The reason I call this Red Bible Take Two is because of what the previous red bible was all about – it was a disinformation campaign designed to throw the source of America’s problems off the British and Vatican slavemasters and onto ‘the communists” – which was pretty much their invention in the first place. A controlled opposition, in other words.

Scientology’s actions (because of Ron Hubbard being involved in political action for the CIA) are a kind of Red Bible activity simply updated for modern audiences. Enuf said.

– – –


The same year (1966) that Hubbard wrote about turning auditors into ministers he also wrote –

Churches are looked upon as reform groups. Therefore we must act like a reform group.


Scientology’s Auditor magazine #127 (1976) gives a very good example of the PR positioning the Guardian’s Office had been tasked to engage in.

Showing scientology to be about ‘social rehabilitation’ – aka Social Engineering.

. auditor 127 1976 social rehabilitation front groups scientology.

auditor 127 1976 social rehabilitation front groups scientology 2.

Narconon was the first front group formed as a ‘social reform’ group by Ron Hubbard and scientology, followed by a number of others including CCHR (Citizens Commision on Human Rights).

It is the formation of CCHR that is the focus of my post today.

For those who follow our blog, you probably saw my post about an attorney named John J. Matonis who featured prominently in the bizarre tale of Otto Koehler Jr. who had been locked up in a mental hospital by his mother to keep him way from the family fortune (Pearl Brewery).

He is featured in this same Auditor magazine –

Photo is L-R: Rev. Heber Jentzsch, Lou Haas (Aide to Senator Alan Cranston). Nancy Hochman (National
Director of CCHR) and Don Arnow (Regional Chairman of CCHR).

auditor 127 1976 heber matonis cchr.

At the time, CCHR was working to get a portion of a Senate Bill One changed, and was also exposing money-oriented incarceration of black patients in South Africa.

Over 100,00 signatures from U.S. citizens have been collected and presented to U.S. senators through CCHR activity, asking that Subchapter 36(B) of controversial Senate Bill 1, which would allow anyone to be incarcerated in a mental institution without a hearing or due process of law, be stricken from the bill.

In their continuing struggle to bring a decent level of human rights to mental patients, a chapter of CCHR in South Africa recently exposed that privately owned mental institutions there had netted a cool $10 million in 1975 from forcing state mental patients, most of them black, to live and work in slave labor camp conditions. “Patients” are committed there by examination of a district surgeon, after being picked up for such reasons as “wandering at large,” “acting abnormally” or “because of a

– scientology Auditor magazine #127


Under the section – Sane Treatment for Mental Patients – we see the following:

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) was formed in 1969 by Rev. Kenneth Whitman and attorney John J. Matonis, to free a 35 year old Hungarian refugee from Haverford State Hospital in Pennsylvania. The refugee, Victor Gyory, unable to speak English, was being given electro-convulsive therapy against his will. Securing his release led to further investigation into human experimentation, involuntary commitment, barbaric psychiatric treatments and the desperate need for reform in the mental health field.


The interesting thing about this – well, actually there are several – not the least of which is notice that is a different story of who formed CCHR than what the current church management spreads but the most interesting thing about this story is something you don’t see in this article, or in fact anywhere.

No one has ever revealed (before now) that this particular adventure involved espionage. That is something I just recently figured out – that the Guardian’s Office had actually planted at least two scientologists as intelligence agents operating within this Haverford place.

But, let’s back up and look at this Matonis character more closely.

Who was he?


His full name was John Joseph Matonis aka “Jack” and he was born on June 7, 1936, and died February 7, 1995 at only 58 years old.

He was a scientologist, and not just any old scientologist. He’s listed as a CLEAR in the 2006 From Clear to Eternity Newsletter.

In 1968, Matonis spoke at the American Trial Lawyers convention concerning the ‘troubles’ scientology (not named) had been having gaining FOIA documents.

Salt Lake Tribune, August 7, 1968 –


The 1966 Freedom of Information Law was designed to clear away senseless impediments.. But an act without application is meaningless. And mounting complaints indicate government information is no freer for the asking than it was before 1966. A District of Columbia lawyer recently added more evidence. John J. Matonis told the convention of the American Trial Lawyers Association that too many federal agencies obey the law only after they have forced those seeking information to obtain a court order – a long, often expensive process.

Note: He’s listed by Omar Garrison (Hidden Story of Scientology, p. 226) as actually being the chairman of the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Practically as soon as the FOIA act went into effect – supposedly trying to find ‘files’ against scientology within the U.S. government – the Guardian’s office had begun filing FOIA requests.

The FOIA act, the scene there with what the Guardian’s Office was doing, isn’t quite as simple as it might first appear. I go into that in quite some detail over in this post which I highly suggest you read if you haven’t already.

The Guardian’s Office had literally just been formed in March of 1966, the FOIA act was passed July 4th of that same year but had an effective date of one year after the date it was passed so it didn’t actually go into effect until July of 1967. President Johnson had actively opposed the bill during the previous several years of congressional hearings about the need for a disclosure law (typical slavemaster puppet that he was) but in the end he was forced to have to pretend to be ‘enthusiastic’ about it when public pressure rose to such levels that there was no stopping it.

