Sub-Understanding – ever heard of it?

Neither had I.

It’s about how to lie…especially under oath.


truth what truth - hide behind back.

It comes from the Jesuits – the Catholics.

Author and former ‘novice’ Jesuit, Andrew Steinmetz, wrote a book called The Novitiate in 1846. He’s often quite tongue-in-cheek in his writing, and in the section where he introduces this sub-understanding concept he says –

…Herein is the terrible peculiarity of this Society; that its moral needle, turning on the pivot of expediency, points to Heaven and Hell, as steadily as the magnetic needle points to the north and south.

It is the good inextricably blended with the evil that stamps the Jesuit system with its unenviable originality.

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846


He’s calling them two-faced, in other words, an excellent description.

In that section of the book, he’s going to quote a Jesuit teacher named Escobar. His full name was Monsignor Antonio Escobar y Mendoza (1589 – July 4, 1669)  – he was a Spanish nobleman. Ten years after his death, Pope Innocent XI publicly condemned sixty-five of his eighty-three works for being propositiones laxorum moralistarum (lax moral teachings). The Pope forbade their promotion by any Roman Catholic and threatened excommunication for doing so.

Now, we know the Vatican is about as lax morally as someone can get (it never has been anything but) so the first thing we can gather from this big public show is that the Catholic slavemasters must have been caught at some pretty hard to explain away things, and in a way they couldn’t get out of. And so it was…

Enter Blaise Pascal.

blaise pascal

When Blaise Pascal’s 58-year-old father broke his hip (when he slipped and fell on an icy street) Blaise retained the services of two of the finest doctors in France; Doctors Deslandes and de La Bouteillerie. Both men were followers of Jean Guillebert, who was a leader of a splinter group from Catholic teaching known as Jansenism. The two doctors proselytized to Blaise, and he became interested primarily because of its strong stance against the Jesuits – a Catholic secret society which he hated.

With good reason.

But even better, the Jesuits hated the Jansenists, which of course made Blaise quite interested in supporting the group. It was actually the Jesuits who coined the term “jansenism” as a slur – they didn’t actually have a name for themselves. They simply considered themselves the followers of Augustinus, based on a book that had recently come out supposedly containing what that guy had taught.


AugustinusThe title page of Augustinus by Cornelius Jansen, published posthumously in 1640. The book formed the foundation of the subsequent Jansenist controversy.


This is something that I have noticed happens repeatedly in what we are given as history – terms that are invented for people that never used such a term in their lives. A good example were the Nesilim whom the Vatican called “Hittites” in their bible. I think they do this not only to confuse things immeasurably but to hide things. Things like the truth about them.

The Jesuits (and the Vatican) wanted people to believe certain propaganda about things like free will, and the ‘Jansenists” had presented teachings of Augustine that contradicted the Jesuit school of thought. To illustrate the power of the Jesuits in the Vatican at this time, they obtained two ‘condemnations’ of them and their teachings by literally telling on them to the Pope (much like children do).

You have to remember that back in those days most books were in Latin, which the great majority of people couldn’t read, so when a book “took off from the shelves” like this new Augustinus book did it drove the slavemasters up a tree.

By 1649, Nicolas Cornet (a Jesuit) became extremely annoyed that despite many attempts to ‘shut down’ the Jansenists the book continued to circulate. So he ‘got on the medieval horn’ so to speak, after drawing up a list of five ideas from the book (and two from another one) and asked the Sorbonne (where he worked) to condemn them.

That got stopped by the Paris parliament, so then Cornet had them submitted them to an assembly of the French clergy in 1650, which then submitted the matter to Pope Innocent X. The Vatican held meetings for two years because this is political really, not religious, and there were political ramifications to be considered – the interference of Paris showing that rather clearly.

But, Pope Innocent went ahead and condemned them in 1653 as apostolic. (Cum occasione) This because there was too much public attention coming on to the whole idea – better to ‘shut it down’. You know, their usual solution to things that threaten their stranglehold on humanity.

perhaps this will help vincent price.

What’s really interesting about this whole fiasco isn’t that, it’s the fact that basically the ‘Jansenists’ were making up things that a fictional character named Augustine said that were different than the things the declamatio authors under Nicholas V had said – sort of a war between the fictions. Neither of them could prove a damn word of it in any way, shape or form, and both sides knew it.

It forms another perfect example of what I taught people in Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of The Bible even using one of the so-called ‘people’ that I proved never did any such thing (let alone ever existed) as write what they said he did in later writings. Always later, and that’s the real key.

See, like I said before, the ‘Jansenists” only identified themselves as rigorous followers of Augustine of Hippo’s teachings..which…take a guess now – were only known by copy of a copy of a declamatio and so on. Off to the races, but see what I mean?

Let’s take this one step further and I’ll show you how this works using a supposedly written by Augustine work called The City of God.

Right off the bat, we see that the oldest actual hard copy dates from right around the same time period that Pope Nicholas V had hired all those lovely declamatio writers – 1470.

City_of_God_ManuscriptThe City of God, opening text, manuscript c. 1470

Right away we have a lie about it saying it was published in 426AD and the only source we have for that is…the Catholic Church. Understand that is a verbal claim and that’s it – that’s the only source.

Out there on the internet, you’ll see the usual clues showing what I am saying is true once you unlose yourself out of the endless stories about it all – there is no source whatsoever that can prove this ever existed prior to the late 1400’s.

Example – here’s someone talking from within the fiction as if Augustine actually was a real guy:

His On the Trinity, in which he developed what has become known as the ‘psychological analogy’ of the Trinity, is also among his masterpieces…

Here’s the same person using the infamous ‘copies’ and ‘fragments’ verbal cover story that the Vatican spoonfed the world –

Copies or fragments of Augustine’s writings exist from all centuries, and even from the time before his death.

One of the main sources they use to try and cement this ‘copies’ idea to back up their Augustine wrote this claim, is a down-the-rabbit-hole we go other declamatio work by ‘the Venerable Bede”.

Bede was a declamatio creation of the British branch of the Nesilim slavemasters, probably during the time they really got going on their brand of declamatio works – which was the time of Mr. Backdated Overpopulation Myths himself – Dr. Dee.

So, what we do know for a fact is that someone produced a declamatio piece that was then attributed to ‘Bede” some time between 1474 and 1482.

It was called Historia Ecclesiastica and was backdated to c. 673-675. It was in this book that we have the British version of Augustine. You’ll see the hypothesizing going on out there about this in phrases like this:

…the Venerable Bede (c. 673-735) had a deep veneration for the writings of Augustine, and certainly would have acquired copies of all works of Augustine that he could obtain.

That’s called guessing in my book, but far be it for me to interfere with someone’s little fantasy world with such inconvenient things like…reality.


whistling girl.

The other source cross-referenced within this fictional word about Christianity and the alleged Augustine of Hippo was Eusebius. He’s the one I mentioned earlier that I had already tracked down in a previous article of mine.

So who’s Eusebius, you say…

Well, we already are in this maze of unverifiable, and NO documentation, starting from the “oldest” story of the Flood, so it’s not much of a surprise to see another one added into the mix.  All part of the long con trying to make this look real, when it wasn’t.

Let’s make sure we know where we are in this maze. So far, we have Lucian, fictional, then we have somebody called Berossus who supposedly documents this flood story, also fictional, but it’s actually from Pausanias, also fictional, who we are told actually got it from Eusebius….

See what’s happening here?


And it gets worse.

OK, so we say, maybe there’s proof of this Eusebius character’s writings. But, what do we get right out of the starting gate?

Oh look! It’s lost.

The work as a whole has been lost in the original Greek, but it may be reconstructed from later chronographists of the Byzantine school who made excerpts from the work, especially George Syncellus. The tables of the second part have been completely preserved in a Latin translation by Jerome, and both parts are still extant in an Armenian translation.”

Oh god. So much for him being real either, then.

But, look! We are told that his work (Eusebius) was “reconstructed” by “later chronographists”.

From where?


The “Byzantine” school, which I believe is actually a reference to the people, the declamatio/forgers, that came from Constantinople.

So, here we are again in the 1400’s/1500’s.

Backdated Overpopulations Myths and the Forging of the Bible by Virginia McClaughry, section on Eusebius.


We also see the same squirrely language in descriptions of another of Eusebius’s works called the Codex Vercellensis.

According to a respectable tradition, this codex was written under the direction of bishop Eusebius of Vercelli, which would date it to the late fourth century.


Respectable tradition? That’s a total euphemism for more bullshit, in other words. We’re dealing with total propaganda with all these supposed historical references, and that includes this Augustine character that is being resurfaced by Blaise Pascal and others.

Just to finish off on this ‘Jansenism’ idea, or rather the ideas that they were having come out of the fictional mouth of Augustine, let’s look briefly at some of what this rhetorical character was being made to say.

