Many people probably don’t know that the introduction of LSD to Timothy Leary was actually by a Brit – Michael Hollingshead. He was a propagandist for the Brits, which really means he had ties to British Intelligence.

This grandiose title meant that I was in the service of a semi-official British propaganda agency in the field of international cultural relations.

– The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead


Semi-official can be sometimes a euphemism for unofficial, or not publicly accountable operations shielding MI6.

Michael Hollingshead was the Executive Secretary for the Institute of British-American Cultural Exchange in 1961. The institute was incorporated November 4, 1959 in New York.


One year later –


New York City, seventeen years later… a small package from Switzerland arrived in my mail one morning containing one gram of Dr. Hofmann’s acid, which I had arranged to be sent to me. There was also a bill for $285. I had first heard of LSD from Aldous Huxley, when I had telephoned him at his home in Los Angeles to inquire about obtaining some mescaline, which he had recently been using. His information also included the name of Dr. Albert Hofmann and a caution, subsequently unheeded, to take great care if ever I should take any of the stuff: ‘It is much more potent than mescaline, though Gerald (Heard) and I have used it with some quite astonishing results really.’

There had been no difficulty obtaining even one gram of LSD—I simply asked an English doctor friend of mine [John Beresford] to write the order on a sheet of New York hospital letterhead saying that I needed this ergot-derivative as a ‘control’ drug for a series of bone-marrow experiments.

– The Man Who Turned on the World autobiography by Michael Hollingshead

In his book, he claims to have first tried LSD by licking the spoon of a batch of LSD-laced cake icing he had packed in 2 mayonnaise jars for transport – which he figured was the equivalent of 5 strong doses of LSD – and proceeded to go on on a 15 hour trip, humorously portrayed in this cartoon by Persoff and Marshall.

hollingshead-sandoz-labs boingboing site

When it was over he called Aldous Huxley to talk about what had happened to him, musing aloud that: “Perhaps acid is above all a therapy for the wide spread sickness of insensitiveness and ignorance which psychologists call ‘Normality’ or ‘mental health’.

Said like a good propagandist giving a reason it was ok to work on making Americans “insane” – wouldn’t you say?



Huxley called him back a few days later (having thought over the problem of how to implement LSD into America on a mass basis) and suggested that Hollingshead go to Harvard to: “meet a Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor there”. Huxley had connected with Leary earlier in Copenhagen at the Fourteenth International Congress of Applied Psychology where Leary had presented a paper on induced visionary experience. Leary had also read a paper on ‘How to Change Behaviour’ describing the induction of visionary mental states by psilocybin, the synthetic form of the sacred mushroom of Mexico.

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley monkey.

Oops. Wrong picture.



This is Aldous Huxley.

aldous huxley

Huxley described Leary to Hollingshead as ‘a splendid fellow’ and suggested that he get in touch with him to “discuss LSD’s potential.” Given the long British obsession with using narcotic and mind-altering drugs as a political control weapon – this little direction from British foreign intelligence agent Aldous Huxley, takes on a much deeper meaning.

America was being targeted.

Like the good little British propaganda soldier that he was, accordingly, in September 1961, Hollingshead met Leary in Cambridge and was invited to live in Leary’s house and teach a course at Harvard. Shortly thereafter, he introduced Leary to LSD. He participated in the Concord Prison Experiment with Leary, Ralph Metzner, and several others in 1962. For the next few years he worked with psychedelic therapists, and lived at Millbrook with Leary and Richard Alpert (aka Baba Ram Dass).

Leary and Alpert

Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert.

It was Hollingshead who may have been the Brotherhood’s initial LSD connection – providing LSD through a colorful character  nicknamed the Witch Doctor, who passed out LSD to surfers and other young Americans. Hollingshead also is linked to providing LSD to “key” targets (on their list) such as Roman Polanski (whose wife Sharon Tate would later be murdered by Charles Manson) Alex Trocchi, William Burroughs, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Donovan and the Rolling Stones.

The list of “key” targets grew from Hollingshead’s meeting with our erstwhile CIA asset and early Dianetics funder – John Starr Cooke.

From my husband’s book, Scientology Roots, Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

…we planted an agent in the Scientology cult who became a ‘clear’ under the tutelage of Ron Hubbard himself, and then demanded and got more and more ‘operation expenses’ to be turned over, in addition to his own life’s savings, to the cause of Dianetics.   126

Miles Copeland

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_3


The agent was John Starr Cooke, who brought in Rockefeller money as well. Millions of dollars were laundered through that Foundation, by the way, for off-book CIA use, setting a precedent that would continue throughout the entire history of Hubbard’s many front groups.

Living off Mary Oser’s income from Peter (Rockefeller) Oser, he had created a “tripping” center in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he directed a small and dedicated band of acid evangelists called the Psychedelic Rangers. Together with Hollingshead, Leary, Aldous Huxley and Captain ‘Trips’ Al Hubbard, we have all three factions of the slavemasters represented – The British nobility and their American sycophant counterparts and the Vatican.

Note – Partially based on Hollingshead’s first LSD experience from an extra-large dose, their plan was to give these people more than 10 times the normal dose for a full-blown acid trip (which is 100 to 20 micrograms) – they gave them 2,000 to 3,000 micrograms in an effort to ‘bring about a rapid and permanent transformation” of the persons…err….disposition.

In September 1965 Michael Hollingshead returned to his native London armed with hundreds of copies of the updated Book of the Dead and five thousand doses of LSD (which he procured from Czech government laboratories in Prague) [– through Charles Druce and Ron Stark.]

Hollingshead felt there was very little understanding of LSD in England, but he intended to change that. He proceeded to establish the World Psychedelic Center in the fashionable Kings Road district of London, attracting the likes of Jo Berke (a psychiatrist working with R. D. Laing), the writer and philosopher Alexander Trocchi, multimedia artist lan Sommerville, filmmaker Roman Polanski, and numerous musicians including Donovan, Peter and Gordon, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones.

– Acid Dreams, Martin Lee and Bruce Shalin 1985 p. 96.


The lists of “key” targets formed part of Cooke’s “master-plan” – his rangers was for them to seek out and target for ‘enlightenment’ selected individuals such as Dick Gregory, Jerry Rubin, certain journalists so that they might ‘see the Clear Light’ – and incidentally, of course, sarcasm present a more favorable view of LSD in the press.

“That’s how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley told Leary. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”

Tinker, Tailor, Stoner, Spy: Was Timothy Leary a CIA Agent? by Mark Riebling


Considering Huxley was one of the main British intelligence handlers in the U.S., you can see that takes on a much larger scope as to its true meaning.

One of those “influential people” was President of The United States John F. Kennedy. Timothy Leary used to trip with Cord Meyer’s wife Mary Pinchot Meyer. Leary said Mary would give him and Michael Hollingshead lectures on the CIA’s interest in using such drugs (LSD) for brainwashing and interrogation. (p 70 A Very Private Woman: the Life and Unsolved Murder of Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer).

Mary Pinchot Meyer (right) with JFK standing next to her.

Mary Pinochet Meyer Right - JFK next to her.

Well, of course Mary would do that, her husband Cord Meyer was a CIA asset that had his start being a fellow propagandist for the New World Order – exactly at the same time as L. Ron Hubbard did – in the 1940’s.

Scientology Roots Chapter 12-2: Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

Timothy Leary was recruited into the CIA by Cord Meyer in 1947. In 1954, Timothy Leary’s CIA assignment was to devise a personality test. Leary worked with CIA contractor Frank Barron at the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research. The Leary Test is used by the CIA to test prospective employees.  47

Government documents indicate there were eight government grants paid to Leary from 1953 to 1958, most of them paid through the National Institute of Mental Health, which was a funding conduit for the CIA MK Ultra program. Leary said – “the CIA sponsored his and all other personality assessment research. They also supported J.B. Rhine’s ESP experiments at Duke University”.   63

Ron Hubbard and Ray Kemp were also busy developing Personality Testing at the same time.


Filling that out a bit more about the relationship between Leary and Meyer, I quote from my post Terry Milner claims he brought down drug ring


Timothy Leary was recruited by Cord Meyer, under Projects ARTICHOKE and MOCKINGBIRD when Leary and Meyer were being intelligence agents undercover as members of the communist front group The American Veterans Committee. Cord was also President of The World Federalist association which sought to establish a one-world government (see Time article on Cord from 1948).

This is the goal of Cecil Rhodes secret society, and its public face – the Round table.

