There is a saying that goes something like this –

“When a god plans harm against a man, he first damages the mind of the man he is plotting against.”


This quote, it’s idea, first appeared under slavemaster Pope Nicholas V, the man responsible for approving wholesale slavery and for instituting burning of women as witches. He is also responsible for spawning the biggest propaganda the world had ever seen – the Bible.

The many versions of this quote actually trace back to an original form that was in Greek from the time of Nicholas V, who had hired (as their patron) Greek and Jewish and Italian writers to create “ancient works” out of whole cloth – complete fiction, in other words – to fill the Vatican’s new library with. In some cases these forgeries were complete with faux old paper, scrolls and other implements to try and increase the believability of what was written. Having a current writer create a written work that is supposedly an ancient work written by someone else, usually adding in that some other fictional character had previously written about it and was being “quoted” is a con-artist practice that today we call declamatio. We also call it back-dating. You can read much more about all that with some actual traced down historical examples.

The Greek version of this quote also showed up in Latin – Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason
(Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791)

And, as one might expect due to the actions of the Jesuits in the 16th century, in India where an extreme amount of declamatio took place telling the Indians what their “ancient history” was (which it wasn’t) – we see another variation show up. This is why there seems to be such similarity in the world’s so-called Great Religions. It’s because they all came from the same single propagandizing source.

Sanskrit Saying:

“When a man is to be destroyed, his intelligence becomes self-destructive.”
Vinaashkaley Viparit Buddhi


What are the ways of “depriving man of reason”? Torture, psychiatric methods ranging anywhere from hypnosis and drugs to electro-shock and removing parts of the brain.

What are the ways to try and make man’s intelligence become “self-destructive”?

The number #1 method –



wilfulness poison antidote propaganda lasswell


The sanskrit quote is particularly interesting because I think it carried the rest of the whole idea, and actually the most key part of it.

You must get the man to do it to himself.


Without that, you see, you are nowhere. All the psychiatric methods under the sun will not stop that guy from hating you, and, if you believe in immortality, coming back to balance the scales some day. An enemy that you just can’t ever get rid of permanently.

So, eventually the slavemasters realized this (extremely grudgingly, I might add) and whether you want to call it genetics or the wrath of God, they knew that they would never achieve what they wanted if they didn’t convert man. As the quote said, you must get the man to use his intelligence against himself.

Propaganda was that way.


The entire thrust of propaganda, it might surprise you to know, completely depends on creating crazy, neurotic people.

To begin with, what is it that propaganda makes disappear? Everything in the nature of critical and personal judgment.

… propaganda … plunges the individual into a neurotic state… To mistake an artificial conflict for a real one is a characteristic of neurosis.

…propaganda destroys the critical faculty; on the other, it presents objectives on which that faculty could not be exercised, and thus renders it useless.

…Propaganda furnishes objectives, organizes the traits of an individual’s personality into a system, and freezes them into a mold.

…Propaganda strips the individual, robs him of part of himself, and makes him live an alien and artificial life, to such an extent that he becomes another person and obeys impulses foreign to him. He obeys someone else.

…it pushes the individual into the mass until he disappears entirely.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


When Charles Dederich said:

“You’re working on the ordinary mind, assaulting it, attacking it, rocking it.”


He revealed that with “the Game” he was very much in lockstep with the CIA’s experiments on “freestanding populations” – but also, when he said “ordinary mind”? He was talking about you.

It isn’t the sub-conscious they really want to capture. Well, it is, but what they are actually trying to do is to create an alignment between the “ordinary” mind and the “subconscious” mind. BOTH willingly doing what they want.

This basic idea of an alignment of TWO has shown up in usually a completely obfuscated manner. Fredric Myers (Society of Psychical Research) and his two “selfs”; the Gospel of Jesus according to “Thomas” –

Jesus says: “If two make peace with one another in one and the same house, (then) they will say to the mountain: ‘Move away,’ and it will move away.”
Patterson-Robinson-BWG translation 1998

and the TAO –

These two spring from the same source but differ in name;
this appears as darkness.
Darkness within darkness.
The gate to all mystery.

The real sourcing however, plus the particular mysterious and vaguely dark twist on things goes back to the same time period as Nicholas V and all the other declamatio works, many of which were in Greek.

The most famous (or well known to us) declamatio work is of a fictional character called Plato, and it was through that device (method of writing) that we get these strange conflagrations of the immortality of the “soul” who is imprisoned in the body, but yet the body challenges it with all manner of “temptations”.

It’s all very mysterious, you see, and the thing to do is to die or “exteriorize” from that bad, bad body to get away from it and back to “God”. I think whoever wrote all that crap could rightfully be asked “what grade of dope you been smokin'” because that’s what it sounds like, like some recovering alcoholic having DT’s or someone high on some kind of narcotic.

lights them up2.

There’s all this talk of uniting the duality of man, and yet out of the other side of their metaphorical “mouths” there is all this denigration of the ‘body’. Both ideas being held as equally true is obviously pretty much guaranteed to keep things in conflict, and is also a clear hallmark of propaganda at work.

…limits the propagandee’s field of thought to the extent that it provides him with ready-made (and, moreover, unreal) thoughts and stereotypes.

It orients him toward very limited ends and prevents him from using his mind or experimenting on his own.

It determines the core from which all his thoughts must derive and draws from the beginning a sort of guideline that permits neither criticism nor imagination..

…At the same time, propaganda presents facts, judgments, and values in such confusion and with so many methods that it is literally impossible for the average man to proceed with discernment. He has neither the intellectual capacity nor the sources of information. He is therefore forced either to accept, or reject, everything in toto.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


At the same time, within these obviously propagandized “messages” about spiritual duality there is this consistently demonstrated desperation to try and control the strange thing that seems to be always at odds with the “soul”. They always want to call it a thing or call it some concatenation of demons that one has to get rid of, NEVER do they acknowledge that there is another equally powerful, equally intelligent person present with you in one body – one that does not leave until death. It is this person that there is a tremendous amount of deliberate propaganda about.

It is this person that if one could achieve a partnership with –

Mountains could move.


And yet – what do we see that kind of power usually characterized as? Either dark and demonic and evil somehow, or some creepy alien.




Did you know that this kind of union-of-the-two was actually the original point of hypnosis?

The slavemasters (and others) were trying to achieve that alignment (which is more domination than anything) COVERTLY by going through the “sub-conscious”. Contrary to some’s opinions that does not work well at all to achieve this end (a uniting). Really not ever in any kind of real long-term way without some kind of constant reinforcement and even then, it’s extremely iffy.

The target of hypnosis has always been what I call your body partner. They like to call it the subconscious mind.

The thing is, even as far back as the 1800’s, they basically knew this was another whole separate person – not just a mind or some split-personality.

When the British slavemasters formed the Society of Psychical Research officially back in 1872 (it had been operating informally for a number of years before that) the first thing that they wanted to study was telepathy as well as hypnosis – did they exist/work or didn’t they.

What they discovered is probably best encapsulated in one lonely little passage in just one of Fredric Myers two 700+ pages books.

That some guess of a more continuous consciousness, of an identity unmoved and stable beneath the tossing of the psychic storm, must needs have been suggested by all those strange interruptions?

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I


Poor Fredric Myers was extremely hamstrung by his masters (the Cecils etc.) that were sponsoring his work – he had to conform to their rather arrogant ideas of “science” and “reality”. Or rather, what they had a vested interest in not wanting to acknowledge the reality of, for it would destroy their entire conception of reality. A reality where there are two classes and only two – high and everyone else. You can probably guess which one they considered themselves to be.

But still Myers, even though putting it as “guesses” and theory that he then dismisses, saw it.


Note: totus, teres, atque rotundus  – Latin – Finished and completely rounded off.

Nay, if we had been a populace of hysterics we should have acquiesced in our hysteria. We should have pushed aside as a fantastic enthusiast the fellow-sufferer who strove to tell us that this was not all that we were meant to be. As we now stand,—each one of us totus, teres, atque rotundus in his own esteem,—we see at least how cowardly would have been that contentment, how vast the ignored possibilities, the forgotten hope. Yet who assures us that even here and now we have developed into the full height and scope of our being? A moment comes when the most beclouded of these hysterics has a glimpse of the truth.

A moment comes when, after a profound slumber, she wakes into an instant clair—a flash of full perception, which shows her as solid vivid realities all that she has in her bewilderment been apprehending phantasmally as a dream.

Is there for us also any possibility of a like resurrection into reality and day? Is there for us any sleep so deep that waking from it after the likeness of perfect man we shall be satisfied; and shall see face to face; and shall know even as also we are known?

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I


You can see that he is pretty confused by what he has obviously seen one too many times to deny, but like I said – he did see it. By it, I mean that there is a state of operation with that “subliminal mind” – as he calls it – that he knows is the way things should be, but are not allowed to be.

Why not, is where it gets really interesting, but he couldn’t really talk about that because it would lead straight to his masters and their partners-in-evil – the Vatican.

People being capable of all the things they ascribe onto a “god” or “gods” would tend to upset their world order just a bit, sarcastically speaking.

You know, when you speak of the fallen, you’re really talking about them. If I had to identify one thing that terrifies them, that gives them endless sleepless nights, it would be those who do have (even in a small way) the kind of integrated relationship that they simply do not (and refuse) to have. An equality – not a master/slave relationship. It is why they are “fallen”.

And will remain so.

Until they quit lying about it.


On a lighter note, their personal kryptonite comes under “does not play well with others” – especially their body partner.

Fredric Myers gives some very interesting definitions for two concepts that I want to share with you.

You will see several examples within the quotes I’m using that show that Myers did indeed know that there was another person present, even though he calls it another “self”. It’s kind of funny and sad at the same time, to see him right on top of the truth but unable (or maybe not allowed) to actually admit it.

This is because he was engaging in a particular tactic of propaganda, because he was hired to do so – and the fact of another person obviously present had to be colored by an interpretation that it was really two different parts of the same “self”. He had no proof of this, and in fact, his proof actually ran far more to what I just said. It’s his interpretation that was deliberately called for.

This particular propaganda tactic is called fact-slipping.

The mechanism used here is to slip from the facts, which would demand factual judgment, to moral terrain and to ethical judgment.

….it should be confined to intentions, to the moral realm, to values, to generalities.

…Propaganda is necessarily false when it speaks of values, of truth, of good, of justice, of happiness — and when it interprets and colors facts and imputes meaning to them.

