“They call us holy rollers, and what they say is true. But if they knew what we were rollin’ about, they’d be rollin’ too.”

– gospel singer Andraé Crouch


Are you ready for a Miracle?



The featured image for this post appeared in a 1970’s news article touting the group therapy discoveries of psychiatrist Daniel Casriel, published in a book titled: The New Identity Process. His therapy included sessions on floor mats to “work out” the individual’s feeling of pain and anger – or “move” his spirit into the right direction.

Holy Roller came into use in the 1950’s and 1960’s as an insult meaning a member of usually Christian denominations in which spiritual fervor is expressed by shouts and violent body movements.



From our personal library, William Sargant’s Battle For the Mind


Holy Rollers in action – images from book.


Having seizure/trances

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy4


Preparing to “pop” the spirit of God into the person (like is shown at 53 seconds into the video)

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy5

Rolling around on the floor

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy9

Snakes are even a part of this whole show in some Holy Roller congregations

holy rollers


Battle For The Mind image of Holy Rollers and snakes –

Battle for the Mind religious ecstacy6


But, all this goes even further.

As you can see, this same type of spiritual fervor (complete with rolling around on the floor) was making its appearance in some theoretically dis-related places – alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

As it turns out? Not so dis-related after all.

A man named Jack Hurst came to Charles Dedrich in late 1958, together they launched the Holy Rollers of alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Jack was one of Dederich’s CIA connections and with his arrival Dederich’s little breakaway group then called Tender Loving Care became…



Three years later, in July of 1962, Daniel Casriel visited the famous Synanon therapeutic community in Santa Monica, California. So impressed with what he saw there, he moved into the community for a “closer look” and wrote a book about the experience that was then used to promote Synanon even more. The book was called So Fair A House: The story of Synanon.

the story of synanon daniel casriel

The following year Daniel gave $2000 to seven members of Synanon to start a community on the East Coast, directed by the #2 guy in Synanon Jack Hurst who was at that time president of the Santa Monica concern. Casriel and Hurst opened shop at a house in Westport, Connecticut on Greens Farm Road.

Later on that same year, in the summer Casriel became the psychiatric consultant for the Daytop Lodge project on Staten Island, a kind of half-way house for the rehabilitation of convicted felons who were addicts that also happened to be funded by the CIA’s MKULTRA program through one of their front groups.

In the fall of 1963, following the patterns being set by both Scientology and Synanon, Casriel began experimenting with group therapy in his private practice in New York. He began leading groups alone and with peer group leaders like David A. Deitch, who was the local Synanon director at Westport.

Thus producing the drug-rehab version of Holy Rollers patterned on Synanon  – and as is unknown to most – Scientology.

Dennis Casriel in action – (back of the head shot) bottom left.

A_Scream_Away_-_no_caption holy rollers2
The Free-Lance Star,, Virginia, 6 Feb 1973 Page 25. “Psychiatrist Says Women In Touch With Emotions”.


In the following video you can see footage of Jack Hurst promoting Synanon, and a little later on there is footage of the Daytop Village.



But what was Synanon?

Was it a drug-rehab program or was it a religion? Was it a business or… was it yet another mind-control experiment cloaked underneath a religious cult front.

The answer is – all of the above.

That’s what we’re going to start examining here today, and although there are two extremely well-done websites documenting both the histories of Alcoholics Anonymous and Synanon (Orange-papers and Paul Morantz’s site) I’m going to bring to the table something all of them have overlooked – the CIA mind-control aspect and why Synanon was so tightly in lock-step with the actions of Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

Scientology has its own Holy Rollers aspect – just look at any scientology event video at youtube and you’ll see it right away. The excessive emotion of the audience for all the wrong reasons and to all the wrong people. This, to me, is what Holy Rollering is all about.

A show, and a deliberate misdirection of people’s power.

Note: None of these places have anything on the most Holy Roller group that ever existed – the Catholic Church. Where do you think the idea…the behavior itself came from?

kara thrace wink



So, let’s get started.

Note: If you haven’t already, you might want to read this first – The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 1: Laying The Groundwork


Time to load up the Time Machine

green clock.


1953 marked the year that Allen Dulles, then CIA director approved the super-secret MKULTRA program. It was an umbrella program that was searching for ways to control the minds of men.

The CIA distributed funds through its front groups to psychologists and medical researchers:

to conduct research into the conditions under which individual self-control could be weakened or broken and therefore open to suggestions.