Probably one of the top things that was rather extremely self-serving given the war-like nature of the Nesilim slavemasters was the idea that the pursuit of peace must include the option of fighting for its long-term preservation. This (Augustine) was then used by the Catholics as an authority through, I’m sorry to say, yet another declamatio creation – Thomas Aquinas.

He was used to further expand and justify the conditions in which “war is ok”. One of the main works we are told – understand that…told – that was ‘written by Aquinas’ is the Summa Theologica.

Many of Aquinas‘ so-called “proofs” are actually coming from sock-puppet Aristotle’s writings.

Here’s an example of a forged and backdated book, something the British Slavemasters are very fond of doing.

The ad reads –

Featuring Manuscript Endleaves from ca. 1100, the
Oldest We’ve Ever Seen in an Incunabular Binding




aquinas_-_summa_theologicaVenice: Theodorus de Ragazonibus, 1490). 324 x 222 mm (12 3/4 x 8 3/4″). 200 unnumbered leaves (complete), with first, last, and leaf 194 blank. Double column, 60 lines, gothic type.

..Written beginning in 1265 or 1266 and left unfinished at the author’s death, the work first appeared in print in 1463, and became one of the most widely printed works of the incunabular era.

See? There they go…sure, the book is supposedly from 1265 and just ‘shows up’ two hundred years later…I believe it.

A Comprehensive History Of The OAHSPE by Virginia McClaughry


Probably found in someone’s attic, which was an excuse often used for the appearance of new texts beginning during the time of Pope Nicholas V.

We ‘found’ it.

air quotes

So, now we have this round-robin of fictional characters quoting each other that includes Thomas of Aquinas, Aristotle, Bede and Augustine – see how this works?

The original ‘I hate women‘ homosexual crowd of the Catholic church show their bitchiness in several other ideas that Augustine is “made” to say.

For example – Augustine, from within the already fictional tale of the Garden of Eden, blamed women for man’s fall by saying that the serpent approached Eve because she was less rational and lacked self-control, whereas ole Adam, well he was just being nice to her by eating too.


Just kind of makes you cringe….


The interesting thing is the interpretation that what this is actually being presented as – is a war between the two beings within one body. (bet you didn’t know that).

Augustine (or whoever wrote it) argued that sin entered the world because man (the spirit) did not exercise control over woman (the flesh).

So, we’re back to that dastardly body partner again – it’s all their fault, you see.

come on!.

You can read more about all that in Part 7: When God Plots

Probably the other really interesting (in terms of propaganda) idea that Augustine was used for was to promote a particular idea concerning what the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil was about, that the dastardly body partner (Eve) supposedly ate from.

…Augustine taught that ….The first couple disobeyed God, who had told them not to eat of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:17).

The tree was a symbol of the order of creation.

Self-centeredness made Adam and Eve eat of it, thus failing to acknowledge and respect the world as it was created by God, with its hierarchy of beings and values.

They would not have fallen into pride and lack of wisdom, if Satan hadn’t sown into their senses “the root of evil” (radix Mali).

– Wright, F.A. and Sinclair, T.A. (1931) A History of Later Latin Literature, Dawsons of Pall Mall, London, pp. 56 ff.



Part of what I find fascinating about this is that it is essentially trying to get people not to unite with their body partner who does have knowledge of ‘creation’ – obviously.

But, the other fascinating thing is that the twist that Augustine put about the ‘order’ of society is very important because it is exactly in line with the main Catholic (and British slavemaster) proposition of the two-class society – a hierarchal one. It’s also rather childish B horror movie level to create the faction that it’s some evil guy with horns named Satan that wants people to be free of this crappy 2-class system, like…America did.

Well, there you go. Right there you know what is really going on with these stupid declamatio round-robin writing fests. Lying to humanity to keep control and power.

The Usual, in other words.

* * *


Now you have a little information about what are the ideas of “Augustine” that Blaise Pascal had joined a group of followers of (that the Jesuits called Jansenism as a slur).

It might surprise you to know that Jansenism is like the earlier predecessor of today’s Jehovah’s Witnesses, interestingly enough. They believe that only a certain portion of humanity was predestined to be saved – exactly the tenet that the Witnesses was formed around. You probably didn’t know that before, neither did I.

Another element of it revolved around the heart-and-soul of the Catholic church confessions, penitence, indulgences. The ‘jansenists’ challenged their rituals because they were based on attrition versus contrition. Contrition needing no go-between with God, thereby eliminating a rather large spy network of the Jesuits hiding underneath “confession” and carrying out black intelligence operations while posing as “penitence” as well as seriously cutting their “indulgences” money line. You can see the problem there.


It was big money.

religions and cash2

It was big power and control.

Basically, the hubbub surrounding the Jansenists all boiled down to a political challenge, not a spiritual one. The only reason the debates centered on religion is because that was the propaganda, the hold that the Catholic church exerted over people.

Blaise once said:

Men despise religion. They hate it and are afraid it may be true.

Pretty good eh?

After Blaise had begun to write on theological subjects in 1647, by 1656 he had chosen to target a specific Jesuit teacher. An excellent choice on his part, I might add. That teacher (Escobar) was the source of our sub-understanding idea, and this is where Blaise and attacks on Catholicism really bit and bit hard. They had them on the ropes with this one.

Blaise’s sister had joined basically a Jansenist cult at Port Royal, and wanted him to sign over her inheritance to the place. Sound familiar?

Then, in what was obviously a drug-induced vision (one wonders who drugged him and staged this particular event reminiscent of Al Hubbard and his Catholic LSD trips) Blaise emerged ‘revitalized’ and spent two weeks at the Port Royal cult in January of 1655.

Just one year later is when he began publishing an 18-letter series (the Provincial Letters) using the pseudonym Louis de Montalte. These were a full-out attack of the Jesuits and their casuistry – which was specifically one of the Jesuit methods of “ethical thinking” – and that’s where our term sub-understanding comes into play.

Pascal denounced casuistry as “the mere use of complex reasoning to justify moral laxity and all sorts of sins“.

Amen to that.

thumbs up.

A little more about casuistry –

The Company of Jesus was a religious order founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola. He named it that in order to indicate its true leader and its soldier spirit, the title was latinized into “Societas Jesu” in the Bull of Paul III approving its formation and the first formula of its Institute (“Regimini militantis ecclesiae”), September 27, 1540.

The term “Jesuit” however, was never employed by its founder, it was actually a term invented by opponents of Loyola. It meant one who used too freely or appropriated the name of Jesus. Eventually members and friends of the Society accepted the name anyway.

The Society is a body of priests organized for apostolic work, following a religious rule, and relying on alms for their support (Bulls of Pius V, “Dum Indefessae”, July 7, 1571; Gregory XIII, “Ascendente Domino” (q.v.), May 25, 1584].

Right from the beginning the Jesuits used casuistry (lying basically) particularly in practicing the Roman Catholic confessional. Much like you see Scientologists trying to do now, they were trying to do their own version of ‘modernize’ things by weakening the morals (murder, lying, adultery, etc.) and inventing excuses for people as to why it was ‘ok’.

In fact, the Jesuits (or “casuists”) were specifically trying to justify usury (charging interest on loans), homicide, regicide, lying through “mental reservation,” adultery and loss of virginity before marriage, and so on. They told people that they needed to ‘adapt’ to modern times.

The thing is – this method of operation went on for more than a hundred years with absolutely no problem or disagreement from with Vatican. It was only when people like Pascal began to prove to the people just how insane this kind of thinking was and the people began leaving in droves, oh, see now, they have to pretend to reform and be against it.

Pascal was utterly devastating his his attacks on this ‘casuistry’ because he used specifics and with proof, but probably more because he was scathingly contemptuous of the utter hypocrisy of these people, in a very, very humorous way.

For example, in his Provincial Letters he scolded the Jesuits for using casuistic reasoning in confession to placate wealthy Church donors, whilst punishing poor penitents.

My, how strangely similar scientology is…



Pascal charged that:

Aristocratic penitents could confess their sins one day, recommit the sin the next day, generously donate the following day, then return to re-confess their sins and only receive the lightest punishment.


They called that donating part – indulgences.

Money for immortality.

Shriving sinners get your indulgences barker


Blaise was so successful that even two hundred years later the original Jesuit term casuistry had been transformed into a synonym of moral laxity.

You see, the scary thing from the slavemasters perspective, was just how popular these ‘letters’ by Pascal were with the people. His use of humor, mockery, and vicious satire in his arguments struck a chord within the people since everyone views these crazy fracks this way anyway, even if they never say it!

Charles Perrault wrote of the Letters: “Everything is there—purity of language, nobility of thought, solidity in reasoning, finesse in raillery, and throughout an agrément not to be found anywhere else.

It always seems to surprise them, like the Communist experiment we talked about in Part 3: Dark Matter – where the tide of hate for the slavemasters was found to be so incredibly strong despite centuries of propaganda that they literally shut down China to try and ‘brainwash’ it out of people. (free clue – it didn’t work. They still hate them).