You can view my two library articles, extensively documented, here:

The Time article also said:

Cord Meyer Jr., 27, is a pale young man with a preoccupied smile and wavy brown hair. His paleness and his preoccupation are the marks of war: he was very nearly killed on Guam. He lost an eye and had his face shattered when a Jap grenade exploded in his foxhole. Since his discharge from the Marines, Cord Meyer has been a young man on a crusade. He is the president of United World Federalists, which seeks to save the world through a limited federation before an atomic war destroys it.

Note the cover  (see definition of cover and “window dressing”) being employed by Time for Mr. Meyer, as if he was just a ‘low-level marine in a fox-hole’ – this is a point blank lie as he was heading up the SI division in the Turkey area, then was in charge of lieing to the world about the Nazi monsters of the Gehlen organization.

Only a few years later, L. Ron Hubbard would use the same cover. He formed an organization on that exact same pattern, called the Allied Scientists of the World.

Even more interesting, however, is that just a year earlier than Cord Meyer, in August of 1947, Hubbard had written a sci-fi series called the End is Not Yet, wherein he also promotes a world government, claiming nationalism is the cause of war – and – he also says (within the story):

For a little while three atomic scientists and an ex-naval officer and myself attempted to form a group to be known as the Allied Scientists of the World.

Also have a look at this.

From The Cord Meyers Papers at The Library of Congress

A participant in the founding of the United Nations and an advocate of one-world government, Meyer spent almost three decades (1951-1977) with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), becoming one of its highest-ranking officers. His papers, however, bear little reference to his CIA career except in clippings from published sources. They relate more fully to his activities on behalf of one-world government after World War II and document in great detail many facets of his personal and family life.

What is known as an actual date for when Cord “officially” began working for the OSS successor, the CIA, is 1951. Allen Dulles had approached Cord Meyer, and it is on record that he then became a “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird, a covert operation meant to sway American print and broadcast media toward “the CIA line” – which if you understand the back history of America’s intelligence organizations, you know that means BRITISH interests.

Frank G. Wisner was Meyer’s handler at the CIA. Frank, was a cross-over from the OSS, where he was also a high-ranking official, and this is where Cord Meyer’s previous intelligence activities were also hosted under. Frank, at one point, (per documents in our CIA Declassified Document Library) had been the Chief of Special intelligence (SI) in Istanbul Turkey, and even at that time had been involved with planting articles in foreign newspapers.

[Wisner was also the superior of Miles Copeland who was L. Ron Hubbard’s CIA handler, making Wisner Hubbard’s superior as well]

After WWII, Frank was put in charge of handling the Gehlen organization, a Nazi intelligence network – this is part of what Meyer was expected to hep “spin” to the America public.

In 1954, Timothy Leary’s first assignment for the CIA was to devise a personality test. It became “The Leary,” Test which is used by the CIA to test prospective employees. Leary also worked with CIA contractor Frank Barron at the Berkeley Institute for Personality Assessment and Research.

By 1955, funding for these types of CIA MKULTRA operations were being funded by the CIA front group, the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology based at Cornell.

A 1963 statement by the CIA’s Inspector General shows what the real point of Personality Testing was and how it fit into “operations”:

The [Clandestine Services] case officer is first and foremost, perhaps, a practitioner of the art of assessing and exploiting human personality and motivations for ulterior purposes. The ingredients of advanced skill in this art are highly individualistic in nature, including such qualities as perceptiveness and imagination. [The PAS] seeks to enhance the case officer’s skill by bringing the methods and disciplines of psychology to bear…. The prime objectives are control, exploitation, or neutralization. These objectives are innately anti-ethical rather than therapeutic in their intent.



In 1960, Leary’s mentor Barron, under CIA auspices, founded the Harvard Pyschedelic Drug Research Center. Leary follows Barron to Harvard and becomes a lecturer in psychology. After Barron administers to him some CIA-supplied psilocybin and LSD, Leary begins tripping regularly.

At Harvard, Leary’s mentor is chief pyschologist Henry A. Murray, who in the 1940′s also developed personality tests for the OSS/CIA, and monitored military experiments on Truth-Drug brainwashing and interrogation. By the time Leary got to Harvard Murray already had contracts with the Pentagon and CIA to test student volunteers.

Leary also consulted British intelligence agent Aldous Huxley. Huxley, who was at Harvard on a visiting professorship, urged Leary to form a “secret order of LSD” to launch and lead a psychedelic conspiracy to brainwash influential people for the purposes of human betterment.

“That’s [drugs] how everything of culture and beauty and philosophic freedom has been passed on,” Huxley told Leary. “Initiate artists, writers, poets, jazz musicians, elegant courtesans. And they’ll educate the intelligent rich.”

Tinker, Tailor, Stoner, Spy: Was Timothy Leary a CIA Agent? by Mark Riebling

Note: Aldous and Francis Huxley were also mixed up with Tavistock’s Stephen Abrams. In 1961 Abrams came back from Oxford to the U.S. at the urging of a CIA MKULTRA projects recruiter, to be involved with classified projects that were ongoing into telepathy and other psi abilities at Duke University – together with Richard Alpert (Baba Ram Dass) and Timothy Leary.

*For much more information on that, including documents, please see The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Duke University: The Anti-Life Zone

All this is going on while Hollingshead is also introducing Hollywood moguls and rock bands to LSD as well. That certainly makes “cultural exchange” become quite the euphemism, and Tim Leary has not one count ’em two intelligence factions connected up with him at the same time – both British (MI6) and CIA!

That’s just fricking wonderful.

perish the thought - wry ick face.

This happy little conflagration of British intelligence assets and sycophants holed up there at Millbrook, also happens to be where our cross-over figure to the Brotherhood of Eternal Love comes in – yet another Brit named Charles Druce.

Charles Druce is an unlikely figure in the history of LSD. He started his career as a clerk in various chemical merchants’ offices in London, moving up to trading in mail-order LSD in the early to mid-1960s when it was still legal. LSD was being legitimately produced in Czechoslovakia for example, even after Sandoz in Switzerland got cold feet and stopped its own production.

Druce came to the attention of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (now Baba Ram Dass), former Harvard professors who set up a legendary psychedelic community in Millbrook, upper New York State. Druce supplied LSD to Leary and Alpert up to around 1966.

Alpert would fly over and stay in luxury hotels and pick up the acid in person to take back to the States. The full account of Alpert’s involvement has never been told, and probably won’t ever be, but he had a dare-devil streak that involved for example on one occasion flying his own plane ( a Cessna 172) from Canada to the US high on acid as the last part of his journey. Building a close relationship with Druce, Alpert once presented Druce with a copy of the ‘Psychedelic Experience’, the book he co-authored with Timothy Leary and Ralph Metzner.

English supplier of LSD to Timothy Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love


94 York Street – former premises of Charles Druce Ltd94 York Street – former premises of Charles Druce Ltd – image from here


The Village Voice – Aug 22, 1974


Timothy Leary left Harvard for his new assignment (firing him in May of 1963 was more of a public relations thing than a no-longer-a-spy thing). His new assignment was to work under William Mellon Hitchcock who founded the CIA front group,-The International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF).

Leary was paid $2,000 a month and provided a place to live and conduct his LSD experiments on the 2,500-acre Mellon-Hitchcock estate in the small upstate New York community of Millbrook.

A Village Voice article from 1974, presented the views of one of their staff, Don Mcneill, who had visited Millbrook in mid-1968.

[Don McNeill]  …returned after a weekend to describe an Eastern version of the electric koolaid acid test (of the Grateful Dead). Leary, said McNeill, rarely took acid, but preferred to preside over the scene, manipulating people’s trips, directing sexual liaisons, conducting the whole house like a psychedelic orchestra.”


In some ways, Charles Druce could vie with Hollingshead as the man who turned on the world—the title Hollingshead used for his autobiography of life with Leary. It was he, Druce, who kept Millbrook going when LSD was in short supply in the United States.

Richard Alpert flew to London to pick up cash deliveries at rendezvous in the plush bars of the Cumberland and Hilton hotels.

With LSD proscribed in 1966 – Druce “withdrew” from business.

His name, however, was not forgotten by the Millbrook group. Soon after Billy Hitchcock moved to the West Coast, a representative arrived in London and visited Druce—now owner of Charles Druce Ltd—with a long list of psychedelics which Druce says he refused to supply.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love Authors: Stewart Tendler and David May Publisher: Panther Books Granada Publishing Date: 1984


However, that isn’t quite what happened – despite Druce’s protestations.