The following year the National Institute of Mental Health (the NIMH) began funneling CIA money as “grants”..

Psychiatrist and electric-shock afficianado/ghoul Max Fink was one of the first thousand grants awarded by NIMH.

Ref – SBU Headlines Newsletter re Fink getting Thomas Salmon Award, Fall 2011
Also see Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty Six – 2 for more info on CIA funneling funds through NIMH.
For more about Max Fink see The Truth About Psychiatric Drugs and Treatments – Death and Religion and also this one – What Really Happened At The Missouri Institute of Psychiatry – CIA, MKUltra and Scientology


max fink 1958

I was interested in EEG and the first grant I had received was NIMH Grant M-927 for the study on the EEG effects of electroshock in 1954.

– Max Fink interview by David Healy, Phoenix, Arizona, December 8, 2008


L. Ron Hubbard, who from the earliest days of the first Dianetics Foundation had been a CIA asset, somewhere along the line had become friends with MI6 agent provocateur Aldous Huxley who was then living in Hollywood.

Brave New World, was a science fiction written by Huxley in 1932. The world population is unified under the World State, an eternally peaceful, stable global society which was also called by fellow propagandist H.G. Wells – the New World Order.

In 1937, Aldous Huxley moved to Hollywood. He earned a substantial income as a Hollywood screenwriter. 2

Aldous Huxley says he was friends with Ron Hubbard. That friendship obviously began in Hollywood in 1937, when both writers were serving under William Wiseman in Hollywood. Huxley and Hubbard were MI 6 agents.

In 1950, Ron Hubbard and his wife went to visit with Aldous Huxley and his wife Maria. Aldous Huxley received auditing from Hubbard himself, but he could not locate any engrams, even under Hubbard’s direction. Hubbard audited Maria Huxley and she experienced some success in finding engrams.  34, 35, 36


Aldous Huxleyaldous huxley


The CIA program MKULTRA did not mark the beginning of mental experimentation, what it did was create a coordinated (and huge) umbrella project for work that was already underway. Work that had begun in the late 1940s.

For example – the use of hallucinogenic drugs to “cure” mental disorders was well underway in 1952. Mescaline was the preferred drug at the time, and Dr. Humphrey Osmund noticed the potential of these types of drugs to:

foster mind-expanding and mystical experiences.


A Holy Roller experience in a pill, in other words.

In fact, this is just another example (in a long line of a pass-the-torch type operation) that clearly shows the true origins of “religious experiences” tracks back to the same old suspects, the Catholic Church and the British nobility – the Nesilim.

A book of a man named Arnold Toynbee’s writings was published posthumously, in 1884, one year after his death. It can be read at the Internet Archive, here.

Page xvii of this book, A Memoir, was written May 16, 1884 by Benjamin Jowett, a former Master of Balliol, (a particular college at Oxford University).

In this preface to the 1884 edition of Toynbee’s Lectures on the Industrial Revolution, Jowett gives Toynbee’s method of accomplishing “social change”.

The Toynbee Strategy:

  • “He would gather his friends around him; they would form an organization; they would work on quietly for a time, some at Oxford, some in London; they would prepare themselves in different parts of the subject until they were ready to strike in public.”

Social Change was the propaganda term then for what they were doing

Now it’s called social-engineering or behavior modification, thought warfare and “engineering of consent”.

Drugs were (and still are) one of the prime methods of attempting to change people. Alcohol was an old staple, of course, but you may not be aware of the fact that a version of Heroin (Opium-based drugs) was heavily in use in those days.


opium smoker ad 1904

It was not uncommon for the cultivated next generation of slavemasters, the “Oxford boys” to partake in an Opium den or two – in order to improve their state-of-mind and open their senses, you understand. I’m trying to keep a straight face here as I say that, because if you’ve ever seen people in these dens they are anything but “enlightened”.  The blatant ad above is not exactly accurate, you might say. They called it (smoking opium) – Chasing the Dragon.

Arnold Toynbee was the uncle, via his brother Harry Valpy Toynbee, of the later universal historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889–1975); with whom he is often confused, but both were british nobility slavemaster agents.

Aldous Huxley was born in England and schooled at Oxford, where he met the nephew of Mr. “social change” – Arnold Joseph Toynbee.

This Toynbee worked for the intelligence department of the British Foreign Office starting in 1915. That is MI 6. Huxley was lifelong friends with him.

