I had originally put this together to make it easier for myself to address certain points in my next Connection Between Scientology and Synanon series (8 parts so far) but I thought it might be interesting to some of you as well because it contains some little known history about CCHR. But then it kind of morphed, and what I found was so amazing it deserved it’s own post. Without further ado…let’s get started.

On February 16th of 1969, L. Ron Hubbard had written a confidential Guardian’s Office directive called Battle Tactics.

He explained how to use propaganda – how to push the ‘buttons’ of love and hate to stir up activity against the ‘enemy’ and for (or pro) scientology.

“The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy, that means standard wartime propaganda is what one is doing… Know the mores of your public opinion, what they hate. That’s the enemy. What they love. That’s you.”

The ‘E-meter Raids’ by the FDA had occurred on January 4, 1963. Sort of their version of a snarky Happy New Year to Hubbard, one presumes.

In the later days (early 1970’s) of the FDA legal case against scientology and its e-meter (and other points) attorney Bud Loftus tells us that a Catholic Guardian’s Office intelligence staffer came up with the idea of wearing the garb of catholic priests to the courtroom, and having scientologists become ordained as ‘ministers’.

Ref – Bud Loftus: An Irish-American’s Journey, by Bernard Loftus, FDA attorney against scientology

One of the reasons this was done was to push the ‘buttons’ of the public.


Here’s an example – this is Guardian’s Office intelligence agent/staff member Henning Heldt wearing the garb:

Peoplescientology henning heldt.

Originally, the FDA was also trying to prove that scientology wasn’t a religion because “it didn’t have a godhead”. A Supreme Court decision of 1970 changed all that. I go into this in my post What Destroys Tax Exemption of Abusive Religions, but briefly: in  Welsh v. United States, 398 U.S. 33 (1970) the Supreme Court elaborated further on the previous 1965 (Seeger) decision.

It stated that:

“[i]f an individual deeply and sincerely holds beliefs that are purely ethical or moral in source and content but that nevertheless impose upon him a duty of conscience to refrain from participating in any war at any time, those beliefs certainly occupy in the life of that individual a place parallel to that filled by… God in the lives of traditionally religious persons.”

Purely ethical or moral in source and content…while wildly open to interpretation as to what is ‘ethical’ or ‘moral’ – this further interpretation by the Supreme Court is extremely clear on that to be qualified as ‘religious’ one does NOT have to believe in God per se.

Because of this Supreme Court decision (there were actually 2 of them, as I said) the judge on the FDA case made a decision and changed the strategy.

But, what probably most of you don’t know is that behind-the-scenes Guardian’s Office intelligence operatives were creating pressure on the Judge against the FDA by using third party.

‘Third Party’ is about using false reports aka bearing false witness to a person to get them to turn against another person. This is the page describing that in sceintology’s Administrative Dictionary.

third party

my notes in […]

67. FDA [legal case] proceeding well; we have a very favorable judge and have caused by third party a break between the Justice Department and the FDA, and the Judge and FDA. Neither the Judge nor the Justice Department is pleased with the FDA; Justice is indicating a willing to over-rule the FDA and enter into a Consent Decree notwithstanding the FDA’s position against this. The Judge is also considering review of discrimination against us since no other religion is being persecuted. The Judge is forcing the FDA to take a position on our religious status.

– PDF Guardian’s Office Report of Activities under the heading BUREAU 3 – Legal; December 31, 1970


Bud Loftus, one of the FDA attorneys, was quite upset about this change of position by the Judge.

The Supreme Court agreed with them. So, what could we do on the religion issue?

Bud Loftus: An Irish-American’s Journey, by Bernard Loftus; pp. 266,267


They had to drop it.

You probably should know the previous precedent from 1943 (U.S. v. Ballard, 322 U.S. 78), in which the Court stated:

“The Fathers of the Constitution were not unaware of the varied and extreme views of religious sects, of the violence of disagreement among them, and of the lack of any one religious creed on which all men would agree. They fashioned a charter of government which envisaged the widest possible toleration of conflicting views…The religious views espoused by respondents might seem incredible, if not preposterous, to most people. But if those doctrines are subject to trial before a jury charged with finding their truth or falsity, then the same can be done with the religious beliefs of any sect. When the triers of fact undertake that task, they enter a forbidden domain.”

The bolded part – that’s Fear talking. That’s not actually about supporting or protecting other ‘religious beliefs’.

no shaking head

That’s the Catholic Church wielding its long arm. Because that is very true – if you take down Scientology on that point of ‘preposterous beliefs’? You can take down the Catholic Church right along with it.

Even the final wording by the court is rather ominous and…so catholic to me.

“When the triers of fact undertake that task, they enter a forbidden domain.”

These court decisions were about tax-exemption and justice-exemption more than anything – same as always. They are, in essence, shitting all over the U.S. founding fathers plans for America. They never said anything about giving special exemptions to churches and religions either for taxes or justice.

I refer you to the Jesuits own materials (they’re kind of the ‘Sea Org’ of the Vatican) – two of the things that they must not be subject to were courts and taxes –

No Jesuit can submit to be examined before a court of justice, in civil or criminal cases, without special permission of his Superiors; and in certain cases no Superior can grant permission: such as criminal or defamatory cases.

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846, Part V, the Constitutions of the Jesuits. The author tells us that he takes all this from La Vie de St. Ignace by Boubours and Butler’s Lives of the Saints – and they both quote Jesuit historians.
[my note: Hence the religious protection laws and also why the many pedophile priests have never really been brought to justice.]


They taught people to lie – read sub-understand.

An example –

They [the Jesuits] and their lands and tenements are exempted from paying all taxes, even the papal tithe.

…If it is a probable opinion, that the tax imposed on anything is unjust, and therefore a tradesman compensates himself by using false weights, or in any other way:-being afterwards interrogated by the Judge, he can deny the whole with an oath–sub-understand that he [the Judge] has acted unjustly. Sanch Sum. tom i. lib. 3, cap. 6, n. 29. – Escobar

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846
To read more about sub-understanding see Scientology and Synanon Part 8: Duly Dothly Swear)


The Jesuits (and the Vatican) have specialized in this kind of sleight-of-hand for over four hundred years now.

I call them the skekses.

dark crystal skeksis vatican bank– from the movie Dark Crystal


Freedom from taxes and justice – any form of  accountability for their actions.


Least possible responsibility - marty gif.

That’s what these court cases about ‘freedom of religion’ are all about – however touchy-feely you might think it is towards the U.S. Constitution, trust me, it’s not the main motivation unfortunately. This is the Catholics covering their ass.

Bud Loftus (attorney for the FDA) observed that scientology was actually a front group patterned on Catholicism. He just didn’t put it in those exact words.

…I think it came to be a kind of substitute for Christianity.


One of the other ways that scientology tried to look religious was by imitating the Catholic “soldiers of Christ” with their spiritual duty to ‘fight the war between good and evil, light and darkness — a war between the human race and all the powers of hell.’

Catholicism for Dummies, page 122, and Scientology Roots Chapter 31: The Maitreya and Messiah Scam


See, anyone who isn’t playing the slavemaster version of human (with all the death and suffering and this is a planet of exile BS) is positioned as being a devil and part of the ‘powers of hell’ – ergo not human.

Scientologist and son of the founder of the Ziff publishing empire, David Ziff, was interviewed by Donovan Bess for Nation magazine in 1969.

Ziff – right

at the port of one of Hubbard’s sea organization ships

Nkambi David Ziffimage courtesy of Sharone Stainforth’s fathers collection.


nation_ziff_scientology_cover_1969“Scientology,” Hubbard has written, “gives us our first chance to have a real democracy.”

Does this mean that his church is to make the future definition of what democracy is? And does he feel that people who don’t at least try to be Clear can’t be good citizens?

There’s a clue to his feelings in one imperative of the Scientology Code of Honor “Never fear to hurt another in a just cause” .


To explore this, I asked a question of David Ziff, a Columbia anthropology graduate who supervises the top level of auditing at the Advanced Organization of the American Church in Los Angeles. A “just cause,” he said, “is expressed in any patriotic statement made by any country.”

The implication conveyed by such statements is that Scientology’s ambitions extend beyond giving people spiritual help.

Ziff also was told about criticism of his church by an ex-Scientologist who has set up a rival group.

If he’s an ex-Scientologist,” Ziff said, he’s an ex-human.”

– BESS, D. Total Freedom and Beyond. Nation. 209, 10, 311-315, Sept. 29, 1969. ISSN: 00278378.


As you can already tell, Scientology is actually what you would call a multi-purpose front group – it has all kinds of nasty backers and meddlers taking their piece of the ‘experiment’ (and money) pie.

Ron Hubbard wrote in 1966:

So we’re getting all straight now, it seems. And good news! As all auditors will be ministers, ministers have in many places special privileges including tax and housing allowances. Of course anything is a religion that treats the human spirit. And also Parliaments don’t attack religions. But that isn’t our real reason – it’s been a long hard task to make a good corporate structure in the UK and Commonwealth so the assets could be transferred.
– HCO Executive Letter Of 12 March 1966

A funny shoop from forums.whyweprotest of an image showing auditors wearing minister garb (1974, Auditor magazine)

auditors wearing their priest garb 1974.

Prior to the later stages of the FDA case, you can see that the idea of assuming priest garb was actually originally Hubbard’s idea.

He ordered the first ‘Clear’ of his newbridge to a New World‘ – John McMaster – to parade around wearing the getup of a Roman Catholic priest.

Image – Auditor magazine #47 1969 – John McMaster

John_Mcmaster_-the_love_and_understanding_he_has_attained_in_scientology_-_auditor_47_1969 .

The Nation article mentioned (and quoted) McMaster too.


This pink-faced, white-haired, self-styled “pope of Scientology'” good-naturedly parries television
interviewers who doubt his faith or accuse him of psychosis. On one TV show a Roman Catholic pnest
complained that Scientologists “don’t describe a deity” (Hubbard’s name is sacrosanct, but the word God seldom shows up) McMaster told the priest: “You must admit that for 2,000 years Christianity has failed.”

– BESS, D. Total Freedom and Beyond. Nation. 209, 10, 311-315, Sept. 29, 1969. ISSN: 00278378.


The same year (1966) that Hubbard wrote about turning auditors into ministers, Hubbard also wrote –

Churches are looked upon as reform groups. Therefore we must act like a reform group.

Narconon was the first front group formed as a ‘social reform’ group, followed by a number of others including CCHR (Citizens Commision on Human Rights).

Scientology’s Auditor magazine #127 (1976) gives a very good example of the PR positioning the Guardian’s Office had been tasked to engage in.

Showing scientology to be about ‘social rehabilitation’ – aka Social Engineering.

. auditor 127 1976 social rehabilitation front groups scientology.

auditor 127 1976 social rehabilitation front groups scientology 2.

The vehicle chosen was to make people ‘Clear’ which is what McMaster was paraded around supposedly demonstrating.

Auditor #127



Scientology and the CIA were very obviously dance ‘partners’ on the ‘dance floor’ of social engineering. Social being defined as on-board the slavemaster 2-class system of world government.


image courtesy of 123jump.

* * *


It is at this point that I need to diverge into two different lines of research.

One follows down the McMaster line, discovering some pretty amazing connections of scientology to Vatican/British slavemaster crime syndicate drug operations – the other follows down the formation of CCHR.


transparent back flashing starThe McMaster linetransparent back flashing star


Starting with some research I included in my article Catholicism and Psychiatry, an unlikely mix or is it – FDA attorney Bud Loftus had interviewed John McMaster who had somehow managed to have turned up in a Brotherhood of Eternal Love members’ home in Laguna Beach.

McMaster verified the Catholic church angle scientology was taking.


Mr. McMasters stated “dianetics” is mental therapy and cures psychosomatic illnesses. He stated Scientology was a religion although he was flabbergasted and laughed at L. Ron Hubbard Sr. when the latter appointed him the first “Pope” of Scientology in 1966. Mr. McMasters stated an attempt is being made to organize Scientology in the Roman catholic structure and L. Ron Hubbard Sr. wishes to build a church hierarchy. Mr. McMasters stated Scientology is not a religion in England or South Africa and that Scientology has no deity.

– files from the recently declassified FDA records CD titled Church of Scientology 121 files, E-16 H-100 PDF, p. 12 memo.


You can clearly see that the assuming of catholic priest garb by scientologists was not entirely merely about the defense of any court case or tax exemption. It was part of patterning scientology after the Catholics – period. This is why the number of parallels that began showing between the Catholic and the scientology churches are so phenomenal. Here’s a few examples.

  • Sea Organization = The Jesuits.
  • Fair Game = ‘Sword of God’ wielded in Anaethema Marinatha
  • Declare SP = excommunication aka Anaethema
  • Enforced Disconnection = also part of excommunication aka Anaethema

The scientology social reform front group called Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHr) had been formed in 1969, supposedly exposing and trying to stop the horrors of psychiatry – when in fact they were making actual effective groups less effective by association. That was the plan, you understand.

Just two years later, however, despite the aggressive stance CCHR was taking, a top intelligence official in Scientology sends a letter to the FDA basically recommending psychiatry for their supposedly now ENEMY John McMaster! (Note: the same thing was done to Paulette Cooper, by the same guy even)

Terry Milner was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence for the U.S. – handpicked by Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard.


Terry Milner wrote a letter about John McMaster to the FDA in the fall of 1971, found in the recently declassified FDA records  – in Cd #3, Vol 16 of 18 PDF, starting on page 221 approximately. Here’s a PDF of the relevant document scans – 253144726-FDA-Scientology-investigation-John-Mcmaster-1

Terry Milner to Bernard Loftus FDA 28 sept 1971

Terry Milner to Bernard Loftus FDA 28 sept 1971 2Note: see the bottom of page two where it says TLM/gmh? “gmh” is Grace-Marie Haddy. It means she typed the letter for Terry, and in fact, she is probably ‘the woman’ who supposedly approached Terry. (see article: The Grateful Dead: Hunter, Garcia, and Grace-Marie Haddy 1961: The Brotherhood Part 5A for more about Grace)

Grace-Marie Haddy

grace marie haddyThis image is from some years later when she was working for the now-named Office of Special Affairs (OSA)
that merely replaced scientology’s Guardian’s Office with a new name after the FBI raid of scientology in 1977.