It is true when it serves up the plain fact, but does so only for the sake of establishing a pretense, and only as an example of the interpretation that it supports with that fact.

…Propaganda by its very nature is an enterprise for perverting the significance of events and of insinuating false intentions.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Here’s the first definition by Myers –


Subliminal.—Of thoughts, feelings, &c., lying beneath the ordinary threshold (Jimen) of consciousness, as opposed to supraliminal, lying above the threshold. Excitations are termed subliminal when they are too weak to rise into direct notice; and I have extended the application of the term to feeling, thought, or faculty, which is kept thus submerged, not by its own weakness, but by the constitution of man’s personality. The threshold …must be regarded as a level above which waves may rise,—like a slab washed by the sea,—rather than as an entrance into a chamber.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I


The orange part is the slavemaster infection as I call it, a constant desire to submerge or suppress another in favor of oneself. Here’s the second definition –


Suggestion.—The process of effectively impressing upon the subliminal intelligence the wishes of the man’s own supraliminal self or of some other person. The mechanism of this process is obscure, nor is it known why some persons are much more suggestible than others.

Self-suggestion (sometimes called auto-suggestion by a barbarism easily avoidable in English) means a suggestion conveyed by the subject himself from one stratum of his personality to another, without external intervention.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I


Impressing upon is such a lovely euphemism for what has gone on in the name of trying to force the agreement of the body partner, don’t you think?

You can also clearly see both the fact-slipping tactic in use here about the two parts of “one” self, while at the same time the original facts staring him in the face are still showing through anyway – that everybody is after getting this other mind to follow orders, and that something (ha ha) there has a tendency to not automatically be a slave and do what they have ordered in any kind of constantly reliable way.


Imagine that.

Vincent - are we having fun yet.

The words supraliminal and subliminal may be used to express the mental life which goes on above and below the ordinary threshold of consciousness.

The subliminal (or ultra-marginal) mental life is sufficiently complex and continuous to justify us in speaking of a subliminal Self.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I

This is about as close as he gets to admitting it’s another self, another person, except for that one lonely passage I mentioned earlier where he characterizes it as merely a guess.

That some guess of a more continuous consciousness, of an identity unmoved and stable beneath the tossing of the psychic storm…

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I


However, in Book II, he gets a little more obvious, but he’s still highly obfuscating the actual facts and fact-slipping over into some ‘complex’ of lives – aka demons.

each man is essentially a spirit, controlling an organism which is itself a complex of lower and smaller lives.

…the man of genius …effects a successful co-operation of an unusually large number of elements of his personality — reaching a stage of integration slightly in advance of our own.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic MyersVolume II


What is clear is that the main target of hypnosis has always been this other self – an essential being as distinguished from you, although you can see that Myers (and many others) often try and confuse you that their are two “you’s” as if you are some sort of split-personality. That’s wrong. There aren’t two you’s – there are two entirely separate beings. This is what they are characterizing as one of them is the subconscious and the other is the conscious.

…I define (hypnotic) suggestion as ” successful appeal to the subliminal self”…The success of suggestion depends, not on the suggestion itself, but on conditions inherent in the subject. These are (1) willingness to accept and carry out the suggestion, and (2) the power to do so.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5


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Synanon House founder Charles E. Dederich talking to addict applicant & his mother life 1968Dederich (above left)


So, what was Charles Dederich of the Synanon “experiment” talking about when he said:

“You’re working on the ordinary mind, assaulting it, attacking it, rocking it.”


First of all, he’s not being entirely truthful because as you will see in this segment he did indeed target the non-ordinary mind as well – the subconscious or subliminal self. “Ordinary mind” is a direct reference to you. Or, as Myers put it, the supraliminal self.

As I said earlier, really what they are trying to do is to create an alignment between the “ordinary” mind and the “subconscious” mind – the two individual beings. BOTH willingly doing what they want.

You see, again, hypnosis – contrary to some’s opinions – does not work well at all to achieve this end. Not ever in any kind of real long-term way without some kind of constant reinforcement. And even then, it’s extremely iffy.

Talking about “assaulting” the ordinary mind is simply going about it the other way around. Instead of trying to order you by ordering the subconscious to order you, they are trying to have you order the subconscious. Which, by the way isn’t subconscious. That other being is just as conscious as you are and reason just as well as you do.

THAT was the new experiment.

The slavemasters and their igors had spent centuries trying to control man by controlling his body and his “sub-conscious”. Centuries. By the mid-twentieth century they were forced to admit to themselves privately, that it simply was not a reliably effective method to simply seek their outside control of the body partner.

It did not work well to try and control YOU by using your body partner or “subconscious” – as they like to call that other person. It doesn’t work the other way either, but it has at least some chance because the other being is more likely to listen to you than someone else, but they are still fully capable of saying “fuck you” and not doing whatever you asked, if they so choose. This, of course, is the thing that frustrates slavemasters endlessly – the concept of a cognitive “No!” coming from either of the two that are united in one body.

Frederic Myers observed this disagreement ‘problem’ more than a hundred years ago –

…we must remember how much of psychical operation goes on below the conscious threshold, imperfectly obedient to any supraliminal appeal.

– The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3


We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5


But slavemasters are nothing if not stubborn in their ideas fixee’, they still continued to try that route for another seventy years after Myers book, even though they knew it was not ever going to yield the result of an outsider perfectly mastering someone elses “subconscious”.

It’s bad science.

Even in British slavemaster tool William Sargant’s blusteringly self-congratulatory book called: Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-washing, you can see all the qualifiers being put on what he called “the processes” by which religious conversion may occur:

By increasing or prolonging stresses in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person’s thinking processes may be achieved….If the stress or the physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject may begin to think or act in ways that precisely contradict his former ones.



William Walters Sargant

Do note that he is very careful to say only those of “recent acquisition” become disrupted – this is him admitting they can’t touch the deep core ideas of either you or the other being who is your body partner (who they have labeled as being a thing called the “subconscious mind”).

More specifically with respect to brainwashing (and still with qualifiers every which way) there it is again:

If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or intensifying emotional stress the cortical slate may be wiped clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.

The parallel with the later MKULTRA Dr. Ewen Cameron’s theory of differential amnesia is striking, and the relationship to brainwashing is also abundantly clear. By 1953, Cameron had begun to try his hand at seeing whether he could reliably (and stably) produce what Sargant was talking about.

Ewen Cameron


He published a paper called The Transition Neurosis on February 26, 1953.

In the paper, Cameron discussed the theory that people can respond to any given stimulus with many patterns of response; he noted that usually one pattern dominates while the others become unconscious. He goes on:

We may suspect that in the extraordinary political conversions which we have seen, particularly in the iron curtain countries, advantage is being taken of this fact to bring into prominence alternative patternings of behavior actually carried by the individual but never previously suspected by him or others as being present.

He’s talking about rebellions against the slavemaster plans (see Part 3: Dark Matter) and that the core ideals that they thought they had successfully suppressed or eradicated during the last 500 years, were not suppressed or eradicated – they were just as strong as ever.

The stress required to bring this about, at least as far as the political conversions are concerned, is capable of being developed only behind the iron curtain. Sargant (1951) has described what little we know of the dynamics of these political and religious conversions and has attempted to duplicate them, but from what we gather, with somewhat limited success. He used depleting emetics. We have explored this procedure in one case, using sleeplessness, disinhibiting agents, and hypnosis.


You notice he had to admit that there was ‘limited success’ at any of these tactics, and yet despite this glaringly obvious fact Dr. Cameron began his work with the CIA in June of 1953, later getting his very own MKULTRA sub-project – number 68.

In one of the initial founding documents of the predecessor to the MKULTRA project – Project Artichoke – CIA director Allen Dulles laid out the parameters of what they were searching for – hidden control of another’s life – which was the same thing that Myers said was imperfect more than 50 years earlier.

Note: the following document is on Black Vault’s cd #1 main directory.
doc series 144688


Doc 4 – The Elements of “The Problem
by CIA director Allen Dulles, 28 January 1952

allen dulles

Whether or not, and to what extent, any agent or procedure can be used to cause an individual to become subservient to an imposed control; and subsequently that individual be unaware of the event.


Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.


Under others was Propaganda, by the way.

Again, despite the fact that in over 50 years of experimentation they never achieved an across-the-boards result like Allen states the interest is, here they are still trying.

When Dulles rolled over Project Artichoke into MKULTRA in April of 1953, Dr. Cameron’s sub-project would be one of them that engaged in the most horrible kind of ‘experiments’ to try and achieve this goal since the Catholic Inquisition. He called it “de-patterning”.

Sub-project 68 was Dr. Ewen Cameron’s “research” supposedly about seeing if he can erase someone’s memory and personality and then re-program them with a new one.

One of the techniques he was using was sensory deprivation, which Harold Wolff had pioneered, but he also borrowed the idea of using someone’s own experiences from their past to “create reactions” in them. Sensory deprivation has been said to be the most horrible form of torture.

This, again, is obviously trying to target the other “self” primarily.

He proposed keeping his patients in sensory deprivation until they “show an increased desire to talk and to escape from the procedure. Then, he said, doctors could “utilize material from their own past experience in order to create psychological reactions within them.”

 – The Search For The Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, section on Harold Wolff and Lawrence Hinkle
Sensory_Depravationsensory_deprivation_suit_and_tankSensory deprivation image from 1963 film The Mind Benders


The actual document – MKULTRA sub-project #48 (Black Vault disk 4, folder 17446, image 104)



This document dated 3 May 1955 further shows the fields of interest initially. (Images 148 and 151). Notice point #4 – the potentialities and limitations of hypnosis as a means of altering human behavior.

human_ecology_fields_of_interest_1 Human_ecology_fields_of_interest_2


When all was said and done, Hinkle and Wolff revealed that it was not drugs or bizarre tortures that resulted in confession; it was sleep deprivation and psychological warfare techniques that produced anxiety to such an extreme degree that “normal coping devices” could not prevail. When the person reached this “state” Hinkle and Wolff would present themselves as friend and saviour. Now that’s very interesting, don’t you think?

So, even though Hinkle and Wolff were already knowing it wasn’t these techniques – the ones Cameron was using – that would create this ‘result’, Cameron’s work was still funded anyway. In fact, Cameron received his CIA funding through Wolff’s CIA front organization The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology. The CIA provided $60,000 to Cameron for the brainwashing experiments.

