For I have done wickedly, and Thou art punished;

Prayer of St. Augustine from On the Lord’s Supper by Christopher Sutton, Oxford 1866


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I have committed the offence, and Thou art chastened with revenge;
I have done the fault, and Thou art subjected to torment;
I have waxen proud, and Thou art humbled;
 I am puffed up, and Thou art diminished;
 I became disobedient, and Thou payedst the punishment of disobedience;
…I enjoy delicacies, and Thou art torn in pieces with nails.


This is probably the most appropriate description of a slavemaster that I have ever seen.

And these –

  • Thoupunished;
  • Thouchastened
  • Thousubjected to torment;
  • Thouhumbled;
  • Thoudiminished;
  • Thou payedst the punishment
  • Thoutorn in pieces

are an amazing description of a slavemaster’s heinous acts upon humanity.

There are two houses of slavemasters – the priests and the kings (nobility of whatever stripe). They are all guilty, the most guilty, of every single thing they try to project onto humanity. Humanity gets blamed for everything that is wrong with them; everything that they have done.

For that, I say –

A plague on both your houses.

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now.

These two houses have created, swamped, and sickened humanity with addictive drugs, and yet humanity gets blamed for taking them; then humanity gets punished and tortured for taking them.


All while still continuing to swamp the world with drugs.



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Let the Punishment Rehab Begin

year 1966.

The mighty shall be mightily tormented.
IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885



This is the year that Robert Kennedy’s NARA (Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act) would now be signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.

A very busy time for both Synanon and Scientology and their handlers.

Synanon, would open up “the game” for non-addicts, going on an aggressive recruiting extravaganza. Scientology, who had held out from dealing with the “unable” (addicts etc.) suddenly ups and creates Narconon.  Both of them thereby adding to their repertoire and going in the direction the other was previously. Why?

Well now…that’s a good question and not an easy one to answer.

So, howzabout we stretch out our legs first for a bit, and see what we see about ole Lyndon Johnson – then President of the United States.

I think I see something.

Off in the distance, I see some pretty nasty connections surrounding President Lyndon Johnson and the NARA. Condensed from several of my Vatican/Catholic posts that covered what was going on in Central and South America, we’re left with something that has to be seen to be believed – and you really do need this understanding first before we take one step further.


revenge all disobedience.”

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


Right in the middle of WWII, in June of 1942 a man named Cardinal Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) created a bank, or rather a receiving organization called the Instituto per le Opere de Religioni, the Institute for Religious Works – the IOR.  The IOR was actually just a renaming of the Administration for Religious Works, which had been established by Leo XIII in 1887. It was located in a building at the Vatican named the Bastion of Nicholas V – who is the Pope that first legalized slavery including enslaving anyone who was not Catholic or who refused to become Catholic; it was that same Pope that started the burning of women as “witches”.


The IOR was where money funneled through from the Nazi’s stripping the Jews of assets.


“It’s nothing personal – it’s just business religious works.

perhaps this will help vincent price.

Cardinal Pacelli put the IOR under the control of a financial wizard named Bernardino Nogara. Nogara had worked for the later Pope Paul VI (Cardinal Montini) starting in 1929. Nogara happily and painstakingly documented much of his “work” himself during the period of 1931-39.

Nogara’s two bosses

Bernardino Nogara

Bernardino nogara.

Montini (Nogara’s first boss) was an important member of Pope Pius XI’s “cabinet”. As soon as Adolf Hitler rose to power as Chancellor of Germany (30 January 1933) he conveniently “asked” – it had been the plan all along –  for a concordat and Pope Pius XI “accepted”. Then acting as the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (and Montini) was sent to conduct the negotiations with Hitler’s government six months later.

Negotiations is such an innocent-sounding word, isn’t it? Far from the truth with these people.

A “concordat” is the equivalent of a treaty when the agreement is between the Catholic Church and a state.

This one guaranteed the rights and material interests, as well as government financial support of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany.

The ugly and hidden simplicity of this is that Pacelli made a deal with the Nazis about paying the Vatican a “tax” on their income – which would later start being from stripped assets of the Jewish people primarily.

pope pius XII complicit with nazi germanySignature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, representing Germany, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann. Signing the Concordat is Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII in 1939). By 1933, he was the Vatican Secretary of State. Far Left is Prelate Ludwig Kaas, leader of the Centre (Zentrum) Party). Seated second from his left is Franz von Papen who was a German nobleman, Catholic politician, General Staff officer, and diplomat, who served as Chancellor of Germany (Reichskanzler) in 1932.. Standing at the far right can be seen the little known Vatican prelate, Montini, who became Pope Paul VI on 21 June 1963.


When Pacelli took over as Pope Pius XII in 1939 (with Montini lurking around in the background as usual) he started managing Nogara himself, personally and directly with no intermediaries whatsoever allowed. No notes were taken during their conferences (nor do any documents relating to Nogara exist in their archives).

It was particularly that period, when the Nazis would be ordered by the slavemasters (British and vatican) to begin the “final solution” and start killing Jews, Gypsies and anyone else they didn’t like on a massive scale, that they began having massive amounts of assets and blood money stripped from these poor people. Assets that they needed to “launder” and keep utter strict and total secrecy about. That’s why Nogara left no traces of just what evil deeds he was part of doing.

However, there does exist records in the US national archives because of Nogara’s transactions with New York banks, which does document in a kind of sideways manner, the duplicity and profit-sharing of stripped assets going on with the anglophilic catholic supporting American bankers. Using banks such as Chase Manhattan, for example, where one of my ancestors headed the investments department (Halstead Gurnee Freeman).

We also do get some glimpses of other things Nogara was doing, like what he invested in. He invested in things that the Catholic Church, with their chosen propaganda shield called “the bible”, should never have invested in were they actually sincere in their “beliefs” – which of course they weren’t. Never have been, never will be. Things like – Pietro Beretta arms factory Ltd. (the largest arms industry in the world) and a whole host of other arms manufacturers.

The IOR was the second largest majority shareholder in Beretta.



Nogara also made large investments in other firms contrary to Catholic teachings such as birth control manufacturers and he made direct loans to Mussolini’s government prior to Mussolini’s 1935 invasion of Ethiopia, to assist in putting down those “heathens” who wanted that nasty independence stuff.

He also helped “hold” Nazis money – like Martin Borman’s money – and that gets really ugly, the worst it could be actually. To tell that story properly, even in the brief form I planned, means we have to make a split here and sort of follow down two different lines of research here. I can’t tell this story in a straight line and do it any kind of justice, it’s just too complex for that.

At this point, you’re probably starting to wonder what this has to do with Synanon, scientology, and President Lyndon Johnson. Please just bear with me – you’ll see, but for now, let’s just say this has a whole lot of bearing on the beginning of changing all the U.S. drug laws, which has everything to do with what begins happening in scientology and in synanon.

We’re looking at what the slavemasters themselves are up to – the Vatican, the British slavemasters etc. and what they’re planning to do to the rest of us.

I think how I want to do this, is to take up a man named Licio Gelli next, because he’s key to the end of WWII and what happened to large chunks of all that money, all those stripped assets from Jewish people, and what happened with the Nazis themselves.

The first thing you need to know about him is that during the war he acted as top SS official Herman Goring’s liaison.

licio gelli.

The next thing you need to know is that there were two very different things he immediately engaged in after the end of WWII. The first was Operation Gladio. This was a secret operation run by the CIA and NATO (British) that established so-called “stay behind” networks all over Europe. L. Ron Hubbard and his fleet of ships would later be mixed up with this network in a CIA operation in Corfu, Greece.