From Operation Julie site –

In late 1966, LSD was banned in America and shortly after in the UK. Tim Scully and Nick Sand, chemists associated with Millbrook and the legendary Owsley Stanley in the US, went underground to produce it. Druce – by now owner of Charles Druce Ltd – was approached by Scully and Sand to supply raw materials. Druce and a colleague, Ronald Craze, created a company – Alban Feeds – to supply Scully and Sand with Ergotamine Tartrate. The first shipment was 2.8 kilos – enough to make around 5.6 million doses of acid.


Here’s a montage of some clips of Nick Sands actually at Millbrook – clips are from the documentary The Substance.


This arrangement worked well for over a year. Druce also provided specialised equipment, including a spectrometer for Richard Kemp who was by now working with Ronald Stark in France. In his statement to the police following the Operation Julie bust, Kemp recalled going to Druce’s offices near Baker Street to pick up the equipment (in Ronald Stark’s red ferrari).

But in 1970, living well on substantial advance payments from the US, Druce and Craze were failing to keep the shipments going. The US operation had been busted in Denver, and Alban Feed’s role in supplying raw materials had come to the attention of the police in both the US and the UK. Druce and Craze cooled their involvement with the US.

By this time, Ronald Stark had become involved in the US operation and brought his more direct approach into play. He knew that Druce and Craze had been stockpiling ergotamine tartrate and keeping it in Hamburg – the international trading centre for chemicals. He set a trap in place. In due course, tempted by an offer from a Swiss Company, Inland Alkaloids, Druce and Craze entered into a transaction to sell 9 kilos of Ergotamine Tartrate.

But Inland Alkaloids was a ‘front’ company, operated at arm’s length by Nick Sand and Ronald Stark, and Druce and Craze found themselves ripped off and in debt to the bank (the Nat West at Crystal Palace).

The 9 kilos of Ergotamine Tartrate went to France where Richard Kemp was by then working with Ron Stark to produce huge quantities of acid.


Ron Stark


Richard Kemp

brotherhood kemp.

* * *


Now let’s cut into the Brotherhood of Eternal Love and its beginnings. After the 1970 shakeup, Nick moved their operation to St. Louis Missouri, and an investigation into the Brotherhood specifically names Brit Charles Druce, the supplier of the chemical Nick needed.

On January 19, 1973, brotherhood chemist Nicholas Sand was arrested in St. Louis, Mo., and his laboratories seized. These illicit laboratories proved to be the largest of their kind ever seized in the United States, with a value of approximately $500,000. The tableting press for the “orange sunshine” LSD was also seized along with 50,000 dosage units of the drug already tableted. Powdered LSD capable of producing over 14 million tablets of “orange sunshine” was found at two locations, along with the formulas and raw materials for the production of over 100 different psychedelic drugs.

On Easter Sunday, April 22, 1973, BEL Task Force agents arrested four members of BEL in Santa Cruz, Calif. Three of those arrested were fugitives from other jurisdictions. Some contraband was seized,
along with seven phony passports. Huge stores of false identification were seized, indicating this was a point of contact of BEL fugitives desiring false identification and papers.

On April 25, 1973, Nicholas Sand, Timothy Scully, Michael Randall, and four other major figures in the LSD operation were indicted by a Federal grand jury in San Francisco, Calif. Four of these higher
echelon members are still fugitives.

Mr. Sourwine. Now, for the record, would you identify the four that you did not name, and indicate which of the eight are the four that are still fugitives?

Mr. Sinclair. Yes, sir. The individuals referred to are David Lee Mantel; Charles Druce, currently a fugitive; Lester Friedman; and Ronald H. Stark, currently a fugitive. In addition to these four individuals, one of those previously mentioned, Michael Randall, is also a fugitive.

– Excerpt from page 23 of — Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


So, now we know for sure that Druce was one of the drug suppliers/connections for the Brotherhood.

How did that come about?

Well, I think I have pieced together something that others haven’t noticed before – and that is this character called the ‘Witch Doctor’. Colorful title, to be sure, probably a riff off a popular song of the time period with the same name that was popular amongst surfers.

Life Magazine – 1961 propagandizing the ‘surfing culture’

Larry shaw surfing seal beach 1961 life magazineLarry Shaw


The article talks about the beach scene during the early to mid-1960’s, pay attention to the part I put in orange.

The seven-page article, “The Mad, Happy Surfers: A Way of Life on the Wavetops,” published that September in an issue with Jackie Kennedy welcoming readers to the newly redecorated White House on the cover, would loft surfing into the national consciousness just before the first Beach Boys song, “Surfin’,” broke into the pop charts. These were the 1961 Beach Boys, mind you—they of the short hair, the Hawaiian shirts, and the frat-rats-in-training voices that had yet to ascend to choirboy eloquence—so the surfing fad would be pegged initially as the province of bland, spoiled sons of Leave It to Beaver parents living in the suburbs.

Also, there was the matter of the boys’ guru, Miki Dora, who, though absent from the Life article, was a dark prince of the beach: a great surfer and a beguiling sociopath. The boys copied his every gesture. Who but Miki could have taught them to glide not just over the waves but also over their baroquely unhappy home lives? “We were a group of lost boys,” says Larry Shaw. “The mystique of Miki, coupled with the mystery of the ocean, saved us.” In the process, an underground saga of surf culture—50s beach bum, California girl, hip Hollywood, and noir L.A. in equal measure—would come to be written on the salty wind of the Pacific coastline.

…He sometimes called himself Mickey Chapin then, taking the name of Gardner Chapin, a cabinetmaker and surfboard designer whom Ramona had married after her divorce from Miki’s natural father, Miklos Dora, with whom Miki would remain in contact all his life. The name Chapin gave Miki rare status in the sport: it made him second-generation. The Polynesian art of surfboard riding was still largely foreign to California, which was then 13 plane hours away from the territory of Hawaii. Don Edmonds, who is now 70 and has been surfing most of his life, remembers the day in 1950 when he and some teenage friends, bellyboarding off Seal Beach, first saw somebody surfing. “We couldn’t believe our eyes when this guy paddles out in the water on this long board he’d brought in from Hawaii, and he suddenly turns around and catches a wave, and he stands up! He’s standing up on this board! On top of the wave, floating in! Our jaws hit the sand! We knocked him off the board so we could try it.”

…In the mid-60s, as drugs came in and surfing merged with Hollywood, the beach scene grew more sophisticated. A gay interior designer had parties featuring LSD in his beachfront bungalow, which Mike Nader sometimes attended while he was working on a movie career.

…Soon the aroma of pot started wafting through the air at State Beach, where all the surfers and surfer girls went to chill to the strains of folk-rock coming from dozens of portable radios. Miki’s pot consumption on that beach was limited, because his paranoia had mushroomed. According to Jacqueline, he was obsessed with the belief that the government had killed J.F.K.; he became friends with the lawyer Mark Lane, one of the most outspoken of the conspiracy theorists, and even traveled to New Orleans to meet with Jim Garrison, the district attorney who believed he had uncovered a government plot to murder Kennedy.

Jane Fonda and her husband, Roger Vadim, would sometimes have the new group the Byrds—the State Beach kids’ band of choice—perform at their posh beach parties. The surfers liked to go to Ciro’s, the club on the Sunset Strip—which had been completely made over, from swank Old Guard to anti-Establishment, cutting-edge hip—and dance in the free-floating style pioneered by a dancer and sculptor named Vito Paulekas. The new dancing was as sensual as the waves.

…As for Miki Dora, the scams he had so gloriously gotten away with began to close in on him in the mid-70s, but he continued to outrun them. He fled the U.S. in 1974, after violating his parole in a non-jail-time guilty plea for writing bad checks. While on an overseas whirl of capers and surfing, he doctored a credit card and went on a two-year spending spree. Caught re-entering the country in 1981, he was convicted and did three months in federal prison. When he died—at 67, in January 2002—of cancer discovered in a late stage, the Los Angeles Times gave him a longer obituary than it grants many famous solid citizens, two-thirds of a page.


Travis Ashbrook – later in life


Travis Ashbrook, one of the main BEL members, was part of this early beach scene – he was there and by 1964 he was dealing the marijuana the article mentions the surfers were using.

  • Reference – Sunshine and Sundown from The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and the Spread of Surf Mysticism by Kevin O’Sullivan

In 1965 Ashbrook ran into Griggs, whom he had only known slightly as a West Anaheim High party crasher at the house of a Seal Beach surfer and drug dealer called “The Witch Doctor.” “That’s how we hooked up,” remembers Ashbrook, “The Witch Doctor was the acid connection. He was the first one to have it.”

