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As some of you may know, I had previous posted about a news article that proved Allen Dulles knew there wasn’t any brainwashing threat from the “Russians” and the “Chinese” at all. Well, I have since come across a wonderfully researched and documented article that makes it clear things were even darker than that…


Do any of my readers out there know what the title “Deputy Chief I &S Staff” stands for?


Just found this – only made available online by the CIA in June of 2015 –

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I grew tired of having so much trouble finding which MKULTRA subproject was what, and by whom. I wanted a better and faster way to help me narrow down documents for difference subprojects. Although some kind of copy of this MKULTRA Briefing Book was on the scribd website, I tend to dislike that site because […]

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In my last post I was examining Dr. West’s MKULTRA subproject documents, which I will continue to do in this post but let’s take a little side-trip here first.