Note: There’s your first clue something was rotten in scientology-city, even if you didn’t already know that Hubbard began working for Miles Copeland, a CIA NOC (Non-Official cover operative) all the way back in 1955.

The other was Gelli’s involvement in Vatican “Ratlines” smuggling other Nazis to South America – hiding them from facing the justice they so richly deserved. He worked with a Croatian Roman Catholic priest named Krujoslav Dragonovic. While Gelli was down in South America he made friends with Argentinean General Juan Peron and enlisted his help in harboring Nazi war criminals.



And let’s not forget devil-incarnate Cardinal Montini who was running all this – for a nice fee.

ratlines pope montini

The worst of the worst of these nazis, like Klaus Barbie, the “Butcher of Lyons,” required much more complex maneuvering. Barbie was being especially hunted by the Jewish survivors and friends – as he should be, he didn’t get the nickname “butcher” for nothing. While stationed in Lyon between 1943 and 1944 Barbie was responsible for the deaths of at least 4,000 resistance workers and Jews as well as the deportation of 15,000 people to concentration camps.

Spiriting him out of Germany itself had been accomplished through the combined efforts of the Dulles/Donovan OSS spy network (now the CIA) and the Vatican. But, for many years he remained hidden somewhere in Europe – all the way until 1951.

Through Licio Gelli’s arrangement with Juan Peron and the combined efforts of Vatican-loved SS Major Otto Skorzeny (now CIA) Dr. Fritz Thyssen, Dr. Gustav Krupp (both given amnesty and brought to the U.S by OSS agent Frank G. Wisner). and John J. McCloy  – all working together they would successfully spirit Barbie into Argentina in 1951, and finally to Bolivia – his new home.

The cost of all this was paid for by funds from the US Counterintelligence Corps. Why? Because Barbie worked for them! In 1947, Barbie had become an agent for the 66th of the U.S. Army CIC (Counter intelligence Corps).


                          Krupp      and       Thyssen

Krupp Thyssen

John McCloy also happened to the legal representative for I.G. Farben, and the Dulless brothers law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the U.S. affairs of I.G. Farben and Fritz Thyssen.

Thyssen’s family had been a primary funder of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1932, continuing on to help financially support the Nazi government.

That little happy financial arrangement was the baby of British slavemaster Igor William Averill Harriman, who introduced Thyssen to Hitler all the way back in 1922. Harriman had sold Thyssen on the slavemaster power trip – Thyssen believed that the New World Order would be ruled by the kings of banking and commerce. Of course, he considered himself one of those “kings”.

I tell you this, because it clearly shows just how far back the slavemasters were planning their next war and literally just after Senator Borah had successfully killed any American involvement in their “League of Nations” crap.

They were mighty pissed about that.

*See Scientology Roots, chapter 22, New World Order and Nazi Germany


William_Averell_Harriman   Fritz_Thyssen
Harriman                                                            Thyssen


Hitler and Fritz Thyssen


And here they all are, one big psychotic family working together to hide Klaus Barbie from justice.

klaus barbie false name passport

In 1952 –  the same year and the same time – that Klaus Barbie transitioned from Argentina to Bolivia with his new name of Klaus Altmann, important Nazi figure Martin Bormann’s money was released and all these lovely men working together had arranged to deposit $100 million cash and another $40 million in diamonds in 40 Swiss banks – in preparation for what the Nazis were now assigned to do in Central and South America. They put the money in Juan Peron’s (Vatican man Gelli’s contact) dead wife name (which is a very sick twist since she hated these people) – Evita Peron. Several hundred million more Nazi dollars on top of all that was given to her brother Juan Duarte to courier.


We’re looking at more than a half a billion dollars stolen from all those people they killed

– now being used by Vatican and British slavemaster networks to do more horrific things out of Central and South America.


Let’s just say they didn’t exactly want any of this known, and the next year the 3 men who knew (but were not high-level slavemaster assets) were all killed –

  • Juan Duarte (the courier of the cash) was shot to death.
  • Heinrich Dorge, an aide to Hjalmar Schacht, killed. Schacht was Skorzeny’s father in law, who had been president of Hitler’s Reichsbank
  • Rudolf Freude, Nazi banker who knew the locations of the money, was poisoned.

Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny would then busy themselves helping to form death squads such as:

  • the Angels of Death in Bolivia – angel of death also happens to have been the monstrous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele’s nickname
  • the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina (the Triple A)
  • and in Spain, with Operation Gladio head Stephen Della Chiaie, the Guerrillas of Christ the King

Gelli was already mixed up in Gladio, remember.

As you can see this guy was arguably one of the blackest hearted monsters around to be doing all this for the Vatican.

But, their man in Argentina, General Juan Peron, wasn’t quite the slavemaster that these people were. I say that because shortly after all this happened he basically blew his top and began turning on Catholicism and trying to turn things around in his country.

He went a bit wild.

Peron in his early days


He did the ultimate no-no. He openly challenged the church’s authority.

How? With a package of reforms that demanded legalized divorce, legalized prostitution and full civil rights for children born out of wedlock. He also hosted the services of an American Protestant faith-healer called “Brother Tommy,” the Rev. Tommy Hicks, who preached to record crowds in Buenos Aires.

Catholics aren’t exactly known for being forgiving when taken to task and embarrassed publicly like that.


revenge all disobedience”

“it is a public crime to act as though there were no God.”

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


It’s the embarrassment part, the threat of exposure of their crimes, that’s what really gets their attention, and so on June 16, 1955, Pope Pius XII excommunicated Peron and threatened his followers with similar punishment.

You know, the same Pope (Pacelli) that had been part of making that deal with Hitler in 1933 and made millions off all the Jews they killed and stripped of their assets.

Jealous, Jealous, Jealous – that’s them.

image by Virginia

So, when Peron’s supporters – who were also Catholics – were forced to choose between the church and Peron, they sided with the church. Peron resigned in October 1955 and fled into exile.




Now we cross over to our second line that I mentioned was in parallel with Licio Gelli – Michael Sindona.

Just after WWII and before Cardinals Pacelli and Montini’s man Nogara retired, the IOR began forming a “trust” of Catholic and non-Catholic financial advisors, who became known as uomini di fiducia, or “men of confidence.”

One of those was Michael Sindona who got his start by having a patron who wrote letter of introduction to the future Pope – Giovanni Battista Montini  – who was at the time Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Milan. Sindona had been educated by the Jesuits, showing very early in his life an unusual aptitude for mathematics and economics. He graduated with a law degree from the University of Messina in 1942.

Note: in the Catholic World, one must have a “patron” to make any kind of real advancement.

See Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of the Bible for an in-depth discussion about what, where, and why this whole “patron” business started.


Michael Sindona began forging close Vatican banking links with the dictators of Argentina, Paraguay, Uraguay, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Of the Nicaraguan dictator, Somoza, he told a Rome lawyer:

I prefer to deal with men like Somoza. Doing business with a one man dictatorship is much easier than doing business with democratically elected Governments. They have too many committees, too many controls. They also aspire to honesty, that’s bad for the banking business.


By 1957 he had become closely associated with the Gambino family (Sicilian Mafia) and was chosen to manage their profits from heroin sales where he pioneered anstalten which is a term for a Swiss or Liechtenstein-based corporation with only one stockholder. It’s a very powerful financial tool if you want to move money around through anonymous conduits.

In his book HOT MONEY AND THE POLITICS OF DEBT, author Naylor writes –

“In the postwar period, Sindona, a pioneer in the use of the Liechtenstein “anstalten” allegedly put his financial skills to work channeling CIA money to the [catholic] church and the Christian Democratic party, and laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.”