And so, it makes perfect sense that Aldous Huxley would read Osmond’s book (published April ’52) Schizophrenia: A New Approach and write him a letter asking him to supply him with a dose of mescaline. In the letter, Huxley expressed his hope that mescaline might help him to access a greater degree of awareness, and draw him closer to spiritual enlightenment.

“Social Change” gets a new facelift by the next generation


more Holy Rollers queing up to sell humanity on more religious bullshit



Captain Alfred “Al” Mathew Hubbard

Captain Alfred Mathew Hubbard.

Backing up a couple of years here to 1950 –

In 1950, Captain Alfred Mathew Hubbard decided to return to my neck of the woods here – the Spokane/Coeur D’Alene corridor. Captain Al aka Captain Trips was a devout Catholic.

The story goes that he came here because had “spent summers” in the area when he was younger and returned “seeking enlightenment”.

Sure. I suppose it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that this area happens to be a bit of a Jesuit “strong-hold”.

eye roll kara

The Jesuit mission at Cataldo was their first big “shrine” – their mark, so to speak – located just 30 minutes from me in the Silver Valley. In fact, built between 1850 and 1853, it is Idaho’s oldest building. If you’re interested, you can read much more about the history of all that within my article about a man named Overholser.

Cataldo Jesuit Mission


As the story goes, Al Hubbard hiked into the woods here and an angel appeared to him in a clearing.

“She told Al that something tremendously important to the future of mankind would be coming soon, and that he could play a role in it if he wanted to,” says Willis Harman. “But he hadn’t the faintest clue what he was supposed to be looking for.”

The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991


Angels work for God, so therefore we’re supposed to assume that it’s God that wanted humanity to take LSD, basically…is what Al is trying to sell us on here. I’ll say this for the slavemaster Catholics, they are certainly colorful in their lies sales pitches.

Al supposedly “read about LSD” in 1951, and knew it was what that angel had meant.

kara thrace - battlestar galactica

I’ll let you digest that for a moment…

Al Hubbard then took hist first dose of LSD that same year and said that among other things he “experienced his conception”. Strangely similar to the course that his counterpart L. Ron Hubbard was pursuing as part of Dianetics. Ron Hubbard had started “auditing engrams”  – peoples memories of their conception, attempted abortions, birth, etc.

1951 also marked the beginning of a PR (media sell) push about LSD to the American public with articles like this one appearing in newspapers around the U.S.

Bridgeport Telegram, Friday May 11, 1951 – Production of 1-Day Mental Cases for Study of Causes is Described


It should be understood very clearly here that any so-called interest in “curing insanity” was more of a PR angle rather than any interest in actually helping anyone – especially considering the whole ‘illness’ of schizophrenia was a totally spurious invention in the first place and that there was no so-called physical cause – which the slavemasters well knew.

The man named Dr. Hoch (mentioned in the above article) had also written a report saying that the symptoms produced by LSD, mescaline and related drugs were similar to those of schizophrenia: intensity of color perception, hallucinations, depersonalization, intense anxiety, paranoia, and in some cases catatonic manifestations.

dr paul hoch

Hoch put it this way –

“LSD and Mescaline disorganize the psychic integration of the individual.”


Despite the promotion of that the people he and Dr. Rinkel did this on (as presented in the news article) as being “volunteers” – the truth was rather a lot more grim.

Dr Hoch was the director of experimental psychiatry at the Institute, and they were covertly administering hallucinogenic drugs to patients in order to observe reactions – they did not tell them what they were doing or ask permission. Many of them actually died. His research involved covertly administering intraspinal injections of LSD causing an “immediate, massive, and almost shock-like picture with higher doses.”

He gave LSD to patients and then lobotomized them to compare the effects before and after psychosurgery!

Innocent? Good-hearted?

no shaking head.

But it was most definitely all part of the “master plan” – and yes, they did actually refer to it that way. In a statement following his death in December 1964, Nelson Rockefeller referred to “the master plan” for treatment of disabilities, attributing it to Hoch, and that this master plan was “adopted by President Kennedy and the Congress as a model for federal action.

These guys and their “master plans” ….I swear.

Igor - me have plan.

Anyway, 1951 was also the same year that Dr. Humphry Osmond and Dr. Smythies moved to Saskatchewan, Canada to join the staff of the Weyburn Mental Hospital.

Osmond immediately turned the hospital into a research laboratory. He conducted a wide variety of patient studies using hallucinogenic drugs, collaborating with Abram Hoffer and others. Abram Hoffer was a Canadian psychiatrist. According to Hoffer, high dose vitamins and high dose niacin are potentially effective treatments for schizophrenia and other diseases. High dose vitamins and high dose niacin is exactly what Ron Hubbard was doing at the same time.

