“Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.”

China, Chairman Mao speech February 1957

Note: the above is often misquoted as “flowers bloom”.


freedom field flowers.

Sounds good, right?

Well, hold on to that thought because that’s the point here. It was meant to sound good and even look good but what it really was, was something else entirely.

Mao Zedong encouraged critics of his government and then betrayed them – just in time for making sure any help or advice they could have given that would have prevented a famine that basically killed even more millions of Chinese.

In probably the most astounding example of attempted mind control for purely “study” purposes (right up there with the Milgram and Stanford Prison experiment) that I have ever seen, Chairman Mao was tasked to “thin” the population of China – as if what happened during WWII wasn’t enough already.

There were two forces at work within China that had revenge on their minds – the Vatican and the British nobility/American anglophiles. The usual suspects, in other words.

China was historically anti-British, for many, many good reasons – top of the list being the enforcement of the Opium Trade on the Chinese people going back to the late 1700’s. China was also anti-God religions – particularly Catholicism.

If any of my readers here recall my OSS in China posts, you’ll already know what I’m going to say next but for those who didn’t have the opportunity to see those when they were still up (they’re being redone) I’ll give you the punch-line.

China was not “communist” – that was a completely controlled-opposition invention by the slavemasters as a way to categorize, degrade, and marginalize any zone in the world that was resisting (or could) slavemaster 2-class system rule.

What’s that?

Well, if you haven’t seen this post: The True Nature of “Communism” and Why the British/Vatican Slavemasters Needed It – Trashing the American Revolution  here’s a brief description.

The British/Vatican slavemasters have always held that there is a social order, a hierarchy of society that boils down to two classes. The rich or the nobility (priests and kings) and everyone else – the workers, the slaves.

This two class system where the rulers are kings and priests and everyone else is the slaves – the workers – is a particularly Nesilim system. It came from the Nesilim Empire in what is now called Turkey.

Here’s just one of several quotes from Popes themselves showing this is “the plan” – and always has been.

It is not true that all have equal rights in civil society. It is not true that there exists no lawful social hierarchy.

…a sound prosperity is to be restored according to the true principles of a sane co-operative system which respects the proper hierarchic structure of society

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


So, what had happened that had the slavemasters so wanting to corral China in the time of Mao – close it down to the outside world – was that they had in essence thrown out both the Catholic Church and the British nobility from having any supremacy in their country.

A correct action.


Slavemasters do not take kindly to having their “power” marginalized and shown to be as nothing as it is. That’s all it took…with blood-in-their-eye, the slavemasters immediately began all manner of covert operations to infiltrate and take over the government of China using “communists” – appearing to prove their point of “look at those communists” – get it?

This was about punishing the Chinese people

for not bowing to the slavemaster “magnificence”.


Its hard to underestimate the significance of slavemaster behavior in places like South America, China, and Africa. In relation to later groups and “movements” that began appearing in the United States – such as Synanon, such as Scientology, it is simply astounding and it is not because “communists” were taking over the U.S. That’s what we have been fed to believe, that’s the easy route to accept. The actuality, what really happened, is far worse than that.

The fact that the same retaliatory and subversive techniques were brought in by definitely not “communist” American pseudo-nobility (who ran agencies like the CIA for example) for the same purposes against the American people is truly astounding and a story, a truth, that needs to be told.

We’re going to use China here, and study some history because I think it’s important for people around the world to know this story; to know just how clear these intents actually were (and still are).


China and the Slavemasters

A brief history


Ever since the British/Vatican elements first discovered tea, they have been literally obsessed with controlling China starting with the formation of the British East India Company on New Year’s Eve in 1600.

It is a tragedy what they did to China.



crying animated child.

scene from back to 1942 - henan province.


Nanjing execution china.

When Chinese rulers rightfully rebuffed and tried to fight back against their continuing efforts to take whatever they wanted from China, the British began a program of corrupting it from within – starting with importing opium from their slave-fields of poppy production in India.

For several hundred years they essentially turned the population of China into drug addicts, which got so bad that it completely ruined the Chinese economy and through war the British ultimately ended up with Hong Kong as one of their colonies by 1839. Even all that horror wasn’t good enough for the Slavemasters so they fostered internal division amongst its peoples in every way imaginable.

They fostered controlled “rebellions” and “revolutionary” movements such as the White Rose gangs and even the later Chinese Communism.

Nowhere is this more apparent than during WWII.

The objective of the British war effort in China was to reclaim its colonial empire using America’s strength to do it.

British propaganda about America being side by side

The British did not fear Hitler. He was their puppet. What they feared was a strong China emerging from the war.

But what did a “strong” China mean to them? Strong like America, and most importantly independent like America – a nation in and of itself. The British called this “nationalism” – as a slur.

It began when the Republic of China was formed in 1912, and this quickly became what the British called a “nationalist” government, or the Kuomintang which literally means Chinese National People’s Party .

As we touched on before, the favored tactic of the slavemasters was using “communism” as a weapon to undermine any country following in the footsteps of America. Holding true to that tactic,  in June of 1920, Comintern* agent Grigori Voitinsky was sent to China by the Okhrana (Russian Intelligence – later called the KGB) on behalf of the allied British and Russian slavemasters.

*Comintern – The Communist International, also known as the Third International (1919–1943), it was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.



Voitinksy was tasked to begin creating a spy network to ultimately infiltrate the Kuomintang and to start the Communist Party in China, recruiting Chinese people into the “cause”. Immediately upon his arrival, in order to accomplish finding recruits to either be spies or “true believers” he was given covert slavemaster funding to finance starting a front group called the Socialist Youth Corps.

Particularly in 1928, when Chiang Kai-Shek came to power, the British began their usual slimy covert maneuvering to try and punish China for trying to get out from under their rule over them.

This was exactly when a young L Ron Hubbard was there being shepherded around by a British intelligence agent named Ian MacBean.

Major Ian MacBean worked for MI 6 in China. His wife was Phyllis Bedell and since childhood she was lifelong friends with Admiral Mark Kerr. His cousin was Philip Henry Kerr, a member of the Round Table who held top positions in British intelligence and he worked directly with Lord Robert Cecil. The point is – Major Ian MacBean had family connection right to the top of the British slavemasters. (Ref – Phyllis Bedell, My Dancing Days)

Starting in June 1928, Hubbard gets trained by British intelligence man Ian MacBean, for the next six months.

An autobiographical excerpt by Hubbard:

I was up and down the China coast several times in my ‘teens from Ching Wong Tow to Hong Kong and inland to Peking and Manchuria. I had a very good friend in the British Legation in Peking, Major Ian MacBean who was an intelligence officer. My friends were very kind to me, even indulgent, and I was extremely fortunate in having the friendship of a great many older men. They found me a good listener.

Ian MacBean took Hubbard on a tour of British intelligence efforts from Peking through northern China.

Hubbard, in his own words in Dime Adventure magazine, October 1935 –

I completely missed the atmosphere of the city, devoting most of my time to a British major who happened to be head of the Intelligence out there.


Originally published in the February 1935 issue of Five Novels –

It was on Hubbards second journey to East Asia that he met British Secret Service agent, Major Ian MacBean, who introduced him to “The Great Game,” the geopolitical tug-of-war between China, Japan, and Britain.


You also can see clear evidence of MacBean’s influence on him, Hubbard was being groomed to have the exact slavemaster view towards China. His diaries from this time period show him trashing Chiang Kai-Shek (he calls him Chen Shek) and the Scientology propagandists narratives (in the above PDF) helpfully fill the reader in on Shek’s “nationalism”.

Even the great general “Chen Shek” has one idea that cannot be dislodged but his methods are wrong and he cannot get far enough away from his three principles to change his methods. He is having his thoughts done in blue all over the Imperial red walls of Peking. But the average coolie knows not what the characters say nor does he care. He is too interested in getting his belly full that he may sleep comfortably all night.

The very nature of the Chinaman holds him back. If his fellow should fall, John thinks it quite proper that he stamp on the underdog’s face.” – Ron Hubbard, 1928


Major_Ian_MacbeanIan MacBean – MI 6 British intelligence agent


Hubbard_Peking_1929Hubbard in Peking, under the tutelage of British MI6 agent Ian MacBean


Now, while it is true that prior to the formation of the People’s Republic, the slavemasters were behind the initial breaking of the Chinese monarchy. But, how they did that was by using propaganda of “free China” and so on, and it had literally completely backfired on them because the people took them at their word – that this was now THEIR country, and they began to act accordingly.

