image translation – ching-shen pu ssu “the spirit never dies”


To heroin’s victims in the United States and Europe,
And to all veterans of the War in Vietnam,
Especially those who returned strung out,
And those who did not return at all…
To victims of torture and repression in Latin America and elsewhere,
And to those who owe the monkey on their back,
And the scars on mind and body
To agents of the CIA and DEA. reading – PDF archive here)


Unfortunately, this whole mess of history is yet another area where a serious researcher runs into the ultimate trap sites (well maybe not ultimate, but definitely up there) of the LaRouche contingent of disinformation agents.

You get statements that contain truth but yet at the same time are discredited by both what they leave out (very important) and by the addition of semi-hysterical rantings and other things that do not belong at all.

I believe that is the point – the discrediting of the truth in this way – whether it’s because the person doing so is a dupe of a real disinformation agent or the real thing themselves, it makes no difference really. The desired effect is the same.

So, how’s about we take a look at this in a more full and accurate context?

Away we go –

Jackie Gleason - And Away We Go.

The difference between what I am doing and what others have done, is that I will be attempting to bring all the elements or pieces together. To do so, I am standing on the shoulders of individuals who have carefully and painstakingly put together their ‘piece’ of the story, and for their work I am eternally grateful.

Thank you.

For You.

Basically, this whole drug-dealing business goes back to the same time period of the rise of the slavemasters – about 500 years ago. We have already covered that period of time in quite a lot of detail elsewhere here at the blog.

I think the thing that really stood out to me when researching this latest element (I was trying to detangle portions of the Brotherhood/Scientology drug dealing history) was that these men and women that cross between slavemaster intelligence agencies and the two big factions of the slavemasters themselves (Vatican and British Nobility) was that they are all drug-dealers or rather drug-dealing facilitators first and foremost.

Why drugs? Because it supplies the profits – the cash – that they must have in order to run their most vicious black operations against the peoples and governments of the world.

They cannot do it with legally obtained or publicly visible money, they never could all during the last 500 years. At least, not without spending their own considerable reserves and we know how they are about that.

touched my money - death to the infidels

It’s so clear to me now how important the drug trade is (be it pharmaceutical or ‘illegal’ substances) for them to hold power and control over the world, that it just amazes me how easy it would be to topple them just by removing that aspect alone.

Even if nothing else was done, stopping their trafficking of any kinds of drugs would kill their empire in less than a decade.

Now that’s interesting, wouldn’t you say?

You see, propaganda, mind control, yada yada is never enough to keep people down and under control. They MUST have a physical stress or destructive force or none of it will do a damn thing.

It can have no influence when the individual is stabilized, relaxing in his slippers in the midst of total security.

Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


So an artificially caused state of stress physically and mentally needs to be orchestrated and kept that way.


Propaganda creates artificial needs. just as propaganda creates political problems that would never arise by themselves, but for which public opinion will then demand a solution, it arouses in us an increase of certain desires, prejudices, and needs which were by no means imperative to begin with. They become so only as a result of propaganda, which here plays the same role as advertising.

…One may even say that if he has provoked a particular tension, it was in order to lead the individual to accept a particular remedy, to demand some suitable action (suitable from the propagandist’s viewpoint), and to submit to a system that will alleviate that tension.

Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


That’s where drugs – heroin, cocaine, psychiatric drugs, all addictive – as well as more common drugs like even aspirin or tylenol or even alcohol.

They all serve to both hurt the body at a bare minimum by masking real physical symptoms that should be corrected and increasing up to the more deadly aspects of actually damaging the body – all of these drugs primarily are also providing a false impression of ‘feeling good’ physically.

Delusion, in other words. They’ve got people being delusional and thinking it’s normal! You see my point.

So, you could very easily say that most of the slavemasters and their Igors are a bunch of drug-dealers, whatever the hell else they may try to cover that up with.

For now though, let’s go back to the 1946/47 time period and see what trouble they are up to that is really about MORE drugs to equal MORE money for their vicious black ops on humanity.




This is the same guy that first appeared to refuse the idea of having a CIA unit for Naval Reserve personnel employed by the CIA in a civilian capacity – CIA declass - Hillenkoetter to Souers 22 August 1949


But, by February 27th, 1950 records show him attending its formal activation!


CIA FOIA Hillenkoetter CIA Naval Reserve Unit of civilians 17 Feb 1950.

This being exactly what L. Ron Hubbard was that very year – starting with the formation of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation with two FBI agents and one OSS agent on his board of directors.

It’s all in the ‘family’ my dear boy.

Jackie Gleason - You hold it like this.

CIA NOC agent Miles Copeland discussed Hubbard’s role in political action for the CIA –


– Excerpted from Forget The Idea That Scientology Was ‘Taken Over’ – It never was Anything Else by Virginia McClaughry –

Here is the ONE part of the book that is often quoted in relation to scientology – without a date, without any discussion of what it actually meant, whose idea it was and why, and without mentioning that this was the second time that Hubbard and scientology was chosen which is earlier in the book.

(Blue arrow is marking the part about the MRA)

CIA uses Scientology from The Game Player by Miles Copeland

Note: That’s just plain odd, and absolutely terrible research. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that such shoddy “journalistic” skills literally discredits what Copeland said! I believe that’s the point of utilizing idiot propaganda mouthpieces that don’t even bother to read the damn thing. Because I tell you what, this is a whole lot more significant than what it’s made to look like out there.

To actually get details about wtf really happened there, you’d have to actually READ the book, you see, and that’s how you can tell that just about none of the circle-jerk quoters out there even read it. They just quoted someone else’s quote, and so on.

It’s like in the movie Lake Placid, where one of the funniest one-liners by character Hector Cyr in response to a disbelieving statement by the local sheriff – was:

Well, they conceal information like that in books.


If anyone had actually looked at this book (instead of just cross-quoting) they would have seen exactly when this was all taking place.

July, 1955

starting political action july 1955 marked - The Game Player by Miles Copeland-2.

But, heck, after all it was a whole 4 pages earlier – far be it for me to criticize the obviously painful and impossible process for some people of having to flip some pages.

sarcasm little guy

Here’s the relevant text giving the date in two different ways.

So when the BA&H assignment in Egypt wound up in July 1955…

…… I had a wonderful time in Cairo, and now, as I look back on the period between July 1953 and July 1955, I see that it was eminently productive for the US Government, for my Egyptian friends and for BA&H as well as for myself.



Now let’s move on to more of the description of this “selection” of Hubbard and scientology.

I returned from my tour of Washington’s foreign policy bureaucracy with my job cut out for me. Kim Roosevelt had set my new unit in motion without me. He had told my first assistant, a bright and inventive young PhD named Bob Mandlestam, that he should get something started, anything that smacked at all of political action, so that Frank Wisner wouldn’t spot the unit’s inactivity and steal its office space and budget.

Bob Mandelstam in 1942 (3rd from left)

Robert MandelstamJLS (Japanese Language School) Univ. of Colo., summer 1942: Okamoto Sensei, Paul Farley, Robert Mandelstam, Roger Pineau, John Jago, Robert Kinsman, David Parkes

Bob eagerly put his imagination to work on some ideas he had been nursing since his university days.

His first was what he called ‘occultism in high places’, or ‘OHP’, a theory of political activism based on an impressively detailed study of ways in which leaders of the world based their judgements on one form or another of divine guidance.

…Then there was something called Moral Rearmament, known as MRA, an interdenominational politico-religious movement started by a nut named Frank Buchman. It purported to deepen the spiritual life of its members, thereby inducing them to behave responsibly and altruistically in their public lives. What caught Bob’s eye was the social level at which the movement operated. lt was aimed almost exclusively at leaders, and its literature was so designed. It was, in other words, appalling.

Note – Buchman was not a “nut”, what he was, was a Cecil Bloc intelligence agent for the British League of Nations/New World Order crowd – way out of Miles Copeland’s league. It’s interesting that Miles wants to call BOTH fellow intel agents (Buchman and Hubbard) “nuts”. Miles is either a complete idiot and totally clueless as to the real game that he professes to know so much of – which I doubt – or he’s doing that on purpose to HIDE the fact that these two men were intelligence agents.

Albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek.


But the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, the brainchild of another nut, this one a science-fiction writer named Ron Hubbard, we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make the highly expensive, largely ineffective and largely overt ‘covert action’ of Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison.

‘MRA will hit ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!’ Bob liked to boast, and he was right.

If you cynics who read this think I’m kidding, put the thought out of your mind. Back in the fifties, at least some of us understood that most moves on the international gameboard, as well as most moves in the various domestic games that were behind them, were based less on Machiavellian common sense than on old-fashioned superstition.


Ron Hubbard (right) former Naval Reserve now CIA “civilian” employee –

John galusha left l ron hubbard right 1958


MRA will hit ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low



Political Action as per Hubbard’s handler Miles Copeland (CIA NOC agent) included anything from lobbying to assassination, from propaganda and financial “aid” to dissuasion which was quite a euphemism for what was essentially terrorizing someone. It was described by Miles as:

any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes

Here is a list of posts that detail Miles Copeland references concerning Hubbard’s CIA involvement:

* * *


One of the first things that new CIA director Roscoe Hillenkoetter did was that he deployed former OSS agent Irving Brown under the cover of being an employee of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, to infiltrate French trade unions orchestrating the drug trade of the Marseille port in order to take the drug empire away from “the Reds”. First order of business
control those drugs

Note: That’s just a cover story, one which Miles Copeland detailed was one of two chosen things to propagandize to justify the continuing operation of British and American intelligence working together to suppress any interference with their drug trade and subsequently the slavemast ‘rule’ over the world together with the Vatican, as usual.

The chosen propaganda cover stories were  “threat of communism”, the other was “threat of nuclear war”. To show just how hypocritical these people are, and that they are behind communism, please see my Dark Matter post.

Henrik Kruger wrote a wonderfully detailed book in 1980 (out of print now) called The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism.

Starting around page 129 he begins detailing a particular aspect of the new directions of their drug industry.

The place was Kunming in the South China province of Yunnan. Yunnan was a center of Chinese opium cultivation and Kunming was the hotbed of military operations, among them Claire Chennault’s 14th Air Force and Detachment 202 of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

Yunnan kumming china.

We can’t forget to who was the head of Detachment 202. Our favorite all around drug smuggler and repressor of independent governments – Paul Helliwell.

Helliwell – 1938

paul Helliwell_Smathers_law school 1938.

Five years out of law school (1943) Colonel Paul Helliwell became the head of the Secret (Special) Intelligence Branch of the OSS in Europe and the head of Detachment 202 in Kunming. Helliwell was replaced in this post by William Casey in 1945. Helliwell then became chief of the Far East Division of the War Department’s Strategic Service Unit, an interim intelligence organization formed after OSS was closed down.

Among Detachment 202’s notorious collection of special agents, was E. Howard Hunt of later Watergate break-in fame. While he was in Kunming, he befriended French Foreign Legionnaire turned OSS agent –

Captain Lucien Conein

lucien conein 1945.

They’re all listed in the OSS Personnel Database obtained from CIA FOIA records, RG 226 ENTRY 224.

E. Howard Hunt liked to write steamy romance spy novels, one of his pseudonyms was John Baxter. His first one, “East of Farewell,” was published in 1942 (he was 23) and was a fictionalized account of his time on convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

e. howard hunt

Example novel –

john baxter pseudonym of e. howard hunt.

After World War II. Everette Howard Hunt Jr. slithered his way over from the OSS to its successor, the CIA, as did Helliwell. The two men then operated throughout South and North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma, and became the top U.S. expert on the area-‑as well as on the opium‑smuggling Corsican Mafia. Hunt was also in overthrowing Gautemalan president Jacobo Arbenz* in 1954 and later became station chief in Montevideo, Uruguay.

*See Scientology Roots Chapter Eighteen New World Order in Central America


Indochina remained Hunt’s buddy Conein’s base of operation after World War II, when, like Hunt, he too slithered on over from the OSS to the CIA. He then operated throughout South and North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma, and became the top U.S. expert on the area-‑as well as on the opium‑smuggling Corsican Mafia.

Helliwell in China –

In May 1949, General Claire Chennault had a meeting with President Harry S. Truman and advocated an increase in funds for Chiang Kai-shek and his Kuomintang Army (KMT) in his war in China. Truman dismissed the idea as “impractical”.

Of course he did.


The slavemasters had no intention of helping China become independent of Britain, etc.

If you read my post Dark Matter you will see just how duplicitous that all really was, because the CIA, together with British, Russian (yep, it’s true) and Vatican elements were actually working to suppress the Chinese revolution and were actually backing the communist guerillas in the first place!

When Mao Tse-tung took power in China in 1950, (he was a slavemaster chosen “democratic dictator” – yeah, they really called him that) Frank Wisner sent Paul Helliwell to Taiwan. Helliwell’s supposed job was to “help” Chiang Kai-shek to prepare for a future invasion of Communist China – but what he was really doing was getting control of the drug routes

Helliwell (for the CIA) had created a pair of front companies to supply and finance the surviving forces of Chiang’s Kuomintang Army – he was put in charge of this operation. This included establishing Civil Air Transport (CAT), a Taiwan-based airline, and the SEA Supply Company, a shipping company in Bangkok.

The Golden Triangle

the golden triangle opium.

Note: The junction of Burma, Thailand, and Laos, the Golden Triangle, is the site of the bulk of the world’s opium production and thereby the source of enormous fortunes for the French and later the Americans. The French held effective control over the Southeast Asian opium traffic until 1965. Between 1946 and 1955 the Mixed Airborne Commando Group (MACG) and the French Air Force managed the shipment of opium from Burma to Laos.

But well before that, it was really the British and the Americans who were primarily “managing” the opium, and by 1955 had taken it over completely.

Helliwell imported large amounts of arms for the KMT soldiers, the arms were ferried into Burma on CAT airplanes. CAT then used the ‘empty’ planes to fly drugs from Burma to Taiwan, Bangkok, and Saigon. There the drugs were processed for the benefit of the KMT and Chiang Kai-shek’s corrupt government on Taiwan.

For the ‘benefit’

air quotes

of the KMT…sure it was.


More like lining the slavemaster’s pockets to finance more black operations to suppress anyone anywhere who might rise against their 2-class system.


OSS China hand Willis Bird had settled in Bangkok, Thailand to head an office of Sea Supply, Inc. which began furnishing  weapons to opium‑smuggling Nationalist Chinese (KMT) troops in Burma. He coordinated CAT airdrops to KMT troops and ran an engineering firm that constructed short airstrips used for the collection of Laotian opium]

Sea Supply also provided arms and aid to Phao Sriyanonda, the head of Thailand’s 45,000‑man paramilitary police force and reputedly one of the most corrupt men in the history of that corruption‑ridden nation. For years his troops protected KMT opium smugglers and directed the drug trade from Thailand.

Meanwhile –

After they had actually assisted Mao Tse‑tung’s rise to power in China, OSS veterans formed a number of firms that would be linked both to the CIA and to its client regimes in the Far East. With financial assistance from his friends in Asia, OSS China head Cornelius V. Starr gained control of several U.S. insurance companies.

Cornelius Vander Starr

Starr’s attorney was the powerful Washington‑based Tommy “The Cork” Corcoran. who was the former “aide” of President Roosevelt.

Tommy the cork corcoran

Corcoran’s other clients included

  • the United Fruit Company,
  • Chiang Kai‑shek’s influential brother‑in‑law T.V. Soong, and
  • the mysterious airline, Civil Air Transport (CAT), of which 60 percent was owned by the Taiwan regime and 40 percent by the CIA.

It was on behalf of United Fruit, a complete snake pit of British and anglophile American interests, that Corcoran helped trigger a CIA/British intelligence plot to overthrow Guatemala’s President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 together with the then chief political action chief for the CIA – good old step-n-fetch-it man E. Howard Hunt.

Note: Miles Copeland had not come back from Egypt just yet – he took over in 1955 and approved Bob Mandelstaam’s activities already in play using L. Ron Hubbard and the MRA as front groups to conduct continuing political action activities for the CIA, always really on behalf of the slavemasters, as we call them. (as was the Arbenz op as well).

The author of the quixotic joust blog fills this in a bit more and tells us that Corcoran had some even more interesting connections – family ones. These not only tied into opium drug running for generations, but also directly to British pet and head of the OSS, William Donovan!


What Henrik Kruger did not say here, which is, in fact, crucial, is that the wife of Tommy the Cork’s partner–attorney and former Republican politician in Massachusetts, William S. Youngman–was Elsie Hooper Perkins, a member of the Perkins/Forbes/Higginson opium trading network.

Brief Sketch of Mrs. William Sterling (Elsie Hooper Perkins) Youngman’s family:

 Elsie Perkins_1923
Elsie Perkins (center) with mother and brother in 1923

Elsie and her brother, Robert Jr., were born to Robert Forbes Perkins and his second wife. Her father had married Annie Rodman Bowditch in 1891, with whom he had four children, before divorcing her in 1910. By then the children were mostly grown, but the youngest remained with their father. The following year Perkins married Elsie’s mother, Evelyn Morancy Gray of Louisiana, who was 25 years his junior, and at about the same time, ex-wife Annie married Bronson Case Rumsey, heir to a leather fortune. Rumsey’s granddaughter, Ruth Rumsey, married William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan around the same time as well.

…It all just goes to show how America’s original drug-running families have over the last two centuries commingled profits from opium with other investments into “legitimate business,” while at the same time they have been placed in charge of America’s intelligence agencies.


And they protect their own –

Will H. Bird investigated 1959 - waterloo courier.

When President John F. Kennedy in 1962 attempted a crackdown on the most hawkish CIA elements in Indochina, he sought the prosecution of Willis Bird, who had been charged with the bribery of an aid official in Vientiane. But Bird never returned to the U.S. to stand trial.

* * *


Pause for some drug statistics here –

Between 1946 and 1952 the nunber of U.S. addicts went from 20k to 60k, by 1965 it had more than doubled to 150k.

By 1988 the drug user figure soared to six million for cocaine, 18 million for marijuana and 500,000 for heroin – a trade valued at $100 billion.

Poppies – the source for opium and the later heroin.

poppy growing.

* * *


The French Connection

the golden triangle opium.

Between 1946 and 1955, large quantities of opium were shipped to French Saigon headquarters and passed on to the Corsican Mafia, who in turn smuggled the drug to Marseilles. The opium from Southeast Asia (that Sea Supply was using in their various CIA adventures) had to be shipped to Marseilles first to be refined into the now famous white powder – heroin.


heroin addict.

Such a fine gift to humanity. About like staking it in the heart.

perhaps this will help vincent price.

But hey – we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves though here, so let’s back up to the end of WWII and catch up some other factors here, like the Vatican.