It must have been extremely profitable because just two years later (1959) Sindona bought his first bank – the Banca Privata Italia – together with the Vatican IOR and it’s principal American bankers, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company (where Mormon David Matthew Kennedy chaired).

Why is a Mormon working with catholic bankers? Now there’s a very good question, and this wasn’t just any old Mormon. Kennedy held a position with the First Presidency, the top governing body of the Mormon Church.

Kinda makes you think Mormonism is just another deliberately created “off-shoot” front group of the Catholic Church.

whistling girl


A brief history of this rather dirty-dealing bank is probably in order here.

It starts in 1910 when two banks merged, the Commercial National Bank (founded during the American Civil War) and the Continental National Bank (founded in 1883) forming the Continental & Commercial National Bank of Chicago with $175 million in deposits.

My Great-great grandfather, Henry W. King, was one of the first Directors of the Commercial National Bank (aka Commerce National Bank) in 1863, for the next 25 years. Albert Keep was also a director, and Franklin McVeagh (Yale Skull & Bones 1862) was it’s President.


Then, in 1929 the Continental & Commercial National Bank of Chicago merged with Illinois Merchants’ Savings, Loan and Trust but it wasn’t until 3 years later in 1932 that the new name became the Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co.

That was what became the Vatican’s principal American bankers.

The other thing about David Kennedy, is that he would go on to be Treasury Secretary under President Nixon, where he would help to oversee (with his continuing back-channel partnership with Michael Sindona and the Vatican Bank) the changeover to allow gross importing of cocaine to drug America. This is also where Synanon, the church of scientology and the Unification Church start lock-stepping away to help assist this changeover, but we’ll cover that more when we get to that actual time period.

Beginning to see why I’m giving you this little Vatican/Nazi banking and slavemaster operations history?

thumbs up


After WWII, way too many people knew (or had begun to suspect) that the Vatican’s real agenda had absolutely nothing to do with love and light for humanity, and had everything to do with putting the entire planet under a virtual dictatorship.

By 1962 the Catholic Church was bleeding membership and influence so profusely that they had to do something to try and fool the world into thinking they were “reforming”. That something was Vatican II.


second vatican council october 11 1962Photograph of the grand procession of the Council Fathers at St. Peter’s Basilica, October 11, 1962


The following year marked the beginning of a flurry of changes – including the assassination of President Kennedy – with the rise of Montini to being Pope Paul VI on 21 June 1963.



Just before Montini became Pope – there was a meeting.

By the time of this meeting, Michael Sindona had acquired (through his holding company Fasco) many more Italian banks for the Vatican as a “man of confidence”. Huge amounts of money was moving from Sindona’s banks through the Vatican to Swiss banks.

By the time of this meeting Licio Gelli had himself a patron, his special “in” to the Vatican – Cardinal Paolo Bertoli, a member of the Vatican “diplomatic corps”. Bertoli had connected him with Bishop Paul Marcinkus (worked for the IOR) and with Italian lawyer and businessman Umberto Ortolani.


cardinal paolo bertoli




By the time of this meeting, Paul Marcinkus was the protege of Montini. He had originally been ordained as a priest in Chicago, but had transferred to the Vatican.


By the time of this meeting, Marcinkus and Sindona had been hooked up by Montini to work together with the IOR – partially in preparation for all that lovely drug money that would come from their next planned assault on America – using cocaine.

The meeting was at Ortolani’s palace on Via Archmidede immediately prior to the Vatican conclave after the death of Pope John XXIII on June 3, 1963.

Montini’s supporters (Gelli, Bertoli, Ortalani, Sindona, and Marcinkus) huddled and planned. Montini was selected, and at that point several careers are assured including that of soon-to-be Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

One thing that came directly out of this meeting, was Lucio Gelli being tasked to form a secret masonic organization called Propaganda Due or P-2 for short, of which he was to be the Grandmaster.

Gelli in masonic lodge P-2 get-up.


P2 philosophy given by Licio Gelli:

The doors to all bank vaults open to the Right.


The Vatican assigned Gelli to go out and join the Masonic movement in Italy in 1963. He rises quickly through the degrees, and soon has the authorization to form his own Lodge. This is what becomes Propaganda Due, an intelligence gathering/blackmail front.

Gelli begins accumulating files on people that he targets for membership and he blackmails these people into joining his lodge, systematically recruiting high members of Italy’s military and intelligence services including Orazio Giannini who is head of the country’s financial police, as well as leading industrialists and bankers.

Gelli immediately opened a branch in Argentina, also soon having branches in Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Portugal and Nicaragua.

Some of the people he brings into P-2 from Colombia, are henchmen of Klaus Barbi (of course) as well as people from the juntas and death squads throughout Latin America, such as Jose Lopez Rega.


Michael Sindona became a member of Propaganda Due (#0501),[1] as did Ortolani.

Another thing that came out of that that fateful meeting at Ortolani’s place in 1963, was that the Vatican IOR began to expand its “investments” – investing heavily in the United States. Sindona now became partners with David Kennedy. Kennedy, if you recall, was the chairman of Continental Illinois Bank where the Vatican had already had a long business relationship. Kennedy also introduced Sindona into the Republican Party hierarchy.

Michael Sindona became the infamous Roberto Calvi’s patron, and thus began the hardening up of the personnel that would begin the cocaine smuggling operation between Argentina and the United States – with Klaus sitting like a spider-on-a-web as the initial chemical man for these people. He oversaw the making of the “paste” using mostly forced-slave labor, of course.

*See these two posts (#1 and #2) for much more about all that.

Roberto Calvi would also funnel money and support in tandem with both Pablo Escobar and Roberto Suarez (a Klaus Barbie contact) as revealed in 2012 in The Cocaine King by Roberto Suarez Gomez’s wife

When Sindona’s compatriot in what are arguably crimes against humanity, Paul Marcinkus (then head of the IOR 1971-89) was later caught in the scandal showing the Vatican had backed and profited from the cocaine trade, know what he said?

“You can’t run a church on Hail Mary’s.”


Alright, so now we are right on top of President Johnson’s regime here in time.

He was completely in bed with these people!

When the Sandanistas overthrew Somoza, the bloody-minded fascist tool of the slavemasters, President Stroessner of Paraguay, provided refuge for him.

Who was Stroessner?

Only the man that was harboring and sheltering Josef Mengele, one of the most monstrous Nazis there was during WWII, and with the help of the Vatican!

From The Even Stranger Tale of Scientology, Catholicism, Drug Trafficking and “Reforming” Rebels in Colombia –

The man who was harboring Mengele was Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, the former president of Paraguay whose “career” marked by an uninterrupted 35-year period of repression in his country, made him South America’s most enduring dictator.

Just the way the slavemasters like it, he was yet another Catholic-installed fascist and vicious puppet, who committed numerous atrocities on the people of Paraguay during his reign of terror.

Stroessner provided refuge for Argentina’s Juan Perón (Mr. Odessa files/rat-lines supporter) and Nicaragua’s also bloody dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle.


Alfredo Stroessner


Stroessner was tight with the Lyndon Johnson administration (after Kennedy was assassinated), forming the rest of the “picture” here – the U.S. part.

Between 1962 and 1975 under Operation Condor the United States provided $146 million to Paraguay’s military government and Paraguayan officers were trained at the US Army School of the Americas.

Between 1962 and 1966, nearly 400 Paraguayan military personnel were trained by the United States in the Panama Canal Zone and on US soil.

