This is a continuation of my research into documents contained into the Senate Hearings on Behavior Modification –

Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-Third Congress, Second Session; published November 1974; 655 pages. – found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives.

In my last post I was examining Dr. West’s MKULTRA subproject documents, which I will continue to do in this post but let’s take a little side-trip here first.

Louis Jolyon West (1976)


I need a hero!



Of course, Jolly ain’t no hero but he sure likes to grandstand that he is. Kinda reminds me of someone…hmm…who could it be.



L. Ron Hubbard, of course. They have more similarities than you might think.

Jolly had himself quite the bitchy moment about L. Ron Hubbard. Unfortunately for him however, he kind of gives something away in so doing.

West’s family was poor, so like many other people he enlisted in the U.S. Army to gain himself a paid for education. Shortly after he had entered University of Wisconsin–Madison, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. In the Army Specialized Training Program he studied at the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, from which he graduated in 1948.

  • ref – World Heritage Encyclopedia

While West was on his internship at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic, he discussed with J.A. Winter the recently published book Dianetics and concluded that the “auditing” described in Hubbard’s book used hypnosis. Winter introduced West to Hubbard on one occasion but West said: “I guess I didn’t find the man very memorable. I was more interested in the book which described the auditing technique in which they had preclears—or prereleases if just beginners—count backwards from seven to zero repeatedly until they went into a trance, although Hubbard denied it was hypnosis.

Hubbard moved in rather different circles than West, a point which West obviously became painfully aware of at some point. His bitchy statement above is entirely indicative, in my opinion, of jealousy of Hubbard and probably along the lines of what I just said.

With what we now know about West’s research, pretty much exactly along the same lines as Hubbard just minus the drugs and electro-shock, for him to demonstrate his interest in hypnosis at that time in this ‘recall’ of his, is not only a veiled example of grandstanding on his part, but in a very real sense it is also a confirmation that he and Hubbard were vying for the same ‘official’ attention.

And yet…West said pretty much nothing publicly at all about Hubbard and his work until the 1980’s! Why on earth then, one wonders.

Not to mention the utter hypocrisy of West being a poster boy against ‘mind control’ cults.

Stinky, stinky.

bad smell of propaganda

I say that, because Dr. West did his psychiatry residency (following his interneship at Payne) at Cornell, an MKUltra institution and site of the Human Ecology Foundation.

Lo and behold – he was given a job at age 29 as chairman of the department of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma, where in 1955, he became a subcontractor for MKUltra subproject 43, and was given at least $20,000 by the CIA.

The proposal submitted by West to the CIA, was titled “Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestability” with an accompanying document titled “Studies of Dissociative States”.

Thereby verifying his similar areas of interest as Ron Hubbard’s.

Pages from Louis Jolyon 'Jolly' West MKULTRA subproject 43 title.

1955 happens to be the same year that Ron Hubbard’s particular skills were put to use by the CIA in a more public arena, using a front group/cult no less incorporated in Washington D.C. – the Church of Scientology. Hubbard’s job was to conduct ‘political action’ for handler and CIA N.O.C. agent Miles Copeland. See Scientology – A CIA Tailored Religious Front Group for “Political Action” – Why It Became A Religion

According to West, ‘problems’ started with scientology after he contributed to a textbook in 1980, in which he called it a cult.

Ref – Welkos, Robert W.; Sappell, Joel (1990-06-29). “On the Offensive Against an Array of Suspected Foes“. Los Angeles Times

What’d I tell ya? More grandstanding.

The ‘problems’ aren’t as simple as it might appear. For one thing, many scientologists actually believe in exposing monster-docs involved in MKULTRA experiments, like our Dr. West here.

Unfortunately, in this complex scenario you have a rather interesting staged show playing out in front of you.

Here’s Dr. West and supposed anti-cult people like Margaret Singer speaking of how abusive scientology is, but how it’s ONLY because of Hubbard’s insanity, con-artist behavior, and meglo-mania.

This soap-opera approach provided fertile ground for counter-exposes of how these people were the very people who are happily engaged in brainwashing America and calling it ‘mental health’ – which they were.

Some Guardian’s Office members (before Miscavige disbanded it) did sometimes do good work, in this case some of them did actually help expose Jolly West’s MKULTRA connections and his roll-over MKSEARCH attempt visible in his later Center for Violence proposal in the 1970’s.

But, what’s missing from both?


Ron Hubbard’s connection into the CIA and mind control research.