What did he do?

Cameron’s patients were also subjected to months of chemically-induced comas meant to destroy their memories of themselves and their families. These patients were woken from drug-induced stupors two or three times a day for multiple electric shocks. The patient would be given an electric shock, followed by five to nine smaller ones, two or three times a day for up to thirty days. These electric shocks were severe, at 30 to 40 times the normal power. Hospital workers at the time have reported that the screaming echoed around the hospital.

The patients were dazed, incapable of taking care of themselves, often groping their way around the hospital and urinating on the floor.

Then came the second step which was called Heteropsychic Driving. Hetero means other or different. In other words, they will now try to install a different personality or identity.

A helmet would be clamped on their heads and negative messages would be repeated into the victim’s mind for sixteen hours a day. These messages would repeat phrases like “My mother hates me, my husband hates me, I am a failure”, and so on, using recordings of the victim’s own voice. Cameron would also wire their legs and give them an electric shock after the completion of each message.

Cameron wrote that this technique provided “direct, controlled changes in personality.”

But here’s the kicker – he’s not really telling the truth, he’s exaggerating. It only worked on one person, and even then only for two months. A rather inconvenient fact, but one documented in writing to the CIA, as you’re about to see.

Just like Fredric Myers said – it’s not so easy as they wish it was.

We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5


To really illustrate just what an utter failure this actually was by Cameron, take a look at this. As per John Marks, Search For The Manchurian Candidate:

According to his papers, … Cameron injected subjects with curare in conjunction with sensory deprivation, presumably to immobilize them further.

For the “sensory deprivation”, Rubenstein had specially built a “box” in the converted stables directly behind Allan Memorial which is also where the “behavioral laboratory” was. Cameron left one woman in for 35 days, but try as he might, Cameron could not get through to her.

As the aloof psychiatrist wrote in his notes: “Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatterning, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favorable results were obtained.56 


Four months people – and after all that torture he had nada. Zip. Zero.


vincent - wow.

I think that’s rather magnificent actually. With all that done to the body –


They still had not achieved control.


That is one tough being.


thumbs up.

Here is an excerpt from a CIA document about MK Ultra subproject 68 and this one shows that even after ‘refining’ this horrific procedure for over four years the best they got was ONE case that had behavioral changes lasting up to two months.

*The title is Application For Grant To Study The Effects Upon Human Behavior Of The Repetition Of Verbal Signals, dated January 21, 1957. At The Black Vault, this is on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468, image #51.



Three years later after even more attempts to ‘refine’ it using sensory deprivation, the best they got only lasted one day.

Changes tend to disappear within about a day after removal from the area of reduced input.

– 1960, article submitted to American Psychiatric Association by Ewen Cameron, Doctors Leonard Levy, Thomas Ban, and Cameron’s assistant Leonard Rubenstein entitled: Sensory deprivation: Effects upon the Functioning Human in Space Systems.  PDF here


But here’s the best part –

There is variation from person to person in susceptibility to reduction in input. The factors controlling the variability are as yet unknown.


See how the results are still the same as Fredric Myers found more than 50 years earlier?

We cannot predict when the result will occur; still less can we bring it about at pleasure.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death by Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 5


…we must remember how much of psychical operation goes on below the conscious threshold, imperfectly obedient to any supraliminal appeal.

The Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Deathby Frederic Myers Volume I, Chapter 3


Two men had themselves MKULTRA sub-projects regarding trying out Hypnotism as a reliable source of control, George Estabrooks and John Mulholland (who was also a stage magician).

George Estabrooks was much like both Ewen Cameron and William Sargant, tooting their own horns about how “great” their techniques worked. But, if you look carefully, there are clues that their techniques aren’t really as fabulously effective as they try and sell that they are – presumably to gain accolades and funding, in my opinion.

Estabrooks attempted to justify his work in his 1957 book called hypnotism by saying: “A nation fighting with its back to the wall is not worried over the niceties of ethics.” – this was just him paraphrasing (and jumping on the bandwagon of) the the Doolittle Report from 3 years earlier.

If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of ‘fair play’ must be reconsidered. We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies by cleverer, more sophisticated, and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people become acquainted with, understand, and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.

– from pages 1, 2,3 of the Introduction of Doolittle’s Report – Special Study Group, J.H. Doolittle, Chairman, Report on the Covert Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (declassified), September 30, 1954 – and from, p. 15,16 (of 78) of the PDF itself. Here is also an Internet Archive version in case it goes missing.


The problem (well, one of them) here is just who those ‘enemies’ are. They’re not enemies to thee and me, they are threats to the slavemasters and their two-class system. That’s who they mean. They decided to say they had this nebulous enemy called “communism” simply to justify a federal budget and a continuance of their nasty activities in concert with the British during WWII (the OSS).

From Scientology, A CIA Tailored Religious Front Group For Political Action (Why it became a religion) –

Miles Copeland, CIA NOC agent (who became Ron Hubbard’s handler in 1955) tells us about choosing this “enemy” –

General Magruder went on to say that he’d spent the past month talking intelligence organization in high places, that he hadn’t heard a word to indicate that President Truman’s words had reached the planners.

The top people in the Departments of State, army, navy and air force were busily concocting dangers that would justify increases in their respective budgets, and they had developed a whole new glossary of cliches for the purpose, ‘preventing another Pearl Harbor’ being one of them.

‘No one,’ [Magruder] said in answer to my question, ‘is asking what, realistically, we Americans have to fear in the post-war world.’

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, this and other information from Miles discussed in my article Forget The Idea That Scientology was “taken over” – It never was anything else.


Miles tells us in his book that Fear of Russia (communism) and Fear of Nuclear War – are what was chosen.

Together with “communism” the urban myth of scarily successful ‘brainwashing’ was then touted by none other than CIA director  Allen Dulles, in a speech given at Princeton just before he launched Project MKUltra.

The Chinese, who are seldom at a loss for a word, have given us a term which has come generally to be applied to this treatment of individual minds: “brain washing”.

Actually, the Chinese subjected to Communism “thought reform” techniques experienced two treatments:

  • a “brain washing” which “cleansed the mind of the old and evil thoughts spawned by Imperialists of the West,” and
  • a “brain changing” which implanted the new and glorious thoughts of the Communist Revolution”.
Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


See how the chosen ‘enemy’ has been woven into it? The thing is, Dulles also pointed out that it didn’t hold or last after the person was no longer under the influence of a ‘group’, so we’re exactly right where Myers said we are with this – it’s not as significant as some want to believe it is.

This guy Esterbrook, while trying to have us believe he could cause a “split-personality” all by his lonesome, through hypnosis, isn’t telling you the complete truth.

For one thing, if his techniques were so good and ‘worked on everyone’ then why, one might ask, could they be defeated so easily by something as simple as disagreement.

In a later book, he basically derails his own “look how I can control you against your will” routine when he later indirectly reveals that this is really all about propaganda anyway (which involves conscious choice to accept or not).

But it must protect itself against the perils implicit in this freedom by training its citizens to recognize the ways in which they are daily influenced and manipulated, and by training them to use their thinking, conscious minds to evaluate all the material with which they are daily bombarded. Only a people who refuse to permit themselves to sink into intellectual lethargy and conformity, only a people who question and think, who subject their own opinions and the opinions of others to careful scrutiny…

– THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN MIND BY GEORGE H. ESTABROOKS AND NANCY E. GROSS, Copyright 1961, by George H. Estabrooks; Chapter 8 (pp. 211 – 237) – found at Arnie Lerma’s website.


This said all while trying to have you believe that there’s these “human impulses” that the hypnotist can use against you, you understand. This is just another example of trying to lay claim to absolute control of that “subliminal” mind/person – which we already know they are FOS about.

…and who are at the same time learn to control and master the human impulses that make hypnotic subjects responsive to suggestions of theft and assault and ordinary men and women responsive to suggestions of prejudice, intolerance, and war, can be sure that hypnosis – disguised or direct – will not undermine their freedom and rob them of their very lives.

– THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN MIND BY GEORGE H. ESTABROOKS AND NANCY E. GROSS, Copyright 1961, by George H. Estabrooks; Chapter 8 (pp. 211 – 237) – found at Arnie Lerma’s website.


This is also an excellent example of fact-slipping – his revelation about propaganda is propaganda itself!

…Propaganda by its very nature is an enterprise for perverting the significance of events and of insinuating false intentions.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.

The interesting thing about what actually came out of these two men’s “hypnotism” work for the CIA was that really what it all boiled down to was sleight-of-hand tricks to mentally confuse or distract someone without them knowing that’s what is being done.

The same role of propaganda.

Summing up now – after such spectacular failures in their idea of “how things worked (that all personality had a physical cause only) then they turned to Propaganda, and that’s our lead-in to what was going on with L. Ron Hubbard and Charles Dedrich during the late 1960’s.

black scroll divider.

There is a classic example of trying to command and access your body partner’s extensive knowledge base of all kinds of “behaviors” utilized during man’s time here on earth, and trying to enforce it upon you as an exclusive pattern that you now live by.

Fredric Myers called this self-suggestion –

Self-suggestion (sometimes called auto-suggestion by a barbarism easily avoidable in English) means a suggestion conveyed by the subject himself from one stratum of his personality to another, without external intervention.


Aha! they said, That’s the new tactic we should put more focus on. Get YOU to give their order to your body partner (and hopefully not noticing it’s not really in your best interests or even your origination in the first place).

As I said earlier, they had been forced to acknowledge a simple fact. One that was expressed humorously in the movie The Fifth Element where Leloo says: “Seno ekto gamat!” –

Never without my permission.



Like Bruce Willis trying to kiss Leloo while she was “unaware” – the slavemasters were also trying to sneak their way into very private territory and found they could not, not effectively, without permission. Permission from both beings.

That’s where propaganda comes into play – it’s about gaining that permission by dubious means.

“Of course we shall not be victims of propaganda because we are capable of distinguishing truth from falsehood.”

Anyone holding that conviction is extremely susceptible to propaganda, because when propaganda does tell the “truth,” he is then convinced that it is no longer propaganda; moreover, his self-confidence makes him all the more vulnerable to attacks…


Something to keep in mind with these people, that’s for sure.

So, since we know they are now heavily invested in trying to get you to install whatever ideas and commands they wanted to see, one would expect to see some real doozies of ideas coming out on how to accomplish this.