Plain text of Terry’s letter –

28 September 1971

Dear Mr. Loftus:

As Mr. John McMaster is in communication with you, I am writing this letter in the hopes that you may be able to guide him into competent professional hands.

Last week, a woman approached me seeking help for a friend of hers by the name of John McMaster. She informed me that Mr. McMaster appeared to her to be on the verge of a severe emotional and mental breakdown and that he had confided in her that during that week, he had placed a phone call to you making the following allegation: that the Church of Scientology, through the use of black magic, was preparing to take over the world. She seemed to feel that a visit by one of our Ministers might set his mind at rest. However, from the way she described his particular condition, I feel strongly that such a visit may only serve to upset him even further.

As you may know, Mr. McMaster is a homosexual and at this time is living with a Mr. Ron Gates and Mr. Jim Morgan in Laguna Beach. Mr. Ron Gates has recently been released from prison on charges of drug peddling. Mr. Jim Morgan is known to me only in that the FBI contacted me in the past relative to a charge of desertion from the US Army and asked if I might know where to locate him. I was in no position to help at that time as I had never heard of him and he was not a member of our Church.

It is my understanding that the US Customs, as well as California Law enforcement agencies, and the FBI, have files on these individuals.

I do not know if Mr. McMaster himself has been engaged in the use of drugs. However, his erratic behavior raises that rather obvious question. As the Public Service messages of the Food and Drug Administration so clearly point out, indiscriminate use of drugs is quite a dangerous practice; not the least of the danger involved is the potential loss of one’s sanity. If you will check with any qualified psychiatrist, I am sure he will tell you that anyone who feels his life is being threatened by black magice, and the world is being taken over through the use of black magic, is demonstrating a mental instability of some magnitude.

Although Mr. McMaster has not been a parishioner of the Church for some years, I do not like to see a man suffering the anguish and fears he seems to be prey to.

In the FDA files there was a note from Mr. McHale to FDA agent Bud Loftus. It was so strange what Terry wrote in the above letter, that even the FDA agents noticed.

McHale writes:

Note the reference to “psychiatrist!” This is interesting in that the Scientologists abhor psychiatry.


Clearly McHale didn’t miss the hypocrisy there.


They’re against it –

Except for when they’re not.


Which is most of the time.


Terry is doing exactly the same thing to McMaster that Terry and McMaster had previously ridiculed others for doing – accusing him of having a psychosis.

This pink-faced, white-haired, self-styled “pope of Scientology'” good-naturedly parries television
interviewers who doubt his faith or accuse him of psychosis.

– BESS, D. Total Freedom and Beyond. Nation. 209, 10, 311-315, Sept. 29, 1969. ISSN: 00278378.


Bud Loftus then writes Gene F. McHale regarding this Milner letter, he’s ‘not impressed’ with Terry’s machinations at all and he doesn’t want any reply done to it. Quite interesting his hands-off stance there, but I don’t think that’s entirely for the reasons/impression he’s giving to McHale.

Perhaps Loftus had been warned off messing with Terry at all. You’ll notice in his letter to McHale the FDA somehow had “just” recently decided that they weren’t going to use McMaster in their case.


Bud Loftus to Mchale re Milner and McMasters

Gene F. McHale report on McMasters and Terry Milner.

Of course, this (that McMaster said) probably had something to do with that change-of-heart too.

Mr. McMaster stated he believes L. Ron Hubbard is attempting to control the earth through telepathy. He stated Hubbard’s basic objective is to capture this planet.

– November 23, 1970,  declassified FDA records document (Church of Scientology 121 files PDF) titled e-17, H-82: p 29


Besides the glaring fact that this proves that Terry Milner just tried to portray McMaster’s statement about telepathy as being ‘black magic’ to Bud Loftus – how very Catholic of him – it happens to be true that is part of Hubbard’s real goals as a CIA asset and Terry knows it. What McMaster didn’t know obviously, is that Hubbard was doing this on behalf of his handlers – the British and Vatican slavemasters who were using the CIA as a go between.

Terry’s deliberate characterization of telepathy as being ‘black magic’ was said during the exact time period that scientology was spending quite a bit of time in its Advance! magazine promoting these very abilities (such as telepathy) as being obtainable through scientology auditing!

You understand the blatant hypocrisy there.

Let me show you a good example. David Ziff, (the same man we discussed earlier) was the editor for scientology’s advanced human levels magazine called Advance!. Issue #17 from the mid 1970’s, clearly shows that not only is telepathy promoted as being a skill to be desired –

telepathic wins Advance17 telepathy.

And Terry accuses McMaster of needing psychiatric help?

If you will check with any qualified psychiatrist, I am sure he will tell you that anyone who feels his life is being threatened by black magice, and the world is being taken over through the use of black magic, is demonstrating a mental instability of some magnitude.

– Terry Milner to Bud Loftus, FDA, September 29, 1971


In this same issue, Ziff writes an entire article about it called: The Fifth Great Article in the Series on Man’s Spiritual History – Telepathy and in the conclusion (following Ziff’s typical format with these kind of articles) ties it all back to how one can gain the ability of telepathy back if one traverses Hubbard’s magical bridge.

“Deep down they carried a secret dream of spiritual freedom.”


We call it –


scientology - the bridge to nowhere.

You can see how ridiculous Terry is being in trying to portray what McMaster had said –

Mr. McMaster stated he believes L. Ron Hubbard is attempting to control the earth through telepathy.

– November 23, 1970,  declassified FDA records document (Church of Scientology 121 files PDF) titled e-17, H-82: p 29

as being him believing in or accusing scientology of black magic. Terry spun it that way, replacing the word telepathy with black magic.

Last week, a woman approached me seeking help for a friend of hers by the name of John McMaster. She informed me that Mr. McMaster appeared to her to be on the verge of a severe emotional and mental breakdown and that he had confided in her that during that week, he had placed a phone call to you making the following allegation: that the Church of Scientology, through the use of black magic was preparing to take over the world.

– Terry Milner to Bud Loftus, FDA, September 29, 1971


Oh Terry…

come on!.

How can I say this –

firefly - how can I say this


.fish you shoulda kept your mouth shut.

One wonders how Terry managed to explain away the fact that all of Hubbard’s advanced levels from OT III up involved running auditing processes telepathically on multiple disembodied beings to get them to ‘leave’.

That’s not ‘black magic’ though, see, it’s only when it’s unapproved of that it is.

that is just not right - spanky little rascals.

– which is exactly like the Catholic church on that particular point of spirituality.

And yet, just a month later the Guardian’s Office is claiming that Mcmaster helped them with George Malko’s anti-scientology book, and claiming it as part of their ‘success’ statistics/products.


56. Prepared affidavit signed by John McMaster refuting all statements made in Malko’s book.

– PDF Guardian’s Office Report of Activities under the heading BUREAU 3 – Legal; December 31, 1970


Like I said, things are definitely not quite what they appear here with all this.

Next – did you see that name Ron Gates that I highlighted in Terry Milner’s letter? Well, that’s where we take off ‘down the rabbit hole’ here and it’s one hell of a nasty connection.

Terry is hinting at it, he’s obviously in-the-know but Loftus apparently wasn’t. He didn’t get it at all, other than to be told to not use McMaster. That’s apparently all he knew.


Let’s fill that in a bit then, shall we?

pirate winking


First of all, even to this day there are Danny Fowlie apologists (I’ll tell you who he is in a minute) who try to say that he never did any drug smuggling when Ron Gates worked for him. He was just an innocent lobster-fishing surfer who wanted to help the poor people of Povanes, Costa Rica. Politely put, these people are dissembling, but more importantly? A CIA connection is being protected.

One that goes straight through Ron Gates, John McMaster, Jerry McDonald, Terry Milner, Ron Hubbard and CIA-approved drug smuggling and gun-running.

Terry Milner wrote:

Mr. Ron Gates has recently been released from prison on charges of drug peddling.


We should all say thank you Terry, for providing an actual factual (and important) piece of information there.

Clyde Ronald Gates was engaged in drug peddling as a Brotherhood of Eternal Love member. However, much like Terry’s relationship with happy-fun-fun CIA agent and asset Jerry McDonald, things aren’t quite what they appear on the surface.

Terry actually verifies his relationship with Gates (although not named) and his ‘bust’ in an affidavit that I documented in my post titled: Scientology D/Guardian for Intelligence Terry Milner Claims He Brought Down Drug Ring.

Agent Joel Taylor from the U.S. Justice Department had commended Terry (in a letter) for his role in helping them to ‘obtain prosecutions”. Terry then added additional information in an affidavit.

During the year 1971 [Terry gives the wrong year for some strange reason, it was 1970] a number of individuals involved in a large scale narcotics smuggling operation were arrested. These individuals attempted to link the Church of Scientology with their activities. It is felt that perhaps their motives were related to the Church’s drug rehabilitation programs.

[Note: Terry is going to try to hide that he was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence for the Church, and that this was his job anyway. He tries to position himself as just being a ‘private investigator’ hired by the Church. That is a point-blank lie]

The Board of Directors of the Church requested that I conduct an extensive investigation into the matter at the same time giving me leave to use their considerable resources as necessary. Their concern was directed to insuring that neither the Church nor its drug rehabilitation programs suffered a loss of repute. They also requested that I liaise with appropriate law enforcement, in this case Mr. Joel Taylor, so that effective use of information gained could be made.

I conducted the required investigation with the end result being that key members of the drug smuggling operation were arrested. Over four and one half tons of narcotics were seized in two separate raids. A number of these individuals are still in prison.

Due to the nature of the above statements it is desired that the information contained in this affidavit be held in confidence.


Terry is lying through his teeth about what he was really doing and why, but he is being factual about the smuggler arrests. The thing is though, scientologist and both CIA/Guardian’s Office agent Jerry McDonald, got arrested for running drugs and guns using scientology sea organization ships and he walked.

makaira 2 San_Bernardino_County_Sun guns makaira scientology sea orgFor news articles and documentation concerning Jerry and his walking off scott-free, see this post too.


Such was the case with Ron Gates – he’s being interviewed with John McMaster by the FDA barely a year later, whereas other Brotherhood members weren’t so ‘lucky’ and were in prison for quite a long time.

It wasn’t really luck anyway, Gates was in on what was actually a CIA slavemaster operation that Ron Stark had taken over running a couple years earlier – called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Note from Mike McClaughry –

Terry and Jerry got caught actually running drugs for guns – exactly like the CIA was then engaged in, in support of Operation Gladio. Terry and Hubbard came up with the cover story (after Jerry got caught) of that they were ‘working with the government as informers’.

Per news articles that Virginia found (and linked to here) Jerry’s volunteering as an ‘informer’ only happened after he was caught.

Along comes a senior of Terry Milner later, Jane Kember, who says I don’t like that cover story, we want it to be that Jerry McDonald blew [left scientology] with Sea Org ships [the Makaira].

That’s another lie. He never blew and he was never expelled or ‘declared’ SP.

Both of these cover stories are lies to protect what they were really doing – working for the CIA to put down so-called communist rebellions using drugs to fund arms to put these people down – known as Operation Gladio.

– Mike McClaughry


Both Jerry and Ron Gates were scientologists, you understand.

So, here Gates got a slap on the hand in 1970 just like Jerry comparatively. This also happens to be much like a couple other key figures in the Brotherhood like Keith Hynson and John Gale. All of which either didn’t even got to jail or got out in a matter of months and were then used in a next-gen criminal enterprise that was even worse.

Despite a later investigation (and the really BIG crackdown on the Brotherhood in 1972) that revealed that Gates was indeed a brotherhood member who was using false passports (and was actually engaging in a NEW drug operation by that the time) – nothing happens to him then either.


On page 34, Special Agent Strange was asked to provide a list of brotherhood members who are believed to have obtained multiple passports falsely identifying themselves. A list of brotherhood members believed to have obtained one or more passports under assumed names follows:

The Brotherhood—Master List (Passport) April 18, 1973

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973; p. 83


Guess who’s name is on this list? Ronald Gates.


p. 85

Secured PPT # B 1347656 at Los Angeles 7/9/71 (in that name).
Secured PPT # B 1753065 at Los Angeles 7/29/71 (in the name of Gates, Ronald Thomas )
Status.—Under investigation.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


Even weirder, it appears that either Gates’s real name is John Friend or…and this is what I think it is…he’s a deep cover NOC agent and he has more than one identity in play – more than even this committee knew about. John Friend is not a real name either, is what I’m saying.

Plus, the ‘under investigation’ status turns out to have been a euphemism because they never did anything at all with that even though they had supposedly arrested Ronald Gates a year earlier. But, they don’t know who he is and need to investigate???

You see how down-the-rabbit-hole this is already.

Note: That’s something you simply have to get used to with these people. They are not going to make it easy to figure out what’s really happening, and will use your (bad habit that they promote) of black/white thinking. He lied, therefore everything is a lie = WRONG. He told the truth, therefore everything is true = WRONG. Don’t do that.

Did you notice when he secured that second passport as Ronald Gates which he probably showed the FDA?

July 29, 1971, exactly when, of all things, scientologist John McMaster is now living with him!


That’s not good.

Look at the sequence here. Terry supposedly gets Gates ‘busted’ somewhere between January and May of 1970, yet he’s released and filing for false passports in July of 1971 and doesn’t get nailed for any of that either?

That brings up another point – see where Terry Milner says this (in his letter)?

It is felt that perhaps their motives were related to the Church’s drug rehabilitation programs.

The Board of Directors of the Church requested that I conduct an extensive investigation into the matter at the same time giving me leave to use their considerable resources as necessary. Their concern was directed to insuring that neither the Church nor its drug rehabilitation programs suffered a loss of repute.


