Which path is right, which is Wrong,
Fleeting shadows of the same illusion all along
Which way matters, which way doesnt?
Whence thoust come, whither thoust go?

Naught achieved till now, than sweat of thy brow
Of what consequence is to brave the knave’s blow
So thinking, to the inviting storm, it turns around
The journey abandoned, yet towards darkness bound.

Point of Inflection April 27, 2005


The Christian bible tells us that a proper perspective for a woman is to accept whatever route, whatever god that her husband does.

“And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:”

King James Version (KJV)


The sad thing is that it could (or is that should) have been a clear expression of what people do who truly love each other. They stay. They stick. They are one’s partner-in-life, whatever that may bring.

But, that’s not what this is used for. It is (and has been) most often used to create doormats, rather than equals. There’s a world of difference – an entire universe of difference – between those two concepts.

Slavemasters hate the idea of equality – hate it with a passion that has to be seen to be believed. Their whole world is structured around hierarchies, even marriage, even love itself. The bible wants us to believe that we must never love anyone more than god.


The very last thing a slavemaster wants anyone to do is view themselves as equal to God.


That’s a strange thing, don’t you think? Why do they fear and hate that so much?


Because it threatens their power.


It threatens the stranglehold over humanity they so love to make sure that they have. But even more importantly (and they won’t tell you this easily) since there is no “God” per se, they are who is receiving all that love that is aimed at “God”. Like a conduit, only it stops at them.

People that are equal to all the qualities they assign to God (which everyone is, actually) would love whom they want, and that most likely would not be any of the slavemasters. It’s kind of sad, really. Because of how they choose to live they are perpetual outsiders, but at the same time they are like the most aggressive peeping toms you ever saw in your life.

Living vicariously aren’t just words to them. They’re a way of life.

I think this is why they are so obsessed with “studies”. It gives them the excuse to do so, but I also think it’s why they create all these “paths” for us to live our lives on. It looks like one has a choice, but really it’s like a perverted form of whither thou goest, I will go.

Their perspective is too small. Any one of their “paths” is like trying to squeeze into a pair of pants that’s 4 sizes too small. It’s uncomfortable for most of us to limit ourselves like that. Perhaps since that’s how a slavemaster lives, it’s really just them following the old adage of misery loves company.

I think for someone to be roped into one of their “let”s study people to figure out how to control them” projects, there has to be something personally off with the person to even think they have any “need” (let alone right) to do so.

Be that as it may, hold on to your hats kids, because this segment is going to be one hell of a journey.

Ya ready?

Jackie Gleason - And Away We Go

Away we go…


Social Studies – Slavemaster Style.

Taking Synanon and Scientology mainstream


Boy, that’s a lot of sss’s, isn’t it? I’m almost feeling like I’m in a Harry Potter movie with all that ssssing. And they call us the “snakes”…

I’m referring to what Chairman Mao said about why he launched his Hundred Flowers project, where he pretended to be interested in have open communication and criticism and then took most of the people who did so and either locked them up or shot them, and killed the rest – over 45 million people – in a deliberately created famine shortly after.

It was a study, an experiment, a way to try and find the “leaders” (and how to manipulate them) – much like the CIA projects and studies and front groups began doing over in America almost immediately thereafter. Like Scientology and Synanon, for example.

Richard Ofshe, our would-be Synanon exposer, seems to have gotten himself some CIA connections somewhere along his way. Now, whether he was witting (knowing) or not…that’s a different question. There are a number of things that do tend to point to that he probably was.

Richard Ofshe 1970's.

In 1963 he had finally obtained his masters degree at Queens, and of all things, he applies to a University on the complete opposite side of the country. Not just any University either – he applied to Stanford to work on a doctorate. Outside pressure had to have come from somewhere because he was accepted “against its better judgement” as he recalls. This grudging acceptance came with no money initially, but in a very short time he suddenly gets a fellowship from, as I recall, some kind of Orchestra or music grant (which makes no sense whatsoever), but it’s to do what that’s particularly germane here.

His fellowship was specifically to study “power and decision-making in small groups” – you couldn’t get more obvious as to CIA involvement, because like we talked about in Section 4: The Hard Six the CIA had just crossed over into enacting their big plan to experiment on the rest of us and Stanford, with it’s CIA Stanford Research Institute, was right at the heart of that.

Ofshe’s fellowship also happened just two years after what was called…. the Milgram Experiment.

What’s that?

An experiment in pretty much exactly the same CIA interest area that Ofshe was now working on a doctorate about, just on the opposite side of the country at Yale University.

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychology experiments conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. They measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts conflicting with their personal conscience. Milgram first described his research in 1963 in an article published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology and later discussed his findings in greater depth in his 1974 book, Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View. During the experiment they would electric shock people with 450 volts.

In relation to the main purpose of this experiment, look at these points from Chris Eskridge’s University of Nebraska/Lincoln class about Synanon – (we discussed this in full in Part 4: The Hard Six)

  • 3.   Classify any questioning of established organizational patterns as morally wrong.     
  • 5.   Subject the individual to organizational needs. Stress that individuals are part of the team, not individuals.

Chris then writes:

If an organization can achieve these, their members will do remarkable things for the organization, things that individually they would never do. They will even do wrong things if they are convinced it is for the betterment of the organization and it will ultimately achieve a higher standing. A law will be broken in the name of a perceived higher law.


See how Ofshe’s doctorate is following right in those same footsteps? Not to mention Synanon…

The Milgram experiments began in July 1961, in the basement of Linsly-Chittenden Hall at Yale University, three months after the start of the trial of German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. Milgram devised his “study” to answer the popular question at that particular time: “Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?

They were being ordered to electric-shock someone else (for no fricking reason actually). This was their “study”.

If at any time a person indicated his desire to halt the experiment and NOT electric shock the other person, he was given a succession of verbal prods by the experimenter, in this order:

  1. Please continue.
  2. The experiment requires that you continue.
  3. It is absolutely essential that you continue.
  4. You have no other choice, you must go on.

If the person still wouldn’t electric shock the other person after all four successive verbal prods, the experiment was halted. Otherwise, this “experiment” was only halted after they had deliberately electro-shocked the “target” the maximum 450-volt shock three times in succession.

Now, I have to wonder what kind of fracking idiot would even take part in such an experiment, which to me skews the whole thing right out of the starting gate. People like to crow over that the “results” have been repeated many times…

blah blah blah.

blame - talking heads.

But see, that is not a conclusive test of anything other than that they attracted a small, small percentage of people who are dingleberry enough to even walk into the place. The people who would never do such a thing to someone else just because “authority” ordered them to, would never have even showed up for the experiment!

Convenient logic, that, they think this means they “know people” from this experiment. The only thing they could possibly get from this is that people who already are living like them – the slavemasters or the Igor-types…well, they act like this.

Trying to have people believe that the majority of the rest of us are like the idiots in this experiment is disgusting and they are lieing about the results in relation to the rest of us.


I think it’s not the experiment itself that was the point, it was the spreading of it’s “results” as being somehow indicative of the majority of humanity’s response to each other was a deliberate attempt to split humanity apart. To make people look at other people like – he could become a Nazi at any time, he could turn on me at any time.

It’s about TRUST and making people think they can have no faith, no real trust, and that it can be taken away from them at any time by an “authority figure”.

Now, gee, call me cynical but that’s an awfully convenient finding in favor of the slavemasters ideas about the world and their magnificently superior role in it. sarcasm   One could almost say that was the point in the first place.

Say it ain’t so.



Now, whatever the heck Richard Ofshe was doing there at Stanford (one wonders what experiments he may have taken part in) the high muckety-mucks obviously were very happy with it.

I say that because the following year, 1965, his research “so impressed” the sociology dept at Stanford that he got a second fellowship for his 2nd year – from the National Institutes of Mental Health!

THAT is definitely CIA funding at that time, and for those who haven’t read Part 3: The Holy Rollers one of the people on the board deciding where all those lovely millions were going was an evil little gnome named Max Fink, who loved electric-shocking people, and was himself involved in numerous CIA Projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MKULTRA.

