In a little town called Suitland, just outside Washington, D.C., the Government’s secrets are buried, literally. There are twenty underground vaults. Each one is an acre in size, crammed floor to ceiling with classified files that have still not been released.

Shelves at a Suitland Vault

Suitland underground vaults classified files

Included in these vaults are the captured intelligence files of the Nazis. These contain devastating documentation as to the complicity of British, Vatican – and their sycophant American ‘premiere’ families counterparts – regarding their fully knowing role in carefully orchestrating WWII, including the choice of and rise of Adolf Hitler.

All because the goal of their last orchestrated War (WWI) –  a New World Order firmly ensconced in a ‘League of Nations’ dominated by British and Vatican interests – completely stymied and roundly rejected by the American Congress. It was quite literally a battle-to-the-death.

A battle led largely by one man – Senator Borah of Idaho.


Much like Presidents Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson, Borah is another fine example of just how much trouble one of us – a person who refuses to live a life of lies and self-abnegation and who refuses to forget or ‘move on’ – can be to their plans.

Why do you think they push so hard for people to be ‘healthy’ and ‘move on’ anyway?


It ain’t for your health – that’s for damn sure.


For your health, and I mean this in the strongest possible way, some things (and the people who did them) should never be forgotten.



Author and special government investigator John Loftus said:

Many years from now, our children will finally see these documents in the National Archives and ask us why we did nothing when the Nazis were still alive.

America’s Nazi Secret by John Loftus, published November 10, 2011, Review


What will be your answer?

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  • Caveat Re: Loftus book – America’s Secret Nazis – Loftus tries to present the idea that the CIA ‘didn’t know’ that they were Nazis, that is complete bullshit as proven by numerous declassified documents, for example the fact that CIA Inspector General Earman was part of Project Bloodstone that brought Stanislaus Stankievitch here.
  • To read more about the utterly magnificent Senator Borah, please search the blog for “Borah”. I’d recommend that you read this one first: The Man Who Killed The League of Nations and also the parts about Borah in this one.


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