So, you see, there’s scientologist John Matonis just a year after the FOIA had gone ‘live’ and he was right in the thick of demanding disclosure of government files (about scientology, or in scientology’s interest).Cover story…

Ron Hubbard wasn’t concerned with ‘attacks’ on scientology, that was just a cover story he fed to his followers – including the Guardian’s office. He was concerned that there may be items in government files that would tie him to the CIA as an active CIA agent conducting political warfare operations.

That’s what he was concerned with.


As was the CIA, understandably so, they certainly didn’t want that known.

For documentation of Hubbard’s CIA (and prior OSS/British intelligence) background, see these posts –

‘Political Action’ as per Hubbard’s handler Miles Copeland (CIA NOC agent) included anything from lobbying to assassination, from propaganda and financial “aid” to dissuasion which was quite a euphemism for what was essentially terrorizing someone. In scientology you would recognize it’s ugly head in the Fair Game policy about attacking those who ‘attack’ scientology – a policy which happened to be written right around this same time period of the FOIA.

Matonis next appears on our radar in March of 1969, speaking before the South African Commission of Inquiry into scientology.

A month later, on March 28, 1969, the South African Government appointed a nine-member Commission of  Inquiry into Scientology, under the chairmanship of G. P. C. Kotze, a former Supreme Court judge.

…Among the foreign witnesses who spoke on Scientology’s behalf were Dr. Thomas S. Szasz, noted psychiatrist upon whose unique work I have drawn heavily in the preceding pages; John J. Matonis, chairman of the American Trial Lawyers Association; Prof. Harold Kaufman, a lawyerpsychiatrist of Washington, D.C.; Dr. Edward Hamlyn, a British physician, specializing in psychosomatic illnesses; and David B. Gaiman, Deputy Guardian of the Church of Scientology (World Wide), East Grinstead.

The evidence given by these expert witnesses from abroad was unequivocal and outspoken. For that reason, it stirred interest and was fully reported in the press.

…Mr. Matonis upset the commissioners’ comfortable conclusion that Scientology was not a religion by citing the case of Aaron Barr, a young ministerial student whom a New York Court of Appeal had granted exemption from military service on the ground that he was a duly ordained Scientology minister.

– Omar Garrison Hidden Story of Scientology, Chapter 10 –


Note that the above shows that Dr. Szasz and John J. Matonis were working together well before CCHR was actually formed.

Now –

We’ll get into the real background of the forming of CCHR that I found.

What most people don’t know is that this started with the Guardian’s Office running a covert intelligence operation using what looks to be at least two scientologists who infiltrated Haverford State Hospital – Frank Taylor and Bob Naugle.

This (Auditor mag #43) shows that Frank Taylor was a scientologist out of New York, having taken courses in 1968 –


This Auditor mag shows that a Bob Naugle was a scientologist and apparently after this op he had been put literally halfway around-the-world away (from New York) as staff in the Hawaii Church of Scientology –


Now we’ll take a look at a couple news articles that talk about what happened and that name these two men (three actually).

Delaware County Daily Times, July 23, 1969, Patient wants Court to Forbid Shock Treatment


Excerpts –

Victor Gyory, Haverford State Hospital claims he is being given electric shock against his will.

Dr. Horman Holland-Hull…said the man was in a confused state when admitted, and when all other methods of treating him failed, the shock treatments were started.

The doctor said the treatments were administered three times a week until Gyory’s laywer, John J. Matonis, requested the court to stop them.

After the court ordered the treatments halted to allow Dr. Thomas S. Szasz, a private psychiatrist, of Syracuse, N.Y., to examine the patient. Dr. Holland-Hull said the hospital followed the order. But shock treatments were resumed after Szasz failed to appear at the hospital.

…Matonis questioned the legality of the treatments. He told Diggins he felt electric shock treatments are “unconstitutional” on the grounds that they are a “cruel and unusual punishment.”

…Gyory, who was in a concentration camp near the end of World War II….

His attorney said the case was brought to his attention by members of the Church of Scientology of New York, an organization opposed to “psychiatric violence.”

The Rev. Eric Barnes, of the Church of Scientology, [Guardian’s Office PR man in NY] said the case was brought to his attention by three psychiatric aides at Haverford who said that Gyory asked for their help.

Mr. Barnes claimed that the aides have since been fired from the staff. He said several other citizens’ groups are trying to get Gyory released from the hospital.


Eric Barnes had also been mentioned in a 1968 article as campaigning against psychiatric abuses. He has since been declared ‘suppressive’ and became part of David Mayo’s ‘independent’ scientology movement. This may be highly questionable as to the reason for those two items, because as a GO man, it should be understood that the Guardian’s Office would often ‘declare’ a person prior to sending them in to infiltrate things like David Mayo’s group (what scientology called ‘squirrel’ scientology movements) as part of Fair Gaming him.