Beside the fact that he said perhaps – which in Guardian’s Office intelligence-speak means he just wants the reader to think that’s the case – scientology only had one drug rehab program at this time and that was Narconon.

Narconon had only just been incorporated in 1970 and was covertly run by the very Guardian’s Office that Terry headed the U.S. branch of. In fact, it was Terry’s direct senior – Henning Heldt that had done this. The same guy pictured in the minister’s garb I showed you earlier. See Part 5: Thou Art Punished of my Scientology and Synanon series for more about all that.

The other reason Terry said that, can be gleaned from something Ron Gates and John McMaster said to James P. DiGrazia, FDA agent, on October 7, 1971. Ron Gates had went in personally with John McMaster to speak with DiGrazia.

On p. 269 and 270 of the Vol 16 of 18 PDF (found in the Cd #3 of declassified FDA records) we see the following scans of DiGrazia’s interview notes.

Note: In this interview, for some reason John McMaster decided to reverse his previous position given and admit to the FDA that he is a homosexual. Not sure what that’s all about, but it stuck out as rather odd.

Pages from Vol 16 of 18- Brotherhood eternal love ron gates scientology mcmasters visit FDA 1971. Pages from Vol 16 of 18 mcmasters ron gates fda 2Pages from Vol 16 of 18 mcmasters ron gates fda 3.

Check out these parts –

He [Gates] feels young people tuned on to drugs are searching for something better, like Scientology, but will not tolerate such stupidity as exemplified by the ethics structure.

…Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates expressed their concern over the youth of America taking drugs and desiring very much to free them from this addiction with processing. [scientology auditing]


What?!? Wait…hold the phone.

Hidden Hand - STOP.

Gates was just arrested for peddling said drugs to the youth and was now just starting to engage in a much bigger operation with Danny Fowlie (also Brotherhood of Eternal Love).

He has a rather odd view for a drug peddler, wouldn’t you say? Most people would tend to dismiss it as just that he’s lying to look innocent, but considering his repeatedly prominent role in getting off scott-free in CIA smuggling operations when someone is chosen as a fall guy to distract the public? Well…

Things start looking just a little bit different about this guy.

that is just not right - spanky little rascals.

Ron Gates is the microcosm of exactly what is going on in the macrocosm of CIA and scientology drug-running. While claiming to be against drugs, they are the very people who are running them.

Taking a few other excerpts from the FDA interview  –

McMasters stated he hopes to work with a Ken Rains, Laguna Beach, California, in establishing and maintaining a ‘Freedom From Addiction’ center.

Gates asked me how to go about establishing a drug rehabilitation center for treatment of youth on drugs with processing.

Both Messrs. McMasters and Gates still profess the benefits of auditing but feel it does not have to be done inside Scientology.


OK, so not only is Gates some kind of undercover CIA agent, he just happens to have been a scientologist too!

oh-boy spanky.

This certainly isn’t the first time that Terry had been running operations on behalf of Ron Hubbard and the CIA invoving drug-running. Oh no, no, no. In fact, he had just gotten done with a pretty nasty one involving the Mexican Mafia, a pilot who had infiltrated the “Papa” Sinaloa drug ring named Warren Hudson, ad our favorite all-around hard case and scientologist, Jerry McDonald.

You can also see that this ‘rehab center competition’ – with Narconon – was the jump-off point (and excuse) for why Terry had any of the information he did.

But, if Mr. Gates was such a no-no bad guy with the scientologists, we would expect to see his name (or one of his cover names rather) on one of scientology’s lists of SP’s (suppressive persons) of people that have been in scientology and fallen out of favor for one reason or another.

He’s not.


None of these people are on the 30 November 1970 issue put out by scientology identifying ‘squirrels’ and SP groups and people.

It gets better. Ken Rains was also a scientologist! And a brotherhood of eternal love member apparently.

brotherhood of eternal love tapestry.

He is listed as scientology Clear #120 in Auditor magazine #19 from 1966. Terry Milner was #5, so he would have known Ken Rains there at Hubbard’s Saint Hill Organization in England where the first clears were ‘made’.

Rains is also identified by Alan Walter as former staff of the Church of Scientology in Hawaii – John Starr Cooke’s stomping grounds. Cooke was a CIA asset who helped funnel money to and through Hubbard’s Dianetic Research Foundation way back in 1950, he was also Hubbard’s first clear before he created scientology.

Rains is listed as being ‘out’ of scientology.

He was a metal sculpture artist (among other things) when he was living with John McMaster and Ron Gates. His work was displayed down the street from the Brotherhood’s Mystic Arts World, at Metal Mania (just across the street from Hotel Laguna).



Metal Mania gallery in 1971



There are only two roads into the town: the Pacific Coast Highway or, from inland, down Laguna Canyon. The Metal Mania gallery was located at 425 S Coast Hwy and the Brotherhood’s Mystic Arts World was down the street at 670 S Coast Highway.

* * *


This all just gets more and more strange, and there’s a whole lot of obviously not quite the truth being used to hide what’s really happening.

The situation of scientologsts being mixed up in drug and gun-running schemes and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love is not limited to Ron Gates and Ken Rains.

If you look at the news articles I assembled relating to the arrest of scientologist Jerry McDonald and the Makaira ship carrying tons of guns (particularly the later-dated ones) you’ll see some names – those are Brotherhood members and at least two of their names show up on Scientology completions lists – Kenneth Connell and Dave Mantell, with Dave still doing services in the 90’s under Miscavige, apparently!

Example –

The Times (San Mateo, California) December 17, 1970, Thursday, p. 15; Scheme to Rescue Americans From Crete Jail is Disclosed



Dave was one of the main guys in the Brotherhood, and Terry Milner already had tight ties with the Brotherhood through his communicator Grace-Marie Haddy and her connections into the Grateful Dead, as well as Jerry McDonald and his connections into the Mexican Mafia and drug-running.

– Image from page 79 of Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


As you can see, David Mantell is one of the top Brotherhood of Eternal Love members and at this point in time he is working directly with Ronald Stark, CIA agent, while scientologists Terry Milner and Jerry McDonald are working with CIA agent Terrence Burke who paradoxically, is supposedly working to bust the Brotherhood.

All of which is purely making a ‘good show’ for crook Richard Millhouse Nixon, then President of the U.S., who would then use these type of ‘busts’ to call for the formation of the DEA, which CIA agent Terrence Burke would then be a top official of in just a couple years from this time.

Ta Da! It’s Breaking Bad man, Terrence Burke, gonna get those bad, nasty drug dealers.

band-e-amir afghanistan national park - terry brooke on the trail.

And take over their routes, but hey, why quibble.

See Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade, Nixon Era for more about Burke’s CIA background.


Robert Ackerly, Brotherhood member, is the first name listed in the ‘has multiple false passport identities’ part of the Senate subcommittee hearings in 1973.

Robert ackerly


He stated:

They used us to created the DEA [1973] and then they just slapped us on our hands.

A lot of the people in the Brotherhood had connections. We were the kids of the people who were going after us.

They didn’t want to lock us up forever and throw away the key, Besides, they owe us, because we’re the reason the government was able to create the DEA.

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou


What a happy coincidence.

eye roll kara.


The Show


Drug busts were often arranged in order to take attention off of the fact that the drug-running was actually being allowed. Mexico is a fabulous example.

Right around the time that Ron Gates had been arrested and freed with hardly any time served, the other end of the drug pipeline (the supplier Pedro Aviles Perez and his government connections) were helping President Nixon put on a nice show for the ‘kids’, the gullible and naive rest of us (as they love to think we are).

Time Magazine – World: Pursuit of the Poppy 9/14/1970 – excerpted

In Mexico, police gave President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz some good news to take to President Nixon.

When the two men sat down to talk at Coronado, Calif., last week, Díaz Ordaz could tell the President that in recent days his agents had arrested 43 smugglers, confiscated 7.2 tons of marijuana and burned four large poppy fields.

These recent successes are the result of the Nixon Administration’s diligent effort to enlist other countries in the American battle against drugs.


The San Bernardino County Sun, Sunday August 30, 1970, 2 parts, titled: 5 Caught with $670,000 Hashish Load.

“The two cases illustrate the effectiveness of the increasing international cooperation against narcotics smuggling,” Attorney General John N. Mitchell and Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy said in a joint statement issued in Washington.


Those two are so dirty that it’s not even funny. Particularly David M. Kennedy with his ties into special Vatican banking and all manner of back-channel support of the burgeoning drug industry.

From The Connection between Scientology and Synanon Part 6: Thou Art Punished

Just after WWII and before Cardinals Pacelli and Montini’s man Nogara retired, the IOR [Vatican Bank] began forming a “trust” of Catholic and non-Catholic financial advisors, who became known as uomini di fiducia, or “men of confidence.”

One of those was Michael Sindona who got his start by having a patron who wrote letter of introduction to the future Pope – Giovanni Battista Montini  – who was at the time Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Milan. Sindona had been educated by the Jesuits…

Michael Sindona began forging close Vatican banking links with the dictators of Argentina, Paraguay, Uraguay, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Of the Nicaraguan dictator, Somoza, he told a Rome lawyer:

I prefer to deal with men like Somoza. Doing business with a one man dictatorship is much easier than doing business with democratically elected Governments. They have too many committees, too many controls. They also aspire to honesty, that’s bad for the banking business.


These proclivities (so clearly expressed by Sindona) continued well into the 1980’s when CIA/Vatican interests supported drug suppliers such as second-generation Sinaloan cartel members Quintero, Gallardo etc., who in turn supported the CIA/Vatican in many ways, including letting them use their ranches to train the “contras” to go out and punish the Nicaraguan people for trying to break out of slavemaster 2-class rule.

This became known as the Iran-Contra affair when it was exposed later.


By 1957 Sindona had become closely associated with the Gambino family (Sicilian Mafia) and was chosen to manage their profits from heroin sales where he pioneered anstalten which is a term for a Swiss or Liechtenstein-based corporation with only one stockholder. It’s a very powerful financial tool if you want to move money around through anonymous conduits.

In his book HOT MONEY AND THE POLITICS OF DEBT, author Naylor writes –

“In the postwar period, Sindona, a pioneer in the use of the Liechtenstein “anstalten” allegedly put his financial skills to work channeling CIA money to the [catholic] church and the Christian Democratic party, and laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.”

It must have been extremely profitable because just two years later (1959) Sindona bought his first bank – the Banca Privata Italia – together with the Vatican IOR and it’s principal American bankers, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company (where Mormon David Matthew Kennedy chaired).

Why is a Mormon working with catholic bankers? Now there’s a very good question, and this wasn’t just any old Mormon. Kennedy held a position with the First Presidency, the top governing body of the Mormon Church.

…The other thing about David Kennedy, is that he would go on to be Treasury Secretary under President Nixon, where he would help to oversee (with his continuing back-channel partnership with Michael Sindona and the Vatican Bank) the changeover to allow gross importing of cocaine to drug America. This is also where Synanon, the church of scientology and the Unification Church start lock-stepping away to help assist this changeover


So when you see him saying this in 1970:

The two cases illustrate the effectiveness of the increasing international cooperation against narcotics smuggling…

You understand just what a big fat lying hypocrite David Kennedy was.

As to head of the U.S. Justice Department Attorney General John N. Mitchell? He never prosecuted a single CIA agent or asset even though he knew – they had a ‘special’ arrangement to not prosecute any of their gun-running and drug smuggling operations or operatives.

Typical Vatican behavior – no responsibility whatsoever for what they were doing to people in the name of keeping power and their 2-class system going.

And people try and call them reformed?

perish the thought - wry ick face.

That’s disgusting, truly.

People who try and sell that particularly vicious lie should be ashamed of themselves.


* * *


What did Scientologist Ron Gates do next?


He started working with Danny Fowlie.

dan fowlie.

Brotherhood member David Hall, had been shipping Mexican weed into Laguna Beach from Mexico ever since he met Griggs – albeit on a small scale at first. Brotherhood member Lyle “Lyncho” German, who spoke Spanish, handled the actual purchases in Mexico. He started at the bottom end of the network with a police officer in Tijuana and gradually worked his way up to the top of Mexico’s burgeoning marijuana industry – ‘Papa” Pedro Aviles Perez, the undisputed kingpin of drugs in Mexico at that time, and also the first Godfather of the Mexican Mafia.

Particularly after the takedown of Lawrence Fassler’s network in 1969, Perez and the CIA needed a replacement and the Brotherhood turned out to be it, and by 1970 or so they were bringing in literally tons of marijuana from Perez’s crime syndicate.

When the CIA/Vatican began jump-starting drug usage in America (first LSD, then pot, Hash and Cocaine) the Brotherhood of Eternal Love was virtually untouchable between the years of 1966 and 1971 (particularly after 1969 when Fassler was taken down) but then it was time for another ‘changeover’ and drug bust show.

By the time they busted the Brotherhood to help usher in Legalized Drug Smuggling (aka the DEA covertly run by the CIA) over 750 members had been identified in a business the IRS estimated to be worth $200 million.

But that’s what the IRS guessed it was, you understand, the real amount was significantly higher.

Backing up a little here, OSS (and later CIA) agent Paul Helliwell pioneered the guns-for-drugs type of black intelligence operation to ‘put down’ those dastardly communists – not a good thing, despite all that you’ve been told over the last 50 plus years.

In the early 1950s, Helliwell organized Sea Supply (aka Air America) a CIA front company that furnished weapons and other material to anti-Communist guerrillas in the hills of Burma, Laos, and Thailand. This mercenary army cultivated fields of opium poppies, the CIA took the heroin and sold it at a huge profit, bought guns and supplied the mercenaries with them and pocketed the rest to fund whatever other nasty operations they had in mind.

They (including the Vatican) needed places to launder this money so that the people of the world wouldn’t find out just how duplicit these sick fucks actually were.

