Sometimes the most unexpected things show up around here. I had ordered in a book to verify something particularly incendiary that Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West was quoted as saying – which he did say, it turned out – and on my way to that page of the book this jumped out at me.

Cartography of Inner Space Roland Fischer p 208 of Hallucinations

– Cartography of Inner Space – Roland Fischer., p 204 of Hallucinations: Behaviour, Experience, and Theory by Ronald K. Siegel and Louis Jolyon West  – a collection of essays, 1975. ISBN 978-1-135-16726-4.

Just the ‘dial’ image closer –

Cartography of Inner Space Roland Fischer looks like emeter


This is a Scientology E-Meter.

Note the ‘dial’.


See where the dial says “Rise” “Set” and “Fall”? I am extremely oversimplifying this for you, please bear in mind, but in scientology an auditor trainee is taught that a “rising” needle means “mass” or “unreality” or “out of their awareness” information is coming in . The middle or “set” position is more the place to be, the ‘falling’ needle means the person is ‘releasing charge’ towards a better state to be in.

Now –

With that basic understanding, look again at this image and what happens when I overlay the Fischer ‘dial’ over the scientology e-meter dial. (you can enlarge it even more by clicking it)

Scientology_e_meter and R. Fischer Cartography inner space.

Here’s an enlargement of just that part –


Isn’t that wild? Yet another example of that scientology is not really what even scientologists think it is. They have no idea that what they are really doing is like what I said in this post – a masked version of biological psychiatry.

Interesting find.


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