First off –

I need a little help with this one, do any of my readers out there know what the title “Deputy Chief I &S Staff” stands for? Is it a CIA designation or an Army Intelligence one or what?

As to the document itself –

Found in Black Vault MKULTRA Archives CD #2, folder 146348 –

Dianetics CIA november 1950

Verifying the date first (because it’s kind of unreadable) Black Vaults MKULTRA index (page 40) shows it as November 28, 1950.


– Text of Document

Deputy Chief, I & S Staff, 28 November 1950

Data Concerning Another possible Candidate for Indoctrination

[blacked out] had more than three years active duty in this capacity during the war and recently was recalled for either thirty or sixty days active duty. This man is an able linguist in French and Spanish. He is a college graduate and did some teaching at [blacked out] as well as being a linguist.

This man recently took training at [redacted] He has given up all connections with dianetics because we do not consider dianetics medically ethically [sic] but the technique of so called dianetic auditing is an interesting one in that the subject, lying on a couch with his eyes closed, is regressed in such a way as to relive incidents, either pleasant or unpleasant at various times in his life. This is accomplished, usually without medication, and is said to be non-hypnotic.

[Redacted] would like to be re-called to active duty in his rank. I feel sure that his personality is such that he would be adaptable to indoctrination. At present, he knows nothing of what might be desired of him.


This looks to me like someone is recruiting this person for an intelligence assignment. I did find a reference in another CIA document to I&S as related to doing security checks, and that I & S might stand for “Intelligence and Security”.

“Queried Col. Edwards, Exec for I&S, concerning request for security check on Edward Sachs, by NSC.”


Here’s the thing. John Starr Cooke’s brother-in-law Sherman Kent had just been called down to Washington about a job for the CIA (he was former OSS R & A division head of the Africa region) in October of 1950, and he began work for the CIA not long thereafter.

Then, in December of 1950 (not long after this “indoctrination” doc I found) John Starr Cooke takes off for…wait for it…Northern Africa saying his ouija board told him too.

From one of my posts

When the heat came on the foundation in late 1950, and as part of ‘breaking’ those highly visible intelligence connections (which could become part of court records, you see) in December the entire Oser [Rockefeller grandson Peter Oser] family moved suddenly to central Africa, led by Cooke and his ‘communications’ with his Ouija board – that’s what he told Peter, you understand.

Old Charles Manson Articles More About Scientology’s Drug and CIA Connections – post by Virginia McClaughry, March 27, 2015


John Starr Cooke’s sister married Sherman Kent’s brother in the 1930’s and every year the Cooke Family would attend Sherman Kent’s Family Reunion from there forward. As it turns out, Miles Copeland, Ron Hubbard’s CIA handler starting in 1955 (Miles Mandelstam had gotten things going in 1953/1954) also hobknobbed around with Sherman Kent. It’s likely Cooke and Copeland also knew each other.

Miles talks about him in his book, The Game Player, regarding his intelligence op in Syria in 1950, and how using Kent’s ‘creative intelligence’ idea he began fabricating documents and reports to the service attache’s.

From the time of Za’im until the time I left Damascus in the middle of 1950 we would have been totally idle had we not reverted to what Sherman Kent, the head of the CIA’s National Estimates unit, called ‘creative intelligence’. It is said that an idle mind is the Devil’ s workshop.

[note: he installed then overthrew Za’im]

We surmised that a bit of worthwhile ‘creative intelligence’ might come of our comparatively idle minds so long as it didn’t do any incidental harm.

Actually, when I began fabricating reports for the service attaches I had no purpose other than simple recreation, indulging my passion for subtly drawn pathos and bitter irony. But as time went on this harmless activity became an ideal way of telling our government what it ought to hear in order to head it off from doing something stupid, while containing at least an approximation of the truth in my regular CIA reporting.


Miles also talks about planting an agent in Dianetics – which had to be John Starr Cooke.

From my husband’s book, Scientology Roots, Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

…we planted an agent in the Scientology cult who became a ‘clear’ under the tutelage of Ron Hubbard himself, and then demanded and got more and more ‘operation expenses’ to be turned over, in addition to his own life’s savings, to the cause of Dianetics.   126

Miles Copeland

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_3

Obviously this was John Starr Cooke, who brought in Rockefeller money as well. Millions of dollars were laundered through that Foundation, by the way, for off-book CIA use, setting a precedent that would continue throughout the entire history of Hubbard’s many front groups.

Excerpt from the same chapter of my husband’s book –

Charles Morgan worked for the Office of Strategic Services. He helped Hubbard start Dianetics in 1950.

Charles_Parker_Morgan_in_1931_-_lafayette_collegeCharles Parker Morgan, Hubbard’s OSS/CIA connection

We already covered that Charles Morgan suggested forming the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation in 1950. [ also see From The FDA Files – L. Ron Hubbard’s OSS/CIA Connection: Charles Parker Morgan ]

They immediately conducted research for the CIA into the Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis behavior modification method.

In order to try and further substantiate the possibility this document may be talking about John Starr Cooke, I tried verifying some of the small tidbits mentioned.

Unfortunately, I can find no records yet of John Starr Cooke’s military service during WWII – which is odd all by itself. What was he doing during WWII anyway? Nor can I find any records of whether (and where) he graduated college.

– – –


Regarding the document’s mentioning of “reliving” pleasant incidents – that is tied to that same Charles Parker Morgan, OSS agent during WWII and one of the people who ‘asked’ Ron Hubbard to form the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation (the big blacked out part of the document is probably that name).

Charles Parker Morgan (read more about him in my post) was awarded a “Fellow of Dianetics” degree for his method of inducing reverie by returning to pleasure moments.

Elizabeth Daily Journal
C.P. Morgan Quits Dianetics Post

January 29, 1951




Note: The OSS/CIA intelligence community was a tight one. Even Hubbard, who some like to think of as a big blabber-mouth, never publicly revealed Morgan’s intelligence background (which he definitely knew per documents found and talked about in my post).

In the following lecture excerpt you’ll notice he simply refers to him as a ‘lawyer’ – which he was, but that’s the least that could be said about him.

Also note how he attempts to offer up an explanation of where the 1 million dollars went that his wife detailed in a court document.

Six people — really, five particular key ones — came to me and said, “Let’s form a foundation for you.” One of them was a lawyer; one of them was a psychiatric-textbook publisher; one of them was an editor of a national magazine; another one of them was a medical doctor, an endocrinologist — a very representative group of the various fields. They came to me and they said, “Let’s form a foundation for you and you can be president and we will handle the business concerns of this foundation.” And that was back in the spring of 1950. The personnel amongst those trustees has varied considerably…

…And I found out something very horrible in October of 1950. We had taken in hundreds of thousands of dollars, all told, and it was running on an accounting system of dumping it all in a barrel outside the door and hauling the barrel down to a bank every once in a while — just grim: The accounting was just horrible!

– Hubbard Professional Course Lectures, Review of Progress of Dianetics and Dianetics Business – February 25, 1952

* * *


Anyone else have any ideas about this document please let me know through the comments section.

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  1. According to – under 1.a
    Interoperability and Supportability (I&S)
    if it is of any help.

    • Thanks Rodgeir (And Steve’s comment too)! The problem is that I think these are too late in time, we need to figure out what that position was in 1950 (or maybe slightly earlier) and I don’t know that either of the two you both found were even in existence then, but let’s say they were…that would lead to a second questions of what the heck does that have to do with MKULTRA?


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