Helliwell began creating off-shore banks to serve all their purposes. Mr. Kanter and Mr. Helliwell used Mercantile to establish accounts for many of their associates. In 1965, through his directorship at Mercantile Bank, he helps create Castle Bank and added it to this more and more intricate offshore banking complex. This included the Bank of the Caribbean Ltd., registered in the Bahamas in 1963.

The accounts didn’t really kick into high usage until the Fassler/Perez and other networks began really cooking financially in the 1967 and 1968 time period.

One of the tricks that CIA/Vatican bankers began employing to hide the huge amount of money they now had at their fingertips, was by using cut out ‘investors’. I’ll get into this more later on, but I think this is another function that L. Ron Hubbard served in his capacity as a long-term British/CIA intelligence asset.

What they would do is funnel money to a person, say..like Ron Hubbard, who would then open a Swiss bank account at particular banks, depost the money, and then the money was used or ‘invested’ into CIA black operations even though on the books it still appeared to be there.

Tricky, eh?

The numbers of how much money was going in and out of Ron Hubbard’s scientology operation never matched balances in accounts or even the spending habits of Hubbard either as an individual or from behind the scientology corporate shells. A possibly good example is when Hubbard died in 1986 there was only 20 million in his estate, with even a low-ball estimate of hundreds of millions of dollars simply gone, never to appear again.

Hubbard never personally spent that kind of money – no way, no how.

In an London Daily Mail article of 3 August 1968, it published details of Hubbard’s private bank accounts in Switzerland, including account numbers, and it said Hubbard had $7 million (a fantastic sum all by itself in those days). What it failed to find out about was the other accounts with a hell of a lot more than 7 million in them.

Witness that just two years earlier Hubbard had spent eight million dollars in support of some kind of anti-communist intelligence operation in Rhodesia, and that’s just one thing that we know about that he funnelled that kind of money into during his more than three decades of working covertly for British and American intelligence.

So, as I said, the CIA used Castle Bank to facilitate the hidden transfer of huge sums to finance subversion, paramilitary operations, an occasional coup d’etat, bribery, and payments to foreign informants.

The Helliwell off-shore banking complex was also used in subversion of the United States itself! Illegally funneling money into the election campaigns of puppets and patsies they wanted in office – like President Nixon.

Remember the deal here, special people are chosen to ‘deposit’ cash into the bank, which then goes straight back out into all those lovely CIA drug and gun operations, These ‘investors’ are then rewarded with pittances proportionately (out of the profits) but those pittances are beyond the wildest dreams of most of the people in this world.

Richard M. Nixon happened to be one of the three hundred prominent Americans who were allowed (chosen) to deposit cash into Castle Bank. Others included actor Tony Curtis, the rock group Credence Clearwater Revival, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione’s Penthouse, Chiang Kai-shek’s daughter and her husband, and billionaire eccentric Howard Hughes.

Every one of which was eminently blackmail-able, you understand.

Billy Mellon Hitchcock was the go-between for drug distribution groups such as the Brotherhood and their offshore accounts. He justified his actions to himself by considering that he was some kind of hero – a modern day “Robin Hood”.

In a rare, candid conversation……Hitchcock said he thought of himself as mired in a Robin Hood syndrome. He said he got involved with The Brotherhood of Eternal Love because kicking the establishment in the teeth was exciting. Of course, William Mellon Hitchcock is the establishment.

On orders (CIA, which his family had tight connections to by blood and by marriage) Hitchcock poured over $5,000,000 into unregistered “letter stocks” (the kind that aren’t traded publicly but tend to show dramatic gains on paper) associated with the Mary Carter Paint Company, later known as Resorts International – yet another addition to the Helliwell off-shore banking complex.

Resorts International then proceeded to build a casino on an exclusive piece of Bahamian real estate called Paradise Island (used as a model for the 1977 cheesy TV series called Fantasy Island.

fantasy island.

It’s an island in the Bahamas formerly known as Hog Island, considering the wealth and power ‘hogs’ that frequented the place, I’d say the original name is quite accurate.

money hog.

The island is located just off the shore of the city of Nassau, which is itself located on the northern edge of the island of New Providence.



It is best known now for the sprawling resort Atlantis with its extensive water park rides, pools, beach, restaurants, walk-in aquarium and casinos.

paradise island 1968 casino token


paradise island water themes.

And let’s not forget – its spectacularly beautiful beaches and clear, clear water.


It’s really disgusting to me that such a place, such beauty was so tainted by its association with the dirtiest, sleaziest, and most power-mad of the slavemaster world.

Under cover of all this ‘entertainment’, Resorts International became synonymous with big-time drug trafficking: cocaine and marijuana from the Caribbean and South America, LSD and hashish produced in factories in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., with venture capital provided through IOS – Investors Overseas Services (Robert Vesco and the CIA).

Note: the IOS was an international “mutual fund” that somehow managed to accumulatean excess of $2 billion in investment capital on behalf of “unnamed subscribers.” This is that CIA banking scheme I described earlier.

A star-studded cast was on hand for the grand opening of the gambling spa, complete with tennis courts, swimming pools, albino beaches, and the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

Actress Janet Leigh cozies up to Henry Mancini at a cocktail party – Paradise Island, 1968

Actress Janet Leigh cozying up to musician Henry Mancini during cocktail party at Paradise Island 1968.

Fashion designer Emilio Pucci with young women wearing his designs at the International opening of the Paradise Hotel and Casino – 1968.

Fashion designer Emilio Pucci w. young women wearing his designs at the International opening of the Paradise Hotel and Casino, Paradise Islands, Bahamas, 1968..

So slimy….these men are. The women are even worse for sucking up to them. Double-ick!

At the gala opening event on New Year’s Eve 1968, the guest of honor at this gala event was none other than Richard Nixon, who was about to launch a successful bid for the White House. James Crosby, president of Resorts International, contributed $100,000 to Nixon’s campaign. The same James Crosby who has also brought casino gambling to Atlantic City, opening Resorts  International Casino Hotel in 1978.




CIA drug money and drug people helped put Nixon in the white house, so his ‘crackdown’ here in the early 1970’s on the Brotherhood is not exactly really him being the White Knight the press played it as.

He was following orders, plain and simple. It was time to shift the location of the main drug operations and one of those shifts was to Costa Rica.

That’s where Fowlie and Gates come in.

The Brotherhood already had connections into Costa Rica, where Danny Fowlie is about to get going here.

Billy Hitchcock had instructed Scully (his LSD man) to search out countries or islands that had neglected to pass laws prohibiting the manufacture of psychedelics.

Members of the LSD arm of the Brotherhood working there met George Grant Hoag, the young heir to the J.C. Penney fortune, who owned a villa overlooking the ocean. He was returning to the U.S. and he told his new hippie friends they were welcome to stay at his place. They promptly moved in and set up a lab.

Some weeks later, federal narcotics agents checked in at the consulate on their way to raid the lab.

Before the agents had even left the building, word of the impending arrests was passed through the local grapevine. Impoverished locals stormed Hoag’s home, took all his possessions, and butchered his cattle on the spot. Hoag said later he had no idea the Brotherhood group was involved in acid making. He says the incident cost him half a million dollars.

Hoag isn’t being entirely truthful here, to put it mildly, he knew because of his connections to Hitchcock.

 A young George Hoag III in 1951 (far right)


But for pot – which is what Fowlie began smuggling – the connection was Mexican mafia man Pedro Aviles Perez and his right-hand man Rafael Quintero.

Pedro Avilés Pérez aka ‘Papa’ was a pioneering drug lord in the Mexican state of Sinaloa in the late 1960s. He is considered to be the first generation of major Mexican drug smugglers of marijuana who marked the birth of large-scale Mexican drug trafficking. He also pioneered the use of aircraft to smuggle drugs to the United States.


pedro aviles perez2

Perez principally worked in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (red marker – right on top of the U.S. border practically) although his many ranches stretched from Sonora down to Sinaloa. The yellow arrow marks Durango, where Perez was from. He birthed the territory of what would later be called the Sinaloa Cartel


Quintero learned the drug business from Perez very young. He grew the marijuana on Perez’s far-flung and extensively networked ranches in Chihuahua. By the time he was in his teens (late 1960’s) he had already amassed a fortune.

Quintero and Perez’s corruption of state officials was brokered by Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who had met Perez when he had spent time in Sinaloa working as a Sinaloan State Police trooper and serving as body guard to Leopold Sánchez Celis, Perez who was also acting as Celis bodyguard.



The Brotherhood had started buying property in Central America in 1969 just after the takedown of Lawrence Fassler who was the previous main U.S. drug connection to Perez.

Mr. SouRWiNE. Let us get the reference. That phrase “point of time” has meant a lot of things. You are talking about March 1969.
Mr. Sinclair. That is correct, sir.
Mr. SouRWINE. Go ahead.
Mr. Sinclair. The center of their operations was still Laguna Beach, Calif., although they were fast becoming international travelers and were purchasing property in Hawaii, Canada, Central America, and several States neighboring California

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973


* * *


transparent back flashing starThe Costa Rica Connection – Robert Vescotransparent back flashing star


Castle Banks happy-man Billy Hitchcock had helped create Resorts International, as you just saw.

Eddie Cellini, the brother of a longtime associate of [mobster] Meyer Lansky, served as the casino manager for Resorts International. Louis Chesler, another Lansky crony, and Wallace Groves, were both partners in a gambling venture with Mary Carter/Resorts.

In 1970 Resorts International formed a private intelligence corporation called Intertel, which was staffed largely by ex-CIA, NSA, BNDD, Interpol, and Justice Department officials. Intertel rented its services to a wide range of corporate clients, including ITT, McDonald’s, and Howard Hughes’s Summa Corporation.

In 1971 an estimated $224,000,000 into from the IOS [Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services] into the coffers of Robert Vesco, a heroin trafficker and financial contributor to Richard Nixon’s 1972 presidential campaign.

William Spector, a former OSS operative, claimed that Vesco’s tangled web of corporations served as fronts for various CIA activities and provided cover for CIA agents.

Acid Dreams book


They most certainly were CIA fronts.

In 1971 Billy Hitchcock had been called to testify before the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding Fiduciary Trust, so he quickly shifted his assets—which included the Brotherhood of Eternal Love’s drug profits—into a series of new accounts (no names, just numbers) in Switzerland. A total of $67,000,000 illegally sloshed through Paravacini Bank in Berne, then he had a sudden urge for the desert air and skipped town to move to Tucson for reasons he has never made clear.

Fellow banker Paravicini closed his bank (which was in trouble anyway) and headed for the Costa del Sol where he remains, and as one author put it “fretting from time to time about whether he will ever be extradited.”

By the summer of 1972 grand juries were convening in both Northern and Southern California and Billy Hitchcock began spending most of his time at his mother’s place in Canada to avoid a subpoena.

Hitchcock had an understandable interest in seeing that Nick Scully (their LSD manufacturer who replaced Bear Owsley) steered clear of the grand juries as well.

In 1972, the IRS began to investigate Allan George Palmer, a known manufacturer and distributor of illicit drugs; he held an account in Castle Bank. Several cheques that were drawn by Castle on an account it maintained at the American National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago were found in Palmer’s possession.

In June, 1972 the IRS suspected that the Castle Bank and Trust Company of the Bahamas functioned as an illegal tax haven for American taxpayers.[6] The IRS’ suspicion was based on information about an alleged California narcotics dealer, Allan Palmer, who deposited a check in his bank account originally drawn on the Castle Bank of the Bahamas. Further investigation revealed that the Castle Bank had an account with the Bank of Perrine in Florida, and that Palmer had $25,000 in a Castle Bank account which he opened through the assistance of the Bank of Perrine.[7] In August, 1972 representatives of the IRS districts in San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Pittsburgh met in Jacksonville, Florida to discuss the involvement of the Castle Bank with respect to narcotic trafficking investigations pending in each district.[8]

  • United States v. Payner, 434 F. Supp. 113 (N.D. Ohio 1977) U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio – 434 F. Supp. 113 (N.D. Ohio 1977) April 28, 1977

IRS intelligence located the Castle account at American National and the signature card on file. There were nine names, including P. (Paul) L. E. Helliwell and B. W. (Burton Wallace) Kanter, attorneys.

Helliwell being Mr. Heroin and Sea Supply/Air America, if you recall.

Paul Helliwell (left) meeting Michael Hand and Frank Nugan.

Paul Helliwell meeting Michael Hand and Frank Nugan..

It was the amount of money in the account that aroused attention to it. One $70,000 cashier’s cheque was issued to a Mr. Yale Cohen, a known gambler who received this $70,000 while he was the manager of the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas.


Billy Conn, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Lewis, Milton Jaffe, Jimmy Durante, Yale Cohen, Swifty Morgan, Sonny King

Billy Conn, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Lewis, Milton Jaffe, Jimmy Durante, Yale Cohen, Swifty Morgan, Sonny King

Mercantile Bank & Trust was in financial trouble. It was forced to move certain accounts out of Mercantile Bank and Trust and into Castle Bank to avoiding these monies going to creditors. Morris Kleinman, a known organized criminal was the holder of one such account.

Wilbur Clark, Cliff Jones, L.B. ‘Tutor’ Scherer, Morris Kleinman

Wilbur Clark, Cliff Jones, L.B. 'Tutor' Scherer, Morris Kleinman.

The Kleinman material found in the Castle Bank investigation revealed his partnership in a company called Karat Inc., which operated the Stardust Casino. Kleinman’s attorneys were Kanter and Helliwell.

This is an example of a complex network.

By August 5, 1972, the largest narcotics raid that had ever taken place in California happened. Police from Laguna Beach to Oregon to Maui to Kabul, Afghanistan, raided dozens of houses and 53 members of Brotherhood were arrested, but not all of them.

When Danny Fowlie was arrested in the 1980’s, U.S. attorneys believed that as early as 1971 Danny met with Rafael Caro Quintero, cofounder of the Guadalajara cartel, about smuggling marijuana into the United States. Quintero had a cousin in Baja named Francisco Javier Caro Payan (alias “El Doctor”) whom Fowlie is known to have worked with later grossing 75 to 150 per pound for marijuana.

