the U.S. where he was involved in the drug trade and when WWII broke out he went to work for the OSS. Granting White’s role in the OSS, it’s no surprise that he would ‘run into’ Lafitte in Marseille where all this action was taking place with the Corsican Mafia. Lafitte was also well acquainted with Santo Trafficante, Jr., whom he initially knew from his days in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Just before Marseille embarked on the large-scale heroin production for the American market in 1951-1952, Meyer Lansky went to Europe and met with Corsican leaders in Paris and on the Riviera.

He was meeting with the Marseilles Syndicate primarily, working out the networking details.

The Marseille Syndicate

the marseille syndicate.

…The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

Now, considering that this particular drug-producing network was backed by all 3 factions of the slavemasters and their intelligence apparatus – They were specifically targeting Americans.

And here’s George White, a United States Government employee who is supposed to be serving the people, there he is helping to arrange bringing in tons of destructive drugs!

Meanwhile –

In 1950, Paul Helliwell formed Sea Supply in Florida with an office out of Bangkok and helped broker the deal with Chennault for Civil Air Transport out of Taiwan (Air America) which would fly around drugs for guns on behalf of the CIA – he also became an attorney for Trafficante.

By 1951 Pierre Lafitte began ‘officially’ working with George White as an undercover informer.

Now the CIA’s Sydney Gottlieb enters the George White picture.


White had been approached earlier by both Allen Dulles and James Jesus Angleton but it was Sidney Gottlieb who officially recruited White.

While looking through some old OSS files, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb discovered that marijuana had been tested on unsuspecting subjects in an effort to develop a truth serum. Gottlieb wanted White to do the same thing for the CIA. As a matter of protocol Gottlieb first approached Harry Anslinger, chief of the Federal Narcotics Bureau, and White’s boss. Anslinger was favorably disposed and agreed to “lend” one of his top men to the CIA on a part-time basis.

Gottlieb first approached White directly in May of 1952.

It was at this meeting that White and Gottlieb also discussed LSD for the first time. The CIA had only recently taken a major interest in the drug, thus Gottlieb was a bit surprised to learn that White was very knowledgeable about the drug. The FBN had apparently taken an interest in LSD after another of White’s former OSS students, Al ‘Captain Trips’ Hubbard, had begun stockpiling massive quantities of it in his bid to spread the Catholic ‘bridge to heaven’ through taking LSD. The vision of which purportedly came to him from a visit by angels in a Spokane, Washington forest.

Gottlieb liked White, and wanted to bring him on as a ‘consultant’ so he put the wheels in motion, contacting George with this now approved of action in June -which George noted in his diary.

Gottlieb proposes I be CIA consultant and I agree.” White, June 9, 1952.

Reminder of what we covered earlier –

Our man Chadwell rolled right on over into this new project (or new name), and in February of 1952 he proposed the establishment of “an integrated CIA program for the development of special interrogations or other techniques for the purpose of controlling an individual without his knowledge.

CIA director Smith accepted Dr. Chadwell’s proposal, and a month later, the CIA set up a “small testing facility” at its downtown headquarters in Washington, D.C., then linking up with Frank Olson and the SOD at Fort Detrick.

George White was involved in this, and this is when they first began testing LSD on individuals – soon leading to George’s own personal MKULTRA subprojects.


Once Project MKULTRA was formed in 1953, White got his final clearance as noted in his diary.

CIA – got final clearance and sign contract as ‘consultant’ – met Gottlieb . . . lunch Napeleon’s – met Anslinger.”

Some people have tried to say that Harry Anslinger didn’t know what White was up to while he was White’s boss and the No. 1 man in the Federal Bureau for Narcotics.

It could not be learned from the diaries whether Anslinger knew that one of his top narcotics agents also was working for the CIA, and in fact, was tape-recording and observing men to whom prostitutes gave drugs after picking them up in bars (from behind two way mirrors).

However, two months after White had begun doing this for the CIA a July 20, 1953, entry by White strongly suggests Anslinger knew: “Arrive Wash. – confer Anslinger and Gottlieb re CIA reimbursement for 3 men’s services.