From The Connection between Scientology and Synanon Part 6: Thou Art Punished

Just after WWII and before Cardinals Pacelli and Montini’s man Nogara retired, the IOR [Vatican Bank] began forming a “trust” of Catholic and non-Catholic financial advisors, who became known as uomini di fiducia, or “men of confidence.”

One of those was Michael Sindona who got his start by having a patron who wrote letter of introduction to the future Pope – Giovanni Battista Montini  – who was at the time Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Milan. Sindona had been educated by the Jesuits…

Michael Sindona began forging close Vatican banking links with the dictators of Argentina, Paraguay, Uraguay, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Of the Nicaraguan dictator, Somoza, he told a Rome lawyer:

I prefer to deal with men like Somoza. Doing business with a one man dictatorship is much easier than doing business with democratically elected Governments. They have too many committees, too many controls. They also aspire to honesty, that’s bad for the banking business.




This is going to be important to the narrative of events from later on, because these proclivities (so clearly expressed by Sindona) continued well into the 1980’s when CIA/Vatican interests supported drug suppliers such as second-generation Sinaloan cartel members Quintero, Gallardo etc., who in turn supported the CIA/Vatican in many ways, including letting them use their ranches to train the “contras” to go out and punish the Nicaraguan people for trying to break out of slavemaster 2-class rule.

This became known as the Iran-Contra affair when it was exposed later.

Clearly, the “mafia” (with its strong Catholic ties) was going to play a key role here, and so it did.

In 1946, Italian Mafia men-of-confidence (for the Vatican) “Lucky” Luciano, Don Calogero and Lucky Rizzuto worked with the CIA and Operation Gladio to organize an international drug distribution network between the Middle East, Europe, Vietnam and the U.S.

During the 1950s, Luciano decided the Mafia would only traffic (not manufacture) heroin or cocaine. This is when the arrangement was made with the Corsicans in Marseille.

In 1947, when Lucky Luciano wanted to use Havana as a narcotics transfer point, he went there personally – hence the real reason for the later Bay of Pigs fiasco – as usual, it was about their (the slavemasters) stupid drug trade.

Luciano in Havana, Cuba 1947

Lucky Luciano 1947 Havana.

Just before Marseille embarked on large-scale heroin production for the American market in 1951-1952, Meyer Lansky went to Europe and met with Corsican leaders in Paris and on the Riviera.


Charles “Lucky” Luciano (left) Meyer Lansky (right)

charles lucky luciano and meyer lansky.


Short little guy, isn’t he? (Lansky)

To coordinate and oversea this lovely newest manifestation of the slavemasters long obsession with drugging humanity to finance their black operations against humanity – Irving Brown was dispatched by CIA director Hillenkoetter to help take over that end of things as well and make the deal with the Corsicans, utilizing the cover of being a “labor” official for the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

Irving Brown (right)

Irving Brown Labor Leader and CIA spy (right).

A number of foreign labor organizations established officers of their own in Brussels, and meetings of the International Confederation attracted representatives from all non-Communist countries, including delegates from the AFL-CIO, headed by Irving J. Brown, who gave me loyal cooperation.

DIPLOMAT AMONG WARRIORS By Robert Murphy, 1964, section: 351. VISITS TO THE BELGIAN CONGO 1951 AND 1960


Writing in the Saturday Evening Post in 1967, the former director of the CIA’s international organizations division, Thomas W. Braden, explained the Agency’s strategy of using leftists to fight leftists – notice how the slavemasters were doing their usual controlled opposition tactic, and that this guy Lovestone had headed the Communist Party in the U.S.!

Lovestone and Dubinsky’s ‘work’ in that kind of duping the American people went all the way back to the 1930’s –

Jay Lovestone with David Dubinsky speaking at a union rally in the 1930sJay Lovestone with David Dubinsky speaking at a union rally in the 1930s


Their new ‘strategy’ – using leftists to fight leftists, was really about identifying and isolating those who oppose the slavemaster 2-class hierarchial system (and all the criminal activities that went along with that).

It was personified by Jay Lovestone, assistant to David Dubinsky in the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.

Once Chief of the Communist Party in the United States, Lovestone had an enormous grasp of foreign-intelligence operations. In 1947 the Communist Confederation Generale du Travail led a strike in Paris which came very close to paralyzing the French economy. A takeover of the government was feared.

Into this crisis stepped Lovestone and his assistant, Irving Brown. With funds from Dubinsky’s union, they organized Force Ouvriere, a non-Communist union.

…Thus began the secret subsidy of free trade unions which soon spread to Italy. Without that subsidy, postwar history might have gone very differently.

– Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 14 from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy


When these characters ran out of official money the author writes that they “appealed” to the CIA – of course what really happened is that Irving Brown was working for the CIA right from the point he was sent there in the first place.


Irving’s CIA cover name was Norris A. Grambo.


… the CIA’s Thomas Braden later recalled how he dealt with the problem.

On the desk in front of me as I write these lines is a creased and faded yellow paper. It bears the following inscription in pencil:

Received from Warren G. Haskins, $15,000 (signed) Norris A. Grambo.

I went in search of this paper on the day the newspapers disclosed the “scandal” of the Central Intelligence Agency’s connections with American students and labor leaders. It was a wistful search, and when it ended, I found myself feeling sad.

For I was Warren G. Haskins. Norris A. Grambo was Irving Brown, of the American Federation of Labor. The $15,000 was from the vaults of the CIA, and the yellow paper is the last memento I possess of a vast and secret operation….

It was my idea to give $15,000 to Irving Brown. He needed it to pay off his strong-arm squads in the Mediterranean ports, so that American supplies could be unloaded against the opposition of Communist dock workers.”

– Thomas W. Braden, “I’m Glad the C.I.A. Is ‘Immoral” in The Saturday Evening Post, May 20, 1967, p. 10. (Emphasis added.) from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy


Those ‘strong-arm squads, of course, were the Corsicans that Sicilian mafiosos Luciano and Lansky had helped create the connection for the CIA with. It was Irving Brown that had the contacts with all these mafia men and he recruited – and paid with CIA money starting in 1948 – a “rugged, fiery Corsican” named Pierre Ferri-Pisani to recruit an elite criminal terror squad to work the docks.

Surrounded by his gangster hirelings, Ferri-Pisani stormed into local Communist headquarters and threatened to make the party’s leadership “pay personally” for the continuing boycott. And, as Time magazine noted with great satisfaction, “The first Communist who tried to fire Ferri-Pisani’s men was chucked into the harbor.” – Time, March 17, 1952, p. 23

from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy


Its like this see - gangsters

For the next four years this goon squad beat people up, terrorized them, and even killed a few until they had complete control of the docks.

… the CIA broke the last barrier to unrestricted Corsican smuggling operations in Marseille. When control over the docks was compounded with the political influence the milieu gained with CIA assistance in 1947, conditions were ideal for Marseille’s growth as America’s heroin laboratory. The French police later reported that Marseille’s first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the milieu took over the waterfront.

from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy


George White BSC/OSS/SOE

George White BSC/OSS/SOE


The infamous George White of later MKULTRA sex and LSD experiments showed up in Marseille the following year – 1948. White was OSS, and was also utilizing the cover of his job at the FNB (Federal Narcotics Bureau) to help keep the slavemaster dope-smuggling profits coming.

Here’s a little of what he was doing just five years earlier –

Coming back to 1943 and that due to all the “failing agents” out there, Colonel Robinson had sent in his request to Tryon and the boys at OSS planning and Tryon (British puppet that he was) jumps at the chance to bring in the Tavistock/SOE solution of a ‘party’ at an estate over the weekend for evaluating personnel. He wanted to do things The British Way – more on that later.

So next –

Who was this other man that was Tryon’s partner on this idea?

Let’s fill in the big, fat, holes that the BSC book conveniently left out about him.

Dr. James Alexander Hamilton.

James alexander Hamilton2

A nasty character indeed.

Hamilton had been recruited by George White, so we’ll cover him a bit and then come back to Hamilton.

This particular document in our CIA docs library, shows that George White was engaged in Propaganda work as well – the jack-of-all-lies that he was.

This is partially because White was actually a handler – he ran agents that would carry out these covert action kinds of plans ,and partially because he just liked to lie.


Major George Hunter White

George Hunter White lg

Per another CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum – Dr. Hamilton and George White (and a St. Elizabeths Doctor – Watson W. Eldridge) was mixed up in using cannabis (pot) as part of interrogating prisoners….

To read more –

Please see British Security Coordination Compendium Part II – The Party Boys by Virginia McClaughry


So, to this rather dubious resume we can now add drug-smuggling enabler for the CIA, because what Mr. White was doing in Marseilles in 1948, well, one of the things, is that he was checking in with Luciano and his narcotics associate Nick Gentile, another former U.S. gangster who (like Vito Genovese) had worked for the Allied Military Government in Sicily.

White was seeing who’s loyal, who’s not, basically intending to ‘choose’ who to arrest in the U.S. as part of staging some narcotics busts to appease the ever-increasing suspicion that things were not all that they appeared with the British slavemaster infested CIA.

Lo and Behold?

Soon afterwards Mafia traffickers in the United States began to be arrested, but not men like Luciano, Gentile, or Coppola.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


Note: Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano had been deported to Sicily just a couple of years earlier in 1946, part of yet another show for the American public that the FNB was ‘doing their job’, that George White had been part of as well.

Need some serious air-quotes around that one –

‘doing their job’

air quotes.

They were doing a job alright, just the American public wasn’t exactly told what that job really was – keeping the drug profits coming for the slavemasters.keep that drug money comin’…

White had a previous history of staging drug arrests whilst supposedly under the purview of Federal crackdowns on smuggling – back in 1937 (the Chinese Hip Sings in San Francisco). But then, as from there on out, that was really about covering up an actual Chinese heroin-delivery system that the slavemaster drug lords had in place to fun their usual black-hearted operations around the world, you know, putting down those dastardly sarcasm popular rebellions and such.

As an example of White’s moral duplicity in such things, in 1959 the FBN and White again arrested a new generation of Hip Sing officials, but only after the ringleader (Chung Wing Fong, a former Hip Sing president and official of the San Francisco Chinese Anti-Communist League, a KMT front) had yielded his passport to the U.S. consul in Hong Kong and then traveled as ordered to Taiwan where the usual suspects set about shoring up that drug-distribution route – and everybody say oh hey…

Just in time for the Vietnam War!

wile-coyote- i'm a genius.

Because of this little sleight-of-hand, Fong became no more than an un-indicted conspirator and the KMT disappeared from view as was obviously the plan in the first place.

We wouldn’t want the world to know the slavemasters were covertly FUNDING communism, now would we?

kara thrace wink

No, no no, definitely not.

Ergo Mr. White, meanwhile, turned around and told the U.S. press that the heroin came from Communist China (“most of it from a vast poppy field near Chungking“) – which is ludicrous considering the CIA’s role in all that with Helliwell and Sea Supply/Air America.

The Communists did it.

pointing the finger at 2


Says one of the foremost drug-smuggling enablers and big fat liars ever…

fingers crossed - lie


Staging drug arrests would become quite the thing to do to try and distract the world (and America) from the fact that not only were these madmen controlling the drug trade into American, they had no intention of stopping!

For example, later on when the smuggled drug of choice became cocaine, with one of its main distribution centers being British controlled Bermuda.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: From time to time, Prime Minister Linden Pindling would stage a drug bust. According to U.S. law enforcement sources, the Bahamian police would seize a load and photos would be taken. Afterwards the money and drugs would be handed back to Lehder. Although Pindling was investigated by a Bahamian commission, he was never convicted.

CARLOS TORO: This was a facade kind of thing. You know, we and Mr. Pindling, I discussed it with him. At times he will say to me, “Carlos, we have to make an arrest.” I mean, we had the Americans checking on us. And we’re getting helicopters from them, and we’re getting financial aid, and we got a partnership here.

We’ve got to show that we’re doing the job. So he was corrupt. And that is why DEA had a problem getting into Norman’s Cay.

– excerpt from blog post: Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get any Worse – Scientology’s Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement goes Deeper by Virginia McClaughry; Nov 20, 2015


That brings me to my next point, the truly sick thing about all this getting going in Marseilles here in the late 1940’s, so well described by Peter Scott (and dubbed by many as The French Connection) is what the drug lords did with all that heroin.

The Guerini Brothers –


the chief Corsican mafia contact of Pierre Ferri‑Pisani)

antoine guerini


and Bartholemy (center)

Barthelemy Guerini center


The Marseille Syndicate

the marseille syndicateThat’s Frank Olson on the left. What’s he doing there is a really good question.

…The control of the Guerini brothers over Marseille’s heroin industry was so complete that for nearly twenty years they were able to impose an absolute ban on drug peddling inside France at the same time they were exporting vast quantities of heroin to the United States.

from The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy

Now, considering that this particular drug-producing network was backed by all 3 factions of the slavemasters and their intelligence apparatus –


They were specifically targeting Americans.


It doesn’t get any more clear than that whom they are truly afraid of. Nor does it get any clearer just what methods are considered acceptable to them to destroy America from within.

If ever anything truly showed the sheer unmitigated evil of these monsters, it would be this. All the destroyed lives, the wasted spirit, it just boggles the mind!

There is no need to look for a ‘devil’ in some imaginary hell off somewhere else –


The Devils are right in front of you.






But so are those they are most afraid of.


Never in my life have I seen such a blatant depiction of just how evil these people are, the slavemasters, and that they knew the destructive nature of these drugs (hence the ban in their countries) and that with that knowing they specifically literally unleashed hell on the United States of America.

Still trying to get even with just a handful, really, of men. Men like Thomas Jefferson who tore their illusion of power to shreds when he went to bat against them.

Personally, I look forward to the soon-to-be time when they will be forced to learn this same lesson yet again. I am not talking of killing or violence or war, that’s not what is going to happen at all. But, I will say that this time, in my opinion, there will be no coming back from it for them.

They have literally boxed themselves into a corner that they were steered towards and are only just starting to realize the full magnitude of just what that kind of planning means.

* * *


The CIA continued the subsidies of the Coriscan Mafia for almost 5 years, because by that time the profits from bringing all that heroin into the U.S. were so astronomical there was no need!

church lady

Brown’s CIA case officer, Paul Sakwa, has confirmed that by the time CIA subsidies were terminated in 1953, Brown’s chief contact with the Marseilles underworld, Pierre Ferri‑Pisani, no longer needed U.S. support, because of the profits his newly‑gained control of the port supplied from the heroin traffic. [62]

62. Allan Francovich and Howard Dratch, “On Company Business” (Filmed for television) KQED, 16 May 1980. Sakwa’s statement lends credibility to a French report that in 1952 Brown attended a Bordeaux meeting with Antoine Guerini (the chief Corsican mafia contact of Ferri‑Pisani), and Jo Cesari (the Marseilles chemist supplying Luciano with heroin), before Brown moved on to contact mafia personnel in Italy (Jaubert, p. 46n).
THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.

Just in case you didn’t know just what a dweeb Hoover (head of the FBI) was in relation to what was really going on?

Check this out –

In 1952, J. Edgar Hoover wrote in the margin of one report: “We should be alert to Lovestone, Offie and Brown, as I have grave doubts about this trio.” [23]

23 – “The Bensinger Hearing” – U.S. Congress, Senate, Committee on Government Operations,Illicit Traffic in Weapons and Drugs Across the United States-Mexican Border, Hearing, 95th Congress, 1st Session, 12 January 1977, p. 42-44. Of the U.S. Treasure Department’s list of 710 key illicit arms dealers, in 1977, 108 were drug smugglers, 24 percent of them Class I.
THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


He has ‘grave doubts’?


These are CIA assets and this illustrates perfectly that the FBI often had NO IDEA that these people’s covers were just that – covers.

You know, like L. Ron Hubbard whom Hoover thought was “crazy” and scientology a “communist” organization – WHICH WAS HIS COVER.

Hoover was known to chase whatever intelligence cover was thrown at him – like the panting fool of ‘get those communists’ that he was.

hoover chases the CIA ball

Pretty sad, really.

Ron Hubbard actually deliberately threw himself and his newly named CIA front group, scientology, at Hoover practically as one of the first things he did.

Of course, Hoover completely missed the real point – as usual.

From my article: Playing Dirty – the Real Version

Of course, one of the other things the CIA loved to do (they got this from the British) was to run operations and watch what other government agencies do who don’t know that it’s actually their own government’s operation.

Nothing like a little live checking up on things, eh?

They (the CIA) particularly loved messing with the FBI – they also got that particular little fetish from the British, as well. William Stephenson was always messing with Hoover and Hoover bought it every time. That’s pretty sad, unfortunately.

So, one of the first things that happens after Hubbard tells his publisher to run off copies (as in it’s already prepared) in September of 1955 – is that he throws it at the FBI.

Probably smirking the whole time, no doubt.

Text of letter to the FBI

The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International (Incorporated in the State of Arizona, U.S.A. and registered in England) BRUNSWICK HOUSE, 83 PALACE GARDENS TERRACE, LONDON, W.8. CABLES: SCIENTOLOGY LONDON. TEL: BAY 5780 AND 4294

16th December, 1955.

Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Constitution Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.


We are enclosing our printing of what appears to be a Communist manual on Psychopolitics.

This was compiled from Communist sources for use of our research department and people.

It may that we will also use this in anti-Communist campaigns.

As there is evidently a copy of Psychopolitics in full view in the Library of Congress, you evidently do not classify this subject..

We have been seriously hurt by Communists and Communism and we see nothing wrong in our using their tactics against them.

Should you run into this manual on how to brainwash people you will now be able to recognize it as printed and distributed by an anti-Communist group for their research.

Yours very truly,

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard



Resident in Great Britain authorised to accept service of processes and notices: GEO. WINCHELOW, 20 CHEPSTOW VILLAS, LONDON W.2

– – –

[Scan] of letter to FBI from  “The Brainwashing manual: Timeline”. Hubbard’s version of the Brainwashing Manual can be downloaded from here.

Note: the Brainwashing Manual itself was a CIA piece of propaganda – see The Real Reason For Hubbard’s 1955 Brainwashing Manual – and Where He Got It From (the CIA)


Heck, Hubbard actually threw practically verbatim, a CIA top secret ‘datum’ at Hoover in that letter – “we see nothing wrong in our using their tactics against them” – It’s from a little something informally referred to as the Doolittle Report.

It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply.

If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of ‘fair play’ must be reconsidered. We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies by cleverer, more sophisticated, and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people become acquainted with, understand, and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.

– from pages 1, 2,3 of the Introduction of Doolittle’s Report – Special Study Group, J.H. Doolittle, Chairman, Report on the Covert Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (declassified), September 30, 1954 – and from, p. 15,16 (of 78) of the PDF itself. Here is also an Internet Archive version in case it goes missing.

aka use “their” own tactics against them.


Just like Hubbard just said.