  • Reference – Sunshine and Sundown from The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and the Spread of Surf Mysticism by Kevin O’Sullivan

Timothy Leary (left) Griggs (right)


This same Witch Doctor character became the supplier after Griggs raided the guy and crashed his party, and we know that there was a “gay interior designer” who was hosting LSD parties for the surfers.

Through a Seal Beach Surfer known as the Witch Doctor, Griggs and his friends began getting cocolyte, LSD in pure crystal form packaged in sealed ampoules from Lights & Co., Ltd., the pharmaceutical distributor in England to whom Richard Alpert and Tim Leary had turned in 1961 in order to supplement their diminishing supply from Sandoz.

– Timothy Leary: A Biography by Robert Greenfield

– “the pharmaceutical distributor”, of course, was Charles Druce.


Before the Witch Doctor went off to Lompoc Prison to serve time for dealing pot, he gave his LSD connection to Griggs.

– Timothy Leary: A Biography by Robert Greenfield

That connection had to have been arranged through either Hollingshead or Huxley.


There is a story about Griggs “stealing” LSD from a “Hollywood producer” that goes around out there. The story goes something like this –

On a summer night he [Griggs] led his gang through Hollywood towards Beverly Hills and Mulholland Drive. According to the grapevine, a well-known Hollywood film producer up there kept a cache of pure LSD in his refrigerator. Griggs and the gang decided it was time they tried this LSD stuff everyone was talking about.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and Davaid May. Outlaw Days, CHAPTER SIX


Another version, this one involves Eddie Padilla in the story –

Tunnell told Ackerly that he and Griggs had just learned about a drug more powerful and much stronger than heroin: LSD. Griggs was intrigued by the rumors, and when he found out that a flamboyant Hollywood film producer who lived in a mansion in the hills kept a big jar of it on top of his refrigerator, he set out to get it. According to Eddie Padilla, Griggs dropped by one day, told him of his plan, and asked to borrow a gun for the mission. “I said, ‘No gun,’” Padilla recalls. “‘Just walk in and slap somebody and tell them you want the acid and they’ll give it to you, guaranteed.’”

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou


And yet another version

Griggs and his friends, most of whom were former boozers, brawlers and heroin addicts from Anaheim, had begun experimenting with a new drug that Griggs had stolen at gunpoint from a Hollywood film producer…


If you recall, earlier Michael Hollingshead was noted to have introduced Hollywood producer Roman Polanski to LSD. Here, Roman tells Spiegel magazine about this.

Polanski: I had purely professional relationships with most of the actresses, practically all of them, in fact — with the exception of Emmanuelle, Sharon and maybe Nastassja. Nastassja and I were no longer together when I filmed “Tess.” No, there have only been two women in my life. I once had … you probably know that Sharon Tate was my wife. I met her during the filming of “The Fearless Vampire Killers.”

SPIEGEL: You fell in love.

Polanski: Right at the beginning, when we were filming in the Dolomites.

SPIEGEL: You write in your autobiography that you took LSD together and listened to music, and that that was how you got together.

Polanski: It was before we started filming. Of course, we didn’t take any LSD during filming. Don’t forget that LSD was still legal at the time. But Sharon and I were not granted a future together. It didn’t last long.


Some people want to say that Polanski was the “connection” that was stolen from, but the problem with that is that Polanski hadn’t even tried LSD yet, because it wasn’t until Hollingshead went back to London in 1965 that he introduced Polanski to it.

I think it was this “witch doctor” character, because Griggs is referred to as party-crashing the guys place and the fact that he was the first to have LSD and who obviously had the connection to Druce/Leary/Hollingshead, it makes it pretty clear that’s our guy – and he wasn’t a “Hollywood producer”.

So, I think I have solved that mystery.

Meanwhile, after that nice British intelligence LSD connection was made – Griggs was helpfully targeting the exact people British/American intelligence wanted targeted.

Every Sunday at White’s Beach in San Pedro off the Palos Verdes peninsula, young working-class guys would show up with their wives and kids to trip with Griggs. Taking ever higher doses, Griggs and his friends began having the kind of trips that had been described in detail by Alpert, Tim, and Ralph Metzner in The Psychedelic Experience.

– Timothy Leary: A Biography by Robert Greenfield

Again, this is not about enlightenment, this is about CONTROL – I don’t care what some drugged up pot or acid-heads that were involved in this whole thing try to say about it now, this is why they were being provided with these drugs and in my opinion, they need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and realize just what they helped to bring about.

It ain’t a good thing.


In late 1966, LSD was banned in America and shortly after in the UK, and as we already covered, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love incorporated as a Church, and  Tim Scully and Nick Sand, chemists associated with Millbrook and the legendary Owsley Stanley in the US, went underground to produce it using Charles Druce over in London to supply the Ergotamine Tartrate.

By 1967, Dr. Richard Alpert (aka Baba Ram Dass) put Billy Mellon-Hitchcock in contact with Augustus Owsley Stanley III. As Owsley’s agent, Hitchcock retained the law firm of Babinowitz, Boudin and Standard to conduct a feasibility study of several Caribbean countries to determine the best location for the production and distribution of LSD and hashish.

Pot being the ingredient needed to make the hashish, this particular “research” adventure would have probably crossed with “Papa” Pedro Aviles-Perez. down in Mexico – the original Mexican Mafia man and his U.S. delivery connection, Lawrence Allen Fassler.

Meanwhile scientologist and undercover CIA man Jerry McDonald gets released from the Navy around the same time that Fassler had been dubbed the ‘King of the Smugglers’ by the U.S. Customs office in Tucson, Arizona (Agent Hugh Marshall) and had become #1 on its most-wanted list. (Jerry would later run a black intelligence op with Fassler’s pilot to screw over Fassler)

Fassler had become the single biggest supplier of pot sneaked into the U.S. from Mexico. His airplanes flew a minimum of 3 times per week, taking contraband toiletries, tvs and radios and other items south and returned North with the pot.

Fassler in his senior year of high school – 1960



Thanks to Hitchcock and his connections, several Brotherhood members hooked up with the Kandahar-based Tokhi brothers and began bringing in hashish.

The reason for that new connection is is because BEL member Eddie Padilla and others had their load of pot/hashish captured by police in the Bay Area that same year – 1967.

The wanted poster contained in the pamphlet of the Senate Subcommittee of 1973 shows Padilla’s actual name to be Gerald James Padilla.


Prior to his bust Padilla was obviously working with the Fassler/Perez network.

No longer just a local dealer, he’d made serious connections in Mexico and was moving large quantities around the region. In one deal, Padilla drove to San Francisco in dense fog with 500 pounds of Mexican weed. But something didn’t feel right. Padilla thought someone might have tipped off the cops. He was right: He was arrested the next day. It was the largest pot bust in San Francisco history to that point. In 1967, Padilla was sentenced to five to fifteen in San Quentin. With his son Eric on the way, Padilla was granted a 30-day stay of execution to get his affairs in order.

“On the thirtieth day, I just left and went to Mexico, went to work for some syndicate* guys,” he says. “I bailed.”

The Pirate of Penance originally published in Slake No. 1., Joe Donnelly, August 2, 2012 PDF of cached article. *Syndicate, as in the Mexican Mafia headed by “Papa” Pedro Aviles-Perez.

That was in 1969 that Padilla ‘just left’.

Another version of this bust story –

…In 1967, he and a brother filled every available panel of a double-cab Volkswagen bus with 500 pounds of Mexican weed and proceeded to drive it to San Francisco, where they hoped to unload enough of it to keep the city’s Summer of Love going through winter.

Instead, the cops almost immediately busted Padilla. An FBI agent arrived at the jail to interrogate him.

“They knew about the shop, the Brotherhood, everything about me,” Padilla says. “They wanted me to rat on the Mexicans. I said, ‘Give me one month. Let me out of jail, and I’ll call you in a month and try to set something up for you.'” The agent didn’t find that funny.

Thanks to the Brotherhood’s attorney (George Chula), Padilla quickly made bail. He bounced back and forth to court for the next two years, as did many of his friends, before realizing that if he remained in California, he’d be headed to prison for a longer time than he could afford to spare.


