I actually only came across this recently quite unexpectedly when I was looking for something else.

In the comments section of Mark Rathbun’s blog of Mark’s post titled: Miscavige Black Ops Squad Hits Corpus Christi (September 10, 2010) Mark Fisher had said:

Mark Fisher | September 10, 2010 at 2:57 am | Reply

Lebow has been used and around since 1990 when he was sent to spy on us in Las Vegas. How about posting his photo on your blog and list out all the criminal and devious actions he has been involved in so that anyone reading the blog knows who he is and what he looks like so that they can ignor him when he shows up to harrass. He is a paid merchant of evil and you know as well as anyone that he has much dirty laundry in his personal closet. Needs to be exposed to the light for all to see.

Article on the St Pete times has a picture:

Dirty deeds not done dirt cheap:

About a year later, Mark did another post titled: “Our Goal Is To Make Marty’s Life A Living Hell”

(Note: here’s a PDF screenshot of the page, just in case)

In the comments section, Mike Rinder posted the following –

mrinder | August 7, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Here is some public records information on David Lubow (Dave Statter/Stutter) and Falcon Industries dba Falcon Business Services

Mother’s Maiden Name: STOWE
Birth Date: 03/23/1962
Birth County: LOS ANGELES
Married: 07/05/1981 County: LOS ANGELES
Bride: BANNON MARY E Age: 19
Groom: LUBOW DAVID J Age:19
State PI License # 24394


Filing Number: 02706238 File Date: 10/01/2004 Foreign State: WASHINGTON
Most Recent Statement of Officers Statement #: E638813 Statement Date: 10/12/2008
Mailing Address: FALCON INDUSTRIES 9116 E SPRAGUE AVE #165, SPOKANE, WA 99206
President: DAVID LUBOW 9116 E SPRAGUE AVE #165, SPOKANE, WA 99206
Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: E438643 Statement Date: 07/29/2007
Mailing Address: 23404 LYONS AVE STE 401, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91321
Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: 0408273 Statement Date: 09/02/2005
Mailing Address: 16217 KITTRIDGE ST, VAN NUYS, CA 91406
Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: 0473105 Statement Date: 10/12/2004
Mailing Address: 19425 SOLEDAD CYN RD STE B-105, SANTA CLARITA, CA 91351
President: DAVID LUBOW 9116 EAST SPRAGUE AVE STE 165, SPOKANE, WA 99206-3601
Previous Statement of Officers Statement #: INITIAL FILING Status: ACTIVE FTB

The current Washington corporation records website shows this company is STILL active in Spokane and the address listed is owned by Karen Lucas and is one of those mailbox places.



UBI Number 601649430
Category REG
Profit/Nonprofit Profit
Active/Inactive Active
State of Incorporation WA
WA Filing Date 08/09/1995
Expiration Date 08/31/2016
Inactive Date
Duration Perpetual


Note the filing date of 1995. The only scientology activity in our area here at that time, that would even vaguely relate to needing a PI cut-out and all around dirty kind of guy like Lebow would have been the big scientologist-run insurance adjusting company that had recently opened an office in Spokane – not far away from where Lebow incorporated Falcon Industries, come to think of it. If you look at the map of where his “address” is, that’s only a few blocks or so away.

It was just 3 years later that we began exposing the fraudulent (and very expensive) six month checks that were being imposed on high-level scientologists.

I have asked Mike Rinder twice now, and I assume he has received the messages since he has answered others, about what he knows about black ops being run on us and our family/friends etc.

He has not responded.

But now I know who he and the Church was using in the area to run the vicious ops on us, and in fact, something I never really revealed in detail, apparently I even had Lubow as a very weird neighbor trying to get me to go ride his horse with him (two on the same horse) and acting very strangely towards us, asking weird questions and so on. I realized who he was when I saw the pictures of him, and Mike recognized him too.

Now, considering what was tried to be done to my girls, how could you ever explain to the world (or live down) trying to turn someone’s children into adulterers, prostitutes, and druggie-alcoholic gamblers as part of some vendetta against their parents?


You can’t.