See my recent post Dox – Scary Similarities between Synanon, Scientology, SEED and Prison Brainwashing Programs for many examples of just what scientology was really about.

Besides, from what I can tell, in some ways just like Hubbard, Jolly was an opportunistic f*** who took advantage of whichever way the wind was blowing in order to garner attention and get paid. Not to put too fine a point on it.

eye roll kara.

I also think though, that Jolly wanted to blame the few (effective at exposing him) scientologists for his loss of the Center for Violence, or at least that was part of it.

By the 1990’s, Jon Atack was jumping aboard the Jolly West train of appearances regarding being anti ‘cult’.

Jon Atack statement

4. Since my resignation from the Church of Scientology, in October 1983, I have assembled a large collection of Scientology and Hubbard related materials, and interviewed well over a hundred former members, including a number of former Hubbard aides. I have also read thousands of pages of court rulings, government enquiry reports, affidavits and sworn testimony relating to Hubbard and Scientology.

This research led to the publication, in 1990, of my book A Piece of Blue Sky, which is a history of Hubbard and his organizations. This book has been cited as a principal source of reference in academic papers by professor of sociology and history of religion Stephen Kent (“International Social Control by the Church of Scientology”, presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, November 1991) (JCA-5) and by professor of neuropsychiatry Louis Jolyon West (“Psychiatry and Scientology”, presented as the “Distinguished Psychiatrist” lecture, American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 6 May 1992) (JCA-6).

Of course, this bit is also interesting, for a number of reasons.

6. I was the principal researcher for Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah, and was also consulted by Bent Corydon for his L.Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman and by Stewart Lamont for his Religion Inc. I was the principal researcher for the chapter on Scientology in Jean Ritchie’s Secret World of Cults. I was also the principal researcher for BBC Panorama and TVS programmes about Scientology (both broadcast in 1987). I have been consulted by television and radio producers, and by journalists throughout the world.

Because although Miller’s book is helpful in a lot of ways, it also tries way too hard to steer around (and distract from) the real reasons for L. Ron Hubbard’s creation of Dianetics/Scientology.

The one thing they all avoid granting any credibility to – it was part of an intelligence operation against Americans. One with a whole lot of British complicity, no less.

See these posts for further information about Hubbard’s CIA involvement:

– – –

Seven months after Jon’s helping out Jolly West for his address to the American Psychiatric Association – the Jolly train continued making stops and trying to garner attention for his ‘mind control’ expose shows.

Thus I have observed and followed the growth and evolution of Dianetics since 1950. Dianetics you will recall, became the Church of Scientology and thrived. In contrast, recently the Center for Feeling Therapy here in Los Angeles, which remained secular, collapsed. This corresponds with a history of Utopian Societies in California as studied during the century, from 1850-1950. Some fifty of these organizations were studied and in the actuarial sense, the lifespan of the religious ones was approximately double that of the secular ones. The average being twenty years.

Jolly West lectures on “Cult Phenomenon – Mental Health, Legal and Religious Implications”, From a conference held in Los Angeles California, and observed jointly by the Department of Continuing Education and Health Sciences of the UCLA extension; by the NeuroPsychiatric Institute which is this facility and by the Southern California Psychiatric Society. November 6, 1992 Audio lecture part ONE – Part TWO


The Jolly West anti-cult train

jolly west cia anti cult train.

However innocent and helpful-sounding ole Jolly is trying to appear, the facts are that he was a kind of expert on brainwashing. Unfortunately, he kind of failed to make clear that the reason was because he had spent years doing it to people himself.

On that note, let’s pick up again on the examination of Jolly West’s MKultra subproject.

* * *


Jolly West’s experiments involved a combination of Drugs, Hypnosis and Sensory Deprivation – pretty much along the same lines of what monster ghoul Dr. Ewen Cameron was doing up in Canada in his subproject (which was #68).

  • PDF – MKULTRA subproject 43 documents  – found in Black Vault CD#4, folder 17441 originally – this is Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West subproject.

Pages from Louis Jolyon 'Jolly' West MKULTRA subproject 43 title

As a review –

Page 8 of the PDF discussed –

Preliminary clinical research during 1955-56 has yielded promising leads in terms of knowledge of how hypnotizability can be influenced by pharmacological means.

Several drugs have been identified that apparently are effective in speeding the induction of the hypnotic state, and in deepening the trance that can be produced in given subjects.