He is also quoted in Advance magazine issue #47 (July/August 1977) with having had an “OT” (operating thetan) win imagining his future wife –

A few weeks after returning from the AO, having completed full OT VII, I received a call from Leslie Bertarand, who had herself just returned from doing the full OT VII. We talked for a bit, and in the course of the conversation, she asked me how my love life was. “Funny you should mention that,” I replied, “All my other dynamics are steadily flowering, but the second is completely zip.”

She laughed and said, “Well, we’re a couple of OT VIIs, and we should be able to create a 2D for you. I agreed, and she asked just exactly what I was looking for. I began seriously thinking about the actual specifics of my desired 2D, something I’ve never done before, and told Leslie my ideal scene.

Eight days later, I walked into the Mountain View Mission to do a Sunday service for them, and there my postulate stood, greeting people as they came in. I took one look and knew exactly who she was.

24 hours later, we were engaged. I’ve been looking for her for 25 years this lifetime alone, and all it took was OT VII and a superbly clean postulate.

Now that’s what I call an OT win! — Eric Barnes


A few words about Haverford State Hospital –


Opened in 1962, it had been designed along the lines of an ‘ideal’ mental hospital incorporating changes as perceived as ‘bad’ for a mental patient from an architect’s LSD experience consisting basically of wandering around in a mental hospital while hallucinating and seeing what bothered him.



Kyoshi Izumi, a prominent architect, was asked to design a mental hospital in Canada and decided to take LSD in search of better insight into the problem. In his words:

Psychiatrists talk one language and I talk another. They knew what they wanted but someone had to translate their wishes into architecture. To me there was really no other way. If I were to really understand the fears and problems of the schizophrenic, I would have to look at things the way they did.

Consequently, when he took LSD, Izumi paid extensive visits to old mental institutions in an attempt to see them through the eyes of derangement. He found himself terrified by literally dozens of standard hospital accoutrements and features which had always been taken for granted as adequate. The tiles on the wall glistened eerily, thereby projecting hideous fantasies that sprang at him from the cracks.The recessed closets seemed to yawn like huge, dark cavities, threatening to swallow him alive. The raised hospital beds, too high for a patient to sit on and at the same time touch the floor, were like crags jutting out over abysses. There was no privacy, and the time sense was nil, due to the absence of clocks, calendars or any other measuring device which might help a patient find his bearings. The bars on the windows were a constant reminder of incarceration. But worst of all were the long, endless corridors leading into more of Nowhere which, nevertheless, had to be traversed.

After his LSD insights, Mr. Izumi was able to design what has been called “the ideal mental hospital.”

The first was built in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, and five others have been modeled upon it elsewhere in Canada. There is a similarly-inspired hospital in Haverford, Pa., and because commendation has been made for this outstanding architectural advancement by the Joint Information Service of the American Psychiatric Association, it is possible that the present outdated hospitals will give way to new ones resembling Izumi’s designs.

Kyoshi Izumi haverford .

The Haverford facility, patterned on Izumi’s ideas, opened in October of 1962 after some years of opposition from the community. In addition to the standard components a psychiatric hospital provided, it also boasted a four lane bowling alley, indoor pool, soda fountain, billiards room, large patient library, and a massive therapy room – earning it such nicknames as the “Haverford Hilton” or “Haverford Country Club.”

Some 23 buildings were on the property, the largest being the Acute Intensive Care Center, commonly referred to as “Hilltop.”

Haverford Building 4 – “Hilltop”

haverford hilltop building 4.

This building had the most security and was most likely where Victor Gyory was being held.

Practically from the very beginning, Haverford’s main function (in my opinion) was to function as an experimental pool for ‘clinical research’ and as you may know, the mother-of-all mega research projects was still going on at this time – the CIA’s Project MKULTRA – which was known to have a preponderance of use of mental patients for performing its desired experimental parameters on.

Electro-shock – Max Fink’s particular hobby horse – being one of them. The guy was obsessed with it – particularly because he liked how it shut people up.


Electro-shock was pushed as a ‘therapy’ despite the fact that they knew it was damaging, you understand. One rather infamous doctor even referred to it as an equivalent of a shotgun to the brain.

‘Electroconvulsive therapy has a shotgun effect on the brain.”

– ROBERT G. HEATH  “An Overdue Comprehensive Look at a Maligned Treatment: Electroconvulsive Therapy,” Behavioral and Brain Sciences, vol. 7, 1984. Heath’s comment was at a time when Max Fink and the American Psychiatric Association were literally pounding-the-pavement trying to change the correct public image of electro-shock as the barbaric affair that it was (mostly due to the efforts of people like Robert Whitaker and even – yes, it’s true – some CCHR personnel.


Heath was a real live modern-day ghoul, a monster, deeply involved in MKULTRA human experimentation.

From my article: Two Little Men Hanging By Their Heels

Not only that, but in 1943, it was Wilder Penfield who invited the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron to McGill University to establish (under Penfield) the Allan Memorial Institute for psychiatry. The institute was established by a combination of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, money from John Wilson McConnell of the Montreal Star, and a gift of Sir Hugh Allan’s mansion on Mount Royal, the Allan Memorial Institute for psychiatry was founded.