THAT guy would have happily participated in the Milgram experiment and shocked others with great aplomb. See what I mean about skewed results?

Max Fink was invited by Jonathan Cole in 1960 to be part of the Clinical Drug Evaluation Committee of NIMH.

That Committee set up what were called Early Clinical Drug Evaluation Units, ECDEU. We met a few times a year as investigators and as a grant-reviewing organization. Dr. Cole had fifteen million dollars that we assigned to investigators around the country to study the new drugs. This was 1959 or 1960. One of the grant awards went to Hillside.

– Max Fink interview by David Healy, Phoenix, Arizona, December 8, 2008


Now, before you go “Wait, this was about clinical drugs, not psychology…” I’d caution you to look at the fact that LSD and all kinds of psychedelics were coming under that ubiquitous classification of “clinical drugs” at the time. Part of what the psychologists role in these studies was, lay in studying how drugs would affect those “social influences” within controlled (by the CIA) cults.

The studies that psychiatrists like Max Fink were involved in were in tandem with the psychologists, because starting in 1953, the CIA specifically was funding psychologists and medical researchers under the super-secret MKULTRA program. It was an umbrella program that was searching for ways to control the minds of men.

The CIA asked them, both psychiatrists and psychologists:

to conduct research into the conditions under which individual self-control could be weakened or broken and therefore open to suggestions.

Immediately then, in 1954, the National Institute of Mental Health (the NIMH) began funneling CIA money as “grants”..

Psychiatrist and electric-shock afficianado/ghoul Max Fink was one of the first thousand grants awarded by NIMH.

Ref – SBU Headlines Newsletter re Fink getting Thomas Salmon Award, Fall 2011
Also see Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Six – 2 for more info on CIA funneling funds through NIMH.
For more about Max Fink see The Truth About Psychiatric Drugs and Treatments – Death and Religion and also this one – What Really Happened At The Missouri Institute of Psychiatry – CIA, MKUltra and Scientology


max fink 1958

I was interested in EEG and the first grant I had received was NIMH Grant M-927 for the study on the EEG effects of electroshock in 1954.

– Max Fink interview by David Healy, Phoenix, Arizona, December 8, 2008


So, now, right at the time that Ofshe gets his NIMH grant at Stanford, there’s ole Finkie boy sitting on of their main grant boards that couches it’s “purpose” under the propaganda that all they are doing was “testing drugs”.

Yes, well. Guess what the “sociology department” at Stanford worked in tandem with?

The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

Eric Trist was a founding member of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London. That is the leading British intelligence front group for a network of front groups involved in social engineering – the British slavemaster behavior modification attack on mankind. Stanford Research Institute is part of that network.   96

Eric Trist - TavistockEric Trist – Tavistock

Eric Trist was a fellow at Stanford University the whole year of 1961, in the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.  93   Some of the “advanced” studies were psychedelic drugs and Scientology.

Center for Advanced Study Behavioral Sciences

At this time Stanford Research Institute was part of Stanford University.

Stanford Research InstituteStanford Research Institute sits on the street between Palo Alto, Calfornia and Menlo Park, California

Eric Trist was there just in time to get the ball rolling on CIA peddling of LSD aimed at America’s youth. He was another British intelligence agent provocateur – there to back up what Aldous Huxley had started. Eric Trist also acted as a case officer – he had his son with him, Alan Trist, who got involved with the Grateful Dead and Grace-Marie Haddy crowd. It was all part of a British intelligence operation aimed at America’s youth.

Willis Harman worked for the OSS and became a Professor at Stanford University after the war. In 1961, Harman began being a “futurist” for Stanford Research Institute.  109

In March 1961 Willis Harman began doing MK Ultra LSD research at Stanford Research Institute. Harman employed Al Hubbard as a security guard for SRI. Harman admits, “Al never did anything resembling security work, Al’s job was to run the LSD sessions for us.”

Willis Harman and Al Hubbard shared a goal “to provide the LSD experience to political and intellectual leaders around the world.”  37

That idea came directly from Aldous Huxley, who was the main British intelligence operative in America instigating this entire operation.

willis_harman_changing_images_of_manWillis Harman

After first experimenting with LSD on helpless psychiatric patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto, they were now going to target the young people, such as the college students at Stanford. They were ready to launch the corruption of America’s next generation.

Scientology Roots by Mike McClaughry, Chapter Twelve – 2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career (that’s L. Ron Hubbard, not Al Hubbard)


As I said, Richard Ofshe had picked himself up some rather interesting CIA connections with these “studies” of his.

One of the other areas of interest of Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences – was Synanon and Scientology.

What do we find Synanon doing in 1964? Moving practically right on top of that place – to Marin County. But, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

We’re looking now at the year 1963, so what was going on with Synanon?

Well, first thing was that in an obvious PR maneuver, Charles Dederich married Betty. Betty was a black woman, a former heroin addict and prostitute and Chuck told his followers that this was part of “racial integration” – that they needed to get with too.


betty and chuck synanon 1969

Chuck told Betty that he believed “it would be good for Synanon to have, right at the top of the pyramid, an integrated marriage.”

Dederich, a portly white man with a salt-and-pepper goatee, and Betty, a visionary black woman with graceful eyes, cast a striking image, but more than that they set an example for others to follow.

Indeed, a decade later my parents were one of 75 couples that tied the knot in a mass wedding on Synanon’s sprawling ranch at Walker Creek [Synanon’s Marin County ranch] . If you look closely at the sea of faces in their 1972 wedding photos there is one thing that stands out: many of the couples were interracial.

A Troubled Experiment’s Forgotten Lesson in Racial Integration Posted: 04/01/2012


From Susan Richardson’s pinterest page:

1972 mass synanon interracial wedding.

I don’t particularly have anything against race anything when it comes to two people who love each other being together, but I am of an entirely different mind when it comes to someone using that as some kind of “look at me I’m enlightened” kind of PR maneuver which is most definitely what Dederich was doing as a recruiting process.

I can’t help but notice the strange similarity to Mark Rathbun also up and marrying a black woman just in time to spring himself (and the subject of scientology) on the world Public Relations-wise.

Mark and Monique

marty and monique rathbun

Because, you see, by 1963 Synanon was really pushing to bring in those crowds of people for the CIA to study through lots of public relations maneuvering and the use of Hollywood Stars. Which, I might mention, is the same thing that former second-in-command of the church of scientology Mark Rathbun and his friends did starting in 2010, lots of name-dropping of stars to grab attention and headlines.

Like Scientology, Synanon attracted Hollywood. In the early 1960s, the Synanon house became quite the fashionable hang-out for Hollywood’s more cerebral celebrities. Guest speakers in 1963 alone included Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling, legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury, and the original host of the Tonight Show, Steve Allen. Other visitors included Leonard Nimoy, Jane Fonda, Charlton Heston, and Milton Berle, among dozens of other curious stars. Synanon had some pretty cool parties, thanks to the fact that so many jazz musicians were around trying to kick their habit.

– David Love,  Cult of Narconon and Synanon drug rehab atrocities
synanon Jack Hurstsynanon L to Right: Reid Kimball, “Tootsie” Cavanaugh, Vince Cavanaough, Charles Dederich, Betty Coleman Dederich (his wife), Charlie Hamer, Jack Hurst and Bill Crawford.


Before Mark Rathbun’s and David Miscavige’s time (and more germane to the time of Chuck Dederich and Synanon) L. Ron Hubbard had already established the same tactic for scientology – he called it Project Celebrity. You can read all about it in my post entitled: Scientology’s Project Celebrity – The Hunters and The Game

The interesting thing is that a lot of the names that are linked up with Synanon (not just in David Love’s article) happened to have been on a list of “game” or target celebrities that Hubbard wanted to hook up his “hunters” with.