Francisco Javier Caro-Payan, 29, is charged with running a drug ring that bribed American and Canadian border inspectors, shipped more than 100 tons of marijuana into the United States from Mexico, and collected more than $25 million in profits in one seven-month period alone.


Danny denied that early of an involvement with Rafael Quintero, which is probably half true anyway, it was slightly later. Danny remains tight-lipped about that portion of his past and I think that’s because he’s still protecting his CIA/Mafia connections.

They do have this tendency to kill people who worked for them and ‘break the faith’ to reveal things like that.

kara thrace - battlestar galactica.

Just after a large number of his fellow Brotherhood of Eternal Love members had been arrested in August of 1972, Danny Fowlie incorporated Leather Gypsy in September 27, 1972. Located in Laguna Beach, it had manufacturing offices in Tijuana, Mexico – the North Baja area. He also owned land in the Cabo San Lucas part of Baja in the south.

Leather Gypsy
P. O. BOX 1436,

He sold it just a couple years later for $3 million after he had been approached to start the new new pot-smuggling business.

One of the main Brotherhood members who was out of jail faster than you can spit, Mike Hynson, was a close friend of Danny Fowlie. Danny has repeatedly tried to claim that he was ‘just surfing and partying’ with the Brotherhood.

Of course, arresting him in the 1980’s with evidence of a massive drug operation at his ranch does tend to rather dispute that idea.

eye roll.

Note: Mike Hynson was good buds with Brotherhood member John Gale, both of which are going to figure prominently in the continuing smuggling schemes here (with CIA allowances).

John Gale (right) Mike Hynson (left)


Shortly after Danny sold his leather business in 1974, he hied off to Costa Rica and works on becoming the principal landowner in Pavones Costa Rica.


Danny’s first house (or rather oceanfront shack) in Pavones, 1974

dan fowlie house sawmill break 1974.

He went from that to this…after hooking up with CIA money man Robert Vesco.

fowlie compound and house.

Vesco was living in Costa Rica hiding out from being wanted for securities fraud in the U.S. after he supposedly swindled investors for 224 million (he didn’t – that was CIA money) plus illegally donating 200,000 to president nixon’s 1972 campaign – which was also CIA money and breaks all kinds of U.S. laws all by itself.

He was being protected by CIA asset Costa Rican President Jose Figueras, where he had millions in his bank and millions more invested in Figueras family companies.

Robert Vesco

robert vesco

Robert Vesco was Danny Fowlies mafia and CIA connection into the whole Helliwell network, and he introduced Danny to Norman Leblanc who was his personal financial advisor who was also living in Costa Rica in 1974.

Norman Leblanc, 1974, Costa Rica
IOS manager under Vesco


Reminder –


Resorts International became synonymous with big-time drug trafficking: cocaine and marijuana from the Caribbean and South America, LSD and hashish produced in factories in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., with venture capital provided through IOSInvestors Overseas Services (Robert Vesco and the CIA).

Note: the IOS was an international “mutual fund” that somehow managed to accumulate an excess of $2 billion in investment capital on behalf of “unnamed subscribers.” This is that CIA banking scheme I described earlier.

A lot of money was going through that place.

In 1971 an estimated $224,000,000 from the IOS [Swiss-based Investors Overseas Services] into the coffers of Robert Vesco…

William Spector, a former OSS operative, claimed that Vesco’s tangled web of corporations served as fronts for various CIA activities and provided cover for CIA agents.

Acid Dreams book


So, besides Norman Leblanc, Bernie Cornfeld and and Seymour (“The Head”) Lazare were directors of the Swiss-based IOS (Investors Overseas Services) a fast-money laundry for whoever the CIA deemed allowed. Anywhere from organized crime, corrupt Third World dictators, wealthy expatriates, and freelance swindlers.

IOS certificate


Bernie Cornfeld (center)


Seymour Lazar – recent pic (on trial for fraud)

seymour lazar.

A Florida grand jury indictment charged that Robert Vesco:

  • helped Columbian traffickers fly cocaine through Cuban air space
  • he underwrote cocaine purchases from the Suarez family* in Bolivia
  • he underwrote heroin purchases from Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle, and
  • set up a cocaine-refining laboratory in Nicaragua

*That one ties him directly into the whole Vatican rat nest down there.

To refresh your memory (or give some readers their first glimpse), Roberto Suarez Gomez, also dubbed the King of Cocaine (how many Kings are there, sheesh) was a descendent of the Suárez brothers “rubber barons”, who had been responsible for the extermination of the Caripuña people on the Madeira River in Bolivia.

You can see why Vatican/British/American slavemaster tool in Bolivia – Klaus Barbie – took him under his wing, he was their kind of guy!

Like Pablo Escobar, he too also pretended to be “for” the people, misleading them all over the place mostly by throwing huge amounts of money around.

Roberto Suarez

roberto suarez gomez.

As part of CIA/Vatican Operation Condor, Suarez helped to finance the military coup that installed a dictatorship in Bolivia 1980.

….Luis García Meza would be president and Suarez’s cousin Luis Arce Gómez was Minister of the Interior, and so he received political protection for his enterprise. Arce Gómez ordered the killings of many Bolivians, including union leaders and intellectuals such as Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz.

– World Crunch article: When The King Of Cocaine Built The General Motors Of Drug Trafficking


Vatican banker Roberto Calvi, now head of the Banco Ambrosiano, had close ties with both Klaus Barbie and Roberto Suarez – laundering all that money for other uses by the slavemasters. (See this post)

All things considered, those are some awfully strange and very powerful connections for Mr. Drugs? I don’t know what you’re talking about Fowlie right off the bat, wouldn’t you say?

Delving into this a little further now –

There is a set of declassified documents called: Family Jewels (as a collection) which contains several clear examples of Robert Vesco’s ties into the CIA.

A CIA official had been asked to provide a list of activities that might get them busted, basically, due to the Senate inquiries starting up investigating their MKULTRA activities, etc.


Vesco and the IOS was one of them.



His activities are listed as part of counter-intelligence. That’s deep spy work. Remember how William Specter mentioned his organizations were CIA fronts and provided cover for CIA agents? That’s counter-intelligence. NOC agents, the most secret, come under that.

vexco family jewels listed counterintelligence.

These show the CIA director himself, Richard Helms, was protecting the Vesco network.

vesco family jewels helms protects him vesco family jewels helms protects him 2.

I love how Helms, when he was asked about an earlier ‘high-level intervention’ for Vesco that he said it “wasn’t relevant”.

Sure. Not relevant at all.

vincent - well...puhlease.

This was included in a discussion of the possible risk of exposure of the CIA’s illegal funding of President Nixon’s campaign – through Vesco. It shows that the CIA connection wasn’t as yet exposed, but they were worried about it.


nixon donation vesco family jewels.

An extremely odd connection to Terry Milner and his boys participating in Stanford Research (SRI) CIA experiments was in here too – connected to Vesco! By ‘boys’ I mean scientologists Hal Puthoff, Pat Price, Ingo Swann, etc.

Vesco was somehow involved with setting up or running a cryogenic freezing CIA front company related to the Puthoff magnetometer experiments. One of the experiments related to machine-enhanced telepathy.

Hal Puthoff and the magnetometer, 1972/73 at SRI

Hal Puthoff and the Magnetometer.

Here’s just one of the Family Jewels documents relating to this –

colby family jewels vesco ios and sri puthoff cryogenic magnetometer 1973.

Apparently there was some kind of weapon or influencing basis for it, evidenced in the question: How is the Cryogenic Magnetometer used, on whom and for what purpose?

Danny Fowlies good buddy, Robert Vesco, had one heck of a long list of companies he had created or was associated with creating for the CIA. You can see the Cryogenics company on this list.

Compiled from Michael Sweeney’s list, here’s just the Robert L. Vesco CIA companies –

  • Bahamas Commonwealth Bank (Vesco/IOS company)
  • Castle Bank and Trust (ties to both Robert Vesco and his junior in CIA financial swindles, Nugan Hand)
  • Chalk’s International Airlines (Vesco/IOS company)
  • Comptrol International (Vesco/CIA/arms smuggler partners)
  • Cryogenics, Inc. (controled by Robert Vesco)
  • Geneva’s Exchange and Investment Bank (Vesco controlled)
  • Global Financial (Vesco operation)
  • Grand Bahama Development Company (Vesco operation)
  • Gulf Stream, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
  • ICC (International Controls Corp — controlled by Robert Vesco)
  • Inter-American Capital (Vesco operation)
  • International Bancorp, Ltd (Vesco/IOS company)
  • International Credit Bank of Switzerland (headed by WWII inteligence operative with more ties to Mossad and Bilderbergers than CIA, but worked closely with Vesco and IOS)
  • IOS (Investor’s Overseas Services — prone to investing client monies into nefarious CIA projects — later ‘”‘looted'”‘ read re-routed by Robert Vesco): Reference – Victor Marchetti/John D. Marks, The CIA and The Cult of Intelligence
  • Kilmory Investments, Ltd (Vesco/IOS bedfellow)
  • Linking Progressive Corp., S.A. (Vesco operation)
  • Paradise Island Casino (Vesco operation with exotic partners in organized crime, religious leaders, and presidential bedfellows)
  • Phoenix Financial (Vesco operation)
  • Property Resources, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
  • Rapid-American Corp. (Vesco-IOS related)
  • Red Pearl Bay, S.A. (Vesco operation)
  • Standard Commerz Bank of Switzerland (Vesco controlled)
  • Trade Winds Motel (part of NIA, and sharing the same name as Operation Trade Winds, a project involving Robert Peloquin an Robert Vesco interests)
  • Trident Bank (Vesco operation)
  • Vector, Ltd. (Vesco operation)
  • Venture Fund (Vesco operation)

Wow. That’s quite a list.

Robert Vesco sold Danny Fowlie his house in 1978 at a severely discounted price as a personal boon to Danny. Yet more evidence of their close relationship.

Vesco’s house

vesco house danny fowlie bought 1976.

So, the fact that Danny Fowlie (and later Mr. what’s-my-real-name Ron Gates the scientologist) are all mixed up with these guys takes the Scientology drug connections to a whole new level. Concurrent with Ron Hubbard’s many parallels and co-black operations with other front groups such as the Unification Church, Synanon, Moral Re-Armament, the 700 Club and so on and so forth going on at this time, this is really something.

One hell of a lot more than the ‘nut-cult science fiction writer’ stupid story out there – that’s for damn sure.

At this point, I’d have to call into serious question anyone who is trying to limit Hubbard and scientology in that way because that person is either a dupe or one of them.

There are no other options.

If that’s you? Time for you to take stock.

* * *


transparent back flashing starLet the massive drug-running begintransparent back flashing star

Now things get really interesting.

Just as a reminder for those who keep up on my posts (and a primer for those new to this) let’s not forget the other Brotherhood of Eternal Love connections here that scientology we previously involved in helping break up for the CIA.

From my post – The Strange History of the Scientology Ship ‘Aries

This same year (1967) Eddie Padilla (real name Gerald James Padilla) Brotherhood of Eternal Love member, jumped bail and went to Mexico to start working for Pedro Aviles Perez (see 1968 for more about him).  Besides that obvious connection, he was apparently already working within the Lawrence Fassler/Perez network one night when he was driving 500 pounds of pot to San Francisco. The next day he got arrested. It was the largest pot bust in San Francisco history to that point.

His connection (and presumably Fassler’s as well) in San Francisco was Brotherhood man Robert Ackerly who was using the false name of Chris Wheat.

Ackerly – 1968


Passport photo – trying to look normal


Robert Ackerly is the first name listed in the Class II section of the ‘has multiple false passport identities’ part of the Senate subcommittee hearings in 1973.

He stated:

A lot of the people in the Brotherhood had connections. We were the kids of the people who were going after us.

…we’re the reason the government was able to create the DEA.

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou


Ta Da! It’s Breaking Bad man, CIA agent Terrence Burke
who would be second-in-command of the new DEA

band-e-amir afghanistan national park - terry brooke on the trail.

And take over their routes, but hey, why quibble.

The busts, the re-arranging of “drug lords” was all part of the CIA/Vatican/British elements taking over the drug trade with the formation of the DEA, which was actually spear-headed by a CIA agent named Terrence Brooke (which most people didn’t know that at the time). See Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade – Nixon Era.

Here’s Terrence receiving a CIA medal for his “work” in Vietnam – which is where the whole drugs-for-guns Sea Supply scenario was still going on. This is just prior to his new assignment of getting control of the drug trade and ousting the Brotherhood of Eternal love.

CIA operative Terrence Burke receiving star of valor from admiral rayburn.

Note: meanwhile Brotherhood member Robert Tierney aka ‘Stubby’ had gotten the Aafje out of hock in Mazatlan by pretending to be a Narcotics official, but barely had it a few months before he gets captured in Panama and deported. He spent the next year at Lompoc Federal Penitentiary, but he would play a key role here when the real volume drug-moving got going.

It’s difficult to put an exact date on it, but somewhere in 1976 or so Daniel James Fowlie purchases a ranch in southeast Orange County called Rancho Del Rio located 7 1/2 miles from downtown San Juan Capistrano. On 187 chaparral-covered acres, the ranch featured a modest 1930s-era Spanish hacienda, numerous guest rooms with antique mahogany doors, a small vineyard, a well-stocked lake and at least a dozen scattered buildings including stables, caretaker’s quarters, pump houses and barns.

Rancho.1222 Photo of the storied Rancho del Rio property that The Girl Scout Council of Orange County sold for $3.65 million after giving up on it as a campsite. The land has a colorful past, including Daniel Fowlie's marijuana and cocaine smuggling days.