So when Chiang Kai-Shek rose to power, the British freaked and began their war machine maneuverings in earnest using their ALLY from WWI – Japan.

Not many people realize that was truly the case – they were not really enemies. To make that even more clear to you – even Pearl Harbor was a staged event with Japanese cooperation to “get America into the War”. And what the main area of interest of that war really?


CIA agent Miles Copeland clearly informed his readers that President Roosevelt knew ahead of time and allowed Pearl Harbor to happen to accomplish the British/Vatican slavemaster’s aims – not America’s. Roosevelt had become a total puppet and a traitor.

When Sauers told the President that the new centralized intelligence unit he was organizing would see that there would never be another ‘Pearl Harbor’, the President [Truman] replied, ‘You haven’t yet had your Top Secret briefing or you’d know that a bit of code-breaking had told us all about the Pearl Harbor attack in advance. What President Roosevelt needed was intelligence bearing on the question of what he should do about it.’

President Roosevelt got the intelligence, and he decided to let the Pearl Harbor attack happen as a way of arousing an otherwise apathetic populace.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, pp. 68,69


p 68 and 69 The Game Player by Miles Copeland


Again, and what was the real aim of this war?

While everyone was looking at Hitler the sock puppet, the real purpose of Britain/Russia/Anglophilic Americans and the Vatican for WWII was:

to reclaim China from the “Nationalists”.

Classic sleight-of-hand, on a massive scale, and using people and places instead of decks of cards. That’s the only difference. There is a saying by magicians, that “the big move hides the little one” – only in this case I’d have to say that Hitler was the big move hiding the even bigger moves in China.


I’ll say it again now. The British feared a strong China emerging from WWII.

China’s potentialities in the post-war world cause the present British Government some anxiety. It recognizes that if China emerges from this war strong and unified, China will

  • (1) endanger, as a focus of nationalist infection, Britain’s Asiatic Empire;
  • (2) attempt, paradoxically perhaps, imperialistic expansion of its own; and
  • (3) threaten British claims to Hong Kong.
– Memo, John Paton Davies to Ambassador Gauss, “Anglo-American Co-operations in East Asia,” 15 November 1943, Entry 110, Box 52, Folder 16, cited in Oss in China, by Maochun Yu, Chapter 12 – The Last Chapter


Guess how they planned to “liberate” China from those dastardly Nationalists?

… Hong Kong… should be liberated by the British, albeit using Chinese guerrillas in the first assault.

– Charles Cruickshank, SOE in the Far East, p.160. as cited by Maochun Yu in OSS in China Prelude to Cold War.



air quotes.

Yea sure. That’s what they were doing.

What kind of “chinese guerillas” though – notice how Cruikshanks left that out.




That’s what kind.

British intelligence (together with the Vatican) had long been engaged in backing/creating communism.The Vatican?

We touched on this earlier, but let’s focus more closely on the obvious question here. Why would the Vatican back communism?

Reason #1 – Power and Planetary Rule

The Americans successfully broke loose from both the British and the Vatican slavemasters’ hold over them (the first to do ever do so) and made the unprecedented law that no religion should have any supremacy, and no ranks of nobility would be allowed in the newly independent country. They also cut the slavemasters finance lines – the Vatican was one of the “investors” holding debt over the head of the new nation until President Jackson took that away from them by killing their bank and paying off the debt.

Ever since then the slavemasters have tried to have people equate in their minds the later created slimy parallel of “communism” as being the same as what America did earlier – all in an effort to try and have people think what America did was a bad thing. Hopefully, from their perspective, this would stop others from doing what America did.

From then on, every single time a country has tried to establish its independence, its right to control its own resources, the slavemasters have covertly backed and brought in Communism in order to get that revolution portrayed as “communist” – when it was most definitely not.

They have always controlled the “leaders” of communism one way or another – starting with the founder himself, Karl Marx.

Like Mao in 1957, communism was also a way to entice any would-be rebels and leaders out where they could see them, and after identifying who they are? They usually killed them, or if not, they used them to ultimately derail and misdirect any true independence movement.

EVERY single time.

Reason #2 – Religion

China isn’t exactly enamored of Christianity – to put it mildly. Even today, over 50 percent of the Chinese people reject all forms of slavemaster religion. The Catholics are particularly insane in the area of people rejecting their religion – things like the Inquisition made that abundantly clear.

Just like America did, China would give Catholicism (christianity) no preferred treatment, no “special place” in either their politics or their Culture, and eventually kicked most of them out!

These two reasons should give you a good start in understanding why there is consistent Vatican involvement in the same places and the same operations as the British slavemasters…

Especially since the American Revolution.


In the long run, the slavemasters don’t want anyone else ruling besides them, but they will use “communism” in the short run to prevent Nationalism – or being like the Americans – from taking over.

Because then they are permanently exiled from power, and we can’t have that.


eye roll kara.

So, what this all boils down to is that the slavemasters (Vatican or British nobility) want any geographical area on this planet to stay in their 2-class system where they rule.

The Chinese people felt that their home should be their home, like the Americans who were their inspiration. As a result, that’s why a strong nationalistic movement arose which sought to evict the British/Vatican slavemasters and their influences from their country.

So, here was China at the turn of the 20th century, trying to follow America’s lead and follow the principles of men like Thomas Jefferson – not Karl Marx and Communism.

That was the idea that terrified all the slavemasters.

I hope and trust … for the good of suffering humanity all over the earth, that revolution will be established and spread through the whole world.

– Thomas Jefferson To Sir John Sinclair (Pa., 1791)
Jefferson Cyclopedia


And what did Thomas Jefferson think of the British and Vatican slavemasters?

Not much – to put it mildly.

Here’s a couple examples that should make it quite clear in your mind what he thought about these sick men and women.

T.J. on the British and Vatican slavemasters –

…The individuals of the nation [Britain] I have ever honored and esteemed, the basis of their character being essentially worthy: but I consider their government as the most flagitious* which has existed since the days of Philip of Macedon, whom they make their model.

*Flagitious – (of a person or their actions) criminal; villainous.

It is not only founded in corruption itself, but insinuates the same poison into the bowels of every other, corrupts it’s councils, nourishes factions, stirs up revolutions, and places it’s own happiness in fomenting commotions and civil wars among others, thus rendering itself truly the hostis humani generis –

“the enemy of the human race”


– Thomas Jefferson to John Adams Polar Forest November 25 – 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia
The complete letter is available here and here.


What has destroyed the liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body, no matter whether of the autocrats of Russia or France, or of the aristocrats of a Venetian Senate.

— Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1816
Jefferson Cyclopedia


Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he then be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels, in the form of kings, to govern him? Let history answer this question.

— First Inaugural (President) Address, Thomas Jefferson 1801
Jefferson Cyclopedia


It is a happy truth that man is capable of self-government, and only rendered otherwise by the moral degradation designedly superinduced on him by the wicked acts of his tyrant.

— Thomas Jefferson to M. de Marbois 1817
Jefferson Cyclopedia


T.J. on the religions of the slavemasters – You can see some other brilliant ones here too.

It is the refusing toleration to those of a different opinion which has produced all the bustles and wars on account of religion.

It was the misfortune of mankind that during the darker centuries the Christian priests following their ambition and avarice combining with the magistrate to divide the spoils of the people, could establish the notion that schismatics might be ousted of their possessions & destroyed.

This notion we have not yet cleared ourselves from.

– Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Religion (October, 1776).
Published in The Works of Thomas Jefferson in Twelve Volumes, Federal Edition,
Paul Leicester Ford, ed., New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904, Vol. 2, pp. 267.


Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them; and no man ever had a distinct idea of the trinity. It is the mere Abracadabra of the mountebanks* calling themselves the priests of Jesus.

*Mountebank (charlatan, fraudster, con-man) means a person who deceives others especially in order to trick them out of their money.

– Thomas Jefferson Letter to Francis Adrian Van der Kemp (30 July 1816), denouncing the doctrine of the Trinity; taken from The Jefferson Cyclopedia – available to view online at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.


OK. Now, take a look at this Vatican Pope quote again –

From this heresy there arose in the last century* a false philosophy – a new right as it is called, and a popular authority, together with an unbridled license which many regard as the only true liberty.