As to it being ‘the biggest drug bust’ in San Francisco history, that looks to be an exaggeration. There were several drug busts in 1966 and 1967 per news articles. Padilla is not named in any of them, and in fact the ‘biggest’ post bust of the time period was actually in Los Angeles in March of 1966 where 2000 pounds of pot was seized.

However, a ‘big news’ bust did happen in San Francisco that year – the Grateful Dead arrest.

Note: The Grateful Dead also had a number of its members tied in to scientology (just like the Brotherhood of Eternal Love did)  plus there was their ‘good friend’ Grace-Marie Haddy who became scientology Guardian’s Office intelligence head Terry Milner’s ‘communicator’ right around this time – and Terry was the local handler for Jerry McDonald and the Fassler black op they ran (with Ron Hubbard’s full knowledge) the following year – 1968.

For more about Grace etc., see –

Members of the Grateful Dead at Camp Lagunitas in 1966. From left, Ron 'Pig Pen' McKernan, Bob Weir and Jerry GarciaMembers of the Grateful Dead at Camp Lagunitas in 1966. From left, Ron ‘Pig Pen’ McKernan, Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia


nov 11 1966 garcia and pigpen at 710 ashburyGarcia and Pigpen at 710 Ashbury St.

At three in the afternoon, Oct. 2, 1967, eleven residents of 710 Ashbury St., (San Francisco) including two band members, two managers and several women living with the band, were handcuffed together and hauled away by State agents and San Francisco police


morgue25-dead-front-page october 1967 drug bust

Members of the Grateful Dead at their sentencing, after SF police raided their 710 Ashbury St. home bob weir clowningMembers of the Grateful Dead at their sentencing, after SF police raided their 710 Ashbury St. home – Bob Weir clowning

step on up drug attack connor san francisco 1967

Band managers Rock Scully and Danny RifkinBand managers Rock Scully and Danny Rifkin

morgue25_dead_benchOn the ‘bench’ after being arrested

november 6 1967 indictment grateful deadNovember 6 1967 indictment

Nov 6 1967 Ron 'Pig Pen' McKernan, Bob Weir and a friend wait for their rebooking after a grand jury indictment.Ron ‘Pig Pen’ McKernan, Bob Weir and a friend wait for their rebooking after a grand jury indictment.

Grateful Dead band manager Rock Scully nov 6 1967Grateful Dead band manager Rock Scully at the indictment


They weren’t sentenced until June 23 1968.

June 23 1968 dead sentencingRobert Matthews, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Rock Scully and Bob Weir at their sentencing.
They paid either $100 or $200 and got probation in exchange for a guilty plea.


Perhaps it was due to these events that Eddie Padilla was pulled in and arrested. I say that because the bust was described by State Narcotics Bureau Chief Matthew O’Connor as the start of a stepped-up attack on Haight-Ashbury marijuana traffic.

O’Connor also said the Grateful Dead raid was made because other investigation “kept turning up the address 710 Ashbury as a supply source.” and since we already know that Robert Ackerley (using the false name of Chris Wheat) was the contact to the Grateful Dead that Padilla was obviously delivering this load to…well, you do the math.

Ackerly in his drug-dealing days


From my article Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade, Nixon Era

Ackerly lived in San Francisco right off Haight Street, he also was rather well-connected into the CIA scene, to put it mildly.

I was the only Brotherhood guy who knew Owsley,” Ackerly says. “I only met Scully a few times, and I met Jerry Garcia and the Dead at the acid tests in San Francisco. I had to drag Janis Joplin home several times. Everywhere I went, I got backstage, and Tommy Tunnell and I had twenty chicks sleeping upstairs in our house and were fucking every single one of them. But to this day, nobody knows my real name.”

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou

The ‘acid tests’ being referred to are obviously the ones that Stanford Research Institute was doing – an Mkultra project no less, run by Willis Harman. See Scientology Roots Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

This gives us yet another CIA/Scientology connection for the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.


So, while Eddie is bouncing around awaiting trial and sentencing and all that good stuff, Billy Mellon-Hitchcock (who had contracted the Charles Druce chemical firm to import large quantities of the chemical components of LSD) was putting together some financing for the Brotherhood of Eternal love. Together with George Grant Hoag, the heir to the J.C. Penney dry goods fortune, Hitchcock bankrolled the BEL to set up LSD and hashish production-marketing operations in Costa Rica in 1968.

Timothy Leary and Billy Hitchcock trippin’ on LSD at Millbrook.

Timothy Leary and Billy Mellon Hitchcock.

Members of the LSD arm of the Brotherhood working there met George Grant Hoag, the young heir to the J.C. Penney fortune, who owned a villa overlooking the ocean. He was returning to the U.S. and he told his new hippie friends they were welcome to stay at his place. They promptly moved in and set up a lab.

Some weeks later, federal narcotics agents checked in at the consulate on their way to raid the lab.

Before the agents had even left the building, word of the impending arrests was passed through the local grapevine. Impoverished locals stormed Hoag’s home, took all his possessions, and butchered his cattle on the spot. Hoag said later he had no idea the Brotherhood group was involved in acid making. He says the incident cost him half a million dollars.

Hoag isn’t being entirely truthful here, to put it mildly, he knew because of his connections to Hitchcock.

A young George Grant Hoag (the only pic of him I can find so far) – below right.


Earlier in the year, in mid-February 1968, Tim and Rosemary met with Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Stew Albert, Paul Krassner, Allen Katzman of The East Village Other, Bob Fass of WBAI radio, and others in a counterculture summit in Peggy Hitchcock’s penthouse apartment in New York. Time defined the political struggle as completely generational and declared, “Bolshevik bomb throwing was out. The new bombs were neurological. You don’t blow up the Czar’s palace. You blow minds.

(they didn’t want Johnson to accept the Democratic nomination)

LEARY: To the person over 35 or 40, the word “drug” means one of two things: doctor-disease or dope fiend-crime. Nothing you can say to a person who has this neurological fix on the word “drug” is going to change his mind. He’s frozen like a Pavlovian dog to this conditioned reflex. To people under 25, on the other hand, the word “drug” refers to a wide range of mind benders running from alcohol, energizers and stupefiers to marijuana and the other psychedelic drugs. To middle-aged America, it may be synonymous with instant insanity, but to most Americans under 25, the psychedelic drug means ecstasy, sensual unfolding, religious experience, revelation, illumination, contact with nature.

..LEARY: Because there have never been two generations of human beings so far apart living essentially in two different worlds, speaking two different languages as the people under 25 and the older generation. Evolutionary misunderstanding causes bloodshed and imprisonment.

….If, at the end of one year, the older generation has not taken advantage of this cease-fire, I predict and indeed urge a firm statement on the part of everyone involved that they intend to resume the use of psychedelics, to exercise their constitutional right to expand their own consciousness whatever the cost.

PLAYBOY: What do you say to the standard charge that LSD is too powerful and dangerous to entrust to the young?

LEARY: Well, none of us yet knows exactly how LSD can be used for the growth and benefit of the human being. It is a powerful releaser of energy as yet not fully understood. But if I’m confronted with the possibility that a 15-year-old or a 50-year-old is going to use a new form of energy that he doesn’t understand, I’ll back the 15-yearold every time. Why? Because a 15-year-old is going to use anew form of energy to have fun, to intensify sensation, to make love, for curiosity, for personal growth. Many 50-year-olds have lost their curiosity, have lost their ability to make love, have dulled their openness to new sensations, and would use any form of new energy for power, control and warfare.

So it doesn’t concern me at all that young people are taking time out from the educational and occupational assembly lines to experiment with consciousness, to dabble with new forms of experience and artistic expression.

The present generation under the age of 25 is the wisest and holiest generation that the human race has ever seen. And, by God, instead of lamenting, derogating and imprisoning them, we should support them, listen to them and turn on with them.

Playboy Interview: Timothy Leary


Wisest and Holiest? Oh sure.

Come on.

come on!.

As part of this ‘research’ project of where/how to manufacture the LSD for the chosen delivery vehicle (chosen by British and American intelligence and Vatican banking interests), in the spring of 1968 Hitchcock and Nick Sand journeyed to the Bahamas where they stayed at the mansion of Sam Clapp, chairman of the local Fiduciary Trust company. Clapp was a college buddie of Hitchock and they had been doing business for years. The two of them arranged for Nick Sand to open an account under a false name at Clapp’s bank.

Clapp was under investigation by the SEC and was barred by July 1968 as per the SEC News and Digest.


Note – Gloria Martica Clapp was a Cuban who had become a citizen of the Bahamas.