Blaise’s work was so popular that it prompted Jesuit and Vatican moves to try and get out of the fact that they were caught so badly – a veritable PR nightmare for them. The Vatican condemned the Jansenists again in 1656, this time condemning the teachings themselves as heretical (one of the most ultimate crimes in the Catholic church) but Pascal so had them on the ropes that the Vatican was forced into sacrificing one of their own to try and make it look like they ‘weren’t like that’.

Oh, yes they were.


They had to issue the ultimate “he’s bad” statement on Escobar!

In 1679, Pope Innocent XI publicly condemned sixty-five of the more radical propositions (stricti mentalis), taken chiefly from the writings of Escobar and other casuists as propositiones laxorum moralistarum (lax morals) and forbade anyone to teach them under penalty of excommunication.

Because of Blaise, the Jesuits (and Escobar) came to signify any person who is adroit in making the rules of morality harmonize with his own interests – a causuist.

Let’s see what Blaise so successfully exposed about him, shall we?


The Jesuit Way



Regarding Escobar the ‘teacher’, Andrew Steinmetz shows us Escobar’s own words –

What reason could an “exemplary” teacher have for inculcating “rather lax opinions”? He shall tell you himself.

“But if I often seem to adhere to rather lax opinions, that is not to define what I think myself, but to put forth what the learned shall be able to apply practically, without a scruple, whenever it shall seem expedient to quiet the minds of their penitents.” *

*Quod si saepe videor me laxioribus opinionibus adhaerescere, id certe non est definire quod sentio, sed exponere quid sine conscientise IjEsione Docti poterunt, cum eis visum fuerit expedire, ad sedandas penitentum animas, ad praxin adducere—Escobar y Mendoza, Liber theologiae moralis (1644) The quotation is from the preface. The book is in the Library of the British Museum, Press Mark, 848 c.
The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846


Quiet the minds? What a lovely euphemism for a Jesuit confessor saying to his rich confessee…”Well, see now, you didn’t really commit murder because you sub-understood something else.”

That’s what he means, you know. Exactly like Blaise Pascal said they were doing.

According to Escobar, “a dispensation is an act of jurisdiction whereby any one is exempted from the obligation of a law, or by which the obligation of a law is suspended.”

…The General and Provincials can grant a dispensation to Jesuits (Nostris sibi subditis) in the irregularity incurred by homicideprovided such homicides are not certain that they actually killed, etc.

Again, the General in foro conscientiae, can dispense with persons of our Society in all irregularity, even in those cases, which are reserved to the Pope – namely, “in the case of death, cutting of the limbs, and great effusion of blood, provided any of these cases be not notorious: and this, on account of the scandal“!

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846

See? You can commit homicide and receive a free pass if you ‘sub-understood’ that you weren’t certain you actually killed and if you don’t get caught. and create a scandal. Gasp! Heaven forbid, right?.

The guy could say: “I’m afraid that I don’t recall that particular event” – the President Reagan Defense – see how this is done?


Here’s some other examples from Escobar’s own words that show what this ‘casuistry’ and its root tenet of sub-understanding were (and still are) really about and why slavemasters love it so much.

Such are a few of the privileges of the Society. The Jesuits possessed the power of bishops in most matters; they were omnipotent in the confessional. We will now consider their casuists.

Did the Jesuits ever teach or touch suspicious topics of morality, or topics of suspicious morality?

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846




First up – Escobar on swearing falsely.

Another question—what proof have we that others before him inculcated these “rather lax opinions”?

Again he shall answer:

“This I candidly declare that I have written nothing in the whole book that I have not received from some Doctor of the Society of Jesus”

Consequently his book has the “Faculty, Approbation, Licence, Consent, and Permission of the respective functionaries, and professes to be an exposition of the opinions, in cases of conscience or casuistry, of twenty doctors of the Society, for the instruction of young confessors—in Questions and Answers.”

A question is proposed –

“Q. Is it lawful to ask an oath from the man who, I fear, will swear falsely?

“A. It is lawful, provided he is not asked to swear falsely; and there is a just cause for asking the oath, such as necessity, such as utility; because I am not held to abstain from asking the performance of an action (with serious loss) [to myself], which action any one may do either well or ill'”*–bene et male; that is indifferently, as far as the mere action is concerned.

*Escobar, Theol. Mor. Exam. 3, c. 3.

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846

Did you catch the twisty part there? As long as you don’t ask him to swear falsely…(even if he does) see, it’s all A-ok.

I Duly, Dothly Swear…but sub-understanding something else entirely is also how that can then be shiftily called “I am not swearing falsely because I didn’t say I am”.

It is really that bad.

Remind you of anyone?

woman question mark



Yeah, exactly.

Murder, adultery, tax evasion – all of these are given a pass by Escobar on swearing falsely to deny them even when you did do them as long as you sub-understand something different.

“Q. Is it lawful for a man who takes an oath, to make use of amphibiology or equivocation; namely, uttering an oath which is understood by the persons present, in the common sense of the words, in which, however, the swearer sub-understands something different ?

“A. Sanchez replies in the affirmative—Sum. tom i. lib. 3, c. 6, n. 15. / (Escobar) confirm the opinion with practical examples. Being interrogated by a Judge, on oath, if you have killed Francis; if you have killed him in your own defence, you can deny it, sub-understanding as to criminal homicide. Less. 1.2 Dub. 9, n. 47

If it is a probable opinion, that the tax imposed on anything is unjust, and therefore a tradesman compensates himself by using false weights, or in any other way:-being afterwards interrogated by the Judge, he can deny the whole with an oath–sub-understand that he has acted unjustly. Sanch Sum. tom i. lib. 3, cap. 6, n. 29.

A priest being interrogated, having heard a sin in confession, can answer, even adding an oath if necessary, that he has heard nothing of the sort–sub-understanding, as a private individual. You have concealed some necessary effects, lest they be taken by your creditor, and you may be compelled to beg your bread:–when interrogated by the Judge, you can swear that you have nothing concealed–sub-understanding what you are bound to bring forth.

A man may swear to a robber that he will give his money, without intending to give it; using this mental reservation, I will give it if I am bound.

A guilty wife, being asked by her husband if she has sinned against him,* may swear negatively; conceiving in her mind a different day to the one on which she committed the crime.

Coming from a place which is falsely believed to be infected with pestilence, when interrogated you can swear that you have not come from that place–sub-understanding, as from a place of pestilence.**

*Adultera rogata a marito, an admiserit adulterium
**Esch. Theol. Moral. Tract I. By a curious coincidence, I find this last “practical example” used by Garnet, the English Jesuit, of gunpowde-plot notoriety, in a paper dated 20th March, 1605-6: it is given as an illustration in the same vein as that of Escobar, but is supposed to have been written by Francis Gresham. “Let us suppose,” says he, “that I have lately left London, where the plague is raging: and, on arriving at Coventry, I am asked before I can be admitted into the town, whether I come from London, and am perhaps required to swear that I do not: it would be lawful for me (being assured that I bring no infection) to swear in such a case that I did not come from London; for I put the case, etc. etc.” See Criminal Trials, vol. ii. p. 316.
Omnia ex Sanchez et aliis (cross marker)
The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846


This is a really fascinating look into the deviousness of the most devious – the ones who brought this kind of chicanery into the world, literally, in the first place. Don’t you think?

Sneaky, Sneaky.

some of my family

I swear, Escobar and others like him make the so-called deviousness of ‘Prince Machiavelli’ look like total newbie material by comparison but these people are the inspiration for generations of junior slavemaster bullshit-artists like L. Ron Hubbard and Charles Dederich and many, many others.

And it all came straight out of the Catholic Church.


These two talk about killing someone just for insulting or embarrassing you –

“Q. Is it lawful for a man belonging to an Order (Religioso) to kill a calumniator who is spreading serious accusations (crimina) against his Order, jus as it is lawful to any one, in defence of his honour, to kill with management, cum moderamine interimere?

“A. Father Amicus (whose eight volumes, De Cursu Theologico, have just come to hand), tom. 5 de Just. d. 36. sec.7 n. 118, does not dare to adhere to the affirmative opinion, lest he may seem to go against the common one. Nevertheless he thus strengthens it by argument.

If, says he, this is lawful to a layman, on account of his honour and fame, it seems much more lawful to a clergyman and a man of any Order (Religioso); inasmuch as the profession, learning, and virtue, whence the honour of a clergyman and a member of a religious body is produced, are superior to the dexterity of arms, whence wordly honour arises.

Then, again, it is lawful for clergymen and members of a religious Order, to kill a thief, in defence of their property (facultatum), if no other means of defence are at hand; therefore it is lawful also in defence of their honour.

“Q. A nobleman is on the point of being slapped or cudgelled by any one:–will it be lawful for him to kill the aggressor before the act?