This is part of the genus of electroshock therapy – where the electrodes are placed on the temporal lobes. Their insane theory being that since this was “the source” of memory, therefore one could erase memory (and the personality) through shocking this area of the brain. Isn’t it fascinating that Hubbard was after the exact same result  – erasing memories – with his “auditing” therapies?

The first experiments (under MKULTRA) using “deep brain stimulation” – which means opening up the brain and putting electrodes on it directly, began in the 1950’s to treat psychiatric disorders at McGill university under Penfield and in the U.S. by Jose Delgado and Robert Heath (Tulane University) – violating the rights of patients and any even vague approximation of ethical standards in medical practice.

Implanted electrodes - penfield


Note: Dr. Heath also happens to be one of the main MKULTRA doctors lock-stepping away with Ron Hubbard in experimenting with Niacin and Psychosis.

From my article The Truth About Psychiatric Drugs and Treatments: Death and Religion

As part of several other MKULTRA sub-projects pychiatrist Robert Heath carried out experiments on prisoners at the Louisiana State Penitentiary using bulbocapnine to induce stupor and catatonia.

Robert Heath (left)

robert galbraith heath experimenting on monkeys

Heath founded the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University, New Orleans, in 1949 and remained its Chairman until 1980. He performed many experiments there involving electrical stimulation of the brain via surgically implanted electrodes. This work was partially financed by the CIA and the US military.

He also did experiments using niacin to induce psychosis – yep, plain old vitamin B-3.


Just like Ron Hubbard was doing but calling it “radiation treatment” in the 1950’s and then later using it to run out drugs – including LSD – in the “Purification Rundown” created and marketed as part of Narconon in the 1970’s.

For much more about all that see –


Haverford came under fire for exactly this kind of human experimentation in 1973.

York Daily Record, Tuesday June 19, 1973 –



Considering what happened to Victor Gyory, this should give you some idea of the kind of ‘research’ that was going on at Haverford State Hospital.

“Research” – sure.

air quotes.

Legalized torture is more like it.


– Delaware County Times, September 3, 1969, Forced to Undergo Shock Therapy; Judge Orders Refugee Released From State Hospital


Asst. Atty. Gen. Jacques D. Fox, representing the State Health Department, and John J. Matonis, Gyory’s attorney from Washington, urged Gyory be discharged from the hospital immediately.

…Fox said the lanky patient had “reached a plateau” in his treatments, and that nothing more could be done for him at Haverford.

…Matonis, retained by the Citizens Committee on Human Rights to represent Gyory…a branch of the Church of Scientology of New York.

Ken Whitman said:

Being confined in Haverford State Hospital is like being in a concentration camp,” Mr. Whitman said, charging Gyory had been “stripped naked in a padded cell every evening before being given the shock treatments.


Ken Whitman – Guardian’s Office


Dr. Holland-Hull, who testified at a court hearing July 22, said Gyory had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic with paranoid tendencies, and had received 13 shock treatments with Embreeville State Hospital in Chester County before being admitted to Haverford.

He said as far as he knows the Hungarian had never been stripped naked, but had been placed in an “isolation room” and clothed in pajamas preparatory to the shock treatments.

One could ask, “Ok. If he wasn’t stripped naked then how’d they get the pajamas on him?”


“Mr. Gyory’s involvement in court procedures and the necessity to discontinue his electroshock therapy definitely deterred his recovery,” Dr. Holland-Hull asserted.

He also emphasized that placing the patient in an isolation room was “a precaution against suicide.”

Robert H. Naugle, 21 of 123 Walnut Ave., Ardmore, said he and two other men, Frank Taylor and Kim Swent, were fired as psychiatric aides at Haverford June 10 after they intervened on behalf of Gyory.

Naugle said they were fired after notifying the American Civil Liberties Union in Philadelphia of Gyory’s case.


By January of 1970, they were reinstated.

Delaware County Daily Times, Tuesday, January 6, 1970 –


Check out this part –

One of the beliefs of the church, as expressed in a recent newsletter, is:

show the churches of the world one person that a psychiatrist has made into a superior being or even cured and they would grant his continually expressed pretensions to the role of world savior and applaud his efforts found in all his planning, to replace Jesus Christ Our Lord on the Cross.


Oh brother, right?

So, what looks like happened here is that Bob Naugle and Frank Taylor were part of some Guardian’s Office covert operation (which our favorite all around spy-obsessed Terry Milner, as Deputy Guardian for Intelligence U.S.,  would have known about and have approved before-hand) and then the Guardian’s office B1 (intelligence) fed the information to PR, Eric Barnes, and then they brought it to the attention of the ACLU and brought scientologist attorney John J. Matonis in to file suit.

After all that horsing around THEN they formed CCHR on the heels of these events.

I have a suspicion that the third man named, Kim Swent or J Kimson Swent was actually in on the op too. Kim Swent’s real name was Jay Kimpston Swent, born September 2, 1949 in Oakland, California.

His father was Langan Waterman Swent (mother Eleanor) and he was civilian naval intelligence (which shows there was such a thing) in 1940 and 1941, and Naval Reserve just like Ron Hubbard.