– – –

Let’s take things even deeper now, concerning this Lebow connection that Mike Rinder obviously knew about.

First, here’s three videos (apologies for the poor quality, that’s how they were) of Lebow in approximately 2013 apparently surveilling etc., Mike Rinder.




Next –

See where Mark Fisher talks about that Lebow had infiltrated him and others at a mortgage company in Las Vegas? Well, that also connects in to another man who up and moved to our area after we left the Church – Keith Fozzard.

Keith was involved in the local operations against our family, obviously working with David Lebow. Keith, a Class VIII auditor and long-time scientologist who also had a history of working as an agent for Guardian’s Office intelligence operations, had worked for my husband Mike McClaughry when he was the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence at the San Francisco Church of Scientology in the 1970’s.

keithcloseKeith Fozzard in the 1980’s

In the 1970’s, when Keith Fozzard worked for me as an agent, I used him in both capacities – as a spy and an agent provocateur, depending on the situation.

Keith was a former merchant marine, and a diamond smuggler who had been arrested and jailed in Japan for a year. I now believe that this is when he was approached to be utilized as a CIA asset, thereupon obtaining his early release from the Japanese prison. The Japanese insisted that as part of his early release, there be an agreement that he never return to Japan.

Keith also worked with Don Alverzo (real name Jeff Marino) the Guardian’s Office agent that infiltrated Paulette Cooper using the false name “Jerry Levin”.  Keith did not work with him on that operation, this was after Alverzo/Marino was back in Los Angeles working at the intelligence bureau at the United States Guardian’s office.

Keith had originated bringing me lockpicks one time, when I did not ask him for any such thing.

Later on, Alverzo/Marino was trying to lock-pick the door of the U.S. Coast Guard office in Los Angeles, my seniors ordered me to send Keith Fozzard down from San Francisco to L.A. to help “Don Alverzo”  lock-pick the Coast Guard office door.

The interesting thing that I have never mentioned before, is that I never told my seniors (or put in writing) anything about Keith’s Lock-picking expertise, so how did they know that about him?

This leads me to believe that he obviously had a separate connection to people in the intelligence branch headquarters at U.S.G.O that I was never privy to. Makes me wonder what else he was involved in that I didn’t know about…and who told him to bring me lockpicks.

Both Keith and Jeff Marino had numerous underworld connections (who in turn had CIA connections) and it is now obvious to me that Keith may have trained Jeff in lock-picking, which is probably why Jeff asked for him when he was having trouble with the Coast Guard office.

Keith then moved to L.A. to do the scientology training called the Briefing Course, and was probably picked up and utilized by Alverzo/Marino as an agent down there doing operations that I never heard about.

– Mike McClaughry


According to former Guardian’s Office agent Merrell Vannier in his book Arrows In The Dark – Don Alverzo (Jeff Marino) became a sort of “lock pick” guru after that.

Page 218 –


Page 219 –


Note: Vannier was also employed at the same business that I mentioned earlier in this post.

Although my husband had left scientology’s intelligence community in the early 1980’s, Keith continued his agent status with the new intelligence branch of OSA.

For example, Keith went to Colorado Springs “to open a restaurant” as if that was the only reason he was there – it wasn’t. He gives lame cover stories for why he moves places, like he said why he moved on top of us here in the Spokane area after we left the church is because “he met a girl once here and had fond memories.”

My husband visited him once when he was in Colorado Springs, and Keith wouldn’t let him stay in his house at night  which really stood out to Mike as odd behavior on his part. He told Mike to sleep in the garden shed – I assume because he was afraid Mike might stumble onto something that would reveal what he was really doing there in Colorado.

That reminds me, Colorado Springs and that area is where a number of ‘exes’ seem to go for some strange reason, including Mike Rinder and Terry Milner’s brother Rick and his wife Nancy. (Terry is who supervised the black ops on Paulette Cooper).

BUT, Keith was also involved with spying on/infiltrating the scientologist mortgage company in Las Vegas (run by ex top-officials of the Church).

I’ll let Mark Fisher, who was there, describe some of the background here.