The Even Stranger Tale of Scientology, Catholicism, Drug Trafficking and “Reforming” Rebels in Colombia, by Virginia McClaughry

Operation Condor was a campaign of state-terror and security operations unofficially operating since 1962 (officially implemented in 1975) which were jointly conducted by the military governments of six Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil).

revenge all disobedience.”

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


The program was intended to eradicate communist influence and ideas, and to suppress active or even potential opposition movements against the participating governments.

Considering what we learned in Part 3: Dark Matter, that’s rather interesting.

And…remember those death squads we talked about that Licio Gelli and Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny helped get going? That’s what they were really doing. Between October 1966-68 Amnesty International reported between 3,000 and 8,000 people killed just by death squads.

Pastor Coronel was the chief of his Department of Investigations, or secret police. He would interview people in a pileta, a bath of human excrement or ram electric cattle prods up their rectums. Stroessner that, as part of this, once listened on the phone while Miguel Soler, a “communist”, was cut apart by a chain-saw, that should give you a clear idea about this campaign. He was so pleased….

But hey, he’s welcome at the White House, right?

Here’s Stroessner pictured with President Johnson.

Stroessner_White_House lyndon johnson.

The guy in the middle is Johnson’s strange little pet whatever-the-frack-he-was, the man always shows up in the background and yet nothing much is known about him. Perhaps Johnson was secretly gay and this guy was his lover? Who knows…He certainly wouldn’t be the first slavemaster to have an “assistant” trailing him around that was actually his personal fuck-buddy. The Brits and Catholic slavemasters have been doing that for centuries now.

His name is Bill Moyers.

W1-17Bill Moyers (left) and President Johnson


All the way up through the late 1970’s, Mengele was supposedly only being the personal physician of this monster President Stroessner. I say Mengele was acting as a slavemaster hander of the guy and was definitely behind some of the really monstrous and perverse killing and torturing going on – that’s what he did in Germany so why would we think he’s any different then?

One thing is for certain, the Catholic Church Popes (more than two of them by then) they knew, they helped put him there.

So, one day,  when this great letter from the Israeli’s came that carried a clear threat of exposure obviously – a threat the Israelis meant to make good on (with good reason) – Mengele is suddenly now dead!

A bag-of-bones is produced and the Vatican (and others) pronounced them as Mengele’s from a supposed death in 1979.

I don’t buy it, do you buy it?

no shaking head.

Neither do more than a few of the Jewish investigators.

Such wonderful company President Johnson was keeping, don’t you think?


Lyndon also happens to be the President who was revealed later to have been completely lying to the American public about the Vietnam War and the real reasons for it. To further illustrate just how tight he was with the Vatican “house” of slavemasters, the shore story goes that he went to the Pope to ask for help “releasing prisoners” in Vietnam – but that’s not why.

That’s just a PR maneuver to tray and derail the nightmare exposure of all their heroin-trafficking going on there – that he was now guilty of drawing attention to.

Slavemasters are never kind when one of their own exposes the rest of them, whether by mistake or design.

Guess who helped “counsel” him?


Archbishop Paul Marcinkus and President Lyndon Johnson



Now, as if all that wasn’t bad enough to illustrate the rat-bastard character of Lyndon Johnson, let’s go down another line of research to finish things off.

First of all, there’s the fact that Johnson would never have even become President if it weren’t for Abe Fortas.


Supreme Court Fortas.

He looks like a demented Pee-Wee Herman, doesn’t he?

In a behind-closed-doors maneuver that would later spectacularly topple Abe from the undeserved heights of being a Supreme Court Justice, he helped Johnson rig an election.

During WWII, when Fortas was working at the Department of the Interior, the Secretary of the Interior, Harold L. Ickes, introduced him to a young congressman from Texas, Lyndon Johnson – they became fast friends.

When he was released from government service in January of 1946, Fortas founded a law firm with Thurman W. Arnold in 1946, then known as Arnold & Fortas. Thurman was a former law professor and chief of the Antitrust Division of the justice department. Former FCC commissioner Paul A. Porter then joined the firm in 1947.

Fortas formed the firm to help corporations and other powerful interest groups “deal with” the new federal bureaucracy. Fortas knew his way around the halls of power and became an influential lobbyist and interpreter of government regulations in post-World War II Washington, D.C.

He was a slavemaster Igor, in other words.


Lurking around the hallways of power making sure the slavemaster dirty deeds get done and covered up, whatever the need may be.

His firm is what most people know as the famous Arnold & Porter, which for many years now has been one of Washington D.C’s most influential law firms, and today is among the largest law firms in the world.

Just a couple years later in 1948, Lyndon Johnson ran for the Democratic nomination for one of Texas’ seats in the US Senate. He won the primary by only 87 votes. His opponent convinced a federal judge to issue an order taking Johnson’s name off of the general election ballot while the primary results were being contested; there were serious allegations of corruption in the voting process, including 200 Johnson votes that had been cast in alphabetical order.

Yeah, like that happens naturally.

come on!

Johnson asked Fortas for help, and Fortas persuaded a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Hugo Black, to overturn the ruling. Johnson became a U.S. Senator, winning the general election. I’d like to have been a fly-on-the-wall during that conversation.

So, see? Johnson would never have made it to the Senate, let alone the White House without Fortas “persuasion” tactics. Johnson appears to have picked up on those tactics – because he’s known for something called “the Johnson treatment”, which looks like this:

Its like this see - gangsters

Oops! wrong picture.


Here’s Johnson giving Richard Russell the “treatment”

Lyndon_Johnson_and_Richard_Russell-the johnson treatmentLyndon B. Johnson pressuring Senator Richard Russell, December 17, 1963


I see. That’s what we call “persuasion”.

air quotes.

Bunch of thugs, basically, aren’t they.

The other important thing about Johnson’s good buddy Abe Fortas, is that the same year that he founded Arnold & Porter (1946) he appeared in a rather interesting publication put out by the William Alanson White foundation, that was just loaded with slavemaster psychiatric igor propaganda about “mental health”.

Slavemasters love their vicious little pet psychiatrists – they’re just so cute and all!

the slavemasters and their pet german lap dogs.

Here’s just one of the many over-the-top, gushing schoolboy statements Fortas made in support of Brit psychiatrist George Brock Chisholm – who just happened to have also been all embroiled in the recent founding of the World Federation for Mental Health (the WFMH).

You can read it yourself here: Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946

… we have now reached the point where drastic readjustment of human personality and conduct appears necessary for survival.

– Fortas

Yeah, his survival, he means. His and his slavemaster bosses. There are way too many of us now – “humanity” is now a threat to these people.

The slavemasters love to think of themselves as benevolent, omnipotent father-figures who must always discipline and “guide” all us childish humans. That’s actually what the word “Pope” means, did you know that? It means father.

Therefore, you see, wars are OUR fault because we just…well, we just don’t listen to our “fathers” too well and then they have to discipline us for disobeying and daring to rise up against their magnificence.

This is the same tired propaganda line that first appeared after WWI, when America was taking steps to not go along with the British slavemasters whole League of Nations plan (the real point of WWI).

See these two posts –


Shooting it down in a literal blaze of glorious destruction, actually, primarily thanks to Senator William Borah of Idaho.

Borah (left) Hiram Johnson (right) – 1920’s

borah left hiram johnson right 1920s.

A political cartoon from that time period perfectly captures what the slavemasters were trying to sell America (and the rest of the world) as being why WWI happened.

hilarious portrayal of the slavemasters blaming war on the people - disarmament 1921.

Remember the Milgram experiment we talked about in Part 5: Whither Thoust Go ? If you notice, it tried to posit the same angle – the question asked was – “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?