Fowlie’s daughter on one of the several horse he kept at the ranch.

michelle fowlie rancho del rio

Various news articles about it –

Joseph Cooper, Fowlie’s accountant, later revealed that hidden in tanker trucks, tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana from Mexico passed through the international border into the United States to supply the Fowlie drug empire.

Like the Fassler network before him, Fowlie also used Tucson, Arizona as a point of entry. Cooper said that he was asked to hire a telephone answering company and use phony business cards to set up a bogus container company in Tucson. The ideawas to have a receiving warehouse where tons of marijuana could be stored while awaiting transfer to Fowlie’s Rancho del Rio, a 213-acre enclave straddling Orange and Riverside counties.

Not only were warehouse doors to be measured, but Cooper was told to buy 55-gallon drums to put around the Tucson warehouse, “to make it look like” a container company, Cooper said.

Two tanker trucks, each capable of carrying 10,000 pounds of marijuana, and a third large truck crossed the border, arriving late one night at a Tucson warehouse that had been rented by the smugglers, Cooper testified.

Cooper said he was told by Fowlie to rent a warehouse with doors 16 feet high to allow the trucks to drive inside and avoid detection.

But Cooper said the whole operation could have been discovered the first night. When the first tanker arrived, the door was not high enough, he testified, so the “tanker got stuck,” creating pandemonium among the smugglers, including the Mexican driver, who climbed out of the cab and fled.

“Danny (Fowlie) got in the cab and drove it out,” Cooper testified.

From the Tucson warehouse, the marijuana was transported in 2,000-pound shipments inside a recreational trailer to Fowlie’s ranch

Cooper would ship cash to Fowlie (when he spent time in Europe in the 80’s) hidden in special luggage that could carry up to $100,000 and still avoid detection by customs officials, Cooper said.

Once at the ranch, Cooper said that preparing marijuana for distribution was a family matter, which often included Fowlie’s sons, Gus and Dan Jr., who were then in their early 20s.

“The marijuana came in TV boxes, and the kids would take it out of the boxes and put it on the scales, and then Danny would vacuum-pack the marijuana.”

Cooper testified that they made profits on 30 to 35 tons of marijuana during the smuggling, and that they had their highest profit in the high-grade pot they bought from Rafael Caro Quintero, one of Mexico’s biggest drug dealers, after he had taken over the Sinaloa Cartel from ‘Papa’ Perez.



They earned so much money that just counting it became a chore.

Our favorite Terry Milner cut-out, Ron Gates had a prominent role in this smuggling. He and Cooper became government witnesses against Fowlie when he was extradited for trial in the 1980’s.

Clyde Ronald Gates told jurors that he met Fowlie during a party in 1978 in South Laguna – I think he’s dissembling and knew Fowlie as far back as 1972.

Gates came in saying he was a ‘carpenter’ and Fowlie hired him to build a warehouse on Rancho Del Rio. Orange and Riverside border. It was during construction, Gates testified, that Fowlie moved a heavy table to reveal a hole leading to an underground stairway beneath a slab of concrete.

He (Fowlie) told me he had buried a container, a secret compartment as a secret room, or stash compartment,” Gates said.The room, a metal tank, about 10 feet tall and 30 feet long, was “used as an underground storage facility, hiding tons of marijuana.

Ref- Defense in Fowlie Drug Smuggling Trial Questions Credibility of a Key Witness March 09, 1991 LA Times

By the time Robert Vesco left Costa Rica totally in 1978, Danny had assumed his underground role in Costa Rica. He was working for the CIA then, and I think that is why he so tight-lipped about his role in things.

Robert Vesco sold his Rancho del Mar holdings in Pavon (Pavones), Golfita – and Daniel James Fowlie moved in with his sons Danny and Gus. Fowlie then purchased 3,700 acres in the area, including fifteen miles of waterfront. He became the largest landowner and employer – his own personal fiefdom.

pavones golfito costa rica 2

pavones costa rica



Danny was, in my opinion, a victim of what I call slavemaster disease. His dream was to literally be an old world slavemaster with his own personal fiefdom complete with impoverished serfs.

In Pavones, there was nothing but poor people that he could easily control.

In Pavones, he could pay those people off because they were uneducated and liked what he was giving them, whether it was money, Rolexes, or clothes. He surrounded himself with people who wouldn’t quesiton him. His former wife asked him one tie, ‘Why do you keep hiring these losers to work for you? And he told her, ‘Well, that’s the only people who will work for me.’

– Al Nelson- The Battle for Paradise: Surfing, Tuna, and One Town’s Quest to Save a Wave By Jeremy Evans

What the hell is wrong with these people? Yeesh!


Meanwhile, part of why Vesco left for the Bahamas is that another shakedown was going on with some of the Drug Lords, another re-arranging.

Over in Mexico, when Pedro Aviles Perez was killed in the fall of 1978, The Guadalajara Cartel was formed, comprised of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (the new ‘Godfather’), Rafael Quintero, Juan José Esparragoza Moreno, and others.

Gallardo – the new Godfather of the Mexican Mafia


These men now controlled almost all of the drug trafficking in Mexico and the corridors along the Mexico–United States border.

Gallardo’s drug trafficking network was protected by his many high-level government connections, especially those within the Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Gallardo was considered an asset by the CIA, for one thing because of his financial and material assistance he provided to the Contras in Nicaragua.

Gallardo’s cartel was linked to the Colombian cartels primarily through the Honduran drug trafficker Juan Matta-Ballesteros (also a CIA asset and Contra supporter).

Juan Matta-Ballesteros

Juan Matta-Ballesteros

According to a 1983 U.S. Customs Investigative Report, Ballesteros was the head of the SETCO airline, a corporation that was used for smuggling narcotics into the United States.

According to the Senator Kerry Committee report (Contra investigation) the SETCO airline was the principal company used by the Contras in Honduras to transport at least a million rounds of ammunition, food, uniforms, military supplies and personnel for the FDN (one of the earliest Contra groups) from 1983 through 1985.

For its services SETCO received funds from the accounts established by Oliver North.

Gallardo’s pilot, Werner Lotz stated that Gallardo once had him deliver $150,000 in cash to a Contra group, and Gallardo often boasted about smuggling arms to them. His activities were known to several U.S. federal agencies, including the CIA and DEA, but he was granted immunity due to his “charitable contributions to the Contras”.

Gallardo, Ballesteros, and Santiago Ocampo of the Cali Cartel would also later head the largest cocaine ring in the world and had no competitors of comparable size.

Note: The Cali Cartel was a drug cartel based in southern Colombia, around the city of Cali and the Valle del Cauca Department. Its founders were the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, Gilberto and Miguel, and José Santacruz Londoño, also known as “Chepe”. They broke away from Pablo Escobar and his Medellin associates in the late 1980s when Hélmer Herrera, also known as “Pacho”, joined what became a four-man executive board that ran the cartel.

With connections to British mercenaries, allies among countries, countless spies and informants in the government and its vast intelligence and surveillance network throughout the city of Santiago de Cali, the cartel was once renowned and compared to the Russian KGB by the American DEA, calling it “The most powerful crime syndicate in history”, later called “The Cali KGB”.

At the height of the Cali Cartel’s reign, they were cited as having control over 90% of the world’s cocaine market and for being directly responsible for the growth of the cocaine market in Europe, controlling 90% of the market.

Orange Coast Magazine’s December 1991 issue described that for more than 5 years Fowlie tried to deny his involvement in all this, but while he was in prison six of his alleged co-conspirators had been convicted of smuggling charge including his two sons!

One of these was Ron Gates, who was given a 10-year sentence. The government witnesses (including Gates) portrayed Fowlie as the head of the ‘Fowlie organization’ as they dubbed it, who distances himself from his crimes by exploiting more than a dozen people, including his children.

Fowlie’s attorney Riddet said “If I heard that once [the Fowlie organization] I heard it a thousand times. But really, when you started getting into it, particularly with [joseph] Cooper and [Ron] Gates, it looked to me like the Cooper and Gates organization and we argued that as strenuously as we could. There was no kingpin situation here.”

He did it –

pointing the finger at 2

No, they did it –

pointing the finger at.

Despite the childish arguing, I like the truth peaking out there though. It shows just how much of a role scientologist Ron Gates was taking in all this – and he never was declared a Suppressive Person by the Church of Scientology.

Drugs and guns for the CIA? No problemo. You’re all good.

thumbs up.

Calling David Miscavige…

miscavige dumbo drop.

Is this thing on?



Alrighty then.

The Gates/Fowlie network was about to take off –

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: By 1978, 1 in 10 high school seniors was getting stoned every day, nearly 40 percent getting high once a month.

Meanwhile, over in Florida, Robert Vesco was helping another dsitribution network get going.

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: In the 1970s, 90 percent of the world’s coca was grown in Peru and Bolivia. After harvest, it was hauled to jungle labs, where it was chemically treated and processed into a powder, cocaine hydrochloride.

DEA Agent Jim Kibbles –

In the late ’70s, DEA’s management was focused on heroin. And I’m sure it was driven by some political decision by somebody else other than me. You’d have an informant coming into you and calling up and say, “Hey, I got two kilos of coke.” Unless the cocaine was sitting downstairs in a car with the bad guy outside the DEA office, you couldn’t work it. They wanted no time expended.

And this went on for a while. Nobody’s going after the cocaine people. None of their people are getting arrested. What does thatwhat does that tell you?

Carlos Lehder was the first main transporter of cocaine into the U.S. and while he was researching an island about 210 miles off the coast of Florida called Norman’s Cay, he ran into Robert Vesco who had just moved from Costa Rica to the Bahamas.

Lehder – Norman’s Cay

normans-cay- lehder

Lehder’s partner, George Jung –

He convinced him that this would be a base for just planes to fly from Colombia and then shuttle smaller planes into the United States loaded with cocaine and that- he introduced him to Bahamian authorities- Norman Pindling, the prime minister, and what-have-you, and all this, and pay-offs.

And so Lehder entered the CIA drug-smuggling network, the real reason why the DEA was held off from investigating cocaine smuggling (and pot). Plus, the CIA had a secret ‘special’ arrangement with the Justice Department to basically not do anything about what they were doing. Double Plus, don’t forget that the DEA was first headed by a dang CIA agent in the first place – Terrence Burke.

CARLOS TORO: The Pindlings were always willing to be part of this deal, and they made it possible for corporations to be formed, for banks to be opened – bank accounts – and for money laundering. And the Pindlings wanted to be part of it.

This is another place we can easily document where the British slavemasters came in to things – Pindling was their puppet. So now both major intelligence units are involved, the CIA and MI6, as well as the Vatican and its assorted Nazi’s and criminals being mixed up in the production end of things down in Boliva and Peru.

Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit.

Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pindling in 1973 with Prince Charles during the Royal visit..

PBS SHOW NARRATOR: From time to time, Prime Minister Linden Pindling would stage a drug bust. According to U.S. law enforcement sources, the Bahamian police would seize a load and photos would be taken. Afterwards the money and drugs would be handed back to Lehder. Although Pindling was investigated by a Bahamian commission, he was never convicted.

CARLOS TORO: This was a facade kind of thing. You know, we and Mr. Pindling, I discussed it with him. At times he will say to me, “Carlos, we have to make an arrest.” I mean, we had the Americans checking on us. And we’re getting helicopters from them, and we’re getting financial aid, and we got a partnership here.

We’ve got to show that we’re doing the job. So he was corrupt. And that is why DEA had a problem getting into Norman’s Cay.

Norman’s Cay

Norman's cay - lehder.


Norman’s Cay was a playground. I have a vivid picture of being picked up in a Land Rover with the top down and naked women driving to come and welcome me from my airplane. And we had a house that we called the “El Volcano” because it had that shape. And there- we partied. We partied. And it was a Sodom and Gomorrah. There was, I mean, tropical weather. Everybody was naked. You would find people in one corner having sex, people sleeping on the floor, plenty of food. I mean, you’re talking about sin town, you know? It’s wonderful. Drugs, sex, there’s no police.

You own it, you made the rules, and it was just- it was fun.


The remains of El Volcano.

Lehder house - the volcano.

GEORGE JUNG: It became something like out of a James Bond movie. I mean, you know, everybody on that island was cokecrazed, people riding around with jeeps and machine guns. It was just a totally out-of-control situation.

Sounds familiar.


What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries.

Some of the missions we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations, as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups…trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Former scientology Sea Organization member Elena Lorrel (pseudonym), p. 38, 39.


That was what the CIA was using all that lovely drug money to do, amongst other equally nasty things. Lehder, in particular, had numerous ties into helping the slavemasters put down the rebellion against them in Nicaragua, as well as FARC etc., by providing drugs for guns/money for allowing them to do their smuggling at all.

They didn’t have to – they could have stopped the drugging of America any time.

But, they didnt want to.


The Contras were the armed opponents of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The Contras were initially formed in 1980 and they received financial and military support from the CIA. In December 1982 the United States Congress forbid any further funding of the Contras by any US government agency.

The Contras were then funded by drug trafficking, of which the US government was aware. Senator John Kerry’s 1988 report on Contra drug links concluded that “senior U.S. policy makers were not immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras’ funding problems.”

Miguel Felix Gallardo and Rafael Caro-Quintero supplied the Contras with guns and money. Together they smuggled
4 tons of cocaine a month into the U.S. One ton of cocaine has a street value of 200 million dollars. So, that is 800 million dollars a month. There is no way the CIA was letting the peasants in Nicaragua have 800 million dollars a month, so who was really getting all of that money?


Note: In August 1996, San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb published articles titled Dark Alliance. The articles alleged that Nicaraguan drug traffickers had sold and distributed crack cocaine in Los Angeles during the 1980s, and that drug profits were used to fund the CIA-supported Contras. Webb documented that the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of cocaine into the U.S. by the Contra personnel.

Another Brotherhood member goes active in this cocaine/Contras mixed up with the Unification Chuch and scientology network, was Robert Teirney ‘Stubby’. His buddy John Gale (in turn friends with Mike Hynson and Danny Fowlie) becomes Mr. Cocaine, at the time, the largest cocaine dealer in California – until he managed to drive his car into his own death, thereby opening up a ‘new’ re-arrangement.