Considering what Hubbard would do to people in the name of “auditing” and “training” in scientology, I’d say he had that subvert, sabotage, and destroy business down cold.

But Hoover? He didn’t have a clue.

J edgar hoover 1924 - libraryofcongress photo.

Just as he didn’t have a clue about what Lovestone and Irving Brown were really up to – facilitating the drug-smuggling network for the CIA.

There are a number of narratives about Ron Hubbard in his later years of his version of the CIA’s Sea Supply – that Hubbard called the Sea Organization – concerning smuggling gold in the Mediterranean area.

Interestingly, this is also something that Irving Brown engaged in.

In 1954, the Assistant Secretary for International Labor Affairs Spencer Miller alleged that Brown had used CIA money to buy gold on the black market in Greece.

His allegations were dismissed by Hoover.[24] Inquiries by CIA director Allen Dulles also turned up nothing.[25]

24, 25  – Ted Morgan, A Covert Life, Random House, 1999, p.231, 237, 239
THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.

Dismissed by Hoover? But, of course. Allen Dulles, CIA director, turned up “nothing” about it?

church lady pursed face


Amazing! (not)

You see how they are though.

Just to finish off on this character Irving Brown, CIA stooge that he was, he shows up again mixed up in the drug trade, this time the quest for mind-altering (and ergo behavior altering) drugs – the MKULTRA project of the CIA.MORE drugs, bigger drugs, better drugs…
we needs
psychic powers!




Irving Brown gets mixed up with ‘grooming’ Arthur Koestler, who was part of the British version of an anti-communist organization, the IRD.


Arthur Koestler

From my post The Man Who Murdered My Mother: Duke University, The Anti-Life Zone

James Monroe – WWII picture

James Monroe
Monroe had sent [Stephen] Abrams a letter in April 1961 saying that they were interested in “assisting” his ESP research at Oxford. Abrams then arranged to travel back to the states to meet with Monroe to discuss funding.

Prior to leaving, he met with Arthur Koestler, Oxford lecturer Francis Huxley – (son of Sir Julian Huxley, and nephew of Aldous Huxley). This means, he is being briefed by British intelligence on what they want to see, and want they want him to “spy on” while in America again.

Francis Huxley – Spain 1960’s

Aldous Huxley was also involved, he was an early enthusiast for the work of Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University, which Huxley believed had established the reality of extra-sensory perception.

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley

Huxley’s essay in Life magazine (January 11, 1954 A case for ESP, PK and PSI) was a PR op to bring it to public attention, not only to mislead but to bring more “subjects” in for testing. The whole thing about Rhine’s “results” actually rested on a misapplication of the rules of statistical inference.
.Life Magazine January 11, 1954

The IRD  – Information Research Department – had been formed in 1948, in England to “combat Communism”.

Koestler was a British IRD agent, and in the pic below, he is with Irving Brown (right). Irving was the CIA agent in charge of  (European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (middle, CIA agent in charge of intellectual media).

Arthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2

Francis Huxley and Abrams were also “grooming” Koestler (who would later leave his fortune to a parapsychological institute at Edinburgh) for current British intelligence purposes, and they suggested he go see Rhine at Duke, and British agent Timothy Leary at Harvard. He did both.

Abrams took a ship to New York, instead of flying, and then met with Monroe and Preston Abbot who was one of the overseers of “programs” of the Human Ecology Fund.

Not too long prior to his trip to the U.S., Abrams had been contacted by the Russian parapsychologist, Leonid Vassiliev – who was basically the first Russian to communicate across “the iron curtain” about ESP research. It wasn’t until 1965, that the CIA translated a report from Vassiliev, as follows, which concerned Russian Experiments in Telepathy and the electromagnetic properties, hypnosis at a distance, in the 1930’s.

This relates to MKULTRA Project 136, Duke University and the Office of Naval Research project at Duke University, (1962 and 1952 respectively).

Source: Declassified CIA Report of 11 May 1963


Busy, Busy – aren’t they?

Ok, back to the drug networks now – but first, a little description of the political parties in China because after all, this is where the drug trade had been for centuries by this time.


For several hundred years the British (with the Vatican in the background) essentially turned the population of China into drug addicts, which got so bad that it completely ruined the Chinese economy and through war the British ultimately ended up with Hong Kong as one of their colonies by 1839. Even all that horror wasn’t good enough for the Slavemasters so they fostered internal division amongst its peoples in every way imaginable.

They fostered controlled “rebellions” and “revolutionary” movements such as the White Rose gangs and even the later Chinese Communism.

Nowhere is this more apparent than during WWII.

The objective of the British war effort in China was to reclaim its colonial empire using America’s strength to do it.

British propaganda about America being side by side

The British did not fear Hitler. He was their puppet. What they feared was a strong China emerging from the war.

But what did a “strong” China mean to them? Strong like America, and most importantly independent like America – a nation in and of itself. The British called this “nationalism” – as a slur.

It began when the Republic of China was formed in 1912, and this quickly became what the British called a “nationalist” government, or the Kuomintang which literally means Chinese National People’s Party .

As we touched on before, the favored tactic of the slavemasters was using “communism” as a weapon to undermine any country following in the footsteps of America.

Holding true to that tactic,  in June of 1920, Comintern* agent Grigori Voitinsky was sent to China by the Okhrana (Russian Intelligence – later called the KGB) on behalf of the allied British and Russian slavemasters.

*Comintern – The Communist International, also known as the Third International (1919–1943), it was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.



Voitinksy was tasked to begin creating a spy network to ultimately infiltrate the Kuomintang and to start the Communist Party in China, recruiting Chinese people into the “cause”. Immediately upon his arrival, in order to accomplish finding recruits to either be spies or “true believers” he was given covert slavemaster funding to finance starting a front group called the Socialist Youth Corps.

Particularly in 1928, when Chiang Kai-Shek came to power, the British began their usual slimy covert maneuvering to try and punish China for trying to get out from under their rule over them.

This was exactly when a young L Ron Hubbard was there being shepherded around by a British intelligence agent named Ian MacBean.

Now, while it is true that prior to the formation of the People’s Republic, the slavemasters were behind the initial breaking of the Chinese monarchy, how they did that though was by using propaganda of “free China” and so on. It had literally completely backfired on them because the people took them at their word – that this was now THEIR country, and they began to act accordingly.

So when Chiang Kai-Shek rose to power, the British (and their American sycophants + the Vatican) freaked out and began their war machine maneuverings in earnest using their ALLY from WWI – Japan.

– The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology: Part 3 – Dark Matter by Virginia McClaughry

It wasn’t so much Kai-Shek that was the problem, it was more General Tai-Li and those like him who hated the British, hated them with a passion. They felt that China should form its own alliances, like with America (at least what they thought America was) and on their own terms rather than having to gain approval from their ‘masters’ (the British) for every move they made.

You can just imagine how that went over with the slavemasters.

Lots and lots of bratty pouting.

angry pout.

So, really notice what agent Voitinsky was tasked to do – infiltrate the Kuomintang (the KMT) and start the Communist Party in China.

Nothing like hedging your bets, right?

That’s exactly what they did, ultimately controlling BOTH sides and the real side, the people’s desire for independence? Well, it just kind of vanished into the wind.

Or rather vanished into the Chinese death camps…and the multiple deliberately caused famines killing millions of people.

perish the thought - wry ick face.

Because that’s how these sick frackers roll.

Reminder: KMT = Kuomintang, the Chinese National Party

In 1953-54 the CIA drew on old China hands with exposure to KMT traffic (Chennault, Willauer, William Pawley, Howard Hunt) to set up the overthrow of the Arbenz government in Guatemala*.

*See Scientology Roots chapter 18: New World Order in Central America for much more about Arbenz.

As part of this operation, CIA officer Howard Hunt, with his friend Lucien Conein and Conein’s friend WerBell of OSS operations in China under Helliwell, helped out in 1954 to set up what would eventually become the Latin American branch of the KMT-backed World Anti-Communist League. Four years later the chairman of this group was the Guatemalan attorney of New Orleans Mafia leader Carlos Marcello.

The combined forces of British and American intelligence (plus the Vatican) having already infiltrated the KMT, were the real movers and shakers behind this particular organization, which started out with a quite different name.

Note –

This was the same year that Rev. Moon was also tasked by the CIA to start his “Unification Church” which would later yield the CAUSA front group.

On May 1,1954, in Seoul, Reverend Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, Reverend Moon’s faith community which became popularly called the “Unification Church‚ Äù worldwide.

– Unification Church website

Moon had been originally recruited under the Round Table british slavemaster intelligence operation called the MRA – Moral Re-Armament “evangelical” front group, way back at the time of the Korean War.

The MRA was one of two “cults” chosen to front for CIA “political action” in 1955 – ie: behavior modification and spying on people’s intimate details of their lives. The other…was Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. Hubbard had already been selected in 1950 – right from the beginning of his “Dianetics” social change movement (that’s a euphemism) and funds were funneled through his Dianetics Research Foundation using John Starr Cooke as the agent, getting the funds from a Rockefeller.

Note: see my post about the MRA, for more on that.

A decision had been made by the slavemasters to turn Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament into a major cold war vehicle. In 1949, his conference in Switzerland was attended by European parliamentarians and a bipartisan delegation of the U.S. Congress, flown in by military aircraft.

This is the same time period that Buchman’s people recruited a young Korean named Yong Myung Mun.

reverend moon 1940s.

Wayne Madsen, in an article that originally appeared in Inside Magazine, noted:

Buchman, clearly wishing to obfuscate about his pro-Nazi ties before the war, turned his attention towards Asia, particularly Korea.

One Korean Presbyterian preacher, who took an interest in Buchman’s Moral Rearmament principles of a universal religion and total personal submission, was Yong Myung Mun of North Korea. He later changed his name to Sun Myung Moon and, after being expelled from the Presbyterian Church for preaching heresy, he established a right-wing, nominally Christian sect called the Unification Church.

Like Vereide and Buchman, Moon began to spread his influence globally…

As did Scientology.

The British Buchmanite R. C. Mowat, formerly of Hertford College, Oxford, wrote in 1951 that:

People everywhere will turn to spiritual reality on a mass scale as it is correctly presented to them through Moral Re-Armament. But it is a race against time, because the forces of destruction are also moving ahead swiftly.

“Good and Evil are pitted against each other in the history of man. It takes more than diplomacy to cure evil. It takes more than lip-service to fight for God. … An extreme of evil must be met by an extreme of good; a fanatical following of evil by a passionate pursuit of good…. Only a passion can cure a passion. And only a superior world-arching ideology can cure a world divided by warring ideologies.”

This message must be brought to the millions before it is too late. History is moving at tremendous speed to a high point of colossal catastrophe or a high point of colossal change. We can either be the last survivors of a declining age, or the pioneers of an entirely new order of society, which will bring a flowering of the human spirit such as the world has never seen.

This is the promise of Moral Re-Armament. It is making possible the dawn of a new age. Through it “we are reaching the end of the era of crisis and pioneering the era of the cure.

The Message of Frank Buchman, R. C. Mowat, pages 51-52. (The contained quotes were from Frank Buchman.

You can clearly see the exact same evangelizing going on there that Ron Hubbard did in his Dianetics book (that I quoted earlier).

Complete with a traveling road-show, no less.

orange-Good_Road-8 buchman“The Good Road” as opposed to the “low” road, one of the many melodramatic Moral Re-Armament theatrical productions.


They used him in Asia at first primarily, and then when MRA founder Frank Buchman died in 1961 the powers-that-be decided to start bringing in some of Moon’s people under highest level intelligence cover.

Buchman’s successor died in 1965, which happens to coincide with right around the same time that the WACL would specifically become named as such, and the head of Moon’s church in Japan would be one of the directors of. (1966 and 1968). Moon’s covert “missionaries” continued in that way for some time, and then in 1972 they brought Moon himself to the U.S. under the typically hokey (and ultimately deniable as to his real connections) cover of that he was conducting an International One World Crusade.


– end note


So, now remember though, the CIA is doing the whole guns-for-drugs thing with Chiang Kai Shek and his elements in Taiwan and Korea (plus Vietnam) as well as having the whole refinery gig in Marseilles utilizing the mafia for distribution into the U.S. To see them back the formation of what would become the World Anti-Communist League is actually really interesting because it’s a big fat front. A way of moving around money, spies, and all manner of dirty dealings in the name of “freedom of democracy”.

It all happened in the Golden Triangle area – drug central, but never forget this is mainly a staging area primarily. The real source of the drugs is actually usually China, long the drug country of choice of particularly the British branch of the slavemasters.

the golden triangle opium.

First there was the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League (APACL, now known as Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy). It was comprised of:

  • Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan
  • Elpidio Quirino of the Republic of the Philippines
  • Syngman Rhee of the Republic of Korea.

The APACL was founded in Jinhae, the wartime capital city of the Republic of Korea (ROK) on June 15, 1954. Its first general conference was held there and was a big show advocating and supporting anti-communism and anti-totalitarianism as well as anti-authoritarianism – whatever the frack that meant.

Vietnam, Thailand, Okinawa, British-controlled Hong Kong, and Macao, also sent representatives.

Hong Kong? There’s a surprise.

vincent price - bats, the mkultra doctor extraordinaire

British Opium central.


Just a month later, Kai-Shek organized a second conference for the “China” chapter of the ACPL on July 1, 1954 – choosing Taipei City as the location. Ku Cheng-kang, President of the Chinese Refugees Relief Association of the Republic of China, was designated as the first president of this Chapter.

Ku Cheng-kang

Ku Cheng-kang.

Poor guy, he probably had no idea what he just got roped into.

In 1966 the memberships of the APACL had increased to 27 in Asia, Australia, and Africa. At its 12th Conference in Seoul on November 3, 1966, a fifteen-member committee was formed to discuss expansion.

However, with a little “suggestion” from the slavemaster handlers, a new anti-communist organization was set up that would include the existing APACL, plus regional organizations, and an international anti-communist organization.

Oh joy.


Now it’s international? Yikes.

Four days later (November 7, 1966) the delegates adopted the “Charter of the World Anti-Communist League” and resolved that the Republic of China Chapter was in charge of organizing the first General Conference. The WACL charter didn’t come into effect though until April 1, 1967.

You know, April Fool’s day? Cute. Real cute.

New regions were set up – six of them.

  • Asia (now known as Asian Pacific League for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Middle East (now known as Middle East Solidarity Council)
  • Africa (now known as the African Organization for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Europe (now known as the European Council for World Freedom)
  • North America (now known as the North American Federation for Freedom and Democracy)
  • Latin America (now known as the Federation of Latin American Democratic Organization).

The organization in the Asian region was the main force to push for the mission of the World League. Of course it was, since it’s really about drugs and putting down rebellions against the slavemaster 2 class system? That makes sense.

Notice how many of them have “freedom” in their titles – a collection of military dictatorships stretching from Pakistan to Argentina was “the free world.” The CIA became the vanguard of America’s anti-Communist crusade, and it dispatched small numbers of well-financed agents to every corner of the globe to mold local political situations (using front groups like the WACL) in a fashion
compatible with American interests – which is really slavemaster interests that have nothing to do with what America was about.

That’s “political action” – as CIA NOC agent Miles Copeland so euphemistically put it in his book the Game Player.

All those “freedom” and “democracy” stamps these people keep trying to paste on the thuggiest of thugs foreheads kinda makes one ill when you understand who’s really behind all this and doing what (and why they so love to denigrate American in that way all over the world).

Because they’re still pouting about the American Revolution and how badly they were beaten and humiliated.

slavemaster seal of disapproval.

The second General Conference of the WACL was held in Saigon of Vietnam on December 16, 1968. Ku was elected Honorary Chairman of the WACL. Phan Huy Quat, former Prime Minister of Vietnam*, was the Conference Chairman and also the Council Chairman.

*Considering Quat’s role in heroin-dealing previously this really gets ugly in a hurry.

Major General John K. Singlaub became a member of the WACL in 1980, then founded the U.S. chapter of WACL, the United States Council for World Freedom (USCWF) in 1981 by Major General John K. Singlaub. Singlaub was the former US Chief of Staff of both United Nations and American forces in South Korea.

Note: Two years later, in 1983, the Moon group CAUSA was founded by Bo Hi Pak, former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA, and Moons right hand man.

Through the WACL, the slavemasters funneled arms and distributed drugs to/from anti-communist rebel movements in southern Africa, Central America, Afghanistan and the Far East in the mid-1980’s.

Also in this same period, it was particularly active in Latin America – to put it mildly – where amongst other dubious activities it specifically aided the Contra forces in Nicaragua and faciliated cocaine and pot smuggling into the U.S. on a massive scale, particularly after Congress cut off CIA-channeled funding to the Contras in 1984.

I have written much about this elsewhere on the blog, but this ended up involving Brotherhood of Eternal Love members, the Unification Church and it’s front groups such as CAUSA, and the Church of Scientology and its front groups such as CCHR and Narconon.

Here’s a few brief excerpt examples –

Other board members of the Council of National Policy included: General John Singlaub (World Anti-Communist League and Unification Church supporter) and Oliver North (former National Security Council staff member).


john k singlaub
The CNP also has heavy ties with scientology. These activities are all under the part of the slavemasters behavior modification plan called “social change’ and “Christian family values” in America.

Forget the Idea that Scientology Was Taken Over… by Virginia McClaughry

– – –

One of the key points of [Reverend] Moon’s strategy for gaining political influence is to approach conservative leaders when they need money. “Moon quietly infuses money and gains the leader’s gratitude..”

– Reference: Consortium News Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Buying the Right by Robert Parry

Scientology takes a different, but similar approach, it infuses people – free labor in the form of sea org members, volunteers etc. Plus, it often provides smarmy press giving the leader accolades and awards before an adoring scientology public (hard to resist for ego-driven third world leaders) and even “defense against enemies” for the leader targeted for grooming by scientology.

Moon and scientology also align themselves with “further to the right” organizations. Moon allies with the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and scientology currently aligns with the Nation of Islam (NOI).

The WACL, according to Frederick Clarkson, is “an international alliance of conservative, fascist and Nazi groups, governments and individuals.

The NOI often gets described in similar ways – just with the addition of Islam and Scientology (instead of Christianity) as the “drum” to beat.

It just so happens, that the head of the Unification Church in Japan was a member of the WACL board of directors.

This Japanese section of the WACL, called Shokyo Rengo, was founded in 1968 as an alliance between top Unification Church officials and leaders of the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime/Mafia) such as Yoshio Kodama.

*Note: See The Vatican Meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and The Unification Church – Get On Your Knees World! to see just what else this WACL was up to with General John Singlaub and the Iran-Contra Affair, drugs-for-guns, etc.