*the last century referring to 1776 and the American Revolution

Hence we have reached the limit of horrors…communism, socialism, nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men.



By saying “hence”, he’s trying to position that the principles of the American Revolution and people like Thomas Jefferson created communism.

Put together with this one from way back in 1846 –

[…] that infamous doctrine of so-called Communism which is absolutely contrary to the natural law itself, and if once adopted would utterly destroy the rights, property and possessions of all men, and even society itself.”



What you have there (and there are many other examples in my post) is the Vatican trying to position that –

Thomas Jefferson = Communist

American Revolution = Communism


Reprise –

So, here was China trying to follow America’s lead and the principles of men like Thomas Jefferson – not Karl Marx and Communism.

This utterly terrified all the slavemasters.

They viewed it as an evil “infection”.

STENCH AND SLIME gelatinous_terror_by_tituslunter-d8h65k3


Rather than the blazing light of freedom, a reckoning that it was.

The Reckoning


Fast forward to WWII –

Major General Tai Li was such an independent-minded Nationalist and he hated the British. During WWII he was the head of Chinese Intelligence, called the BIS (Bureau of Investigation and Statistics).


Tai Li was utterly ruthless in his goal to oust the British. He was also incorruptible. He could not be swayed off-course by money nor by “station”. That made him very dangerous (from a slavemasters perspective).

The Brits did what they usually did when they couldn’t corrupt someone, they lied about the person.

In early 1941 Tai Li gets harassed and falsely arrested during a trip to Hong Kong for allegedly being “head of an intelligence organization modeled on the German Gestapo” with “strong German Sympathies.” The source of the false allegations was British. It took his boss Chiang Kai-shek’s personal intervention to get him out of jail.


Well, that didn’t work…darn it.

the-last-man-on-earth vincent price.

Tai Li and his powerful role in the Nationalist movement was becoming such a problem to the British slavemasters, that they sent a special mission.

When the “op” to put Tai Li in jail failed in early 1941, the SOE organized the China Commando Group under Valentine Killery and John Keswick (his boss).

John Keswick, was the Chief Special Operations Executive (the SOE) for China – that’s a British intelligence designation that had just been formed in 1940. He was also an executive for Jardine & Mathison – the most powerful Western dynasty in the Far East.

What was the SOE really? It was an outcropping of a newly formed (1923) section of MI6, called Section D.

Section D was specifically formed to conduct sabotage through political covert actions and paramilitary operations in time of war.

Section D would come to be the foundation of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.

The SOE specialized in espionage and sabotage.

Sabotage through political covert actions is exactly what MI 6 did to the United States of America.

Scientology Roots by Mike McClaughry, Chapter Nine – 3 British Intelligence Sabotaging America


Well, that’s certainly what they did to China too. It’s also important to note that John Keswick’s brother Tony headed the whole SOE unit! It was completely self-serving for Tony to elect John as SOE head in China – considering that’s where the family fortune was based – but factoring in that practically as soon as the British formed the SOE, the first order of business was to make preparations for guerrilla war in China against Tai-Li and the Nationalists, now it really gets grossly obvious what the real deal is here.

This also shows just how much more important China was in this war. Far more important than Hitler the sock-puppet and the little marionette Japanese British dupes.

Hitler in 1941
doing what he was told – keeping world attention on Europe not China



An SOE group in Singapore was then immediately settled by SOE Headquarters in November 1940. It was known as the Oriental Mission (OM).


Valentine Killery arrived in Singapore to set up the Commando Group headquarters on May 7, 1941. Code named O.100, Killery was head of that operation from then until April of 1942, when Tai-Li kicked him out of China.

Killery was a Cecil Rhodes Round Table man, and was a member of one of its later created “think tanks” called the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA was founded during the Peace Conference of Paris in 1919, at the suggestion of Round Table man Lionel Curtis. It was dominated by people like Philip Kerr (Ron Hubbard’s mentors good buddy) and by Lord Robert Cecil, one of the oldest British slavemaster families going all the way back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

The purpose of the Round Table at that time was to influence the “leaders” of thought through the Round Table activities, and to influence a wider group of people through the RIIA by the “study of international affairs” – a highly euphemistic term.

It was a 2-class system of propaganda, in other words. The nobility of humanity (in their perception) was targeted by the Round Table, everyone else by the RIIA.

Combined with the Round Table’s Council on Foreign Relations (The CFR) the RIIA was a way for Britain to try and control the foreign policies of other countries. The British defined their pet slave countries as commonwealths, which meant they were supposedly independent in their governments (they weren’t) but more importantly Britain insisted – at literally the point of a gun – that only they controlled any foreign interaction of that country.

Like China, for example.

Killery was also the Deputy Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in Shanghai, which had been formed December 7, 1926 as a merger of:

  • Brunner, Mond & Co. Ltd.,
  • Nobel Industries Ltd.,
  • United Alkali Company Ltd., and
  • British Dyestuffs Corporation Ltd.

Between World Wars I and II, ICI was a major competitor of Germany’s IG Farben, the cartel that had formed in 1925. But then they all joined forces in February of 1932 in a four-party cartel which dominated almost 90 per cent of the world’s total exports.

Please do realize that this sudden joining of forces was because of the rise of Chaing Kai-Shek and nationalism in China – these people were uniting to try and work together to stop China from becoming independent.

Now here’s what Killery was there to do –

In order to avoid making the Chiang Kai-shek regime strong enough to threaten British colonial interests…. London adopted an important method of conducting clandestine operations in China: the use of peripheral forces instead of Central Government forces in China. Those “peripheral forces” employed by the British were often ones that Chiang Kai-shek worried about most: runaway Chinese provincial governors and Communist guerrillas.

– Maochun Yu, contained in his book OSS in China Prelude to Cold War. Chapter 1 – Building an Empire, The Magruder Mission and Donovan’s China Team

Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves very clearly of the strategy we discussed earlier – the British were backing Communism in China yet again to try and destroy its “nationalism”.

Put another way – the British were working with the Russian “communists”. Here comes another key example that shows the truth of that.

When the British started to operate the China Commando Group in 1941, a man named Pavlovski miraculously became John Keswick’s personal assistant in the British embassy in all intelligence operations in China.

  • Reference 55 from OSS in China – Oss report from Calcutta subject Tai Li operations in China, 26 June 1944. this was an intelligence report largely based on Arthur duff’s testimony to Carl Hoffman. Entry 146, Box 125, Folder 368, Chungking So Op 2.


Wladimir Vassilievitch Petro-Pavlovski (born Russian) had lived in China for a long time and been closely associated with the Comintern* network in the Far East.

*Comintern – The Communist International, also known as the Third International (1919–1943), was an international communist organization that advocated world communism.


pavlovskiNote: He was buried in the City of London, which is really something when you know what that is.


Pavlovski’s work with the Comintern was under deep cover during his China years. He was helping smuggle arms to the Chinese Communists as part of the notorious Shoyet ring, headed by a former U.S. army officer named…Shoyet.

It was literally a three-ring circus of British-American-Russian intelligence involvement – all united with one purpose.


To stop China from becoming independent of the slavemasters.


Reference from OSS in China, by Maochun Yu

  • Shoyet was formerly a U.S. Army officer who had been “for some time a dealer in illegal arms acting on instructions of the Comintern.” Shoyet disguised his arms as railway materials to ship to Pavlovski, who worked as a railway engineer. See card file on Shoyet in folder entitled “russian Espionage in china,” RG 38, Records of the Office of Chief of Naval operations-ONI, Foreign Intelligence, Far East, Box 2, National Archives

Pavlovski became an SOE agent. He also had undercover ties with some elements of the Office of Naval Intelligence (the ONI) in the U.S., such as James McHugh.

  • Reference – card file on Pavlovski in folder entitled “russian Espionage in china,” RG 38, Records of the Office of Chief of Naval operations-ONI, Foreign Intelligence, Far East, Box 2, National Archives


Within two months of the establishment of the China Commando Group, a fire had been lit on forcing the establishment of what was basically an offshoot of British intelligence – the Office of the Coordinator of Information to be headed by their golden boy William Donovan. This organization would soon become the OSS, and then later – the CIA.