AKA – it was the “accomplices” (the “common” people) that were the problem of WWII. You know, not the British/Vatican slavemasters – the people who orchestrated Hitler’s rise, the killing of Jewish and other non-acceptable people, and the whole dang war in the first place.

Yea, it’s not their fault at all.

Tingler_1959_vincent price - drugs.

What I’m about to show you is their second attempt to portray things the exact same way they did after WWI.

Fortas, continuing with stars-in-his-eyes for Chisholm, says –

As General Chisholm points out, the problem of society in a world trembling with the power of self-destruction is essentially the problem of society’s individuals.


See? There it is again – it’s OUR fault.

And the dear fathers of humanity are going to have to take action on all us poor childish and war-like creatures.

… On his agenda, no one is without a part to play in this challenging undertaking;  the church, the home, schools, and government should set themselves to the task of examining and understanding and treating the ills that beset society-and the individual. And the role of the psychiatrist in this venture is not merely that of a healer;  it is the greater task of him who seeks the causes of fear, anxiety, prejudice, and vicious passion, and works to eradicate those causes.

Note: Fortas was known in Washington circles to have a serious interest in psychiatry and was considered an “expert” in it as well.


That’s about a perfect example of the opening line of that prayer I quoted –

For I have done wickedly, and Thou art punished;

Prayer of St. Augustine from On the Lord’s Supper by Christopher Sutton, Oxford 1866



Five years after he helped strong-arm Lyndon Johnson into the Senate

the change in the insanity commitment laws.


Fortas shows up helping a really nasty thing come into being –

In 1953 he was “appointed” to represent Monte W. Durham, whose insanity defense had been rejected at trial two years earlier, before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. At the time, the law (M’Naghten Rule) required that all civilian commitments pass through the criminal court system. Fully public, in other words, with a Judge, a jury, the whole nine yards.

Fortas got the U.S. Court of Appeals to accept Fortas’ call to abandon the M’Naghten Rule with the shore story of that it was about “allowing for testimony and evidence regarding defendants’ mental state.

no shaking head.

That’s not what it was about.

It was about what Chisholm and Fortas were talking about in that pamphlet we looked at – being able to now privately (and behind-the-scenes) commit people they either wanted to study and experiment on, or people they were afraid of that effectively opposed their “society”. Sometimes both.

What’s really important about this is that Fortas was tasked to do exactly that – allow psychiatrists to influence court cases and judgements. His handler and vicious chihouhua igor – Dr. Winfred Overholser – happened to be the head of the Federal mental hospital – St. Elizabeth’s, where many people were routed when they were “committed”.

The reason for the law in the first place was that people were justifiably afraid that someone who was sane could be committed for nefarious reasons. Which happened all the time, of course.

Overholser comes along in his speech and says basically that anyone who says that such things happen was:


aka seeing things that “weren’t there”


Winfred-OverholserDr Winfred Overholser, Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University and Director of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C.


No one was delusional about this, except apparently Overholser. They were right, this is exactly what they had in mind.

The insanity law was changed not long after Overholser made his “they’re delusional” speech – and there was Abe Fortas later spear-heading the whole thing in the legal system.

Under the new law, individuals were seen by a lunacy commission instead of going through the courts. If the commission determined a patient to be insane, the patient was sent to Gallinger Hospital for a ten-day assessment period. I would bet money that during this assessment they did everything they could to make the person look insane if they weren’t – see Bobby Jameson’s story of that happening to him later at Camarillo State Hospital. The whole thrust of this assessment was to affirm the “insanity” ruling and then commit the person to St. Elizabeths.

Next thing you know? In 1965 Abe gets on the Supreme Court when Lyndon Johnson was President. This is just one year before the NARA passes into law. Nothing like having your own personal ringer on hand – eh?

Chief Justice Earl Warren in center Hugo Black to his right. (1937) William O Douglas to his left (1939) John Marshall Harlan right of Black (1955) Willaim Brennan left of Douglas (1956) Potter Stewart (1958) Byron White (1962) Abe Fortas (1965) Thurgood Marshall (1967)

Chief Justice Earl Warren in center
Hugo Black to his right. (1937)
William O Douglas to his left (1939)
John Marshall Harlan right of Black (1955)
Willaim Brennan left of Douglas (1956)
Potter Stewart (1958)
Byron White (1962)
Abe Fortas (1965)
Thurgood Marshall (1967)


Fortas and President Johnson – BFF’s

President Lyndon B. Johnson Making His Point.

It’s all just such a hoot, right?

perish the thought - wry ick face.



Now that you are fully informed about all that is going on in and around this Lyndon Johnson character, we’re ready to move on to how this all related to actions of Scientology and Synanon.

While both of them are far down the line as far as slavemasters go, it’s true, that doesn’t mean you should ever under-estimate their importance to the slavemasters. They don’t. They considered them a lot more important than you might think.

One thing I want to pull out by itself before we continue is Ron Hubbard’s connection into all that nazi/blood money/installing dictators business. Remember this part about bringing Klaus Barbie into Argentina?

Through Licio Gelli’s arrangement with Juan Peron and the combined efforts of Vatican-loved SS Major Otto Skorzeny (now CIA) Dr. Fritz Thyssen, Dr. Gustav Krupp (both given amnesty and brought to the U.S by OSS agent Frank G. Wisner who’s running the Gehlen nazi intelligence network)….

Frank Wisner would be Ron Hubbard’s highest-level superior in the OPC when he started the Dianetics front group. In between Hubbard and Wisner there was Kermit Roosevelt Jr., who was recruited into the OPC that same year of 1950 and who ran the political action department. And then later…. Miles Copeland, the NOC agent (Non Official Cover) would be Hubbard’s direct handler in 1955 when he began the big Church of Scientology push.


The fact that Hubbard spent much time trying to lay blame for psychiatry and all sorts of other things on the Nazi’s, especially to his covert intelligence unit of the Guardian’s Office, is truly, truly horrific considering his connection to one of the main people who was helping hide these very monsters from the world.

Not to mention what the OPC was about.

The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was the espionage and counter-intelligence branch of the Central Intelligence Agency, created in 1948. It later merged with the Office of Special Operations in the time of Miles Copeland’s “arrangement” with Hubbard and scientology and became known as the DDP complex (DDP standing for Deputy Director, Plans).

The first big op (operation) that Kermit Roosevelt took part in happened right after Klaus Barbie had been installed in Bolivia, and all those hundreds of millions of Nazi money had been “released”. The reason this op was important is that it began a series of installing of dictatorships (and eliminating governments the slavemasters didn’t like).

On April 4, 1953, Wisner persuaded Allen W. Dulles to approve $1 million to be used “in any way that would bring about the fall of Mossadegh.” Roosevelt was put in charge of what became known as Operation Ajax. Funded with money from the CIA and MI6, the pro-monarchy forces quickly gained the upper hand and Mossadegh was out.

Allen W. Dulles then asked Kermit to organize the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, and there is an extremely interesting (and revealing) answer from Kermit, who refused. He said:

…for a coup to be successful, the people had to “want what we want”. He did not believe that the “Guatemalan peasants wanted what the United Fruit wanted.”


I’ll let you think on that on your own for a minute.

The actions that the OPC (now the DDP or whatever) was to engage in according to its secret charter:

  • propaganda
  • economic warfare

preventive direct action including:

  • sabotage
  • antisabotage
  • demolition
  • evacuation procedures

subversion against hostile states –

  • including assistance to underground resistance groups
  • support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of “the free world.”