Yoshio is referred to as the most famous kuromaku, or behind-the-scenes power broker, of the 20th century.

kodama yoshio

kodama yoshio

– The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

– – –

While many of us are probably already familiar with the Iran-Contra scandal beginning in 1985, where President Reagan approved the sale of arms to a sworn enemy – Iran – and then turned around and used the money to fund the Contras to overthrow the goverment of Nicaragua, you may not be as familiar with who first helped Reagan and the CIA/MI6 fund the Contras.

When retired U. S. Army General John K. Singlaub took over leadership of the WACL, the WACL helped provide money and weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras particularly after Congress cut off CIA-channeled funding to the Contras in 1984.

Moon’s front group CAUSA was one of the first groups to give the Contras “humanitarian aid.” CAUSA was an acronym for “Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas”, and is also Spanish for “cause.”

Reference – Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis and Latin American Death Squads have Infiltrated the World Anti-Communist League by Jon Lee Anderson and Scott Anderson, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1986.


So guns are humanitarian aid – are they?

I guess scientologists Jerry McDonald and Terry Milner were real humanitarians then.

San_Bernardino_County_Sun guns makaira scientology sea org

Note: The above image is from a 1970’s bust of scientology sea org member Jerry McDonald, who was deep undercover working a black intelligence operation together with scientology’s Terry Milner (the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence) and the CIA. – See Appendix – Text of Scientology’s Jerry McDonald and Brotherhood of Eternal Love News Articles


….The following month CAUSA (one of Reverend Moon’s front groups that Singlaub was mixed up in) held a conference which one of the Church of Scientology front groups attended also.

Note: for the below, Dennis Ainsworth is who is being named where you see [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT].

In February, 1985, or March, 1985, CAUSA, a religious front group for the Moonies, sponsored a large conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco which was attended by three or four hundred people. [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] pointed out that the Moonies have been involved in many activities under the guise of religion but, in fact, they have all been political in nature. According to [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT], both CAUSA and an organization by the name of World Anti-Communist League have been supportive of CALERO. In addition, CALERO advised [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that retired GENERAL JOHN SINGLAUB had been a chief fundraiser for CALERO in the United States. (U)

[INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] attended the conference at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. The conference was booked as one where there would be a panel discussion on Nicaragua. Many quasi religious people such as DOWLING were in attendance at the conference. There was a great deal of written propaganda available which was religious/political in nature. (U)

Further concerning CAUSA, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] informed that an individual by the name of REVEREND (first name unknown) HICKEY is a leader of that organization in California and resides in Pasadena, California. DOWLING introduced [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] to HICKEY at the Moonie conference run by CAUSA. During that conference DOWLING informed [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] that he anticipated making a great deal of money as a speaker for CAUSA throughout the world. Prior to that time, DOWLING had supported the Irish Republican Army and various Palestinian groups and was a liberal leftist. At the time of the Moonie conference in San Francisco, [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] began distancing himself from DOWLING as he could see that DOWLING was only interested in making money through CAUSA and the other organizations to which he had attached himself. (U)

– OFFICE OF INDEPENDENT COUNSEL SUITE 701, 555 THIRTEENTH STREET, N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004 (202) 383-8940; RECORD OF INTERVIEW Date of Transcription 3/16/87; Date of Interview 3/5/87 at Berkley, CA.File#IC600-1 SubF-18 By Special Agent [INFORMATION BLACKED OUT] Date Dictated 3/11/87 Classified by Multiple Sources Declassify on: OADR
– found at San Jose Mercury News archive of sources webbed here.
also see FBI/DEA Documentation In February 1987 a contra sympathizer in California told the FBI he believed FDN officials were involved in the drug trade. Dennis Ainsworth, a Berkeley-based conservative activist who had supported the contra cause for years, gave a lengthy description of his suspicions to FBI agents. The bureau’s debriefing says that Ainsworth agreed to be interviewed because “he has certain information in which he believes the Nicaraguan ‘Contra’ organization known as FDN (Frente Democrático Nacional) has become more involved in selling arms and cocaine for personal gain than in a military effort to overthrow the current Nicaraguan Sandinista Government.” Ainsworth informed the FBI of his extensive contacts with various contra leaders and backers, and explained the basis for his belief that members of the FDN were trafficking in drugs.
The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 1: Laying The Groundwork by Virginia McClaughry


Reminder –


Now, please bear in mind that the same year (1954) that CIA officer Howard Hunt helped set up what would eventually become the Latin American branch of the KMT-backed World Anti-Communist Leaguewas the same year that Rev. Moon was also tasked by the CIA to start his “Unification Church” which would later yield the CAUSA front group.

On May 1,1954, in Seoul, Reverend Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, Reverend Moon’s faith community which became popularly called the “Unification Church‚ Äù worldwide.

– Unification Church website


One big happy family – these front groups are.

Singlaub was actually caught in this period (1980’s) having deliberately allowed the presence in the WACL of neo-Nazis, war criminals, and people linked to death squads and assassinations – all totally fine with him and his handlers to “get ‘er done”

Stop those revolutions!

angry at what you see on computer

They get quite insane about this, you should see some of the Catholic Popes in action back at the time just after the American Revolution. Foaming-at-the-mouth would be a mild description, I kid you not.

Of course, these “crazies” also provided great cover and deniability.

They did it.

pointing the finger at 2

Apparently, also under Singlaub, the U.S. branch of the WACL is reported to have created “troops of killers”, while ostensibly organizing to provide “support for Corazon Aquino from the right-wing in the Philippines” and more killers supposedly for “supporting” the Mozambican National Resistance (RENAMO) movement in Mozambique.

We’re “supporting” democracy!!

shooting guns.

But hey – Africa? Ah. That makes sense out of something else later on, but I digress.

So, that’s what got started back there in 1954. It makes it interesting to look this again now…

As part of this operation, CIA officer Howard Hunt, a veteran with his friend Lucien Conein and Conein’s friend WerBell of OSS operations in China under Helliwell, helped out in 1954 to set up what would eventually become the Latin American branch of the KMT-backed World Anti-Communist League. Four years later the chairman of this group was the Guatemalan attorney of New Orleans Mafia leader Carlos Marcello.

Don’t it?


Now, you see this part that we talked about earlier?

Brown’s CIA case officer, Paul Sakwa, has confirmed that by the time CIA subsidies were terminated in 1953, Brown’s chief contact with the Marseilles underworld, Pierre Ferri‑Pisani, no longer needed U.S. support, because of the profits his newly‑gained control of the port supplied from the heroin traffic. [62]

62. Allan Francovich and Howard Dratch, “On Company Business” (Filmed for television) KQED, 16 May 1980. Sakwa’s statement lends credibility to a French report that in 1952 Brown attended a Bordeaux meeting with Antoine Guerini (the chief Corsican mafia contact of Ferri‑Pisani), and Jo Cesari (the Marseilles chemist supplying Luciano with heroin), before Brown moved on to contact mafia personnel in Italy (Jaubert, p. 46n).
THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


One thing you have to understand about slavemasters is that they don’t like it when their underlings start making too much money and getting too-big-for-their-britches. Particularly when it comes to their staple funding – drugs – they have a tendency to completely turn on whoever it is and re-route the money to a “new” source that they can more easily control. They also do not like sharing much, and get testy about it without too much provocation, particularly about the French for some reason (which may be partly due to the fact that they helped the Americans win their Independence).

This is essentially what happened to the Marseilles network.

By around this same time – 1953 – the French intelligence community had already secretly taken over the opium trade, had all theirs solved. The Opium Monopoly had gone underground to become “Operation X.”

General_de_Lattre_de_Tassigny,_French_high_commissioner_and_commander_in_chief_in_Indochina_with_Emperor_Bao_Dai_on_1_January_1951.General de Lattre de Tassigny, French high commissioner and commander in chief in Indochina with Emperor Bao Dai on 1 January 1951.


Unlike the American CIA, which has its own independent administration and chain of command, French intelligence agencies have always been closely tied to the regular military hierarchy. The most important French intelligence agency, and the closest equivalent to the CIA, is the SDECE (Service de Documentation Exterieure et du Contre-Espionage).

During the First Indochina War, its Southeast Asian representative, Colonel Maurice Belleux, supervised four separate SDECE “services” operating inside the war zone-intelligence, decoding, counterespionage, and action (paramilitary operations).

While SDECE was allowed a great deal of autonomy in its pure intelligence work-spying, decoding, and counterespionage-the French high command assumed much of the responsibility for SDECE’s paramilitary Action Service.

Thus, although Major Trinquier’s hill tribe guerrilla organization, the Mixed Airborne Commando Group (MACG), was nominally subordinate to SDECE’s Action Service, in reality it reported to the Expeditionary Corps’ high command. All of the other paramilitary units, including Captain Savani’s Binh Xuyen river pirates, Catholics, and armed religious groups, reported to the 2eme Bureau, the military intelligence bureau of the French Expeditionary Corps.

During its peak years from 1951 to 1954, Operation X was sanctioned on the highest levels by Colonel Belleux for SDECE and Gen. Raoul Salan for the Expeditionary Corps. (11)

Below them, Major Trinquier of MACG assured Operation X a steady supply of Meo opium by ordering his liaison officers serving with Meo commander Touby Lyfoung and Tai Federation leader Deo Van Long to buy opium at a competitive price.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.




Once the opium was collected after the annual spring harvest, Trinquier had the mountain guerrillas fly it to Cap Saint Jacques (Vungtau) near Saigon, where the Action Service school trained hill tribe mercenaries at a military base.

There were no customs or police controls to interfere with or expose the illicit shipments here.

From Cap Saint Jacques the opium was trucked the sixty miles into Saigon and turned over to the Binh Xuyen bandits, who were there serving as the city’s local militia and managing its opium traffic, under the supervision of Capt. Antoine Savani of the 2eme Bureau.


French in indochina

The route –



The Binh Xuyen operated two major opium-boiling plants in Saigon (one near their headquarters at Cholon’s Y-Bridge and the other near the National Assembly) to transform the raw poppy sap into a smokable form.

The bandits distributed the prepared opium to dens and retail shops throughout Saigon and Cholon, some of which were owned by the Binh Xuyen (the others paid the gangsters a substantial share of their profits for protection).

The Binh Xuyen divided its receipts with Trinquier’s MACG and Savani’s 2eme Bureau. (13) Any surplus opium the Binh Xuyen were unable to market was sold to local Chinese merchants for export to Hong Kong or else to the Corsican criminal syndicates in Saigon for shipment to Marseille.

MACG deposited its portion in a secret account managed by the Action Service office in Saigon. When Touby Lyfoung or any other Meo tribal leader needed money, he flew to Saigon and personally drew money out of the caisse noire, or black box.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


The head of SDECE, Maurice Belleux, objected to letting the Americans operate sensitive operation son their own. The newly arrived commander-in-chief and high commissioner for Indochina, General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, shared this opinion and braked the CIA’s ambitions.

Third from left, Gen. Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, later commander of Indochina forces.Third from left, Gen. Jean de Lattre de Tassigny


The CIA didn’t take too kindly to this, and in 1955 CIA agent General Edward Lansdale began a [fake] war to liquidate the Corsican supply network, while Sea Supply (Helliwell) cemented ties with their already existing opium smuggling lines with the Chinese of the Golden Triangle, and with the now corrupted Thai border police.

This ‘war’ had as one of its results, the Vietminh defeating the French (I wonder if they ever knew that was backed by the other slavemasters….) and they were forced to withdraw from Indochina that same year. The CIA had effectively pushed aside the SDECE (the French equivalent of the CIA) but it’s MACG leaders offered the Americans their entire guerilla force using CIA agent Lucien Conein as the go-between. They refused.

The Lansdale/ Corsican vendetta continued for several years, during which many attempts were made on Lansdale’s life. Landsdale’s principal informant on Corsican drug routes and connections was Conein, then of the CIA. Conein was valuable to Landsdale for a number of reasons, for one thing he knew just about every opium field, smuggler, trail, airstrip, and Corsican in Southeast Asia.

Conein spent most of his free time with the Corsicans – they thought of him as “one of their own”. Apparently they never realized it was he who was turning them in!


In usual duplicitous slavemaster style – Conein betrayed them as per orders from the CIA because they were planning to shift the control center to Laos and the Caribbean, and playing to the presses of the world, the whole thing was also done in order to “look” like they – the slavemasters – were against the drug trade.

But Landsdale didn’t know that – he thought he was working to stop the drug trade. You can see how the slavemasters utilize the correct views of others (and their actions) to shield their own selves with!


To illustrate just how tight the CIA was with the whole drug-smuggling business of the slavemasters, consider this. When Landsdale stumbled across the French “Opium Ring” called Operation X, he had flown up to the Plain of Jars where he learned that French officers had bought up the 1953 opium harvest, acting on orders from General Salan, commander in chief of the Expeditionary Corps, and had flown it to Saigon for sale and export.

Landsdale complained to Washington that the French military was involved in the narcotics traffic and suggested that an investigation was in order.


Guess what the response was…

Per General Lansdale, he said it went something like this:

“Don’t you have anything else to do? We don’t want you to open up this keg of worms since it will be a major embarrassment to a friendly government. So drop your investigation.”

Oh yes, god forbid anyone be embarrassed.


Far better to continue turning people into this – right?

heroin addict.

Of course, don’t let it escape you that they didn’t exactly stop Landsdale from what he was doing, as I said it served their purposes for taking over the drug trade from the French.

That’s slavemasters for you, always slithering and sliming their way around behind-the-scenes.

grinch - slithering gif by vgif by “V”

Speaking of slithering…

Rizzuto (Italian mafia and CIA asset who outlived the other two original Marseilles traffickers) later became in charge of converting Havana, Cuba, and the Caribbean into a international drug trafficking center. When Castro took over Cuba January 1, 1959, Rizzuto moved to Caracas, Venezuela – close to the Colombian cocaine sources.

*Ref – an unusual book called Double Truth

Paul Helliwell (while still being assigned in Thailand and Burma to control the drug trade their at its source) was also assigned to assist this next adventure in slavemaster drug-smuggling.

This is also the time period that Helliwell met Ted Shackley and Tom Clines, and became the CIA money route to pay for JM/WAVE. which allowed Shackley to finance unofficial CIA operations against Cuba.

Sneak, Sneak, Sneak – that’s them alright.

grinch - always sneaking - gif by vgif by “V”


Where Helliwell actually set himself up, was in Miami in the offices of the American Bankers Insurance Company, where as I said, he still functioned as the Thailand Consul for the CIA, as well as attorney for Sea Supply.

American Bankers Insurance was itself a most unusual firm; one of its directors, James L. King, was also a director of the Miami National Bank through which the Lansky syndicate reportedly passed millions en route to Geneva’s Swiss Exchange and Investment Bank.

One of the Swiss bank’s directors, Lou Poller, also sat on the board of King’s Miami National Bank.[10]

Moreover, in the fifties and sixties, Thai and Nationalist Chinese capital [from all those heroin profits] was invested in Florida’s explosive development, much of it by way of the General Development Corporation controlled by associates of Meyer Lansky.[11]

It’s important to note the dubious alliance of Southeast Asian power groups with those concerned with Florida and Cuba. This early mutuality of business interests is the key to all that follows, and Miami is the nerve center to which we will continually return.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott, reference list can be found here also.


lou poller.

This is also when the enigmatic Robert Vesco (our later mentor for scientologist and Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug smugglers) begins entering into things.

See this part from the above quote from Kruger?

American Bankers Insurance was itself a most unusual firm; one of its directors, James L. King, was also a director of the Miami National Bank through which the Lansky syndicate reportedly passed millions en route to Geneva’s Swiss Exchange and Investment Bank.

One of the Swiss bank’s directors, Lou Poller, also sat on the board of King’s Miami National Bank.[10]

Note the bank name (in orange). That’s Robert Vesco’s baby. He controlled Geneva’s Swiss Exchange and Investment Bank and funnelled tons of dirty money for CIA black ops (and other people’s) through it. So now we can connect something that Kruger didn’t know – Vesco was controlling that and now we have him working together with Poller and Helliwell right at this time, with all those lovely (sarcastically speaking) heroin profits.

If that wasn’t enough, while he was in Miami the ‘big man’ of this heinous mess, Paul Helliwell, was also representing insurance companies run by his former subordinate C.V. Starr.

American Bankers was nominally mixed up with AIG – Starr’s mega-company at the time.

Let’s take a little side trip here for a moment and briefly discuss Cornelius Vander Starr, or C.V., as he was more commonly called.

Cornelius passport photo in 1919


Starr is a colorful character who got his start in insurance in China in the early 1900’s – taking advantage of the absurdly (and criminally) cheap labor there.



He also, like many awkward and unattractive slavemaster underlings, found himself particularly attracted to the subservient and fawning attributes of “geisha” girls.


On a more personal note, it looks like Mr. Starr’s family tree crossed into mine. Isn’t that just great, sarcastically speaking, just what I needed. More slavemasters in my family tree – as if I didn’t have enough already.


I could be wrong, but it looks like he is related to a side branch of my Pomeroy great-grandmother’s line – to one Georgia Mellus Starr who married Silas Harris Pomery (brother of my great-grandmother). Georgia was the daughter of James Hyatt Starr, born October 14, 1817 and died December 6, 1896, son of Thomas Starr. Georgia’s mother was Emma Mellus, born January 28, 1845 and she died April 1, 1887. She tried to get Silas declared incompetent so she could get control of his company – the usual slavemaster in-fighting kind of thing.

Georgia Mellus Starr

georgia mellus starr - pomeroy genealogy silas harris.

Just for interest – this is Cornelius Starr’s grandmother (center) and his mother (right).

Helen Frankle, Frances Hart, Arabella Hart cornelius vander starr mother.

You can see why he was put under Helliwell’s special OSS unit in China – he had all kinds of connections in that whole Indochina area, so for Helliwell to be representing his interests out of Miami (what with the whole re-routing of the drug trade from China) that makes perfect sense.

To slavemasters, that is.

More drugs, more money…

grinch - smug evil gringif by “V”


So, there’s Helliwell, sitting like some spider on a web busily weaving those intricate ties between the CIA and the Cuban mafia. Sea Supply brought in Chinese white heroin that the Mafia then distributed in the U.S.

Some people effectively overlap the entire spectrum of the alliance. Among them are Howard Hunt and Tommy Corcoran, the man behind United Fruit’s dirty work [in Central America particularly]

United Fruit was a client of the Miami‑based Double‑Chek Corp., a CIA front that supplied planes for the Bay of Pigs invasion.[12]

Corcoran was the Washington escort of General Chennault’s widow Anna Chen Chennault, erstwhile head of the China Lobby, the key to Southeast Asian opium.[13]

THE GREAT HEROIN COUPDrugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott. Reference list can be found here also.


Santos Trafficante was a Tampa-based crime boss who was among those who lost out on gambling revenues when Castro took power in Cuba.


Of course, that was all part of a larger chaos-creating scheme of the slavemaster (look at how much mileage they got out of it) but it also made vengeful-minded men like Trafficante easy pickin’s for the CIA.