From Ability magazine #2 minor (February 1955)

 scientology Project Celebrity Ability 2 Minor (1955)

In 1954 and early 1955, L Ron Hubbard was already deep into working with Miles Copeland’s right-hand man Bob Mandelstam to use scientology as a CIA front for “political action”. By the time Miles Copeland returned from his black op in Egypt and took over things in July of 1955 (the same month Hubbard formed the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington D.C.) Hubbard and Mandelstam had things well underway. Hubbard had already been in bed with the CIA as far back as the very first foundation, the Dianetics Research Foundation, back in 1950, which Miles also talks about in his auto-biography The Game Player.

Hubbard incorporated occult elements into the new scientology religion, also as requested by Bob Mandelstam, starting with appropriating MI6 occult agent Alistair Crowley’s cross and even the name of the original occult group that Alistair Crowley had first joined – The Golden Dawn – which was also what Hubbard named a mailing in August of 1954 “testing” the new religious angle.

Hubbard’s Project Celebrity was true to Miles Copeland’s basic idealogy – it went after leaders.

But the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe. When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology…

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player,


I hoped to devise political actions which would boost aspirants of my choice into them, keep them there and channel them into paths leading to prosperity and security for both them and us.

identifying potential leaders and guiding them to their rightful destiny, through democratic means if such were available but unhesitatingly by other means if they were not.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, p. 144 (Scientology and the MRA had been “officially” chosen by Miles in 1955)
See these posts for further information:


The basic goal of this Political Action group was –

In its original form, my theory was that properly ‘charismatized’ leaders, placed in certain positions in the ‘free world’s’ ‘key’ bureaucracies, could be used as political levers by which an enlightened American foreign policy could uplift the world.

…the judicious application of my theory would enable a properly employed CIA to fulfill the Wilsonian pledge to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ while removing certain goings-on here and there that were inconveniencing the American way of life.

None of the operations that got their guidance from my little Political Action Staff has ever been publicized…p. 179

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player “political action description” – Chapter 15


Mandelstam and Copeland’s (and also Ron Hubbard’s) CIA marching orders were also based on this –

If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of ‘fair play’ must be reconsidered. We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies by cleverer, more sophisticated, and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people become acquainted with, understand, and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.

– from pages 1, 2,3 of the Introduction of Doolittle’s Report – Special Study Group, J.H. Doolittle, Chairman, Report on the Covert Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (declassified), September 30, 1954 – and from, p. 15,16 (of 78) of the PDF itself. Here is also an Internet Archive version in case it goes missing.


Here’s some pictures of some of the celebrities and famous people that were associated with Synanon, included Joe Schwartz, Henry Miller, Mongo Santamaria, and Bill Goodson.

World famous photographer, Joe Schwartz, lived in Synanon in 1961-1963.

Author Henry Miller 1961.

henry miller and son synanon 1961


Mongo Santamaria shown in center. On the right is John Maher who went off and founded his own center – Delancey Street in San Francisco. Delancey Street gradually expanded its operations, growing to a program of more than 600 residents with facilities in Santa Monica, New York, Santa Fe, N.M., and Greensboro, N.C., in addition to its San Francisco base.

Mongo Santamaria shown in center. On the right is John Maher founded his own center.

Bill Goodson

bill goodson synanon.

This page has a big listing of the stars that scientology recruited.


scientology celebrities.

The CIA marching orders of going after celebrities and leaders that was (and is) still being employed by scientologists (whether it’s Mark Rathbun or David Miscavige) – remains the same as when Ron Hubbard wrote it into Church policies while he was working with CIA agents Mandelstam and Copeland. the tactic remains the same…

Even a most cursory glance of media concerning the coming out party of scientologists Mark Rathbun et al. Even looking over his blog starting in 2010 shows it.


About that media –

information overload

What I intend to examine here is what’s the deal with the media obsession, the purpose, from both a synanon and scientology perspective.Media has been a tool of both scientology and synanon particularly beginning in the 1960’s. In scientology’s case, it is still going on right up until today.

In 1964, Synanon bought the first of its three West Marin facilities – the Bay Ranch. Local residents weren’t quite sure what to make of them. Some respected what they thought were accurate news stories about it’s cure rate with addicts, others were not so easily snowed and also didn’t take kindly to Synanon arrogantly ignoring the local zoning laws.

Synanon aggressively sought out publicity (for any reason, pretty much) both as a means of attracting donations and members, and the press, acting like it usually does whenever the slavemasters have one of their “plans” going, danced like a marionette on a string. Plastering America with favorable articles in magazines such as Time and The Saturday Evening Post, the idea was for Americans to be “convinced” that Synanon was doing – as the stories said – “what no one else could do: cure drug addicts.”

THAT was the come on, that was the hook and bait designed to suck in some more of that “freestanding population” the slavemasters and the CIA were so interested in studying. The CIA (at the behest of the slavemasters) wanted to study real people so they formed and used front groups to do so – like Synanon…like scientology.

I want to move the story forward some more, from the CIA experiments in the 1950’s into the 1960’s and beyond. The 1960’s brought us a new variation in operational utilization of the techniques of brainwashing and sensory deprivation and so forth…and this is the religious cult issue.

But it was in the 1960’s that the idea of using these techniques on essentially freestanding populations was experimented with and the cults provide the laboratory setting for social influence processes where the people are not taken into complete physical custody.

– Lecture: “The History of Mind Control: What we can prove and what we can’t” by Dr. Alan Scheflin, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University and author of the book “The Mind Manipulators”

Right in line with this, after they started having some “success” with influencing people, lo and behold numerous other therapeutic communities began springing up, patterned after Synanon, providing even more fodder for this large-scale social studies misadventure they had going.

The thing that stands out to me about these people’s attitude towards media publicity (not word-of-mouth, the holy grail of public relations) but counts of media stories, magazine articles, movies, and so on, was literally an obsession with Dederich. A statistic that he worshipped, he clung to it as being fraught with meaning , literally a supposed divining rod of his “success” in his task.

One media, two media, three – I’m a success!

ticking off list


Even if they were bad stories, it didn’t matter.



Because the convoluted thought process is (or maybe I should call it the wishing-on-a-star process) that if they could just get people’s attention then somehow this would lead to that Holy Grail of PR – word of mouth.

Let’s use Ron Hubbard as a perfect example – he was, after all, Dederich’s compatriot in far more things than not.

He’s perfect because he is just as paradoxical about it as any Slavemaster would be. On the one hand he clearly shows that he knows that media isn’t really the thing anyway, but yet he was obssessed about having it endlessly. But the “it” he says one should be trying to get in PR, is where we really see the problem they have – but kind of in reverse-speech, you know?

The “it” they are all after is: Word of mouth.

There’s one tiny little problem with what they think that is – they think it’s gossip. Put more succinctly, they want it to be gossip.




no shaking head.

Not the same as the real thing at all.

It has to do with that they have this conveniently loose definition of that word of mouth means: what people say to one another. Gossip certainly falls under that, but what is gossip really –  idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.

So, first of all, it’s a kind of word of mouth that is highly narrowed to things like who’s screwing who, who got embarassed, but most importantly it’s rumor. Rumor is definitely not the same thing as truth.

So, “word of mouth” of bullshit basically, is pretty meaningless unless you are a lying propagandist for the slavemasters – like Ron Hubbard and Dederich both were. Then it’s very important because it’s meant to try and overwhelm or distract from.

You see a lot of this surrounding current media about scientology, who got beaten, who died, who’s a closet homosexual, who swears a lot – you know what I mean.

It isn’t that none of these things have any importance, it’s that they are all skating along that thin-line of gossip – idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. It’s basically junior-high level reporting.

Take a look at this recent post from former head of scientology’s dirty tricks department Mike Rinder’s blog.

Note: I have used Mike Rinder several times recently as an example of different things. I’m not particularly “picking on him” by singling him out, he happens to be an easily visible and accessible example.

There’s all this rah-rah about homophobia, and then Tony Ortega (I think it was him) wrote that his post was “remarkable” and that: “we highly recommend that you read it and bookmark it for whenever Scientology’s attitudes about homosexuality come up in future news stories.” – Who is this “we”, I couldn’t tell you.

But, News stories? No. Gossip columns, supermarket tabloids maybe, but I don’t call that “news”.

It’s gossip.

