Warren Burl Hudson was a Lieutenant (jg) in the Navy during the Vietnam War – he was a pilot.

Almost exactly at the same time that trained Navy assassin and all around hard case Jerald Noel McDonald showed up doing Power Processing at Ron Hubbard’s Saint Hill Organization – Hudson was listed in a July 1, 1967 military register as still active Navy.

Hudson –


But, just months later Hudson had gone from the stars-and-stripes to piloting a plane for a large pot-smuggling ring based out of Mexico!


i am really shocked - hes a slavemaster.

Rather fast supposed transition there, don’t you think?

That’s because it looks like Hudson, just like Jerry McDonald, was actually an undercover intelligence agent for the CIA/BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics) when he got himself associated with the Lawrence Fassler smuggling ring.

Hudson and McDonald were working together and Ron Hubbard knew about it.

Exhibit 43 is a document obtained during the FBI raids of the Church of Scientology on July 8, 1977.

Here is the PDF.

It is an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember.

jane_kember - the guardian 1978.

It is called Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, and in it she makes a valiant (sarcastically speaking) attempt to misdirect attention off of scientology drug, gun-running, and money laundering activities. Considering the evidence the other direction, I would have to say that either she’s in on it or she’s a terminal idiot.


Plain Text –

Ref – Undated, unsigned notes in US Coast Guard files (that scientology agents gained illegally)

Aries (Ex Blue Fin) owner Jerry McDonald. Ex-Captain of Aries – Hudson – murdered.

Ref – written by Jane Kember

Hudson was a drug runner. He was suspected of having been murdered by the Syndicate but the body was never found. McDonald had been an associate of Hudson’s and bought the Blue Fin to be an S.O. Ship after Hudson disappeared.

Ref – Undated, unsigned note in US Coast Guard files (that scientology agents gained illegally)

“owned by Scientology group – paramilitary”. McDonald – marijuana smuggling – followers almost military. Arrested couple of them from time to time. Hopkins boarded Makaira. Scientology founded by multi-millionaire who lives – L. Ron Hubbard. Brotherhood at Laguna – marijuana.

Ref – Jane Kember note

(Brotherhood was a drug ring.)

– Customs files noted in an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, p. 3 – Exhibit 43 from FBI files, PDF.


Terry was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence for the United States – it was his job to run intelligence operations for Hubbard and scientology.Terry Milner was Hudson’s and McDonald’s local (scientology) handler.

So, now that I’ve sprung that particular bombshell on you, let’s take a look at what happened here in an organized fashion.



Jerry McDonald, Terry Milner, and Warren Hudson


Late 1966 –

Terry had left Saint Hill in late 1966, back to Los Angeles where he was eventually posted as the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence, U.S. (DG/I US) and junior to Bob Thomas who was Deputy Guardian for the U.S. in Los Angeles – these are both Guardian Office positions under the Guardian World Wide Jane Kember, and her senior was Mary Sue Hubbard who held the post called Controller.


Terry Milner married Kathy Betts on February 3, 1967 in Los Angeles, announced in Auditor #24, and recruits Grace-Marie Haddy (his Grateful Dead connection) as his personal communicator.

Grace-Marie Haddy – woman on the phone
(still working for scientology intelligence in 1997)

grace marie haddy 1997 working for office of special affairs

Mike McClaughry adds:

Grace Marie Haddy was Terry Milner’s communicator. She adored Terry, and loved being his communicator.


July 1, 1967 –

Warren Burl Hudson is still listed as active Navy.


Oct/Nov, 1967 –

Jerry McDonald was already well into scientology before his release from the navy – as evidenced by this record of his completion of Power Processing (Grade V on scientology’s Grade Chart) in the fall of 1967.

Power completions from October 1 to 14th November 1967 – Auditor #33 published early 1968

jerry mcdonald power p 9 auditor 33 1968This particular issue is from very early in 1968, because it refers multiple times to recent events of late 1967, such as Jerry’s Power completion, and a “stop press” announcement about the first Grade III OT in January of 1968, for example.

Power Processing, at this time, was only available at the St. Hill organization. You have to be a Class VII auditor to deliver Power Processing, like Terry Milner (Jerry’s good buddy) was, for example.

Terry was listed as a Class VII in Auditor #24 from early 1967. The Class VII course at that time, also included executive course training.

December 1967 –

The Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010, documents that Jerald McDonald joined the Navy in 1957 and was released December 18, 1967.

By December of 1967 Lawrence Allen Fassler had been dubbed the ‘King of the Smugglers’ by the U.S. Customs office in Tucson, Arizona (Agent Hugh Marshall) and had become #1 on its most-wanted list.

He had become the single biggest supplier of pot sneaked into the U.S. from Mexico. His airplanes flew a minimum of 3 times per week, taking contraband toiletries, tvs and radios and other items south and returned North with the pot.

Fassler in his senior year of high school – 1960



This same year (1967) Eddie Padilla (real name Gerald James Padilla) Brotherhood of Eternal Love member, jumped bail and went to Mexico to start working for Pedro Aviles Perez (see 1968 for more about him).  Besides that obvious connection, he was apparently already working within the Fassler/Perez network one night when he was driving 500 pounds of pot to San Francisco. The next day he got arrested. It was the largest pot bust in San Francisco history to that point.

His connection (and presumably Fassler’s as well) in San Francisco was Brotherhood man Robert Ackerly who was using the false name of Chris Wheat.

Ackerly – 1968


Passport photo – trying to look normal


Robert Ackerley is the first name listed in the ‘has multiple false passport identities’ part of the Senate subcommittee hearings in 1973.

He stated:

A lot of the people in the Brotherhood had connections. We were the kids of the people who were going after us.

…we’re the reason the government was able to create the DEA.

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou

[which was headed up by Terrence Burke, a dang CIA agent.]

Ta Da! It’s Breaking Bad man, Terrence Burke, gonna get those bad, nasty drug dealers.

band-e-amir afghanistan national park - terry brooke on the trail.

And take over their routes, but hey, why quibble.

From my article Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade, Nixon Era

Ackerly lived in San Francisco right off Haight Street, he also was rather well-connected into the CIA scene, to put it mildly.

“I was the only Brotherhood guy who knew Owsley,” Ackerly says. “I only met Scully a few times, and I met Jerry Garcia and the Dead at the acid tests in San Francisco. I had to drag Janis Joplin home several times. Everywhere I went, I got backstage, and Tommy Tunnell and I had twenty chicks sleeping upstairs in our house and were fucking every single one of them. But to this day, nobody knows my real name.”

– Orange Sunshine by Nick Schou

I guess we know why now, don’t we.


So anyway – that’s who Padilla was taking the pot to when he got arrested. He was sentenced to five to fifteen in San Quentin. With his son Eric on the way, Padilla was granted a 30-day stay of execution to get his affairs in order.

“On the thirtieth day, I just left and went to Mexico, went to work for some syndicate guys,” he says. “I bailed.”

The Pirate of Penance originally published in Slake No. 1., Joe Donnelly, August 2, 2012


Some syndicate guys? That would be Perez, period. He was the syndicate and Gerald Lawrence and Fassler were his main two American connection people at this time.