From an Internet Archive book



Langdon went on to handle the mining of uranium in New Mexico (aka for nuclear bombs) and Kim Swent ends up dying there in Albuquerque when he was only 40 – April 1, 1990. He was living in Charleston, South Carolina for a number of years prior to his death.

I don’t find his name in my scientology records but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t ‘in’ on what the other two men were doing.

So, there’s some CCHR history you don’t see the Church of Scientology (or anyone, for that matter) talking about.

* * *


Now let’s have a look at what else scientologist attorney John Matonis got himself involved with.

He was the attorney for filing a rather frivolous suit on April 7, 1970 on behalf of the Founding Church of Scientology versus Lord Cromer, who was British ambassador to the U.S., and Mr. Crowe who was MI6 (first secretary for information).

FCDC scientology versus Lord Cromer British intell john matonis attorney 1970.

Lord Cromer also happened to be the chairman of the Bank of England and was a descendant of Sir Francis Baring, one of the original supporters of the infamous Bank of the United States that was strongly opposed by Thomas Jefferson.

Lord Cromer


To give you more of an idea of what the suit was about, even though this google cached document is not very readable it still gives you the general idea.

Basically scientology was filing for $1 million dollars in damages for defamation.


The case went up before the Supreme Court, but the Church’s request to file a bill of complaint was denied.

FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, plaintiffs  v.  Lord CROMER and Brian L. Crowe.   No. 51, Original.                    Supreme Court of the United States November 9, 1971 –  The motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied.

The interesting thing is that just a few months later there were now rumors that the British ban on scientology was going to be lifted (which is part of that ‘defamation’ the Matonis suit was alleging).

british ban on scientology to be lifted john foster 1972 - matonis suit


CCHR showed up again in the news this same year (1971) with Ken Whitman appearing in a footnote concerning ‘a data collection’ database of psychiatric patients information.

Florence Morning News, Saturday, May 22, 1971, Jack Anderson column –



A New York State hospital, at a cost of millions to the taxpayers, is assembling an awesome data bank of highly specific supposedly confidental information about psychiatric patients in seven states.

…The data, complete with the patients name and social security number, is then fed into a computer. Eventually it is relayed to the central data bank at the Rockland State Hospital at Orangeburg, N.Y.

Besides New York, the other states are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, Dr. George Logermann, a program official, told us that about 450 hospitals participate in the project.

…received about $9 million in federal aid since its inception nearly five years ago. The purpose was to compile statistical data on psychiatric patients’ symptoms and histories as an aide to research and treatment, he explained.

Footnote: The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a Los Angeles based group headed by Rev. Kenneth Whitman, has investigated the Rockland project and is planning to ask Sen. Sam Ervin’s subcommittee on Constitutional Rights to look into it.


The following year, 1972, we see John J. Matonis start appearing in a known-to-be infested with CIA disinformation writers propaganda magazine called Liberty billed as ‘a Magazine for Religious Freedom’.

Images from Liberty magazine, Volume 7, #2, March-April 1972, published bimonthly by the Review and Herald Publishing Association,  6856 Eastern Avenue NW. Washington, D.C. –

face of violence matonis letter face of violence matonis letter 2.

You can see him pushing the Hubbardian “Wundt” did it disinformation. Considering that this magazine often carried total propaganda designed to ‘attract’ so-called communists by, sadly, using quite a bit of truth about the things wrong in the world today, I’d say that all by itself becomes rather enlightening in a whole different way about what Ron Hubbard was doing by pushing that crap on (or rather through) his followers.

Then, the next thing he shows up embroiled in is the sad (and quite bizarre) tale of Otto Koehler and his nutsy mom who keeps trying to keep him in mental hospitals so he can’t access his father’s Pearl Brewery fortune. I wrote about that separately.

Later that same year (1974) he shows up embroiled in a book banning rally down South.

– Simpson’s Leader Times November 29, 1974, Ban-books Battle Comes to Life.


In Charleston, the Rev. Avis Hill told of plans for a “national rally” against books he said “promote sick, degenerate anti-God values.”

In Huntington…Waving a Bible, Graley told gathering of 200 persons, “The only purpose these filthy books have is to degrade your children down to animals.”

Hill, who with Graley and the Rev. Martin Horan have led the anti-book crusade, said a rally in Charleston…

Hill said several out-of-state speakers would attend, including Jim McKenna of the Heritage Foundation, Robert Whitaker of the Populist Forum and John Matonis of a group called Guardians of Rational Education.


That part I underlined sounds suspiciously like another Church of Scientology Guardian’s Office ‘social reform’ front group – doesn’t it to you?


Next our favorite scientologist social reformer shows up in a very strange venue for scientology to be having anything to do with. The Society of St. Pius X, of all things.

Even today, the SSPX (as it’s called) still lauds the efforts of Father Joseph E. Gedra who was one of 200 priests who left after Vatican II revised the Mass ritual.

SSPX’s site lists him as a hero.