As an overview to understand this corrupt slavemaster-driven organization, Colonel Park, Jr., a Military intelligence officer from the White House map room, was assigned to do an investigation of the OSS. He would then submit a report about Donovan’s organization(s) in April of 1945, but President Roosevelt never got to read it – he died on the 12th.

Park’s report damned the office. He said that it was:

  • frivolous and profligate,
  • it maintained more high-paying positions than any other Federal agency and
  • maintained a training facility at a Virginia country club where it tested the alcohol capacity of recruits.

Worse than any of that, was the very, very accurate pinpointing of the terrible comrpomise of America’s sovereignty to the British.

OSS is hopelessly compromised to foreign governments, particularly the British, rendering it useless as a prospective independent post-war espionage agency. Further questioning of British intelligence which evince nothing but praise because the OSS is like putty-in-their-hands and they would be reluctant to forfeit a good tool.

– Park Report, RG263, CIA papers, Troy Files, Box 6, Folder 20, “OSS – Park’s Report,” National Archives.


Park wrote that if the OSS were allowed to continue operating it might:

“…do serious harm to citizens, business interests and national interests of the United States…. It has all the ear marks of a Gestapo system…. It is therefore recommended that General Donovan be replaced at the earliest possible moment by a person who shall be recommended by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”


It wasn’t until September of 1945 that the Park report came to the attention of President Harry Truman, who turned it over to Congress to deal with. While the OSS was shutdown by Congress after this report, it, of course, was immediately resurrected in the form of the CIA where in many cases activities were done that were most definitely in line with a Gestapo system – Project MKUltra comes to mind.

This is yet another example of that the “Gestapo” was also a Vatican/British-backed creation, which is part of why the Office of the Coordinator of Information (OCI) resembled it so much.

President Roosevelt signed the OCI into being on July 11, 1941, and within hours Army Intelligence (none too happy with this) ordered “the immediate establishment of an American military mission in China” to work in concert with General Tai Li.

The order came from Brigadier General Sherman Miles, acting assistant chief of staff and number one man of MID (G-2). He pitted his organization against the anglophiles such as Donovan, correctly perceiving the threat that it was. It is of no small importance that of all the Americans (anglophiles or not) Tai-Li really liked Sherman Miles, a fact that generated a huge amount of jealousy with slavemaster puppets like naval attache’ McHugh.

Tai-Li let Miles almost immediately into his closest circles, whereas others had tried for years to “gain” entrance and had been given the cold shoulder repeatedly.

With Donovan’s new organization in mind, Miles resolutely picked Brigadier General John Magruder, who was a straightforward intelligence officer then stationed in Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

– Maochun Yu, contained in his book OSS in China Prelude to Cold War. Chapter 1 – Building an Empire, The Magruder Mission and Donovan’s China Team


Miles clearly understood the importance of providing aid to China that was currently experiencing the beginnings of a terrible famine (orchestrated, as usual, by the slavemasters).

In his hurriedly dictated message to Magruder, Miles urged his colleague to realize that although the purpose of this mission would be to “advise the Chinese Government in all military matters, particularly in the use of Lease Lend credits or Lease Lend material which they may receive from us,” an additional task would be to “keep the Chinese Government informed as to such military plans or progress made here as we may want them to have” so that “when we get into this war actively, the mission will be the liaison for strategic planning and cooperation with our ally, China.

– Maochun Yu, contained in his book OSS in China Prelude to Cold War. Chapter 1 – Building an Empire, The Magruder Mission and Donovan’s China Team

Far more important to the slavemasters, is that in opposition to the British-lovers and traitors to America like Donovan, Miles just called China “our ally”, as you can see.

Unfortunately, Miles turning this over to Magruder was a bit like an intelligence disaster for the Army just waiting to happen. You see, Pavlovski, McHugh, and Magruder were all brothers in-law!

Each had married a daughter of Jacob Gould Schurman, a former president of Cornell University, former Ambassador to Germany and former U.S. minister to China. (OSS in China reference #60 –See card file on Pavlovski.)


jacob schurman

James Marshall McHugh had married Dorothy Anna Schurman, Pavlovski married Barbara Schurman (the youngest daughter) in 1932 on Christmas Eve in Peking, China, and Helen Schurman married Magruder in China in March of 1922.

Mchugh And Dorothy Schurman

James marshall mchugh and dorothy schurman.

Magruder and Helen schurman


Barbara Schurman with her father

Barbara and her father

Her husband Petrovsky



I should remind you that just a few years later, it was Magruder who spilled the beans about President Roosevelt allowing Pearl Harbor to happen, to the young CIA agent Miles Copeland. I think that Magruder wasn’t quite as “with” the program as some thought he was. You’ll see what I mean a little later on here.

When ole “Wild Bill” Donovan heard of the formation of this China mission, he immediately began to negotiate for a COI representative to be attached to the mission. The army flatly refused to accept this proposal from the newly christened intelligence chief of the United States. Donovan (at the behest of British handler William Stephenson) then went and had a temper tantrum to Roosevelt about it.

Roosevelt did nothing about it.

So then…because of that now successful and immediate lashback by the U.S. Army towards their golden boy Donovan, the British retaliated by outright stealing these very same lend-lease materials mentioned by Miles to Magruder as designated for China.

They intercepted them in Burma, and their reason given was that they “desired the Chinese quota to defend their colonial empire in the Far East.”


That doesn’t give them the right to take it, what a-holes.

Here’s where they stole them from –



They also threatened to close the Burma Road. Both Chinese General Chiang Kaishek and Magruder were very, very, angry toward the British over this.

Burma road in 1939


U.S. ambassador Clarence Gauss was also particularly unhappy about this British strategy of stealing the lend-lease material bound for China, and openly protested to the British ambassador over the Anglo desire, in Gauss’s words, “to use the Burma link in lend lease aid as a club over the heads of the Chinese.

What is really horrible about what the British did there though, was that some of these materials was FOOD – and the Chinese people were literally starving from one of the worst famines ever.

The stopping of this vital, vital aid, literally caused the death of over one million Chinese people between then and 1942.


As portrayed in the movie – Back to 1942 – the Henan province famine.


Here’s where Henan is –

henan_capitalThe purple square marks Chungking, the capital of China.


I actually learned about this famine because late one night I decided to watch a movie listed as a new release called: “Back to 1942″.

Pretty innocuous title, right? But, it had one hell of a cast. It was based on a book called Remembering 1942, which in turn pulled loosely on the biography and writings of covert slavemaster agent Theodore H. White, who was an “advisor” to Chaing Kai-Sheck and Time magazine “journalist”. White was in tight with Henry Luce, the head of Time.

Theodore H. White


His writings portrayed this time in China, this famine even, as being…wait for it…


The fault of the NATIONALISTS.


Was that before or after the British stole all their aid us Americans sent…


What a jerk.

Among numerous other nasty (and false) portrayals in this movie, the true backers of it greatly mislead the American public as to White’s character, and I think that was part of the point. Let me give you an example of what this guy was really like.

His best friend was American-born Herbert Yardley. Yardley had been helpful to General Tai Li in breaking the Japanese codes, but not only was he a British-intelligence plant, he was also a very mean, perverted paedophile as well and Tai Li could barely tolerate him.

Let’s just say Yardley was more of a representative example of the kind of people that willingly work for the slavemasters, than it is of any true American.

He was so bad, that Tai-Li literally used him as an example of what “kind” of American not to work with after that.

Throughout his stay with Tai Li, Yardley chronically complained and browbeat the Chinese. Tai Li knew that this must not be repeated in any future dealings with Americans.

In this connection, Tai Li was determined that only those Americans with a strong sense of discipline and self-control would be asked to work with him in the future. This was particularly relevant when it came to the issue of women.4

When dealing with  Herbert Yardley, Tai Li’s biggest headache was over maintaining intelligence security without offending Yardley’s seemingly uncontrollable urge for sexual exploitation outside the BIS compound.

At the time, Yardley was famous for purchasing young Chinese girls as sexual slaves and organizing orgies in his own house, thus gaining popularity among some foreign journalists and young American diplomats in the U.S. embassy, where, a young diplomat once flippantly remarked, masturbation was “the favorite indoor sport.”

Among Yardley’s most frequent patrons to his orgies in Chungking was his best friend, Theodore White of Time, Inc. 5

In the end, using threats and loud protests, Yardley had been able to force Tai Li to let him keep his own “comfort” cottage outside the BIS in downtown Chungking.