And so we do, in both Synanon and scientology.


You’re working on the ordinary mind, assaulting it, attacking it, rocking it.

– Charles Dederich quoted in Paradise Incorporated: Synanon


Dedrich began experimenting with ‘environmental manipulations’ to try and recreate an LSD trip. We talked about this in Part 2: The Holy Rollers – including how scientology began doing the same type of propaganda about their ‘bridge’ to enlightenment.

A later scientology Guardian’s Office intelligence executive named Bob Thomas would clearly describe that very idea that Dederich had also embarked on.

I called this a fit of truth-telling on his part, because he essentially just called Scientology’s auditing sessions:  “LSD for your mind.”

“The drug experience,” he explained in a manner which was frank and direct, using Scientology’s private lingo sparingly, “produces a kind of artificially induced insight into some of the more metaphysical aspects of man’s consciousness.

But it’s very frustrating because it is limiting, and now here’s Scientology, a drugless psychedelic – using, the exact meaning of the word *psychedelic*, which is soul expanding – which deals in the very same insights without drugs.

We provide the philosophical background which can be understood by young people who have taken drugs and have seen the dead end of drugs, but who are still haunted by the visions they saw.

Scientology is a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis, by natural means.”

– George Malko, Scientology, The Now Religion1970


  • Dederich –  he had begun his own experimenting with emotional and environment manipulations trying to recreate the (LSD) purgation for others.
  • scientology – is a drugless psychedelic (LSD) a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis…

The total lock-step parallels of these two supposedly ‘different’ groups is incredibly clear.

They are –

The new Holy Rollers for the CIA

dedrich synanon 1968 life.

John galusha left l ron hubbard right 1958.

But –

Let’s not forget that here in the late 1960’s, everyone is sitting there after all those failures of trying to physically force a synergy, or command over ‘the subliminal mind”, and now the new plan was to get YOU to do it, and to experiment with those ideas they wanted a different ‘class’ of people – a more expanded one.

In Synanon, as part of this change to trying to recruit non-addict Game club members, Dedrich created what he called –

The Trip


And Hubbard created –

The Wall of FIRE

the ‘OT’ levels of scientology

and the paramilitary organization to ‘deliver’ them

The Sea Org


Let’s look at Dederich’s version first.

The Trip was later considered to be a forerunner of scientologist Werner Erhard’s EST, but I think that you can see there is a more interesting (and true) reason why EST was a conglomeration of both scientology and synanon – he used group psychotherapy, coercive persuasion, mysticism and old fashioned spiritual revival.

Like Hubbard and his you have been chosen personal ‘invitations’ to do his OT Levels – the Trip was first offered as an ‘honor’ for special people.

The Trip was a program of individual emotional breakdowns followed by a mass group euphoria all designed to re-educate individuals into the Synanon II philosophy and lifestyle.

Dederich called it an “insight producing” experience.

Dederich said:

“At the end of this rainbow, there will be a pot of gold. Through dissipation, or long hours of activity without very much sleep, we hope to bring about in you a conscious state of inebriation… we want to get you loaded without acid.

“You will learn more about yourself, your fellow man, the world, the nature of reality in one weekend than you would in four years. “Let your ego go…let things happen to you. It’s a feeling of closeness to each other we are after, the death of the ego. A reference point for the rest of your life. You may change your value system, notions about life and viewpoints about people. It will produce a new breed of human beings with greatly expanded potentials. If you do your best, you can’t fail.” (Tony Lang, Synanon, Morantz archives on Synanon).

In Scientology, Hubbard called this Homo Novis and a magazine called Advance! began promoting stories of ‘super-powers’ gained as a result of his OT levels supposedly. The magazine was edited and published by David Ziff, the son of an extremely corrupt publisher who had founded the Ziff publishing empire and had multiple dubious ties with the Vatican and British slavemasters during WWII especially.

David Ziff was one of Hubbard’s first Sea Organization members.

Nkambi David ZiffZiff (right) image courtesy of Sharone Stainforth father’s collection.



Advance! magazines often depicted angels leading ‘the fallen’ out of hell across Hubbard’s bridge to the light.

advance 6 cover.

Dederich would incorporate the same ideas in Synanon. The following descriptions are from Paul Morantz’s website primarily.

At 7 p.m. on Fridays the chosen Trippers, around 50 in number, of all ages, were met in the Del Mar lobby by people dressed in long white robes and yellow silk scarves. A Shepherd led them through candle-lit and incense-burning corridors to a locker room filled with rows of Army cots with name cards. Each person stripped and put on white robes. Watches were taken as time was no longer important. Women removed all makeup and jewelry, a symbolic stripping of past selves.

The Guides, all experienced game players, turned each group from enthusiasm to a depression and defeat, wallowing in its collective shame. Sitting in comfortable green armchairs, they made the dope fiends tell their tales of drugs, rape, crime and beatings. The squares were pushed to confess their prior loneliness and despair. The games turned on one than another. Disoriented by lack of sleep, each was moved to the point of intense disillusionment. Aides, who did their homework, provided ammunition to the Conductors on each Tripper. Everyone was to cop-out (confess to past sins).

The result was implantation of a common bond and sense of ideals, all identified with Synanon. Each Tripper was to write a paper on some feeling or admission. A big shot would advise the Trippers they were not really chosen as an honor, but each was really selected because each was a resister, thinking he or she knew better the direction Synanon should go, part of the “dummies that hold Synanon back.

Exactly like Allen Dulles said was the real point of brain washing –

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


Dederich told them:

Maybe, one day we will just put dingbats like you against the wall and wash them off and bring them back into the human race.


Then there was The Witching Hour which featured a Ouija Board to be operated by Witches, two women in black and white robes.

You know, like this –



Ouija Board

ouja board.

The board was used to have famous deceased persons answer questions, always saying Synanon was the ultimate solution. The board would spell out Emerson messages on self-reliance, but self-reliance was interpreted as the ability to make choices and the best way to end loneliness and suffering was through trusting in Synanon.  The board often referred to Chuck as “Moses.”

They would adopt the Synanon family, said the board, or the “fifth circle” in Dante’s hell (where tormented souls are terrorized and torn) awaited them.

They said that?

thats not something you see every day - vincent.

Yeppers, they did.

How very Catholic. They were basically telling them they were anathema if they didn’t. The idea of anathema is the same as ‘declared SP’ or ‘splitee” in scientology and Synanon respectively – it was taken directly from Catholic procedures.


Thou art deemed Anathema! – Richard Burton movie


Dederich believed these peak experiences released and canceled all defenses “allowing information to seep into deep levels of consciousness.” Some ‘Dissipations’ were run as long as 72 hours but usually it was a 48-hour weekend.

See what I meant when I said they hadn’t entirely given up on that ‘ordering the unconscious’ idea? Here we have Dederich testing to see if they can get to that other person they call the ‘subconscious’ – and Ron Hubbard calls ‘the reactive mind’ – through this group weirdness he has going.

Both Dederich and Hubbard are working on the whole conditioned reflex/collective myth technique.

The two great routes that this sub-propaganda takes are the conditioned reflex and the myth.

  • Propaganda tries first of all to create conditioned reflexes in the individual by training him so that certain words, signs, or symbols, even certain persons or facts, provoke unfailing reactions.
  • On the other hand, the propagandist tries to create myths by which man will live, which respond to his sense of the sacred.

By “myth” we mean an all-encompassing, activating image a sort of vision of desirable objectives … Such an image pushes man to action precisely because it includes all that he feels is good, just, and true.

Only when conditioned reflexes have been created in a man and he lives in a collective myth can he be readily mobilized.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


On that note, here’s something pretty interesting to anyone out there familiar with Ron Hubbards OT 3 materials. In his handwritten material supposedly detailing the ‘Wall of Fire’ (aka Incident II) that destroyed things in this sector of the universe, one of the issues details the sequence of Incident II for thetans (people) on another planet – tothe pilot“.

OT 3 the pilot sequence

– image from the full OT III Course pack of materials was found in the Internet Archive – it includes ALL the handwritten “originals” as they are referred to by Scientologists. This one is on p. 20 of PDF.


In Synanon, they had a ‘conductor’ like for a train, which is a ridiculously similar concept to Hubbard’s ‘pilot’. Considering that Hubbard’s story is of an implanted sequence to the ‘unconscious’ being – you can see that Dederich basically was doing an ‘implant’ on people, borrowing from Hubbard’s total fictional event of mass-implanting.

That’s quite a twist.


When the first Tripper, physically and emotionally exhausted, “broke” and wept it caromed to the others. Crying, Trippers embraced, feeling euphoria and transcending love. The Conductor made it clear this was the resisters’ last chance. Their last hope.

The Conductor...can you believe this shit?

perish the thought - wry ick face.

I often wondered where Hubbard got that ‘the pilot‘ crap – now I know. It was obviously some CIA propagandist wet dream of things they thought we would go for. Some weird idea of an authority figure or something.

Pilots and Conductors – give me a large break here.

come on!.

The game took on each unbroken’s dirty rotten story with great brutality. Aides returned with smut obtained from the un-broken’s spouses to use. The broken joined the attack. Some Trippers began to hallucinate, Dederich having achieved his LSD replicated altered state of consciousness.

Fighting to stay awake, defenses wiped away, the unbroken broke and asked for forgiveness. Some rolled up on the floor in fetal positions. Some laughed, others howled and sobbed. Some cried for their mothers. When they asked for friends they were hugged in mass. All thought the experience was beautiful. (Tony Lang, Synanon, Morantz archives on Synanon). Dederich would elsewhere declare that if you kept people up long enough you can make them believe anything (Deposition of Charles Dederich, Morantz vs Synanon, Morantz archives on Synanon.)


As you learned earlier, that’s what CIA man Harold Wolff learned in his experiments, that it was not drugs or bizarre tortures that resulted in confession or conversion. As Allen Dulles also stated – sleep deprivation combined with brutal interrogation was the thing to do to at least get a temporary ‘give up’ – but it was not permanent, don’t forget.

But it is exactly what Dederich was doing.

One element stands out in all the known cases. It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


Also remember that when the person reached this “state” that Dederich is after producing  Hinkle and Wolff would present themselves as friend and saviour – as did Dederich with the whole ouija board ‘Moses’ routine.