Society priests would become travelling priests as their numbers multiplied and they strove to become all things to all men. A new generation of young priests would soon pass on the flame maintained by heroic priests such as Fr. Francis Fenton, Fr. Joseph Gedra, Fr. Frederick Nelson, and so many others.


They also give a history of the SSPX.

The Society of Saint Pius X  is a priestly society, founded in 1970 by His Grace, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to provide training for the Catholic priesthood in conformity with the Church’s Traditional teaching.

Archbishop Lefebvre was soon called to Rome and was interviewed by three cardinals. A few weeks later, the new bishop of Fribourg suddenly suppressed the SSPX, May 6, 1975. …Additionally, in 1976 the archbishop was suspended ab ordinum collatione—from ordaining deacons and priests—and later a divinis—from all sacred functions, including saying the Tridentine Mass.

Archbishop Lefebvre, after repeated but ultimately unfruitful negotiations with Rome, decided in 1988 to consecrate four new bishops to serve the SSPX and its faithful. In response, the pope issued a declaration of excommunication to the archbishop and these four new bishops. This greatly saddened the archbishop, but he firmly believed that he could not in good conscience have acted otherwise and was bound to provide for the preservation of the SSPX and its worldwide apostolate. Archbishop Lefebvre died just three years later on March 25, 1991.

The SSPX continued its apostolate despite the death of its founder. In 1994, Bishop Bernard Fellay was elected superior general, a position which he still holds today.

Pope Benedict XVI later decided to free the traditional Roman Mass in a 2007 motu proprio entitled Summorum Pontificum and in 2009, lifted the “excommunications” issued against the four SSPX bishops.


Gedra’s gravestone reads:  “spent his life defending tridentine mass” died 1980, born 1904.

father joseph e gedra defending tridentine mass died 1980.

The Assumption Church mentioned in the below article is associated with Bishop Lefebvre’s Society of St Pius X.

Maryville Daily (defending Catholic Mass) – November 8, 1975, God Zoned Out


Fairfax, Virginia – AP – A 71-year old Catholic priest who still says Mass in Latin is going to court to appeal the $250 fine imposed on him for celebrating Mass at a private home.

Father Gedra and his Church of the Assumption were turned down in 1973 when they sought to obtain a special permit to use his residence as a church.

The priest’s lawyer, John Matonis, has contended that the zoning ordinance is unconstitutional because it limits the practice of religion and the right of free aseembly.


A later article shows Matonis (the scientologist, remember) intent to take this to the Supreme Court.

Southern Illinoisan, November 11, 1975, front page –

Father Joseph E. Gedra

Father Joseph E. Gedra, 1975.

Wow. Look at that guy. Gee whiz.

come on!.

Quoting article –

Father Gedra’s chief attorney John J. Matonis, told newsmen he would move for a new trial and, if that fails, will appeal to Virginia’s Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary.

He did – the suit was appealed to the Supreme Court – they lost.

– – –


Next – where does Matonis start mixing things up at?

The Future of Freedom Conference.

The first event actually named Future of Freedom Conference was held at USC in April 1977

PDF: The Future of Freedom Conference Series: The Oldest Libertarian/Individualist Conference Series in the Nation

The Future of Freedom II: The 1980’s: Freedom or Slavery was held at Cypress College April 19–20, 1980, with a banquet at the Buena Park Holiday Inn. It was organized by Lawrence Samuels, founder of Society for Libertarian Life, president of Rampart Institute and owner of Athena Graphics, plus Jane Heider-Samuels, board member of Rampart Institute; and Howard Hinman, editor of Society for Libertarian Life newsletter Libertas Review. The conference was sponsor by the Society for Libertarian Life, Cypress College Libertarian Club, California Libertarian Alliance, and Society for Individual Liberty. Athena Graphics in Santa Ana provided the graphics.

Main speakers included the following:

Karl Hess, speechwriter for Senator Barry Goldwater, market anarchist, and author of Dear America; Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus! trilogy; John Hospers, USC philosophy professor; Prof. Arthur B. Laffer, economist and originator of the “Laffer Curve”; John Matonis, tax-resistance attorney; J. Neil Schulman, science fiction writer of Alongside Night; David Bergland, attorney and Vice Presidential candidate in 1976 on the Libertarian Party ticket; Anthony Hargis, author and business entrepreneur; John Pugsley, investment advisor and author of best-seller Common Sense Economics; Linda Abrams, constitutional attorney and member of the Rampart Institute board; Prof. Bob McGinley, alternative lifestyles psychologist; Sandy Shakocius (a.k.a. Sandy Shaw), life-extensionist and biochemist; Shawn Steel, a founder of the Future of Freedom Conference Series; Carl Nicolai, electronics designer and inventor; Kenneth Grubbs, Jr., editorial editor of The Register in Orange County, and Janice Allen, Libertarian Party activist, emceed the event.


thats not something you see every day - vincent

Talk about some of the who’s who of propagandists!

wiley-double yikes

Do note that Matonis is now referred to as a tax-resistance attorney – obviously the next big propaganda trap idea of the truly predictable slavemasters behind such men. Also note that Carl Rogers, who Mark Rathbun has prattled on about in the past, is mixed up in all this too.