– OSS in China, Chapter Chungking Fog p. 47


Not exactly the “good guy” portrayed in this movie, is he.

no shaking head

Because what they really were was –

Yardley and White – the child sex slave human traffickers

Pay attention kids, because these two men are the real thing. You can actually see it in them, if you know what to look for.

Note: Later on…slavemaster attack chihuahua psychiatrist Karl Menninger tried to say child sexual abuse favors “the development of social abilities”.


Such experiences are traumatic to the child only when connected with deep hostilities; the furtive and desperate nature of such attacks, combined with the attitude of society toward them, tends entirely in the direction of unbearably stimulating the child’s hostilities so that he conceives of sex as brutality.

But when the experience actually stimulates the child erotically, it would appear from the observations of the authors cited just above that it may favor rather than inhibit the development of social capabilities and mental health in the so-called victims.

 – Karl Menninger, Love Against Hate, copyright 1942, chapter 10, page 284. Also see this post for more of what Menninger said.


So, while Yardley and White are busy running their disgusting little sex-trafficking ring, meanwhile back in Washington D.C., guess what was William Donovan’s first order of business with his new intelligence organization?

(July 1941) He gets instructed by his local British handler (William Stephenson) to start establishing his own “Far East” force. He was told to establish a “brain bureau,” in order to cover  “the most crucial part of the intelligence process: evaluation and analysis.” Donovan’s choice to head the new R&A (Research and Analysis) department was James Penney Baxter, the president of Williams College, who immediately recruited William Langer and two other scholars from the history department of Harvard University: Don McKay and a young, ambitious junior instructor named John King Fairbank.

Copying the British SOE who the first thing they did was make preparations for guerrilla war in the Far East, the very FIRST committee this “brain bureau” formed was the Far East Committee. It was chaired by James Phinney Baxter and included Wallace Phillips, [Donovan’s MI6 “advisor”] Joseph Hayden, Charles Remer, John K. Fairbank, Amry Vandonbosh, and Esson Gale.

A truly motley crew, that’s for sure.


Moving on to the end of 1941 –

Pearl Harbor Headlines - Propaganda


December of 1941 was a big month for the slavemasters. The attack on Pearl Harbor was allowed by Roosevelt, followed by the “surrender’ of Hong Kong by the British to the Japanese.

Both of these events were a show, a horrifyingly real one, but a show just the same.

Like some Vincent Price horror movie come to life.

vincent price pit and pendulum


Where not just one man is tortured, an entire world is.

All to galvanise the “little people” of both Britain and America to go fight yet another war purely for the slavemasters dark and greedy purposes.

Meanwhile, while everyone is busy watching the Japanese sleight-of-hand –


The British SOE had begun recruiting ethnic Chinese agents in the United States, Canada, and Malaya. They began training them in Ontario at special camps, Camp X, where most of the early OSS agents were also later trained, with the specific purpose of joining hands with the Chinese Communist guerrillas in the Guangdong area.10

These people were told that it was aboutgetting Hong Kong back” but we know that wasn’t what this was really about – it was about taking China back from the Nationalists, not the Japanese.

Tai-Li proposes an official alliance between China, America, Britain, and Australia, and Britain freaks out.

Winston Churchill literally dropped everything and ran, well, flew technically, to America to prevent that from happening, where he gave an astoundingly nasty piece of propaganda speech in front Congress called What Kind of People Do They Think We Are?

  • December 26 1941 – Address before U.S. Congress, 1941. You can listen to it here.



Hmm..let me think. What kind of people do we think you are…


vincent - wow


The kind that would do this –

hubbards wall of fire - h-bomb OT III.

and call it:

A lesson …” – Winston Churchill


Understandably, by the beginning of 1942 (after Churchill had succeeded in excluding China from this alliance) Tai-li was feeling pretty low. He had found out about the British employment of Chinese Canadians and even Chinese Americans trained in SOE camps in Ontario for the specific purpose of “joining forces” with the Chinese Communists in the defense of Hong Kong. He had found about the deep communist penetration into his own organization as well.

He knew what all that was really about – it was about getting the communists in power and the nationalists out.

He had also just lost the possibility of working with what he thought were the people of Freedom – us Americans) – which we are, but those making these decisions for us were most definitely not.

Still, can you imagine how he felt? He must have felt that the whole world was against him, when really it was just a handful of crazy “rat bastards” – as my husband calls them.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the British, through Chiang Kai-sheks wife’s family, had brought heavy, heavy pressure on Chiang Kai-shek to kick him out of the Office of Technological Research – which he did!

He decided that he could turn to Magruder for help – and Magruder did help him, but he got into a whole lot of trouble for doing so.

Magruder was brought back from China in disgrace. Injured, and surrounded by his own family pressures he betrayed the army and went over to the OSS. If you recall, this family pressure was from his two brothers-in-law, both heavy british anglophiles. Pavlovsky was John Keswick’s right-hand communist man, and James McHugh was the U.S. naval attache in Chungking, an enthusiastic collaborator with British intelligence.

Perhaps the single most important result of the later Marshall-Stilwell military philosophy of unifying the command in the China theater was the defection of General John Magruder from the army to Donovan. …. The victim of all this maneuvering was the reticent General Magruder, who had been in China since October 1941.

– p.27, OSS in China

Tai Li was rejuvenated though, by the actual help and friendship he had received from Miles and Magruder, and he began investigating who specifically was sending in these Communist agents.

When he traced it to John Keswick?

On April 4, 1942, he got Chiang Kai-shek to expell the whole SOE China Commando group, including Pavlovsky!

Erik Nyholm, the executive officer of the China Commando Group, promptly drafted a comprehensive report on the fiasco of the China Commando Group.

Based on this report, on 13 April 1942, Keswick wrote a lengthy memo and immediately gave it to Pavlovsky’s brother-in-law, American naval attache’ James McHugh. At once, McHugh had Keswick’s memo circulated all over Washington, thus forming the opening salvo in what would become a seriously intense propaganda campaign against Tai-Li and the Chinese

After that, the SOE had to find a way to drive a wedge between rapidly rising American prestige in China and COI officials in Washington. The British had to convince Donovan that the Chinese were totally responsible for the failure of the China Commando Group and that the Chinese were not only anti-British, but also anti-American – which was a point-blank lie.

The British were terribly jealous of how much more people liked us Americans than them, and worse, they were utterly terrified of being shut out and forced into obscurity compared to two such powerful countries.

Internally, the SOE people in London called it the Chungking taint: “admiration of all things American and scorn for all things British.” – Charles Cruikshank, SOE in the Far East, p. 13-14

After the expulsion of the China Commando Group by the Chinese in 1942, SOE turned to Tai Li’s rival, Wang Pengsheng, for cooperation. Eventually the British were responsible for one-third of the institute’s entire budget (Cruickshank, SOE in the Far East, 151 ).

The Shanghai station of Wang Pengsheng’s intelligence organization was run by a senior Communist intelligence officer by the name of Lu Jiuzhi, who had been Richard Sorge’s assistant in Tokyo and at the time was the son-in-law of Chiang Kai-shek’s second wife, Ms. Chen Jieru.

John Keswick had immediately ran to Washington and became the SOE’s liaison in Donovan’s headquarters in Washington. His official new appointment in London was: “director of missions, Area C” which covered India, the Far East, and the Americas.

He urgently sought Pavlovski as his aide in OSS headquarters, but the U.S. Embassy refused to issue him a visa on the grounds that he had no consular or diplomatic status. So, for a while, Pavovski stayed in Chungking and continued his dubious activities, the most important of which was making China (and especially Tai-Li) look bad to the Americans.

Together with James McHugh, the U.S. naval attache then living within the British embassy and working with the British SOE, Pavlovski was responsible for a series of ferocious propaganda attacks on Tai Li.

Disguised as “intelligence reports,” these propaganda materials saturated Washington via McHugh’s official channel and are generally known as the McHugh-Petro document on Tai Li.

  • OSS report from Calcutta subject Tai Li operations in China, 26 June 1944. this was an intelligence report largely based on Arthur duff’s testimony to Carl Hoffman. Entry 146, Box 125, Folder 368, Chungking So Op 2.


This propaganda campaign was of shrewd British design, tantamount to an Anglo conspiracy against American intelligence through ostensible friendship and cooperation.