From his facebook

I met with Janis and Paul Grady in California where they were staying with her brother.  Shortly thereafter, Janis’s sister Terri [Gamboa] and her husband Fernando, who had blown the Sea Org a few months before, joined us in California.   They had been living and working in Miami, Florida since leaving.

I knew Paul Grady personally, he had worked in External Communications in Clearwater, and was my senior briefly when I was in the Sea Org there and when I was married to Bill Rhodes (from 1978 to 1983).

We decided we wanted to go into business together doing something.  What? We were not sure.

[…] Before too long, Terri had contacted a Scientology public friend of hers that she knew through her job as the Executive Director of Author Services in LA.   His name was Steve Goldfield.   He had been a wealthy Scientology public and had his own Mortgage Broker Company in the LA area that was closed down due to partner disputes that also involved Scientology justice actions.   Steve was disenchanted with Scientology and the management that was going on and was willing to help us get on our feet.

He was moving from Colorado to Las Vegas where he was partnering with someone to open a mortgage company.  He would love to have us all come along with him and he would teach us the mortgage business.   We had no experience whatsoever, but Steve said we could learn quickly and we could all make a lot of money.

So in December 1990, Terri, Fernando and I moved to Las Vegas to start working with Steve and his wife at his new mortgage company, called City Mortgage.   Janis, who was pregnant at the time, and Paul Grady joined us a few weeks later after Paul finished some construction work he was doing.

We tried to keep expenses low since we didn’t have a lot of money; so the 5 of us moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in Las Vegas.   I slept on the pull out bed in the living room every night.

The mortgage business was much different back in 1991.  There were far fewer lenders at that time and we mainly concentrated on using private investor money to fund mortgages for home owners and builders.  This was Steve Goldfield’s specialty.

Eventually, we reconnected with Kenny Lipton and invited him to join us in Las Vegas too.

We all worked hard and tried out best.   The commission structure in those days was very low and it was difficult to make very much money.

Our New Employee and Friend

As the company started to grow, City Mortgage ran ads to hire more Loan Officers.   That is when a guy answered the ad and was hired by the company.

Meet Dave Lubow.   He was a friendly guy and said that he just moved from Southern California to find work and make money in Las Vegas.   He had a wife and son still living in California who would eventually join him in Vegas.

What we didn’t know at the time, was that Dave Lubow was a Private Investigator hired by Scientology to go undercover and spy on us and our new company.  This was done on the orders of David Miscavige (DM) and carried out by Marty Rathbun who was in charge of all Legal affairs for Scientology at the time, working directly for DM.

DM was extremely interested in what we were all doing together in Las Vegas.  I had been his right hand assistant for almost 7 years, Terri Gamboa worked directly for DM for years as the Executive Director of Author Services which handled all of L. Ron Hubbard’s personal business affairs and previously as part of Special Unit handling the corporate and legal mess after the Guardian’s Office was taken over in the early 80s.

Janis and Terri were two of the originals Messengers for L. Ron Hubbard and the daughters of Yvonne Gillham/Jentzsch who was the founder of the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.  Paul Grady and Kenny Lipton had been long time senior executives in the Sea Org.  We had all just recently left Scientology and the main reason was our disagreements with David Miscavige, his abuse of staff and the direction he was taking Scientology.

We did not find out until years later that DM sent in the Private Investigator to spy on us, following an earlier successful operation Rathbun had set up to spy on someone who DM ousted from Scientology after the death of LRH.

Here is a portion of a video interview Marty Rathbun gave to the St. Petersburg Times newspaper in 2009 after he left Scientology due to the abuses of David Miscavige.   In this section, Marty details how the spying was set up and why it was done.



This is pretty obviously the same mortgage company where Keith had been sent in on – something apparently these people never even knew about. Keith had told Mike that he was working for a scientologist mortgage company in Las Vegas in the 1990’s, and this was the only one that was there at that time.

City_Mortgage_-_scientology– City Mortgage –
David Lubow, top right (the OSA agent) from left, Terri and Fernando Gamboa, non-Scientologist Jack Trostle and Janis Grady.