Considering what we learned in Part 3: Dark Matter about what that “communism” justification for all manner of heinous crimes was really about – things begin to make a whole lot more sense out of their actions in Central and South America, where people just wanted to be able to live their lives as they saw fit and not as slaves for the slavemaster 2-class system.


About those “political” Ops

Miles Copeland, who had come in to his new job in 1955 with L. Ron Hubbard already in place under the OPC/DDP (and working with OPC agent Bob Mandelstam) described the parameters of the “ops” that were being run as part of political warfare.

…we were expected to engage in some pretty spooky activities was clearly implied in the stipulation that our operations

[…sic – “against hostile foreign states or groups or in support of friendly foreign states or groups which”]

must be ‘so planned and conducted that any US Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized persons, and that if uncovered the US Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them’.

*Covert Operations “OK”  – National Security Council Directive, Office of Special Projects, June 18, 1948, (NSC 10/2) by CIA Director Hillenkoetter, June 18, 1948, CIA 001 p.


Now that’s incredibly important here in 1966 for a number of reasons. Ron Hubbard, under no circumstances, was to ever bring any attention onto the fact that he was a NOC himself – working for the CIA the whole time with both Dianetics and Scientology.

So…look at this now then.

Just two months before new president Lyndon B. Johnson signed the NARA into law, on September 1, 1966, Ron Hubbard made a big public show of “resigning” his position as Executive Director of the Church. He stepped down from the boards of all Church corporations with the excuse being that he wanted to fully devote himself to “researches into the highest levels of spiritual awareness and ability.”

If you read the last segment Part 5: Whither Thoust Go – you’ll know that this had more to do with the big re-organization and hiding of connections to the CIA that MKULTRA head Gottlieb was doing, than what scientologists were told was the reason.

Put together with the must at all costs not look like you’re a government operative with a front group designed to catch rebellious types and study them – Hubbard stepping down comes into clear focus.

He was just making it more difficult for “outsiders” to know what was going on – it was never about money or any other ridiculous reason you see out there.

He did what he was told.

by his handlers


It also puts a much clearer light on actions he had taken in the beginning of this year, which we’ll get into in a minute.


Let the Punishment Rehab Begin

year 1966.

The mighty shall be mightily tormented.
IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


Hubbard completes:

  1. changing scientology,
  2. going the rehab route,
  3. starting the Guardian’s Office and
  4. goes to Africa on a CIA mission.


  1. Changing scientology to match the new “population study” parameters


Scientology's Pandora's Box - The Red Box

The same year (1962) as the CIA and it’s Technical Services is sorting out the planning for its new division that MKULTRA would move under, both scientology and Synanon begin incorporating the idea of “grades” or levels that their members would pass. The idea was primarily taken from fellow approved CIA flunkey Abraham Maslow.

In Synanon, the idea of a graduate was also in place in 1962/63. Some have referred to this phase of Synanon as Synanon I.

Hubbard begins planning for a GRADE CHART, with a “gradient scale of awareness” and then by late the following year he was well into completely changing the structure of Scientology, and it’s direction. The first real example of that is when Hubbard issued General Classification Chart Issue One  – as found in an internal administrative Bulletin called a Policy Letter, dated 26 November 1963. It was immediately followed by an amended version the following month.

A week later, Hubbard described this new structured scientology in a lecture.

He sees a chart up on the wall of where he’s supposed to go. This tells him at once that there is someplace to go, that there is a way to get there.

And that [the hierarchal chart of beingness] shows him that he can move from that point on forward. 


Hubbard being Hubbard, he had to invent some cock-a-mamie shore story about why he was doing this, and where he got the idea for these “gradients of awareness” from – to cover up his CIA connections.

The other big shock that I had was just a very short time ago, I sat as innocent as could be. I was happily plotting away and working out the logical reduction for common denominators of behavior [that’s totally straight out of Maslow there] and I found out that the common denominator of behavior was degree of awareness – which you can put down if you want to as a very interesting datum. It’s the degree of awareness is the thing in common to all life.


By 1965, Hubbard was still trying to explain to his followers why he was doing this Grade Chart of Awareness change. He was also still trying to cover up his CIA connections – he starts contradicting himself whenever he’s doing that, I’ve noticed.

He tells his audience that while there’s degrees of awareness there is no such thing as being aware.

Confused-Man scratches head

…there is no level called “Aware” see, or “Awareness.” …it’s degrees of awareness.” There is no such thing as being aware or not being aware.

– Saint Hill Special Briefing Course #59 6504C27, a lecture given on April 27, 1965

See what I mean?

It was in May 1965, that Hubbard then released this new Grade Chart of Scientology processes and courses, complete with those very same “awareness” levels begun after Maslow’s work first appeared. By spring of 1966, when he left England for Africa, most of the “refinements” to the chart had been completed.

It was advertised as “The Bridge to a New World” – doesn’t get any clearer than that whose agenda he’s forwarding.


Arguably one of the most important books I have ever read on propaganda (according to slavemaster ideals) had just come out that same year, and when you read this little excerpt, you’ll see just how much this related to what both Hubbard and Synanon were doing for the CIA.

The focus of propaganda on freestanding populations now, was not to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It was not to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It was not to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes. It was not to transform an opinion, but to arouse an active and mythical belief.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul, 1965. You can read it here.

The ideas contained in this book were practically a holy bible for CIA front group founders and operators. After all, people like Ron Hubbard and Chuck Dedeirch had been tasked by British and American intelligence agencies to provide the “lab settings” for testing out all that had been learned on their covert projects – on those freestanding populations.

Especially that last one – arouse an active and mythical belief – Ron Hubbard really went into overdrive on. All sorts of materials of mythical and science-fictional events or “implant incidents” were being churned out in lectures and bulletins left, right and center. I’m sure it helped that he had already had a career as a science-fiction writer.

aha forehead pastie

*See Hubbard’s Cosmology that was mostly created in the 1960’s here:  Anthropology: Earth and The Universe Time Track – according to L. Ron Hubbard  – It is an excellent source for specific references wherein Hubbard does his part to earn Scientology it’s place in UFO cult status. Also see Hubbard’s Racist Conspiracy Theories: Espinol United Stars


… The other great psychological reflection of social reality is the myth. The myth expresses the deep inclinations of a society….

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul, 1965. You can read it here.


It’s not that over in Synanon Chuck Dederich didn’t do this too, he did. He just did it after Hubbard. You’ll see that in the next segment.

One of the core issues constantly being harped on by Hubbard during this time period was that  a) one had amnesia about these terribly overwhelming happenings and that b) only auditing could free one from this overwhelm. See how that perfectly meets “arouse an active and mythical belief” while also working to “make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action”?

Chuck Dederich was right there with him doing that exact same thing over at Synanon – only Synanon’s processes (the game) could “free”  the addict.

That’s right out of Ellul’s book –

Propaganda creates artificial needs.

This is the real realm of the lie…no proof can be furnished where motivations or intentions are concerned or interpretation of a fact is involved.

It corresponds to nothing authentic; yet it is precisely this artificial opinion that the individual absorbs. He is filled with it; be no longer expresses his ideas, but those of his group, and with great fervor at that — it is a propaganda prerequisite that he should assert them with firmness and conviction.


On that note…


2. Hubbard joins the rehab game


Arizona State Prison

arizona state prison

On the heels of heavy promotion of Synanon and “successful” rehab programs using the Game, Narconon was formed in early February before the NARA act even went into effect. At this time, people caught using drugs were sent to prison – there were no federal funds available yet for rehab units or places.