Padilla 1970 approximately


To facilitate his escape to Mexico Padilla raised funds from various Brothers (like Lyle ‘Lyncho’ German) and other associates to gain entree with ‘Papa’.

Once successfully ‘in’ and escaped to Mexico, Padilla ran a hacienda for Perez. He oversaw the processing and distribution of the pot brought in by local farmers, which would include what was picked up in Culiacan by Warren Hudson.

You know – Jerry McDonald’s associate as scientology Guardian’s Office head Jane Kember ever so delicately put it.

Note: Padilla set aside a little here and there until 1970 when the Aafje was purchased and they made a huge pot run to Hawaii from Mazatlan, Mexico aboard the wooden yacht.

The Aafje

aafje transpac6

1968 –

The Fassler-Mexican Mafia (Pedro Perez) drug ring –

  • Gerald George Lawrence, Jr., was in charge of the Mexican packaging operation.
  • Eddie Padilla – worked with ‘Papa’ Pedro Perez at the growing end of things.
  • William Willoughby – the fifty-two year old pilot – captured 1968
  • Patrick O’Neill – captured 1968
  • Edward Frank Rose
  • San Jose drug agent for Fassler (Hottinger)
  • Gary Sloan
  • Daly Zarbo
  • Richard Jelenik aka James Clifford Jelenik, lieutenant in the Naval Reserve who arrived armed to pick up Fassler’s briefcase at the office of a Tucson aviation firm.
  • Joseph Zoel Coll – killed by Fassler’s men in Culiacan some time in May 1968 after he fell in love with Mexican prostitute and wanted to get married and demanded to be out of Fassler’s organization.
  • David Petty
  • Joe Doe Littlejohn
  • Robert F. Gearey
  • Glen Lloyd
  • Allan J. Donchak
  • Leroy W. Duggan
  • Teddy g. Beeler
  • Mark Lohman
  • Kenneth Oldright – Warren Hudson’s killer who was also a pilot for Fassler
  • Edward Chandler – Ken’s ‘assistant’

Fassler was then the main U.S. connection of Perez’s drug operation where he pioneered the use of planes. (which no-one bothers to mention)

In 1968 Lawrence Allen Fassler headed a massive narcotics smuggling ring, with its base in Culiacan, Mexico. Marijuana was packaged in Mexico by a crew of 40-80 Nationals. The packaged contraband was ordinarily flown to Tucson, Arizona, and thereafter transported by truck to San Francisco, California, for sale. Fassler directed U. S. operations. The defendant, Gerald George Lawrence, Jr., was in charge of the Mexican packaging operation. Warren Hudson was the pilot for the organization, being responsible for flying the contraband from Mexico to Tucson from where it was generally trucked to San Francisco.



Culiacan is the biggest city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, which just happens to be where the Brotherhood of Eternal Love’s pot connection  – Pedro Aviles Perez “Papa” and his right-hand man (and later CIA asset) Rafael Caro Quintero  – had a lot of their business dealings.


quintero 1985


So…this is right when “Papa”  was just getting going in the whole drug smuggling to America business. You know, right when CIA man Paul. Helliwell activates his nice money laundering bank, as well.

Pedro Avilés Pérez aka ‘Papa’ was a pioneering drug lord in the Mexican state of Sinaloa in the late 1960s. He is considered to be the first generation of major Mexican drug smugglers of marijuana who marked the birth of large-scale Mexican drug trafficking. He also pioneered the use of aircraft to smuggle drugs to the United States.


pedro aviles perez2

Pedro Aviles Perez, a native of Durango, was the protector and teacher of Quintero, but he was also an infamous drug boss and considered the father of Mexican organized crime aka the Mexican Mafia.

Perez principally worked in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (red marker – right on top of the U.S. border practically) although his many ranches stretched from Sonora down to Sinaloa. The yellow arrow marks Durango, where Perez was from. He birthed the territory of what would later be called the Sinaloa Cartel


From him Rafael learned the business and soon began to grow marijuana on Perez’s far-flung and extensively networked ranches in Chihuahua. By the time he was in his teens (late 1960’s) he had already amassed a fortune and began acquiring more marijuana and poppy plantations. Corruption of state officials was brokered by Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, an emerging capo (mafia term) who had spent time in Sinaloa working as a Sinaloan State Police trooper and serving as body guard to Leopold Sánchez Celis, governor of Sinaloa. This is where he met Perez who was also acting as Celis bodyguard.





.quintero and gallardo

Quintero was friends with Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, the gang’s treasurer, and in a kind of coup that would start the rise of what would later become the Guadelajara Cartel, it is believed Fonseca set up Avilés death September 28, 1978.


fonseca carillo

Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo.

Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo Gallardo inherited the business, moving his product into the U.S. now through Tijuana.

Because of his iron-fisted control over his kingdom he was known as the Godfather aka El Padrino. His connection that helped him get all this drug business allowed was CIA asset Miguel Nassar Haro, the chief of Mexico’s Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS-Federal Security Directorate).


Miguel Nassar Haro

Later, The Guadalajara Cartel (Quintero/Gallardo) formed in the late 1970’s approximately, prospered largely because it enjoyed the protection of it’s drug trafficking network by both the DFS and the CIA. Gallardo himself was considered an asset by the CIA, due to the financial and material assistance he provided to the Contras in Nicaragua. Quintero lent the CIA his ranches in Jalisco and Veracruz so they could train the Contras.

The Contras?


Yeah. How ’bout them apples.

But, right about now, 1968 here, when Warren Hudson and Jerry McDonald are messing with Mafia-man Lawrence Fassler, is exactly when the CIA began moving in on the drug trade in this part of the world. And yes, knowingly allowing and even tremendously increasing the flow into America.

That’s what McDonald and Hudson are doing mixed up in all this, and that’s why Ron Hubbard would allow Terry Milner to help these guys out.

Because…let’s not forget, Hubbard had been a CIA asset himself for almost twenty years by this time, using scientology as a front group to run political action activities.

See these posts for further information:

Political Action as per Hubbard’s handler Miles Copeland (CIA NOC agent) included anything from lobbying to assassination, from propaganda and financial “aid” to dissuasion which was quite a euphemism for what was essentially terrorizing someone. It was described by Miles as:

any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes

Ah. But ‘financial aid‘ – it sounds so innocent doesn’t it? – under that came all manner of horrible operations. Guns and aircover for drug operations to buy said guns, and worst of all, allowing the massive importation of drugs into the U.S. to poison young Americans.

Since its all really a heavily slavemaster (CIA/Vatican/British) deal anyway, see why it would be no problem for CIA asset Ron Hubbard to have his boys all mixed up with drug and gun running? Including checking out the local yokels in preparation for the “CIA way” of doing things. Which is pretty much what happened, all things considered.

Bureau 1 (intelligence) World-Wide made a Customs Time-Track. An entry on the time-track makes an odd statement (obviously from Terry Milner) that Jerry had ‘worked with Customs’ since 1968. Terry is not being truthful with his superiors as to what he and Jerry were doing. Terry was cagey like that, and per my husband Mike he was also known for not allowing anyone to see his real files.