And here is the result of all their secret ‘studies’ showing up now in Synanon, in a perfect example of  their new desire to test these same ideas on those ‘freestanding populations” that the CIA had shifted to experimenting on.

At eight a.m. Monday hand in hand the Trippers went down the corridor toward the sounds of band music. Now in a ballroom the Trippers were surrounded by hundreds of cheering, clapping Synanites. The Trippers, many of whom had been awake for 65 or more hours, were hugged and cheered. A hoop-a-la began (Synanon’s dance). Everyone bonded. All had pain. One just had to surrender to Synanon.


synanon the trip.

I’m sure many of you don’t need me to point out the same clapping and cheering tactic being also often employed in Scientology – their Friday Night graduations being just one example – but I thought I’d mention it anyway.


Source Magazine scientologys OT base clearwater florida


whistling girl.


Teachers, lawyers, doctors, police, politicians, all got hooked, many forming an allegiance previously not matched in their lives to the group and trainers that trained them.

As you might imagine, these kinds of activities due to their rather extreme nature could cause some people to have a psychotic episode, as happened to Terri Raines.

While critics in the psychology community lined up to ‘attack’ Synanon, this wasn’t often actually truly meant as any kind of expose of the method, more like drumming up business for their own selves. Like in the case of Carl Rogers book: On Encounter Groups where he called the game “repelling” and complained of the “dogma” and “unrelenting attack.” Of course, what did Carl Rogers do in his Center for Feeling Therapy? You guessed it – same basic tactics as Dederich.

Yah. He’s attacking it alright. Very offended, very offended, I’m sure.

eye roll kara


However, there was an interesting article published in 1970 in Psychoanalytic Review by T. Sarbin and N. Adler: Self -reconstitution processes: a preliminary report where it cites Synanon as doing many of the following in their ‘conversion processes’ – you’ll note a couple of scientology’s training routines (TR’s for short) meet the criteria.

  • fear
  • breakdown
  • needs
  • isolation
  • rituals
  • dancing
  • fasting
  • drug trips
  • staring – Scientology’s TR-0
  • closing the eyes – Scientology’s OT-TR-0 (done with eyes shut)
  • meditation
  • singing
  • dancing
  • hyperventilation (wtf?? – there’s a weird one)
  • prayer

Sarbin and Adler wrote that such ritual behavior concentrates the subject on the objects, goals and means of conversion and prepares the actor for the stripping of his past status. The conversion, through symbolic death and rebirth, creates new concepts and sources of information from which a person will make a decision regarding action.

The first step, said Sarbin-Adler, is an organized and planned physical and/or psychological assault (symbolic death) on the individual creating confusion about self and beliefs.

The next step is a ritualized surrendering ceremony. After reaching rock bottom one renounces their prior self and avoids the humiliation and degradation through rebirth into group acceptance.

Note: This is Scientology’s finding the guy’s ruin drill on the light side, but on the darker side this is definitely what goes on in it’s similar harsh re-education process called the RPF or Rehabilitation Project Force where they have something called the “Truth Rundown”. You can watch a video about it here.

But – this is also very, very Catholic, and that’s the real roots of this kind of ‘conversion’. Let me call your attention to some key points of Catholic catechism.

Rock bottom is a way of life with these people.

cuz im crazy baby come save me

And to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated. Three times I besought the Lord about this, that it should leave me;  but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I will all the more gladly boast of my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10


That Paul guy was a complete lunatic, (or whoever invented his character in some declamatio) but see what I mean? They need people to be in that condition.

In fact, it’s even said that propaganda won’t work on someone who is stable and happy, and especially who isn’t ‘into’ the whole social bs that slavemasters so love.

It can have no influence when the individual is stabilized, relaxing in his slippers in the midst of total security.

Propaganda can play only on individuals more or less intensely involved in social currents. The isolated mountaineer or forester, having only occasional contact with society at the village market, is hardly sensitive to propaganda. For him it does not even exist. He will begin to notice it only when a strict regulation imposed on his activities changes his way of life, or when economic problems prevent him from selling his products in the usual way. This clash with society may open the doors to propaganda, but it will soon lose its effect again in the silence of the mountain or the forest.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Want to see something even worse, but having the exact same views as these same crazy fracks that created Christianity?

Come look at this –

Come with Me

Psychiatry came out of Catholicism  Don’t believe me?

Look at these quotes from some psychiatrists that Emil Kraepelin included in his book One Hundred Years of Psychiatry. (I found the English translation archived at the Internet Archive where you can read it for free.)

…a “breaking of the will” or a penetration into the will of the patient, was a necessary part of any complete cure. – Autenreith

make them obedient, orderly and calm – Horn

…gave him such strict control over her that she submitted blindly to his instructions. – Heinroth

they must immediately submit to whatever is required of them, that the doctor’s will is for them a strict and unchangeable law. After they have had this notion impressed upon them vividly and frequently in different ways, then they are no more likely to rebel against his will than against the laws of nature. – Pinel

…one of the most effective means of treating insanity was to subdue the patient and to tame him.
– Pinel

The main requirement for effecting a cure… was the ability of the doctor… to compel obedience.
– Haindorf

To subjugate the patient, the doctor had first to deprive him of every prop and make him feel absolutely helpless. That is why he had to be taken from his home and his accustomed surroundings and brought under lugubrious and frightful circumstances …to a strange asylum. – Kraepelin

It restrains the patient. It shocks him by making him aware of his confinement and causes him to suspect or realize the fruitlessness of any attempt to stir up troubles. – Horn

Through strong, painful impressions we get the patient’s attention, accustom him to unconditional obedience. The will of his superior must be such a firm, immutable law for him that he will no more resist it that he would rebel against the elements. – Reil

He [Schneider] expressed the hope, along with Horn, that continuous suffering would enable the patient “to regain consciousness of his true self.  – Schneider and Horn

the subjective personality is figuratively destroyed and that the psyche …no longer recognizes its own personality. …sustained nausea prevents the mental patient from becoming immersed in his own thoughts. – Schneider

…he reasoned that isolation, hunger, and defamation were important corrective measures. …Erhard had seen an asylum in which filthy patients were put atop posts. “This was effective, ” he said, “because they were terrified by this disgrace.” – Reil

Humiliate the proud patient and make him acutely aware of his worthlessness and dependency – Vering

For repressing arrogance or eliminating excessive pride. – Esquirol

… the doctor ought to seem like …a visible image of God…  – Thomas Willis.


Pretty horrifying, isn’t it.

Exactly the same thing Sarbin-Adler were talking about going on in Synanon (and my note: also in scientology).

So, see…this ‘conversion’ process of mankind has been being forwarded century after century. The same way, the same nutso people behind it. Obsessing endlessly over controlling everyone else purely so that they can stay in power.

OK, so the last step in this ‘conversion’ is the re-education process. The group provides role models and identifies conditions that demand compliance under the scrutiny of those with the power to enforce proper behavior.

Now that’s a perfect example of what propaganda is supposed to do, which is what’s actually being done here.

To be effective, propaganda must constantly short-circuit all thought and decision.

It must operate on the individual at the level of the unconscious.

He must not know that he is being shaped by outside forces (this is one of the conditions for the success of propaganda), but some central core in him must be reached in order to release the mechanism in the unconscious which will provide the appropriate — and expected — action.

Moreover, the action-reflex obtained by propaganda is only a beginning, a point of departure; it will develop harmoniously only if there is an organization in which (and thanks to which) the proselyte becomes militant.

…. Through organization…he is actually transformed into a religious man

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.



Since it’s the same people passing the torch on their methods that started religions in the first place…well, there you go!

Sarbin-Adler also noted the frequent presence of a trigger of “high-value stimulus” creating an ecstatic feeling, most effective if occurring at the transition point from death to rebirth.

This is the ‘win’ – as it is called in scientology – and editor David Ziff filled the Advance! mag with ‘wins’ of superhuman feats of one kind or another, symbolizing this ecstatic transition point from being ‘reactive’ to being homo novis.

Here’s an example of the kind over-the-top advertising Ziff used –

dont need rocket to go to moon Advance 15 1972.

But this wasn’t limited to Ziff, don’t get that idea, it still goes on today in scientology advertising. And on and on and on….endlessly doing that group reinforcement thing.

black scroll divider


Let’s have a look at what else is going on in and around this Synanon ‘trip’ business.

The year is 1967, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD front for the CIA had just been incorporated as a tax-exempt religious organization the prior year (Oct. 1966 – ten days after LSD became illegal in California)

CIA agents organized the first ‘Human Be-In’ in 1966 San Francisco. They printed up paisley posters to advertise the Be-In. It was to be a ‘gathering of the tribes’ to join together in Golden Gate Park for a love pow-wow, to celebrate “love, peace, compassion, and the unity of mankind’. The CIA provided the LSD. John Starr Cook was the CIA asset in charge.


This was Cooke’s idea, and through his protege’ Mike Bowen (whom he had known since 1958) the goal was to get control of the young American cultural and political rebels (referred to as the Radical Left) and to psychadelize them into ‘seeing the light’.

Cooke was the mentor of Michael Bowen. Cooke specifically sent him, in 1966, to become one of the staff of San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury (drug and hippie area) based newspaper called The Oracle – and it was from there that this ‘idea’ was first presented.

The Be-In was hosted January 14, 1967 on the Polo Grounds of Golden Gate Park, and over twenty five thousand men, women and children gathered on that day.

More scientology-connected personalities were part of this; The Grateful Dead, Grace-Marie Haddy, and so on.

See The Grateful Dead: Hunter, Garcia, and Grace-Marie Haddy 1961: The Brotherhood Part 5A – Welcome to the REAL Scientology


Welcome,” said a clear vice from the platform, “Welcome to the first manifestation of the Brave New World.” A none-too-subtle reference (and promotion of) to Aldous Huxley’s book.

leary be-in

.January 14 1967 Gathering of the Tribes -Human Be-In.

Meanwhile, CIA agent George White was busy running Operation Midnight Climax there in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district.

Midnight Climax hired prostitute addicts who lured men from bars back to the safehouses after their drinks had been spiked with LSD. White filmed the events in the safehouses. The purpose of these “national security brothels” was to enable the CIA to experiment with the act of lovemaking for extracting information from men.

In 1967, the IRS removed Scientology’s tax-exempt status (which pretty much helped Hubbard recruit, corral, and use the next generation of rebels that hated the IRS and the ‘guvmint’) and Synanon had grown to celebrate its 1,000th resident.