HofferAbram Hoffer

Humphry Osmond, working with Abram Hoffer, performed extensive studies on schizophrenic patients using niacin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as potential cures for schizophrenia. Learning that niacin might limit the production of adrenaline, they decided to dose their schizophrenic patients with large doses of niacin. The recovery rate for the schizophrenics that they treated doubled from 35% to 75%. The Osmond and Hoffer studies provided data that added to the finding that niacin could reduce cholesterol, a result that was confirmed by the Mayo Clinic. Niacin is used in the treatment of high cholesterol all over the world. 30

30. Pauling blog, post titled: Humphrey Osmond, The Original Psychedelic Psychiatrist

– Scientology Roots Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career

Once MKULTRA and all that nice funding through fronts was underway in 1953 – Osmund and associate Abram Hoffer received a very large grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for LSD experiments on mental patients. CIA agent Captain Al Hubbard then paid a visit to Dr. Osmond in 1953. Al Hubbard was interested in obtaining some mescaline and Osmond supplied him with some.

The real reason that Al Hubbard was there was to teach Osmond and Hoffer a way to “maximize the LSD experience”. Al Hubbard employed icons and symbols to send the experience into a variety of different directions: someone uptight may be asked to look at a photo of a glacier, a person seeking the spiritual would be directed to a picture of Jesus, and enter into a one-on-one relationship with the Savior.

For the next few years, Al Hubbard – together with psychiatrists Osmond and Hoffer – pioneered a psychedelic regimen. Al Hubbard would lift mentally-disturbed lifelong alcoholics out of psychosis with a mammoth dose of liquid LSD, letting them view their destructive habits from a completely new vantage point.  2, 32 , 37 

Osmond used LSD to help release repressed material from the mind which it was hoped would help the psychotherapeutic process. Ron Hubbard was also getting people to experience hallucinations by combining benzedrine with nicotinic acid.

IT should come as no surprise that we’d come to find out that Aldous Huxley would be right there to “experience” this so-called enlightenment experience – and so it was. He tried LSD for the first time in 1955 with a supply from Captain Al “Trips” Hubbard.

In fact it was Allen Dulles who had personally brought Al Hubbard out of prison with a pardon arranged just for him so that he could put to use with his “particular skills”.

Al Hubbard was called Captain Trips because starting in 1951 on up well into the 1960’s he became a kind of LSD holy roller evangelist. During those years he introduced more than 6,000 people to LSD–including scientists, politicians, intelligence officials, diplomats, and church figures–and became known as the first “Captain Trips”, traveling about with a leather case containing pharmaceutically pure LSD, mescaline, and psylocybin.

He shared the sacrament with a prominent Monsignor of the Catholic Church in North America, and stormed the pearly gates with Aldous Huxley – in a session that resulted in the psychedelic essay Heaven and Hell.

Aldous’s 1952 letter to Dr. Osmund had been answered – he was personally provided the “mescaline experience” in May of 1953, by the erstwhile Doc. He came down to California and personally and supervised the experience in Huxley’s home. Huxley positioned the experience with Catholicism, interestingly enough.

Although Huxley did not equate mescaline with religious mysticism, he was nevertheless deeply impressed with the experience. “All I am suggesting,” he wrote, “is that the mescaline experience is what Catholic theologians call a “gratuitous grace,” not necessary to salvation but potentially helpful and to be accepted thankfully.” Huxley’s home was no stranger to experimentation by the time the mild-mannered Dr. Osmond arrived. The writer had experimented with mental techniques including parapsychology, sensory deprivation, extrasensory perception and phenomena. Huxley numbered among his friends the writers Gerald Heard and Christopher Isherwood, as well as the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love by Stewart Tendler and David May, Panther Books Granada, 1984
Note – verified through Hathitrust that this is in Aldous Huxley, a Biography by Sybille Bedford, vol. 2


So when MK Ultra sub-project 8 began – the testing of LSD on unwitting subjects – on 9 June 1953 just one month later? You can see the obviousness of where this is all going. Al Hubbard’s sales pitch of the “religious experience” was obviously the hook to get targeted leaders to “change their consciousness”.

But let me make something crystal clear here –

That was a sales pitch.


The truth can be found in now de-classified MKULTRA documents, all the documents filed under “68″ at The Black Vault, are on disk 4 in the folder numbered 17468.