Feb-July 1970 entry JM is reported as working with Customs and LAPD as an informant on the cycle set up by Milner to remove ex-scientologist drug runners off scientology lines. JM is noted as to have worked with Customs since 1968.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

The problem here is this is inconsistent with Customs boarding his ships looking for drugs, but I’ll get into that a little later, when it actually took place.

What it would be much more consistent that Jerry was CIA, especially considering recent events within the CIA after Richard Helms took charge in 1966.

Just where, do you think….did Hubbard suddenly get the idea of forming a “fleet” of ships capable of running gold, drugs and guns, anyways?

One of CIA director Richard Helm’s right-hand men – Paul Helliwell. (see this post)

Put simply, during World War II, Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell had served first as head of OSS Special Intelligence in Europe, then as chief of Special Intelligence (SI) in China with the OSS (where Ron Hubbard also did dual duty for).

Helliwell actually stayed in the Far East when the CIA was formed and had himself a bevy of spies to boss around, including E. Howard Hunt of later Nixon-Watergate fame.

In the early 1950s, his main job was to help Chiang Kai-shek to prepare for a future invasion of Communist China – which was a total shore story about those supposed bad guy ‘communists’. That’s not what that was really about at all, it was about maintaining the slavemaster 2-class system. See Part 6: Dark Matter.

Helliwell created a pair of front companies to supply and finance the surviving forces of Chiang’s Kuomintang Army.

  • He organized Sea Supply, a CIA proprietary a shipping company in Bangkok with a “sea going bunch of vessels” that furnished weapons and other material to anti-Communist guerrillas in the hills of Burma, Laos, and Thailand.
  • He established Civil Air Transport (CAT), a Taiwan-based airline, later Air America.

Using Sea Supply, Helliwell imported large amounts of arms that were ferried into Burma on CAT airplanes. CAT then used the ‘empty’ planes to fly drugs (from fields of opium poppies that this mercenary army had cultivated) from Burma to Taiwan, Bangkok (Thailand) and Saigon (Vietnam). There the drugs were processed for the benefit of the Chiang Kai-shek’s corrupt government on Taiwan.

Drugs for guns, in other words.


Helliwell was assigned to the Bahamas in 1964 (until 1975) to help launder LSD and marijuana profits. More specifically, he was assigned to set up offshore banks for CIA use. He formed (and controlled) Castle Bank and Trust Company, which also laundered Mafia money because Helliwell actually served the Mafia in a dual capacity as CIA banker and legal counsel. Castle Bank and Trust Company was initially ‘shelved’ for a few years, waiting…until it started coming into real use in 1968.

I seriously doubt that the twin efforts of agents Jerry McDonald and Warren Hudson – both tied up with Terry Milner (Ron’s Hubbard ‘special’ friend whom he protected at all costs) – being at the same time as the activation of the CIA’s money laundering network bank in 1968 are anything but a coincidence.

Not to mention Hubbard had just incorporated his own new funny money funneling corporation called Operation and Transport Limited on the 1st of January 1968.

Note: Updated February 1, 2018 to reflect the actual incorporation documents for this company I have since obtained, which reveal far worse connections than previously suspected. Please see:


That same day,  Hubbard released his “advanced” spiritual levels OT III through VI, and opened his first Advanced Org (to deliver the OT levels) aboard the ship Royal Scotsman. OT III was a conglomeration of earlier British-backed propaganda writings – intent on destroying the American’s views on spiritual matters. The OT III “incident” most closely follows The OAHSPE, published in 1884.

*See library article Comprehensive History of The Oahspe, which offers direct comparisons between it and Hubbard’s “advanced” levels.

While Hubbard was at a Operation Gladio hotbed in Las Palmas he formed the Sea Organization and issued Rons Journal #67 where he steals from the Oahspe and talks about the “wall of fire”, which is OT III.

I formed the Sea Organization of OTs in order to have an area where a Scientologist could come, who could safely then walk through this last wall of fire.

– Hubbard, RJ67, September 20, 1967

February 1968 –

Fassler loses one of his main pilots, William Willoughby, together with another one of his men (Patrick O’Neill) in a capture/arrest.

Lo and behold? Enter Warren Hudson.

March 1968 –

The Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010, documents that Warren Hudson joined the Navy June 14, 1960 just shy of his 18th birthday, however I figure that he must have spent at least a day or in college somewhere or he would never have made officer (Lieutenant jg). It also documents that he was released in March of 1968.

Name: Warren Hudson
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 29 Jul 1942
Death Date: 15 Oct 1972
SSN: 443420631
Branch 1: NAVY
Enlistment Date 1: 14 Jun 1960
Release Date 1: 6 Mar 1968


May 1968 –

Jerry McDonald shows up to meet up with Ron Hubbard’s mini-fleet. He boards the Royal Scotman (later re-named Apollo) some time around when Mary Sue Hubbard had been ordered to take the ship to Burraria, north of Valencia, for repairs and then to cruise up and down the Spanish coast to train the crew.

Jerry would certainly have been useful for that phase considering his background, and in fact he gets put in charge of training Sea Org members a little later on.

This little journey was part of what some call the Liability Cruise –  the ship was run aground in a Spanish Coast port, and L. Ron Hubbard assigned everyone the ‘ethics’ condition of liability. All crew wearing filthy grey rags for the next several weeks. (see this for more)

Dart Smohen – a pseudonym of Neville Chamberlain – discussing the period starting May 1968:

Note: Dart decides to “leave” ESMB (ex-scientologist message board) on January 4, 2011 is where he reveals his real name.

Now, where was I ? Oh yes.

It was pretty tough going at first, We had to do all the Joburgs. I remember having to do one on Jerry MacDonald [misspelled, it is McDonald], who had just come on board. Jerry was a larger than life customer, a smuggler, hard case and general crook.

[he neglects to mention undercover intelligence agent for the CIA, but hey, I guess he just missed that during his questioning spree of Jerry]

I started his Joburg “questions like “Have you ever stolen anything?” answers were “Oh yes blah blah blah”, needle moving freely, absolutely no response at all. So I decided to run a reverse Joburg.

“Have you failed to steal something?” BANG CRASH the meter went. Boy, was there ever some charge on it. Times he had the chance to steal and failed to do so.

It took HOURS to run it, there was SO much stuff. All sorts of things came up, many that would have seen him serving life sentences. Anyway, I did the job. We were good friends after that.

All the while we had to learn and train the crew on the basics of seamanship. We needed to practice docking the ship. Remember, this boat was about 100 yards long and weighed about 4,000 tons.

Liability Cruise Part 2, March 11, 2008
Note: Neville was later declared by the Church of Scientology  (under David Miscavige’s informal direction) in April of 1982, for, among other things, drug pushing and smuggling. It was in this ‘declare’ order that Jerry McDonald was also alleged to be an assassin, which Neville also indirectly gets accused of in his SP declare as “violence for hire”.


June 1968 –

At the beginning of June a radio message arrived from Mary Sue to say that the Royal Scotman was ready for reassessment. Her husband graciously agreed to up-grade the ship to the next level – ‘non-existence’- and gave his permission for her to sail to Marseilles for his inspection, after which he would decide if she could resume operations unhindered by the stigma of a lower condition. The Royal Scotman arrived in the harbour at Marseilles looking better than she had at any time since going into service for the Sea Org – she had been painted white from stem to stern, her brasswork was gleaming and the entire crew bad been fitted out with smart new uniforms. Hubbard was all smiles, presided over a ceremony to remove all lower conditions and promptly moved back into his cabin on board.