“A. Lessius answers in the affirmative, Lib. 2. cap. 9. Dub. 12. n.77., because it is the greatest disgrace in some regions to suffer slaps and cudgellings to remain unavenged. However, I limit the sentence to noblemen–for slaps and cudgellings are not disgraceful to plebeians.

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846


Oh yea – slap around those plebeians (common people) all you want, right? Not to mention a bit of the movie Minority Report going on here, killing the guy before he even did anything!

But notice this part about the source for this, the guy “does not dare to adhere to the affirmative opinion, lest he may seem to go against the common one.” – this means he doesn’t want to be seen as agreeing with it.

So when it is said that he “Nevertheless he thus strengthens it by argument.” – that means he does agree but is trying to make it not look like he is by simply offering an ‘argument’ rather than a straight-out yes.

Could they be any more twisty?

To sum it all up – check this out.

“Q. Can I accomodate myself to the probable opinion of others, leaving my own which is more probable and safer?

“A. Yes, evidently; nor would I, in the action, act against conscience; provided, I think, that the other opinion which I follow is probable.”*

In fact, it is the intention that is to distinguish the action-intentio enim discernit actionem.**

You have but to impress your mind with the idea that you wish to “fulfil all justice,” and then break the commandments – you may “believe like angels, and sin like devils!“***

*Escobar, De Conscientia-Theol.Moral.sub init.
**Filliue. Tract xxv, c11, n. 331.
***[Author of Novitiate] I heard that phrase applied to the Irish, when I was a child. It was uttered as a quotation.
The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846, pp. 335,336


The author sums up what he thinks about all this –

In fact, perjury, as the reader has seen, duelling, fraud, falsehood in all its ramifications,* murder and violence,—these are the crimes which I see permitted by the casuists of the Society which calls itself of ____ will not blaspheme that adorable name by recording it in juxtaposition with these atrocities!

… And yet Escobar says in his preface, that he has not maintained a single proposition which cannot be confirmed by the “gravest doctors” out of the Society:—thus involving all Romanism in the mire of this demoniac morality!

…The royal road of right and wrong is cut up into a thousand intersecting by-paths, and the tyrant-will of the usurper who sits in the confessional, permits or forbids the deluded creature of the God whose right he has usurped, to luxuriate or not in those perilous by-ways, just as his own heart whispers—by weakness urged, or by the moment’s whim determined!

The Novitiate by Andrew Steinmetz, 1846


So, considering this had gone on for a hundred years before one of the Popes disavowed this as ‘lax morality’, and only after Blaise Pascal had such success at exposing them, the whole attack by the Popes and banning Esobar’s materials was completely nothing other than public relations.

You know, just like this:

“…does not dare to adhere to the affirmative opinion, lest he may seem to go against the common one.” – Father Amicus

The Catholic Church simply pulled its own sub-understanding by condemning it publicly while having absolutely no intention of changing the behavior itself – see how this works?

It’s like the Church of Scientology “getting rid of” the dastardly Guardian’s Office (together with the FBI as a PR maneuver) and then recreating a picture perfect version right down to the very last policy, advice, and plans of it and simply calling it by a different name. (the Office of Special Affairs or OSA)

They were supposed to stop the criminal intelligence and black operations but they sub-understood that as that they didn’t actually have to stop, they just needed to look like they did by changing the name and personnel. Get it?

aha forehead pastie.

The Jesuits are, in many ways, the prototype for scientology’s Sea Organization. Above the law, teaching their followers how to lie – there are so many parallels it is way beyond coincidence.

There’s a reason scientology and Ron Hubbard were chosen together with Frank Buchman and the MRA (Moral Re-Armament) to run political action ops for the CIA and MI6 – and it wasn’t because they were not on board the slavemaster plans and their methods of sub-understanding things when it suits them.

They were both living that life already, and perfectly.


Modern Jesuit casuists, you could call both of them –

just minus the robes.


Hubbard (right)

John galusha left l ron hubbard right 1958.

Buchman (left)


In case you’re wondering why we learned about swearing falsely and Jesuit casuist sub-understanding, it has to do with Senate investigations into Synanon and SEED inc., which ties directly into scientology from there on out.

But first, we need to have a look at the connection between Synanon and the MRA.


transparent back flashing starThe MRA and Synanontransparent back flashing star


When Synanon began taking off in its bizarre (and violent) direction – complete with shaved heads as a sign of penance – high-level members began leaving and bringing internal documents with them.

For those of you that haven’t read my article exposing the choosing of the MRA and Scientology by Miles Copeland, CIA agent, I’m going to start off with a condensed description of what the MRA was (and who it was originally backed by).

The most remarkable of these documents was a July 19, 1974 memo from Synanon attorney and vice-president Dan Garrett to founder Chuck Dederich.

Synanon had been compared to a religion in a July, 1973, article in a magazine called 24, Garrett noted. Since Synanon began with a defection from Alcoholics Anonymous and since AA’s founders belonged to a fundamentalist group called the Oxford Movement, Synanon was “in the direct line of descent” from the Oxford movement, 24 magazine had suggested.

If Synanon were to officially become a religion we could very probably achieve a near immunity from recurring attempts to license Synanon. We have been successful to date in securing exemptions from such licensing schemes in California and Michigan. However, the pressure toward licensing all agencies which do anything

in the way of re-educating or rehabilitating dope fiends (or other unfortunates) is continuing. We can anticipate further attempts via the state legislatures in the near future ….

It also appears that there could be considerable advantages from a tax standpoint.

Although the most recent legislation taxes unrelated businesses operated by religions on the same footing as those operated by tax-exempt charities generally, there is 100 percent exemption included in that legislation for religions until the year 1976 for unrelated businesses in existence by 1969. This means that even if the Internal Revenue Service is successful in sustaining its current argument that our Advertising Specialties Business is an unrelated business, we could nevertheless obtain a full exemption from income taxes for all income earned until 1976. That would amount to a very substantial sum of money. . . . [Emphasis added.] In addition, no informational tax return is required for a religion, and this would eliminate the necessity which we now face for annual reporting to the Internal Revenue Service.

The last point which occurs to me is that we would eliminate a number of silly questions such as “When do they graduate?” and “Why do they have to obey?” Nobody “graduates” from a religion …. Insofar as obedience is concerned, it is always crucial to the practice of one’s religion that one obeys the tenets of the faith.

– Dan Garrett memo July 19, 1974


The following year, 1975, Synanon’s board of directors took Garrett’s advice and declared that a major purpose of Synanon was to operate a church.


Dederich left, Garrett right


It might surprise you to know that this followed directly on the heels of the Church of Scientology regaining tax-exemption on one of its organizations –



A little more backstory about the Garrett memo –

A magazine called 24 had directly linked Synanon to its MRA roots, in a July 1973 article. Since Synanon began with a defection from Alcoholics Anonymous and since AA’s founders belonged to a fundamentalist group called the Oxford Movement, Synanon was “in the direct line of descent” from the Oxford movement, 24 magazine had suggested.

I was unable to find an article of this date, but I did find a later article in 1993 talking about an earlier article from Tom P. Jr. in 1976 on the same subject.

PDF – 24 magazine july 1976 MRA oxford

24 magazine july 1976 synanon alcoholics anonymous.

In this 1993 article, it describes this original one above –

Gresham’s Law states essentially that “Bad money drives out good”.

In this context the “law” is cited to exemplify the view (propagated mostly by the fundamentalist tendencies both within and without AA, and including the Primary Purpose movement) that Alcoholics Anonymous’ programme (and its application) has undergone a progressive weakening or dilution since the inception of the Fellowship, and this has been accompanied necessarily by a reduction in recovery rates.

… Essentially the essay purports to demonstrate a number of factors which apparently “explain” why recovery rates (and quality of sobriety) are much reduced since the origination of AA in 1935.

Firstly the author asserts that in the early days of AA (ie. from its inception but prior to the publication of the book Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939) “a more rigorous and demanding” programme was practised, one largely derived from that of the Oxford Group, and which consisted of their initial framework of six steps plus the Four Absolutes. Moreover this approach placed a great deal more emphasis on belief and reliance upon God (the last term to be interpreted according to traditional orthodoxy since the Oxford Group was an attempt to return to (as they understood them) fundamentalist Christian principles), a practice which was intended to lead to a “spiritual experience”.

Secondly, that subsequently, the programme’s presentation and application have been progressively “diluted” and “secularised”, its principles “sugar coated”, that it has translated from a “directive” to a “suggestive” mode of emphasis, and , moreover, the expression “spiritual experience” has been replaced by “spiritual awakening” as the primary objective – and consequence – of implementing the 12 Steps, and all this due to a shift within AA (by cause and effect) from the originally more demanding approach to the present largely watered down version.


The Oxford Group was the original name of Frank Buchman’s outfit that later became named Moral Re-Armament during WWII.