But, it is true that very few people knew that he doubled as a CIA spook for Uncle Sam or that he was part of facilitating ‘the chosen’ opium and heroin drug rings for the CIA and the rest of the slavemasters.

Some people tend to leave that part out of things, for some strange reason.

Can’t imagine why that is.

vincent price and they all lived happily ever after.

And now we’re ready for George’s MKULTRA subprojects.


A list of them again –

PDFs –

The earliest cash outlays to George for his ‘work’ began on May 5, 1953, only a few weeks after MKULTRA had officially started.

He was given subprojects numbered 2 and 3. Such low numbers clearly shows just how desired his role of testing drugs on hapless unwitting people was to the CIA.

Now we’ll look at a more condensed form of all of his subprojects, not in time order including a potential bombshell discovery that I made. (a more complete discussion will be at George White’s Specific Persons page in our Reading Library)

PDF Subproject 2 was first conceived on May 1, 1953 (pages 35 and 69).

The objective was: to study the possible synergistic action of drugs which may be appropriate for use in abolishing consciousness.

The initial cash outlays began May 5, 1953. (page one)

Page 36 has no date but shows a crossover with the Mulholland subproject beause it proposes to study methods for the administration of drugs without the knowledge of the patient. Preparation of a manual.

Apparently George White was working with Mulholland, which makes sense as Mulholland was devising tricky ways to slip drugs to people.

Page 30 says that subproject 2 is being initiated to provide a secure and efficient means of exploiting [LSD?] with regard to the MKULTRA program. Point 2 says that whoever this is, is a practicing psychiatrist and ‘faculty member’.

Page 37 shows that on May 3, 1955 subproject 2 was extended for another year.

Per pages 2 and 3 this project was still going in 1957.

PDF Subproject 3 began on May 21, 1953 (page 18)

1 – This project will involve the realistic testing of certain research and development items of interest to CD/TSS.

2 – During the course of research and development it is sometimes found that certain very necessary experiments or tests are not suited to ordinary laboratory condition. At the same time it would be difficult, if not impossible, to conduct them as operational field tests. This project is designed to provide facilities to fill this intermediate requirement.

Subprojects 2 and 3 were combined by June 3, 1953. (PDF subproject 3, page 13)

it was decided to combine Sub Project No. 2 and Sub Project No. 3 for reasons known only to Chemical Division. Number 3 will be assigned to a subsequent project at a later date.” Signed by the Budget Officer.

The lease for the first apartment began 13 June 1953 running through September 1955 per PDF subproject 42, page 213, point 34.

Subproject 3 was continued in subproject 16.

PDF Subproject 13 began 26 June 1953

This is a bombshell that no-one else has ever noticed.

Even the National Archives description of subprojects only notes that subproject 13 was CIA Support to Fort Detrick.

What I have found is a bombshell not only because it was never known to be connected to White before, but because it thereby links White to Frank Olson and the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick and the testing drugs on unwitting subjects.

Frank Olson was the Chief of the Special Operations Division at that time.

Notes: shortly after this subproject began Frank Olson went on a trip to Paris and Norway related to human testing. Something changed with Frank during that trip and his personnel file at Fort Detrick indicated that there was “a possible breach of security”. I think it may have been whatever happened during this trip and his perhaps finding out what George was really doing in his “facility” apartment on Bedford Street.

A few days before his death, Frank Olson quit his position as acting chief of the Special Operations Division at Detrick, Maryland (later Fort Detrick) because of a severe moral crisis concerning the nature of his biological weapons research. Among Olson’s concerns were the development of assassination materials used by the CIA, the CIA’s use of biological warfare materials in covert operations, experimentation with biological weapons in populated areas, collaboration with former Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip, LSD mind-control research, and the use of psychoactive drugs during “terminal” interrogations (especially one he was forced to witness in a CIA safe-house in Germany) under a program code-named Project ARTICHOKE.