A few days later the Royal Scotman sailed for Melilla in Spanish Morocco, eight hundred miles distant. No-one knew why.

Barefaced Messiah

Melilla was a CIA haven, that’s why.

It was only the following month that Hubbard suddenly directed all his ships to Corfu, Greece which was currently a high-level target on the CIA anti-communist scope – so to speak. Of course, Hubbard needed to wait to get his cover established, he cooled his heels in Bizerte until the British government appeared to disavow him and after he had given a television interview just to establish even further he was just a writer, just a lone wolf, etc. etc.

DISTANCING from him.


On 25 July 1968, while Hubbard was still in Bizerte, the government in Britain finally decided to take action against Scientology. Kenneth Robinson, the Health Minister, stood up in the House of Commons and announced a ban on Scientology students entering the UK. ‘The Government is satisfied,’ he said, ‘having reviewed all the available evidence, that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it. Its authoritarian principles and practices are a potential menace to the personality and well-being of those so deluded as to become its followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them.’

A few days later, the Home Secretary announced that L. Ron Hubbard was classified as an ‘undesirable alien’ and would consequently not be allowed back into Britain, a decision that prompted Hubbard to send a telex to Saint Hill complaining that ‘England, once the light and hope of the world, has become a police state and can no longer be trusted.’

These developments spurred British newspapers to renewed efforts to find and interview the elusive Mr Hubbard. The Daily Mail, which had recently been pleased to publish the numbers of Hubbard’s bank accounts in Switzerland, was first to track him down in Bizerte. Hubbard affected an attitude of nonchalant indifference to events in Britain and did his best to charm the Mail team. He invited the reporters on board, showed them his sixteen war medals in a framed case behind his desk and politely answered questions for more than two hours.

Barefaced Messiah

Blah blah blah…more propaganda, more intelligence ‘cover’ building.

blame - talking heads.

It was one heck of a show, to be sure, but purely a show just the same. A fact that somehow seems to repeatedly escape the notice of any so-called investigative journalists over the years.

Imagine that.


Former Sea Org member Elena Lorrel (pseudonym) –

What we were doing was James Bond stuff, in all these different countries.

Some of the missions we undertook were real intelligence missions: to the United Nations, as well as to almost every government of the countries we visited.

We were infiltrating these groups…trying to covertly back one political candidate versus another.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Elena Lorrel, p. 38, 39.


Lo-and-behold, after be-bopping along giving press and video interviews along the way, and filling young heads with tales of Xenu and the Space aliens, Hubbard and the Royal Scotman arrived in Corfu, Greece just a couple months before a very key (to the CIA) “national referendum” changing the Greek Constitution is supposed to be happening.

What timing, eh?



Remember that ‘financial aid’ aspect of political action for the CIA that Hubbard had been tasked to do?


Ron Hubbard, after receiving his orders from combined British/American intelligence (and while waiting around to establish cover) had commissioned some special boats to be built in Valencia, Spain after his earlier “Mission Into Time” voyage. The special boats were delivered while Hubbard was in Greece.

Hana Eltringham describes special boats built to ferry heavy loads short distances.

LRH did have some special boats built in Valencia, Spain, after the “Mission Into Time” voyage.

Later on in 1968 they were brought onto the Apollo, while she was stationed in Greece.

They were Aom-bottomed great big sled-like craft, about 12 feet long by about 5 and a half to 6 feet wide, about 2 feet deep and sturdily built. Liz Gablehouse had to scout around and find some quiet motors to put on them.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.


Larry Reeves (who joined the ship some time after the “Mission Into Time” project) described a large crate full of gold coins and jewels of all kinds.

The crate was in the hull of the Apollo, during the time the ship was in Greece.

[…] I personally saw the treasure. It was in a huge wooden crate, built from two-by-sixes, the size of a small room. This carton was kept in the hull of the ship, near where I used to work. I’m a treasure buff, so when I opened up one of the boards and looked through, I knew what I was looking at! There were ancient gold coins, and jewels of all kinds. It was like looking at a huge pirates’ chest.

Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr., 1987, interview with Hana Eltringham, p. 43,44.


Here we have gold bullion, gold coins, jewels plus apparently piles of cash funneling on and off Hubbard’s ships while it was in Greece, plus boats being made that, to me, sound more suited for running loads of guns and heavy items like the gold bullion than for “treasure hunting”. Rather convenient accoutrements to be in possession, given the state of things politically there in Greece.

Certainly comes under that ‘financial aid‘ aspect Hubbard was helping the CIA with as one of their ‘political action’ operatives.

Meanwhile –

This same month of June, 1968 – Jerry McDonald’s good buddy-in-intelligence Warren Hudson goes active in his smuggling adventures for the CIA.

At the beginning of June a radio message arrived from Mary Sue to say that the Royal Scotman was ready for reassessment. [the Liability cruise training the Sea Org members was now finished]

…A few days later the Royal Scotman sailed for Melilla [CIA haven] in Spanish Morocco, eight hundred miles distant. No-one knew why.

Where's Jerry.

In California, with Hudson.


Oh and by the way?

Sea Org member and scientologist Otto Roos was with him. On a special mission for Hubbard, no less.

vincent price in muppet land.

Apparently only two months after he started flying drugs for Fassler – unless he was undercover prior to his Navy release – and only one month after Jerry goes shippie-do with Hubbard and his mini-fleet and whips them into shape, Warren Hudson hatches an agent provocateur plan against Fassler.

A Piper Cherokee Six – the type of plane Hudson flew.
It’s an excellent ‘load’ hauler, apparently.


Court Records discuss what happened –

In June 1968, Hudson flew the organization’s Cherokee Six plane to Tucson with a load of 813 kilos of marijuana. The shipment was placed in a large U-Haul truck by Rose and another Fassler employee named Sloan and transported to the San Jose area. Fassler had instructed the two men that upon their arrival in San Jose they were to contact him and take instructions about delivery to another organization agent (Hottinger) at a designated time and place, and the latter would direct them to the site where the 813 kilos were to be delivered and sold.


June 14-16, 1968 –

Instead, by pre-arrangement, Rose and Sloan met Hudson in San Jose on June 14-15.

Hudson had devised a plan to “rip-off” Fassler i.e., to steal the money derived from the sale of this load of marijuana.

He had enlisted Rose and Sloan in the plan.


Sounds like agent provocateur work to me! How about you?

vincent price - bats, the mkultra doctor extraordinaire.

Upon Hudson’s orders, Rose and Sloan delivered 500-513 kilos to the City of Felton in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where they sold it for $27,000 cash. Rose and Sloan returned to San Jose and conferred further with Hudson. In accordance with Fassler’s instructions, Rose and Sloan next met with Hottinger on a main street in San Jose. Hottinger [Hell’s Angels] was accompanied by three henchmen. While Rose and Sloan were engaged with Hottinger and his confederates, Hudson was hiding in the rear of the U-Haul truck, armed with two .45 automatics. Upon instructions from Hottinger, Sloan was told to drive the truck and follow Hottinger and his friends to a shack in an uninhabited area of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Rose rode in Hottinger’s Valiant. One of Hottinger’s friends drove a Ford Torino rented by Hudson, Rose and Sloan, with Sloan following in the truck. When the three vehicles arrived at the cabin, Hottinger, his friends, and Rose went in, leaving a strong-armed guard outside. Employing a ruse, Sloan lured the guard to the rear of the truck where Hudson ordered the guard to “freeze,” disarmed him, and padlocked him inside.