He’s another example of a CIA propagandist involved in this particular attract-and-trap-and-watch operation.

In the most recent edition of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 48(1), there appears an article by Stephen P. Demanchick and Howard Kirschenbaum entitled “Carl Rogers and the CIA” in which they link Carl Rogers to the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology:

Carl Rogers was a pioneer and leader in the humanistic psychology movement. Although his many professional activities and accomplishments are well known, the story of his association with the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology—a front organization for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—is barely known and has never been explored in any depth. This article attempts to tell that story in the context of America during the 1950s, Rogers’s academic career, and the mission of the CIA.

– quote from this website


Next –

The Future of Freedom Conference: The Technology of Freedom, held at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB student union and Soroptimist House) May 8–10, 1981, drew an estimated crowd of 500.

Wait..the technology of freedom? Oh fer fuckssakes..

Kermit the frog excited.

I’m sorry, that’s just so…grrrr.

Anyway –

Main speakers included the following:

Karl Hess, speechwriter for Senator Barry Goldwater and market anarchist; John Hospers, USC philosophy professor; Timothy Leary, psychologist, writer, advocate of psychedelic drugs and coauthor of The Psychedelic Experience; Robert LeFevre, author, TV/radio personality, founder of Rampart College and libertarian pacifist; Irwin Schiff, author, tax protester and author of The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You; Dennis Brown, California Assemblyman (R-Los Alamitos); Frank E. Fortkamp, professor of educational administration; Prof. David Friedman, anarcho-capitalist, physicist, economist and author of The Machinery of Freedom; Allan E. Harrison, author and educator; Samuel Edward Konkin III, agorist, market anarchist and author of New Libertarian Manifesto; John Joseph Matonis, tax-resistance attorney; Carl Nicolai, Electronic Engineer and inventor; Lowell Ponte, radio commentator and book reviewer for Los Angeles Times; Robert W. Poole, Jr., founder of the Reason Foundation; Fred Schnaubelt, San Diego city council member; Prof. Joyce Shulman, psychotherapist; Prof. Lee M. Shulman, clinical psychologist; George H. Smith, atheist, Objectivist and author of Atheism: The Case Against God; Shawn Steel, attorney and a founder of The Future of Freedom Conference.

Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen) performed as a conference highlight. Demento is famous for his KMET-syndicated radio show from Hollywood, California, “The Dr. Demento Show.” A self-described libertarian, Dr. Demento specializes in broadcasting novelty songs, comedy, and strange or unusual recordings.

Jack Matonis, a graduate of Temple University School of Law, has championed anti- government causes in court for over 15 years. Best known for his battles with the IRS, Matonis has also defended (high federal court) freedom of religion, opposition to the draft, rights of mental patients, and the rights of consumers to use vitamins.


Timothy Leary, Mr. CIA, is now appearing there too? Well that about wraps that up with a bow on top. Wow.

Here’s a weird connection for you. See that mention of “Dr. Demento”? Well, he shows up apparently mixed up in yacht racing with the Aafje in the Carribean – the same ship that Travis Ashbrook of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love drug smuggling group would shortly buy.

The Aafje large


The Caribbean Compass:

The first time I saw my “perfect boat”, Clover — a 60-foot English cutter launched in 1937 — she was at the end of the long dock at Grenada Yacht Services (GYS) in St. George’s Lagoon, Grenada. It was 1971. GYS in the early 1970s, before Grenada’s independence from Great Britain, was the yachting hub of the southern Caribbean, the South Pole in the Windwards to Antigua’s North Pole in English Harbour in the Leewards.

Or on a certain occasion, one could see a well-known yachtsman/psychologist/writer, living ashore in those days, a kindly host to one and all, sporting a “beaut” — a lovely black eye. We had taken an old chart of the Grenadines and drawn a grid on it. Any land or reef was marked in red. It had a wind rose, “wind-change” and “spinnaker” cards, and little toy boats as markers. You moved in turn, and the yacht race game we invented was as competitive as smash-face martial arts (you could blanket someone’s wind, causing them to lose their turn), as “Doctor Demento” could attest after the skipper of the schooner Aafje, standing six-foot-seven, took strenuous exception to one of his all-too-clever moves.

It turns out that this, the last owner of the Aafje prior to the Brotherhood buying it, was Bob Gaylord, which I discovered recently as per a remembrance to broadcasting personality Herb Hartman.

As an avid boater, Herb taught himself celestial navigation. He also joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary as the 12th District Career Coordination Officer (AIM). He taught safe boating classes and navigation skills to numerous new boat owners. Herb also conducted courtesy inspections of (civilian) boats and aided in search and rescue operations in the Sacramento Delta. It was not unusual for Herb to tow distressed boaters to the nearest marina for repairs or refueling, all done as a volunteer and at personal expense.

In the early 60’s, in mid-February, he helped friends Captain Bob Gaylord, his wife Evelyn, and the paid hand, Tony, sail the sixty-foot-long schooner Aafje, back to California from Hawaii. Mid-way through the trip a horrendous and life threatening winter storm blew them off their course, leaving them close to the Aleutian Island chain near Alaska. They had to sail down the West Coast of Alaska, Canada, and the United States to return to the home port of San Francisco. The return trip took three weeks, one week longer than done under normal weather conditions.