For you present and former scientologists out there, basically this author is saying that Tom P. Jr’s 1976 article was talking about that there had been squirreling and altering the ‘tech’ of AA – that came from the Oxford Group – and that’s why ‘the stats are down‘.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the same type of excuse is being used?

The 1993 article has a reference #89, and it describes who Tom P. Jr. was.

89. Tom P. Jr. “Gresham’s Law and Alcoholics Anonymous, 5. Original emphasis. Tom P. Jr. was a co-founder of All Addicts Anonymous, a traditionalist group in upstate New York connected to the East Ridge community and recovery center (founded 1964). 24 Magazine, originally titled Way Out, began publishing in 1970. It became the Ridge Review in the mid-1980s, and it continues today as 24 Newsletter.

Keep in mind that Tom P. Jr’s article was after the original one in 1973, and after the memo from Garrett to Dedrich.

The memo from Garrett gave the suggestion to Dederich that because Synanon had been compared to a religion (the MRA/Oxford Group) in that July 1973 article in 24, a case could be made for declaring “that Synanon is a religion”.

This is very important because it is one of the few documents that reveals the connection between Synanon and the MRA which had been chosen by the CIA to run political action black operations.

Nobody “graduates” from a religion.

– Dan Garrett memo to Dedrich July 19, 1974

Dan garrett.

Since scientology was the other group chosen at the same time, this becomes even more clear why the two groups are practically carbon copies of each other in many ways, as they are with the MRA as well.

For those of you that haven’t read my article exposing the choosing of the MRA and Scientology by Miles Copeland, CIA agent, I’m going to start off with a condensed description of what the MRA was (and who it was originally backed by).

John D. Rockefeller, himself a glorified IGOR or the slavemasters, supported financially religious “missions” in countries of the world that the British and Vatican slavemasters were having troubles in.

come igor rockefeller - slavemaster

The overview of all these religious “missions” was actually very well stated by another slavemaster junior IGOR named Frederick Gates, who was a propagandist for the slavemaster new “world order” – aka the resurrection or rather re-application to the entire world of the slavemaster 2-class system. You know, the “tree of knowledge of good and evil” orders/hierarchy of beings idea that they used that fake character named Augustine to promote the last time they were in an ‘expansion’ mode.

Gates said that a “study of the map of the world” disclosed to him that the different missions were really a single “invading army,” whose “masterfulness of strategy and tactics, [was] controlled and directed by one master mind,” God.

Except that “god” is really certain men.

whistling girl

So, it was in this climate that a man named John Mott “activated” Frank Buchman – so to speak – in 1909 within the YMCA.

You could accurately say that the YMCA and the ‘country school’ propaganda of Gates were the forerunners of the MRA. The single factor that tied them all together was their so-called anti-communism stance.

Their outward slogan was that they were –


Saving the world from Communism.


They want us to think they’re heroes?

say what vincent price


As we learned in Part 3: Dark Matter that is not entirely accurate sarcasm  to put it mildly.

Buchman’s mentor John Mott was obsessed with China.

china shown in relationship to alaska

After revolutions against the slavemaster 2-class system had broken out in both Mexico and China in 1910 he told the members of Rockefeller Junior’s China Medical Board

trustees of peking union medical college - 1921

“If we wait until China becomes stable we lose the greatest opportunity that we shall ever have.”

– Mott


Remember how in Part 7: When God Plots we learned about propaganda and psychological warfare tactics as exposed by Jacques Ellul? Look at this quote again now –

It [propaganda] can have no influence when the individual is stabilized, relaxing in his slippers in the midst of total security.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


See how they want people to not be stable and happy?

Buchman and Mott did much mucking about in China, they first tried to influence the young through founding schools – which gives us an entirely different reason we have approved schools, even today.

That nation will only have one generation in its modern era,” Mott wrote after the proclamation of the Chinese Republic in 1911. “The first wave of students to receive the modern training, will set the standards and the pace.

However, the Chinese weren’t stupid (contrary to their propaganda) and they found Mott and Buchman to be morally corrupt and sexually perverted hypocrites, which they were. The two men decided they simply had the wrong propaganda and tried again in Kuling, China, in 1918.

That didn’t work so well either, so they changed tactics and went after rich and famous people to use them to influence the Chinese. It was the norm for Buchman and his cohorts to go to great lengths to attract the rich and famous, and, when they were hooked, to shamelessly exploit their names, a tendency which would become even more pronounced in the coming years.

It was in China that he met a young Episcopalian minister named Samuel M. Shoemaker Jr., who was also having no success as a missionary. Through psychological mind games that involved criticizing Shoemaker and putting him down, Buchman converted Shoemaker to his own beliefs, and Shoemaker became Buchman’s faithful follower and right-hand man for more than twenty year.

See that bolded part? It’s now very clear that Charles Dederich’s ‘the game’ was not any invention of his, it was just Buchman’s tactics re-employed, further cementing Synanon’s direct links to the MRA.

The Game, as it came to be called within Synanon, was a dramatic public confrontation session where “players” were relentlessly criticized for their bad thoughts or actions by Dederich and other leaders of Synanon called “wizards. By the early 1970’s Dedrich had expanded this to include something that he called The Trip. (read all about that in Part 7: When God Plots) The point, as Paul Morantz put it, was to move the participants “to the point of intense disillusionment” with themselves.

Chris Eskridge’s description of the first point of attack by Synanites also makes clear that it is simply MRA take two.

  • 1.   Hammer away at people’s sense of self. Constantly make them feel as if they are not living up to the proper standard. Continue to inform them that they need to do better.

What we now call Attack Therapy was called “the game” in Synanon, and is evident in TR’s (Training Routines) in scientology, particularly TR0-Bullbaited which was also a resurrection of Frank Buchman techniques.

Hubbard introduced “bullbaiting” at a congress in June of 1957, Dederich came up with the “game” the following year.

The following month after Hubbard developed bullbaiting, he demonstrated the first 4 CCH’s (LRH Tape 7 July 1957 CCHs Steps 1-4 Demonstration – developed April ’57) – they were control tools to teach the acolyte that “it’s ok to be controlled.”

In other words, prepared to serve.

…propaganda must not concern itself with what is best in man — the highest goals humanity sets for itself, its noblest and most precious feelings. Propaganda does not aim to elevate man, but to make him serve.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Dederich himself later admitted about his ‘Game” that it was brainwashing, and so did Synanon member Steve Simon in his Harvard dissertation (the danger of being a participant observer is that you may be converted).


Maybe, one day we will just put dingbats like you against the wall and wash them off and bring them back into the human race.

“…freedom to think to a dope addict was like a gun to a baby, and they wash dirty brains.

Dederich is quoted as stating

The Synanon Game began with an idea I had of getting people together in a room to pursue a conversation with a “line of no line.” I began to yell and curse and accuse and ridicule: I talked to everyone in the room as if he had a tail.

Synanon leader Charles 'Chuck' Dederich perpetual stew

[compare that to Frank Buchman‘s psychological mind games that involved criticizing and putting the person down]

Boy I felt great, and everyone else loved it too. The next week they all came back. That was the birth of the Synanon Game, which basically hasn’t changed at all since 1958.

…I am proposing a counter-philosophy, a rather old-fashioned, commonsense approach to things: ‘Good boys and good girls get good things — bad boys and bad girls get bad things.’ This idea is the very basis of Synanon. We are a father principle phenomenon which rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.”

  • Games in Synanon were usually “played” by fifteen or so members sitting in a circle. They were aggressive.
  • One player pointed out the defects or mistakes of another, and unless the accused could quickly talk his way out of the indictment, he faced a snarling pack of game players denouncing him.
  • an inexperienced game player often found himself confessing to fictitious misdeeds to stop the attack.
  • Wrongdoing exposed in a game could result in the culprit’s being remoted to less pleasant work, being reassigned to less comfortable housing, or being shunned by other members

Richard Ofshe described how this technique felt to him –

It is difficult to make you understand how emotionally devastating that can be. It’s a tidal wave of hatred. The first time it hits you, it absolutely destroys you.

[compare that to Frank Buchman‘s psychological mind games that involved criticizing and putting the person down]



Check out the sub understanding tactic of the Jesuits (and Catholic Leaders) being employed here –

… Chuck was the inquisitor, using confession, ridicule and cross-examination to change the thinking of his followers. He was a salesman once again. A powerful manipulator, controlling and developing the group philosophy.

He told the group, “Some things might be right at one time and wrong on another. It depend on you know…you know…what you are trying to accomplish. And so on.”

It was a philosophy he would always adhere to.


In the early twenties Frank Buchman began to hold houseparties at Ivy League colleges in the U.S. and at Oxford and Cambridge in England. Buchman became obssessed with controlling people’s sexual impulses doing what he called “soul surgery”. Real-life examples of this can be found in Frank Buchman’s Secret published a few months after Buchman’s death in 1961.