Sub-project 68 is Dr. Ewen Cameron’s “research” supposedly about seeing if he can erase someone’s memory and personality and then re-program them with a new one. I think there was more to this story, not to mention Cameron enjoyed doing this to people.

Within the folder 17468 –

Document #52 mentions particular drugs that Dr. Cameron was using in order to “inactivate” a patient, and reveals the real purpose of LSD.



“We propose to use LSD25…as a means of breaking down the ongoing patterns of behavior.”


So it was never about “becoming enlightened” or “becoming more spiritual”, you see, LSD was a behavior modification tool – plain and simple.

It was… as Allen Dulles so eloquently described (more on that later) –



In 1954, Huxley produced a book called The Doors of Perception, describing his experiences when taking a psychedelic drug. It promotes taking hallucinogenic drugs and claimed that the drugs “expand consciousness.”

Psychedelic drugs were promoted as enabling spiritual insight, and a mystical state of consciousness.

The Doors of Perception was a psychedelic handbook, and in 1954 L. Ron Hubbard even promoted it as a good book to read.




The campaign had officially begun – selling the idea of gaining spiritual abilities and expanding consciousness through hallucinogenic drugs and through spiritual enhancement groups such as Scientology.

Step right up folks, take a trip, and get your expanded consciousness!

victorian carnival barker


In 1954, at Saskatchewan Hospital, Osmond and his partner in this little adventure, the psychiatrist Abram Hoffer, began giving alcoholics LSD on the theory that the traumatic drug experience resembled the delirium tremens (DTs) of hitting bottom. I guess you would call this idea loosely based on the homeopathic cure, the principal that giving the body tiny doses of what ails it then “cures” it.

Of course, they bungled that up in a hurry because they didn’t exactly do tiny doses.

In LSD before Leary we find that Al Hubbard, who was working with them at that point, believed that LSD brought alcoholics to awareness of the higher power to which AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) said one must surrender one’s will. That’s a pretty clear reference that Al Hubbard, the Catholic, was actually trying to sell the idea that LSD brought one to God!

That brings us to Dr. Sidney Cohen, who would now play a pivotal role in the spread of LSD beginning in Los Angeles. The main thrust of his work with LSD was treating alcoholism.

Alcoholics Anonymous had been founded as a sub-group of Moral Re-Armament (the MRA) in 1935 by Bill Wilson after he had “hit bottom” in Towns Hospital in 1934 and then had undergone a religious experience. Frank Buchman and the MRA had been previously called the Oxford Group, and it was one of two groups that CIA agent Miles Copeland chose to use a fronts for “political action” in 1955 – the other was scientology.

I’ll get into that more later, but suffice it to say we’re experiencing a mighty convergence of connections here with all these people and supposedly disrelated groups.

Note: The orange-papers website has an absolutely wonderful history of Alcoholics Anonymous itself.

Dr. Osmund and the other LSD researchers were having trouble finding “refined psyches” who said at a 1956 conference that one of the problems was that there was a “dearth of subjects skilled in self-observation.”

So, Cohen tried LSD on psychoanalysts, supposed experts on the unconscious, but they either blocked the drug effects or had bad reactions.

That’s hilarious actually – in a very dark way.

It was actually Aldous Huxley, the MI6 agent provocateur who converted Cohen and Hoffmann to Al  Hubbard’s religious experience idea – which makes total sense. All very Nesilim master plan of him. (priests and kings aka British nobility/Catholic Pope rule the world)

Huxley literally redefined the meaning of the LSD experience, and his critics said his Doors of Perception was 99 percent Huxley and only 1 gram psychedelics – meaning he was FOS about the whole thing.

But Huxley’s role here was selling the “LSD experience” to people and at the same time currying those who were anti-psychiatry, just like Ron Hubbard was doing. Huxley lived the usual slavemaster-type duplicitous life, he accepted honors at psychiatric conferences but yet he privately scorned what he called “the Electric Shock Boys, the Chlorpromaziners and the 57 Varieties of Psychotherapists.”

There were other parallels between the two Hubbards – diploma mills and false credentials.

Even though he never even graduated college, Al Hubbard purchased a diploma mill Ph.D and wore an Aesculapian tiepin to show his support of religious drug experience. The fairy tale about the supposed Aesculapians being a favorite of the Catholic declamatio authors.

Huxley hooked up Cohen with another writer Brit, Gerald Heard, whose particular special interest areas were mysticism and popular science. Boy, Ron Hubbard fit right in here, didn’t he just?

