Note: Since I wrote this I have found evidence this goes back even farther. See my newer post.


A piece is found and goes into place.


In 1975, CIA MKULTRA doctor Louis Jolyon ‘Jolly West revealed something very interesting.

The role of drugs in the exercise of political control is also coming under increasing discussion. Control can be through prohibition or supply. The total or even partial prohibition of drugs gives the government considerable leverage for other types of control. An example would be the selective application of drug laws permitting immediate search, or “no knock” entry, against selected components of the population such as members of certain minority groups or political organizations.

But a government could also supply drugs to help control a population. This method, foreseen by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (1932), has the governing element employing drugs selectively to manipulate the governed in various ways.

To a large extent the numerous rural and urban communes, which provide great freedom for private drug use and where hallucinogens are widely used today, are actually subsidized by our society. Their perpetuation is aided by parental or other family remittances, welfare, and unemployment payments, and benign neglect by the police.

In fact, it may be more convenient and perhaps even more economical to keep the growing numbers of chronic drug users (especially of the hallucinogens) fairly isolated and also out of the labor market, with its millions of unemployed.

To society, the communards with their hallucinogenic drugs are probably less bothersome–and less expensive–if they are living apart, than if they are engaging in alternative modes of expressing their alienation, such as active, organized, vigorous political protest and dissent. […] The hallucinogens presently comprise a moderate but significant portion of the total drug problem in Western society. The foregoing may provide a certain frame of reference against which not only the social but also the clinical problems created by these drugs can be considered.

Hallucinations: Behaviour, Experience, and Theory by Ronald K. Siegel and Louis Jolyon West, 1975. ISBN 978-1-135-16726-4.  pages 298 ff.


See this part?

…than if they are engaging in alternative modes of expressing their alienation, such as active, organized, vigorous political protest and dissent.


They’d rather you be on drugs!


Considering the CIA, the British nobility and intelligence services, and the Vatican bankers were all involved in not only providing these drugs, but in propagandizing them to young Americans as being ‘spiritual’ and other such total bunk, we now have a nice clear statement of why.


So you won’t ‘protest or dissent’ against them.


This is America, kids, and that’s what we were founded on. Throwing off the yoke of their tyranny. Especially tyranny over the mind of man.

In fact, when Thomas Jefferson said that in a letter to Benjamin Rush he was referring to one of the same old tyrants that we still have today – the Catholic Church.

The returning good sense of our country threatens abortion to their hopes, & they believe that any portion of power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes.

And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

But this is all they have to fear from me: and enough, too, in their opinion.

Jefferson Cyclopedia  On members of the clergy who sought to establish some form of “official” Christianity in the U.S. government. Letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush (23 September 1800) Jefferson was going to run for President, I believe, and the Catholic Church was trying to stop that from happening.


He’s right too, they were very afraid of him. Still are! Still, to this day, they try to trash him in the strangest of places, like in an episode of Ray Donovan for godssakes – that’s how badly they still want to try derail and misdirect anyone who might be like him toward them.

If you ever wondered why so many drugs keep being allowed into the U.S., Jolly just gave you the answer. To keep any more Thomas Jefferson’s from showing up.


One was enough to throw them into a tizzy for 200 years!


Personally, I think they’re due for another one.


Is it any wonder to you they are still afraid of even the idea of that Jeffersonian era, and work so hard to get us portrayed around the world as ‘the bad guys’? It’s really sick, when you stand back and take a look at the last 200 years or so, just how much time and effort that they have put into putting us back under that yoke.

It’s not ‘the gubmint”, it’s not ‘the corporations” and it’s certainly not the aliens, the illuminati, and all the other side shows. It’s the same people that it has always been, they just pass the torch in each generation, the same people we fought against in the War for Independence. All that happened is that they installed a branch, a faction, if you will, within our own country.

This is what makes it seem like it’s our government that’s the problem – it isn’t. Well, beyond where it’s been tortuously altered from what our Founding Forefathers had in mind, that is, but the source for even that is the same. The Vatican and the British Nobility. All the many permutations coming down from them are insignificant if they were dis-empowered by curbing their global domination proclivities.

Now, lest you think that passage from Jolly West’s book is the only thing we have to go on to support that rather revealing conclusion of what they’re up to, it’s not.

Check this out – the CIA was lying the whole time about the threat of brainwashing in order to start brainwashing people.



Which explains why Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA, invented the term.



 – New York Times, August 2, 1977: Mind-Control Studies Had Origins in Trial of Mindszenty.

As some of the former high-ranking C.I.A. men recall now, they had looked into the vacant eyes of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty at his treason trial in Budapest in 1949 and had been horrified.

They had been convinced that his confession had been wrung from him while he was either under the influence of some mysterious mind-bending drug or that he was standing before the dock in a post-hypnotic trance. The sight touched off memories of earlier “show trials” in the Soviet Union.

The C.I.A. leaders were certain the Communists had embarked on a campaign to control Men’s minds and they were determined to find a defense, setting out in earnest the next year–1950–with Project Bluebird, which evolved into Project Artichoke, then became MKULTRA-MKDELTA. With each code name change, they broadened their sweep, until there remained virtually no avenue of human behavior control they were not exploring.

Fears Seemingly Confirmed

Subsequent developments seemed to confirm their fears: The arrest in Germany of two Soviet agents armed with identical plastic cylinders containing hypodermic needles, said to cause a victim “to become amenable to the will of his captor.” Then, the startling confessions of downed American airmen to false charges of carrying out germ warfare against North Korea.