In the interim, other buyers arrived. Acting on the assumption the truck contained over 800 kilos, Hottinger indicated he had $64,000 in cash for the shipment. Another buyer gave Rose $3,000. (Rose pocketed the $3,000 and did not tell Hudson about it later.)

Utilizing a pretext, Rose managed to go outside, joining Hudson and Sloan. Hudson ordered him to go around to the back door and re-enter with his gun. However, Rose never made it to the back door, falling down a hill en route. Hudson entered the front door, held everyone up, and left with the briefcase containing the $64,000. Sloan let the air out of all the tires of all vehicles before they fled, with the exception of the Ford Torino used in effecting their escape.

Hudson, Sloan and Rose went to the Monterey area and divided the $90,000-$95,000. Rose received $16,000 of the loot, plus the $3,000 he had surreptitiously kept. The three men then went to Fresno, caught a plane, and then split up, with Rose purchasing a 1965 Cadillac and taking his family to Massachusetts, where he hid out in the Boston area.


Here’s when Jerry and Otto arrive…


July/August 1968 –

Hudson takes his cut and buys the Blue Fin for 50,000 dollars – a boat which some list as a converted sub-chaser and others call it a ‘sea rescue boat’. It’s obvious that he did this together with Jerry McDonald (and Otto tagging along) because as I said earlier his whereabouts are unaccounted for until he shows up with the Blue Fin as a Sea Org ship in January 1969 less than six months from now.

Hudson invested $50,000 in a 65-foot air-sea rescue boat named the “Blue Fin” which he docked in Wilmington. In turn, Fassler learned that Hudson had purchased a boat and had men in his organization attempting to locate it and Hudson.


Wilmington is a neighborhood in the South Los Angeles area of Los Angeles, California, covering 9.14 square miles.


san pedro port of los angeles wilmington.

This starts an unaccounted for what is Hudson doing two-month period here, by the way. Same period, more or less, that Jerry and Otto are there in the L.A. area on their special mission with Guardian’s Office intelligence head Terry Milner in on things as well.

Although, Andrew Tully in The Secret War Against Dope says that Hudson was partying on the Blue Fin for 3 months with a procession of females, which there’s probably some truth to that because it sounds like something Jerry McDonald and Terry Milner would come up with – sounds an awful lot like cheesy James Bond kind of intelligence covers Terry and Ron Hubbard tended to come up with. Plus, Jerry used that exact cover in his later gun-running adventure, complete with a similar bevy of young and cute hippie chicks to make it look more legit.

July 13, 1968 –

Ron Hubbard personally promotes Jerry to Warrant Officer.


Jerry and Otto had a dual mission, like a mission within a mission, or maybe a better description was a built in cover that appears to line up with Hubbard’s scientology game. The outer cover was we’re attacking SP’s like Charles Berner but the real thing is to help Hudson and the CIA gather information and move in on Fassler and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love’s Mexican Mafia connections to ‘papa’ Aviles and Rafael Quintero.

I don’t think Otto actually knew what the hell he was really taking part in, but Jerry and Ron Hubbard did. Putting Otto as the I/C (in charge) of the mission and Jerry as his ‘second’ is actually darkly humorous, considering Jerry’s real role in the whole thing.

You can see Otto in his full Sea Org gear in this early 1968 photo from Auditor magazine #35.


ENEMIES: He [Ron Hubbard] could be ferocious. July ’68 saw a very special Mission, personally and at length briefed by LRH. Myself I/C and Jerry McDonald (very tough ex US Marine) assistant. To go find and weed out Maffia Connections in Scn LA and to gather together and collectively cave in the Charles Berner group by completely playing out OT 3. (We hired a Hollywood Studio, set the whole thing up, got the people in and ran the whole OT 3 story.)

The Maffia part was a cinch. It made me a lot of enemies in LA, that was the “unreasonability” of the early SO days.

The O. J. Roos Story by Otto J. Roos (7 September 1984)


The second part – the OT 3 fiasco – was part of a ‘black op’ against Charles Berner. (see September 1968)


August 6, 1968 –

Strangely, right in the middle of all this, Otto gets appointed T/Chief Officer of the Royal Scotman (later named Apollo) and Jerry is posted as D/First Mate and Bosun?



What…did they go back to the Royal Scotman for a while and then go back again to L.A. again to run this staged event against Charles Berner?

spock fascinating


Whatever the case may be, the part of the mission about OT 3 –

…to gather together and collectively cave in the Charles Berner group by completely playing out OT 3. (We hired a Hollywood Studio, set the whole thing up, got the people in and ran the whole OT 3 story.)

– Otto Roos


That happened in September per Berner. I suppose its possible he had the month wrong but I kind of doubt it.

September 1968 –

Curiously, what I am about to reveal to you appears to have never been discovered or talked about by anyone else in connection with either Jerry McDonald or Warren Hudson, least of all any ‘investigative journalists’.

That’s getting to be rather a trend with such types – a bad one.


Berner talks about this – the second part of Jerry and Ott’s ‘special mission’ – in his 1970 interview with FDA agent Jim DiGrazia, who was investigating various people as part of the FDA e-meter case against scientology.

Charles Berner in his later ‘yogi’ days in Australia

charles berner in yogi mode australia 2007.

It is rather suspicious that somehow Berner managed to be ‘lost’ and arrive late to this fated meeting, thereby allowing the events to take place as planned for his followers to be influenced by.


hmm - ponder.

I found this in the recently declassified FDA documents, in the Church of Scientology 121 files folder, the E-15,H88 PDF, p. 10.

Here’s a PDF of just this interview –

Charles Berner Otto Roos and Jerry Mcdonald mission FDA docs

Excerpt –

In September 1968, two incidents occurred which Mr. Berner described threats to his life.

The first involved forgery of Jack Horner’s signature on a letter sent to Berner and on a contract signed with the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for advertising space. Both letter and the ad concerned an evening speech to be given by Jack Horner in September at the Masquers Club, 1765 N. Sycamore, Los Angeles. Mr. Berner attempted to attend this speech but became lost and arrived late. The events that occurred before his arrival were related to him by friends in attendance, some of whom are still in the local area.

At the meeting, members of the Scientology Sea-Org appeared, in uniform [that would be Jerry and Otto] and closed off the building. They played foreboding music, orally discredited Berner,, and declared to the audience that Charles Berner was insane and that “Berner will burn”. The frightened audience was permitted to leave as Berner arrived at the scene.

Mr. Berner stated there was no police investigation of this incident and that Jack Horner was in Chicago at that time.


The second incident gets even more interesting, especially considering what would later happen aboard the Blue Fin with Hudson where guns were involved.