You know – Let’s get those “communists”.

air quotes.

Of course they fell for it.

BUT – these are the kind of men they used in the whole Bay of Pigs scheme. See how they roll?

By this time many Bay of Pigs veterans were working for either Vesco or Trafficante. [71]

Both the lucrative drug traffic and its anti-Communist politics began increasingly to get out of U.S. control.

This was particularly true when, after the death of President Kennedy, the U.S. lent a hand to military coups in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Greece, nations which in turn became bases for further right wing activities in other countries.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUPDrugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott. Reference list can be found here also.


The Sea Supply scheme goes global, in other words, drugs for guns, both of which are used for smashing those that rebel, or might, or did successfully rebel – like America.

Let’s not forget that the major focus for pushing all these drugs towards were Americans. And yes, unfortunately it is very true that there did seem to also be special targeting of Americans were black, making it even more obvious the whole Cecil Rhodes white supremacy thing, that in turn had come straight down from Pope Nicholas V of the Catholic Church.

You’ll also note, that right about this same time is when they forming their front group experimental ‘behavior modification’ clinics, like Synanon and Narconon, for example, that were supposedly about ‘rehabbing addicts’.

Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that the very same nasty people backing these things were the same ones busy creating the addicts in the first place!

There is a saying that goes something like this –

When a god plans harm against a man, he first damages the mind of the man he is plotting against.

This quote, it’s idea, first appeared under slavemaster Pope Nicholas V…

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 7: When God Plots by Virginia McClaughry


And let’s not forget, that also about this same time period (1960, 61) is when Richard Helms became the new CIA director, and happened to be best of buddies with the slavemaster-banking family – the Mellons. He would often visit Billy Mellon/Hitchcock’s estate where Timothy Leary was presiding over the CIA’s project MKUltra LSD experiments.

So there’s that to factor into all this as well. Basically drugs, drugs and more drugs – everywhere and in all walks of life – that was the plan.

Note: OPERATION MIND CONTROL author Walter Bowart – deceased – was part of the LSD experiments at Millbrook Mansion in New York. He also had much insider information on the CIA since he was married to Peggy Mellon Hitchcock, who was sister to Billy Mellon Hitchcock. Peggy continued to contribute to mind control research at The University of Arizona – “This study was supported by grants from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies; the Heffter Research Institute, which included funding support from Peggy Hitchcock…”

* * *

Before I get too far ahead here, we need to bring in our other (and much sneakier) element into this cock-up against humanity – the Vatican.

The biggest slitherers of all time –

grinch - slithering gif by v.

By 1957 Michael Sindona had become closely associated with the Gambino family (Sicilian Mafia) and was chosen to manage their profits from heroin sales where he pioneered anstalten which is a term for a Swiss or Liechtenstein-based corporation with only one stockholder. It’s a very powerful financial tool if you want to move money around through anonymous conduits.

In his book HOT MONEY AND THE POLITICS OF DEBT, author Naylor writes –

In the postwar period, Sindona, a pioneer in the use of the Liechtenstein “anstalten” allegedly put his financial skills to work channeling CIA money to the [catholic] church and the Christian Democratic party, and laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.

It must have been extremely profitable because just two years later (1959) Sindona bought his first bank – the Banca Privata Italia – together with the Vatican IOR and it’s principal American bankers, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company (where Mormon David Matthew Kennedy chaired).

Why is a Mormon working with catholic bankers? Now there’s a very good question, and this wasn’t just any old Mormon. Kennedy held a position with the First Presidency, the top governing body of the Mormon Church.

[…] The other thing about David Kennedy, is that he would go on to be Treasury Secretary under President Nixon, where he would help to oversee (with his continuing back-channel partnership with Michael Sindona and the Vatican Bank) the changeover to allow gross importing of cocaine to drug America. This is also where Synanon, the church of scientology and the Unification Church start lock-stepping away to help assist this changeover.




David Kennedy is superb example of slavemaster morality – when he said this in 1970 (referring to staged drug busts):

The two cases illustrate the effectiveness of the increasing international cooperation against narcotics smuggling…

You can see just what big fat lying hypocrites they are.

The Vatican meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and the Unification Church: Get on your knees world!  by Virginia McClaughry


Let’s be very clear here.


This is a Vatican (IOR) banker, who is also laundering the CIA/MI6 backed heroin profits for the mafia. A Vatican banker who is working with all 3 elements to spread heroin primarily to America.

Doesn’t get much uglier than that folks, and these people have been (and operated) like this for centuries. Do not be fooled by stupid PR antics of Popes (like the current one) – the Catholic Church feeds off of people’s suffering. They need to be suffering for them to pretend to act all “godly”.

Never forget that is their plan.


God …has given us this world as a place of exile

the other pains and hardships of life will have no end or cessation on earth; for the consequences of sin are bitter and hard to bear, and they must accompany man so long as life lasts.

To suffer and to endure, therefore, is the lot of humanity; let them strive as they may, no strength and no artifice will ever succeed in banishing from human life the ills and troubles which beset it.

If any there are who pretend differently – who hold out to a hard-pressed people the boon of freedom from pain and trouble, an undisturbed repose, and constant enjoyment – they delude the people.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891


Pretend differently?

Oh Pshaw…

smoke another cigarette wtf.

The whole ‘we must suffer’ bullshit – now that’s the real pretense. And a quite artificial one it is too.

_ _ _

Now we’ll take back up Robert Vesco.

Earlier I had said –

Nicolo Rizzuto (Italian mafia and CIA asset who outlived the other two original Marseilles traffickers) later became in charge of converting Havana, Cuba, and the Caribbean into a international drug trafficking center. When Castro took over Cuba January 1, 1959, Rizzuto moved to Caracas, Venezuela – close to the Colombian cocaine sources.

*Ref – an unusual book called Double Truth

It was Robert Vesco who was the go-between for Santos Trafficante and Rizzuto. Vesco toddled off to Caracas to meet Rizzuto within the next few years after this new ‘plan’ was hatched. This would have been approximately 1962/63.




After the fake “war” against drugs (Lansdale) Paul Helliwell had cemented drug ties with the Chinese in Indochina (and destroying the Corsican network in the process) together with Howard Hunt, Mitch WerBell and our favorite double-dealing Frenchman Lucien Conein. Hey, hey the gang’s all here…

Helliwell was then transferred to Miami  in late 1959, early 1960, to provide business cover for the CIA’s Cuban operations – concurrently still being attache’ for Thailand (until 1972). He and his motley crew worked on developing “relationships” with drug-dealing Cubans that they would use in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

werbell conein hunt and helliwell go to miami.

The source for the drugs these men would begin moving more directly into the U.S., the China Lobby’s Southeast Asian connection, went via the Taiwan regime. They controlled the opium-growing Chinese in the Golden Triangle – the staging area – and the CIA (courtesy of Helliwell) owned the opium-running CAT airlines.

There is considerable evidence that a number of Nationalist Chinese officials are engaged in the illegal smuggling of narcotics into the United States with the full knowledge and connivance of the Nationalist Chinese government. The evidence indicates that several prominent Americans have participated in and profited from these transactions. It indicates further that the narcotics business has been an important factor in the activities and permutations of the China Lobby.

– Ross Y. Koen, 1964

Taiwan is a major link in the Far East narcotics route, and a heroin producer. Much of the acetic anhydride–the chemical necessary for the transformation of morphine into heroin–smuggled into Hong Kong and Thailand, comes from this island, a dictatorship under the iron rule of the late Chiang Kai-shek’s son, Chiang Ching-kuo.

– British writer Frank Robertson, 1977


Former OSS Col. Paul Helliwell became head of the prestigious Miami law firm, Helliwell, Melrose and DeWolf.

It was shortly after all this manuevering between Helliwell, Vesco, Trafficante and Rizzuto that Helliwell started up Castle Bank and Trust Company in 1964 (first he established the Mercantile Bank and Trust Company). His partner, Mary Jane Melrose, was later an attorney for Resorts International, a Vesco-Lansky operation in which Nixon’s friend Rebozo was said to have an interest.

Helliwell opened the Castle Bank in the Bahamas to launder drug payoffs for Thailand poppy growers for the CIA and their partners-in-crime, the Mafia.  As Thai consul, his Washington correspondent was Rowe and Cork, close advisors to President Lyndon B. Johnson, and representatives of United Fruit (a Cabot-CIA connection), Libby and other large firms.  Helliwell was also attorney for General Development Corp., Lansky’s real estate firm which was run for him by Louis Chesler.  As counsel for Miami Natl Bank, Helliwell laundered mob funds through Swiss banks.

Miami Natl Bank financed the Outrigger Club, which became a meeting place for Santos Trafficante Jr., Philadelphia mobster and members of the Gambino family.

Which don’t forget, Vatican banker Michael Sindona is helping launder the money for (with a nice share going to the Vatican, I’m sure).


Joining the newly arrived China connection CIA team, Helliwell also brought in the old Guatemalen team (that had taken down Arbenz) which included Willauer and Pawley, in preparation for the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

The Bay of Pigs Cuba became to America what Algeria had been to France, an explosive political controversy. It also meant that thousands of Cuban exiles, many of them with backgrounds in the Havana milieu, were trained by the U.S. as guerrillas and/or terrorists, then left in political limbo. Considering that Helliwell and his mafia drug-smuggling guys had specifically begin cementing relationships with these operatives for smuggling purposes, it’s no surprise that when the CIA money spigot turned off many of those recruited (and duped) exiles soon turned to smuggling. At least one CIA project growing out of Operation 40 (the control element in the Bay of Pigs invasion force), had to be terminated, when the drug activities of its members became too embarrassing.

Santos Trafficante – second from left, 1966

Trafficante toasts Carlos Marcello, left, and Frank Ragano, right,1966

In 1973 Newsday reported that:

at least eight percent of the 1500-man [Bay of Pigs] invasion force has subsequently been investigated or arrested for drug-dealing.

All were either directly or indirectly connected to Pawley. Pawley also took part in one of the countless boat raids on Cuba, together with Santo Trafficante, Jr. (who owned casino in Havana) during the JM/Wave period that I mentioned earlier.

“In the JM/Wave period a great expansion in China Lobby-Trafficante-Cuban exile-CIA connections occurred. William Pawley financed a mysterious summer 1963 boat raid against Cuba in his own yacht, the Flying Tiger II.

Besides Pawley himself, the crew included mafioso John Martino, who had operated roulette wheels in one of Trafficante’s Havana casinos; CIA agents code-named Rip, Mike, and Ken; the ubiquitous Rolando Martinez; and a dozen other Cuban exiles led by Eddie Bayo and Eduardo Perez, many of whom eventually disappeared mysteriously. Loren Hall, another former Trafficante casino employee, claimed that both his boss and Sam Giancana had helped plan the raid…”

Henrik Kruger 1980 (out of print now) The Great Heroin Coup – Drugs, Intelligence, and International Fascism.


This is what Robert Vesco was right in the middle of.

It’s worth mentioning, the utter hypocrisy of the CIA in helping to fund, control, and deliberately route into the U.S. the very drug that it would – out of the other side of its mouth – help finance “rehab programs” such as Synanon and Narconon to supposedly cure those same addicts!


This makes it even more clear that these rehab programs were never really about “rehab” – they were what I said they were in my Synanon series of posts. They were fronts, come-on’s, to bring people in for the purposes of experimenting on them with behavior modification techniques under CIA projects MKSEARCH and MKULTRA.


Just like Scientology has always been.


No matter whose hands it is in, “independents” or official, it’s always been about covertly MODIFYING someone’s behavior to fit some ridiculous idea of what a “good citizen” should be.

I say frack that.

Programs that try to circumvent the real person themselves, be it psychology, psychiatry, or whatever, have all earned their own special place in the trash-bin, as far as I’m concerned.

NONE of them really understood who the heck they are actually dealing with, and that’s the problem.

– – –

Continuing on with the hypocritic slavemaster drug lords here, let’s see what else Vesco and friends got themselves up to.

CIA man William Colby ran the special division for covert operations in Southeast Asia since 1962. His responsibilities included the “secret” CIA war in Laos with its 30,000‑man Meo army. He shared that responsibility with the U.S. ambassador in Laos, William H. Sullivan, who would later preside over the Tehran embassy during the fall of the Shah.

Many of the agents who would run the CIA’s war in Laos had earlier trained Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion, and afterward had taken part in the agency’s continued secret operations against Cuba. Since exiles were furnished by the Trafficante mob, intelligence agents had intermingled with representatives of America’s number one narcotics organization. The same agents would now become involved with the extensive opium smuggling from Meo tribesmen camps to Vientiane.

In 1967 Colby devised a plan of terror for the “pacification” of Vietnam.


That doesn’t sound good at all.

William Colby

william colby

Operation Phoenix organized the torture and murder of any Vietnamese suspected of the slightest association with Vietcong – who were rebelling against the slavemasters and their obsessive drug-smuggling and, of course, were therefore positioned as “communist”.

According to Colby’s own testimony before a Senate committee, 20,857 Vietcong were murdered in Phoenix’s first two years. The figure of the South Vietnamese government for the same period was over 40,000.

ref – V. Marchetti and J.D. Marks: CIA and the Cult of Intelligence (Jonathan Cape, 1974).

That’s what Colby called pacification.

operation phoenix - so called pacification by Colby CIA.

Slavemasters just love to distance themselves from their actions with such dissembling platitudes.

But, this Operation Phoenix business ties directly back into the whole drug-smuggling game, as usual, and to several more unexpected connections.

Lucian Conein, one of Helliwell’s China boys, was Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge’s middle-man in the 1963 plot to overthrow South Vietnam’s President Ngo Dinh Diem (who was assassinated along with his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu, the Corsicans’ partner in the drug traffic).


See? It’s about the drugs.


Not “communism” or any other ideaology.

Note: A decade later, Conein and Hunt, working for the Nixon White House Plumbers, would attempt to make it appear that the plot had been ordered by JFK.

Conein worked with William Colby on Operation Phoenix.

operation phoenix - vietnam.

“Phoenix,” [Ed Murphy] said, “was a bounty-hunting program — an attempt to eliminate the opposition. By which I mean the opposition to us, the Americans, getting what we wanted. Which was to control the Vietnamese through our clients — the Diems, the Kys, the Thieus.”

…”In order to get into military intelligence school,” Murphy continued, “I and the other candidates had to write an essay on the debate about the Vietnam War. And the thrust of my paper was ‘What we do in Vietnam will come back to us.’ It was a one world thesis. Well, I go to Vietnam and I see the bullshit going down. Then I come back to the United States and see the exact same thing going on here.


Of course, this wasn’t really what “America” wanted at all – nor was it about what Murphy thought it was.

It was about what the slavemasters wanted (and they have no country, no allegiances other than to themselves). As usual, this was about control of the drug trade, suppression of rebellion and promotion of their one world empire.

One result of the smuggling takeover by the generals such as Lansdale, as we already discussed, was the end of the Corsicans’ Air Opium. The KMT Chinese and Meo tribesmen who cultivated raw opium either transported it themselves to the refineries or had it flown there by the CIA via Helliwell’s CAT and its successor, Air America, another agency proprietary.

The Coriscans were then forced to buy opium and morphine in Saigon and Vientiane rather than pick up the opium for peanuts in the mountains.

Replacing the previous Marseille operation, the first ‘new’ heroin refineries sprang up in Laos under the control of General Ouane Rattikone. President Ky in Saigon was initially in charge of smuggling from the Laotian refineries to the South Vietnamese; and General Lansdale’s officewas working closely with Ky. Lansdale himself was one of Ky’s heartiest supporters, and Conein went along with whatever Lansdale said.

It was during Colby’s tour in Vietnam (1967) that the heroin turned out by General Ouane Rattikone’s labs appeared in quantity, and with unusually high quality.



The CIA, with full knowledge of what they were doing, began pushing heroin on the GI’s being sent into Vietnam. This new “heroin wave rose to epidemic status by 1970, and Congressional reports indicated that some 22 percent of all U.S. soldiers sampled the drugs and 15 percent became hooked.


perish the thought - wry ick face.

Note: Eugene Hasenfus, who would later figure prominently in the Nicaraguan Contra scandal and Barry Seal/Clinton, was a Marine and was learning how “to kick guns and equipment out of CIA-owned Air America planes in Southeast Asia from 1960-65” – a skill he would later put to use doing the same thing for the CIA and funding the takedown of the Nicaraguan government.

Other Operation Phoenix connections –

– Excerpted from Forget The Idea That Scientology Was ‘Taken Over’ – It never was Anything Else by Virginia McClaughry –

Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson had founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1961. It hosted the infamous propaganda outlet called “The 700 Club” show.

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson2

Pat Robertson’s CBN, already itself a massive intelligence front group, worked with CIA operatives to help do a later version of Operation Phoenix – this time against the Nicaraguans (the Iran-Contra affair). Pat sheltered the creation of a front group for the Reagan Administration (Oliver North) called Operation Blessing, headed by Capt. Robert Warren, retired Navy counter insurgency specialist, who was formerly of Operation Phoenix (the CIA assassination group in Vietnam).

Pat Robert’s CBN News Director James Whelan was a founding editor of the propaganda rag newspaper Washington Times, which is owned by Reverend Moon’s Unification Church.

james whelan founding editor washington times

When James Whelan left Sun Myung Moon’s Washington Times in 1984, he regretted his role in the growth of the ultra-con propaganda sheet, confessing: “I have blood on my hands.”  But the blood began to stain him before his stint at the Times, when he worked for the Sacramento Union under CIA “Mockingbird” publisher Richard Mellon Scaife. Whelan learned the fine art of propaganda under Scaife, qualifying him for employment by the Unification Church.

– Washington Post, Ultra-Conservative Propagandist James R. Whelan, Founding Editor of the Washington Times, Dies at 79, December 8, 2012

Pat Robertson was at one time, heavily involved with the now-defunct Moral Majority – a group formed by Jerry Falwell.

reference – John J. Fiaka and Ellen Hume, “TV Preacher, Possibly Eyeing the Presidency, Is Polishing His Image,” The Wall Street Journal, October 17, 1985.

Falwell and Reagan

Jerry Falwell and President Reagan.



Moral Majority (as was the Unification Church) were both outcroppings from something called the MRA – Moral and Spiritual Re-Armament.

Moon had been originally recruited under the Round Table british slavemaster intelligence operation called the MRA – Moral Re-Armament “evangelical” front group, way back at the time of the Korean War.

The MRA was one of two “cults” chosen to front for CIA “political action” in 1955 – ie: behavior modification and spying on people’s intimate details of their lives. The other…was Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. Hubbard had already been selected in 1950 – right from the beginning of his “Dianetics” social change movement (that’s a euphemism) and funds were funneled through his Dianetics Research Foundation using John Starr Cooke as the agent, getting the funds from a Rockefeller.