These observations remain to be confirmed through studies of larger numbers of normal subjects


Pages from Louis Jolyon 'Jolly' West MKULTRA subproject 43 documents-2

He now wants to do this to ‘normal’ people, do note. This as opposed to that he was obviously doing these nasty things priorly to mental patients and prisoners.

And what was part of that? Sensory deprivation and isolation.


Experiments involving altered personality function as a result of environmental manipulation (chiefly sensory isolation) have yielded promising leads in terms of suggestibility and the production of trance-like states. There is reason to believe that environmental manipulations can affect the tendencies for dissociative phenomena to occur. Isolation, in particular, can markedly change the individual’s response to suggestion in the form of verbal communication.

It is proposed that new experiments utilizing special environmental manipulations, including sensory isolation, be begun with a view toward determining the ways in which the results of psychophysiological alterations can be quantified, and the ways in which these altered-states can be utilized in the production of increased influenceability in normal subjects.


Notice the part I colored orange – “Isolation, in particular…”.

In my post Dox – Scary Similarities between Synanon, Scientology, SEED and Prison Brainwashing Programs where I am going over some other documents/leads from the Senate Hearings –

  • Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-Third Congress, Second Session; published November 1974; 655 pages. – found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives.

One of the things I go into is how important this isolation concept was to these people’s brainwashing process. Their brainwashing process, not the Chinese, the ‘Reds’ or the communists. THESE people and their handlers were the source of all that. They were simply continuing the experiments begun under the cover of ‘war-time’ in Nazi Germany. Consider war a kind of enforced recruiting pool for them to do whatever the frack they want to people – that’s how they view it and if you understand that, you’re well on your way to understanding how they think about the rest of us. Experimenting on ‘yuckies’ (to them) like Jews, Gypsies and so on, was their way of figuring out what to do with the rest of us.

Get it?

So, naturally, since they had so much fun – extreme  sarcasm  – and all with that, they wanted to continue it under…you guessed it… the guise of ‘cold war’ with Russia and the usual propaganda scapegoat of choice – ‘communism’, which they – the slavemasters – invented in the first place. See Part 4: Dark Matter.

Ok, now in my posting about the scary similarities between scientology (and other front groups) and CIA/slavemaster brainwashing experiments, I talk about an article I found in the Senate Hearings pdf, that talks about a 1962 Seminar chaired by James V. Bennett, then director of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, as described in Corrective Psychiatry & Journal of Social Change, second Quarter, 1962.

As part of that seminar, Dr. Edgar H. Schein, associate professor of psychology at MIT, spoke on the topic “Man Against Man: Brainwashing.

Dr. Edgar H. Schein


Dr. Schein, who said he got most of his ideas from studying brainwashing techniques used by North Korean and Chinese Communists on GI prisoners of war, cautioned his audience not to be put off by the fact that he was recommending brainwashing as the ‘solution’.

These same techniques in the service of different goals may be quite acceptable to us…I would like to have you think of brainwashing not in terms of politics, ethics, and morals, but in terms of the deliberate changing of human behavior and attitudes by a group of men who have relatively complete control over the environment in which the captive population lives.


Dr. Schein goes into a number of steps and techniques as to how to do this (see my post), but the main thing he said needed to be accomplished was an isolation, a destroying of any support or friendship the person might have.

Supports for old attitudes have to be undermined and destroyed if change is to take place….Do we not feel it to be legitimate to destroy the emotional ties of one criminal to another, or of a criminal to a sick community?

A panelist at the seminar reveals some of what was learned/developed in subprojects such as Jolly’s – he doesn’t say that but that’s where it came from – the fact that they were now using drugs to create that isolation state.

To some extent where we formerly had isolation as a controlling technique, we now have drugs, so that drugs in a sense become a new kind of restraint. The restraint, therefore, is biochemical, but it is restraint nevertheless.

Jolly’s subproject was one of the ones that was finding this out. Which drugs did what, and all that entailed, including some pretty nasty side effects in a number of cases, I’m sure.

Alright, now we’ll see if there’s anything else interesting in West’s dox and whaddya know? There is.

Jolly’s special chamber

That doesn’t sound good at all, does it.


…a unique laboratory must be organized and constructed. This laboratory will include a special chamber, in which all psychologically significant aspects of the environment can be controlled. This chamber will contain, among other things, a broad-spectrum polygraph for simultaneous recordings of a variety of psychophysiological reactions of the individual being studied. In this setting the various hypnotic, pharmacologic, and sensory-environmental variables will be manipulated in a controlled fashion and quantitative continuous recording of the reactions of the experimental subjects will be made.