The second incident involved the use of firearms. Three armed men visited the Lucerne Valley Headquarters of the Institute of Ability, looking for Charles Berner and using walkie-talkies. Berner was not there at the time…

… No individuals were shot, but a car license plate number was reported to deputy Jim Clark of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office. Subsequently, an individual was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Santa Ana and guilty to the witness acts. This person was a Scientologist.


No names? Why the hell not? Weird.

Right around the same time as this….Rose rolls over on Warren Hudson to Fassler.

September 11, 1968 –

In late August or early September, Rose left his family in Massachusetts and flew to Oakland. Upon receiving assurances that Fassler was willing to forgive and forget, he met Fassler in Culiacan, Mexico, on September 11. He told Fassler he received only $3,000 from the “rip-off,” and Fassler indicated he did not hold him personally responsible as he knew Hudson was the primary instigator. Once again, Rose became a member of the Fassler organization.


Together they arrange to ‘get’ Warren Hudson.

Rose waits for Hudson to contact him and then 10 days later…death is in the air.

September 24, 1968

On September 24, 1968, Rose heard from Hudson. Hudson wanted Rose to join him in a new business venture.

The following evening Rose was contacted by Fassler. He wanted to know where Hudson was. Rose did not know his exact whereabouts, and Fassler asked Rose to let him know as soon as he located him.

In the same conversation, Fassler asked Rose if Kenneth Oldright “…would be interested in getting rid of and recovering the money from Warren Hudson.”

Rose said he didn’t know, but he would find out.

September 29, 1968

On September 29, Rose and Oldright flew to Tucson to meet Hudson. En route Rose told Oldright about Fassler’s proposal. Oldright indicated he might be interested in the proposition, depending on the outcome of the forthcoming meeting with Hudson.

When they met with the pilot in Tucson, Hudson indicated he was going to purchase a used B-26 bomber and start a new operation. They visited the International Airport, looked at the bomber, and had lunch. During lunch, Hudson informed Rose and Oldright that he kept the Blue Fin at Wilmington.

He invited them to accompany him to the boat. Oldright declined, but Rose flew to California with Hudson, and remained overnight on the boat.

B-26 bomberB-26 bomber


September 30, 1968

can you pistol whip him

The next morning, Hudson accused Rose of withholding $3,000 from the “rip-off.” When Rose tried to leave, he was strong-armed by Hudson’s subordinates [Jerry and Otto etc.] and pistol-whipped by the cook. Hudson then gave orders to start the engine and said they were going to dump Rose in the ocean, but Rose talked his way out of it by promising to join Hudson’s organization.


I have a strong suspicion Jerry McDonald may have been ‘the cook‘ (ha ha) and did the pistol-whipping.


pistol whipping.

Jerry was known for having a 9mm on him at all times, plus having a penchant for arms deals for Hubbard (and the CIA).

22. While I was in the Sea Org, I was instructed to kill another human being by the Scientology organization. At the time Scientology had an office on Beacon Avenue in Los Angeles, very close to McArthur Park. I was called in for a briefing by Alex Sibryski. At that time, Scientology had a ranch at Rosarito in Mexico which was being used as a nursery, a place for overflow kids that could not be housed in Los Angeles and a place to grow fruits and vegetables. Mexican bandits were allegedly harassing and hustling the ranch and stealing produce from it. Jerry McDonald and I were asked to put together a mission to go down to Mexico, take some infrared optics and some guns and rifles, wait for the Mexican bandits to attack the ranch again and then take care of them. We were told to kill them if necessary. I received these orders from Alex Sibryski. At the time he was Commanding Officer Flag Operations Western U.S. (“F.O.L.O.W.U.S.”). This was part of Scientology’s elite Sea Organization. I was the Operations Officer at Flags Operations Liaison Office at the time and it was my job to write the mission orders for this thing and get us all briefed and ready to go. We figured that if we “took out” the bandit leaders the rest would disband. It took 24-48 hours to get this done and in the course of that time I never saw any written dispatches on this but the mission was then canceled by Alex Sibryski. He said that there was a governess in-charge of the ranch and that the bandits had tried to attack her at the place and she had shot the bandit leader with a shotgun through the door and taken care of the problem.

23. Jerry McDonald was widely rumored to have been a former mercenary and a paid assassin in Europe. He was known throughout the Sea Org for taking care of difficult problems. If someone was giving a problem in some area Jerry McDonald would just appear there. Because of his reputation as having been an assassin, if he came on the scene, people would fear for their lives. They believed that he was working totally for Scientology and that he would do anything for Hubbard. Additionally, he was also the kind of guy who would have people over to his house every now and then and would get out his automatic weapons, clean them and put them together in front of people. In this way, he would let people know that he was really conversant with his craft. He carried a 9 mm pistol on him all the time and he was always talking about arms sales and deals that he was doing. As things turned out, he and I were not required to carry out the instructions to kill that we had received. However, if the orders had not been canceled I have no doubt that he could have performed the task.

Instructions to Killan extract from Scott Mayer‘s affidavit in Church of Scientology International versus Fishman and Geertz


Scott Mayer in 1970

Scott Mayer - Captain of the ship in the sea org


There may be a problem here with Scott Mayer, because his last name is listed as CIA in this document seized from the Guardian’s Office of scientology during the FBI raids –


Please also see: December 30, 2016Correction and Update Re: Scott Mayer/Captain Spence


October 2, 1968

Now we’re having a meeting.

mafia-cartoon we're having a meeting

On October 2, 1968, Fassler called Rose and Rose told him that Oldright was interested in seeing him and also told Fassler what had happened on Hudson’s boat. Fassler set up a meeting that night with Rose and Oldright at the Berkeley Plaza Hotel.

Rose and Oldright went to Berkeley together and went to the room Fassler had reserved for the meeting. Shortly thereafter Fassler and the defendant arrived.

In the ensuing conversation involving the four men, Fassler discussed the recovery of the money and the possible elimination of Warren Hudson.

Fassler offered Oldright $1,500 to do the job. Oldright refused the offer. Fassler asked the defendant, “What do you think?” and defendant replied, “Well, the guy has got to be hit. It’s either you or him.”

Fassler said, “I guess you’re right.” Fassler then offered Oldright $5,000 and Oldright agreed. Fassler asked Oldright how he would do it, and Oldright replied, “Never mind how I will do it. I’ll do it right. I have somebody that’s going to assist me with it. I’ll get rid of him and there won’t be no trace of him when it’s done.”

Within two days after the meeting, both Fassler and the defendant phoned Rose and asked him the precise location of the Blue Fin in Wilmington.


In addition to the 5k fee for killing Hudson, Fassler wanted certain ‘equipment’ from Hudson’s boat. That was interesting because he planned to take possession of the boat anyway so one immediately wonders why would he want the equipment separately?

It was special military equipment (3 guesses where that came from) that would help them in the drug trade – that’s why.


October 6, 1968

I need more guns, bigger guns, better guns!
Battlestar Galactica



Rose, Oldright and Fassler purchased a sawed off shotgun and a .357-caliber two-barrel derringer (which were in addition to the two .38 pistols that Oldright and his ‘assistant’ Edward Chandler already had) as well as assorted ammunition, handcuffs, and tear gas.