Note: It is this photo (see below) that I recognize the man who was playing at being some hero on horseback that I was supposed to ride off in the sunset with or some such ridiculousness.



Yep, that was him alright. That would have been around 2002/2003 that he was renting the house up the street from me, only a year or so after the ops had began on my children.

Mark Rathbun documents (in that Tampa Bay article series) that he knew about Lebow being an agent in on that mortgage company, so I would think he would have known about Keith Fozzard and about Lebow’s ops on us here in the Spokane area. Mike Rinder, as the head of OSA, would definitely have known.

Despite exposing Lebow and his operation in Vegas, noone has ever exposed Keith Fozzard as in on this same black operation of David Miscavige’s.

It gets worse.

Right when Keith Fozzard up and moves to Spokane (next to us) in 2000, just before the ops started on my children, two people that also worked for that mortgage company had moved here – Cheryl and Gene Decheff.

gene_and_cheryl_ft_myers_fl_jan_2010pic from 2010

Scientologist Cheryl Decheff, just happened to also have just moved to Spokane and just happened to become the regional manager of the store where one of my children was transferred to and offered a better job just after that.

Here’s a screenshot of her resume that a friend of mine found some years back.


cheryl_decheff_resume cheryl_decheff_resume_001

Here’s Gene Decheff, who had also worked at City Mortgage, who also just happens to show up in support of the “Independent Scientologists” right at the very beginning of that operation, in 2009.

Thursday, 22 October 2009 16:29

Gene Decheff’s Story

I have told my story of leaving the Gold/Int base at various times to various people over the last 19 years and decided to put it out there for anyone who is interested. I also decided to refuse to be intimidated, and use my real name, as the story makes it obvious who I am anyway. I have also already been part of an investigation by a private investigator sent by the Church and they found nothing. This is a factual account of my experience, not an attack on the Church or anyone in it. The Church should have nothing to fear from the truth of what occurred.

In the fall of 1990 I was a Gold staff member working in Estates after getting off the RPF for the third time. My wife had been approved for RTC after several successful years as CO CMO IXU in PAC.  […]

Written by Gene Decheff

And where did they all (the main “Independent” people) meet up together previously to start all this? In Colorado, where Keith Fozzard had been.

Steve_Hall,_Marty_Rathbun,_Mike_Rinder,_Dan_Koon,_Geir_Isene_-_the_Marty_PartySteve Hall, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Dan Koon, Geir Isene



And here’s Cheryl and Gene, a year later (2010) being all buddy-buddy with Mick Wenlock, a prominent poster (and a moderator back then, I believe) at the Ex-Scientologist message board.



Mick is another internet personality that pretty much never fails to publicly trash my husband and I on the internet – for years now, all the way up to this year, when he helped get us banned.

After we could no longer respond to their (and my son, who is still in the clutches of an OSA operation) continued spurious attacks on us, he participated with others there who began trying to trash my father who had only just recently been declared suppressive by the church just for refusing to disconnect from me!

Here’s an example from 2015 –




I want to also bring your attention to that besides calling us losers, and positioning us as crazy homeless persons (typical of operative black propaganda about us) in that esmb post, look at what he’s answering.

My father, who did nothing to scientology, just lives his life and loves and supports his daughter – just after my husband and I start pounding away with exposes of what really is the deal with scientology? He gets secretly declared a suppressive (they never told him, I found out about it online) and then his long-term job was targeted first, which he lost, and then that same year he was targeted with an IRS audit that just happened to have been accidentally on purpose set up for by a scientologist accountant out of Greenberg and Jackson, who reversed a large number in a particular portion of his tax return that quite literally (by the IRS’s own rules) would immediately guarantee his return would be audited.


If these people, like Mick Wenlock, were not operatives, or under the thumb of one – what should you expect to see them respond like for what was done to my father?

The very things you see them jump up and down and yell about when it happens to other people – other than us, that is.

The fact that you don’t see this response from people like Mick, or Mike Rinder, etc. etc., raises some fairly ugly questions as to who’s really who around here.


Virginia McClaughry

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