I guess the Aafje has a rep of getting lost – a similar thing happened to the Brotherhood members on their first sailing of it in 1970.

Anyway, continuing with the Future of Freedom Conferences –

1986’s The Future of Freedom Conference was held at Pacific Hotel and Conference Center in Culver City, California, on November 7–9, 1986.

Speakers in Room 2 included the following:

Jack Matonis, tax-resistance attorney and editor/publisher of The Newsletter for Citizens Strike


Speaking at the 1977 Libertarian national convention, John Matonis –

There aren’t any three branches of government. It’s all government. And it sucks.


Next we have Matonis mixed up with Hal Puthoff and the scientologist Texan chicken millionaire and the company they founded called Borderland Science.

“When Mr. Kalustian saw the tape recorders he said in a loud voice: ‘Turn those recorders off! (three times) I’m here to ask questions, not to answer them!’ At that point, John Matonis, our attorney, stood up and looked him straight in the eye and dared the State of California, Governor Brown and the District Attorney’s office to ‘stop us’ from sponsoring and putting on 100-Mile-per-Gallon seminars. WE DO NOT INTEND TO STOP! Is 100 miles per gallon of gasoline possible? The major oil companies say no! Our own state government says no! Why then has our federal government issued over 1,000 patents on Vapor Carburetors, are we being held back?”

Derald “Mor” Miles, Carburetor Club of America
PO Box 304, Whittier, Cal. 90608, (213) 698-1479

– Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, Journal of Borderland Research >> Vol. 36 >> No. 06, Section Clips,Quotes and Comments.


Many Sea Org members (my ex-husband Bill Rhodes included) when I was there were abuzz about the “Pogue carburetor” idea which could supposedly make cars run much longer without refills.

Going along with his new tax-resistor image, Matonis was mixed up with trying to get a Libertarian Party candidate to be President. Considering he’s a scientologist, well, you do the math.

Two anti-tax demonstrations and marches were held at IRS offices in 1976 and 1977. A coffin was used in the march with a sign tacked to it reading: Tomb of The Unknown Taxpayer. Dave Bergland, former Libertarian Party vice presidential candi­date in 1976, was one of the main speakers, arguing that it was “perfectly possible to have a society without taxes.”

John Matonis, an attorney from Washington D.C. spoke at Santa Ana College in November, 1978 to a crowd of 100. Described as a cross between a fighter like Davy Crockett and the sharp wit of an Abraham Lincoln, John Matonis is one of the leading anti-establishment lawyers in the country.

Mationis has defended tax rebels, laetrile users, fought against vitamin regulations (appeal case) and defended the Scientologists (E-Meter case).

– DOES GOVERNMENT PROTECTION PROTECT? By Robert LeFevre, Society for Libertarian Life edition, Lecture at Santa Ana College on May 19, 1978


Last but not least – It looks like his son became the executive director of Bitcoin Foundation.

It is so great to see Jon in the right place with Digital Currency. I recall listening to him when he was the head of Visa currency trading. All the information he gathered along the way is now making sense. The digital value of bitcom reflects Jon’s mandate to eliminate income tax! His father Jack Matonis, would be so proud. Happy Father’s Day!

Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation – Jon Matonis.



Oh! Before I go, I shouldn’t forget these little tidbits about CCHR that I found for you. It was in the Guardian’s Office Report of Activities – 1970 – pdf, under the heading BUREAU 4 – INTELLIGENCE; December 31, 1970

148. CCHR formed a 21-member advisory committee which includes three lawyers, one MD, many chiropractors and a rabbi.

154. EUS ((Eastern US)) mission covered American Trial Lawyers Convention. Dr. Szasz and John Joseph Matonis spoke. Fine coverage by media and good press for CCHR.

155. New York CCHR got a 79-year-old man out of a mental hospital and his grateful family gave CCHR $100.00


I leave you with the following thought –

Scientology and the CIA were very obviously dance ‘partners’ on the ‘dance floor’ of social engineering. Social being defined as on-board the slavemaster 2-class system of world government.


image courtesy of 123jump.

Scientology’s ‘social rehabilitation’ front groups fit right in there perfectly.


Written and researched by –

Virginia McClaughry

me knitted

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  1. Greetings Virginia,
    As a bit of a side note to a small section to the above article, I do not know if you caught the news about mid October, that one of the speakers at the “The Future of Freedom Conference” 1981, passed away recently. He passed while in prison for his stand against the IRS. His name is “Irwin A. Schiff”. His sons eulogy can be found here;
    If you have any further interest, there is a lot that can be found online covering his work. (and no doubt many others like him)

  2. This is all so shocking. I met Kim Swent, June 1968. He was the most wonderful person I had ever met. Extremely kind, talented, idealistic, 19 years old, a conscientious objector…required to serve in a hospital, instead of war…Oddly, in reading this I find his birthday is today!!


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