On October 6, 1968, Rose and Oldright met with Fassler in Tucson where Oldright purchased $330- $340 worth of guns and tear gas with funds supplied by Fassler. Oldright told Fassler that he had everything he needed. Oldright placed the weapons in a guitar case and flew to California.


That’s a lot of guns to kill one guy. And he used a guitar case?


guitar case guns 2.

I feel like I’m in that movie Desperado.

guitar case guns.

Next – between October 8 and 12, Oldright rented a secluded place in Perris, near Riverside California and like some kind of ghoul, spent the next 4 days digging holes and god knows what else.

Who are these people?


October 13, 1968 –

On Sunday, October 13, 1968, Hudson and his mistress checked in at the Ramada Inn in Riverside for the purpose of meeting with Oldright to set up a “deal.” Oldright and a crony named Edward Chandler arrived at the motel in a 1957 black Cadillac and met Hudson in his room. They lured Hudson away from the motel on the pretext that they wanted to show him the Perris house Oldright had rented for storing narcotics in connection with the new operation. They left the girl at the motel about  8:30 p.m. When they left, Hudson was wearing an expensive Jaquet Groz diving watch and a distinctive gold medallion about the size of a quarter.

About 5 a.m. the next morning, Oldright called the girl and told her she should leave Riverside immediately because “… something bad had happened to Warren [Hudson].” With the exception of Oldright and Chandler, the girl was the last person to see Warren Hudson alive.

Defendant concedes on appeal that Hudson died at the hands of Oldright and Chandler. However, Hudson’s body was never recovered, having been completely destroyed with sulphuric acid. [not entirely accurate, his skeleton was found later] Total extinction of the body finds support in the following evidence: The owner of the Perris residence rented to Oldright noted an excavated area on the property and dug up the loose dirt. In the hole were containers of liquid, gas masks, a grenade, plastic gloves, a length of coiled rope, and some rolls of very heavy plastic. A cursory examination of the liquid containers indicated each contained some type of acid. A scientific analysis established that the bottles contained sulphuric acid of 94.5 percent concentration. A clinical chemist testified that the sulphuric acid was capable of decomposing and deteriorating every part of the human body.

The $5,000 consideration for the killing was taken from Hudson’s body and retained by Oldright.

November 2, 1968 –

Captain Bill Robertson is harassing Charles Berner together with Yvonne Gillham. Perhaps he was part of the Jerry/Otto earlier mission?

PDF – Capt Bill Robertson yvonne gillham charles berner nov 1968 H-89

Here’s an example –Capt Bill Robertson yvonne gillham charles berner nov 1968 H-89 2


November 1968 –

In November 1968 (prior to any investigation into Hudson’s killing) Oldright was arrested at the Palm Springs airport for smuggling marijuana. At the time of his arrest, he was wearing Hudson’s medallion around his neck. When booked, he was wearing the Jaquet watch. When he was released from custody, the jewelry was returned to him.

Following his disappearance, Hudson’s wife and father tried unsuccessfully to locate him through relatives, friends, associates and law enforcement agencies. Later, Fassler told Hudson’s widow [Penny Hudson] that he was dead. Fassler offered to pay the widow $15,000 for the boat [the Blue Fin] but she refused. The widow eventually sold the boat for $20,000.

Who bought it for 20,000 (less than half what Hudson paid for it)?

Jerry McDonald, that’s who.

November 20, 1968

Found at Sharon Stainforth’s blog:

November 20th, Sea Org acquires two new ships – Blue Fin and Nekambi.

  • L. Ron Hubbard and assorted speakers, Ron’s Journal 1968 lecture (audio here) given New Year’s eve 1969. Sharone (the first Commodore’s Messenger) was present on the ship (Apollo) for that party.

Sharone center front saluting

Correction – Note by Sharone Stainforth

Note by me: I wasn’t the first Messenger, I was one of the first few, I was actually the Fifth. There was already the two Gillham sisters, Claire Popham and Suzette Hubbard, however I was the youngest of the five, and as far as I know to date, the only one to actually speak out publically.

January 1969 –

The Blue Fin is now part of the Pacific Coast Sea Org ‘fleet’ and renamed the Aries.

Blue Fin.


It’s first captain was Warrant Officer Jerry McDonald, who would soon go off on some kill mission with Scott Mayer and more gun and drug running in the Blue Fin (renamed the Aries) down in Baja California. That’s before he adds the Makaira to the mix…to do more gun and drug running! And this is all just fine with Ron Hubbard and Terry Milner, right?


Come on

come on!

This is getting so obvious you’d have to be an utter…well, you know. Some people are kind of stubborn at holding on to their lovely little Hubbard the con-artist and nothing else lies.

Pride goes before a fall…as the old saying goes, and I think a whole lot of people are in for a rude awakening as things go forward here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


The Aftermath


January 6, 1969 –

On May 12, 1969, Supervising Customs Agent Los Angeles, Melvin C. Johnson submitted a report to his superior in D.C. about the continuing investigation of the Fassler organization.

He wrote:

On January 6, 1969, Edward Frank Rose was arrested by agents of the FBI in San Jose, California, on a fugitive warrant…He was interviewed by a Customs agent…at which time he related that he was working for Fassler, and since Fassler was a Customs Fugitive he would be willing to furnish information and to assist in bringing about Fassler’s arrest. A tape-recorded statement was obtained from Rose in which he implicated Warren Hudson, William R. Willoughby, Johne Doe Ken, and John Doe Jim as pilots used by Fassler to smuggle marijuana from Mexico to the United States.

…He [Rose] stated that [Gerald George] Lawrence worked for Fassler in Culiacan, Mexico and had an office there in which he directed all activities in Mexico for fassler. He further stated that Lawrence had approximately 15 Mexican nationals on a weekly payroll and that these…were involved in the packing, buying and shipping of the marijuana. [the ‘Papa’ Aviles connection]

…In addition, Rose stated that Gary Sloan, Daly Zarbo, Richard Jelenick…Joseph Zoel Coll and David Petty, and Joe Doe Littlejohn worked for Fassler both in Mexico and the United States. Their activities incuded taking the marijuana once it was smuggled into the U.S. to the San Francisco Bay area and delivering it to buyers in that area. Rose further stated that Petty actually arranged for most of the marijuana sales in the San Francisco Bay area and that one of the major buyers of Fassler’s marijuana was William Huttinger…

Customs agents and a posse of local lawmen finally caught up with Fassler in Concord (Northern California) on February 2, 1969 in a blazing shootout that nearly killed 3 customs agents. Concord policeman Alex McLennan mistook the 3 armed customs agents jumping out from a van at him as being Fassler’s men and opened fire.


February 2, 1969 –

Customs agents and a posse of local lawmen finally caught up with Fassler in Concord (Northern California) on February 2, 1969 in a blazing shootout that nearly killed 3 customs agents. Concord policeman Alex McLennan mistook the 3 armed customs agents jumping out from a van at him as being Fassler’s men and opened fire at them!

shooting guns


What a mess.

daniel jackson stargate facepalm


May 1969 –

6 May 69 An LA IRS Intel report indicates the US Customs Office to be conducting an extensive investigation into the Blue Fin and its activities because of a previous report that the ship was involved in narcotic smuggling from Mexico.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p188


Now we know what that was about, don’t we. But, this illustrates something very important. Neither the IRS nor Customs knew what Jerry McDonald and Warren Hudson (as well as Ron Hubbard) were really doing and who for. Isn’t that fascinating? It’s an excellent lesson in understanding why certain people like to hobbyhorse on the IRS reports, the FDA etc., and their whole “Hubbard the nut cult founder”.