The obsession to control others sexual lives is common with slavemasters and their ilk, so it’s not much of a surprise to find out that Dederich also took both those ideas and put them into Synanon.

Marriage was getting in the way of “loyalty” and as part of the Milgram style experiments of MKULTRA Dedrich dutifully went along with whoevers next vicious idea – in this case forcing married couples to pair with someone else.

Dederich personally selected the new “love matches” which would last for about 3 years before the people were supposed to thank each other for the time they had together and go with someone new.

He made his own children do it first – as an example.

From the book The Light on Synanon by the Mitchells –

I suspect my own shock came through in a story I would later write for the November 8, 1979, issue of The Light:

“In Synanon . . . you can go into a room . . . with 75 other people and sit there and you say, I am going to be fucking one of these people, and I don’t know whom, and I am not going to have anything to say about it.”

The speaker is a Synanon member, whose comments were tape-recorded two years ago. In late 1977, Synanon founder Charles Dederich launched a game of musical beds in which almost all couples in Synanon-married or unmarried-were directed to take new sexual partners.

Synanon called the game “changing partners,” and Dederich at the time told The Independent-Journal, “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to perform some kind of emotional surgery on people who were getting along pretty well?’ “


See that? The same obsession with controlling sex lives, and even the same “surgery” idea!

You can now clearly see that more than one of Dederich’s “ideas” he laid claim to were never his at all, anymore than his counterpart Ron Hubbard’s “TR” bull-baiting idea was ‘his’ either. These were both simply outcroppings, or rather simple updates and re-presentation from the stockpile of favored slavemaster tactics for political action that they both were then TOLD to use.

It’s also clear just how much a part of the MRA cluster-fuck of organizations (which includes the Unification Church) that Synanon really was.

In fact, it was through one of his followers that Alcoholics Anonymous would be started (Sam Shoemaker, the guy Buchman ‘broke’ by criticizing him constantly) which at first was part of Buchman’s Oxford group which Dederich would then ‘split’ from after hieing up with the CIA and LSD testing. You know, to create the new new form called Synanon.

Sam Shoemaker


I highly recommend that you read The Religious Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps – the clear parallels between CIA agents Ron Hubbard and Frank Buchman, and their front groups Scientology and the MRA are simply astounding – down to buying palatial “retreat” estates and more.

Part of where the idea for re-naming Frank Buchman’s group to be Moral Re-Armament was because of what happened in 1921. He was called back from China to the U.S. by the British. Arthur Balfour, the nephew of slavemaster Robert Cecil, headed the British delegation and wanted Buchman to come attend the Washington Disarmament Conference and then on 20 December 1921, Colonel David Forster (member of the British Delegation to the Disarmament Conference) had invited the conference delegates to meet Buchman. Thirty came.

Senator Borah was effectively routing (beating) the slavemaster efforts to form their nice little power force – the League of Nations. At this conference, he said:

…A conclave of diplomats, sitting behind closed doors with nothing to direct or limit their powers save their own will and discretion, would be a rather interesting proposition.

I am inclined to think that if the American people choose a league, they will choose one which has its powers defined, or at least an attempt to define them, rather than trust their destiny to the unbridled discretion of a few men.

– (page 661 google book)


Frank Buchman gets schmoozed up one side and down the other and agrees to go “pro-slavemaster” 100%. He then gets sent to Oxford – basically slavemaster central in England – – where he established a systematic organization of co-workers and followers under the title of the “First Century Christian Fellowship.”

Buchman at Oxford (far right)

buchman at oxford2

The system itself was not Buchman’s brain-child, it was born out of groups known as the Coefficients Club, the Roundtable, and Milner’s Kindergarten. Leading strategists controlling such groups included Lord Robert Cecil, Lord Alfred Milner, Leo Amery, Halford Mackinder, H.G. Wells, and Lord Bertrand Russell.

The problem they were trying to solve was the same one Rockefeller was being given financial marching orders to help with. That problem was how to maintain the slavemaster power of a maritime-based, financier oligarchy, in a world threatened by the growing strength of it’s populations in places like the United States, China etc.

World War I was their first “project” trying to get Americans in alliance with the slavemasters against whoever was rebelling, and the salespitch this War was about, was establishing the League of Nations which Buchman, of course, supported.

Buchman at a league of nations meeting (lower right – second in)

Buchman at a league of nations meeting

As mentioned earlier, Senator Borah from Idaho killed this in the U.S., thus necessitating another war being needed to be created, this time to force in that alliance whether we Americans wanted it or not. Tasked to then be their schoolyard bully all over the world wherever rebellious hearts against the slavemasters live.

Buchman, while there, worked out a sort of self-advertisement which you can see the whole “disarmament” influence on, in order to try and recruit people to his “cause”

Unless we deal with human nature thoroughly and drastically on a national scale, nations will follow their historic road to violence and destruction. You can plan a new world on paper, but you’ve got to build it out of people.

This is just another variation of blaming the people – when in fact it is the slavemasters that are the real war-mongers and killers.

hilarious portrayal of the slavemasters blaming war on the people - disarmament 1921

Buchman’s technique was polished up – he would put forth a public posture of moral probity and abstinence, and invited people to talk to him about their personal problems.

But, just like Charles Dederich would later do with ‘the game” and Ron Hubbard would do with auditing, TR’s and “sec-checks” – Buchman was after something in particular – he was after what he perceived as the person’s weakness.

He would probe for the specific topics or events in their lives on which they felt the most guilt, then he would persuade them that they could overcome their perceived weakness by confessing it to him.

And, of course, becoming a faithful follower.

He recruited many people using this technique, its important that you understand it because it would become the trademark of the later-named Moral Re-Armament which Ron Hubbard followedly closely on the heels of – tactic-wise. The only difference is that Buchman usually exclusively aimed at people of power and influence, whereas Hubbard usually hit “low” – referring to Miles Copeland’s degrading reference to the “common folk”.

Miles Copeland – The Game Player, autobiography of a CIA agent

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_6.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_7

By the time this whole system was fleshed out pretty much, Buchman’s little flock then became known as the Oxford Group, and Buchman and his traveling salvation show were soon off on mission to rebellious (or influential on rebels) places such as Australia, Holland, Scandinavia, China, and South Africa. Very much like the Steve Martin movie – Leap of Faith and Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show. Buchman was the forerunner of later religious chicanery kooks like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and many others.

One of the fundamental practices that Buchman then began promoting is group or “public” confession – a theme that you will see recurring in just about every spin-off since, including Moral Majority, Pat Robertson and the 700 Club, the Unification Church, and Scientology, to name just a few.

I’m sure the obvious actual source there of Dederich’s game is not lost on you.

The Program

In 1928, Round Table propagandist H.G. Wells, issued what was called ‘the program’ in a book titled The Open Conspiracy. The plan was to create a “new world religion” that would channel the power of self-sacrifice, characteristic of religious zeal, into implementing the goals of the conspiracy. These were, as summarized by Wells:

Firstly, the entirely provisional nature of all existing governments, and the entirely provisional nature, therefore, of all loyalties associated therewith:

Secondly, the supreme importance of population control in human biology and the possibility it affords us of a release from the pressure of the struggle for existence on ourselves; and

Thirdly, the urgent necessity of protective resistance against the present traditional drift towards war.

War, of course, meaning war against the slavemasters plans.

Frank Buchman was now fully acting as a British Slavemaster intelligence agent and was off trying to get those dang Chinese to roll on over to ‘the slavemaster way.’

From Thy Will be Done:

In December 1929, [John D. Rockefeller, Jr.] Junior received an urgent letter from one of his most trusted envoys. John Mott had just returned from a tour of Protestant missions in Asia, and he was quite agitated.


China wasn’t going for their stupid propaganda efforts and sleight-of-hand tricks – they saw through them and what they were up to and they were actually mobilizing for war against the slavemasters. Ron Hubbard was also clearly aware of this. He had made several derogatory comments in his journal about the Chinese and the rise of “nationalism” going on there.

Thus began a new phase of Buchman’s intelligence operations, the “peace” movement. It began at Oxford University, and later spread among student populations in Europe and the U.S.A. in the 1930s, in the form of a solemn, signed pledge never to participate in any war, and to refuse service if drafted.

While Hubbard is conducting various colorfully “covered” (intelligence cover) missions around the Caribbean and writing propaganda in the form of sci-fi for the slavemasters, Buchman is busy remaking himself into an “ardent” (and vocal) admirer of Hitler.

Adolf Hitler, January 1933 in his “bad guy” get-up that was chosen for him

January 30 1933 Adolf Hitler

Buchman even included Gestapo chief Himmler and Rudolf Hess in his membership lists. Of course, at the same time (never mind the total hypocrisy here) Buchman was also supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and counted Edward VIII, when he was Prince of Wales, as a member.

Buchman and hitler NY_World_Telegram.