I really hate people singling out homosexuals or lesbians as a group to sell a group attitude that we are supposed to have.

That is still propaganda.


We should definitely not be glorifying someone who’s acting like a jerk, or shunning or degrading someone who is a really neat person –  simply because they’re LGBT – see what I mean?

Besides, Rinder doesn’t appear to have ever had any consistent view of his own, if you read his post he just changes it with the drifting of public opinion! In addition, then we get subjected to oodles of comments glorifying him for his “progress”. That just reeks to high heaven, to me.

Trashing homo’s, as someone put it, was acceptable in the past – so he did it. Glorifying them is what is now the “next big thing” – so now he does that.

perish the thought - wry ick face.

Some choice words come to mind about that kind of behavior. the Milgram Experiment
writ large….

Why is he doing this? Well, since scientology and Synanon were both really good examples of the Milgram experiment writ large – where you get people to treat others badly because “public opinion” is in favor of it, let’s let Rinder’s mentor L. Ron Hubbard tell you all about it.

By standing for what people think is good and opposing what people think is bad greatly speeds WORD OF MOUTH.




See? It’s not about whether you really are that way or not, it’s that you want to be seen to be that way. It’s about presenting an image that you agree with “public opinion” in some way – that’s exactly what I think Mike Rinder is doing here.

There’s also a whole sub-text going on there buried in the “what people think…” parts. Not whether it is good or bad, it’s whether they “think” it is – and by that Hubbard means opinion and beliefs, not facts.

This is because slavemasters hate people knowing things, it’s very dangerous to any of their cons, their ops, their lies. They prefer people to “believe” because they know it’s weaker. Miles Copeland, Hubbard’s CIA handler, was instructed on this by his boss – Kermit Roosevelt Jr.

But he had other points: first, we, of all people, should have understood what it meant to know something, and to appreciate the difference between knowing and believing.

Second, as propagandists we should have understood that ‘information’ must be fashioned to fit beliefs, not knowledge.

Mussolini knew the difference (‘I don’t want my people to know,’ he said. ‘I want them to believe’); so should we. But it was the beliefs of our targets that mattered, not our own.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, autobiography of a CIA agent.


The wording in this Hubbard policy was very carefully chosen, and I’ll show you what I mean by showing you what happens with just one word change.

By standing for what people think know is good and opposing what people think know is bad greatly speeds WORD OF MOUTH.



vincent price - whoa.

Dramatically different.

Like night and day.


And one hell of a lot more accurate as to the real word of mouth – the kind the slavemasters hate – the kind that is infinitely more penetrating than that “gossip” word of mouth.

You can see that Hubbard knows that.

WORD OF MOUTH is a public relations comm line superior to press, radio, television or Mr. Big.

Radio, press and TV only seek to create “word of mouth”. This term means what people say to one another.




But, because it’s Hubbard, well…he just has to throw some lying misdirection in there too. What’s interesting is that the misdirection he’s throwing in is about trying to steer you towards using gossip and beliefs, NOT TRUTH.

He very carefully implies that if you do (use the truth)? You are therefore “incredible” and become “invisible” to the world.

The public will only respond to what is real to them. Here we are centuries ahead of our time and we have even solved death. […] We are incredible. How could we be real? We are unbelievable.


If you found out what the public wants and then sell and deliver it you will overcome this reality gap and become real and credible to the public.




That’s cute, eh? He’s training dang gossip columnists and fiction-writers, in other words.

Note: Apparently someone came along and did a re-write of this issue in Hubbard’s name and removed that part about being invisible (after Hubbard was dead, no less). You can read more about this whole topic in my post Trained In L. Ron Hubbard’s PR Tech – Do We Really Think We Aren’t Being Played?

Bear with me here, there is one final point I need to make about Rinder’s post that has bearing on today’s Synanon segment. Do you see where he made an addendum saying:

Discrimination is a pet peeve of mine I hate it in any form. I grew up in the 60s with the stigma of being a scientologist when it was about like being gay. Funny how I resented being treated differently but had the mindset that others “deserved” it….

He’s apparently still doing this though! I could show you many examples, but here’s one that is particularly a definite scientologist view – not an ex-scientologist view – like he is supposedly now. It most definitely comes under discrimination and stigmatizing someone.

This is from 2012 – on the topic of Gerry Armstrong still being harassed by scientology, Rinder says that he is “seeing things” and is “basically a fruitcake”, and as far as I know, Rinder has not changed this attitude one bit.


Didn’t look like he “hated” doing that to Gerry, to me.

church lady dana garvey.

The reason I brought that up is besides the fact that it was a dishonest and uncalled for characterization, it’s a perfect demonstration of the duplicity of those who are supposedly involved in exposing scientology’s “abuses”.

Because, you see, even that video wasn’t just some informal conversation, it was part of a documentary, a media vehicle. That’s why Rinder was doing it.

It’s not about truth with these kind of people, it’s the media attention that mattered, any media attention.

Many of the main people leading (but saying they aren’t) the so-called “expose scientology” movement are very media obsessed.

Some of them even go so far as to reject supporting people’s very real life stories – like Gerry – because they don’t “fit” their plan media-wise. This happens far more times than can be easily dismissed.


This is exactly what Dederich did with Synanon.

This is also exactly what Ron Hubbard did with Scientology.

Behavior modification by censorship.



To get you to want to join them and get your very own “gold star” of slavemaster approval, but only if you do their approved propaganda.



And yes…it really is that kindergarten with people like this.

kindergarten skills


 Steer that media…Basically, all we have with these current scientology people is merely a direction change – a very mild one at that – and no change in tactics. What is important to them is properly steered media attention, whether yea or nay.

Part of how you can find out what is really going on, is that sometimes (not always) you can tell much more by what isn’t covered, or if it is covered – is it done in such a way as to discredit it?

You know, like the current scientology anti-psychiatry campaign as conceived by David Miscavige, for example.

king-david miscavigeDavid Miscavige as “King” – shoop from forums why we protest


Let’s use that as a very good example.

The whole thing with scientology’s anti-psychiatry campaign is also nothing more than another example of trying to bring about a perverted form of “whither thou goest, I shall go…” in this case into scientology (they hope).

The below youtube video contains a production that CCHR put out that a non-scientologist found a lot of truth in, which it certainly does have some, and he uploaded it to youtube. However, watch how any truth that’s in it is practically destroyed by the utilization of  MKULTRA brainwashing techniques of flashing images at you – this is a straight bid to try and get at your “sub conscious” – making scientology guilty of the same underhanded tactics they are accusing psychiatry of!

Now there’s some irony.

vincent price - bats, the mkultra doctor extraordinaire


This is just plain ridiculous. People like David Miscavige (and he’s not alone – not by a long shot) think all they have to do is stimulate that “sub-conscious” and….




must… join… scientology now

frankenstein must join scientology.

Oh yea, that’ll work.

come on!


Plus, one of the worst things about this video is the announcer scientology used. The guy is truly smarmy, over-the-top, and even more obviously manipulative the way he falsely tries to sound “passionate” about the subject. It’s disgusting. He sounds like a dang infomercial/reality tv show narrator.

Here’s the video – watch all the flashing and white screen techniques being used to try and “soften you up” right from the beginning.



This kind of thing intentionally discredits any valid criticism (which there is loads and buckets of) by appearing to parallel it but what it’s really doing is veering off and trying to take you with it. One of the main ways people who make such things use to discredit the real criticism, is by doing it in such a definitely not the full truth, drama queen “it was the nazis and the marcabians” kind of way.

I like that Robert Whitaker recognized that the problem with scientology’s “criticism” of psychiatry is that it delegitimizes criticism – which is, of course, why they are directed to do it!

Interviewer: You mentioned Eli Lily and their response to data showing Prozac being associated with suicidal ideation, and how scientology and its views on psychiatry entered the picture.

Robert: I made a little joke in the book about psychiatry secretly funding scientology, but really, it couldn’t have worked out better for the pharmaceutical companies and biological psychiatry. The reason is that, of course, it delegitimizes criticism. The fact that scientology is so visibly attacking biological psychiatry and attacking psychiatric drugs delegitimizes all criticism. Scientologists clearly do have a cult-like status and they clearly do have an agenda. The fact that they’re so visible makes it very easy for psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies to say, “This is just criticism coming from that crazy group.”