A man named William “Bill” Benitez – having gained approval from Ron Hubbard – started Narconon on February 19 while he was still incarcerated in Arizona state prison on narcotics charges. He had been arrested and in and out of prison for similar charges since as far back as the 1950’s, per several news articles I had found.

There were 20 members at first.

benitez narconon

This event (and subsequent activities) was heralded in one of scientology’s periodicals the Auditor in issues #19 and #26 – 1966 and 1967 respectively.




narconon 1966 benitez bill benitez award 1967 narconon.

Countering the teen-age drug-users’ claims that marijuana, LSD and other so-called psychedelic drugs are “aids to learning, heighteners of awareness thus increasing the ability to appreciate art and music, while at the same time overcoming inhibitions, was Bill Benitez, a self-confessed former narcotics addict and ex-convict.

BENITEZ, WHO HAS ORGANIZED “Narconon,” a rehabilitation program among drug addicts at Arizona State Prison at Florence, told the youngsters, whose habitation ranges from six months (for the girl) to 30 months for one of the boys, that they haven’t had the habit long enough to produce the physical, moral, and mental degeneration which most assuredly awaits them if they persist in their abuse of drugs.

Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona), Monday, June 10, 1968, Page 10 –

arizona republic benitez june 10 1968.

Narconon was first established by Benitez after other programs he tried had failed. It took 9 months to get the program approved for use in the Arizona State Penitentiary and was expanded to other prisons such as Marion, Illinois in 1969. When Bill was released in 1967, he started Narconon Los Angeles – calling it Fresh Start – and expanding from there to such far-flung locales as Hawaii.

Narconon works in two fields, Rehabilitation and Education. More aggressive educational (read – recruiting) efforts were begun in 1979 by former drug user John Duff, one of the authors of “The Truth About Drugs”. Duff is currently National Director of Narconon’s Drug Education program.

When it was officially incorporated in 1970? It was done so with two senior Guardian’s Office personnel – Henning Heldt and Arthur “Arte” Maren. Their involvement is highly significant. Even today, Narconon and the Church of Scientology attempt to erase that little bit of history, and refer to Narconon being incorporated “by William Benitez on May 20, 1970.”  – as if it was only him.


Ref – Kate Wickstrom, letter to Battle Creek Enquirer, 26 July 2002.


Its incorporation was supposedly performed “to formalize what was then a loose, grassroots movement”, but what it really was is much more draconian. The Guardian’s Office was taking it over in order to “manage” it directly, to use it as a recruiting ground for scientology, as well as a kind of PR shield to help hide the stench of the rather less than pr-worthy true scientology activities – some of which Henning Heldt was sentenced to jail for after the FBI raid of 1977. (Maren was named as an “un-indicted co-conspirator”)

Ref – Church of Scientology International Exemption Application Form 1023 Attached Statement, 1993.

The Guardian’s Office yearly report for 1970 lists a couple of little known items about Narconon, but what is also interesting is that its filed under PUBLIC RELATIONS.

This is just about a perfect admission that Narconon is being used specifically to cloak scientology’s other activities by this ‘good work’ with those poor, dear drug addicts. sarcasm

Just like Synanon was doing.

128. Narconon expanded greatly this year. In addition to the group at Arizona State Prison, two new programs were established, one at California Rehabilitation Center and the other at Vacaville Medical Facility.

– PDF Guardian’s Office Report of Activitiesunder the heading BUREAU 7 – Legal; December 31, 1970

The Vacaville one is tied to the prison there, which just happens to be where various MKUltra projects are going on at the same time experimenting on prisoners. Scientology (through its covert front of Narconon) fit right in, in other words.

That reminds me.

Some people like to position rehab programs like Synanon and Narconon as being TC or Therapeutic Community programs – tracing it back to the Tavistock Clinic. While that is true that does go back to Tavistock, what’s being left out of that characterization is actually a lot more accurate.

The whole TC thing was actually about how to modify a person’s behavior by peer pressure, an experiment, a study to try and figure out how to do that (or if they could) and then how to bring that out into larger populations to control them. Not whether we should be or not, it’s whether THEY thought we should, and by THEY I mean slavemasters. The last people on earth who should be telling anyone how to do anything.


Especially when they were who intentionally hooked people on drugs in the first place.


See, they leave that OUT of such generic descriptions.

… We have shown how propaganda can relieve and resolve tensions. These tensions are purposely provoked by the propagandist, who holds out their remedy at the same time. He is master of both excitation and satisfaction. One may even say that if he has provoked a particular tension, it was in order to lead me individual to accept a particular remedy, to demand some suitable action (suitable from the propagandist’s viewpoint), and to submit to a system that will alleviate that tension. He thus places the individual in a universe of artificially created political needs, needs that are artificial even if their roots were once completely genuine.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Narconon has made some videos of Benitez speaking about Narconon. In them, you can tell by the use of terms like “confront” and “increased my communication” – that they were doing scientology Training Routines aka TR’s. They were also doing what are called CCH’s.

There is evidence to suggest that these “drills” and processes are quite similar to Mesmerism, especially CCH #3 and TR-0.



In this video of Benitez, I have cued it to where he says something particular – he starts talking about a Game idea being an important facet of the Narconon experience. He says: “To begin with Life is nothing but a game.” – a particularly false Hubbardism.



It’s interesting that Benitez altered what Hubbard said to more of a Synanon Game meaning. Ron Hubbard said: “Life is a game” whereas Benitez added “nothing but” in there – which happens to be almost exactly Charles Dederich and Synanon’s take or attitude about things.

At this point we’re going to have to start talking about what Synanon is doing here in 1966, because of the clear parallels going on.

In 1966, Synanon began going mainstream in a similar fashion as Hubbard was doing. The propaganda slogan that was being circulated to prepare for more “testees” among young Americans, was that a human potential movement was beginning. Richard Middle-class sophisticates getting in touch with themselves, taking part in sensitivity training, and flocking down the coast to Big Sur to take off their clothes and encounter each other nude at Esalen.

But the tension leading up to the “need” for this was deliberately and artificially created and so was the solution of “let’s all run around nude and be free and that’ll handle everything” – and boy, is that apparent with the “drug rehab” scenario here. They created the desire, the method, and the delivery to hook people on drugs, and now here came the “solution”.

Dederich and Hubbard were changing to accomodate this new catch-all thrust, but make no mistake, this was no feel-good uplifting of man as it was propagandized. It was about preparing him to better serve in slavemaster utopic ideas of society.

Synanon began operating game clubs so non-addicts outside it could play the famous game. Three clubs were opened in California, one in Detroit, and one in New York City. By 1968, some 3,400 outsiders were playing the Synanon game.

This 1965 movie clip gives a dramatized example of the game.

Paul Morantz, the lawyer who fought Synanon and won, tells us that one study on encounter groups in 1971 found the Synanon methods of attack therapy was the most likely to create psychological injury, and the experiment led to mental breakdowns and one suicide.

The Attack Therapy he is referring to is called “the game” in Synanon, and TR’s (Training Routines) in scientology, particularly TR0-Bullbaited. Hubbard introduced “bullbaiting” at a congress in June of 1957, Dederich came up with the “game” the following year. This brief video demonstrates how similar the techniques were.



The following month after Hubbard developed bullbaiting, he demonstrated the first 4 CCH’s (LRH Tape 7 July 1957 CCHs Steps 1-4 Demonstration – developed April ’57) – they were control tools to teach the acolyte that “it’s ok to be controlled.”

In other words, prepared to serve.

…propaganda must not concern itself with what is best in man — the highest goals humanity sets for itself, its noblest and most precious feelings. Propaganda does not aim to elevate man, but to make him serve.