– P 22 – chapter 1, Chunking Fog, Oss in China


Oh sure, friendship and cooperation.

vincent - well...puhlease


Meanwhile, General Stilwell was informed of this “stop” on getting Pavlovski out and arranged to secretly arrange his transportation anyway.

…he dispatched a secret cable to Donovan in Washington stating that Pavlovski “wants to comply with orders … but our Chungking Embassy refuses visa …. Your assistance requested in cutting this red tape.” Stilwell further assured Donovan that he would help Pavlovski with transportation.

– OSS in China book, Ref #56 – cable Stilwell to Donovan 29 September 1942, RG 493, Records of American Military Mission to China, AMMISCA VI (Magruder Missin), outgoing Messages, file #1199, Suitland Record Center, National Archives.


Pavlovski snuck into to America like some ghoul in the night –

some of my family


…and now, in addition to already being an undercover British/Russian/Communist agent, he was made an official OSS agent working for Keswick in the headquarters of OSS in Washington!

  • OSS in China book, ref #58 – Smith Secret History p. 248 – Pavlovski was eventually expelled from Washington due to strong protest from the Chinese embassy.


Tai Li was horrified, this British-Pavlovski-OSS connection completely shocked him.

By late October 1942, the situation had become deadly clear to Tai Li:

  • First, there was a British-sponsored plot to operate intelligence teams in China secretly, most likely to take revenge against him and to make deals with the Chinese Communists.
  • Second, this plot centered in Washington, was directly controlled by Keswick and Pavlovski, who used the OSS as a cover through the Magruder connection (now that Magruder had crashed and burned and given in).

Colonel James McHugh, one of the three Shurman brothers-in-law, even though completely disgraced by Tai Li in China and by General Marshall in Washington, now he was back in the United States also secretly working in the OSS headquarters!

Reprising what Colonel Park said about the OSS again here, you can see just how bad it really was now.

OSS is hopelessly compromised to foreign governments, particularly the British, rendering it useless as a prospective independent post-war espionage agency. Further questioning of British intelligence which evince nothing but praise because the OSS is like putty-in-their-hands and they would be reluctant to forfeit a good tool.

– Park Report, RG263, CIA papers, Troy Files, Box 6, Folder 20, “OSS – Park’s Report,” National Archives.


Fast forward a couple of years –

In March 1944, McHugh began to organize his own secret operations in China, disguised as OSS. Once again, the British factor came into play. McHugh decided to dispatch a widely known pro-British businessman as his super agent to work under Tai Li’s nose. That man was William B. Christian, formerly general manager for north China of the British-American Tobacco Company.

William and new russian wife Aya – passport photo


  • William B. “Billy” Christian attended the University of Virginia in 1905 and 1906 but left before receiving a degree to work for British American Tobacco in China, where he met and married Aya, a Russian native. They remained in China until the Communist takeover in 1948, when they returned to Charlottesville..

Important note:

  • The British American Tobacco Company was the result of basically a takeover (then a generous merger) initiated by James B. Duke, founder of Duke University.  In 1901, Duke bought a major British tobacco company. His ambitions were increasingly global. This action alarmed many British manufacturers, who banded together, advertising with jingoistic jingles like “Rule, Britannia! Britannia rules the waves/Britons to Yankee trusts will ne’er be slaves!” Duke fought the British to a stalemate with a generous bonus for tobacco merchants, but this approach was expensive, and as with his American competitors, Duke saw no reason not to join forces. The result, in 1902, was the British-American Tobacco Company.William C. Whitney, a former Secretary of the Navy and a member of New York’s famous Whitney family, was one of Duke’s colleagues in the merger.


Sure enough, this move by McHugh instantly aroused suspicion and was particularly offensive to both Tai Li and Chiang Kai-shek, who delayed the Christian appointment until May when McHugh most vigorously pushed the issue again.

Finally, on 12 May 1944, William Donovan appointed Christian his “senior SI officer” in Chungking, without notifying the Chinese. In his order, Donovan demanded that OSS Colonel John G. Coughlin provide Christian with “special funds”-starting with $10,000-for his unspecified special activities and informed Coughlin that Christian would be a superagent not controlled by the theater officer but directly by Washington.

  • Ref – McHugh’s note to Donovan and Donovan’s memo to Coughlin, subject Mr. William B. Christian, 12 May 1944, Roll 41, M1642.

The sudden deployment by OSS of secret SI agents in China again coincided with a dramatic turn of events in Asia that made not only the Chinese but also the entire American military establishment in China extremely anti-British.

To maintain British colonial interests in Asia, Lord Mountbatten arbitrarily attempted at the beginning of 1944 to implement four strategic changes: stop work on the Ledo Road after reaching Mytkyina; abandon the recapture of Burma as not worthwhile; attack Sumatra in the fall and then work north; and, most important, include Hong Kong in the newly created Southeast Asia Command under Mountbatten.

General Stilwell became enraged and declared:

The Limies [the British] have now shown their hand. This pusillanimous and double-crossing program amply confirms all our suspicions. They are determined to keep China blocked and powerless.

  • Ref – Letter, Stilwell to Hearn, 11 January 1944, RG 493, record of the China-Burma-India theater of operations, U.S. Army (CBI), records of the commanding general, personal messages file, Book 5, Suitland Record Center, National Archives.

Tai Li was naturally horrified to see the sudden arrival of all these secret agents with British connections disguised as OSS personnel at this particular juncture, when the British were once again making their move to challenge China’s potential claim to Hong Kong – an issue that had given Tai Li a reason to oust John Keswick’s notorious China Commando Group two years before.

They can’t even have a city in their own country, you see, that is just so indicative of the complete insanity of the British slavemasters, it’s a joke.

But, it does have a lot of bearing on the desire and their reason to close down China as supposedly being “communist”, which is coming up here right quick.

When General Wedemeyer came to China in late October 1944, he reported back that:

We Americans interpret United States policy as requiring a strong unified China and a China fighting effectively against  Japanese. There is considerable evidence that British policy is not consonance with United States policy. British Ambassador personally suggested to me that a strong unified China would be dangerous to the world and certainly would jeopardize the white man’s position immediately in Far East and ultimately throughout the world.

In conclusion, Wedemeyer asserted, “in the case of the British I strongly suspect that their activities may be undermining the very United States policy that I am striving so hard to implement.”

  • Ref- Wedemeyerto War Department, top secret, 29 December 1944, RG 218, Box 3, Folder 13 “China, Burma, India, 1944,” National Archives.

Lieutenant General Albert Wedemeyer, third from right, inspecting SACO headquarters, flanked by Colonel Xiao Bo and Lieutenant Commander Charlie Johnston; at left, Tai Li; at right, Rear Admiral Miles (courtesy of the family of Admiral Miles)


In 1946, McHugh was still at his ridiculous high-jinks on behalf of the British slavemasters.. He joined the Strategic Service Unit (SSU), the postwar offspring of OSS, and returned to China, where he once again encountered John Keswick of British secret intelligence. The two jointly embarked on yet another secret venture in China.

And what was that?

Chasing down, killing, and exiling the “Nationalists” and installing Chairman Mao.

WWII never ended in China, that’s what most people don’t know. The British and Vatican slavemasters continued fostering war in China for the next four years, when puppet-dictator Mao’s forces finally defeated Tai-Li and the Nationalists and what was left of them withdrew to Taiwan.

On October 1, 1949, Mao then proclaimed the foundation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), a single-party state and dictatorship controlled by the CPC. In the following years Mao solidified his control through land reform campaigns against landlords, and perceived enemies of the state he termed as “counter-revolutionaries”.

Mao Zedong proclaiming the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Which brings us all the way back full circle now.


Back to Mao


Let’s look at that opening quote again –

“Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.”

China, Chairman Mao speech February 1957

Note: the above is often misquoted as “flowers bloom”.


freedom field flowers.

I think now you fully understand just how ridiculously total propaganda that really was – now that you know who was really backing that whole mess called “communism” in China – so now we can discuss just how much bearing this has on things like Scientology and Synanon.

Chairman Mao was one of their puppets, a Chinese Communist revolutionary and the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. He and the slavemasters needed to know where there opposition was – they were looking for the smart people, the natural leaders.

Mao – 1957


It is no coincidence that not only do we find this “experiment” going on in China – we see it showing up in America in Scientology (at the same time as China, no less) and in the later Synanon, and numerous other religious sects and “encounter” groups.