Louis Jolyon 'Jolly' West MKULTRA subproject 43 the special chamber.

I like how on the next page as part of spending 5 grand on the special things he wants for his little chamber of horrors, is this one: special stimulatory apparatus.

There’s a lot of things that brings to mind, but since I’m sure all of you have just as active an imagination as I do I’ll spare you the details.

whistling girl.

Scrolling through the documents, there’s a lot of receipts and generally financial accounting things until we get to the last two pages.

The first document is important because it proves Jolly knew he was working for the CIA, why, and what MKULTRA was, so any claims by him to the contrary are now documentably lies.

Marked by red arrow by me –

Pages from Louis Jolyon 'Jolly' West MKULTRA subproject 43 Proof he knew.

The last document in the PDF is a real doozy. It describes what states he is wanting to reproduce, and with what drugs.

One of the things this document does is KILL the whole idea that LSD is some sort of ‘spiritual experience’ drug. They knew it wasn’t, they knew it messed up people’s heads bad – why do you think they were pushing it out into America’s communities so hard?


Because they thought it would help us?

Oh, no no no.

Oh no no no.

If you think that? You best put your jammies on because you are dreamin’.

That’s not why at all.Besides the whole drug-lord thing the slavemasters are forever doing to humanity (and profiting by) there’s the simple fact of that fucked up people are a whole lot easier to control, distract, disable and re-route than those who aren’t.

I’d also add that all the self-styled gurus who were (and some still are) trying to help push the whole ‘psychedelic’ (some call it entheogen) experience? Are either completely retarded dupes or they are one of them.

Either way? Fuck ’em. This shit is evil.

Here’s what the document says –

An examination of current descriptions of dissociative reactions reveals a rather sterotyped concept, differing little from [blacked out] original one, and offering a limited definition of the dissociative mechanics and their role in normal and abnormal psychological functions. The literature concerning clinical entities ordinarily considered to constitute the dissociative reactions if faily well limited to case-studies of patients with fugues, amnesias, somnambulence and multiple personalities.

Unpublished studies by the writer have led him to a greatly expanded concept of dissociation. Dissociative phenomena are found in everyday life. Such manifestations include “highway hypnosis”, states of “fascination” in flyers, hypnagogic and phantasy hallucinations, transient anesthesias, and many other examples.

These reactions have many features in common with a variety of clinical disorders including “sleep paralysis”, trance states, Gilles de la Tourette’s disease, latah, “Arctic hysteria”, and a number of other disturbances in addition to the well-known dissociative reactions of the text-books.

There is considerable experimental evidence pointing to the significant role played by dissociative mechanisms in the production of the various phenomena of hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis may be considered to be a pure-cultre, laboratory-controlled dissociative reaction. Of the entire phenomenology of the various states described above, there is not one single manifestation which cannot be produced experimentally in the hypnotic subject. Thus, through the use of hypnosis as a laboratory device, the dissociative mechanisms can be studied with a high degree of objectivity.

Of increasing interest at the present time are the actions of a variety of new drugs which alter the state of psychological functioning. Some of these agents produce disturbances of perception and integration (mescaline, lysergic acid [LSD] etc.)

Others produce alterations of autonomic reactivity through inhibition of central (hypothalamic) functions, so that “emotional responsiveness” is diminished (reserpine, chlorpromazine, etc.) The effects of those agents upon the production, maintenance, and manifestations of dissociated states have never been studied.


Get that everybody? They wanted dissociated states produced and maintained. As in – y’all ain’t thinkin’ so good. NOT some ‘spiritual’ experience.


come on!.

In another MKULTRA doc, found in Mkultra CD #2, Folder 159106, about an LSD study at Lexington Kentucky (prison) by Dr. Harris Isbell – it lays out some of the expected physical effects of LSD.

A number of the signs and symptoms observed after administration of LSD —

  • pupillary dilatation 
  • elevation of blood pressure
  • gooseflesh
  • anxiety, sense of gastrointestinal oppression-, etc.

— suggest hyperactivity of the sympathetic (adrenergic) nervous system.


Oh good, right? Sounds so spiritual. Not.

Those two other drugs mentioned. Reserpine and chlorpromazine. Reserpine came to the United States from India via French research; Chlorpromazine by way of the Swiss.