Note: see my post about the MRA, for more on that.

It was actually Tim LaHaye that pushed for the creation of Moral Majority by the way – in 1979. It was him that “encouraged” Jerry Falwell to form it, and Tim then sat on its board.


Tim LaHaye Tim-LaHaye

The Council of National Policy (CNP) had been founded in 1981 by Tim LaHaye (also founded American Coalition for Traditional Values), Pat Robertson was CNP president in 1987.

Other board members of the CNP included: General John Singlaub (World Anti-Communist League and Unification Church supporter) and Oliver North (former National Security Council staff member).

The CNP also has heavy ties with scientology. These activities are all under the part of the slavemasters behavior modification plan called “social change’ and “Christian family values” in America.

Tim’s wife, Beverly LaHaye, joined forces with Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) – a group created by the Guardian’s Office – the intelligence branch of scientology – in 1969, on several occasions beginning in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Beverly LaHaye


In the 1990’s, Mrs. LaHaye and Bauer appeared and spoke together in a 1995 rally against psychiatric practices on children – which of course CCHR was also present.

The CNP, is just one example of so-called “evangelical” type front groups being just filled with Intelligence officers, Moon representatives and Scientology members.

Here are just a few names from this group – and I think you’ll get the picture.

  • Howard Ahmanson Jr. (CNP Board of Governors) Contributed to the Council of Foreign Relations according to their 1990-1993 reports
  • Thomas R. Anderson (CNP Board of Governors) Also sits on the board of the Moon front Family Research Council.
  • Rep John Ashbrook (CNP Board of Governors) Also a member of Moons front group “Christian Voice”.
  • Richard Bott (CNP Board of Governors) Former writer for the Moon owned Washington times.
  • Jeffrey Coors (CNP Board of Governors) Coors brewing Co.
  • Joseph Coors (CNP Board of Governors) President Adolph Coors Company
  • Arnaul D’Borchgrave (CNP Member) Editor in chief of the Moon owned Washington times, member of the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).
  • George Gilder (CNP Board of Governors) Program director for Rockerfeller funded Manhattan Institute, friend of David Rockerfeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).
  • Ron Godwin (CNP Member) Former Vice President of Falwells Moral Majority, Sr Vice President of the Moon owned Washington times
  • Allan Gottleib (CNP Member) Board Member of Moons front group, the American Freedom Coalition. In 1983 the Moon group CAUSA, founded by Bo Hi Pak, former Korean CIA and liaison to the American CIA, and Moons right hand man, granted Gottleib an all expense paid trip to Jamaica for a CAUSA conference
  • J. Peter Grace (CNP Member) Council of Foreign Relations, Knights of Malta, and worked with the CIA to remove classified info concerning former Nazi scientists so that they could immigrate into the U.S., supposedly so they could carry on their work (including mind control projects) here in the good ole U.S.of A.
  • Lt. General Daniel Graham (CNP Board of Governors) Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Deputy Director CIA, Military advisor to President Reagan, publicly endorses the Moon owned Washington Times. Also a member of the Moon organisation, World Anti-Communist League, and board of Directors for Moons CAUSA. Member of the American Freedom Coalition. Vice Chairman for the U.S. Council for World Freedom, which also is closely related to Moons CAUSA. Member too of the Council of 56, Religious Roundtable.
  • Robert Grant (CNP Directory) Founder of “Christian Voice”, and the American Freedom Coalition, both are Moon sponsored organizations. Graduate of the fuller Theological Seminary, and member of the Religious Roundtable. Bo Hi Pak has praised the union between these Christian organizations and Moonie orgs saying “…it shows what a great sense of humor God has.” Grants “Christian Voice” claims to be the nations largest Christian lobby, and according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, merged with Moon in 1987.
  • Sen. Jesse Helms (CNP Board of Governors) also of the Religious Roundtable, endorser of the Moon owned Washington times, and a member of the Council for Foreign Relations(CFR).
  • Max Hugel (CNP Member) Former special assistant CIA Deputy Director for Administration, and Deputy Director for Operations
  • Jack Kemp (CNP Member) Co Director of Empower American, whose board is dominated by the Council of Foreign Relations(CFR).
  • Alan Keyes (CNP Member) Former Ambassador to the United Nations. He was also part of Reagans National Security Team which was dominated by high level Council of Foreign Relations men(CFR).
  • Edwin Meese (CNP Executive Committee, CNP President) Former Attorney General, former Chief of Staff

Just a hell of a group, eh?


death of millions

– – –

So basically, Operation Blessing was a next generation thinly veiled front group of the various intelligence agencies around the world to keep “rebellions” down (amongst other typically nasty agendas) – it hid behind Pat Robertson’s 700 club as a “humanitarian relief” organization.

Just like Reverend Moon and its anti-communist lockstep activity – the CAUSA group, which worked closely with Operation Blessing. (Moon’s “missionaries” had also helped with Operation Phoenix.)

Meanwhile – Harry Aderholt, the Air Force officer who had actually pioneered Operation Phoenix headed the Air Commandos Association – Green Berets – and in the same time period here, he was busily supplying the Salvadoran Army against its rebels.


Aderholt, together with Robert Warren opened a “clinic” in Guatemala that turned out to be a de facto concentration camp for Indians such as the Mesquitos – the horrendous human rights violations (such as hooking them on cocaine) that went on there are well documented now, but back then the CIA and Vatican propaganda outlets (and the British, of course) were busily accusing the Nicaraguan Sandanistas of what they had done in those camps.

– – –

A couple of years before Colby started his ‘pacification program” in Vietnam, Robert Vesco incorporated a shell company called International Controls.


robert vesco

In 1965, Vesco incorporated International Controls (ICC). A firm called Cryogenics in Virginia manufactured ultracold devices. Though its esoteric tech had promise, Vesco was using the company as a back door to becoming a public company. He got in touch with Richard Pershing the VP of Western Business Associates (majority owner of Broadway-Hale Stores) and bought with ICC stock 51 percent of Cryogenics outstanding shares. He then appointed himself President and with “stockholder” approval, merged International Controls into Cryogenics, changed its name back to International Controls legally incorporated in Florida.

Vesco from Wall Street to Castro’s Cuba by Arthur Herzog

In a later set of declassified documents dubbed Family Jewels (as a collection), a CIA official had been asked to provide a list of activities that might get them busted, basically, due to the Senate inquiries starting up investigating their MKULTRA activities, etc.


Robert Vesco was one of the subjects of the questioning –




An extremely odd connection to Terry Milner and his boys (scientology – Guardian’s Office intelligence) participating in Stanford Research (SRI) CIA experiments was in here too – connected with Vesco’s cryogenic company. Note: by ‘boys’ I mean scientologists Hal Puthoff, Pat Price, Ingo Swann, etc.

Vesco’s company was somehow related to the Puthoff magnetometer experiments. One of which was machine-enhanced telepathy.

Hal Puthoff and the magnetometer, 1972/73 at SRI

Hal Puthoff and the Magnetometer.

Here’s just one of the Family Jewels documents relating to this –

colby family jewels vesco ios and sri puthoff cryogenic magnetometer 1973.

Apparently there was some kind of weapon or influencing basis for it, evidenced in the question: How is the Cryogenic Magnetometer used, on whom and for what purpose?

Note: Robert Vesco had one heck of a long list of companies he had created or was associated with creating for the CIA. You can see the Cryogenics company on this list (see this post).

Vesco was helping to prepare for massive laundering of CIA drug money, and off-the-books creative financing for their many black operations around the world.

As you recall, Vesco was acting as the go-between for Trafficante and Rizzuto. Part of the reason for the distraction war about supposed communists in Vietnam (and Colby launching Operation Phoenix) was because in 1967, the Turkish government announced plans to reduce, and eventually abolish, opium production.

In a clear example of both public relations hypocrisy and the use of well-meaning dupes within the U.S. government,  $3 million of U.S. taxpayer money was contributed  to build up a special 750-man police narcotics unit, finance research for substitute crops, and improve the managerial efficiency of the government regulatory agency, the Turkish Marketing Organization.

  • Murphy and Steele, The World Heroin Problem, pp. 12, 16.

Digging a little deeper, it’s obvious that this was just another way to put the final nails in the coffin of the French control of the heroin trade through the Marseille heroin labs – all while looking like they are “cracking down” on opium/heroin.

We’re “cracking down”.

air quotes

While we’re building our new drug distribution network, that is.

church lady dana garvey.

Since Turkey’s poppy fields were the major source of raw materials for Marseille’s heroin laboratories, the impact of the Turkish government’s declaration was obvious.

  • Interview with John Warner, U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Washington, D.C., October 14, 1971.

Thus, the international heroin trade was at a crossroads in the mid1960s. By death and default, the responsibility logically fell to Santo Trafficante to reorganize the traffic..

Trafficante’s territory has been Florida and the Caribbean, where he served as one of Meyer Lansky’s chief retainers.

During the late 1940s and 1950s Trafficante was heavily involved in Luciano’s and Lansky’s heroin smuggling operations, and after his father’s death in 1954, he succeeded him as Mafia boss of Florida and fell heir to his relationship with Lansky. Trafficante has always done his best to look after Lansky’s interests.

… While the recruitment of Cuban gangsters may have solved the problems with couriers and distributors, the Mafia still had to find an alternative source of morphine base and, if possible, a reserve source of heroin to protect itself in case of problems in Marseille and Europe.

There were a number of alternatives, among which Southeast Asia was the most promising.

While Mexico had been refining small amounts of low-grade, brownish-colored heroin for a number of years, she had never been able to produce the fine white powder demanded by American addicts.

Though India and Afghanistan had some lively local opium smuggling, they had no connections with the international criminal syndicates.

But Southeast Asia was busily growing more than 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium, and the Chinese laboratories in Hong Kong were producing some of the finest heroin in the world.

Moreover, entrenched Corsican syndicates based in Vietnam and Laos had been regularly supplying the international markets, including Marseille and Hong Kong, with opium and morphine base for almost a decade. Obviously this was an area ripe for expansion.

So, in 1968, in the time-honored tradition of the Mafia and with the CIA/Vatican blessing – Santo Trafficante, Jr., went to Saigon, Hong Kong, and Singapore. (100)

100 – U.S. Congress, Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Fraud and Corruption in Management of Military Club Systems, 91st Cong., lst sess., 1969, p. 279; Reid, The Grim Reapers, p. 296.
The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy; Marseille: America’s Heroin Laboratory


Reprise –

It was shortly after all the earlier manuevering between Helliwell, Vesco, Trafficante and Rizzuto that Helliwell started up Castle Bank and Trust Company in 1964 (first he established the Mercantile Bank and Trust Company). His partner, Mary Jane Melrose, was later an attorney for Resorts International, a Vesco-Lansky operation in which Nixon’s friend Rebozo was said to have an interest.

Resorts International became synonymous with big-time drug trafficking: cocaine and marijuana from the Caribbean and South America, LSD and hashish produced in factories in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., with venture capital provided through IOSInvestors Overseas Services, which Robert Vesco had also formed for the CIA and their mafia cohorts.

Note: the IOS was an international “mutual fund” that somehow managed to accumulate an excess of $2 billion in investment capital on behalf of “unnamed subscribers.” This is that CIA banking scheme I described in another post, where depositors create accounts – with or without names – and “deposit” money, which shows on the books but is actually gone and in use by the CIA. Ron Hubbard, I believe, was one such depositor, he never accrued (let alone spent) more than the tiniest percentage of the real monies flowing through all his scientology organizations.

A lot of money was going through that place. Millions and millions of dollars

Vesco got caught doing some funny money transactions, and a case was brought in 1969.

United States District Court, S.D. New York.·296 F. Supp. 530 (S.D.N.Y. 1969) FOGEL V. CHESTNUTT, Rosalind FOGEL and Gerald Fogel, Plaintiffs, v. George A. CHESTNUTT, Jr., et al., Defendants. No. 67 Civ. 60. United States District Court, S.D. New York, February 19, 1969.

The defendant I.O.S., Ltd. (I.O.S.) moves for summary judgment dismissing this derivative stockholders’ action brought on behalf of American Investors Fund, Inc. (the Fund)…I.O.S. owned 166 out of 350 shares of the voting stock of The Fund of Funds, Ltd. (FOF), a defendant. Thus, it had presumptive control of FOF…The percentage of transactions awarded to Jesup Lamont was 31%, which generated brokerage commissions to it in excess of $370,000 over the period referred to in the complaint.

While I.O.S. denies that it in any respect influenced or dominated the Fund directly or indirectly by virtue of its FOF control, it acknowledges “that representatives of I.O.S. merely suggested that Jessup Lamont be used as a broker by the Fund * * *.”

A “mere suggestion” by one who has voting control of FOF, which in turn presumptively controls the Fund, may carry with it the force of authority. At times, depending upon circumstances, a wink or a nod may convey meaning of deeper significance than the surface act. And so here the “mere suggestion” must be viewed in the light of all the surrounding circumstances…

There is also the charge that I.O.S. received cash kickbacks with respect to the brokerage commissions from Gloria M. Clapp, the registered representative of Jesup Lamont, who received 60% of the gross commissions generated by the Fund.

Part of the monies were deposited with the Fiduciary Trust Company of Nassau in the Bahamas, from which it is further alleged they were transferred to or loaned to affiliated banks of I.O.S. in the Bahamas. Attempts to inquire further into the matter and the relationship between the I.O.S. affiliated banks and the Fiduciary Trust were blocked upon a plea of the Bahamas banking secrecy laws.

…The motion is denied.


This is why Robert Vesco hied off to Costa Rica, keeping one step ahead of the investigations and protecting his CIA connections in the process.

But, see that mention of Fiduciary Trust? That is where the drug trade crosses into the newer breed of drugs the slavemasters had cooked up for humanity – this time, LSD.

As part of a ‘research’ project of where/how to manufacture the LSD for the chosen delivery vehicle (chosen by British and American intelligence and Vatican banking interests), in the spring of 1968 William Mellon-Hitchcock and Nick Sand journeyed to the Bahamas where they stayed at the mansion of Sam Clapp, chairman of the local Fiduciary Trust company.

Clapp was a college buddie of Hitchock and they had been doing business for years. The two of them arranged for Nick Sand to open an account under a false name at Clapp’s bank.

Clapp was under investigation by the SEC and was barred by July 1968 as per the SEC News and Digest.


Note – Gloria Martica Clapp was a Cuban who had become a citizen of the Bahamas.

As we saw in the first court case I showed you earlier, Fiduciary Trust had ties to the IOS – Robert Vesco, which means it was a CIA cut-out bank. Bernie Cornfeld and Seymour Lazar were directors of both banks and they were also heavily invested in the Vesco/CIA network.

The principals of the Fiduciary Trust Company were Samuel Clapp, William Sayad (a Miami attorney) and Edward Cowerr. In 1968, after having invested in Mary Carter Paint, Clapp and Sayad entered consent decrees with the SEC for trading in unregistered shares of Mary Carter Paint stock. Subsequently, on March 1, 1971, Cowerr, also a principal in the Investors Overseas Service (I.O.S.), was barred by the SEC from engaging in the business of a broker-dealer for actions unrelated to Mary Carter Paint Company stock.

Hitchcock had poured 5 million (presumably some of which was Brotherhood drug money) into stocks at the Mary Carter Paint Company (aka Resorts International) on May 10, 1967. Besides that, Hitchcock also had his private account at the CIA front bank started by OSS man Paul Helliwell called Castle Bank and Trust.

  • Ref re: Hitchcock bank accounts – Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD by Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain

Due to his role in Mary Carter, he was suspended as a broker by the SEC for a whole ten days. Rough on him, weren’t they? Not.

  • Ref – Resorts International Hotel, Inc., In the Matter of the Application for a Casino License, Cite As 10 N.J.A.R. 244, p. 25 of 51

But obviously, the heat was on from other governmental agencies that were not in the whole drug-smuggling loop that the CIA was in – there was simply too much evidence that Colby and his cronies were definitely involved in smuggling drugs and had deliberately allowed (and promoted) the increase of heroin use amongst American GI’s.

Colby and Conein had been recalled to Washington in 1971 just before the big Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug busts (and other ones around the U.S.).

But, was he disciplined for what he was part of doing to the GI’s – his own people?

no shaking head.

Nope. Colby was made the Deputy Director of Operations, the man in charge of the CIA’s covert operations!

The CIA later admitted that “certain elements in the organization” had been involved in opium smuggling and that the illegal activities of U.S. allies had been ‘overlooked’ supposedly to “retain their loyalties”.

The only reason they even admitted that is because they were cornered by the irrefutable tales of the returning GIs, such as  Green Beret Paul Withers, a recipient of nine Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver and Bronze Stars:

After completing basic training at Fort Dix in the fall of 1965 [Withers] was sent to Nha Trang, South Vietnam. Although he was ostensibly stationed there, he was placed on ‘loan’ to the CIA in January 1966 and sent to Pak Seng, Laos. Before going there he and his companions were stripped of their uniforms and all American credentials. They were issued Czechoslovakian guns and Korean uniforms. Paul even signed blank sheets of paper at the bottom and the CIA later typed out letters and sent them to his parents and wife. All this was done to hide the fact that there were American troops operating in Laos.

“The mission in Laos was to make friends with the Meo people and organize and train them to fight the Pathet Lao. One of the main tasks was to buy up the entire local crop of opium. About twice a week an Air America plane would arrive with supplies and kilo bags of opium which were loaded on the plane. Each bag was marked with the symbol of the tribe.

The CIA, reportedly, did not support any form of smuggling after 1968. Del Rosario, a former CIA operative, had something to say about that:

In 1971 I was an operations assistant for Continental Air Service, which flew for the CIA in Laos. The company’s transport planes shipped large quantities of rice. However, when the freight invoice was marked ‘Diverse,’ I knew it was opium. As a rule an office telephone with a special number would ring and a voice would say ‘The customer here’‑-that was the code designation for the CIA agents who had hired us. ‘Keep an eye on the planes from Ban Houai Sai. We’re sending some goods and someone’s going to take care of it. Nobody’s allowed to touch anything, and nothing can be unloaded,’ was a typical message. These shipments were always top priority. Sometimes the opium was unloaded in Vientiane and stored in Air America depots. At other times it went on to Bangkok or Saigon.

THE GREAT HEROIN COUP by Henrik Kruger,  foreword by Peter Dale Scott.


Later that year Vesco and Parravicini worked to arrange another money-laundering network, this one to help the British with propping their man Lynden Pindling up in the Bahamas to facilitate (and keep hidden) all that drug smuggling money they all were profiting by.

In October of 1971, Butlers Bank Trust Company founded Bahamas Commonwealth Bank on the instructions of the IOS (Vesco). It was to be the lead IOS financial institution and the international banking arm of ABC. It was capitalized at $4 million from Overseas Development Bank (Geneva) the new BCB stock was contributed to International Bancorp which gave shares in return and the result was Vesco’s usual hidden chain of command. BCB controlled by IBL (IOS) controlled by ICC controlled by RLV. Butlers Bank won BCB the right to trade international currencies,vital to Norman Leblanc for moving money around.