It’s a perfect cover.

They didn’t know, did they?

That’s the point.


July 7, 1969 –

As you already know now, Jerry had been put in charge of the Sea Org ships in the “PAC” (pacific) area. For some reason (har de har) he felt this strange need to go back and forth between L.A. and Baja, California, supposedly doing drills, as one report has it (from Jane’s Exhibit 43)

The earliest data in Coast Guard files is a letter 7 July 1969 from Irwin C. Jones, Secretary of L.A. Yacht Club to Admiral Tighe, 11th Coast Guard District, which states that he saw 2 ships in Ensenada (Mexico) bearing Coast Guard insignia replicas and crew doing para military drills. States they are impersonating Coast Guard Ships and should be report it to the FBI.

Of course, it could have had something to do with Papa’s drug hub practically right on top of where they were drilling –

pedro_aviles_perez_territoryPerez principally worked in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora (red marker – right on top of the U.S. border practically) although his many ranches stretched from Sonora down to Sinaloa. The yellow arrow marks Durango, where Perez was from. He birthed the territory of what would later be called the Sinaloa Cartel…


Then there’s this from my post Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse – Scientologys Drug and Crime Syndicate Involvement Goes Deeper

Jerry and his fellow scientology Sea Organization buds even had a ‘base’ down in Baja California, in Rosarita, not far from where BEL member Lyle “Lyncho” German was dealing with the bottom end of the Pedro Aviles-Perez network in Tijuana.

rosarito, mexico


“Papa” Pedro Perez’s drug ranching hub pic again –



Oh and then there’s this –



“…purchased a ranch in Mexico as a boarding school for the children of Sea Org members in Southern California…”

And yet…

This innocent ranch (with the wrong purchase date) is conveniently located to the Hudson/Fassler/Sinaloa Cartel drug route.

And yet…

There’s old drug and gun-running Jerry McDonald doing “drills”.


whistling girl


Clearly, either David Miscavige is a complete moron regarding this period of scientology’s history or he’s trying to help cover it up.

tumblr image an idea of martel


David Miscavige likes to get the facts regarding this whole time period – including the connection to the Process Church – rather wrong.

Especially considering this –

Video Description at YouTube – David Miscavige gets name “Uxtal” wrong from Forsyth Report, and in so doing inadvertently connects the Process Church and guerrilla warfare training to the Church of Scientology and Jerry McDonald. – Stay tuned, post upcoming and link will be added when complete.

Text of David Miscavige speech – (my note in […])

Probably the best example of the vicious nature of these false reports is a document written by David Forsyth who was posted in the IRS intelligence branch. The report was written in 1974 and was an attempt to smear the Church internationally and wipe it out. At the time the report was written, the Church had coincidentally purchased a ranch in Mexico [thanks for confirming that Miscavige even if you do have the DATE WRONG] as a boarding school for the children of Sea Org members in Southern California. In other words, the ranch was occupied by 6 years olds! But, in Forsyth’s report, he stated:


A group of Scientologists is currently training in guerrilla warfare near the town of Uxtal on the Yucatan peninsula.”


Slight alter-is! Those kids must have really been something.


Miscavige flashed this on the screen – calling it Uxtal.

Note: The report also mentions scientologist drug and gun runner Jerry McDonald’s boat the Blue Fin.


Hard to read, but it definitely does not say “Uxtal” whatever this is that was flashed on the screen.

The correct name looks to have been Xtul.



Which is VERY true as to what the Processeans were doing. Please see Terry Milner and the Deaths of Doreen Gaul and Ron Sharp.

– – –

Reprise –

(from Jane’s Exhibit 43)

The earliest data in Coast Guard files is a letter 7 July 1969 from Irwin C. Jones, Secretary of L.A. Yacht Club to Admiral Tighe, 11th Coast Guard District, which states that he saw 2 ships in Ensenada (Mexico) bearing Coast Guard insignia replicas and crew doing para military drills. States they are impersonating Coast Guard Ships and should be report it to the FBI.


We know for a fact that one of the ships was the Aries (Blue Fin) doing these “drills” down where “the ranch” was, its possible the other ship mentioned may have been the Makaira, because….


November 13, 1969 –

Jerry had his boat Makaira boarded by L.A. Customs. Yet again proving Customs doesn’t know who he is really, nor who he’s really an agent for.

boarded the Makaira 13 November 1969.

– Customs files noted in an evaluation (scientology tech for assessing a situation) by the Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian Order GO1344 of 10 October 1974, p. 3 – Exhibit 43 from FBI files, PDF.


In a bizarre twist, just two months later Jerry starts actively smuggling with Terry Milner, supposedly on a project with U.S. Customs. These guys…Customs didn’t have a clue what they were really doing.


January 15, 1970 – Jerry McDonald agrees to work with Terry Milner, then DGI US, on a drug smuggling project with US Customs.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p188


Which…is supposedly to remove EX scientologist drug runners from the Church.


February 16, 1970 – Us Customs official calls Jerry Mcdonald in Salt Lake City, Utah “to inquire about the Aires (Aries – McDonald’s ship) and JM’s involvement in Scientology”. He asks questions like – Why is Scientology going back and forth between Mexico and the US, is Scientology running dope?

February 17, 1970 – Jack Enoch, Customs, calls Jerry McDonald and tells him that the Scientology investigation is just local now but should soon be widespread.

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189


Jerry tells the guy that he is no longer involved in Scientology but that his wife and kids are.

Right. Sure he isn’t.



One wonders how he explained this then…

Feb-July 1970 – JM is reported as working with Customs and LAPD as an informant on the cycle set up by Milner to remove X-Scientologists drug runners off Scientology lines. […]

– U.S. Customs “timetrack” done by Guardian’s Office intelligence personnel, Exhibit XII PDF – Clearwater Commission Hearings (main page here). p189

Hey now, if they are EX scientologists, they aren’t with the Church anymore, so what’s the problem?

Because they’re lying, and this was about to get into being a whole lot bigger of an operation, you’ll see.

Stay tuned –

Oh wait.In a bizarre twist, after Jerry was busted with tons of guns aboard the Makaira, later on in February of 1972, the Attorney for some Brotherhood of Eternal Love guys, Metzger, tried to say in court that Gerald Lawson, Jerry’s right-hand man aboard the Makaira, was really Warren Hudson in disguise!


metzger allege lawson is warren hudson independent journal feb 1 1972 2.


It’s a good thing the court didn’t go for that one, because it would have been awfully embarrassing when Warren Hudson’s body was finally found later that same year, dumped down an abandoned mine shaft. The find barely even rated an inch of press – which is pretty disrespectful of the poor guy, if you ask me.

hudson_bakersfield_californian_november_15_1972 bakersfield_californian_november_15_1972_warren_hudson_makaira_mcdonald.

Murder will out though, and there’s more to come.

Written and researched by

Virg sig script

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All that Spy Stuff, Historical Research


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