Fiduciary had ties to the IOS – Robert Vesco, which means it was a CIA cut-out bank. Bernie Cornfeld and Seymour Lazar were directors of both banks and they were also heavily invested in the Vesco/CIA network.

Hitchcock then turned around and poured 5 million (presumably some of which was Brotherhood drug money) into stocks at the Mary Carter Paint Company (aka Resorts International) on May 10, 1967. Besides that, Hitchcock also had his private account at the CIA front bank started by OSS man Paul Helliwell called Castle Bank and Trust.

  • Ref re: Hitchcock bank accounts – Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD by Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain

The principals of the Fiduciary Trust Company were Samuel Clapp, William Sayad (a Miami attorney) and Edward Cowerr. In 1968, after having invested in Mary Carter Paint, Clapp and Sayad entered consent decrees with the SEC for trading in unregistered shares of Mary Carter Paint stock. Subsequently, on March 1, 1971, Cowerr, also a principal in the Investors Overseas Service (I.O.S.), was barred by the SEC from engaging in the business of a broker-dealer for actions unrelated to Mary Carter Paint Company stock.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock had invested in Mary Carter and was suspended as a broker by the SEC for a whole ten days. Wow, some discipline that was, eh?

  • Ref – Resorts International Hotel, Inc., In the Matter of the Application for a Casino License, Cite As 10 N.J.A.R. 244, p. 25 of 51

But still, the heat was on. Accordingly, in the summer of ’68 Griggs and some of the Brothers suddenly up and moved their families onto the Forbes Ranch, near Idyllwild. – Sunshine and Sundown from The Brotherhood of Eternal Love and the Spread of Surf Mysticism by Kevin O’Sullivan.

Warren Hudson was a navy pilot and fellow operative together with scientologist Jerry McDonald. Hudson flew drugs into Arizona for Fassler who was Papa’s main U.S. network contact.

From my article The Strange History of the Scientology Ship Aries – Drugs, Murder and the CIA

To facilitate his escape to Mexico Padilla raised funds from various Brothers (like Lyle ‘Lyncho’ German) and other associates to gain entree with ‘Papa’.

Once successfully ‘in’ and escaped to Mexico, Padilla ran a hacienda for Perez. He oversaw the processing and distribution of the pot brought in by local farmers, which would include what was picked up in Culiacan by Warren Hudson.

You know – Jerry McDonald’s associate as scientology Guardian’s Office head Jane Kember ever so delicately put it.

Fassler was then the main U.S. connection of Perez’s drug operation where he pioneered the use of planes. (which no-one bothers to mention)

In 1968 Lawrence Allen Fassler headed a massive narcotics smuggling ring, with its base in Culiacan, Mexico. Marijuana was packaged in Mexico by a crew of 40-80 Nationals. The packaged contraband was ordinarily flown to Tucson, Arizona, and thereafter transported by truck to San Francisco, California, for sale. Fassler directed U. S. operations. The defendant, Gerald George Lawrence, Jr., was in charge of the Mexican packaging operation. Warren Hudson was the pilot for the organization, being responsible for flying the contraband from Mexico to Tucson from where it was generally trucked to San Francisco.


Culiacan is the biggest city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, which just happens to be where the Brotherhood of Eternal Love’s pot connection  – Pedro Aviles Perez “Papa” and his right-hand man (and later CIA asset) Rafael Caro Quintero  – had a lot of their business dealings.


quintero 1985


Shortly after this whole disruption of the Fassler network by the scientologists, toward the end of 1968 Hitchcock had been working closely with Johann F. Parravacini of the Parravacini Bank Ltd in Berne, Switzerland – another CIA and Vatican cut-out banker.

Together they funded even further expansion of the Caribbean-California LSD-hashish ventures in the Caribbean with funds provided by the Fiduciary Trust Co. (IOS – Vesco’s CIA cut-out bank).

In conjunction with J. Vontobel and Co. of Zurich, Hitchcock founded a corporation called 4-Star Anstalt in Liechtenstein. This company, employing “investment funds” (that is, drug receipts) from Fiduciary Trust, bought up large tracts of land in the Grand Bahamas as well as large quantities of ergotamine tartrate, the basic chemical used in the production of LSD (now being handled by Ron Stark and Nick Sand).

In early 1969, following his return from an Afganistan run, Travis Ashbrook was arrested at the ranch after picking up two surfboards packed with 40 pounds of hash at LAX.  Facing five years in prison, Ashbrook went on the run and spent the next eleven years underground. – Sunshine and Sundown

When Hitchcock was called to testify before the SEC regarding Fiduciary Trust he quickly shifted his money (which meant all the Brotherhood’s drug profits) into a series of new accounts (no names, just numbers) in the Paravacini Bank in Bern – a total of 67 million dollars funneled there.

But Charles Rumsey, Hitchcok’s bag man was stopped by Customs in the summer of 1969 with $100,000 in cash. Rumsey caved and revealed Hitchcock and that the money came from various Paravacini accunts. Customs then alerted the IRS.

Failing to head off an IRS battle, Hitchcock holed up at the Millbrook Estate.

  • Reference – Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD by Martin A. Lee, Bruce Shlain

August 3 – 1969

Griggs died, Brotherhood fractured and changed.

Eddie Padilla went on the run – making a beeline straight for Mexico where he ran a hacienda for Mexican Mafia and Drug Lord “Papa” Pedro Aviles, overseeing the processing and distribution of the pot brought in by local farmers.

After being busted in San Francisco with the biggest haul of Mexican weed ever captured by police there, he faced five to fifteen years in state prison at San Quentin. On the day he’d been told to report at the prison’s gates to begin serving his sentence, he crossed the border with Smitty and headed south to Sinaloa.

…“Padilla looked Mexican, so he was going to go to Mexico and score the weed for the trip [the boat trip plan]” Ashbrook says. Padilla’s mission: drive south to Guadalajara with Smitty and meet with the man who stood at the source of the marijuana smuggling empire that Brotherhood smugglers like David Hall and “Lyncho” German had been using for years. The enigmatic “Papa” [Pedro Aviles-Perez] was the biggest marijuana dealer in the rugged and largely lawless mountains along the coast of Sinaloa.

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou, p. 218

Enigmatic? Give me a break. Pedro was a mexican mafia drug lord. Plus, the Brotherhood had only been around since 1965/66 so “years” was actually only 3 or 4 at this point – the author makes it sound like decades or something and it wasn’t.

Brotherhood member David Hall, had been shipping Mexican weed into Laguna Beach from Mexico ever since he met Griggs – albeit on a small scale at first. Brotherhood member Lyle “Lyncho” German, who spoke Spanish, handled the actual purchases in Mexico. He started at the bottom end of the network with a police officer in Tijuana and gradually worked his way up to the top of Mexico’s burgeoning marijuana industry – ‘Papa” Pedro Aviles Perez, the undisputed kingpin of drugs in Mexico at that time, and also the first Godfather of the Mexican Mafia.

This had only happened in 1969, which was on the heels of the takedown of Lawrence Fassler’s network in 1969. Perez and the CIA needed a replacement for Fassler and the Brotherhood turned out to be it, and then by 1970 or so they were bringing in literally tons of marijuana from Perez’s crime syndicate.

So, after several misadventures, Padilla arrives in Sinaloa and the boat plan lived on –

For more than a year, he skimmed off the best bud and seeds. Meanwhile, he kept alive his dream of sailing to an island.

The dream came true when he and a few associates from the Brotherhood bought a 70-foot yacht in St. Thomas called the Jafje*. The Jafje met Padilla in the summer of 1970 in the busy port of Manzanillo. From there, it set sail for Maui.

*The name of the boat was the Aafje, not the Jafje.

– Pirate of Penance PDF of cached article 


The interesting thing about that Penance article I just quoted, is that it has the correct time reference for when the Aafje arrived to Hawaii (it’s final destination) which is kind of crucial in our time-line here. Others put it in May, but that doesn’t line up at all with other events.

The Aafje

The Aafje large

Her last somewhat documented owner before the Brotherhood – was described as a 6 foot 7 inch tall man who had it in Grenada in late 1969 early 1970 (prior to Travis Ashbrook of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug smuggling group buying it).

Since my original research I where that’s all I had, I have uncovered that this was Bob Gaylord. I discovered this recently as per a remembrance to broadcasting personality Herb Hartman.