Bank officials, per a local paper, conceded that “loans show a definite trend toward people closely allied with the ruling Progressive Liberal Party of Lynden Pindling.” The Bahamian Commission of Inquiry said in 1984 that between 1977 and 1983 Pindling received an unexplained $3.5 million more than he was paid in salary.

Vesco from Wall Street to Castro’s Cuba by Arthur Herzog

All this heat was a large part of why the whole mafia network had undergone a bit of a pushed off to the side action, where the now preferred use by the slavemasters was of cut-out smugglers – such as the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and the earlier Lawrence Fassler network.

This worked to both expand the “offerings” of drugs to include cocaine and pot, but to also give multiple heads-on-a-pike that could be used should justifiable public outrage reach governmental levels and require a staged – Oh look what we caught! – routine.

Ron Hubbard’s merry (well, maybe not so merry after all) band of dupes, crims and drug lord intelligence agents – aka Scientologists – began getting into the fray as well – probably to gather intel but also provide another cut-out of “those crazy cult members” kind of thing.

Where this particular aspect really rears its head is in regards that Fassler network I mentioned – which had happened just a couple years earlier in 1968/69.

Warren Hudson was a navy pilot and fellow operative together with scientologist Jerry McDonald. Hudson flew drugs into Arizona for Fassler who was Papa’s main U.S. network contact.

From my article The Strange History of the Scientology Ship Aries – Drugs, Murder and the CIA

To facilitate his escape to Mexico Padilla raised funds from various Brothers (like Lyle ‘Lyncho’ German) and other associates to gain entree with ‘Papa’.

Once successfully ‘in’ and escaped to Mexico, Padilla ran a hacienda for Perez. He oversaw the processing and distribution of the pot brought in by local farmers, which would include what was picked up in Culiacan by Warren Hudson.

You know – Jerry McDonald’s associate as scientology Guardian’s Office head Jane Kember ever so delicately put it.

Fassler was then the main U.S. connection of Perez’s drug operation where he pioneered the use of planes. (which no-one bothers to mention)

In 1968 Lawrence Allen Fassler headed a massive narcotics smuggling ring, with its base in Culiacan, Mexico. Marijuana was packaged in Mexico by a crew of 40-80 Nationals. The packaged contraband was ordinarily flown to Tucson, Arizona, and thereafter transported by truck to San Francisco, California, for sale. Fassler directed U. S. operations. The defendant, Gerald George Lawrence, Jr., was in charge of the Mexican packaging operation. Warren Hudson was the pilot for the organization, being responsible for flying the contraband from Mexico to Tucson from where it was generally trucked to San Francisco.


Culiacan is the biggest city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, which just happens to be where the Brotherhood of Eternal Love’s pot connection  – Pedro Aviles Perez “Papa” and his right-hand man (and later CIA asset) Rafael Caro Quintero  – had a lot of their business dealings.


quintero 1985


Shortly after this whole disruption of the Fassler network by the scientologists, toward the end of 1968 Hitchcock had been working closely with Johann F. Parravacini of the Parravacini Bank Ltd in Berne, Switzerland – another CIA and Vatican cut-out banker.

Together they funded even further expansion of the Caribbean-California LSD-hashish ventures in the Caribbean with funds provided by the Fiduciary Trust Co. (IOS – Vesco’s CIA cut-out bank).

In conjunction with J. Vontobel and Co. of Zurich, Hitchcock founded a corporation called 4-Star Anstalt in Liechtenstein. This company, employing “investment funds” (that is, drug receipts) from Fiduciary Trust, bought up large tracts of land in the Grand Bahamas as well as large quantities of ergotamine tartrate, the basic chemical used in the production of LSD (now being handled by Ron Stark and Nick Sand).

When Hitchcock was called to testify before the SEC regarding Sam Clapp, Robert Vesco and Fiduciary Trust he quickly shifted his money (which meant all the Brotherhood’s drug profits) into a series of new accounts (no names, just numbers) in the Paravacini Bank in Bern – a total of 67 million dollars funneled there.

In 1971 approx $224 million was routed from the IOS to Vesco (who was about to continue its laundering into various CIA black book operations) but he got caught – someone managed to see the money moving in the SEC.

Ronald Stark [the new Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD connection] said that a tip from the CIA prompted him to shut down his French Operation in 1971 and a few months later he opened another production center in Brussels which masqueraded for 2 years as a reputable firm engaging in “biomedical research”. During that time he communicated on a regular basis with officials at the American embassy in London and even received their assistance while setting up the Belgian lab. By the time he was done, he had made over twenty kilos of LSD – the largest amount from any single underground source and most of it was sold in the United States.

Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD by Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain



* * *

So, besides Norman Leblanc, Bernie Cornfeld and and Seymour (“The Head”) Lazare were directors of the Swiss-based IOS (Investors Overseas Services) a fast-money laundry for whoever the CIA deemed allowed. Anywhere from organized crime, corrupt Third World dictators, wealthy expatriates, and freelance swindlers.

IOS certificate


Bernie Cornfeld (center)


Seymour Lazar – recent pic (on trial for fraud)

seymour lazar.

A Florida grand jury indictment later charged that Robert Vesco:

  • helped Columbian traffickers fly cocaine through Cuban air space
  • he underwrote cocaine purchases from the Suarez family* in Bolivia
  • he underwrote heroin purchases from Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle, and
  • set up a cocaine-refining laboratory in Nicaragua

*That one ties him directly into the whole Vatican rat nest down there.

To refresh your memory (or give some readers their first glimpse), Roberto Suarez Gomez, also dubbed the King of Cocaine (how many Kings are there, sheesh) was a descendent of the Suárez brothers “rubber barons”, who had been responsible for the extermination of the Caripuña people on the Madeira River in Bolivia.

You can see why Vatican/British/American slavemaster tool in Bolivia – Klaus Barbie – took him under his wing, he was their kind of guy!

Like Pablo Escobar, he too also pretended to be “for” the people, misleading them all over the place mostly by throwing huge amounts of money around.

Roberto Suarez

roberto suarez gomez.

As part of CIA/Vatican Operation Condor, Suarez helped to finance the military coup that installed a dictatorship in Bolivia 1980.

….Luis García Meza would be president and Suarez’s cousin Luis Arce Gómez was Minister of the Interior, and so he received political protection for his enterprise. Arce Gómez ordered the killings of many Bolivians, including union leaders and intellectuals such as Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz.

– World Crunch article: When The King Of Cocaine Built The General Motors Of Drug Trafficking


Vatican banker Roberto Calvi, now head of the Banco Ambrosiano, had close ties with both Klaus Barbie and Roberto Suarez – laundering all that money for other uses by the slavemasters. (See this post).


Up In Smoke

This takes us up to where my other research articles cut in, such as this one –

– when BEL member Danny Fowlie and scientologist Ron Gates hook up with Robert Vesco in Costa Rica to begin a new marijuana smuggling “empire”. Fowlie being arrested in the 1980’s, and he was guilty of smuggling, is a very good example of the use of a head-on-a-pike to distract off of the real drug lords – the slavemasters and their Igors.



Just after a large number of his fellow Brotherhood of Eternal Love members had been arrested in August of 1972, Danny Fowlie incorporated Leather Gypsy in September 27, 1972. Located in Laguna Beach, it had manufacturing offices in Tijuana, Mexico – the North Baja area. He also owned land in the Cabo San Lucas part of Baja in the south.

Leather Gypsy
P. O. BOX 1436,

He sold it just a couple years later for $3 million after he had been approached to start the new new pot-smuggling business.

One of the main Brotherhood members who was out of jail faster than you can spit, Mike Hynson, was a close friend of Danny Fowlie. Danny has repeatedly tried to claim that he was ‘just surfing and partying’ with the Brotherhood.

Of course, arresting him in the 1980’s with evidence of a massive drug operation at his ranch does tend to rather dispute that idea.

eye roll.

Note: Mike Hynson was good buds with Brotherhood member John Gale, both of which continued to figure prominently in the continuing smuggling schemes here (with CIA allowances).

John Gale (right) Mike Hynson (left)


The interesting thing is that after the big arrests of the BEL, Eddied Padilla managed to evade arrest and fled to Costa Rica – right where Robert Vesco was.

Next think you know? After the heat had passed he met up with John Gale and began smuggling cocaine from Peru.

I had the genius to think I could smuggle coke,” he says. Padilla hollowed out the neck and body of a Fender electric guitar so he could fill it with 1,800 grams of cocaine. “I found somebody who had a connection and went to Cali [Colombia] and started running coke from Cali, flying from Bogota right to LA.

OC Weekly Nick Schou, June 20, 2013, Eddie Padilla

Bogota? So now he’s in the Vatican/CIA network of Klaus Barbie and Roberto Suarez just when they are building it up, how utterly prescient of Padilla.

come on!


The heroin and drug smuggling with co-operation of CIA, MI6, and Vatican operatives never stopped, it just re-routed and re-arranged!

For example, Barry Seal, whom I have written about in other posts here at the blog.

Barry was in the Special Forces in the 60’s. In 1972, as a TWA pilot, he had been arrested for smuggling explosives for anti-Castro Cubans. Seal’s C-123K cargo plane, “The Fat Lady,” was procured by Seal from Air America, the known CIA subsidiary.

Daniel Hopsicker. January 29,1997, also see this.


By this time, this run-and-hide period of everyone (including Vesco), the 1973 – the CIA now needed a new bank and Frank Nugan, an Australian lawyer, and Michael Hand, a former Green Beret and CIA operative in Asia, established the Nugan Hand Bank. Nugan headed up things in Sydney and Hand established a branch in Hong Kong – British/Vatican drug-smuggling central. This arrangement enabled Australian depositors to access a money-laundering facility for illegal transfers of Australian money to Hong Kong.

CIA banker Paul Helliwell with Michael Hand and Frank Nugan –

Helliwell (left)

According to Alfred W. McCoy, the “Hand-Houghton partnership led the bank’s international division into new fields – drug finance, arms trading, and support work for CIA covert operations.” Hand told friends “it was his ambition that Nugan Hand became banker for the CIA.”

Guess who the attorney for Nugan Hand Bank was? None other than our favorite Hostis Humani Generis supporter, Bill Colby, director of the CIA.

william colby

Directors of Nugan Hand were Walter McDonald, deputy director of the CIA, Guy Pauker, a CIA adviser, and Dale Holmgren, who represented both the CIA and Nugan Hand Bank in Taipei.  The president of Nugan Hand Bank was Rear Adm Earl Buddy Yates, former chief of strategy for U.S. operations in Asia.  Also on the board were Edwin F. Black, a retired general who had commanded U.S. troops in Thailand during the Vietnam War, formerly an OSS operative in World War II and asst. army chief of staff in the Pacific; he served as president of the Nugan Hand Bank branch in Hawaii;  Edwin Wilson, who is now in prison for arms deals;  and Don Beazley, now of Miami.

Nugan Hand Bank expanded as Australasian and Pacific Holdings Ltd., a front for Air America and other CIA “investments”.  General Eric Cocke Jr., a Washington public relations officer, was Nugan Hand’s Washington representative.  From the outset, the bank was actively engaged in the drug trade.  Lernoux says the bank controlled the $100 million “Mr. Asia” heroin syndicate which arranged a number of contract murders.

Hand boasted that Nugan Hand Bank was paymaster for CIA operations anywhere in the world.

In 1978, despite repeated complaints about Nugan Hand’s international drug operations, the Australian Federal Bureau of Narcotics refused to investigate.  When increasing public pressure was brought to bear on the Bureau to investigate Nugan Hand Bank, the Bureau was simply disbanded in 1979!  It was controlled by the Australian Secret Intelligence organization, which in turn was dominated by the CIA.

That’s certainly one way of getting rid of an investigation and exposure.

Vincent price - youre going to put me to sleep here

Inquiry Magazine revealed that while director of the CIA, William Colby laundered many millions of dollars of CIA funds through Nugan Hand to support political parties in Europe. Guess who one of the main ones was?

The Christian Democratic Party in Italy – a Vatican concern – was a principal recipient of this ‘manna from heaven’, the same CDP that American Robert Kennedy had already been mixed up in handling the CIA flow of money to Vatican banker Michael Sindona!

Bear in mind, that Review of the News in 1970 identified Red China as the world’s largest producer of opium, its usual source of hard currency from non-communist nations.  The refined opium reaches the “free world”, that is “the cash world”, through Canton and Hong Kong – where Nugan Hand did most of its money laundering.

Ref – Part 5, Netteandme Blog, quoting Kruger.


The same year that this even bigger slime-money banking operation started up – Nugan Hand –

Testimony appeared before the Senate Subcommittee in November 1973 that Robert Vesco had agreed to provide $300,000 for a heroin smuggling operation. Vesco responded, “I am the father of four children, two of them teenagers. No one deplores the traffic in heroin and other illicit drugs more than I. And nobody in the world is less involved in this kind of traffic than I.


See how they are?

Times Daily – Nov 28, 1973


The reason for the vehement denial was not because it wasn’t true, but because if he was found publicly guilty resulting in an arrest than the U.S. Costa Rican extraditions agreement could be used to end his happy drug lord time in Costa Rica – his current refuge.

But the public interest would not be quieted, and articles continued to show up through 1974.

Vesco, Mafia & Feds Linked In Smack Deal

Ann Arbor Sun, July 26, 1974


vesco heroin 1974 2


Vesco Finances Heroin Ring?

Ann Arbor Sun, August 9, 1974

vesco heroin 1974


This is about the time that Robert Vesco protege’ Danny Fowlie hies off to Costa Rica and works on becoming the principal landowner in Pavones.


Danny’s first house (or rather oceanfront shack) in Pavones, 1974

dan fowlie house sawmill break 1974.

He went from that to this…after hooking up with CIA money man Robert Vesco.

fowlie compound and house.

Reminder – Vesco was living in Costa Rica hiding out from being wanted for securities fraud in the U.S. after he supposedly swindled investors for 224 million (he didn’t – that was CIA money) plus illegally donating 200,000 to president nixon’s 1972 campaign – which was also CIA money and breaks all kinds of U.S. laws all by itself.

He was being protected by CIA asset Costa Rican President Jose Figueras, where he had millions in his bank and millions more invested in Figueras family companies.

Robert Vesco

robert vesco

Robert Vesco was Danny Fowlies mafia and CIA connection into the whole Helliwell network, and he introduced Danny to Norman Leblanc who was his personal financial advisor who was also living in Costa Rica in 1974.

Norman Leblanc, 1974, Costa Rica
IOS manager under Vesco


Robert Vesco sold Danny Fowlie his house in 1978 at a severely discounted price as a personal boon to Danny. Yet more evidence of their close relationship.

Vesco’s house

vesco house danny fowlie bought 1976.

Robert Vesco sold his Rancho del Mar holdings in Pavon (Pavones), Golfita – and Daniel James Fowlie moved in with his sons Danny and Gus. Fowlie then purchased 3,700 acres in the area, including fifteen miles of waterfront. He became the largest landowner and employer – his own personal fiefdom.

pavones golfito costa rica 2

pavones costa rica



Danny was, in my opinion, a victim of what I call slavemaster disease. His dream was to literally be an old world slavemaster with his own personal fiefdom complete with impoverished serfs.

In Pavones, there was nothing but poor people that he could easily control.

In Pavones, he could pay those people off because they were uneducated and liked what he was giving them, whether it was money, Rolexes, or clothes. He surrounded himself with people who wouldn’t quesiton him. His former wife asked him one tie, ‘Why do you keep hiring these losers to work for you? And he told her, ‘Well, that’s the only people who will work for me.’

– Al Nelson- The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna, and One Town’s Quest to Save a Wave By Jeremy Evans

It’s difficult to put an exact date on it, but somewhere in 1976 or so Daniel James Fowlie purchases a ranch in southeast Orange County called Rancho Del Rio located 7 1/2 miles from downtown San Juan Capistrano. On 187 chaparral-covered acres, the ranch featured a modest 1930s-era Spanish hacienda, numerous guest rooms with antique mahogany doors, a small vineyard, a well-stocked lake and at least a dozen scattered buildings including stables, caretaker’s quarters, pump houses and barns.

Rancho.1222 Photo of the storied Rancho del Rio property that The Girl Scout Council of Orange County sold for $3.65 million after giving up on it as a campsite. The land has a colorful past, including Daniel Fowlie's marijuana and cocaine smuggling days.

Fowlie’s daughter on one of the several horse he kept at the ranch.

michelle fowlie rancho del rio

Various news articles about it –

Joseph Cooper, Fowlie’s accountant, later revealed that hidden in tanker trucks, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana from Mexico passed through the international border into the United States to supply the Fowlie drug empire.

Like the Fassler network before him, Fowlie also used Tucson, Arizona as a point of entry. Cooper said that he was asked to hire a telephone answering company and use phony business cards to set up a bogus container company in Tucson. The ideawas to have a receiving warehouse where tons of marijuana could be stored while awaiting transfer to Fowlie’s Rancho del Rio, a 213-acre enclave straddling Orange and Riverside counties.

Not only were warehouse doors to be measured, but Cooper was told to buy 55-gallon drums to put around the Tucson warehouse, “to make it look like” a container company, Cooper said.

Two tanker trucks, each capable of carrying 10,000 pounds of marijuana, and a third large truck crossed the border, arriving late one night at a Tucson warehouse that had been rented by the smugglers, Cooper testified.

Cooper said he was told by Fowlie to rent a warehouse with doors 16 feet high to allow the trucks to drive inside and avoid detection.

But Cooper said the whole operation could have been discovered the first night. When the first tanker arrived, the door was not high enough, he testified, so the “tanker got stuck,” creating pandemonium among the smugglers, including the Mexican driver, who climbed out of the cab and fled.

“Danny (Fowlie) got in the cab and drove it out,” Cooper testified.

From the Tucson warehouse, the marijuana was transported in 2,000-pound shipments inside a recreational trailer to Fowlie’s ranch

Cooper would ship cash to Fowlie (when he spent time in Europe in the 80’s) hidden in special luggage that could carry up to $100,000 and still avoid detection by customs officials, Cooper said.

Once at the ranch, Cooper said that preparing marijuana for distribution was a family matter, which often included Fowlie’s sons, Gus and Dan Jr., who were then in their early 20s.

“The marijuana came in TV boxes, and the kids would take it out of the boxes and put it on the scales, and then Danny would vacuum-pack the marijuana.”

Cooper testified that they made profits on 30 to 35 tons of marijuana during the smuggling, and that they had their highest profit in the high-grade pot they bought from Rafael Caro Quintero, one of Mexico’s biggest drug dealers, after he had taken over the Sinaloa Cartel from ‘Papa’ Perez.