A short time later, however, in 1953, a high level military study group determined that events had not been what they seemed. Neither the Russians nor anyone else had devised a means of turning men into robots and there was “little threat, if any, to national security,” the study said.

The intelligence community rationalized: they would go ahead anyway, against the chance that the Communists might some day live up to their dread. Furthermore, they saw great potential in developing these tools for their own offensive use.

There was an “urgent need”, the CIA and other intelligence agencies argued to develop “effective and practical techniques” to “render an individual subservient to an imposed will or control.”

The CIA men, who led the way, enlisting the support of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education and Welfare and several other agencies, acknowledged among themelves that much of what they were setting out to do was “unethical” bordered on the illegal and would be repugnant to the American people. So they made certain that these activities were tightly held, known only to the director, Allen W. Dulles, and a handful of operatives and high-ranking aides.

“Precautions must be taken, one agency official wrote in an internal memo, “not only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general,” adding that this information “would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment [of the agency’s] mission.”

… “I think it was certainly worthwhile. .” said one former agency official who agreed to speak only with the promise of Anonymity. “People had quite a lot of fears, and if nothing had been done, people’s imaginations could have gone most anywhere. I think what we did helped. It proved that things weren’t as bad as people might have thought.”


I have long known that the real interest in ‘brainwashing’ was actually about doing it to people, not because of any “we’re against it”.

And now I have the proof!

~ Bliss ~


church lady live gif.

Seriously, I’m really quite pleased to be able to pop that particular balloon of the “threat” of brainwashing as an excuse. I first wrote about this more than 5 years ago – knowing that once I decide to see what is, do so, figure out the truth, then its only a matter of time before the universe ‘moves’ and coughs it up. Just think, if I was a perfect little slavemaster ‘solid citizen’, I would have been playing their stupid game of “I can’t ever know anything without proof first” – convenient, that – and most likely would never have found the proof.

Funny how their system tends to fuck everyone over that way, don’t you think?

Not to mean any old random thought here, not at all. I’m talking about the kind of real looking that scares the shit out of them, the kind they have spent well over a hundred years researching. Research in trying to figure out how to both gain it back for themselves (rotsa ruck, their body partners hate them with a passion that has to be seen to be believed) and to stop anyone else from doing it in ways they don’t control.

So, of course, that’s part of why the obsession with figuring out how to (and if they could) brainwash people into being under their control, or refashioned into nice little slavemaster citizens.

Like I said, the term brainwashing first showed up from one of the most duplicitous and hypocritical of sources possible – Allen Dulles.


In one of those fits of hypocrisy he would become well known for, three days before he would launch Project MK-Ultra on April 13, 1953 – that would begin all the projects figuring out how to brainwash people – Mr. Dulles gave a speech at an Alumni conference of Princeton grads which you can read all about in my post: Where Did The Term “Brain Washing” Actually Come From? – Hint: Not Pavlov.

For those that have already read this, take a minute and look at these parts again now. Especially in light of that we now know for a fact that he was lying-through-his-teeth about this ‘threat’ from either the Chinese or the Russians.

And – now we know why all the careful wording too – like “our conception”… “it would seem” etc. etc.

…In our conception of the perversion of individual minds the term “brainwashing” seems aptly to describe this phase of brain warfare.

  • …it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place…physical and spiritual barrier…isolated…from the outside world.
  • …there must be a considerable period — probably a minimum of around three months — to properly indoctrinate the intended victims.
  • …endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…

…we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques.

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953

Note the bulleted points – now we know those were his PLAN on what he was going to do, and if you read this post of mine you’ll see that is exactly what they focused on.

That also means that the whole Mindszenty trial was a farce – a show, a con, a total and complete ploy to set the stage for congressional and public support for dealing with the ‘brainwashing threat’.

Same goes for the so-called Korean prisoners BS.

(Margaret Singer and Jolly West’s area of ‘research’, no less)

Katee-Sackhoff-in-Riddick-2013-you want to what.

Positioning these and that ridiculous bit about secret agents with syringes as ‘communist’ was right out of their decision to invent enemies purely to justify the budget (and the creation) of the CIA as a continuation of its British/Vatican/OSS activities from WWII.

See – Scientology, A CIA Tailored Religious Front Group For Political Action (Why it became a religion) –

So now, they used WWII as a cover to conduct all the earlier heinous experiments going on in Nazi Germany, now they needed a new excuse to continue and figure out how to brainwash Americans – to keep them from rebelling, protesting, and fighting back against them – and that’s what MKULTRA was all about.

These people may carry American citizenship but…

They are not Americans.


They should not be used as any kind of example of “Americans” either.

I mean seriously. Look at these words from the NY Times article – it’s like they are FOREIGN AGENTS talking about Americans like they are their enemies!

The CIA men… acknowledged among themelves that much of what they were setting out to do was “unethical” bordered on the illegal and would be repugnant to the American people.

“Precautions must be taken, one agency official wrote in an internal memo, “not only to protect the operation from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general,” adding that this information “would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment [of the agency’s] mission.”

Look how clear that is in that light, that they are not Americans at all – no matter what their passports say.

– – –


To me, this discovery is a happy day all around because now more people can see  – if they want to.

Not sleeping - my eyes are just closed walkabout 1971



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