Some of the stuff, they’ve gone into the data and they’ve brought out some information. Because it was scientology and CCHR that was out front with the criticism and raising questions and raising accusations that these drugs were causing suicide and violence, just made it really easy for pharmaceutical industry and Eli Lily to have it dismissed.

If we didn’t have Scientology. Imagine it doesn’t exist and there’s no such group raising criticism.

The questions around whether Prozac can stir violence or could cause someone to become suicidal or homicidal would have had a lot more traction.

Why Psychiatry Embraced Drugs: An Interview with Author Robert Whitaker Written by Kelly Bourdet, April 16, 2012


Scientology’s “criticism” also uses INVENTED or WRONG enemies – never the real ones. What is really wrong with this picture is that scientology and the psychiatrists are on the same team. Scientology will never expose that it has the same masters as psychiatry, and the same goal.


psychiatry and scientology trained monkeysshoop – trained monkeys David Miscavige and Ewen Cameron.


They are working on behalf of hostis humani generis – the enemy of the human race – the British slavemasters (Thomas Jefferson characterization)

– – –

Speaking of parallels and misdirection –

For you scientology tech mavens out there, how many times did you ever hear or read L. Ron Hubbard talking serious trash about the CIA?  Yea. exactly. I personally don’t recall even one. Considering he trashed just about everything else under-the-sun that is incredibly telling.

Because…as you just saw – HE WORKED WITH THEM.


I’m betting Charles Dederich didn’t trash-talk the CIA much either.

kara thrace wink.

In fact, I’d even go so far to say that one of the preferred ways for the slavemasters to hide their covert operations and real plans, is by saturating the media on a close, but not exact, topic. Close, but not exact….

Remember that.

Note: It’s certainly what CCHR was doing in that “Industry of Death” video supposedly exposing psychiatry.

Saturating the media is also a form of the same principle that schister lawyers (even the exorbitantly priced ones) use when they can’t stop something from being revealed. They bury the opposition in paper.

buried in paper

In this propaganda top-heavy media age, the concept becomes bury the opposition in media. I probably should clarify that even further. Bury the real opposition in a media saturation. On the internet, that same tactic becomes trying to bury the truth under the “paper” avalanche of thousands of not exactly what you’re looking for but what they want you to see results. You know what I mean, I’m sure I don’t need to belabor the point, but here’s a really good example based on asking Google the question: “Is scientology a mind control operation?”

The results I got today (October 12, 2015) on the first page are totally useless. Every one of them is some form of skewed propaganda – all leave out that it was an intentionally created covert intelligence operation.

Pages from is scientology a mind control operation - Google Search.

It’s also called information overload –

digital media overload

It is designed to bring about stress in someone trying to find the truth –

information overload stress

and even apathy

media stress.

It is a means to discourage someone from thinking they should even try.

IF a real journalist, or historian, or writer, (and I don’t necessarily mean someone holding a “degree) ever manages to skate past all their imposed stresses, their dang traps and “peer pressure” and sundry Do-Not-Pass-Go machinations and they start really digging into and writing (or talking to others) about some scary topic for a slavemaster? The first thing that is going to happen is that someone will be sent in to try and steer what is being done.

I believe that’s what happened with Richard Ofshe and the Mitchells (who wrote the book The Light on Synanon). I know it happened to Mike and I. Several times.

Some real humdingers, too.

eye roll kara.

So this is the basic idea behind all the media saturation that Dedrich and his CIA handler were engaged in. It’s interesting that the other big thing, actually probably the main thing, that began being heavily promoted in around 1964 was the Game. That’s what we’re going to look much closer at next.


The “Game”

What Synanon called The Game was the big attraction – the big thing that the media would be playing up for them.

Dederich is quoted as stating

The Synanon Game began with an idea I had of getting people together in a room to pursue a conversation with a “line of no line.” I began to yell and curse and accuse and ridicule: I talked to everyone in the room as if he had a tail. Boy I felt great, and everyone else loved it too. The next week they all came back. That was the birth of the Synanon Game, which basically hasn’t changed at all since 1958. Before the days of Synanon nobody had ever told addicts to stop using drugs. People tried to love them out of it, reason them out of it, and motivate them out of it. We said to them: “Hey, KNOCK THAT OFF! If you shoot dope here we’ll throw your ass out.

Synanon came into existence because our society is composed of mama’s boys and daddy’s little girls who have been innundated by attempts to produce nothing but agreeable sensations in them. Character disorders, quite simply, are people who had too strong a dose of “mother love and were never properly housebroken by fathers. The childish idea that money can accomplish something without people is rampant in our society.

At the top, its always the manipulation of people — the people business — that makes for success or failure. I am proposing a counter-philosophy, a rather old-fashioned, commonsense approach to things: ‘Good boys and good girls get good things — bad boys and bad girls get bad things.’ This idea is the very basis of Synanon. We are a father principle phenomenon which rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior.”


Ye old sales pitch for the Oedipal Complex, perhaps? Seeing as how Dederich didn’t have much of a father himself, it’s not hard to see why he’d buy into that one as a “great idea to try”. Plus, all that misogyny and blaming of mother as the source of any character disorder (oy!) is a guaranteed indicator that this guy had some really strong Catholic influence in his life – which as it turns out, he did – a Jesuit priest no less.

Synanon women

synanon women 1961.

synanon women 1964

As to what kinds of things went on in “the game” itself, I’ve already covered how it was taken from Ron Hubbard’s TR’s, and how it was later called a form of “attack therapy’, but let’s do sort of a condensed version here.

A Grand Jury in Marin County later referred to the game (or games) as “-no-holds-barred group encounter sessions-have long been the organization’s primary way of shaping members’ behavior.”.

Synanon House founder Charles E. Dederich talking to addict applicant & his mother life 1968Synanon House founder Charles E. Dederich talking to addict applicant & his mother – Life magazine 1968


Richard Ofshe’s descriptions of the game from his infiltration of the group are condensed as follows (taken from the book The Light on Synanon)

  • Synanon leaders deliberately manipulated the membership through the game to do whatever it was they wanted them to do, not that it was best for the person.
  • Lying was considered an acceptable part  of the Synanon game.
  • No one could leave their chair when in a game – very much like scientology’s TR’s when they are “in progress”.

game synanon ted dibble san francisco.

They used sex to recruit and keep people there.

In the early days, “Sex was all over the place,” Dederich later told researcher Daniel Casriel. “In a way I felt I was merchandising.I had to allow them to have something quickly that they could understand and stay with. I tried to allow them to have fun in any manner as long as they didn’t get drunk, shoot dope, or hurt anybody.”

– The Light on Synanon


The big encounter sessions, the famous ones, happened on Friday Nights,  hundreds of visitors took part in Synanon game clubs, in Urban areas, but in smaller, more “monks in an abbey” settings like West Marin, Richard was the only outsider.

dedrich rehab session the game 1968 synanon life magazine.

dedrich synanon 1968 life charles dedrich life mag 1968 synanon.

  • The Game was also used to enforce business deals and business policy.
  • Games in Synanon were usually “played” by fifteen or so members sitting in a circle. They were aggressive.
  • One player pointed out the defects or mistakes of another, and unless the accused could quickly talk his way out of the indictment, he faced a snarling pack of game players denouncing him.
  • an inexperienced game player often found himself confessing to fictitious misdeeds to stop the attack.
  • Wrongdoing exposed in a game could result in the culprit’s being remoted to less pleasant work, being reassigned to less comfortable housing, or being shunned by other members

Ofshe described how this technique felt to him –

It is difficult to make you understand how emotionally devastating that can be. It’s a tidal wave of hatred. The first time it hits you, it absolutely destroys you.



There was a saying within Synanon:

“The game remembers.”