It purchased the Club Casa del Mar at Pico and Ocean Front in Santa Monica a large beach side 1926 hotel in Santa Monica (during WW II it was a military headquarters), and used it as a center and dormitory for drug treatment and business operations. They also purchased and the apartment buildings across the street for resident housing.

1967 Synanon Del Mar Club Santa Monica

.Santa Monica Del Mar with Tom Hudson 1967 synanon.

Dederich had his people begin pressuring old club members to leave and complaints led to the city taking a wrongful action that may have changed Synanon’s course in history. The city claimed it owned the beach front and rather than take the issue to court it sent police officers and bulldozers across the sand knocking down cabanas and paved courts. Paddy Wagons awaited Synanon protesters. Dederich appeared at a press conference and declared the city had fallen into the hands of Mad Dogs and Synanon would sue them all.

Thereby propelling Synanon further into the public eye as a sort of anti-hero. In my opinion, the whole thing was meant to attract media and money. Not too surprisingly, when what the city of Santa Monica had done was revealed, they surrendered and Synanon became untouchable. It no longer obeyed zoning rules, sympathetic donations reheated and Synanon soon became Santa Monica’s largest land owner. (West Magazine, 1967, Morantz archives on Synanon)

Jack Hurst was one of the main recruiters for Synanon.

I was very good at it. We had eighteen hundred squares playing the game in Santa Monica. That’s where most of the squares moved into Synanon.

“The recruitment was subtle,” noted Richard Hurst, who had watched Synanon members plot their strategies for recruiting various game-club members. Game players were invited to Synanon for meals and to visit other facilities. More and more potential recruits found their time being spent inside Synanon.

As the recruits developed new friends at Synanon, they had less time for old friends. Easiest of all to recruit, said Richard, were people desperately looking for friends. “Typically,” he noted, “these were people new to a community, people just out of a job, or people who had recently been separated from a spouse.” Synanon members would show intense interest in these people, and, as Richard described it, “People were ‘love bombed’ right in.”

Moreover, he noted, Synanon did not wait for recruits to make up their own minds about joining. Instead, they were manipulated to join Synanon in stages. Typically, said Richard, Synanon members would point out to game-club participants that club dues covered only a small part of the clubs’ costs; one way to repay Synanon for the benefits they were receiving would be to contribute some of their skills to Synanon.

A doctor might help out in a Synanon clinic, just on a part-time basis at first; an architect might design a building for Synanon. Later the request would be raised to cash contributions, and still later it became pressure to move in.

At each stage, explained Richard, a game player who balked was given a choice: he could demonstrate his “commitment” to Synanon or he could “not come back.” Many dropped out at each stage; others were processed into Synanon.

Dave Mitchell (who wrote the book The Light on Synanon) asked Jack Hurst once: Did the new recruits really turn over all their possessions and money to Syn-anon when they moved in? “Most did,” Hurst answered. “It could be anywhere from a few hundred to a million dollars. It was Synanon’s biggest source of income for a while.”

Dederich rewarded Hurst for his recruiting skill with lavish housing and promises of future wealth. “I was the number one citizen of Synanon in those days,” recalled Hurst with a wisp of wistfulness. “I was the dope fiend turned fair haired boy who lured the squares in.”

Synanon promised career opportunities to middle class recruits. “This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a dynamic, growing corporation,” many were told. Synanon by now was operating several businesses, ranging from a gas station to the million-dollar Advertising Gifts and Premiums business.

Also helping Synanon recruit the middle class was the fact that in the late 196os American education seemed to many parents stifling and irrelevant. To recruits with children, Synanon offered a progressive school run by recently recruited progressive teachers – however, this was a bit of a come-on because babies were taken from the parents and raised in the “Hatchery.Mothers who wanted to see their kids too much were called “head suckers.”

Sue Richardson in a remedial reading session with a student, Karen Clarke in 1970 at Synanon Oakland SchoolSue Richardson in a remedial reading session with a student, Karen Clarke in 1970 at Synanon Oakland School


Note: In 1968, he [Dederich] announced Synanon was going to go out of the dope fiend business. He was going to “get every ex-addict out of management.” From the late 1960s on, when more “squares” than “dope fiends” became members, it was not uncommon for whole families to move in together, Richard noted. Even so, Synanon usually had more men than women–often about a 60-40 split, according to Synanon documents.

Meanwhile, while all that is going on, Dederich’s and John Starr Cooke’s CIA handlers got busy and started promoting this whole agenda (the Be-in etc.) even more by tapping the press. For example, an article about Cary Grant came out touting how great LSD was.

cary grant 1967 article about LSD


Meanwhile, Synanon San Francisco was right there starting the first Haight-Asbury fair on June 23 1967: Folsom Street & 7th Street, San Francisco, CA.

Synanon SF, 1965, Embarcadero

1965 expansion San Francisco Embarcadero 'The Seawall' warehouse Synanon San Francisco..

Synanon Fundraising concert with band MOTHER EARTH Sat June 29th on Lombard Street san franciscowith Mad River, Big Brother and The Holding Company, New Delhi River Band, Mount Rushmore, Freudian Slips, Flying Circus, The Amplified Ohm, Bay Area Quintet, Freedom Highway, Gossamer Kyte, Morning Glory, The Raven, Sonny Lewis Quartet, Ulysses Crockett and The Afro Blues Persuasion, West Coast Distributor, Transatlantic Railroad, Sunshine, The Yards, Silver Blimp, Vast Minority, Tiny Hearing Aid Company “First Annual Synanon Street Fair”


By 1969, the Oakland Tribune started giving over substantial space to promoting the Synanon Street Fair, in July 1969, a month before the event, making it clear that this event was supported by the City of Oakland at the highest levels.

Synanon was a drug rehabilitation program that put addicts to work doing a variety of community activities, thus becoming a sort of self-funding entity. Synanon had good relations with the City of San Francisco, and they had put on very successful Street Fairs in San Francisco in 1967 and ’68. The Fair itself, complete with rock bands, were free, but Synanon made money through concessions and sponsorship. These events appear to be the predecessors of such San Francisco events as The Haight Street Fair or The Folsom Street Fair.

– August 9, 1969 7th and Market Streets, Oakland, CA: Synanon Street Fair with Country Joe and The Fish

OTribune690810a synanon street fair OTribune690810c synanon street fair .

When Hubbard had started his SEA organization, it had many parallels with what Synanon was also shifting to. For example, it marked the accelerated spread of ‘orgs’ (scientology organizations) in far-flung locales, and later obtained documents about Synanon showed that it had begun spreading across the U.S. and into Europe and Asia. This phase is referred to as “Synanon II”.

  • “Squares” were told their work was a contribution to the common good
  • Scientologists (sea org members) were told their work was the greatest good for the greatest number.

One ‘hook’ that kept people in both groups executive structures enthralled was the feeling of being served.

Cathy [Mitchell] demanded to know why anyone would stay in Synanon, given the way members were sometimes treated.

“Most of the time,” Richard [Ofshe] answered, “life in Synanon is very pleasant.” If someone joined Synanon as a “square” (without drug or criminal problems) or if one was a rehabilitated “dope fiend,” he didn’t have to do the menial work that people must do on the outside, Richard added. “You walk into the dining room, and your food is waiting for you. There are people to do the laundry. You don’t have to mess with your kids; Synanon takes care of them for you. And since the Synanon school was touted as being progressive, you could even rationalize that your kids were better off.” The menial work, he noted, was done by newcomers who came in as “dope fiends” or “character disorders.” And these people were continually promised better jobs as soon as they demonstrated responsibility. They were usually assigned jobs within their first forty-eight hours in Synanon, and kitchen work was a typical job.

The Light on Synanon by Dave Mitchell, Cathy Mitchell and Richard Ofshe, Chapter 9 – The Education of Dave and Cathy.  The Light was a newspaper out of Point Reyes, Marin County, California


That reminds me – what was Richard Ofshe doing in this late 1960’s time period? Well, he (together with his wife) out of the University of California, in 1969 published: Utility and Choice in Social Interaction, a mathematical explanation of how small groups of people make decisions.

Six months later, in the spring of 1970, his department recommended him for tenure. When he was promoted from assistant to associate professor the following year, Richard became one of the youngest tenured professors at Cal. He begins teaching “the history of utopian experiments”.

Meanwhile, his alma mater was in some hot water. Earlier that year, January 13th, Stanford Research Institute had to be split off from Stanford University because of heat coming on it – much like that was coming on Scientology – SRI was being accused of mind-control practices and it’s many connections with the CIA) by student protestors.

Long a sore point with university liberals, SRI’s defense work eventually triggered student demonstrations and widescale demands to sever its lucrative military research from the university. In 1970, the Stanford Trustees divorced SRI from the University with a settlement for twenty-five million dollars plus a percentage of all future business.

– The Search for Superman, by John L. Wilhelm, published August 1976, p.76


Dederich himself then abandons Santa Monica, moving north to his Tomales Bay site to be where all that lovely CIA action was going great guns.

By the mid-1970s, his organization had acquired over 2,000 acres in Tulare County.

– David Love, Cult of Narconon and Synanon drug rehab atrocities, September 7, 2014


Synanon starts going after getting all that newly available federal money when two prominent PhD’s joined in 1970. (see Part Six: Thou Art Punished about the windfall of ‘rehab’ money beginning in 1966).

One was Dr. Elizabeth Missakian, who had spent three years in Puerto Rico jungles researching monkeys before stumbling into Synanon’s Puerto Rico House and becoming a game player.

Missakian became a Synanon resident in New York and was given a $130,000 federal grant, most of which she handed over to Synanon, to do studies on the Foundation. At last a federal grant. Missakian was also working on a book to be called The Free Child. She married an ex-Vietnam doper and eventually became the Foundation’s first woman president.

Dr. Linda Burke was a psychology graduate from the University of Texas and desired to study the development of Synanon children born uniquely nurtured communally in Synanon. She said she “couldn’t see raising children any other way.”

By 1970, in Santa Monica there were now 3,500 game club members, each paying $10 a month, with a waiting list of 500 more. One moved up on the list not based on time but by demonstration. The live-in population boomed to 1,400.

