I came across this recently and thought I’d throw it out there as possibly related. I know that some think that ‘Nibs’ Hubbard (Ron’s son) is not always credible as a source given his propensity to say things, retract them, say things and retract them again, but still…this may not be one of those cases.

Especially since there is now quite a bit of evidence from multiple other sources (including documents) showing that L. Ron Hubbard and several of his scientologist ‘friends’ were most definitely involved with some pretty bad people due to his work with the CIA, including smuggling guns and drugs, etc.



A British man that posts as “Once Born” at various websites, created a blog where in one post he said about this interview:

Unfortunately, in this interview DeWolf makes a number of claims that simply lack credibility. For example, he states that his father:

  • Financed the purchase of St Hill Manor with payments from the KGB for espionage services, including his provision of the plans for an advanced heat-seeking missile
  • Procured sexual services for a prominent British politician, and a member of Winston Churchill’s staff
  • Kept  “[…] the heart of the RADAR” (presumably a cavity magnetron) in his garage, and sold it to mysterious men, at a time when this device was a closely guarded secret

These claims  are unique to DeWolf. They do not appear in any other account of Hubbard Sr’s life, and no evidence exists to support them.


Actually there does now, thanks to me, and particularly points 1 and 3 make perfect sense given Hubbard’s history as an OSS/Naval Intelligence and then CIA asset conducting political action operations. Hubbard was under deep cover, so attracting and even ‘selling’ information to so-called communists was most definitely part of his job in conducting said operations.

Once Bornunless they have a vested interest in having Hubbard be perceived in the usual way that supports his intelligence cover – might not want to be so quick about throwing around the old ‘lack of credibility’ mantra.

Just a thought, although certainly, as I said, ‘Nibs’ has had times he has said things that are over-the-top.


Hubbard and Espionage

doesn’t happen to be one of those times.

lieutenant ron hubbard WWII.

More importantly, it’s what this Once Born person left off their list that is what my post today is about, and that is this part of the interview:


Penthouse Interview with L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.

Penthouse/June 1983


Note: Strangely, Once Born doesn’t link to Arnie Lerma’s website where this interview was archived. Instead, he chooses to link to the American Buddha website in June of 2014, but in July of 2015 that site went down to attacks (probably including Scientology among them) of copyright violation. I have retrieved the original from the internet archive here, and here’s the link to Arnie Lerma’s website who is who first put this up on the net. Rick Ross’s website, also defunct, also had a version archived here.


Penthouse: You mentioned that Scientology attracted a great many well-known or important people. Can you give us some examples?

Hubbard: Two of the people we were involved with in the late fifties* in England were Errol Flynn and a man who was high up in the Labor Party at the time. My father and Errol Flynn were very similar. They were only interested in money, sex, booze, and drugs. At that time, in the late fifties, Flynn was pretty much of a burned-out hulk. But he was involved in smuggling deals with my father: gold from the Mediterranean, and some drugs –mostly cocaine. They were both just a little larger than life.

*My Note – just a few short years after Hubbard became an asset for CIA NOC agent and handler Miles Copeland who was himself, in tight with British intelligence from his previous history with the OSS. Miles was also married to a woman who worked for the secret british intelligence agency called the Special Operations Executive.


Well…how ’bout that.


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