As an avid boater, Herb taught himself celestial navigation. He also joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary as the 12th District Career Coordination Officer (AIM). He taught safe boating classes and navigation skills to numerous new boat owners. Herb also conducted courtesy inspections of (civilian) boats and aided in search and rescue operations in the Sacramento Delta. It was not unusual for Herb to tow distressed boaters to the nearest marina for repairs or refueling, all done as a volunteer and at personal expense.

In the early 60’s, in mid-February, he helped friends Captain Bob Gaylord, his wife Evelyn, and the paid hand, Tony, sail the sixty-foot-long schooner Aafje, back to California from Hawaii. Mid-way through the trip a horrendous and life threatening winter storm blew them off their course, leaving them close to the Aleutian Island chain near Alaska. They had to sail down the West Coast of Alaska, Canada, and the United States to return to the home port of San Francisco. The return trip took three weeks, one week longer than done under normal weather conditions.

The Caribbean Compass describes the Aafje while it’s in Grenada –

The first time I saw my “perfect boat”, Clover — a 60-foot English cutter launched in 1937 — she was at the end of the long dock at Grenada Yacht Services (GYS) in St. George’s Lagoon, Grenada. It was 1971. GYS in the early 1970s, before Grenada’s independence from Great Britain, was the yachting hub of the southern Caribbean, the South Pole in the Windwards to Antigua’s North Pole in English Harbour in the Leewards.

Or on a certain occasion, one could see a well-known yachtsman/psychologist/writer, living ashore in those days, a kindly host to one and all, sporting a “beaut” — a lovely black eye. We had taken an old chart of the Grenadines and drawn a grid on it. Any land or reef was marked in red. It had a wind rose, “wind-change” and “spinnaker” cards, and little toy boats as markers. You moved in turn, and the yacht race game we invented was as competitive as smash-face martial arts (you could blanket someone’s wind, causing them to lose their turn), as “Doctor Dementocould attest after the skipper of the schooner Aafje, standing six-foot-seven, took strenuous exception to one of his all-too-clever moves.


Here’s a weird connection for you. See that mention of “Dr. Demento”? Well, he shows up apparently mixed up the same circles as scientologist lawyer and founder of one of it’s first front groups – Jack Matonis and the Citizens Commission of Human Rights.

The Future of Freedom Conference: The Technology of Freedom, held at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB student union and Soroptimist House) May 8–10, 1981, drew an estimated crowd of 500.

Main speakers included the following:

Karl Hess, speechwriter for Senator Barry Goldwater and market anarchist; John Hospers, USC philosophy professor; Timothy Leary, psychologist, writer, advocate of psychedelic drugs and coauthor of The Psychedelic Experience; Robert LeFevre, author, TV/radio personality, founder of Rampart College and libertarian pacifist; Irwin Schiff, author, tax protester and author of The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You; Dennis Brown, California Assemblyman (R-Los Alamitos); Frank E. Fortkamp, professor of educational administration; Prof. David Friedman, anarcho-capitalist, physicist, economist and author of The Machinery of Freedom; Allan E. Harrison, author and educator; Samuel Edward Konkin III, agorist, market anarchist and author of New Libertarian Manifesto; John Joseph Matonis, tax-resistance attorney; Carl Nicolai, Electronic Engineer and inventor; Lowell Ponte, radio commentator and book reviewer for Los Angeles Times; Robert W. Poole, Jr., founder of the Reason Foundation; Fred Schnaubelt, San Diego city council member; Prof. Joyce Shulman, psychotherapist; Prof. Lee M. Shulman, clinical psychologist; George H. Smith, atheist, Objectivist and author of Atheism: The Case Against God; Shawn Steel, attorney and a founder of The Future of Freedom Conference.

Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen) performed as a conference highlight. Demento is famous for his KMET-syndicated radio show from Hollywood, California, “The Dr. Demento Show.” A self-described libertarian, Dr. Demento specializes in broadcasting novelty songs, comedy, and strange or unusual recordings.

Jack Matonis, a graduate of Temple University School of Law, has championed anti- government causes in court for over 15 years. Best known for his battles with the IRS, Matonis has also defended (high federal court) freedom of religion, opposition to the draft, rights of mental patients, and the rights of consumers to use vitamins.


That guy Dr.Demento sure gets around, don’t he? Always in all the wrong right places.

So anyways…as we said, where the Aafje was when BEL member Travis Ashbrook bought it was in the Carribean (Grenada). Grenada is over by Curacao, and the Virgin Islands.

Now, besides the fact that Ashbrook had ties into Hitchock and Robert Vesco and all that Caribbean funny business going on,  Curacao, as luck would have it, is where Vatican and CIA men had a number of offshore money-laundering operations going on to launder Chinese white heroin profits. In two previous segments (#1 and #2) concerning Vatican involvement in this arena, I went into a lot of detail about that. The brief version is that this 1969 time period is exactly when Michael Sindona, Vatican banker, begin working very closely with an American bishop (who would later become an Archbishop) – catholic Paul Marcinkus.

Several sources say that the Aafje arrived in Mexico in March of 1970, but that doesn’t line up with our timeline of where Eddie was, and more importantly, where Ashbrook was.

Vern “Smitty” smith (the pill-popping carpenter who worked on building Mystic Arts World) and Eddie Padilla helped Travis Ashbook prepare the Aafje for the trip through the Panama Canal and up Mexico’s Pacific coast – and they hired Brit Malcolm Chambers to be the skipper even though he had never undertaken an ocean voyage of this magnitude (meaning going to Hawaii from Mexico).

“He had never been a skipper but knew how to be one,” Ashbrook says. “I didn’t know him really well, but he was a cool guy and took psychedelics.”

Swell plan there Ashbrook.

church lady pursed face.

Ashbrook, even though he arranged everything had no intention of being on the boat. He saw his role in the project as masterminding the scam – the pickup of the Aafje began where it had been moved for overhaul – St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

After the Aafje was loaded up with its marijuana haul (a ton of high-quality Mexican marijuana dubbed “Lightning Bolt,” the clones of which, when planted on Maui, became the legendary “Maui Wowie” strain) they set sail for Hawaii.

Travis Ashbrook had been waiting for them in Maui for two weeks. A trip that should have taken a month was now much longer, and he was worried. Malcolm, had messed up the navigation (because the boat had no functioning navigational equipment) and they had ended up hundreds of miles off course. The other Brotherhood members were pissed, and tied him up in the crows nest for a while because of it! They eventually got it figured out, and finally arrived in Hana, Maui. – my article

Travis Ashbrook had only arrived in Maui approximately July 23, and had been waiting two weeks for the Aafje so it couldn’t have arrived in May. Because, you see, Ashbrook’s timeline is what actually pins things done.

First of all, after the Aafje arrived, it was “A week later, on July 30, 1970, Hendrix played a free concert on the slopes of the Haleakala Volcano that served as the centerpiece of Rainbow Bridge.” – Orange Sunshine page 242

The Hendrix concert was at Seabury Hall, a private Episcopal college prep school in Makawao, Hawaii, founded in 1964.

seabury_hall jimi hendrix hawaii

What did happen in May 1970, was that Producer Wein had gone to Maui to film brotherhood members surfing – Hynson for example – Ashbrook and the Aafje were not there yet.

Secondly, Travis Ashbrook said “I didn’t leave the island for eleven months.” and he left in June of 1971, again pinning down his “waiting” for the Aafje as being July.

One of the reasons this is important is because literally to-the-day of when the Aafje was known to have arrived in Maui with it’s haul of pot – on July 16, 1970, scientologist, undercover intelligence agent and Guardian’s Office operative Jerry McDonald was arrested for carrying guns and drugs aboard his ship the Makaira.

Jerry and his fellow scientology Sea Organization buds even had a ‘base’ down in Baja California, in Rosarita, not far from where BEL member Lyle “Lyncho” German was dealing with the bottom end of the Pedro Aviles-Perez network in Tijuana.

rosarito, mexico

Considering what had just happened with the Aafje and its ton of pot, you can see why there was this ‘suspicion’ about the Makaira. The Makaira was part of another black intelligence drug-smuggling operation sanctioned by Ron Hubbard and run by Terry Milner, it was concurrent with the hashish smuggling fiasco involving scientologist and key brotherhood member David Mantell.

If you look at the news articles I assembled relating to the arrest of scientologist Jerry McDonald and the Makaira ship carrying tons of guns (particularly the later-dated ones) you’ll see some names – those are Brotherhood members and at least two of their names show up on Scientology completions lists – Kenneth Connell and Dave Mantell, with Dave still doing services in the 90’s under Miscavige, apparently!