  • Misdeeds a person might admit in one game could be brought up in future games-even years later-to fuel an attack against him.
  • Other game players could humiliate a target by demanding he recount his “dirty, rotten story.” This became his “jacket,” which would stay with him until he left the foundation.
  • Years later, other game players would browbeat him with the incident when they wanted to claim some recent misstep was “part of a long pattern of fuck-ups.”
  • Games could be also used to show support for members who were doing what Synanon wanted them to do.

Synanon leader Charles 'Chuck' Dederich perpetual stew

Games were used to create certain behaviors.

  • Games were also a forum to discuss personal problems
  • Games and their attacks were viewed as “sportive” by some.
  • Members become skilled at verbal gymnastics, becoming “aggressively articulate”.

drug addict synanon 1961

“After a while,” Richard replied, “members get used to it. Being called an ‘asshole’ or a ‘cocksucker’ gets to be as everyday an experience as having someone say, ‘How are you?’


The game was supposedly a successful method to make addicts give up the behavior that originally got them into trouble, but only as long they were being routinely subjected to it.

As you can see though, the game was actually used for a whole lot more than just “curing addicts”. For one thing, people were literally being conditioned to be arrogant, nasty, and aggressive – which is exactly how outsiders viewed them.

Synanon also had elders – “Wizards” –  to direct and control the addicts and the “games”. Betty Dedrich’s brother Wilbur Beckham was one of them.

Wilbur Beckham was Betty Dederich's brother and one of Synanon's Elders

.wizard - synanon elder.

Here’s some other “Wizards” or elders of Synanon –


Jack and Terry Hurst

Jack and Terry Hurst.

Barbara Stern

barbara stern synanon elder


Frank Lago (lighting a cigarette)

Frank Lago (lighting cigarette) original Elder of Synanon 1961 playing chess with Kandy Latson John Peterson

Jim Georgelas, “Jimmy the Greek” – a former gangster

Jim Georgelas 'Jimmy, The Greek' Synanon Elder - gangster and ddict


As part of daily life, Synanon members would read the Synanon prayer and Synanon philosophy every morning, often with an elder presiding.

synanon prayer morning meeting synanon prayer and philosophy

.Charlie Hamer and Frankie Lago synanon prayer 1961 synanon prayer 1959.

Betty Dederich (also an elder and board member) directed a Synanon choir, first at the original San Francisco location in Pacific Heights –

synanon san francisco pacific heights

On the wall in the background you see a photo of Timothy Leary – Mr. LSD.

pic of leary in background synanon san francisco


The darker side –

Parents were often separated from their children while going through this Synanon experience, as both a punishment for their “bad behavior” (being addicts) and a kind of carrot to hold over their head which Dederich would use to enforce them to do whatever he wanted them to.

split from children synanon rehab 1961.

He would decide when they were “fit” to be re-united, like this woman was finally allowed to do.

Watching her son get off the plane

jeanne holt synanon addict watching son eric get off plane


Spending time with her son for the first time in a long while

jeanne holt and son synanon


The Change the Game goes mainstream

Selling America on the whither thoust go by the slavemasters



In 1963, as attorney general for his brother President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy submitted a report to Congress on April 3 1963,calling for a new law he titled: The “Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act”.

Robert Bobby Kennedy attorney general.

Dedrich and his lieutenants had been present at the hearings by Kennedy leading up to this submission, invited by Congressman Dodd. How convenient – right?

dederich in senate hearing position with kennedy 1962.

Jack Hurst testifying about his “recovery” because of Synanon.

Senate hearing in 1962 with Jack Hurst


Bill Crawford, Dodd, Dedrich and Dr. Yablonsky 1962

Bill crawford, senator dodd, dederich yablonsky 1962.

Synanon’s small-scale testing ground had proven fruitful and the powers-that-be wanted to take things to a much wider level under the guise of treatment centers for alcoholics and drug-addicts.

This is right exactly in the same time period that the CIA was also beginning to shift their operations to testing those “freestanding” populations, often using religious cults.

It’s also when L. Ron Hubbard began the early stages of creating “The Grade Chart” and shifting the whole manner of operation of scientology.

Both Synanon and Scientology knew this big drug rehab act was about to become law, both began stepping things up in 1965 to prepare for the change in operation and the expected influx of people.

A grand jury investigating Synanon later, noted that in 1965 Marin county supervisors issued Synanon a use permit to “allow its present use,” which was essentially a drug-rehabilitation and residential center on the 65-acre Bay Ranch at Marconi Cove.

Starting in 1965, Synanon started buying up land in Marin County, California. It would eventually have three sites in the county, comprising just over 3,300 acres in total, making it the largest private property owner in the county.

David Love, Cult of Narconon and Synanon drug rehab atrocities, September 7, 2014


The Tomales Bay Ranch – 1965

tomales bay property synanon first one

Since then, Synanon bought two more local ranches (one of which was called the Walker Creek Ranch) becoming about 50 times the original size.

This is the Maghetti Ranch, used for school and ranching.


County supervisors periodically have claimed Synanon has mushroomed far beyond what their permits authorize, that growth there has been largely unregulated. To assuage the county, Synanon, almost a decade later, made a show of promising to offer the county a master plan for Synanon development.

It was never written.

None of them were ever shut down either, because it had the kind of “protection” that local state government officials were no doubt politely made aware of.

Listen you…

Now listen you chink - us Brits rules the world - understand.

It’s like this, see…
back off

Its like this see - gangsters.

Meanwhile, depending on what tax or permit Synanon was at the time claiming exemption from, the organization has alternately billed itself as a rehabilitation center, an educational center, an agricultural operation, and a religion.

We are at the time period when it was actually transitioning from just “rehabilitation” to rehabilitation and education.

We need to have a look at some other things that were going on in 1965 to better understand the shifts that start happening in both Synanon and Scientology.


The times, they are a-changin’


The head of the CIA’s MKUltra project, Sidney Gottlieb, had to begin presiding over the partial dismantling of MK Ultra in the 1963 to 1965 time period, because of exposures leaking out about what they were doing to people. An internal investigation had been ordered of Gottlieb’s activities.

Numerous projects were terminated but some were more in the guise of appearing to be terminated that were in fact just shifted underneath “corporate” structures such as Stanford Research Institute – that were still in the vicinity of, or attached to certain Universities. The British-backed Society for Psychical Research’s ESP experimentation, for example, was shifted out from under Duke University to a private research institute funded by Chester Carlson, the founder of Xerox; founded by J.B. Rhine, called Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man.

*For much more, see: The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Duke University, The Anti-Life Zone


It wasn’t that they wanted to change what they were doing, it’s that they wanted to make it more difficult to have any real accountability for what they were doing.

Least possible responsibility - marty gif

In May of 1962, after John F. Kennedy fired Allen Dulles as CIA director after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the new CIA director John McCone had tasked the CIA Inspector General Lyman Kirkpatrick to do an inspection and re-organization of the CIA TSS division (Gottlieb’s area). Lyman was an OSS veteran and founding “father” of the CIA and had been serving as IG for almost 10 years by then. He was promoted to executive director though, and so the responsibility passed to John S. Earman Jr.

Earman in 1937


He gave a final report of his inspection dated 26 July 1963. You can see it at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives disk#4, folder 17748 – 42 images. The report also covered which areas/projects they were still interested in.

The report stated that Gottlieb’s TSD (Technical Services Division) had initiated 144 projects relating to the control of human behavior during the previous ten years of operation of the MKULTRA program. Gottlieb had pruned this down to Twenty-five (25)  that he wanted to keep, and there were also a number of other projects that were still in the process of being terminated.

*For much more about all this (including General Earman’s background) please see Scientology Roots, Chapter 26-3: War for the Minds of Men)

Part of the reason for appearing to terminate such projects and shift them under universities like the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry – where Max Fink slunk off to for a while – and Minnesota State University, was because of new laws coming down the pike as part of Robert Kennedy’s NARA plan that I mentioned earlier – part of a bigger “master plan”. It was known that the FDA was going to have to appear to be doing its job and shut down the “research” use of LSD.