After his wife died, his son had his body exhumed and there is evidence that just a month or so later he was killed by a blow to the head, November 28, 1953. I assume this was most likely an assassination by George White or one arranged by him through one of his many assassin connections (some that he trained) during WWII.

It should be noted that George White’s student Garland Williams (OSS Deputy Chief of Special Operations 1942) was sent home with a british intelligence manual given him by SOE chief Tony Keswick to be used by he and White to train spies and assassins in the U.S. A key instruction in the manual was: “If the employee proves to be disloyal and is in possession of dangerous information, he should probably be killed.

After the exhumation and new forensic examination of the body, Eric Olson persuaded New York public prosecutor Stephen Saracco to look into the matter. Saracco decided there was enough evidence to convene a grand jury for an investigation into the death. On April 27, 1996, shortly after the grand jury was convened, former CIA Director Colby (another of White’s students) disappeared suddenly from his Maryland home 40 miles south of Washington. He left a glass of wine on the table, a computer running, the lights and radio turned on. His canoe was found the next day, empty, swamped on a sand bar — his body was found five days later. His death by drowning was ruled a boating accident, but the Daily Mail raises the possibility that it is linked to the grand jury investigation — he “realized that he would be forced to give evidence,” the article states.

Now –

Here’s what I found in the MKULTRA files.

An audit of George White’s MKULTRA finances is described in PDF Subproject 42, pages 208-211. It repeatedly refers to subprojects 13, 16 and 42, with one exception that refers to subprojects 3, 16, and 32.

Although I suppose its possible that the ’13’ was a repeated typo for ‘3’, the odds are not in favor that was the case because if it was a typo it should have been the other way around ie: multiple references to ‘3’ and one odd man out typo of ’13’.

For example – page 211 PDF Subproject 42 specifically notes that 13,16 and 42 are actually one project that had operated on the East Coast until about March 1955 when it was transferred to the West Coast – San Francisco to be precise.

Also PDF Subproject 16 (October 1953, page 93) makes it clear that 16 is a continuation of 3 and remember,  2 and 3 had already been combined.

This makes it clear that this is most likely NOT a typo by the financial auditor – there really was a link between George White’s LSD testing project and Fort Detrick (Frank Olson) through subproject 13.

Dealing with the docs from subproject 13 now (originally on black vault cd 3 folder 17388) –

Page one PDF Subproject 13 describes that the purpose of it is to allocate $1000 for:

1 – Activities where unusual security considerations make it difficult to get finanical support from more customary sources (that is, where proper funds for a given activity would require an undesirable amount of written or oral justification)

2 – The purchase of certain material where use of other funds would delay operations to an excessive extent.

3 – The above includes payment for services, travel, honoraria, supplies, etc.

Page 3 shows Project Description which includes a liaison with Fort Detrick.

1 – The purpose of subproject 13 is to support certain CD/TSS activities which are carried out either by the [xx out – probably says SO = Special Operations] Division, Camp Detrick, or in conjunction with the [xx out, probably same thing].

Page 25 shows that apparently someone had purchased a fire extinguisher and a metal turning lathe for whatever they were doing.

Page 2 shows project closed, final expenditures November 23, 1954 but it also says “see MKULTRA 30“.

That subproject can be found on black vault cd 3 folder 17427. The file is huge, over 500 images, most of which are accountings and receipts of a wide, varied, and sometimes quite strange list of items for ‘research’.

The important points are image 63 (dated 12 May 1954) gives a description very similar to that of subproject 13 and also mentioned Fort Detrick. Image 113 shows that subproject 30 was not closed until 1964.

PDF Subproject 14 appears to have begun a month after 13, somewhere on or before 20 July 1953. (page 20)

Page 20 is obviously talking about George White in his position at the BNDD, because it talks about his concern “because of several political factors attendant to the change-over of administrations, he desires to have a plausible reason for […] absence from his assigned office in….

PDF Subproject 16 was going around October 2, 1953. It is a continuation of 3 – plus please factor in that 2 and 3 had been combined by then.