Please bear in mind that this is the same time period that the Roman Catholic Pope is making deals with Hitler and Catholic leaders are even “inspecting” his SS! Pope Paul VI, Cardinal Montini and Cardinal Pacelli (who became Pope Pius XII) literally entered into a franchise deal with Nazi Germany with this notorious Kirchensteuer or “church tax” which was an income tax. In 1943 alone, over $100 million flowed into the coffers of the Vatican from that tax.

For much more about all that see Part 6: Thou Art Punished

It was in 1938, as war clouds gathered over Europe –

part the mists of time

That Buchman proposed the name Moral Rearmament to a group of his friends at a meeting in the Black Forest in Germany no less, and thereby shifted the emphasis from individual change to social salvation. On May 29, 1938, Buchman said: “The crisis is fundamentally a moral one. The nations must re-arm morally. Morally recovery is essentially the forerunner of economic recovery.

This is almost exactly the same principles that L. Ron Hubbard will later espouse in both Dianetics (the book) and the later Church of Scientology. For example, the Aims of Scientology “A civilization without…”

This marks the point that Buchman shifted his movement from being primarily “religious” conversion to being a covert “political action” group – exactly as Miles Copeland described

Buchman dropped the old “winning people to Christ” and MRA was now held out as something acceptable to people of any race or creed. Buchman even traveled to India at one point, where he declared that MRA was quite compatible with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

Hubbard did exactly the same thing later with Scientology – declaring it compatible with a big list of other religions.

The new Buchman MRA movement began to spread rapidly, especially in America. Even though Buchman was overtly supporting Hitler who was supposedly the “enemy” throughout this time – Lord Salisbury (Robert Cecil) in 1944, when travel bans were still in place, submitted a special request for some British Buchmanites wished to travel to Mackinac Island to attend an assembly led by Buchman intended to rile up the American people. Foreign Office Secretary Anthony Eden didn’t like this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it as he was only a “junior” slavemaster.

Buchman was a valuable intelligence asset to them, obviously, so perhaps when we see Miles call Buchman and Hubbard both ‘nuts’ – who he then hires, let’s not forget – that’s his own private little way of trying to lessen or “provide cover” to their real importance to the slavemasters. Either that or he’s just a perverse son-of-a-bitch with a downright devilish sense of humor.


Either way, he knew those two were actual intelligence assets, that much is for certain.

Around this time, the Catholic Church started helping to fuel the fire – Buchman’s fire – by attacking it and hopefully distancing themselves from the direct and complicit involvement with bringing and keeping Hitler into power.

Just before Buchman renamed his Oxford Group as Moral Re-Armament, his Eminence, the late Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminister, had this to say of the movement:

“The group movement is so tainted with indifferentism, with the error that one religion is as good as another, that no Catholic can join it to take any active part in it or co-operate with it formally.”

This did nothing but help explode the MRA even more.

However, after the war Frank Buchman and the MRA were not very popular, to put it mildly. Both the American and the British people had long memories, and Buchman’s admiration of Hitler, and the group’s attempts at draft-dodging, didn’t sit well.

Buchman had lost his credibility — how could he claim to be receiving messages and Guidance directly from God when he was so terribly wrong about so many things? And MRA had lost its biggest pre-war draw: fear of the coming war.

They needed something to replace it with, which per Miles Copeland, became chosen as the twinned fears:  Fear of Russia and Fear of Nuclear War.

The powers-that-be decided to make Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament into a major cold war vehicle.

In 1949, his conference in Switzerland was attended by European parliamentarians and a bipartisan delegation of the U.S. Congress, flown in by military aircraft.

This is also the time that Buchman’s people recruited a young Korean named Yong Myung Mun – whom most of you would know betters as ‘the Reverend Moon” and the Unification Church.

Yowza – eh?

So, while Buchman is busying himself with the new ‘Cold War’ tactics the slavemasters wanted him to do, one of the things was trying to test out ways or ideas of population (human’s minds) control.

Ron Hubbard’s old college buddy and fellow CIA propagandist Paul Linebarger was on CIA detail in Korea, rubbing shoulders with CIA asset Frank Buchman from 1950 to 1952. Buchman and the MRA established an “democratic town” – on an island near the mouth of the Nakdong River with Korean orphans and others that the Army had put there in 1951 under MRA supervision.

The orphans governed themselves, and in the Nov. 3, 1952 issue of MRA Information Service there was an article about the island, nicknamed Jinoo Do. It noted that the influence of the MRA could be found everywhere – the 4-point slogan of “Absolute Honesty,” “Absolute Purity,” “Absolute Unselfishness,” and “Absolute Love.”  (Moon copied those into the Unification Church, as well). There were also some obviously culturized variations of these noted in the Korean Straits, such as: “No Hatred—No Fear—No Greed,” or “New Men—New Nations—New World,” or “Jinoo Do—Principle of citizen Life.”

The same “democratic orphan town” idea was picked up and tried by another Buchman follower from Oxford (Mr. Abel) was done in Papua.

Dederich even resurrected that whole idea in Synanon about 12 years later – after Buchman had died.

Remember this from Part 7?

Synanon City for 20,000 persons, overlooking Tomales Bay — Children would live apart from their parents in dormitories, and would be “raised (and abused) “by everyone” … explained Chuck Dederich, 57…

The Palm Beach Post – Apr 2, 1970


spock fascinating


The British Buchmanite R. C. Mowat, formerly of Hertford College, Oxford, wrote in 1951 that:

People everywhere will turn to spiritual reality on a mass scale as it is correctly presented to them through Moral Re-Armament. But it is a race against time, because the forces of destruction are also moving ahead swiftly.

“Good and Evil are pitted against each other in the history of man. It takes more than diplomacy to cure evil. It takes more than lip-service to fight for God. … An extreme of evil must be met by an extreme of good; a fanatical following of evil by a passionate pursuit of good…. Only a passion can cure a passion. And only a superior world-arching ideology can cure a world divided by warring ideologies.”

The Message of Frank Buchman, R. C. Mowat, pages 51-52. (The contained quotes were from Frank Buchman.


Aw see – The MRA is a homeopathic spirit remedy. All sciencey and stuff, it must be good, right?

come on!


Let’s not forget who the real war-mongers are around here though. The same ones whom apparently never seem in much of a hurry to cure themselves of their extreme evil.

But also compare the obvious regurgitation of the earlier Buchman message, in what Dederich said more than 30 years later –

…I am proposing a counter-philosophy, a rather old-fashioned, commonsense approach to things: ‘Good boys and good girls get good things — bad boys and bad girls get bad things.’ This idea is the very basis of Synanon. We are a father principle phenomenon which rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.”


Pope means father, you know, and slavemasters are perpetually creating this whole humanity needs a father bullshit, whether as a King, or a Pope.


This message must be brought to the millions before it is too late. History is moving at tremendous speed to a high point of colossal catastrophe or a high point of colossal change. We can either be the last survivors of a declining age, or the pioneers of an entirely new order of society, which will bring a flowering of the human spirit such as the world has never seen.

This is the promise of Moral Re-Armament. It is making possible the dawn of a new age. Through it “we are reaching the end of the era of crisis and pioneering the era of the cure.

The Message of Frank Buchman, R. C. Mowat, pages 51-52. (The contained quotes were from Frank Buchman.


When the MRA needed another ‘op’ (intelligence operation) boost – here comes the faithful designated attacker – the guilty-as-hell Catholic Church.

This is done exactly when its just been chosen (Miles Copeland) for “political action” around the world to help stop “communism” – don’t forget.

In 1955 and 1957, the Vatican re-affirmed it’s “ban” against the MRA – drawing even more attention to it and driving people to it in droves.

Implies Sympathy With Aims
but Cautions All Catholics
Against Serving It



After the war, the tiny little Reverend Moon operation was picked up and made mainstream by military intelligence circles connected with the notorious MK-ultra program for psychedelic drug experimentation, and Tavistock-originated group dynamics programs for social manipulation.

His people first started being brought in and set up in the United States, under highest level intelligence cover in the early to middle 1960s, the reason was that they were part of the replacement for the MRA since Buchman died in 1961 and his successor Peter Howard died in 1965.

Wayne Madsen, in an article that originally appeared in Inside Magazine, noted:

Buchman, clearly wishing to obfuscate about his pro-Nazi ties before the war, turned his attention towards Asia, particularly Korea.

One Korean Presbyterian preacher, who took an interest in Buchman’s Moral Rearmament principles of a universal religion and total personal submission, was Yong Myung Mun of North Korea. He later changed his name to Sun Myung Moon and, after being expelled from the Presbyterian Church for preaching heresy, he established a right-wing, nominally Christian sect called the Unification Church.