In 1970 clinical psychologist John Enright, who was a non-resident game player for two years, wrote a chapter on Synanon for the book Community Psychology and Mental Health (Chandler Pub.) and another the next year for the book Encounter: Confrontation in Self and Interpersonal Awareness (MacMillan). He wrote: Synanon was a family that led people to growth and the game was a powerful novel technique that freed people to be honest about themselves.

Executives at the General Motors Plant in the Bay Area began playing the game to break down impasses in employer-employee relationships.

Sounds like half the scientology advertisements and bible-thumping rallies (metaphorically speaking) aka “events’ I ever attended. Y’all scientologists out there know what I mean, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, Ron Hubbard and his merry band of acolyte religious converts were running amok around the Carribean, stopping here and there to move drugs, guns, and money for CIA ops that always just happened to be running at his various ports of call. This is all being well documented in my husband’s book Scientology Roots – particularly see the Hubbard Intelligence career chapter segments, here’s one to get you started.

By May 11 of 1970 – Dedrich changes Synanon again, and there were rumblings in scientology-land that Hubbard was about to do something similar (making changes).

Dederich felt Synanon was becoming stagnant. He wanted attention–for Synanon to be again in the limelight. Synanon, he said, could be like Athens, Greece which existed on even less land yet influenced western culture for centuries. A single city could demonstrate a new way of doing things. Synanon would be that city. It would prove a crime free life based on trust was possible. Those who said it couldn’t be done, he said, were the same people that said trying to cure dope fiends was a hopeless endeavor.

Synanon City for 20,000 persons, overlooking Tomales Bay — Children would live apart from their parents in dormitories, and would be “raised (and abused) “by everyone” … explained Chuck Dederich, 57…

The Palm Beach Post – Apr 2, 1970


Dederich had smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years. In a game he was told by a Synanon physician that he would die if he didn’t quit. Dederich’s reaction at the time was the same as it had been when a doctor once told him he had to quit drinking for the same reason. He lit up and blew smoke in the doctor’s face.

Synanites were entitled to a packet of 20 cigarettes a month and 1,200 of the 1,500 residents were smokers. Synanon was spending $250,000 a year on cigarettes making it the Foundation’s biggest expense item. Although on the horizon there was a cigarette company ready to start donating enough cigarettes to meet current needs Dederich directed Garrett to send the tobacco company a no thank you letter.

He said, “People do not have the right to smoke and get sick and force someone to take care of them. If we are to believe the medical journals, smoking is at the heart of inconveniencing and fatal diseases. So for some free soul to clutch his cigarette and cough himself to death and have to be treated in a final lingering illness… We don’t have a right to do that.

On May 11th, 1970, Dederich announced that there was now a new rule to go along with those against violence and use of drugs/alcohol. No one in Synanon would be allowed to smoke. To sell the idea Dederich spoke of the decay of society being linked to the decay of the environment. Synanon had been and would always be an ecological community dedicated to reducing pollution. Smoking was a bad demonstration for children, but a mass rejection of nicotine would be a display for the entire world. The sound of one hand clapping he stated was the speaking of truth without action. By taking this notion forward both hands would be coming together. Synanon could not be an advanced society and smoke too.

By the next day smoking had stopped at the Academy in Tomales Bay and the movement spread south to Santa Monica. But the new rule did not take as easily as Dederich had expected. Some people stashed butts in trash cans, under plants and in back alleys, like they did with drugs in the old days before the Night of the Great Cop Out. Security guards tracked trails of smoke into closets. Even Betty was caught once in the bathroom. Some people carried mouthwash and cologne to cover the odor. Coffee use tripled and people chewed on toothpicks. Many became anxious and put on weight, some had bouts of anger and/or depression. One member lamented what would happen if Dederich decided to give up sex. Special nicotine games were held but in the first month 100 people split, including famed jazz musician Art Pepper. Twenty split on a single day.

The PR Dept. released the news and soon Synanon and Dederich were darlings of the media again. Dederich had taken a bold step that was really ahead of its time, as it would not be until the ’80s that society would catch up and take a similar stance. Dederich also made a firsthand observation of a truth that other professionals would conclude decades later.

Dederich told the press:

In my own personal experience I’ve had the opportunity to observe… I guess I’ve watched more people kick the drug habit than anyone else in history and watch them stay off. I’ve had enormous experience in watching people shake off drugs and attempt to stay off booze. I used to be an alcoholic myself and I know something about that. But I’ve never seen such human torture or experience such anguish as I saw this year watching people giving up smoking… In my opinion, nicotine causes a deeper dependency on a gut level for more people than any other drug.


The community was not given the choice, but an edict to obey or leave.

Dederich used again his same tried and true methods previously employed to get people off drugs and to commit to his visions.

The game forced confessions to chipping and smoking violators were punished, scrubbing floors and toilets, donning signs saying, “I’m an infant who can’t give up his medicine. Please help me.

The games got volatile and in one a head was shaved.

Soon men’s hair fell everywhere like in a dog grooming shop. Word of the phenomena reached the Founder at the Powerhouse. He strutted with pride. His followers bonding together to show the world. Students went to Oakland and SF to sponsor head shaving parties to support the nicotine band.

shaved heads synanon

shaved heads at synanon

People who resisted were shunned, eating alone in dining rooms until they gave in. Instead of being told to show teeth and fuzz it was to praise Chuck or go somewhere else.

Garrett said, “Abandon all and follow Chuck.” Dederich and Garrett ridiculed Eric Hoffer, the known critic of true believers. Garrett said, “It was better to believe, to have a cause to devote oneself to, to get in harm’s way.” Dederich added, “Just trust, you can’t get hurt in Synanon.”

In games addicts, now wearing ceremonial mobius loops when playing, were reminded that they were character disorders and at any moment could revert to their old behavior. Each tell was to tell his dirty rotten story and squares were pushed to find their own to be equal to the addicts. Dederich, Dan Garrett stated, was a being of divine origin for creating the game and that all Synanon shall play the game “until death do us part.”

Dederich enjoyed the new publicity but told the media he had doubts the rest of society had the intellect to follow. He sadly reminisced that once in his naivety he thought when he discovered a cure for addicts “the world would beat a path to our door. Instead, we were attacked by public agencies and I was put in jail for running a hospital out of zone.

Now does this guy sound like Ron Hubbard complaining about ‘attacks’ on scientology or what…these guys are obviously both being told to act in that exact same way. I mean really…”beat a path to our door but we were attacked” I believe is even the exact same phrasing Hubbard actually used on occasion.

wiley oh wow.

They started a boot camp for kids, that looked strangely similar to the garb that Hubbard had some of his Sea Org members wearing – particularly the ‘low class’ swabby types.

synanon boot camp 1970s for kidsBoot camp at the Maghetti Ranch


This video shows Hubbard and his Sea Org people from 1968, its obvious that Dederich is following right along with all that but just with slight variations.


It might interest you to know, in context here, that 1970 happened to have been that the same year that Dr. Demento Delgado, per a New York Times article, proposed his What Kind of Humans Would We Like to Construct?

“The human race,” he said, “is at an evolutionary turning point.”

Delgado enjoyed long walks on the beach and implanting electrical equipment in people’s and animals brains to try and control their behavior.

kara thrace - battlestar galactica.

It’s also when a very important (to what happens next) organization began taking on a rather interesting role. It was called the LEAA – Law Enforcement Assistance Administration.

LEAA and the National Institute for Mental Health, were two of the governmental organizations named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research cover for the MK-ULTRA program.

Eventually, LEAA was using much of its budget to fund experiments, including aversive techniques and psychosurgery, which involved, in some cases, irreversible brain surgery on normal brain tissue for the purpose of changing or controlling behavior and/or emotions.

Amidst urban rioting and civil protest, Dr. Vernon Marks, Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet of Harvard put forward the thesis that individuals who engage in civil disobedience possess defective or damaged brain cells.

In a letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association, they stated:

That poverty, unemployment, slum housing, and inadequate education underlie the nation’s urban riots is well known, but the obviousness of these causes may have blinded us to the more subtle role of other possible factors, including brain dysfunction in the rioters who engaged in arson, sniping and physical assault.

There is evidence from several sources that brain dysfunction related to a focal lesion plays a significant role in the violent and assaultive behavior of thoroughly studied patients. Individuals with electroencephalographic abnormalities in the temporal region have been found to have a much greater frequency of behavioral abnormalities (such as poor impulse control, assaultiveness, and psychosis) than is present in people with a normal brain wave pattern.

Dr. Ervin and Dr. Mark then published their book Violence and the Brain, which included the claim that there were as many as 10 million individuals in the United States “who suffer from obvious brain disease”. They argued that the data of their book provided a strong reason for starting a program of mass screening of Americans.

Our greatest danger no longer comes from famine or communicable disease. Our greatest danger lies in ourselves and in our fellow humans…we need to develop an ‘early warning test’ of limbic brain function to detect those humans who have a low threshold for impulsive violence…Violence is a public health problem, and the major thrust of any program dealing with violence must be toward its prevention…

The doctors wanted screening centers established throughout the nation.

The LEAA was then formed in 1968 (under the Justice Department) and one of the first things it did was that it funded the doctors $108,000 and the National Institute of Mental Health kicked in another $500,000, under pressure from Congress – this is when President Nixon took office, it was one of his ‘pet’ agencies that he used for all manner of dirty dealings.

According to the Washington Post, the Nixon Administration was putting together a program for detaining youngsters who showed a tendency toward violence in “concentration” camps. According to the Washington Post, the plan was authored by Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker.

At a meeting held in 1970 in Colorado Springs, President Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, John Erlichman, H.R. Haldemann and other White House staffers. They met with Dr. Bertram Brown, director for the National Institute of Mental Health, and forged a close collaboration between LEAA and the Institute. The Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Robert Finch was told by John Erlichman, Chief of Staff for the Nixon White House, to implement the program.

He proposed the screening of children of six years of age for tendencies toward criminality. Those who failed these tests were to be destined to be sent to the camps.

However, the program was never implemented, but it resurrected under a new name in California, underneath The Neuropsychiatric Institute with Dr. Louis Jolyon West (another MKUltra doctor), and was a pet project of Ronald Reagan.

Dr. West, in 1970 was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA. He was working closely with William Sargant while he was still busy butchering people using Pain-Drug-Hypnosis treatment at a hospital in England.

Sargant was a sadist, not to put too fine a point on it, who believed that people should be SHOCKED out of their unapproved behaviors, or at least terrified into submission.