This show of “reform” was because of intense pressure from American families who were none too happy with the gross influx of drugs and the drugging of their sons and daughters particularly. So..in response Congress established the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control in 1965. It was within the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, (HEW) which became the Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA cancelled all research permits on psychedelics (like LSD) shortly thereafter, in a big show of “cracking down” on drugs. (this was in 1965)

But, hey – guess who was presiding over the Dept. of HEW at that time?

John William Gardner.

John W. Gardner - OSS


The same guy that helped found Stanford Research Institute where they were testing LSD for Mkultra, in the first place. He was also former OSS, embroiled in British Tavistock “personality testing” and other lovely things. You can read all about him here.

There are some dirty, dirty, dealings going on here folks, not the least of which was that a lot of these “reforms” while placating (or is that putting to sleep) the American public, were actually about ushering in slavemaster control of the Drug Trade.*

*See Scientologists Help the CIA Take Over the Drug Trade – Nixon Era

Accordingly, with the dismantling of certain MKULTRA projects, combined with the new FDA-to-the-rescue show, the previous LSD project at Stanford University had to be “shut down” and at first, Willis attempted to move it to a new university.

FDA doing the Dudley Do-Right thing –


When really, they’re Snidely Whiplash tying America to the train-tracks.

snidely whiplash.

In 1965, Willis Harman, later to become president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Robert Mogar, Associate Professor of Psychology, San Francisco State College, gained the agreement of the Administration of San Francisco State College to set up The Institute of Psychedelic Research.

Unfortunately for Willis and friends, the PR nightmare of the allegations concerning mind-control research (that were true) turmoil was threatening the reputation and enrollment levels of the Universities around the U.S. that had participated in such relatively open “research”.

San Francisco State College reversed their decision despite the fact that the brochure (included below) had already been printed.  Negotiations with other granting agencies to support further research at the International Foundation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park, California, were also terminated.

So, Willis, hired Al Hubbard as a “janitor” practically, and did it covertly anyway at Stanford. Guess it came in real handy that William Gardner was “the man” at that time, right?


Here is a PDF of the pamphlet that Willis and the boys put out before their new Institute (of Psychedelic Research) was shut down too. It lists the persons involved and their positions.

One of the most interesting things to me in this booklet, is the portrayal of a scientific, or applied (science term) religious philosophy regarding creating and studying “peak” or “transcendental” experiences.

…we are enabled to examine religion in all its facets and in all its meanings in a way that makes it part of science rather than something outside and exclusive of it…


The pamphet goes on to quote British slavemaster igor (and 1950 permanent staff of UNESCO’s Social Science dept.) Percival William Martin. One of the first things Percival had been involved with in 1947, was a derailing of any attempt to study the reason for the different standards of living in slavemaster-dominated (and being punished) countries.

Reference – P.W. Martin. 20th  June, 1947. “Tensions Affecting International Understanding – Standards of Living.” Folder 327.5. Tensions  Affecting Int. Understanding, Part II from 1/VI/47  up to 30/X/47. UNESCO Archives.

Percival wrote a book called Experiment in Depth, and apparently that’s what was being quoted:

Great philosophies and great religions have time and again come into being….

….For the first time in history, the scientific spirit of inquiry, the free search for truth, is being turned upon the other side of consciousness.


Well…guess what L. Ron Hubbard would soon do after this? Scientology would start being referred to as an “Applied Religious Philosophy” (where the word “applied” is a reference to Science) in 1969. He did refer to applied philosophy in 1964, in a policy letter dated October 27, but not these particular three words put together in idiom form.

He had earlier alluded to this blending of religion, philosophy and science in Ability magazine #1 major (January 1955). This was when he was already working with CIA political action agent Bob Mandelstam to use scientology as a front group.

He called it: the science of knowing how to know answers. This is the earliest reference to it being a “science”.

Hubbard description of scientology Ability 1 Major (1955)

Hubbard description of scientology Ability 1 Major (1955) 2

In 1960 he started calling it a religious philosophy, which was referenced in a 7 years later issue.

Hubbard religious philosophy 1967.

Then in 1961, in a P.E. Handout put out in April (see this website) scientology was again described as a “science”. You can see the similarity in this description to what Willis Harman was putting out, and how Hubbard had closely parallelled UNESCO man Percival as well.

Scientology is a precision science. It is the first precision science in the field of the humanities.


The earliest instance of Ron Hubbard most closely matching the new SRI propaganda in a public issue wasn’t until after Willis Harman and his Institute. It wasn’t until 1969, when it appeared in Scientology Guardian’s Office publication Freedom magazine, the first issue.

This is when the idiom applied religious philosophy began being uniformly used to describe scientology.

At the same time, on February 22 of 1969, a Hubbard executive directive called an LRH ED came out. It was only the 4th of it’s kind and it also carried the same idiom.

Our main activity is of course Scientology which concentrates upon the betterment of normal awareness, intelligence, communication and so on. It is fundamentally an applied religious philosophy.


Note: There was supposedly a policy letter at one point dated 12 February 1969 that stated that “all public literature must state that Scn is religious philosophy, but that’s not that applied religious philosophy very particular idiom we’re talking about. Plus, the issue is just plain odd. The shorthand telex designation of “Scn” (instead of spelling out scientology) being used in the middle of an official policy letter is not normal at all, almost as if it was just pasted in there from some telex or something weird like that.

12 feb 1969 religious philosophy hubbard from lermanet.

I think it’s interesting though that scientology doesn’t start using that particular idiom until 1969 – we’ll get into why probably in the next segment.

Another point to illustrate the closeness between SRI man Willis Harman and Ron Hubbard is that in 1977, Willis went on to become the President of the Institute for Noetic Sciences in Sausalito, California. “Noetic” was defined as knowing in the deepest sense. Just like Scientology – knowing in the fullest sense of the word, knowing how to know answers.

– – –

Meanwhile, back at the Stanford University “ranch” in 1965 –

Dr. James S. Ketchum would soon be connecting up with LSD King “Bear” Owsley and Tim Scully.

Who was Ketchum?

James S Ketchum.

A psychiatrist who had been assigned as the Army’s Chief of Clinical Research at Edgewood Arsenal for psycho-chemical warfare studies starting in 1961. Even though the Geneva Convention had banned the use of chemical weapons, Washington poured money into the search for a “non-lethal incapacitant”.

By the time the clinical testing program had run its course, 6,700 volunteers (who weren’t quite properly informed of what they were getting themselves into) experienced some bizarre states of consciousness at Edgewood – from drugs including LSD, PCP, Ritalin, and a delirium-inducing ass-kicker known as “BZ” (a belladonna-like substance similar to atropine, the drug Max Fink likes to paralyze people before he electro-shocks them) – all of which were thought to have significant potential as non-lethal incapacitants.

Somewhere around 1966, he was on an Army-sponsored “fellowship” at Stanford – which probably means he was involved with the Willis Harman Psychedelic research they were doing that they weren’t supposed to be doing anymore. He met Dr. Tod Mikuriya, who introduced him to Tim Scully and they had a grand old time.

Who’s Tim Scully?

Tim Scully – kind of a nerd back in the day.

Tim Scully


He was the protege of Augustus Owsley Stanley III, the grandson of a former governor of Kentucky and U.S. senator, the “King of LSD” manufacturing – who also happened to be the sound man for the Grateful Dead when several of its members were all mixed up with Scientology, such as Robert Hunter, for example. One of their closest friends, Grace-Marie Haddy, would become later Guardian’s Office intelligence-operations head Terry Milner’s right-hand woman. Terry and Grace would also get all mixed up with undercover CIA/Justice agent Jerry McDonald running drugs and guns, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, and helping the CIA take over the drug trade in the early 1970’s. Grace is still in scientology, helping them run “black ops” on people to this very day.


owsley stanley.

One day in 1965, Owsley, who had heard about Scully and his “interests”, paid him a visit. He told Scully he wanted to “develop specialized instrumentation for rock bands” and he took him on tour with the Grateful Deadband, complete with hot-and-cold running groupies. As a nerd, as you can imagine, Scully had never had so much “fun” in his life. ‘Course, designing instrumentation (what a shore story that was) wasn’t really what Owsley ultimately had in mind for Scully, he wanted to use him in LSD production.