But that’s later.

Stubby didn’t like cocaine, he knew that it ruined lives and made people “hard”, but because of John Gale, “That’s when I started really dealing cocaine, and it made my life miserable,” he says.

Meanwhile, Thumper (another Brotherhood member) had kept away from John Gale until this same time period, but while attending college in Fullerton, he got a call from Gale. He told him he had a lot of cocaine and needed help unloading it. “He was known as the king of cocaine at that point in time,” Thumper says. “I wanted money, so I started selling it to all the groovy people in northern Orange County. I was selling like, six, seven, eight ounces of blow a week through Johnny. And then I got busted in San Clemente.”

This huge increase occurred right after the Nicaraguan Sandinistas had ousted vicious CIA/Vatican dictator and puppet Somoza, and the El Salvador armed put-down against their rebellion was going on too.

Stubby lived under an assumed name, which helped him find work in television while he continued dealing drugs. He became a successful TV producer for NBC, working on both Real People and That’s Incredible. He even developed his own Real People character, Captain Sticky. (The actor who actually played Captain Sticky recently died in Thailand, where he moved to establish a sex-tour business.)

In between shoots in San Diego, Stubby flew to San Francisco and met an ambassador from “a foreign country” who would walk through airport security with diplomatic immunity and 25 to 50 kilos of coke in two suitcases. “We’d bring it to a stash house in Daly City, and El Salvadoran soldiers with their whores and girlfriends and submachine guns would guard it,” he says. “We had millions of dollars.”

– Ref: Lords of Acid, 2009


Since Captain Sticky and the Real People show started in 1979, that tells us when the really big smuggling of cocaine by Gale and Stubby was going on – later 1970’s and into the 1980’s.

Bronco brought Stubby to the Cruz. Stubby introduced me to Fritz, an El Salvadorian, Who had some cocaine for sale. They had a stash pad in Daily City overlooking the San Francisco Bay and airport, where the Soldiers fighting in El Salvador could come for R&R.

The stash pad had a big screen TV, hot tub, Girls and the Stash. I did a few deals there and partied with Fritz. Stubby got a house in the Cruz. I was to meet Fritz and 4 of the His Boys at the Grosvenor Hotel by the S.F. Airport. He had a room looking over the Airport landing terminal.

A plane landed, taxied to the Cargo plane area. We saw Fritz’s Boy get off the plane with a G.I. Duffel Bag over his shoulder. He walked to the hotel. He had 80 kilos of coke in that bag with the names of the family’s on the kilos. I wanted 2 kilos. They opened one to show me and sample. I asked for something to chop it up with. Fritz says no need. He broke a little piece off, Smeared it between his index finger and thumb…… Then snorted it like he was scratching his nose, pure delight for the bones.

– “You Wanna Get High But You Just Don’t Know Why” – Santa Cruz in the 70’s


As you can see, they were mixed up with the guns-for-drugs and the Contras financing – but you don’t see that mentioned in any of these news articles.

Exactly around this same time period, 1980/81, Vatican-approved Banco Ambrosiano (headed by Roberto Calvi) provided funds for both the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua and its Sandinista opposition.

Roberto Calvi


While Pope John Paul II knew that the Vatican was funding that whole “conflict” – you understand.

They got caught.

Banco Ambrosiano and Vatican funny money begins to be exposed –

The scandal centers on some $1.4 billion in unsecured loans made in Latin America by Banco Ambrosiano, Italy’s largest privately owned banking group, and endorsed by the Vatican bank.

It was Mr. Baffi’s successor, Carlo Ciampi, who finally suceeded in bringing the Ambrosiano scandal out into the open in what is widely perceived in Rome as a triumph for the Bank of Italy’s political independence.

… assets of $18.7 billion in 1981.

… During 1980 and 1981, investigating officials say, the late Mr. Calvi mounted an extensive lending program to the Peruvian, Nicaraguan and Nassau subsidiaries of the Banco Ambrosiano group, using funds borrowed in the Eurodollar market that eventually totaled some $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion.

Most of this money was then lent to a series of Panamanian companies with names such as Bellatrix Inc., Manic Inc. and Astrolfine Inc., most of which are thought to have no more than mail addresses. The loans were granted roughly evenly by Banco Ambrosiano in Milan and by its Luxembourg subsidiary, Banco Ambrosiano Holdings.

But Mr. Calvi lent these funds, investigators say, only after receving what bankers call ”letters of comfort” from the Vatican bank. These letters, though vaguely worded, implied that the Vatican had an interest in the companies and was aware of their borrowing plans. Although such letters do not constitute a legal guarantee that the signatory will repay the loans, they are often issued to reassure lenders that a borrowing company has reputable backing.

ITALY’S MYSTERIOUS, DEEPENING BANK SCANDAL By Paul Lewis, Special to the New York Times, July 28, 1982


Note that this is the same year that the Church of Scientology suddenly begins to restructure all of its offshore holdings under the helm of David Miscavige and Mark Rathbun.

Under the banner of the IOR (the Vatican bank) the Vatican admits that it controls in a partnership with Ambrosiano eleven ghost companies based in Panama, and guarantees all of their debts which at that time totaled roughly $1 billion.

About this time, the intrigue surrounding Vatican Pope supported Liccio Gelli’s Propaganda Due or P-2 lodge breaks, and the press latches on to the whole affair, exposing the entirety of the membership rolls publicly.


Gelli had been an SS officer during WWII.

licio gelli.

…In 1981 police raided the office of illegal masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2), finding evidence that implicated Calvi. After a trial he was sentenced to four years in prison, but was released on appeal. By 1981 it emerged that Banco Ambrosiano could not account for almost $1.3bn of funds, leading to Calvi fleeing Italy, before he was found hanging from a London bridge soon after.

The Banco Ambrosiana Affair By Jules Gray, Thursday, March 20th, 2014


For much more about Gelli and all his connections (such as Klaus Barbie, Oliver North, etc.) please see Why Scientology Is In Colombia

In 1982, the head of the IOR, the Vatican Bank, Paul Marcinkus – gets arrested.


The Italian government issued an arrest order for the archbishop and two bank subordinates as “accessories to fraudulent bankruptcy,” but the Vatican, an independent state, refused to comply and cited diplomatic immunity. The Italian high court agreed, allowing the archbishop to avoid standing trial.

“I may be a lousy banker,” he said during the height of the probe, “but at least I’m not in jail.”

And their fellow banker Roberto Calvi (who screwed up and got caught) shows up dead this same year.


Slavemaster are death on their people that screw up and ’embarrass’ them.


Early on the morning of Friday, June 18, 1982, a body was found dangling from an orange rope underneath Blackfriars Bridge in London, England. Police recovered the corpse of a middle age man, about sixty, paunchy, in a gray suit. Pieces of rocks and brick had been stuffed into the pockets, along with $15,000 in various currencies. A passport identified the victim as Gian Roberto Calvini, but soon it was learned that the dead man was really Roberto Calvi, chairman and managing director of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan, Italy.

… The collapse of Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano revealed that high officials within the Vatican and its bank had collaborated in building a network of offshore dummy corporations propped up under the Ambrosiano Group’s line of credit, into which hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared. Some figures indicate that the Vatican’s participation in this scandal exceeded $1.25 billion dollars

Murder, Banking, Strategy – The Vatican by Conrad Goeringer


Meanwhile – Fowlie and Gates happily continued the smuggling in their neck of the woods, until 1985.

In March 1985…Orange County (California) Sheriff’s Department officers executed a search warrant at his California ranch and seized certain property. The officers seized rolls of plastic packaging material, a heat sealing machine, a money counter, a counterfeit bill detector, a device used to determine whether an individual is wearing a transmitter, two bullet proof vests, and an Uzi firearm with flash suppressor and clip. They also found marijuana residue in television-boxes and in a vacuum cleaner.

– 24 F.3d 1059; 40 Fed. R. Evid. Serv. 936; UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Daniel James FOWLIE, Defendant-Appellant. No. 91-50383. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Argued and Submitted April 6, 1993. Decided May 2, 1994.


The Court found that [at a minimum] from 1981 to 1986, while Fowlie resided in Costa Rica in his little fief, his ‘organization’ had delivered at least thirty tons of marijuana, largely from Quintero and the Sinoloa (Sonora) cartel, to locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Speaking of which, here’s a weird one for you.

Mo Budlong, who long held the position of Deputy Guardian for Intelligence WW for Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard, hailed from Guadalajara. His family goes WAY back mixed up with the railroads in 1897 etc.

Another scientology man named Craig DeFan was from exactly the same place. He also happened to be one of the original Class VIII auditors that Ron Hubbard personally trained aboard the ship Apollo, and apparently one of three men that would overboard students and anyone else that messed up (in Hubbard’s opinion).

The ‘overboard’ Flag Order by Hubbard –


overboard flag order hubbardoverboard flag order hubbard page 2 .

Hubbard crowing over the ‘overboard’ issue of the Auditor magazine –

hubbard shows off the overboard issue of auditor 41


Example of overboarding – Auditor magazine #41 (PDF – here)

Note: John Craig Defan is not in this picture

Auditor_41_-_ollie budlong on left joran robertson right David Ziff_promotes_that_they_OVERBOARD_class_8_students.

Note: Sharone Stainforth says about the two men pictured above –

Maybe there is another one, but it ain’t this auditor edition. On the far left is Goran Anderson and I am pretty sure on the right is David Englehardt. The guy being thrown overboard I am sure was of scandinavian descent and possibly called Lars, but I cannot think any further than that.

Goran, I am never likely to forget, even if I did forget his name temporarily…he could play piano like very few people, he could also have you thrown overboard on a whim and threaten little girls with a mental institution if they ever told anyone about all of this and that is fact…allegedly he committed suicide much later in life.

A posting by Dart Smohen (a pseudonym) at the ex-scientologist message board –

Anyway, the Class 8 course had 3 MAA’s, Craig DeFan, Ollie Budlong and Rod Taunton. They were photographed and features in an Auditor edition at that time.

The students, having been summoned to the ship, were in a range of emotion from indifference to outright terror. They were made to wear bright green overalls, brown open-toed sandals and a running noose around their neck.

As an indication of how cowed down they were, an old friend from St. Hill, Fred Fairchild — he had come from Detroit Org, had a beard — I happened to remark that I thought he looked much better without the beard. The next morning he came down clean-shaven. I asked what had happened to the beard. He thought that my friendly and innocent inquiry was an instruction, so he had shaved it off.

The MAA’s went right into the Nazi identity. The next morning all the students were mustered on the aft well deck. A name was called and the person stepped forward and told he/or she had flunked a session. They were bodily picked up and thrown over the side. It was about 30 ft. drop into the harbour.

A mantra was shouted: “We commit your errors to the deep and trust you will arise a better person.”

Whilst the overboard ceremony was going on, Hubbard was two decks up, recording the incident on his cine camera.

The same ceremony was applied to the staff as well, usually for some (heinous) transgression such as ordering some equipment without FP approval.

Along the side of the ship was a rubbing strake. The person had to be thrown out sufficiently far as to avoid it, or it could easily result in death.

Source: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?t=3858


Prior to his career in apparently overboarding people as a “Master At Arms” for Ron Hubbard, Craig was into music.


He also had done Hubbard’s Saint Hill Special Briefing Course before moving on to be Sea Org personnel working with Hubbard on the ship Avon River.

craig_defan_shsbc_guadalajara_-_auditor_32_1968 Craig_Defan_shsbc_success_20_weeks_-_auditor_33_1968 John_Craig_Defan_HPA_-_london_org_-_auditor_24_1967


Once in the Sea Organization, he’s mentioned in a couple of Flag Orders.

flag order 408 1968 defan flag_order_408_1968_defan_2


craig defan communication hubbard 1968 1 craig_defan_communication_assignment


John Craig Defan was declared Suppressive in the David Miscavige purge of 1981/82. He’s still listed as that on a more recently obtained listing of ‘SP’s” – from our Reading Library, Just DOX section on scientology:

    • Deadfile/Suppressive Person list for U.S. – The list is in two columns, first is last name first, second is first name first. This PDF was created from the original csv file compiled by “TrevorAnon” from expose’ videos posted on youtube in June of 2013. List and video links were posted on:
1. the Ex-Scientologists Message Board (thread The current SP List – video capture).
2.  Why We Protest forums in 2013. Why We Protest has removed that thread since then, but you can see mention of it here.
3. Deirdre Saoirse Moen documents her name being on this list, in a blog post from December 2013.
4. The Videos were originally posted in 16 segments here; they have been since combined into a single video here. You can see Mike McClaughry’s name (and Virginia’s) at about 6:06 into the video.


After he was declared, he moved back to his home area in Guadalajara, right when the huge Cartel was really moving all those drugs for the CIA.

An LA Times article described his background, check out the odd description of what he does for a living. It sounds almost exactly like something a Guardian’s Office intelligence agent, or someone under cover for them, would say.

Elan’s father, John Craig DeFan, spent only 10 days in Boston before traveling with his parents to Asia and Europe, where he grew up on military bases. He is vague in describing his exact occupation, but says he is an independent business consultant who helps companies, mostly in Europe, better manage their finances. Elan’s mother, Ana DeFan, was born in Mexico and raised in the Middle East.

LA Times, November 27, 1999




Elan, mentioned in the article, is his daughter who has a rock band that he is the manager for.


Craig Defan – 2011


With their father’s help, the LA times article talks about them owning a music production and management company in Guadalajara before she was old enough to drive, and employed more than 60 people.

Well, not sure why I included that in here but there you go.

Anyway –

While the Feds were seizing Danny Fowlie’s Ranch, he fled to Mexico.