– Propaganda: the Formation of Men’s Attitudes by Jacques Ellul. You can read it here.


Both TRs and CCH’s were immediately incorporated in Narconon’s program by Benitez with Ron Hubbard’s guidance.

Here’s a couple of current scientology sources showing that this is still the case –

  • This video shows that the Narconon Program utilizes these very TRs & Objectives  – Objectives is another term used to describe the CCH’s.
  • Church of Scientology’s official website as viewed October 20, 2015

Later on in 1971, Hubbard added a kind of TR’s that are literally almost exactly the same as Synanon’s group “game” action – called the Admin TR’s. One of the things done in these TR’s was groups of people bullbaiting one person, supposedly in order to teach them how to “lead”.

References –

  • Flag Order #2982 A Note on TRs
  • Board Technical Bulletin Admin TRs September 1971
  • Administrative Dictionary PDF page 15


In reverse-speech, it actually made the person even more “hardened” and committed of a follower. Leading in a mind-controlled environmental experiment isn’t leading, it’s following.

Some of these were also incorporated into Narconon’s program after they came out.

The similarities between Synanon and Narconon are truly incredible, you’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not notice something is very wrong about that.

Synanon: The GAME was the most important method of treatment at Synanon. When it came to getting addicts clean, the program rejected any form of pharmaceuticals or tapering of drugs.

Scientology-Narconon: Life can best be understood by likening it to a ‘detached eye’ like GAME. – L. Ron Hubbard. No pharmaceuticals or tapering of drugs are permitted at Narconon.

Synanon: The confrontational approach was a way to hash out everything that bothered you about others in your group. It was supposed to help you learn about yourself as well. While playing the Game, your frustrations didn’t even need to be true. Lying was just one of many strategies in The Game, which could last anywhere from one to 48 hours.”

Narconon: “Patients used this same confront approach, teasing and yelling at each other in ‘Bull-Baiting’ Scientology Training Routines (TRs) – yelling at ashtrays to stand up on their own, and even lying.”

David Love, Cult of Narconon and Synanon drug rehab atrocities, September 7, 2014


3. Hubbard starts the Guardian’s Office
then goes off to Africa on a CIA mission

guardians_office_logo lge..

Hubbard created the Guardian’s Office in March, which would house his new personal intelligence unit. He made his wife Mary Sue in charge of it, calling her The Guardian.

hubbardmarysue guardian.

Right after this he took off for Africa. You can read all about his little CIA mission down there (with the cover of supposedly establishing an “OT base” for scientologists) but what’s interesting is when he came back after having been kicked out of the country.

He resigned his position with the official Church and began planning to form a BROTHERHOOD called the Sea Organization – dedicated to getting the fallen through the “highest levels” of the chart.

One thing you may not have noticed about that before, is that  (plans for the Sea Org)  was only one month after the President Lyndon Johnson signed the NARA into law.

If you recall, it took Benitez 9 months to get prison approval (financing from Federal and State). This puts that at exactly the time NARA was passed, which means now Narconon would be one of the first rehab programs (surprise surprise) to start siphoning off some of that millions of dollars that were now going to be available.



lakeland_ledger_aug_3_1972_narcotics_act lakeland_ledger_aug_3_1972_narcotics_act_2.

Showboat and new puppet-man President Johnson signed the Narcotic Rehabilitation Act into being on November 8, 1966 thus launching (and in scientology and synanon’s case, legitimizing) a whole new level of front groups for the slavemasters to play with, using massive amounts of American taxpayer’s money.

You gotta appreciate the irony there – we were paying for them to study how to keep us down in our “class” and paying them!


Here’s part of Johnson’s statement about that, he called it part of aiding in “the Crusade Against Crime.”

wile-coyote- i'm a genius


I TODAY have signed three bills which will help us carry on our crusade against crime.

…The first is the Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act–a pioneering measure. It recognizes that treating addicts as criminals neither curtails addiction nor prevents crime.

Under this law, many addicts now can be committed for treatment instead of being committed to prison.

This new law will help reclaim lives. It will help end the chain reaction of misery, where addicts turn to crime to support their addiction.

The need is great. There are more than 50,000 narcotics addicts in our country. Many of them can respond to treatment and become useful and productive citizens. At the same time, it is important to recognize that the law retains full criminal sanctions against those ruthless men who sell despair-the narcotics peddlers.

– Statement by the President Upon Signing Bills To Aid in the Crusade Against Crime, November 8, 1966


Considering what you’ve just learned of this guy’s connections, he was one of those “ruthless men”.

That part about useful and productive citizens is pretty disgusting too, especially considering what that actually means.


Good working slaves.



But, that word “become” does give you a straight up actual message as to what these punishment rehab programs were going to really be all about. They’re sort of like death squads lite – a method of eradicating opposition only in America they called it “rehab”. And yes, it really is that ugly.


In 1966, General Manuel Noriega of Panama goes on the CIA’s payroll. Together with the Vatican and through Operation Condor, the slavemaster begin grooming this next-in-line-fascist dictator to rule over Panama in an effort to squash any rebellion to slavemaster plans by the people.

You know, by calling it communist.

This same year – for the first time, L. Ron Hubbard incorporates an off-shore money laundering account called Hubbard Explorational Company Ltd. out of Panama on 15 December.

This, of course, happened to have been right after he had “resigned” from all the boards of the Church.

The drug running and money laundering will now begin, Hubbard ended his Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures and under the cover of being “kicked out of England” he takes off in his newly purchased sea-going vessels to North Africa – Morocco and Las Palmas, where the United States has a SIGINT military base and where CIA Operation Gladio is underway to train terrorists for Italy “against communism”.

Follow the Money by Virginia McClaughry, September 27, 2010


Per a lecture he gave a year later colloquially known as RJ67, December 1966 happens to have also been when he began planning the new myth for scientology, and boy was it a doozy.


Why? He said it was because he had “gone as far as he could go” and that he needed to to a “contact” and put the “injured member” on the right spot for the galactic catastrophe.


that is just not right - spanky little rascals


However – the real reason was that he was told to shift to a more highly controlled environment for scientology, a bigger one, and myths were what they used in propaganda and mind control to condition reflexes.

The aim of modern propaganda is no longer to modify ideas, but to provoke action. It is no longer to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action. It is no longer to lead to a choice, but to loosen the reflexes. It is no longer to transform an opinion, but to arouse an active and mythical belief.

…The third important conclusion, drawn from experiments made chiefly in the United States, is that propaganda cannot create something out of nothing. It must attach itself to a feeling, an idea; must build on a foundation already present in the individual.

Although the two methods of myth and conditioned reflex can be used in combination, each has separate advantages. The United States prefers to utilize the myth


Already present….Therein, as the bard once said – lies the rub.

magic point - magic touch.

It’s there for a reason, and not the one they want you to think it is.



What about Richard Ofshe, our accidentally-has-CIA connections Synanon expose man?

Well, Mary Inskip had just joined Synanon…



And Richard completed his CIA Stanford University doctorate in “power and decision-making in small groups” this year, and now he’s off to the University of California where there were already several existing CIA operatives – including the one who gave Charles Dederich LSD.

UC was then trying to “modernize its sociology department”. Har-de-har. More like looking to get in on all that lovely CIA grant money, plus with the NARA that meant even mo’ money would now be available for “research” of what to do with all those drug addicts the slavemasters so happily made.


Virginia McClaughry


P.S. In the next segment there’s a crazy amount of parallels coming up between the two S’s here – it’s literally mind-boggling.


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