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Just found this – only made available online by the CIA in June of 2015 –

Destruction of MKULTRA documents by Gottlieb 31 january 1973.

MKULTRA files and correspondence no longer exist. Seven boxes of MKULTRA progress reports were recalled from the Archives and destroyed on 31 January 1973 at the instruction of Dr. Gottlieb, then Chief of TSD. [Technical Services Division]

Well, that verifies that then.


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  1. If this comment on a Godlike Productions conspiracy forum website is accurate (my immediate commentary highlighted below) then the whole CIA explanation to Congress was a sham & cover story, the FOIA docs outline posted here the other day showed “Unwitting subjects” mentioned with a blanked out university.:
    posting this on a hijacked wireless while wardriving in a nearby town. don’t bother looking because the trail will turn up blank.
    lets just say i found this back in an age when computer security wasn’t what it should have been and a kid looking for answers could get into alot of trouble with a 1200bps modem and a little knowledge of VAX.


    SUBJECT: Project SWEEP


    The TSS project SWEEP is being formed 21 March 1972 by order of the Director as a continuation of the successful research conducted under MKSEARCH, Subproject 47. The unexpected generational effects of heightened mentation in offspring of MKSEARCH-47 subjects will be the focus of this study.

    1. This multiphase project will consist of the following:

    a. Identification of children aged nine to eleven within the United States public school systems who display the characteristics mentioned in Attachment C, utilizing the various methods outlined therein.

    b. Analysis of identified subjects via neurological, biochemical, and psychological means. These analyses will be conducted both by qualified agents and contractors from USEL and GKRI. Use of USEL personnel will be for biochemical operations only and will need to be cleared through TOP SECRET.

    c. Promotion of subjects ranking ninety-ninth percentile or higher to Project CORDON.

    2. The estimated budget of the project is $45,000,000.00, although the cost could rise sharply due to a 15 year program length. A detailed budgetary analysis is included in Attachment A.

    3. Included in Attachment B of this memorandum is a detailed overview of methods and requirements for approval.
    Quoting: Iwas1too 865453

    Now, either this is some well researched fiction, or it is real. I started to google some of the terms and the further I dug, the more puzzling this post became.

    >> VAX were powerful computer systems used in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s by many large businesses and the government. 1200bps modems wouldn’t be available to a “kid” until the early 80s.

    >> MKULTRA had been renamed MKSEARCH by the date of this so-called “overview.” Very little seems to be known about subproject 47 on the internet except the association with “Pfeiffer Atlanta/Bordertown.” What the hell is this?

    >> If you look at some of the CIA memos that have been released from FOIA MKUltra documents, many of them have a coversheet overview with language almost exactly like is used in this post.

    >> “..heightened mentation in offspring of MKSEARCH-47 subjects..” MKULTRA started in the 50’s, and this SWEEP starts in the 70s.. looking for 10 yr olds. So that puts the parents giving birth in the early 60s? Is that when subproject 47 was going on? Did it continue for awhile nd produce 15 years worth of kids?

    >> This project SWEEP would have run from ’72 to ’87. When did MGM/TAG/GT etc really start nationwide?

    >> TSS is how the CIA referred to their technical services division internally in the early 70s. They had also dropped “MK” from new project names by then. This is something you’d only know if you had researched MKULTRA and the history of the CIA. The writer of the post fits these terms in perfectly with the claimed date.

    >> I could not find anything about GKRI or USEL. I guess those are cia codenames for businesses, other agencies or something? USEL seems to be related to biochemistry so the only thing that came to mind was U.S. Eli Lily company.. GKRI i’m clueless.

    >> Project CORDON? I could find nothing on the internet.. cordon is french for ribbon. Also to cordon something is to block off, isolate with a line of troops.

    Very puzzling stuff here. Could be a hoax, but if it is there was some real research put into it. And if so, why so much trouble for a hoax?

    Even more startling, my parents were in LSD tests under Louis J West MD associated doctors & my mother’s test much like the Bay area prostitute safehouse tests in that she was allowed to wander in downtown Los Angeles.

    I was in the 99th percentile & my story is a nail biter. Posted an “outing” on Godlike Productions under “Neo”.

    • This is a good example of what can happen when the documents themselves are not consulted, it’s not that the project wasn’t nasty in it’s own right, but embellishing the truth isn’t necessary and just discredits the real story (referring to the comment you presented from another forum). It’s also not true that the documents are “not available” on the internet. They have been for a while now. Apparently a lot of people didn’t know how to find them, and that’s part of what I’m correcting/helping do here.

      MKULTRA subproject #47 involved drug testing on animals and humans as far as behavior alteration. It began in 1955, and was continuing still in 1963 (the date of the last documents). It was under Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, who apparently began the project at Atlanta Penitentiary together with the other MKULTRA doc there (can’t think of his name right now) then in the 1962 and 1963 proposals Pfeiffer had moved his work to New Jersey, utilizing “volunteers from the Bordentown Reformatory and from the “experimental ward” of a local psychiatric institution.

      You can see the documents for yourself in Black Vault’s MKULTRA CD #4, folder 17445, plus for future reference in case you need to track down other MKULTRA documents, I found that by using the MKULTRA INDEX that I discussed in this post – starting around page 7 in the description column it lists out many of the mkultra project numbers and then in the far left column is the folder number that all you have to do from that point is figure out which cd it’s on. Hope this helps – Virginia


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