Fowlie, who was traveling abroad, fled to Mexico. Two years later he was arrested in Puerto Escondido, 250 miles south of Acapulco and, following a lengthy extradition fight, was returned in shackles to the U.S. in 1990. In a headline-grabbing trial, Fowlie was convicted of possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, conspiracy, illegal transfer of currency outside the U.S. and operating a continuing criminal enterprise. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Federal authorities, meanwhile, used asset seizure laws to take control of the ranch in 1985. Eventually they turned it over to Orange County, which planned to transform the ranch into a regional narcotics enforcement training center. Instead, it was sold — for $2.38 million earned from cookie sales — to the Girl Scout Council of Orange County, which operated the site as a Scout camp until 2000.

Three years ago the property was bought for $3.65 million by the Seligman family, owners of real estate development companies with offices in San Francisco, Michigan and Los Angeles.

– Idyllic ranch is rooted in an illicit past,The history of O.C.’s Rancho del Rio — price $22.5 million — includes drug trade. March 03, 2008 David Haldane | Times Staff Writer


Meanwhile, President Reagan and his cronies devise a scheme to try and throw attention of the CIA drug smuggling network (being questioned by Senator John Kerry) by trying to have it believed that the Nicaraguans (the Sandanistas) are the real drug smugglers. That’s some fucked-up shit, as you’re about to see.

It involves Barry Seal, himself a CIA drug smuggler – he was the point man for this op.

Drug Wars, Frontline, PBS, Tapes and Transcripts –

JUAN DAVID OCHOA: [through translator] There was a time when the Sandinista government of Nicaragua offered to cooperate and help us traffic drugs. Pablo Escobar went personally to Managua in order to strike a deal which involved Barry Seal. But it was a fiasco because Barry Seal was already twisted, as we say.

Ochoa, was either still covering up the CIA op or had been kept out of the loop. The Sandanistas weren’t the one running massive amounts of drugs, and Ochoa’s network didn’t need their ‘help’ – they already had CIA and Vatican support!

Dick Gregorie of the DEA fell for a CIA op using the DEA. They knew he would jump at the chance of such a big drug bust, and boy, did he.

DICK GREGORIE: Barry Seal had flown to Nicaragua and had seen that they were opening plants to start producing the cocaine there and that they were going to fly it to the U.S., and we were going to be able to prove the full circle.

NARRATOR: A plan was hatched to have the CIA rig Barry Seal’s plane with hidden cameras in order to collect photographic evidence of drug smuggling. Then Seal would lure Escobar and Ochoa to a third country, where they could be arrested and extradited to the U.S.

DICK GREGORIE: We had hoped that this was going to bring down the cartel lock, stock and barrel. And we had hoped that it was going to have a major effect on the process.

The day before this went down President Reagan did a speech trying to get Congress to approve aid for the Contras.

I can barely stand to even read this propaganda crap about the ‘communists’, let alone listen to the guy.

But here’s the video –


Here’s some of the text of the speech

March 15, 1986

My fellow Americans:

I must speak to you tonight about a mounting danger in Central America that threatens the security of the United States. This danger will not go away; it will grow worse, much worse, if we fail to take action now. I’m speaking of Nicaragua, a Soviet ally on the American mainland only 2 hours’ flying time from our own borders. With over a billion dollars in Soviet-bloc aid, the Communist government of Nicaragua has launched a campaign to subvert and topple its democratic neighbors. Using Nicaragua as a base, the Soviets and Cubans can become the dominant power in the crucial corridor between North and South America. Established there, they will be in a position to threaten the Panama Canal, interdict our vital Caribbean sealanes, and, ultimately, move against Mexico. Should that happen, desperate Latin peoples by the millions would begin fleeing north into the cities of the southern United States or to wherever some hope of freedom remained.

The United States Congress has before it a proposal to help stop this threat. The legislation is an aid package of $100 million for the more than 20,000 freedom fighters struggling to bring democracy to their country and eliminate this Communist menace at its source. But this $100 million is not an additional 100 million. We’re not asking for a single dime in new money. We are asking only to be permitted to switch a small part of our present defense budget to the defense of our own southern frontier.

Democracy? Did he just say…



Not the first word that comes to mind to describe the Contras, nah uh.

NARRATOR: The flight to Nicaragua went off perfectly. The cameras worked. They caught these shots with Pablo Escobar and a Nicaraguan official, Federico Vaughn, loading Seal’s plane with 750 pounds of cocaine. That’s Escobar on the left, Seal on the right. This was astounding evidence, and it flashed to the highest levels in Washington.

Federico Vaughn is in the striped shirt.


March 16 – 1986.

The very day that Seal returned to Florida with his load of cocaine, Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser, Oliver North, jotted in his notebook, “Photos show Vaughn and Nicaraguan troops, 750 pounds of cocaine.”

Drug Wars, Frontline, PBS, Tapes and Transcripts

DICK GREGORIE: We had hoped that this was going to bring down the cartel lock, stock and barrel. And we had hoped that it was going to have a major effect on the process.

DICK GREGORIE: And the next thing we knew, we had the radio making a public announcement that this was what was happening. And we had to call Barry Seal back from in the air, because he was flying down there to accomplish this mission, and tell him that he better return home, that we were afraid we were going to lose our star witness.

JACK LAWN, DEA Administrator ’85-’90: I was outraged. This was an ongoing investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the information was leaked for reasons that had nothing to do with drug law enforcement. No one had previously contacted us to ask our help, to solicit our cooperation, to even ask about whether we had undercover activities or undercover agents who might be in jeopardy. It was done solely as a political agenda.

You got that right.

OLIVER NORTH, National Security Council Staff ’81-’86: Well, as the world now knows, I was deeply involved, by that point in time, in assisting the Nicaraguan resistance and various policy initiatives in Central America.

NARRATOR: It has long been suspected that Oliver North was responsible for leaking the story. Until now, he has always denied it.

OLIVER NORTH: It became public as a result of a briefing to Congress. That’s how the whole thing actually came out.

INTERVIEWER: What do you mean?

OLIVER NORTH: Well, there was a briefing given to a United States Senator, as a matter of fact, and it was shortly thereafter that this whole operation became a public matter, and it was after the operation was ongoing, involving the coordinated activities of various government agencies.

INTERVIEWER: Did you brief the senator?


NARRATOR: What North told FRONTLINE is that he was directed by, quote, “his bosses on the National Security Council to brief Senator Paula Hawkins of Florida.” Hawkins was a staunch supporter of the Contras, or the Nicaraguan Resistance.

INTERVIEWER: And it was after that it appeared in the Washington Times?

OLIVER NORTH: It did indeed.

And who owned the Washington Times, pray tell?

Oh, that’s right.

aha forehead pastie.

The Unification Church.

From my post Forget the idea that Scientology was taken over, It never was anything else

telegraph aug 16 194 moonie cia connection

– Just six weeks after [Oliver] North secretly recommended establishing a tax-exempt “Nicaraguan Freedom Fund,” the Washington Times – whose publisher Bo Hi Pak has been identified as Moon’s top political lieutenant – established such a fund with the same name.

– A note found in North’s files links Pak and CAUSA – the name of Moon-dominated political groups – to North and his Contra-support network.

[…] In February, the Tower Commission report revealed that North wrote a March 1985 computer message to his boss, National Security Adviser Robert McFarlana, anticipating congressional rejection of $14 million aid to the Contras.

“The Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, Inc., a tax-exempt corporation, must be established,” North wrote. McFarlane wrote “yes” in the margin.

The Telegraph – Jul 23, 1987


And check this out – this is the second time “god” – which is really the CIA – has told Moon what to do. The first time he told him to form the Unification church.

smiley drumming fingers.

– Moon – who recently had been imprisoned on a conviction for income-tax evasion – said publicly last November, [1983] “God…visited me in prison to tell me to work on Nicaragua’s crucial situation.“

In May 1985, just after the congressional vote, the Washington Times launched a $14 million Contra-aid drive called the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund with a $100,000 check from publisher Pak. It reportedly raised $350,000 in “humanitarian” aid. Don’t forget – the Unification Church is also tied up with the Church of Scientology.

DICK GREGORIE, Asst. U.S. Attorney: I was always under the impression that there were interests at work other than the narcotics war. The narcotics war was never the priority of the U.S. government. They were more concerned about fighting the godless communist conspiracy and the spread of communism in Latin America than they were about the extent of the narcotics trade.

NARRATOR: The Reagan administration was supporting and directing the Contras…

Three days later – March 19, 1986


As part of trying to lie to Congress to get more funding to attack the Sandinista government, here’s President Reagan springing their little false flag operation on the world that Dick Gregorie is so pissed about being exposed and killing their whole plan – which was never Reagan and the slavemasters plan, you understand.

Address to the Nation on the Situation in Nicaragua –

The Sandinistas have even involved themselves in the international drug trade. I know every American parent concerned about the drug problem will be outraged to learn that top Nicaraguan Government officials are deeply involved in drug trafficking. This picture…secretly taken at a military airfield outside Managua, shows Federico Vaughn, a top aide to one of the nine commandantes who rule Nicaragua, loading an aircraft with illegal narcotics, bound for the United States. No, there seems to be no crime to which the Sandinistas will not stoop; this is an outlaw regime…”

Pres. RONALD REAGAN: You know the truth about them. You know who they’re fighting and why. They are the moral equal of our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women of the French Resistance. We cannot turn away from them.

The moral equal of our Founding Fathers?

quick turn out the lights - vincent.

Thomas Jefferson, one of those Founding Fathers would have gone to war against these crazy psycho slavemasters and people like this little puppet Ronald Reagan trying to pretend they were about ‘freedom’ and ‘the people’. Oh wait…he did.



The story began to unravel shortly after Reagan’s speech when Joanne Omang (Washington Post, 3/18/86) and Joel Brinkley (New York Times, 3/19/86) quoted DEA officials saying that they had no information implicating the Nicaraguan government in the drug trade.

Jonathan Kwitny (Wall Street Journal, 4/22/87) later revealed that Los Brasiles, the Nicaraguan airfield which allegedly served as Seal’s refueling station, was not a military airfield as claimed by Reagan and reported in much of the US media.

Curiously, the same C-123 cargo plane which Seal had flown during his DEA exploits later crashed in Nicaragua while on a Contra supply mission in October 1986, leading to the capture of Eugene Hasenfus (New York Times, 10/10/86).

Moreover, Kwitny found evidence that Seal—before he was murdered gangland-style in Baton Rouge—had links to North’s secret arms network and contra drug-running operations.

Now there’s the real story.

snap our fingers.

Maybe Tom Cruise was a better choice to play Barry Seal than one might think – given his connection to the CIA front group scientology.

morticia - wink.

So, you see, the arrest of Fowlie (coming up here) was more of a ‘let’s look like we’re not involved with this drug trade‘ thing, then it was a ‘moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers’ thing.

I still can’t believe that one.

Moral equivalent…sheesh.

come on!


On November 30, 1988, a grand jury returned a 26-count indictment charging Fowlie with operating a continuing criminal enterprise (21 U.S.C. Sec. 848); conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute (21 U.S.C. Sec. 846); 17 counts of possession and distribution of marijuana (21 U.S.C. Sec. 841(a)(1)); conspiracy to defraud the United States by impeding the IRS and to avoid currency reporting requirements (18 U.S.C. Sec. 371); and five counts of failing to report currency transportation (31 U.S.C. Secs. 5316 & 5322(a)(b)).

… that Westmoreland, Fowlie’s ranch foreman, was suspected of being a multi-kilogram cocaine distributor. Also included in the warrant affidavit, however, was a detailed description of the 50 pounds of marijuana, ledgers tending to show large scale sales of controlled substances, $73,000 in currency, and firearms found in the search of Westmoreland’s Laguna Beach home the day before the warrant was issued.

Fowlie was extradited from Rosarita Beach, Mexico, in July 1990, and trial commenced in March 1991. Many of the trial witnesses against Fowlie were former members of his drug ring who testified in exchange for governmental favors. Twenty counts of the indictment were submitted to the jury and it returned guilty verdicts on fifteen. In June 1991, Fowlie was sentenced to several consecutive and concurrent terms of imprisonment for a total of 30 years, and fined $1 million. He filed a timely notice of appeal.

V. Trial Issues

Fowlie claims that the district court erroneously excluded a videotape of a defense investigator’s interview with Robert Pellegrom, a witness against Fowlie before the grand jury.7 During the interview, which was conducted in Holland, Pellegrom stated that government agents induced him to give false testimony against Fowlie in exchange for favorable treatment. Fowlie asserts that had the tape been introduced he would have been able to persuade the jury that the other witnesses who testified against him were either pressured to testify, testified falsely, or were of questionable reliability in light of pressure from the government.

– 24 F.3d 1059; 40 Fed. R. Evid. Serv. 936; UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Daniel James FOWLIE, Defendant-Appellant. No. 91-50383. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Argued and Submitted April 6, 1993. Decided May 2, 1994.


Pressure? Smile Fowlie, you’re the designated fall guy.

Ain’t slavemasters grand?



transparent back flashing starThe Show Take Twotransparent back flashing star

As if President Nixon’s and President Reagan’s grandstanding against drugs weren’t horrible enough, when George Bush became President he did the same thing!.

In 1989, in fact, President George H.W. Bush landed at the ranch in a helicopter to deliver a nationally broadcast address about the nation’s war on drugs. His visit followed the arrest of Daniel James Fowlie…

– Idyllic ranch is rooted in an illicit past,The history of O.C.’s Rancho del Rio — price $22.5 million — includes drug trade. March 03, 2008 David Haldane | Times Staff Writer


Now Bush is pretending to be against drugs?

Kermit the frog excited.

On Monday, June 10, 1991, Fowlie was sentenced to 30 years in prison and fined $1 million. One of the main charges against him besides drugs was tax evasion – just like they broke the Brotherhood with. Fowlie continued to claim innocence, and that Ron Gates and the others were the ‘real players’ and it was ‘pretty hard to beat the largest law firm in the world–the United States government.’


Written and researched by –

Virg sig script

2015-10-12_1859_me small

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