Know what they are?

Reserpine lowers the amounts of certain chemicals, “excitable” ones, supposedly, such as norepinephrine and serotonin. It kind of puts the person to sleep, sort of, which is why they like to call it an ‘anti-psychotic’.

Chlorpromazine replaced Insulin Coma Therapy – that should give you an idea how nasty that is. It was actually Dr. Max Fink, or ole Finkie boy, as I call him, that worked quite a bit experimenting with that drug. It was one of his MKULTRA subprojects

By 1958 Fink had finished his “randomly controlled trial” of the MKULTRA desired test-drug chlorpromazine given together with Insulin Coma Therapy (ICT) and then essentially killed ICT when he published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that “chlorpromazine had the advantage of being safer, easier to administer, and better suited to long-term management” (p. 1846).

As you can see, the CIA had Jolly West and Max Fink (as well as Dr. Ewen Cameron) all doing similar studies where they only differed in their own special torture methods ways of carrying out their ‘experiments’.

Jolly obviously continued on with these experiments for the CIA, because in 1962 he was still ‘experimenting’ – this time on a poor elephant that he killed with a massive overdose of LSD, trying to ‘enrage’ the elephant into a charge purely by chemical means.

Their stated intent was to determine if LSD would induce “musth”, a naturally occurring condition in which elephants become violent and uncontrollable.

Erowid’s site gives us a rundown on what happened –

The 7000-pound bull elephant named Tusko was injected with a huge dose of LSD (297 mg) into one buttock with a dart rifle. Five minutes later, the elephant collapsed and went into convulsions. An excerpt from the original journal article about the experiment:

“Five minutes after the injection he trumpeted, collapsed, fell heavily onto his right side, defecated, and went into status epilepticus. The limbs on the left side were hyperextended and held stiffly out from the body; the limbs on the right side were drawn up in partial flexion; there were tremors throughout. The eyes were closed and showed a spasm of the orbicularis occuli; the eyeballs were turned sharply to the left, with markedly dilated pupils. The mouth was open, but breathing was extremely labored and stertorous, giving the impression of high respiratory obstruction due to laryngeal spasm. The tongue, which had been bitten, was cyanotic. The picture was that of a tonic left-sided seizure in which, mild clonic movements were present.”
— West LJ, Pierce CM, Thomas WD. Science, 1962, 1100-1103.

Twenty minutes after the initial injection of LSD, it was decided that promazine hydrochloride (Sparine, a Thorazine-like drug) should be administered in an attempt to counter the above reaction. 2800 mg of promazine hydrochloride was injected into his ear over a period of 11 minutes, and only partially relieved the seizures and respiratory distress. An hour later, in a further attempt to assist the elephant, Dr. West injected Tusko with an unspecified quantity of pentobarbital sodium directly into a vein. The elephant died 1 hour and 40 minutes after the LSD had been given. Dr. West’s original article on the experiment can be found at: HofLSD1069. Several newspapers covered the story, one of which is available as HofLSD1069a. A german-language editorial mentions it at Hofmann Collection LSD1069b.

The Church of Scientology – who supposedly is dedicated to exposing such ‘evils’ of psychiatry – did a fluff piece about it, but that’s about all.

The elephant – poor guy.

jolly west injects elephant with LSD 1962.

You can see Jolly’s interest in rage and anger starting to show up in this particular PR stunt. Certainly an interesting choice for those CIA tax payer dollars, wouldn’t you say?

On that note, it’s time to end this segment. Rumblings were already starting on Capitol Hill, and the Mkultra program was starting to garner negative attention. The next thing that would happen, is that in a few years from Jolly’s little stunt here, projects would be moved off (but still be CIA projects) in two ways. One: as ‘projects’ underneath certain universities and Two: the next gen umbrella project called MKSEARCH.

I’ll be working on that in the next segment. (least I think so, you never know what’s going to show up next though).

Written and researched by

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  1. My parents did LSD with doctors Cohen (UCLA) and Janiger (UC Irvine) who worked closely with West. Evidence turned up on a CIA MK-Ultra Project CORDON under MK-Search that I was funneled into. I later worked with a head researcher named Dennis at CCHR L.A. in late 80s trading data while I was preparing a federal lawsuit against Janiger, also did research at UCLA NPI staff library, UCLA Biomed library (lot of LSD/narcotics studies & books) & their law library along with reading all the MK-Ultra books out in 1988.


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