How, I ask you, is this any different than the methods of religion or ‘cults’? – which he supposedly hated, by the way.

It isn’t. Why is it so the same?

Because its backed by the same dang people who started ‘religion’ and ‘psychiatry’ in the first place.


West proposed a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, at which he planned to treat “undesirable behavior”. He thought it would just be a fine idea to establish a remote location – read PRISON – where young children would be brought to treat them with PDH methods before they turned into a criminal. That would prevent future violence if the children were behavior modified before they got a chance to become a criminal.

These people are nuts!


There they go again trying to control people against their will. Stubborn and stupid, not a good combination.

Anyway – William Sargant made another of his visits to Jolly West. Together they had driven out to a former Nike missile site in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was the location that West and Sargant thought would be good for their proposed treatment center.

Sargant said, “It was accessible but remote. Securely fenced, it was ideal for Jollys purpose—a Center for the Prevention of Violence.

West had proposed that he and Sargant would work together, using Sargant’s previous research into “the pharmacology of violence-producing and violence-inhibiting drugs.”

Dr. West’s specialties learned during his MKULTRA days, included interrogation using deprivation techniques, hypnosis and psychoactive drugs, behavior modification through electrical stimulation of the brain, and electronic devices to track and monitor his victims.

The LEAA funded 350 projects involving medical procedures, behavior modification and drugs for delinquency control.

All of this reminds me of that Eagles song – Hotel California. Where you can check out but you can never leave…

black scroll divider


Now we get to why I even looked into this whole Synanon business in the first place, and it’s also where Synanon and Scientology would later connect and connect hard together .

Abusive rehab ‘clones’ were on the rise, and the largest number of them was in Arizona, where several juvenile probation officers had became visitor/participators in Synanon and recommended Synanon to officials and courts even though Marin County juvenile probation had stopped all sending of kids to Synanon and returning runaways.

Note: Arizona, is where Scientology’s synanon version – Narconon – was started in 1966. (See Part Six: Thou Art Punished) So one of those ‘abusive clones’ was Narconon.

That’s kind of a Wiley Coyote moment to me –

Wile-E-Coyote-blows himself up.

Because it left a big, fat, connection between Synanon and Scientology visible – a no-no for these two CIA assets. We’ll talk about that more in the next segment.

In 1971, the federal government, through the second White House Drug Czar, Robert L. Dupont, Jr. MD. gave a grant to a Florida organization called The Seed, which applied Synanon’s methods to teenagers, even to those only suspected of trying drugs . In 1974, Congress opened an investigation into such behavior-modification programs, finding that The Seed had used methods “similar to the highly refined brainwashing techniques employed by the North Koreans.

The bad publicity led some supporters, Melvin and Betty Sembler of The Seed to create a copycat organization under a different name– Straight Inc.–but employed Du Point as a consultant. By the mid-’80s Straight was operating in seven states. (See Part 1: Laying the Groundwork)

Betty Sembler


The programs simply changed their names and reopened, often with the same staff, in the same state—even in the same building.

As the classic 1971 Stanford prison experiment demonstrated, creating situations in which the severe treatment of powerless people is rewarded inevitably yields abuse.

The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard. The experiment was conducted at Stanford University on August 14–20, 1971, by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo. It was funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research

Researched by Maia Szalavitz for a book in 2006 and for Mother Jones in 2007 she described the clone horrors and traced them back to Synanon. Some of these programs were in the wilderness, some were high in the Mountains, or in deserts, or per parents trading children and keeping them in locked rooms when they were not in camps– many of which were like old time chain gangs– this saving cost of shelter and food. Some children were taken to foreign countries, or islands, although foreign countries have done more to stop them than our government.

– Reference for the above Wes Fager’s website

To give you an idea just how bad some of this was, and WARNING! this is quite graphic, Professor David Bellis told of a case where one of these ‘therapists’

…forced female clients to perform fellatio on him while he talked on the phone to their probation officers.

wiley-double yikes.

What’s our man Ofshe up to in 1971?

In April, Richard bought for a mere $12,500 a weekend cottage in Dillon Beach, the most remote town covered by The Light newspaper. It’s also in the same area where Synanon’s ranch was.

Both Synanon and Hubbard suddenly began shifting their money into Liechenstein.

Synanon had incorporated as Synanon Stiftung in the tiny European country of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein was famous for its loose corporation and banking laws, which allow foreigners to create paper corporations there to dodge taxes overseas.

wikipedia german translation –

The Synanon Foundation is a self-help organization that substance-dependent supports people here, an abstinence to lead life. It was founded in 1971 as a release Berlin e. V.. Later, the founders named the club based on the American organization Synanon Inc. in Synanon International e. V. to before the project at the Foundation Synanon rose. Members call the organization and themselves often “Synanon community”.

Meanwhile, as of July 7, 1971, Hubbard was one of the sole signatories of CSC (Church of Scientology of California), the parent corporation for Hubbard’s empire) banking accounts.

During 1971 and 1971 CSC funds go directly to that OTC corporation, the one that he had founded in Panama that we talked about in Part Six. A man named Scott Mayer gets certified as Panamanian Captain from Consul General there, and would later captain one of the Sea organizations ‘mystery ships’ underneath the elusive justice department/CIA agent – Jerry McDonald. The OTC corporation had been formed just two weeks after he had been released from the Navy and would show up at Saint Hill to pal around with Ron Hubbard.

In another spontaneous fit of coincidental activity with the CIA – Hubbard had used the very same favorite area of incorporating shady companies as Paul Helliwell – Panama – the CIA had just (in 1967) got done positioning their future puppet monster leader, Manuel Noriega, trained by them at School of the Americas and at Fort Bragg, in the Panama National Guard.

Note: Just four months after the alter-ego of OSS/CIA man Paul Helliwell’s Sea Supply resurrection got going the Sea Org was formed on New Years 1968.

Only a year after Synanon moves its money, in 1972, over a hundred MILLION dollars begins channeling through Hubbard (Scientology had NOT made that much money itself) through a Liberian Corporation called the Religious Research Foundation with numbered bank accounts in Liechtenstein. RRF was set up by three otherwise unimportant board members who had submitted their resignations in advance. Note that – this is the same tactic they would use later in forming other sham corporate structures. These same three directors had been put on the OTC board shortly after its formation

Shortly after the corporation’s [OTC] formation, Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard and Steinberg resigned and were replaced by three Flag employees. During the years in question, the new directors performed only one function.  In the summer of 1972, they approved L. Ron Hubbard’s decision to transfer approximately two million dollars from an OTC bank account in Switzerland to the Apollo. The money was stored in a locked file cabinet to which Mary Sue Hubbard had the only set of keys.

– Church of Scientology v. Commissioner Internal Revenue, No. 85-7324. United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit, Decided July 28, 1987


Laurel Sullivan


Laurel Sullivan was Ron Hubbard’s personal public relations director from 1972 to 1981. When she left Scientology in 1981, she said that the RRF’s assets were between $200 million and $300 million, and at one point in the 1970s they totalled $330 million. Sullivan states that through the RRF alone, Hubbard received up to $385,000 annually. 5, 6 (Scientology roots – chapter 27)

Laurel was in charge when the RRF was used as a way station for money from the church to the unseen Hubbard’s own accounts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and from there the money went…well, think about it. He certainly never spent that much money.

I wonder what it could have been used for…

smiley drumming fingers.

Perhaps this will shed some more light.

That same year a whole lot of cash is withdrawn from the account by Fred Hare etc. and kept on the Hubbard’s lead ship – the Apollo – for the next 3 years.  Fred Hare was man who was later deeply involved with the Operation Snow White project.


Hubbard and his cadre of ocean-going vessels then begin very actively transporting gold bullion, money, drugs, and people to Africa (while the CIA is there as well), and the locals start noticing and start chanting CIA ship, CIA ship! – which upset Hubbard greatly and not for the reasons he told his sheep followers.

He was specifically not to reveal any visible connection between him and the CIA – remember Miles Copeland (his handler) rules about that?

Yeah, exactly. Big problemo.

By this same year, 1972, Hubbard’s Guardian’s Office staff had begun using code words to try and hide scientology’s connection to Narconon, even though Hubbard was praising it internally to his followers.

* * *


What say we wrap up this segment with a few other interesting coinciding events.

1973 – 15 January – Sydney Gottlieb orders MKUltra records destroyed – (which would have had proof of L. Ron Hubbard’s connection and what the real purpose of Scientology was)

1973 – 30 January – Archives destroyed

1973 – April 24 – Hubbard removes himself as signatory on CSC accounts, thereby concealing the other half of the money trail where money was flowing to black CIA projects.

This is the same time that Synanon also comes under financial questioning, the IRS began to question Synanon making millions per year through it’s ADGAP business, arguing that ADGAP was an “unrelated business” to the charity and should pay income taxes.

Synanon would also cross into becoming much more violent about criticisms and dissent, becoming violent and even having it’s own kind of intelligence agency running black operations – exactly like scientology’s Guardian Office would start doing at the same time.

Ex-member Marjorie Cohen confirmed that Synanon violence could be traced to a seemingly minor incident in 1973.

In a game Dederich had gotten angry with a woman, which wasn’t unusual, but he broke a long-term rule of Synanon (which meant he was told to change into this direction) and had poured a can of root beer on her head. He told people that it was done “to teach her a lesson.”

Within two years, Synanon members were physically attacking people to teach them a lesson.

Synanon did the same type of false-stat reporting (or fact-slipping) as Scientology – claiming thousands and thousands of ‘members’, when really only a tiny percentage of that were still involved at all. 90 percent of newcomers quit within a year. This figure was reported by former Synanon president Liz Missakian, testifying in a 1979 child-custody case.

Synanon claimed twenty thousand people entered Synanon during its first twenty years but yet even at it’s high point in 1972, Synanon had only 1700 members. By the summer of 1978, it was almost half that, down to about 1,000 members.

Richard Ofshe called the constant turnover of members “a revolving door” … sounds just like scientology that way too. Looking to process in and out all those ‘new’ humans – the neurotic kind –  the slavemasters have plotted so long to make.

When God Plots….

Written and researched by Virginia McClaughry

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  1. Virginia – Great stuff! I just spent an hour playing here, a lot of it playing in the Synanon rabbit hole. After scn I hooked up with a gal who became a long time girlfriend who just happened to be a previous member of The Center For Feeling Therapy. We’d compare notes – lol


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