Aldous Huxley (L) and Gerald Heard


Al Hubbard and Huxley’s view of using LSD to cause people to submit to “God” was the one that AA director Bill Wilson jumped on board with. Wilson was also a friend of Heard’s and through him met Osmond and Huxley. Ain’t it just a small world amongst all the New World Order agents?

Of course, Wilson tried LSD. His first LSD session took place in Los Angeles on 29 August 1956, with Sidney Cohen in attendance. Wilson took LSD again in February 1957 at Betty Eisner’s house, along with her husband, Cohen, and an AA associate. Wilson dabbled in LSD for two more years, telling people it was like his “mystical experience” at Towns Hospital.

He even started a private LSD group in New York, with LSD samples supplied by Cohen and Dr. Keith Ditman.

Ditman was one of Cohen’s former Brentwood residents – meaning Cohen trained him – and had become director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute’s Alcoholism Research Clinic, where he tested LSD on alcoholics.

Ditman gave LSD to Chuck Dederich who would then just about immediately be tasked to found Synanon.

  • Reference for the above – LSD before Leary: Sidney Cohen’s Critique of 1950s Psychedelic Drug Research Steven J. Novak Isis, Vol. 88, No. 1. (Mar., 1997),

I thought you might want to see some of these people we’ve been talking about, in action.

The following 62-minute video was recorded at a private party in Los Angeles hosted by Oscar Janiger, where thirty pioneers of psychedelic research gathered for an “LSD Reunion”. Folks in attendance included Myron Stolaroff, Sidney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Oscar Janiger, Humphry Osmond, John Lilly, Laura Huxley, Willis Harmon, Nick Bercel, and others.



To help you identify who’s who in the video –

Left to Right: Myron Stolaroff, Sidney Cohen, Al Hubbard, Timothy Leary, Oscar Janiger, and Humphry Osmond


Doesn’t Al Hubbard look like just a big fat zero of a person? Quite interesting to get past all the hype and look at the guy himself – what a mess. I find that’s often the case with slavemaster agents, it isn’t really them that’s driving things, in other words. It’s the big handlers in the background.

OK, now that you know the general scene here let’s get into the founder of Synanon.



Charles Dederich



Charles E. Dederich, born March 22, 1913, in Toledo, Ohio was a two-time drop out from both Notre Dame and then Toledo University. He was a failed Catholic, and when his first marriage failed, he drifted to Southern California and tried another marriage which also failed.

Dederich had become an alcoholic, and had joined Alcoholics Anonymous. After worming himself into the ‘in crowd’ of the British and American intelligence assets, in 1956 Dederich became an AA speaker and toured California.

For People magazine in 1976, he was quite fond of regaling his sales and speaking skill.

“I was a salesman and a fair-to-middling standup comic. I had a speaking engagement every night somewhere in California. I would talk about my adventures with Demon Rum.”

By 1957, he was chosen to become part of the “expanded consciousness” operation against the American public, and a willing participant he was indeed.

Both Dederich and Bill Wilson had been educated on Huxley’s Brave New World with its blueprint on how to make a “Utopian” society – Dederich was sold.

On August 28, 1957, as planned, a couple of UCLA professors showed up at an AA chapter and asked for volunteers for an experiment with a “new” drug (LSD) that the tests conductors–Dr Keith Ditman and Dr. Sidney Cohen– hoped might help alcoholics by providing a substitute high without addiction. The tests were funded by the National Institute for Mental Health.

Which means….it was an MKULTRA program, and if you recall Dr. Shocks-A=Lot Max Fink was on the committee that decided who got these “grants”.

Jumping ahead for just a moment here, Dederich would launch almost immediately after this LSD experience, something that later became called “the Game”. It is my view that he took a number of elements of it from Hubbard and his CIA op – scientology.

For example, in scientology there is a “training drill” called TR0-Bullbait, which is exactly as it sounds. A person gets all manner of things said and done around him while he is supposed to remain calm and collected. If he fails this? He is flunked. Hubbard had also instituted security-checking of a sort around this time – another element of the Game where a person is asked for their “dirty story”.

Hubbard had just shifted to “training” people in this technique and giving a big class on it just two months before Dederich took his LSD and then went into holy roller mode.

It was the 18th Clinical Course, as part of the new Communications Course, where these drills were widely put into use.

Cyril Vosper’s book has the text of the entire TR-0 drill instructions but look at this part in particular – TR stands for “Training Routine”.