This is a CIA connection kids, with scientologists mixed up right in the middle of it.


For those that like dox, again, there is a set of declassified documents called: Family Jewels (as a collection) which contains several clear examples of Robert Vesco’s ties into the CIA.

A CIA official had been asked to provide a list of activities that might get them busted, basically, due to the Senate inquiries starting up investigating their MKULTRA activities, etc.


Vesco and the IOS was one of them.



His activities are listed as part of counter-intelligence. That’s deep spy work. William Specter mentioned his organizations were CIA fronts and provided cover for CIA agents – that’s counter-intelligence. NOC agents, the most secret, come under that.

vexco family jewels listed counterintelligence.

These show the CIA director himself, Richard Helms, was protecting the Vesco network.

vesco family jewels helms protects him vesco family jewels helms protects him 2.

I love how Helms, when he was asked about an earlier ‘high-level intervention’ for Vesco that he said it “wasn’t relevant”.

Sure. Not relevant at all.

vincent - well...puhlease.

This was included in a discussion of the possible risk of exposure of the CIA’s illegal funding of President Nixon’s campaign – through Vesco. It shows that the CIA connection wasn’t as yet exposed, but they were worried about it.

nixon donation vesco family jewels.

By the time Robert Vesco left Costa Rica totally in 1978, Danny had assumed his underground role in Costa Rica. He was working for the CIA then, and I think that is why he so tight-lipped about his role in things.

Scientologist and friend of the first scientology “Clear” John McMaster, Clyde Ronald Gates, told jurors that he met Danny Fowlie during a party in 1978 in South Laguna – I think he’s dissembling and knew Fowlie as far back as 1972.

Gates came in saying he was a ‘carpenter’ and Fowlie hired him to build a warehouse on Rancho Del Rio. Orange and Riverside border. It was during construction, Gates testified, that Fowlie moved a heavy table to reveal a hole leading to an underground stairway beneath a slab of concrete.

He (Fowlie) told me he had buried a container, a secret compartment as a secret room, or stash compartment,” Gates said.The room, a metal tank, about 10 feet tall and 30 feet long, was “used as an underground storage facility, hiding tons of marijuana.

Ref- Defense in Fowlie Drug Smuggling Trial Questions Credibility of a Key Witness March 09, 1991 LA Times

Clearly Fowlie is taking his new role (backed by the slavemasters) seriously.

Over in Mexico, when Pedro Aviles Perez was killed in the fall of 1978, The Guadalajara Cartel was formed, comprised of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (the new ‘Godfather’), Rafael Quintero, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno, and others.

Gallardo – the new Godfather of the Mexican Mafia


These men now controlled almost all of the drug trafficking in Mexico and the corridors along the Mexico–United States border.

Gallardo’s drug trafficking network was protected by his many high-level government connections, especially those within the Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gallardo was considered an asset by the CIA, for one thing because of his financial and material assistance he provided to the Contras in Nicaragua.

Gallardo’s cartel was linked to the Colombian cartels primarily through the Honduran drug trafficker Juan Matta-Ballesteros (also a CIA asset and Contra supporter).

Juan Matta-Ballesteros

Juan Matta-Ballesteros

According to a 1983 U.S. Customs Investigative Report, Ballesteros was the head of the SETCO airline, a corporation that was used for smuggling narcotics into the United States.

According to the Senator Kerry Committee report (Contra investigation) the SETCO airline was the principal company used by the Contras in Honduras to transport at least a million rounds of ammunition, food, uniforms, military supplies and personnel for the FDN (one of the earliest Contra groups) from 1983 through 1985.

For its services SETCO received funds from the accounts established by Oliver North.

Gallardo’s pilot, Werner Lotz stated that Gallardo once had him deliver $150,000 in cash to a Contra group, and Gallardo often boasted about smuggling arms to them. His activities were known to several U.S. federal agencies, including the CIA and DEA, but he was granted immunity due to his “charitable contributions to the Contras”.

Gallardo, Ballesteros, and Santiago Ocampo of the Cali Cartel would also later head the largest cocaine ring in the world and had no competitors of comparable size.

Orange Coast Magazine’s December 1991 issue described that for more than 5 years Fowlie tried to deny his involvement in all this, but while he was in prison six of his alleged co-conspirators had been convicted of smuggling charge including his two sons!

One of these was Ron Gates, who was given a 10-year sentence.

Carlos Lehder was the first main transporter of cocaine into the U.S. and while he was researching an island about 210 miles off the coast of Florida called Norman’s Cay, he ran into Robert Vesco who had just moved from Costa Rica to the Bahamas.

Lehder – Norman’s Cay

normans-cay- lehder

Lehder’s partner, George Jung –

He convinced him that this would be a base for just planes to fly from Colombia and then shuttle smaller planes into the United States loaded with cocaine and that- he introduced him to Bahamian authorities- Norman Pindling, the prime minister, and what-have-you, and all this, and pay-offs.

And so Lehder entered the CIA drug-smuggling network, the real reason why the DEA was held off from investigating cocaine smuggling (and pot). Plus, the CIA had a secret ‘special’ arrangement with the Justice Department to basically not do anything about what they were doing. Double Plus, don’t forget that the DEA was first headed by a dang CIA agent in the first place – Terrence Burke.

CARLOS TORO: The Pindlings were always willing to be part of this deal, and they made it possible for corporations to be formed, for banks to be opened – bank accounts – and for money laundering. And the Pindlings wanted to be part of it.

As we briefly discussed earlier – this is another place we can easily document where the British slavemasters came in to things – Pindling was their puppet. So now both major intelligence units are involved, the CIA and MI6, as well as the Vatican and its assorted Nazi’s and criminals being mixed up in the production end of things down in Boliva and Peru.

Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit.

Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit..

In October of 1971, Butlers Bank Trust Company founded Bahamas Commonwealth Bank on the instructions of the IOS (Vesco). It was to be the lead IOS financial institution and the international banking arm of ABC. It was capitalized at $4 million from Overseas Development Bank (Geneva) the new BCB stock was contributed to International Bancorp which gave shares in return and the result was Vesco’s usual hidden chain of command. BCB controlled by IBL (IOS) controlled by ICC controlled by RLV. Butlers Bank won BCB the right to trade international currencies,vital to Norman Leblanc for moving money around.

Bank officials, per a local paper, conceded that “loans show a definite trend toward people closely allied with the ruling Progressive Liberal Party of Lynden Pindling.” The Bahamian Commission of Inquiry said in 1984 that between 1977 and 1983 Pindling received an unexplained $3.5 million more than he was paid in salary.

Vesco from Wall Street to Castro’s Cuba by Arthur Herzog


PBS SHOW NARRATOR: From time to time, Prime Minister Linden Pindling would stage a drug bust. According to U.S. law enforcement sources, the Bahamian police would seize a load and photos would be taken. Afterwards the money and drugs would be handed back to Lehder. Although Pindling was investigated by a Bahamian commission, he was never convicted.

CARLOS TORO: This was a facade kind of thing. You know, we and Mr. Pindling, I discussed it with him. At times he will say to me, “Carlos, we have to make an arrest.” I mean, we had the Americans checking on us. And we’re getting helicopters from them, and we’re getting financial aid, and we got a partnership here.

We’ve got to show that we’re doing the job. So he was corrupt. And that is why DEA had a problem getting into Norman’s Cay.

Norman’s Cay

Norman's cay - lehder.


Norman’s Cay was a playground. I have a vivid picture of being picked up in a Land Rover with the top down and naked women driving to come and welcome me from my airplane. And we had a house that we called the “El Volcano” because it had that shape. And there- we partied. We partied. And it was a Sodom and Gomorrah. There was, I mean, tropical weather. Everybody was naked. You would find people in one corner having sex, people sleeping on the floor, plenty of food. I mean, you’re talking about sin town, you know? It’s wonderful. Drugs, sex, there’s no police.

You own it, you made the rules, and it was just- it was fun.


The remains of El Volcano.

Lehder house - the volcano.

GEORGE JUNG: It became something like out of a James Bond movie. I mean, you know, everybody on that island was cokecrazed, people riding around with jeeps and machine guns. It was just a totally out-of-control situation.

Sounds familiar.


What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries.

Some of the missions we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations, as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups…trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Former scientology Sea Organization member Elena Lorrel (pseudonym), p. 38, 39.


That was what the CIA was using all that lovely drug money to do, amongst other equally nasty things. Lehder, in particular, had numerous ties into helping the slavemasters put down the rebellion against them in Nicaragua, as well as FARC etc., by providing drugs for guns/money for allowing them to do their smuggling at all.

They didn’t have to – they could have stopped the drugging of America any time. But, they didn’t want to.

Carrion Fowl Skekses that they are…

dark crystal skeksis vatican bank


Miguel Felix Gallardo and Rafael Caro-Quintero, the Mexican Mafia, supplied the Contras with guns and money. Together they smuggled 4 tons of cocaine a month into the U.S. One ton of cocaine has a street value of 200 million dollars. So, that is 800 million dollars a month.

This huge increase occurred right after the Nicaraguan Sandinistas had ousted vicious CIA/Vatican dictator and puppet Somoza, and the El Salvador armed put-down against their rebellion was going on too.

Another Brotherhood member goes active in this cocaine/Contras mixed up with the Unification Chuch and scientology network, was Robert Teirney ‘Stubby’. His buddy John Gale (in turn friends with Mike Hynson and Danny Fowlie) becomes Mr. Cocaine, at the time, the largest cocaine dealer in California – until he managed to drive his car into his own death, thereby opening up a ‘new’ re-arrangement.

Stubby lived under an assumed name, which helped him find work in television while he continued dealing drugs. He became a successful TV producer for NBC, working on both Real People and That’s Incredible. He even developed his own Real People character, Captain Sticky. (The actor who actually played Captain Sticky recently died in Thailand, where he moved to establish a sex-tour business.)

In between shoots in San Diego, Stubby flew to San Francisco and met an ambassador from “a foreign country” who would walk through airport security with diplomatic immunity and 25 to 50 kilos of coke in two suitcases. “We’d bring it to a stash house in Daly City, and El Salvadoran soldiers with their whores and girlfriends and submachine guns would guard it,” he says. “We had millions of dollars.”

– Ref: Lords of Acid, 2009


Since Captain Sticky and the Real People show started in 1979, that tells us when the really big smuggling of cocaine by Gale and Stubby was going on – later 1970’s and into the 1980’s.

Bronco brought Stubby to the Cruz. Stubby introduced me to Fritz, an El Salvadorian, Who had some cocaine for sale. They had a stash pad in Daily City overlooking the San Francisco Bay and airport, where the Soldiers fighting in El Salvador could come for R&R.

The stash pad had a big screen TV, hot tub, Girls and the Stash. I did a few deals there and partied with Fritz. Stubby got a house in the Cruz. I was to meet Fritz and 4 of the His Boys at the Grosvenor Hotel by the S.F. Airport. He had a room looking over the Airport landing terminal.

A plane landed, taxied to the Cargo plane area. We saw Fritz’s Boy get off the plane with a G.I. Duffel Bag over his shoulder. He walked to the hotel. He had 80 kilos of coke in that bag with the names of the family’s on the kilos. I wanted 2 kilos. They opened one to show me and sample. I asked for something to chop it up with. Fritz says no need. He broke a little piece off, Smeared it between his index finger and thumb…… Then snorted it like he was scratching his nose, pure delight for the bones.

– “You Wanna Get High But You Just Don’t Know Why” – Santa Cruz in the 70’s


As you can see, they were mixed up with the guns-for-drugs and the Contras financing – but you don’t see that mentioned in any of these news articles.

No way was the CIA was letting the peasants in Nicaragua have 800 million dollars a month, so who was really getting all of that money?

That’s a rhetorical question kids, just like what were scientology’s billions over the years really being used for.

– – –

Vesco continued to be investigated for financing Nixon’s campaign – which means he funneled CIA drug money into it.

Eugene Register-Guard – Nov 23, 1975, Nixon nephew, Vesco, subjects of heroin probe


In The Great Heroin Coup by Henrik Kruger on p. 187, Note #27 said “Whittemore, op. cit. Somewhere among Robert Vescos memorabilia floats the strange affair of the Brotherhood of Love. Through it thousands of potential activists were stoned for years on LSD, and enormous profits from the sales of tablets were reinvested through the Investors Overseas Service (IOS) controlled by Fiduciary Trust Company. (Der Speigel magazine, No. 39.0

Kruger also quoted the Senate Investigations Subcommittee probe into Robert Vesco’s heroin empire. Committee chariman Henry Jackson asked: “Did the US Government wish to keep Vesco out of the country for some reason? Did he have some special information which he could supply to explain, in part, the national nightmare we have just lived throu?” Another senator replied:

“More than any single person, Vesco has information which, if he talked, would make Watergate look like a picnic.”


Vesco, using CIA funneled drug money profits, paid Fidel Castro 880,000 in the 1980’s to create a drug haven in Cuba, creating a new covert drug alliance. This is why you see all the ‘show’ of the so-called communist support of the Sandanistas by Cuba. Nothing could be further from the truth.

– – –

Let’s not forget the Vatican involvement here –

Exactly around this same time period, 1980/81, Vatican-approved Banco Ambrosiano (headed by Roberto Calvi) provided funds for both the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua and its Sandinista opposition.

Roberto Calvi


While Pope John Paul II knew that the Vatican was funding that whole “conflict” – you understand.

They got caught.

Banco Ambrosiano and Vatican funny money begins to be exposed –

The scandal centers on some $1.4 billion in unsecured loans made in Latin America by Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest privately owned banking group, and endorsed by the Vatican bank.

It was Mr. Baffi’s successor, Carlo Ciampi, who finally suceeded in bringing the Ambrosiano scandal out into the open in what is widely perceived in Rome as a triumph for the Bank of Italy’s political independence.

… assets of $18.7 billion in 1981.

… During 1980 and 1981, investigating officials say, the late Mr. Calvi mounted an extensive lending program to the Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Nassau subsidiaries of the Banco Ambrosiano group, using funds borrowed in the Eurodollar market that eventually totaled some $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion.

Most of this money was then lent to a series of Panamanian companies with names such as Bellatrix Inc., Manic Inc. and Astrolfine Inc., most of which are thought to have no more than mail addresses. The loans were granted roughly evenly by Banco Ambrosiano in Milan and by its Luxembourg subsidiary, Banco Ambrosiano Holdings.

But Mr. Calvi lent these funds, investigators say, only after receving what bankers call ”letters of comfort” from the Vatican bank. These letters, though vaguely worded, implied that the Vatican had an interest in the companies and was aware of their borrowing plans. Although such letters do not constitute a legal guarantee that the signatory will repay the loans, they are often issued to reassure lenders that a borrowing company has reputable backing.

ITALY’S MYSTERIOUS, DEEPENING BANK SCANDAL By Paul Lewis, Special to the New York Times, July 28, 1982


Note that this is the same year that the Church of Scientology suddenly begins to restructure all of its offshore holdings under the helm of David Miscavige and Mark Rathbun.

Calvi was facing jail time, so he threatened to reveal everything, the Vatican’s involvement, the U.S. and British, the whole shmear if they didn’t keep him out of jail. Loyalty to their Igors not exactly being their strong suit, the slavemasters response?

They killed him.

roberto calvi2.

From my article, note the part about political parties – that’s primarily the “Christian Democratic Party” that I mentioned earlier, that Robert Vesco and the CIA were also funneling drug money to!

Calvi was a haunted man as he entered his final days. As chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, he was in charge of an organisation that laundered money made largely from the heroin trade for the mafia. He knew the dark financial secrets of the Vatican. Letters of comfort to offshore companies which he created were signed by Archbishop Marcinkus, a Chicago-born prelate and key Vatican insider who has never faced an interview or charges.

But more ominously Calvi had intimate knowledge of regular payments made by large Italian companies to political parties. He should have known: the payments went through his bank.

Calvi was on the point of going to prison for violating exchange controls. It was Michele Sindona, once Calvi’s mentor, who ratted on him. Calvi had one chance to avert humiliation. Tell the world what he knew. It was this which led to his death, Katz believes.

There was a point at which he threatened that if the Vatican and other people who he had been working with did not get him off the hook for the four years in jail for currency exchange violations, he was going to talk,’ Katz argues.

It would have landed the heads of all the major corporations in jail and it would have ended up probably with the indictment of political leaders.

Who Killed Calvi? by Nick Mathiason, December 6, 2003, The Guardian



It would have exposed the true nature of a number of religions

including Catholicism/Christianity, Scientology, Unification Church etc., etc.


* * *


In a December 5, 2006 letter to the Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission, Church of Scientology attorney Helena Kobrin accuses the Commission of engaging in ‘discrimination‘ against drug addicts, a protected class under the Americans with Disability Act. You can read the letter here – Stop-Narconon……..-05.pdf

Helena is one of the people whom Mike Rinder and OSA tried to threaten Mike McClaughry about his websites, using legalese emails back in the early 2000’s.


Helena Kobrin

Scientology continues to be in lockstep with slavemaster drug lord plans – whether it be as dupes actually believing Hubbard’s technology will take them somewhere, or will create a better world (it will not, one can’t support these people, however indirectly, and come off unscathed) or as outright facilitators for the slavemasters.

In the beginning of this post I had said:

I think the thing that really stood out to me when researching this latest element (I was trying to detangle portions of the Brotherhood/Scientology drug dealing history) was that these men and women that cross between slavemaster intelligence agencies and the two big factions of the slavemasters themselves (Vatican and British Nobility) was that they are all drug-dealers or rather drug-dealing facilitators first and foremost.

Why drugs? Because it supplies the profits – the cash – that they must have in order to run their most vicious black operations against the peoples and governments of the world.

They cannot do it with legally obtained or publicly visible money, they never could all during the last 500 years.

I have taken things up to the time period that I needed it to now, but I’d like to re-iterate that another area of drug-lording is pharmaceutical drugs.

The placement of insanity in the realm of sensation and unbridled passions is one of the favorite sayings of the Catholic Jesuits, and which the “novitiates’ are taught severely to control. All their treatments, their drugs, their every move, in fact, boil down to a desire to:

control someone else’s mind or self.


In the twenty-first century, primarily drugs are the control-of-Satan and those ‘unbridled passions’ treatment of choice. Those who choose not to take their medication, those who choose madness (however this happens to be defined that day) those who choose not to fit in in taking their drugs like good little slaves-of-God, are still characterized as immoral.

I think it’s fascinating that these people, even today, are actually working to cause or exacerbate ‘insanity’ to then ‘cure’ it – whether it’s psychiatry or religion – all because they are afraid of that which is not insane.

The true power of all beings, all people.


ching-shen pu ssu “the spirit never dies”


Researched and written by:

Virg sig script


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