Like Vereide and Buchman, Moon began to spread his influence globally…


To illustrate some more of the parallels between the Unification Church and the MRA, in 1937, Buchman’s Oxford Group began a publication called The Rising Tide, which is the same name of the paper of the Freedom Leadership Foundation, the later Sun Myung Moon front group set up in 1969 as the U.S. branch of the Moon’s International Federation for Victory over Communism.

Buchman also had a magazine called New World News which Moon named his magazine the same name too. And…Moral Re-Armament had a singing group known as the Angels, which again, was the model for Moon’s Little Angels children’s ballet.


It was in 1972, that Moon made his first publicly visible journey to the United States. His number one priority was supposedly to take over control of the U.S. government by getting his followers elected to office. However, considering his actual role in the slavemaster community one has to take that with a large grain of salt.

Moon traveled the country in what he called his International One World Crusade – and that’s much more obviously in line with the slavemaster goal.


As with Buchman, Moon kept his initial meetings small – house parties were used to entice converts – and like Vereide and Coe, groups were organized into small “cells.” And as with Vereide’s prayer breakfasts and Buchman’s “crusades,” hundreds of politicians around the country were duped into extending official welcomes to the enigmatic Korean.”

This description from visup website is hilarious while also being very accurate – a masterpiece of correctly targeted ridicule.

As was noted before here, the Unification Church has also displayed indoctrination techniques that eerily resemble behavioral modification methods being researched by the CIA and Pentagon under the banner of such projects as Artichoke and MK-ULTRA, been linked to numerous terrorist organizations (thanks in no small part to its vigorous support of the World Anti Communist League, an organization that brought together various third world dictators and death squads into contact with a cabal of “former” Nazis, religious extremists, US military and intelligence officer and international drug lords in what was officially described as a front against the spread of communism) and drug trafficking. But moving along.

– Friday, January 30, 2015, The Family Part IV, Visup


Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the U.S.


That should do it for understanding the MRA and now you can understand why Chuck Dederich’s right-hand man (Garrett) would send him a memo suggesting that: “because Synanon had been compared to a religion (the MRA/Oxford Group) in that July 1973 article in 24, a case could be made for declaring that Synanon is a religion“.

Plus, now you’re caught up to 1972 with all 4 intelligence front groups (and one sub front-group) posing as ‘cults’ of one kind or another – Synanon, MRA, Scientology, and the Unification Church

Note: You can read much more about all this in my post – Forget the Idea that Scientology was ‘Taken Over’ – It Never Was Anything Else

Now we’re ready to move on to some other points.


black scroll divider.

For a little perspective here, while the slavemasters were moving in the Unification Church to help take over from the MRA in running ‘political action’ operations in areas they wanted them, they had also been working on Juan Peron, to bring him back to the slavemaster way.

This heavily involved the Catholic Church, by the way, through its sick little front groups like P2 and monster mini-men they used as ‘agents against communism’ – like Otto Skorzeny and Lopez Riga. (see Part 6: Thou Art Punished)

P-2 agent and Nazi supporter Lopez Rega had insinuated himself into the exile Peron’s household.

Riga – nicknamed The Warlock.


Kinda reminds me of Dederich and his ‘wizards’.

By the early 1970s, Lopez Rega also was holding conversations with Stefano delle Chiaie, who with Skorzeny’s blessing, worked to build the new international “neo-fascist” movement.




Rega nursed Peron (who had several physical ailments) and practiced his occult “arts of healing”. He also “arranged” the return of Eva Peron’s carefully preserved corpse.

On Sept. 23, 1971, Eva’s remains were transported from Italy to Spain where they were turned over to Peron. Later, Lopez Rega moved the body to a second floor room at Peron’s house and ordered Isabel to lie on the coffin. Amid burning candles, Lopez Rega reportedly performed rituals to transfer Eva’s spiritual essence into Isabel.

Shades of Dederich’s The Trip and its Witches night with the ouijia board that we talked about in Part 7: When God Plots – see how consistent they are when you know where to look?

But, Peron bought it, and between that and a little teaser  – read more emotional manipulation – by our good buddy Vatican P-2 man Licio Gelli, who chartered a DC-8 jet that returned Peron to Argentine soil for a brief visit in late 1971 just to get the ole juices flowing even more, well, Peron was “revitalized” and itching to return to power in Argentina.

All was being prepared, the Argentine government helped out by voiding an outstanding criminal warrant against Peron for “statutory rape” in the Nelly Rivas affair (she was 15) and the Pope was ‘welcoming’ Peron on his way back to assume his new puppet position for the Vatican/Slavemasters.



As soon as Peron was back in office again, what happened next was an absolutely in-your-face hypocritical posting of Mr. Rega as Minister of Social Welfare – that’s when Rega/Barbie/Skorzeny (with Vatican support) formed the Alianza Anticomunista ArgentinaThe Triple A. He also helpfully establishes an elite kill-everyone party place – aka a branch of P-2 – where he works with occultist and death squad leader Jose Lopez Riga!


This is called bringing the light - mobsters

This is “social welfare” ?

thats not something you see every day - vincent


Meanwhile, psychotic chihouhua Dr. Ewen Cameron is doing his part spreading the propaganda of the same new world order Riga and the Vatican are ushering in with blood and guns. When he was elected as president of the American Psychiatric Association. In his presidential address to the APA Cameron said:

“Our best hope for a new world order and without hysteria… lies in science. With behavioural scientists as leaders, order would emerge from chaos.”

Father, Son and CIA, by Harvey Weinstein


What’s our good buddy the accidentally-on-purpose CIA asset Richard Ofshe doing? Infiltrating Synanon.

He was especially interested in why people stayed on to be employees of Synanon. He noted that Dederich had told researcher Yablonsky, “I, of course, want our best graduates to work for Synanon, and we try to make working for Synanon attractive. In this respect, we operate much like any other corporation; we want to hold our very best executive staff.

Chapter 9, The Light on Synanon –

Two neighbors who became his friends were Paula and Dr. Steve Obrebski. Dr. Obrebski, a marine biologist at the Pacific Marine Station in Dillon Beach, was asked by Synanon for advice in setting up a laboratory for the foundation’s sewage treatment system. On one of his visits to Synanon, Obrebski took Richard along.

This was the summer of 1972, and Richard already knew a little about Synanon. A couple of his students had written papers on Synanon, and one had joined a Synanon game club in Oakland. Among the courses Richard taught was one on the history of utopian experiments. When Obrebski reported being told by a Synanon member, “We’ll take over the world,” Richard became intrigued by this would-be utopia.

On that first visit to Synanon with Obrebski, Richard was taken on a trail-bike tour of ranching facilities by an eighteen year- old member, Steve Meyers. Meyers, recalls Richard, revealed some “strange attitudes.” As they talked during the tour, Meyers told Richard the world outside of Synanon was almost universally evil; the only good place to live was Synanon. “By the end of the day,” Richard remembers, “I had the impression,

‘This is a very odd place.’ ”

Meyers introduced Richard to the ranch’s director, Jarrie Tent, and Richard asked if he could come back to do research.

After some discussion, she agreed. Over the next year, Richard paid more than fifty visits to the ranch and other Synanon facilities in Oakland, San Francisco, and Santa Monica.

In 1972, Synanon welcomed middle-class professionals, hoping to recruit them. Richard also was following three other researchers, who had previously visited Synanon and then gone home to write glowing books: Daniel Casriel, So Fair a House ( 1963); Lewis Yablonsky, The Tunnel Back (I965); and Guy Endore, Synanon ( 1968).

There was an important difference, however, between the way these researchers studied Synanon and the way Richard went about it. The earlier researchers had access to founder Charles Dederich and other Synanon officers. Because they spent much of their time with Synanon leaders, these early researchers saw the organization from the top looking down.

And they liked what they saw. Richard started at the other end of the organization. The first Synanon game he played was with workers in a mailroom. Looking up at the organization from the bottom, he was less enthusiastic than his research predecessors.

Rather than enjoying the camaraderie and courtship of Synanon management, Richard tried to keep “a very low profile.”

He would wander onto a Synanon facility and usually hang out in the dining room, where there was always someone to talk to. On Friday nights, he would join Synanon members in their famous encounter sessions, the games. In urban Synanon facilities, hundreds of visitors took part in Synanon game clubs, but in West Marin, Richard was the only outsider.

“I was facetiously introduced as the game club,” he laughs. “I was the only member.”

“It was clear the less I was noticed, the longer I would have in the organization,” Richard later explained to Cathy and me.

“I stayed at the lowest levels as long as possible.” As a result, Richard played games with members who were merely “conducting business with each other,” he told us. From this, he discovered an unreported aspect to the game. Heretofore the game had been recognized by researchers only as a procedure for curing addicts, but Richard discovered the game could also be a tool for enforcing business policy.


There’s a whole lot of sub-understanding horseshit going on around there and in scientology at this time.

Meanwhile – something called the SEED had started up…

To be continued in Part 9.


Written and Researched by Virginia McClaughry

winter - ken vensel

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