By way of explanation; the coach is instructed to “bullbait” as follows:

“The coach may say anything or do anything except leave the chair. The student’s buttons can be found and tromped [sic] on hard. Any words not coaching words may receive no response from the student. Instructors should have coaches let students have some wins (coach does not mention these) and then, by gradient stress, get the coaches to start in on the student to invite flunks. This is ‘bull-baiting.’ The student is queried each time he or she reacts, no matter how minutely, to being baited. The whole of T-R 0 should be taught rough-rough-rough and not left until the student can do it.

Training is considered satisfactory at this level only if the student can BE three feet in front of a person without flinching, concentrating or confronting with, regardless of what the confronted person says or does.


It’s a form of “attack” therapy, is what it is, and combined with security checking (where the person is asked probing questions about their background and “bad” things they have done) and later “Ethics” punishments and penalties, those of you already familiar with Synanon will understand immediately the tight correlation there with Synanon’s “Game”.

In the “Game” anyone was allowed to say anything, true or not, to someone to cause an effect. We just read in the scientology TR description that: “get the coaches to start in on the student to invite flunks” which means cause an effect, get him to react.

See how the same they are on that very key point?

In scientology, the “student” would then turn around and become the “coach” – this also appeared in what Dederich was doing. In fact, it is why it was called the “Game” – because the one being gamed could turn the game on another.

That’s just a fairly brief description of just how the same, or under the same masters, both these groups were but I wanted to establish firmly that it appeared in scientology, which was already going as a CIA testing ground, first.

Dederich told the tale later of that he felt that he had a cathartic break through after his LSD experience and that he now understood the world and that good and bad were the same.

How very WFMH (George Brock Chisholm and Ewen Cameron) of him. WFMH=World Federation of Mental Health. Both these British/Catholic slavemaster shills wrote about moving beyond “good and bad” to become a mentally healthy person.

That’s about as hypocritical for them to say anything about morality, as tigers and alligators lecturing sheep about their war-mongering.

hilarious portrayal of the slavemasters blaming war on the people - disarmament 1921.

Paul Morantz, who would be a key figure later on in this Synanon story, gives us even more insight into Dederich’s “experience”.

Up to this point Chuck had experienced few feelings of love. There had been his mother and Chilnessa but the rest was a drunken murk. But following that first plunge he experienced what he later compared to being schizophrenic, reliving six vivid childhood scenes, moments long forgotten. He remembered and regretted an incident of drunkenly lashing out at his son, Chuck, Jr. He cried uncontrollably for several days. He had been unable to cry before. The emotions were intense. He watched himself in the mirror, sloppily eating, a swine in action.

…Chuck envisioned during this altered state of consciousness the nature of things–a melting of polars; all the same time significant and insignificant. He perceived a nature of reality and a new ability to observe all sides of a single phenomena. He knew he had insights others lacked; the contradictions in up and down and good and bad dissolved. He needed to share and found a receptacle in a UCLA lab technician who dabbled in sociological/religious studies. During breaks at the UCLA probe of LSD, they had many philosophical discussions. A UCLA psychology professor [Alan Watts] referred Chuck to Eastern philosophies, most notably Zen, teachings of which Chuck believed paralleled his new experience.

The Synanon Story

In November of 1957, Dedrich was asked for further descriptions of his experiences. He told the testers that “I feel very alive, as I had when I was 25,” and that he had feelings of omnipotence and omniscience, a sense of confidence he never before had experienced was suddenly liberated. He told them that he felt reborn; psychic defenses and barriers dissolved, a process when he would become more expert in psychology he would call dissipation.

This is also known as “blank slate” – or Tabula Rasa – another favorite schtick of the slavemasters that is obviously being brought forward yet again.

The mind of man ready to be “written on” – like this wax slate – that’s something these people continuously salivate over. They’re really quite obsessed with playing God over someone else that way.

blank slate tabula rasa

Small wonder they invented “God” religions, eh?

Dedrich summed his new-version religious experience – LSD trip – up as having “altered his life” and brought him into contact with a cosmic consciousness – which is just standard Catholic bullshit simply re-packaged.

His “slate” had been wiped out – get it?

Now, what’s important here actually is that for the three months prior to this, his new LSD-promoter buddies studied him up some more at the library, broadening his topic command and “tactics” he could use. As noted, he was particularly schooled in Eastern philosophies – just like Ron Hubbard’s mentor, Commander Thompson, had schooled him in.