But the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe. When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology…

– CIA agent Miles Copeland, autobiography The Game Player




It gets worse.

This arrangement with L. Ron Hubbard to do this (and other things) began in July of 1955.

Within the first four years of this arrangement (1959) Hubbard had invented what was called “security checks” – a procedure for finding that which was being withheld by the person undergoing ‘auditing’ procedures using an E-meter to “track” these secrets. Scientologists were being interrogated, having to answer long, prepared lists of questions about their moral transgressions. A careful record is kept of all confessions, and proved to be a highly effective means of silencing dissidents.

This was literally only a year or so after Chairman Mao had embarked on something similar in China – wanting to know who had withheld what criticisms.

The mass-experiment of “enemy” finding began in February 27th of 1957, when Chairman Mao Zedong rose to speak to a packed session of China’s Supreme State Conference in Beijing.

mao speech 1957

Mao’s speech, titled, “On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People,” began with propaganda about socialism and how Stalin had made a mess of “unifying the classes”. In what to me makes it extremely obvious just whose puppet this man is, he spends some time describing…TWO classes and how that’s the natural way of things.

You now know just how exactly Catholic that actually is, isn’t it interesting to see it coming out of Chairman Mao’s mouth?


There aren’t two “natural” classes – that’s the slavemasters at work trying to “make it real” by trying to force humanity agree with them.

To give you an idea of the numbers involved here, millions of Chinese people had been killed already through manufactured famines during WWII and through straight capture-hold-and-kill sweeps by the now entrenched Communists. In this speech, Mao admitted that the Chinese government had killed 700,000 “counterrevolutionaries” between 1950 and 1952.

His excuse for this is classic slavemaster rhetoric –

“If the government had not carried out those executions the people would not have been able to lift their heads. The people demanded their execution and the liberation of the productive forces.”


Oh really…the people my ass.

perish the thought - wry ick face

A speech given by Zhou Enlai (Mr. Suave…the first “premiere” of China) a few months earlier had begun this whole evolution by saying “The government needs criticism from its people. Without this criticism the government will not be able to function as the People’s Democratic Dictatorship. Thus the basis of a healthy government lost.…We must learn from old mistakes, take all forms of healthy criticism, and do what we can to answer these criticisms.”

Mao and Zhou

mao zhou 1956.

mao and zhou 1956


Of course, the fact that it’s called the People’s Democratic Dictatorship is a big, fat clue, as to who is really behind all this. The Priest/King alliance of the nobility and the Vatican – they are forever trying to find ways to get even for, and destroy Americans for…

The American Revolution.

When we kicked them out of our country.

For which they promptly tried to get and keep us in debt, tried to split our country in half (the Civil War) and have generally done everything possible to get both that 2-class system going again and America back “in the fold” ever since then.

These people thrive on conflict, they thrive on chaos that must be artificially created for them to control it how they want. However, what they are just deathly afraid of is any real conflict that puts them on the short end of the stick – where they belong.

That’s what the American Revolution did. It embarrassed them. It humiliated them. It broke their power and worse? It began to spread….

The same post of mine I quoted earlier goes into all this, and if you want to see just how similar Chairman Mao’s behavior is to the dang Pope of the Catholic Church – I highly recommend you have a look.

For now, let’s look some key examples while keeping in mind just how far back in time they are; how this is just after the American Revolution; and that the slavemasters portrayed THIS (the American Revolution) as the later-created communism slur.

Bet you didn’t know that…before you read this post.


From this heresy there arose in the last century* a false philosophy – a new right as it is called, and a popular authority, together with an unbridled license which many regard as the only true liberty.

*the last century referring to 1776 and the American Revolution

Hence we have reached the limit of horrors…communism, socialism, nihilism, hideous deformities of the civil society of men.



Check the attitude towards the people that made the American Revolution possible, people like Thomas Jefferson, for example.

….the Roman Pontiffs are to be regarded as having greatly served the public good, for they have ever endeavored to break the turbulent and restless spirit of innovators, and have often warned men of the danger they are to civil society.



OK – Break the spirit.

Watch how that lines up with what Mao did.


Mao started off this cruel and vicious experiment by declaring his support for a policy of allowing criticism of the bureaucracy, provided that writers and intellectuals put forth competing ideologies and opinion and did not engage in “destructive acts.”

The people were suspicious, with good reason, and didn’t buy Mao’s rhetoric. Zhou informed Mao that writers and intellectuals were wary and skeptical. He advised Mao to encourage the central government to help create an exuberant response to the policy, reassuring intellectuals that their criticism was not only welcome but necessary for reform.

Note the word “create” there.

Note: As part of trying to sell his “farming” ideas and look like he was for the people, on May 25 Mao appeared in front of the crowds at the Ming Tomb Reservoir. Just like scientology has done repeatedly in a number of its historical photos now, a man later deemed “unacceptable” was airbrushed out of the the below photo.

It originally showed Peng Zhen, the mayor of Beijing, with Mao trying to look all farmerly, but not any more.

mao may 25 1958

Right about at this same time, the “wave” began. Writers, lawyers, academics and scientists began speaking out, criticizing party cadres for meddling and obstructing important work. Students began protesting low standards of living, pointing out the hypocrisy of corrupt party members enjoying privileges at the expense of the workers.

Mao, in particular, being one of the chief offenders. Living it up while your people are starving doesn’t exactly foster loyalty.

mao living it up

.mao living it u while his people starve.

Within a few weeks the party became subjected to an ever-increasing volume of criticism. Wall posters denounced every aspect of the government, and the “wave” grew and grew and grew and then…

Two Professors (Chang Po-sheng and Huang Chen-lu) at Shenyang Normal College gave a three hour lecture on June 10, 1957, where one of the stand-out things that was said was this:

The Communist Party, if it really represents the people, will not be kicked out; if the Communist Party is kicked out, it means it no longer represents the people. Is it pitiable to have such a Party kicked out?”


Shenyang Normal College – 1957

Professors Chang Po-sheng and Huang Chen-lu Shenyang Normal College on June 10 1957.

Hard to deny that logic.

At this same time, (the summer of 1957) millions of letters began to arrive at Zhou’s office.

That’s when Mao struck. He and the slavemasters used this “fragrant” flowers movement to identify who were the “problems” but even that was completely mis-estimated just how much utter hatred and rage there is from humanity towards slavemasters; just how many people hated them and their insane tactics.

Mao then declared that the “fragrant flowers must be distinguished from the “poisonous weeds”; criticism would no longer be tolerated. The final stage of the experiment, the Anti-Rightist Campaign of 1957, came in July of 1957 and resulted in hundreds of thousands of “critics and detractors” being rounded up and shipped off for execution or re-education (read – brain washing) through labor.

Just like Ron Hubbard’s CIA pal Paul Linebarger recommended.

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

Psychological Warfare by Paul M. A. Linebarger School of Advanced International Studies; published by DUELL, SLOAN AND PEARCE, NEW YORK,  COPYRIGHT 1948, 1954 (second revised addition), made available on the net by Project Gutenberg –  Release Date: March 30, 2015 [EBook #48612]
Also see post Who is Paul Linebarger “Cordwainer Smith” and What’s he got to do with L. Ron Hubbard?

Anti-Rightist Campaign

flowers movement china retaliation

Typical slavemaster, he just couldn’t resist a little lording it over others regarding this covert operation. Mao later said that The Hundred Flowers Movement “enticed the snakes out of their lairs.”

And what was L. Ron Hubbard, the CIA asset, doing right at the same time? Mounting his own “campaign”. The parallels here are simply astounding – it’s part of what makes it clear this is not just some experiment limited to China and Russia, it’s a whole lot bigger than that.

Hubbard_1957_we_begin_a_campaign_-_while_working_for_the_CIAAbility magazine #62, 1957.



Hubbard brought in those that wanted to “change the world” and who were understandably critical of the way the world was (because of the slavemasters). Then he proceeded to use them for the most terribly oppressive purposes imaginable.

A Trap.

just like the one Mao was asked to set.