Example –

The Times (San Mateo, California) December 17, 1970, Thursday, p. 15; Scheme to Rescue Americans From Crete Jail is Disclosed



Dave was one of the main guys in the Brotherhood, and Terry Milner already had tight ties with the Brotherhood through his communicator Grace-Marie Haddy and her connections into the Grateful Dead, as well as Jerry McDonald and his connections into the Mexican Mafia and drug-running.

– Image from page 79 of Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


As you can see, David Mantell is one of the top Brotherhood of Eternal Love members and at this point in time he is working directly with Ronald Stark, CIA agent, while scientologists Terry Milner and Jerry McDonald are working with CIA agent Terrence Burke who paradoxically, is supposedly working to bust the Brotherhood.

Terry also had a third similar operation shortly after this Makaira one, involving the first scientology “Clear” John McMasters and two other scientologists, Ken Rains and Ron Gates.

McMasters stated he hopes to work with a Ken Rains, Laguna Beach, California, in establishing and maintaining a ‘Freedom From Addiction’ center.

Gates asked me how to go about establishing a drug rehabilitation center for treatment of youth on drugs with processing.

Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates still profess the benefits of auditing but feel it does not have to be done inside Scientology.

– Taken from my article Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse Scientologys Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement Goes Deeper – Terry Milner letter about John McMaster to the FDA in the fall of 1971, found in the recently declassified FDA records  – in Cd #3, Vol 16 of 18 PDF, starting on page 221 approximately. Here’s a PDF of the relevant document scans – 253144726-FDA-Scientology-investigation-John-Mcmaster-1

Ken Rains was also a brotherhood of eternal love member apparently.

brotherhood of eternal love tapestry.

He is listed as scientology Clear #120 in Auditor magazine #19 from 1966. Terry Milner was #5, so he would have known Ken Rains there at Hubbard’s Saint Hill Organization in England where the first clears were ‘made’.

Rains is also identified by Alan Walter as former staff of the Church of Scientology in Hawaii – John Starr Cooke’s stomping grounds. Cooke was a CIA asset who helped funnel money to and through Hubbard’s Dianetic Research Foundation way back in 1950, he was also Hubbard’s first clear before he created scientology.

Rains is listed as being ‘out’ of scientology.

He was a metal sculpture artist (among other things) when he was living with John McMaster and Ron Gates. His work was displayed down the street from the Brotherhood’s Mystic Arts World, at Metal Mania (just across the street from Hotel Laguna).

Terry Milner also wrote to the FDA in 1971:

Mr. Ron Gates has recently been released from prison on charges of drug peddling.


We should all say thank you Terry, for providing an actual factual (and important) piece of information there, because Clyde Ronald Gates was engaged in drug peddling as a Brotherhood of Eternal Love member. However, much like Terry’s relationship with happy-fun-fun CIA agent and asset Jerry McDonald and breaking-bad CIA man Terrence Burke, things aren’t quite what they appear on the surface.

Terrence Burke (enter) mucking around over in hashish land (Turkey)

hunting-dari-ajar terry brooke.

Terry actually verifies his relationship with Gates (although not named) and his ‘bust’ in an affidavit that I documented in my post titled: Scientology D/Guardian for Intelligence Terry Milner Claims He Brought Down Drug Ring.

Agent Joel Taylor from the U.S. Justice Department had commended Terry (in a letter) for his role in helping them to ‘obtain prosecutions”. Terry then added additional information in an affidavit.

During the year 1971 [Terry gives the wrong year for some strange reason, it was 1970] a number of individuals involved in a large scale narcotics smuggling operation were arrested. These individuals attempted to link the Church of Scientology with their activities. It is felt that perhaps their motives were related to the Church’s drug rehabilitation programs.

[Note: Terry is going to try to hide that he was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence for the Church, and that this was his job anyway. He tries to position himself as just being a ‘private investigator’ hired by the Church. That is a point-blank lie]

The Board of Directors of the Church requested that I conduct an extensive investigation into the matter at the same time giving me leave to use their considerable resources as necessary. Their concern was directed to insuring that neither the Church nor its drug rehabilitation programs suffered a loss of repute. They also requested that I liaise with appropriate law enforcement, in this case Mr. Joel Taylor, so that effective use of information gained could be made.

I conducted the required investigation with the end result being that key members of the drug smuggling operation were arrested. Over four and one half tons of narcotics were seized in two separate raids. A number of these individuals are still in prison.

Due to the nature of the above statements it is desired that the information contained in this affidavit be held in confidence.


The reason Terry is going on about ‘drug rehabilitation programs’ is because Narconon had only just been incorporated in 1970 and was covertly run by the very Guardian’s Office that Terry headed the U.S. branch of. In fact, it was Terry’s direct senior – Henning Heldt – that had done this. See Part 5: Thou Art Punished of my Scientology and Synanon series for more about all that.

Terry is lying through his teeth about what he was really doing and why, but he is being factual about the smuggler arrests. The thing is though, scientologist and both CIA/Guardian’s Office agent Jerry McDonald, got arrested for running drugs and guns using scientology sea organization ships and he walked.

makaira 2 San_Bernardino_County_Sun guns makaira scientology sea orgFor news articles and documentation concerning Jerry and his walking off scott-free, see this post too.


Gates got a slap on the hand in 1970 just like Jerry comparatively, as did two other key figures in the Brotherhood like Keith Hynson and John Gale. All of which either didn’t even got to jail or got out in a matter of months and were then used in a next-gen criminal enterprise that was even worse.

Despite a later investigation (and the really BIG crackdown on the Brotherhood in 1972) that revealed that Gates was indeed a brotherhood member who was using false passports (and was actually engaging in a NEW drug operation by that the time) – nothing happens to him then either.

On page 34, Special Agent Strange was asked to provide a list of brotherhood members who are believed to have obtained multiple passports falsely identifying themselves. A list of brotherhood members believed to have obtained one or more passports under assumed names follows:

The Brotherhood—Master List (Passport) April 18, 1973

p. 85

Secured PPT # B 1347656 at Los Angeles 7/9/71 (in that name).
Secured PPT # B 1753065 at Los Angeles 7/29/71 (in the name of Gates, Ronald Thomas )
Status.—Under investigation.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973; p. 83


It appears that either Gates’s real name is John Friend or…and this is what I think it is…he’s a deep cover NOC agent and he has more than one identity in play – more than even this committee knew about. John Friend is not a real name either, is what I’m saying.

The ‘under investigation’ status turns out to have been a euphemism because they never did anything at all with that even though they had supposedly arrested Ronald Gates a year earlier. But, they don’t know who he is and need to investigate???

Drug busts such as Jerry McDonald and the Makaira, Ron Gates etc., were often arranged in order to take attention off of the fact that the drug-running was actually being allowed. Mexico is a fabulous example.

Right around the time that Ron Gates had been arrested and freed with hardly any time served, the other end of the drug pipeline (the supplier Pedro Aviles Perez and his government connections) were helping President Nixon put on a nice show for the ‘kids’, the gullible and naive rest of us (as they love to think we are).

Time Magazine – World: Pursuit of the Poppy 9/14/1970 – excerpted

In Mexico, police gave President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz some good news to take to President Nixon.

When the two men sat down to talk at Coronado, Calif., last week, Díaz Ordaz could tell the President that in recent days his agents had arrested 43 smugglers, confiscated 7.2 tons of marijuana and burned four large poppy fields.

These recent successes are the result of the Nixon Administration’s diligent effort to enlist other countries in the American battle against drugs.


The San Bernardino County Sun, Sunday August 30, 1970, 2 parts, titled: 5 Caught with $670,000 Hashish Load.

“The two cases illustrate the effectiveness of the increasing international cooperation against narcotics smuggling,” Attorney General John N. Mitchell and Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy said in a joint statement issued in Washington.

Well, that sounds all truly heroic and everything, but for one minor detail. David M. Kennedy’s ties into special Vatican banking and all manner of back-channel support of the burgeoning drug industry. As to head of the U.S. Justice Department Attorney General John N. Mitchell? He never prosecuted a single CIA agent or asset even though he knew – they had a ‘special’ arrangement to not prosecute any of their gun-running and drug smuggling operations or operatives.

I guess we’re supposed to just overlook that.

nevermind final.

That’ll do it for now, I need to sort out the next part.


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  1. Why don’t you update this? The quantities of RC’s pouring out of China and India are orders of magnitude larger than what happened in the 1960’s…….


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