Page 93 main doc

Subproject 16 is a continuation of Subproject 3, which involved the establishment and maintenance of facilities for the realistic testing of certain research and development items of interest to CD/TSS and APD/TSS. The facilities were set up under Subproject 3, and Subproject 16 is intended to provide for the continued maintenance of the facilities.” dated 2 October 1953 signed by Gottlieb)

Page 70 shows that its continuing in 1954

Page 81, doc dated 13 October 1954 shows extended another year.

Important Note: per PDF Subproject 42, page 211, subprojects 13,16 and 42 are actually one project that had operated on the East Coast until about March 1955 when it was transferred to the West Coast.

PDF Subproject 42 was initiated January 1955.

Page 35 lists its status as still continuing eight years later on September 5, 1963

Page 165 dated 24 January 1955 talks about moving the facilities.

Page 208 provides a number of details of George’s set-up for spying on his unwitting victims at his special apartment – hidden doorways, two-way mirrors, etc.**add mafia dude

Page 211 tells us that 13,16 and 42 are actually one project that had operated on the East Coast until about March 1955 when it was transferred to the West Coast – San Francisco to be precise.

page 258 – shows a San Francisco janitorial service receipt with logo

page 251 – paying for surveillance equipment, June 21 1955

page 286 – shows George purchasing a High Frequency FM 169 M.C. Antenna & Mast

page 262 – shows the Toulouse-lautrec posters getting framed, plus French “Can-Can Dancers” picture. – 27 July 1955

page 172 dated 17 August 1956 talks about how he pays people to “administer this material to other people in accordance with his instructions.” and how “due to the highly northodox nature of these activities” it is impossible to require that they provide a receipt.

pages 188 and 189 are list of what he bought, notice the telescope, “dynamic microphones, switches & controls” and Handi-dandi portable toilet. dated December 21, 1955

page 196 – dated January 13, 1956 lists at all the recording equipment and lockpicks

page 131 shows moving expenses and a new (additonal?) location with a one year lease started February 1,1959

page 117 – July 9 1959 they increased funding from 6k to 10k for one year.

Page 2, dated 30 January 1961 –

1 – Subproject 42 is to be continued for the same purposes as when originally established: to support [george white] covert and realistic field trials of certain research and development items of interest to TSD, and to maintain the physical facilities required for these trials.

2 – In the past year a number of covert and realistic field trials have been successfully carried out. The results of these experiments have provided factual data essential to establishing protocols for a number of contemplated operations. A continuation of covert and realistic field trials are necessitated by the production of new materials in TSD programs, particularly in areas requiring detailed knowledge of the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery systems. Additional trials are also necessitated by the need for better controlled “field-type” experiments.

Page 42 – shows that its “operation techniques are under scrutiny” doc dated 27 February 1963 – this is Earman’s scrutiny (investigation of MKULTRA)

Despite the fact that the Earman report had come out in July (which had specifically come down on George White’s unwitting testing projects) page 35 shows a document dated several months later – September 5, 1963, which lists the status as continuing.

Page 6 clearly shows expenditures for this project were continuing well into 1964.

Page 13 – shows closing out the account 24 August 1965.

PDF subproject 149 gets initiated on 24 January 1964 (page 78) It is about finding a replacement for George White for the San Francisco project.

Point 4. Mr [White] possesses unique facilities nd personal abilities which makes him invaluable in this kind of testing operation. Mr [White] because of his peculiar talents and capabilities as well as his excellent connections with all the local law enforcement agencies, will provide a unique and essential capability. Because Mr. [White] is no longer resident of the [San Francisco] area, it is necessary that a suitable replacement be provided in order that a capability for continuance of our activities is maintained.

It is the same basic proposal as George’s other subprojects except point one says “realistic tests of certain development items and delivery systems…

It has a handwritten note of 31 June 1964 talking about taking into account the stand-down policy but that it was being approved for the time being anyway.

First image shows some sort of property agreement dated 10 December 1964

Page 4 lists “undercover expenses” – 6 April 1965

 – – –

And there you have it.


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