Just like his CIA handler Miles Copeland described.

identifying potential leaders and guiding them to their rightful destiny, through democratic means if such were available but unhesitatingly by other means if they were not.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, p. 144 (Scientology and the MRA had been “officially” chosen by Miles in 1955)


As far as China was concerned, the slavemasters intended to have their slave labor (they called it making a “modern industrialized state”) one way or another. Anyone who could have averted, or caught the problems with the rampant and ill-thought out “social plan” (from 1958 to 1960) of collective farming had been eliminated.

Although China produced plenty for the rest of the slavemaster world, it came at a cost of tens of millions of Chinese during the great famine that followed (from catastrophic grain shortages).

Do you see how they think?

It’s even worse than that when you really get into the details of just what really happened after Mao eliminated all those people that could have stopped things.

Frank Dikotter writes –

Mao’s ’Great Leap Forward’ forced people to give up private property, join collective farms and toil incessantly in the belief that this would help China overtake Britain in iron, steel and other industrial output and enable the country to repay debts to the Soviet Union far earlier than they were due. Anyone who opposed it was sidelined or worse.

Large quantities of food were shipped out of the country, some of it as food aid, leaving little for China’s populace. In desperation people ate anything they could find, from leaves, soil and roots to poisonous berries and leather. Children were sold and the old and sick who could not work were literally discarded and left to die.

– Bulletin, January 2011, Volume 12 No. 1, Mao’s Great Famine, by Frank Dikotter.


The propaganda leading the Chinese people to their demise, as you can imagine, told a quite different story of what they could expect if they would just do what was asked of them.

Flowers and prosperity and happiness.

china land reform mao famine

.mao china land reform prosperity

Mao in photo op of “farming collective” August 1958

mao farming collective Tianjin in August 1958.

collective farming

What really happened –

china execution for resistance

.Maos Great Famine china

.starving children china.

And the slavemasters of the world just watched –

china famine.

At least 45 million people died – most of them from starvation but 2.5 million died from torture or summary execution and one million to three million by suicide. These are incredible figures considering that 95 per cent of the famine was man-made, Professor Dikotter says.

Making it one of the worst mass murders in human history – all because the slavemasters felt threatened.

They punished 45 million people –

for not bowing to the slavemaster “magnificence”.


This is the way they are. They will deliberately work to keep nations in abject suffering until they accept the yoke of the slavemasters.

Think that’s an extreme statement – as in couldn’t possibly be that bad?

Think again.

During WWI, you can see that stated plan, that nearly religious fanaticism come through loud and clear in the words of British nobility henchman H.G. Wells.

I found this some years back and my husband has since incorporated it into his Scientology Roots book, the chapter titled:
British Intelligence Sabotaging America, The Rat Bastards.

On May 27, 1918 Mister H.G. Wells submitted a memorandum to the Committee, stating –

The real war aim of the Allies was not only to beat the enemy but to establish a world peace that precluded the resumption of war.

One of the first requisites was to study and to lay down the lines of a practical League of Nations. Its control of raw materials, of shipping, and its power to exclude for an indefinite period enemy or even neutral peoples until they subscribe to and give pledges of their acceptance of its principles should be emphasized.

…that, unless enemy peoples accepted the Allied conception of a world peace settlement,

it would be impossible for them ….to avert utter financial ruin, and to save themselves from prolonged misery….

the heavier the social and economic handicap under which the enemy peoples would labour, even after their admission into a League of Nations.

– The Times History And Encyclopedia of the War: British Propaganda in Enemy Countries, 1919


Another part of the slavemaster plan is revealed –  to keep all ‘un-amenable’ nations and people in a constant state of turmoil.


I’d say that enforcing millions of Chinese (who hate God religions and pompous-ass slavemasters) to labor and provide slavemaster countries with food, and then starving and killing over 45 million of them shows that quite clearly.

But make no mistake, this isn’t just done on a mass scale, it’s done every time they have a worthy opponent and by that I mean someone that they can’t schnooker, break, or control the path of – like Miles Copeland was so fond of fantasizing about.

They are not “God” – but they sure want to be one.

Over other people.


Paul Morantz was a lawyer who took on Synanon in the late 1970’s, but when he was working on his first big horror-story case here in the U.S., he observed something very similar to Mao albeit on a smaller scale.

When he wrote of what Mao did to people using the “Hundred Flowers” campaign, he pointed the reader to Robert Lifton’s theories. Although in some ways Lifton’s work was typically naive and wanting to think Mao was acting charitably (he was not) he did have a couple of very, very accurate ideas.

Paul Morantz article, October, 2010 –

…Dr. Robert J. Lifton’s theories written in 1962 (See Characteristics of Totalitarian Movements) stating that people subject to thought reform at a suppressed level have a repressed anger to the control that if allowed to surface could rupture into rage. This was the basis of revolutions.

In support Dr. Lifton pointed to the events in May of 1956…letting a “Hundred Flowers Bloom” expecting this to be “as gentle as a breeze or a mild rain.”

Instead it became a hurricane of disillusionment. In six weeks, the movement had to be squashed and refresher courses on thought reform instituted. The former critics had to denounce the criticism; those who did not were arrested.


In the Dark Matter – the “unknown” quantity of the universe to science – nothing is ever forgotten. Least of all enslavement.


You could say metaphorically that the dark matter; the dark energy appears to be “not there”.

Until surprise…the hurricane begins.

YOU - supernova eye.

I think the idea of Dark Matter has a lot of bearing on the woof-and-warp of things. After all, “dark” doesn’t equal evil just because there isn’t any light.

I think the very thing they learned in the Mao experiment/trap that this hurricane is never gone, just submerged, is exactly why you see the strangely similar tests and experiments showing up in other parts of the world.

Slavemaster paranoia.


You see, the year that China would begin slaving away for the rest of the world and starving as a thank you, was when Charles Dederich (our favorite new LSD-Tripping CIA asset) got Synanon going.

I covered this in some detail in the second post of this series.

Now that we have a bit of a world and time perspective about all this, in the next post I’m going to head into more of Synanon’s particular kind of “dark matter” – its apparently invisible ties to slavemaster (and particularly CIA) mind control experimentation. Like all “dark matter” – it isn’t invisible if you know where to look.

One other point before we leave off here, and that is that if you think this is all “old news”? Think again. Part of the reason that there was a need for such “social experiments” is because of the fact that despite decades of searching for some magic pill, some magic substance, some procedure that could make man more docile, less “confrontational”, and that could make him forget – they had failed miserably. That’s one thing that Mao’s experiment actually proved, strangely enough.

The Dark Matter – the part of existence they don’t understand – never forgets. The fact that there’s currently a tv show with that name trying to promote that a group of space mercenaries were made to forget from interacting with Dark Matter, just proves my point.

The slavemasters learned one important thing from the Mao time period – well, two, actually. – the other one was that only the person could change their view, from the inside. But there’s something hugely important that they missed even with that fairly correct perspective. See if you can guess what it is, and at the end of this series we’ll revisit this point.

Still, even today, they try to find that over-riding substance to change the attitudes, the loyalties, the loves of man. Take this Time magazine article from March 21, 2015 –

There Could Soon Be a Pill to Make Us More Compassionate


Compassionate doesn’t mean what you think it does – it’s a kind of code word that really represents it’s opposite, the words they don’t want you to think about, the MEMORIES they don’t want you to think about. The ones that are that hurricane that Mao ran into.

The following holds true to pretty much what I think about slavemasters attempts to get out of a reckoning for what they’ve done to humanity –

From the movie: Serenity, based on the TV series Firefly

“A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that.”

– character Malcolm Reynolds



Less argumentive and combative, in the movie, translated to millions of people just laid down and died. Part of taking control of one’s present and changing the future is to quit running from and marginalizing the past. If you’re going to lie that badly about the past, you have just set your delusional present, and will have a house-of-cards future.

Skipping the past, altering the past, “wiping out” the past, nor “moving on” from the past never works to change that hurricane, not even making years of a painful, scary present, or constant peer pressure can change it either, as Mao most painfully found out.

But still they try….because they think failure simply means lack of the right method. It never seems to occur to them that failure is the right method, the right truth, the right understanding. The magnificence of the spirit is right in front of their face and they don’t want to see it, or….. maybe they do see it and that’s the problem.

Perhaps that’s the real reason for the Hubbard and scientology, the Dederich and the Synanon, the Mormon’s, the thises and the thats – experiments that go to great lengths to try and “break” or “reform” that spirit, or at the very least keep it busy and the hurricane at bay.

– – –

Written and researched by –

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