I had found this quite a while ago in one of the files from the recently declassified FDA records that were obtained courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert (Anonlover) – who requested them apparently in order to find/feed story material to journalist Tony Ortega.

When I was going through all these documents early in 2015, I had jotted down that this particular document was on CD #3, Folder 2, Vol 10 of 18 PDF, starting on p. 158.

Here’s a PDF (OCR’ed) of just this booklet that I have now extracted.

My guess is that this booklet was probably actually put together by the Guardian’s Office PR department (and not Hubbard directly) probably together with David Ziff (Ziff publishing family) who was working in their ‘publications’ department at the time. It was probably ordered by Mary Sue/Ron Hubbard as a method of trying to offset the negative attention scientology was getting in the press at that time.

Although the FDA documents only have a black-and-white xerox of it, I did find a color image of the cover of it –


The reason I’m getting to doing this now is because I was just adding some more documentation into my post of today: Dox – Scary Similarities Between Synanon, Scientology, SEED and Prison Brainwashing Programs

Specifically, I was adding to the Narconon section, here’s what I added –

This –

Narconon was a drug rehab and education program started by an Arizona prisoner named Bill Benitez after other programs he tried had failed. It took 9 months to get the program approved for use in the Arizona State Penitentiary and was expanded to other prisons such as Marion, Illinois in 1969. These were obviously both being funded under the new LEAA, and maybe even sideways through MKSEARCH – I’ll have to check into that.

But, do notice that Marion is exactly where Groder was doing his brainwashing experiments, at that same time!



And this –

Ron Hubbard said: “Life is a game” whereas Benitez added “nothing but” in there – which happens to be almost exactly Charles Dederich and Synanon’s take or attitude about things.

BUT – all of them are right on Groder’s brainwashing point coming under –

  • endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep – Dulles
    • after all the above – then put pressure on him. – Schein
      • If he succumbs, he will be moved to new living quarters where he will be surrounded by members of Dr. Groder’s “Prisoner thought-reform team,” and subjected to intense group pressure.
      • He is studied – his emotional behavioral, and psychics characteristics are studied by the staff and demiprofessional prisoners to detect vulnerable points of entry to stage attack-sessions around. – Groder
      • with increasing intensity, he is:
        • shouted at,
        • his fears played on,
        • his sensitivities ridiculed,
        • concentrated efforts made to make him feel guilty for real or imagined characteristics or conduct…
        • heighten his suggestibility
        • weaken his character structure
        • emotional responses and thought-flow brought under group and staff control as totally as possible.
        • driven into him that society, in the guise of its authorities, is looking out for his best interests and will help him if he will only permit it to do so.
        • Help him be ‘reborn’ as a highly probable ‘winner in the game of life.’ – Groder


The being reborn in ‘the game of life”.

Here’s a couple of publications from Scientology, one from 1968, the other from 1982, showing this exact same ‘trick’ still in use to behavior modify scientologists.

Naming Ceremony from the booklet Character of Scientology, 1968


Auditor magazine, issue #182, 1982


* * *


There’s a number of interesting things for the researcher in this Character of Scientology booklet, such as pictures of people.

Sharone Stainforth, over on her blog, identified herself in this picture – (I marked it with a red arrow)

Character of scientology 1968 pic Sharone stainforth.

Sharone also identified Bill Deitsch in this pic –

Character of scientology 1968 pic Bill Deitsch.

If anyone knows who any of the other people are in these pics, feel free to let me know in the comments section.


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