Owsley, like many others who were CIA front men (like he was) knew the permit pulling thing would be coming down from the FDA. So, by the time it did, he already had Scully – who had no experience with chemicals but was a whiz at library research – making LSD for him near Berkeley!

Then he took Scully with him to meet William Mellon Hitchcock (Mr. OSS and CIA connections galore) at his New York apartment. Hitchcock and Scully became best friends, and would engineer the production of “orange sunshine” for the other CIA/Leary semi-front group project – the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. It was Timothy Leary’s British connections – including Dr. Richard Alpert (now known as Baba Ram Dass) who had set up the meeting.

Completing our happy little circle here, Leary and Alpert were all mixed up with senior British intelligence agents such as Stephen Abrams, Francis Huxley (Oxford lecturer and nephew of Aldous Huxley) and Arthur Koestler.

Arthur Kœstler (British IRD agent), Irving Brown (CIA agent in charge of European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media) 2

Koestler was a British IRD agent, and in the pic above, he is with Irving Brown, CIA agent in charge of (European and African left-wing) and James Burnham (CIA agent in charge of intellectual media). The IRD  – Information Research Department – had been formed in 1948, in England to “combat Communism”.

Oh lord – combating “communism”? We know what that means now – don’t we.

come on!

For those that don’t, see Part 5: Dark Matter.

Let’s look at this though, considering what I’m about to tell you about these boys, apparently their idea of combating communism – stopping any country from getting independent of the slavemasters – was to drug people out of their minds!!

Francis Huxley and Stephen Abrams had been “grooming” Koestler (who would later leave his fortune to a parapsychological institute at Edinburgh) for current British intelligence purposes, and they suggested he go see J.B. Rhine at Duke University, and British agent Timothy Leary at Harvard. He did both.

Abrams took a ship to New York, instead of flying, and then met with Timothy Leary at Harvard and both were flown down to Duke University to meet up with Rhine by Baba Ram Das (Richard Alpert) in his private plane.

Note: J.B. Rhine was in the middle of running one of the MKULTRA sub-projects there at Duke – see this post for more information and de-classified CIA documents. Stephen Abrams had been helping him with it and then went back to Oxford where he continued to get funding from the CIA – of all things.

Joseph Banks Rhine – in front of his office at Duke University.


The next day, there at Duke University, Abrams, Rhine and his research team, Koestler, and Leary all got “high” on a bottle of psilocybin pills Leary had brought specifically for this purpose. They even attempted some ESP experiments, but that didn’t turn out to be very productive. Koestler had a bad “trip” but Rhine was “inspired” and kept Leary’s bottle of pills for further research.

Note – One of the projects supported under MKUltra’s predecessor, project ARTICHOKE, had agents that had been sent to Mexico with R.G. Wasson in 1952 to discover the Psilocybe mushroom cult among the Mazatecs. That particular project ended up having both Timothy Leary and one of Ron Hubbards main financers in the first days of Dianetics, CIA asset John Starr Cooke, who helped funnel millions of Rockefeller dollars to Hubbard) both of them – Leary and Cooke – were mixed up in it too! It was Cooke that had a ranch at Cuernavaca where this “mushroom” was found. (see Part 4: The Hard Six, for more about that)

Koestler also met up after this with Monroe and Preston Abbot who was one of the overseers of “programs” of the Human Ecology Fund – one of the main MKULTRA funding front groups.

So, now we’ve got secret Army psycho-chemical testing, British intelligence, Alpert, two Huxley’s, Rhine, Scully, Owsley, Hitchock, the Grateful Dead, SRI and Willis Harman, scientology intelligence actions, the CIA, Mkultra, all nice and tightly interconnected with each other here in 1965/66.

That’s why I’m showing you this. So you can understand just how small and tight, really, this world is that Ron Hubbard – the CIA asset of a tru-blue NOC agent, Miles Copeland – was moving in.


This was the same world that Synanon was moving in.


Now….what was Synanon doing right when all this LSD making and everything else was happening in the Bay Area?

Opening another big institute right in the middle of the action.

Of course, right?

In 1965 they remodeled an old warehouse in the Embarcadero, called it the “Seawall”, and San Francisco Synanon was born.

1965 expansion San Francisco Embarcadero 'The Seawall' warehouse Synanon San Francisco.


Strangely enough, it was practically right on top of what would be the location of the main scientology organization in San Francisco (in 1968).



The “seawall” was condemned and Synanon had to move its operation to Potrero Hill (also close to scientology) in 1970, when an old Dutch Boy paint factory was made available to them. Albin Bauman then headed it, but the building was sold in 1979.




Synanon got its own magazine going –

synanon magazine put in 1965.

Meanwhile, L. Ron Hubbard puts out the “aims” of scientology, stating some twisted Utopian ideals.


Why they were studying addicts –


Dual OSS and British Security Coordination agent James Alexander Hamilton, began his voyeurism adventures with MkUltra’s Operation Midnite Climax handler – agent George White – under the rather flimsy excuse of that he was studying the effects of “deviant” sexual behavior.


James alexander Hamilton2

John Marks in Search for the Manchurian Candidate, specifically talks about Hamilton’s real role – he was a West Coast supervisor for Gottlieb’s MKULTRA program, which puts him in the same circle as Willis Harman (testing LSD) and the whole Leary/British intelligence contingent, as well as Owsley and Scully (the Grateful Dead and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love).

At the safehouse, where most of the testing took place, doctors were seldom present. Dr. James Hamilton, a Stanford Medical School psychiatrist and White’s OSS colleague, visited the place from time to time, apparently for studies connected to unwitting drug experiments and deviant sexual practices. … Hamilton had joined MKULTRA in its earliest days and had been used as a West Coast supervisor for Gottlieb and company.

Hamilton was one of the renaissance men of the program, working on everything from  psychochemicals to kinky sex to carbon-dioxide inhalation.

By the early 1960s, he had arranged to get access to prisoners at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Hamilton worked through a nonprofit research institute connected to the Facility to carry out, as a document puts it, “clinical testing of behavioral control materials” on inmates. Hamilton’s job was to provide “answers to specific questions and solutions to specific problems of direct interest to the Agency.”

In a six-month span in 1967 and 1968, the psychiatrist spent over $10,000 in CIA funds simply to pay volunteers— which at normal rates meant he experimented on between 400 to 1,000 inmates in that time period alone.

During his “supervisor” period, that puts him connected with the same people keeping an eye on the Synanon program.

I say that because, John Marks actually filled us in on the real reason Hamilton was there experimenting with prisoners. Prior to 1966, people were sent to jail for using narcotics. This is where addicts ended up in many cases.

So, we get a real good glimpse of just what one of the real reasons for having Synanon around was about.

It has seemed as if these patients had been antisocial personalities, first, who had just happened to find an expression of their deviation in addiction. Cured of addiction, they find another expression.

…Interesting as these patients may be, they are a constant headache to a psychiatrist. They monopolize his time and demand that he get them out of one predicament and then another. We regarded these patients as educational…

Ref – NARCOTIC DRUGS Interim report of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs by Advisory Committee to the Federal Bureau of Narcotics JULY 3, 1958, COMMENTS by Dr. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University, School of Medicine


Ah, see? They were anti-social personalities – and that’s not what you think it means. It’s not necessarily (or always) a bad thing, because half the time what that really even means is against the social order of the slavemasters. I’ve talked about this many times now, the 2-class system – masters and “workers”.

They also have this strange tendency to call these same kind of “rebels” – communists.

vincent - wow .

So, they figure addicts are “anti-social” who just chose addiction and if they were cured, they would just choose some other “rebellious” thing against slavemaster society. Hence all the experimenting to see if they can cue their anti-social attitude towards the slavemasters.

Now you see why the “rebels welcome” cults were in place – like scientology, like synanon.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I love it when things come so clear, like that.

now that's clear water.



Written and researched by –

Virg sig script

2015-10-12_1859_me small

In the next segment we will explore the fascinating changes that took place with both Synanon and scientology in 1966.

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