All more of that “writing on the slate” what they wanted to be there now.

But the real plan for him is quite evident in that by the time of these comments he had begun his own experimenting with emotional and environment manipulations trying to recreate the (LSD) purgation for others.

You would call this a non-drug LSD trip that he was tasked to create – exactly like what Hubbard was doing in scientology with his “wins” and “releases” from auditing practices.

You know – more of that “cosmic” awareness.

whoa dude LSD trippin

A later scientology Guardian’s Office intelligence executive named Bob Thomas would clearly describe that very idea that Dederich was also embarking on.

I called this a fit of truth-telling on his part, because he essentially just called Scientology’s auditing sessions:  “LSD for your mind.”

“The drug experience,” he explained in a manner which was frank and direct, using Scientology’s private lingo sparingly, “produces a kind of artificially induced insight into some of the more metaphysical aspects of man’s consciousness.

But it’s very frustrating because it is limiting, and now here’s Scientology, a drugless psychedelic – using, the exact meaning of the word *psychedelic*, which is soul expanding – which deals in the very same insights without drugs.

We provide the philosophical background which can be understood by young people who have taken drugs and have seen the dead end of drugs, but who are still haunted by the visions they saw.

Scientology is a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis, by natural means.”

– George Malko, Scientology, The Now Religion1970


  • Dederich –  he had begun his own experimenting with emotional and environment manipulations trying to recreate the (LSD) purgation for others.
  • scientology – is a drugless psychedelic (LSD) a root to the achievement of some of these awarenesses on a natural basis…

Doesn’t get any clearer than that.

The new Holy Rollers

dedrich synanon 1968 life.

John galusha left l ron hubbard right 1958.

As a result of all this “education” of Dederich in anthropology, psychology, philosophy and sociology, his AA speeches changed. He began to combine the usual Christianity religious overtones with more of a psychological or “philosophy” slant.

He began holding impromptu seminars in his Santa Monica apartment where he would talk for hours on end, weaving his newly learned psychological and philosophical “insights” together. He ridiculed, he teased, and quickly began gathering his own following. They would go with Dederich to AA meetings as “Dederich’s faction” where they would clap and fawn over Dedrich’s speeches to try and influence those audiences to join up with them.

Meanwhile, Drs. Sidney Cohen and Keith Ditman begin large-scale experiments with LSD at the VA Hospital at UCLA.

He dropped out of attending AA meetings in July and rented a small store in seedy Venice. The original name was The Tender Loving Care Club.

TLC club

They played the “game”.


Dederich acknowledged later that this was brainwashing, so did Synanon member Steve Simon n his Harvard dissertation (the danger of being a participant observer is that you may be converted).

Dederich specifically said that “freedom to think to a dope addict was like a gun to a baby, and they wash dirty brains.” which is certainly a novel take on the term itself.

If you take a look at my post regarding the actual origins of the term brainwashing, you’ll see that CIA Director Allen Dulles gave a speech on the topic just three days before he launched Project MK-Ultra on April 13, 1953 – that would begin more than a decade of the most heinous human experiments you can imagine when he approved the first sub-project.

A couple quotes from that speech –

In Hitler’s Germany… some effort was made to make men into a single pattern…was called gleichschaltung — the leveling process.

…The Chinese, who are seldom at a loss for a word, have given us a term which has come generally to be applied to this treatment of individual minds: “brain washing”.

Actually, the Chinese subjected to Communism “thought reform” techniques experienced two treatments:

  • a “brain washing” which “cleansed the mind of the old and evil thoughts spawned by Imperialists of the West,” and
  • a “brain changing” which implanted the new and glorious thoughts of the Communist Revolution”.

… it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place…physical and spiritual barrier…isolated…from the outside world.

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


If you’ll notice, this is exactly the function that both Scientology and later Synanon would serve.

Isolating people and –

Washing their “dirty brains” that have such unacceptable thoughts and behaviors.


So yes, Dederich was “brainwashing” his followers, but here’s the ultimate in hypocrisy – as sanctioned by the very man supposedly exposing such things.


Allen Dulles – head of the CIA

Allen Dulles


The tactic itself, that the MKULTRA program would perpetrate on people in the name of “research” against …

The “enemy”

air quotes.

was this –

One element stands out in all the known cases. It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

One victim, Shipkov writes;

…One: they are not over interested in what you tell them.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…

…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


That is most certainly the result of both Synanon and Scientology’s “dirty brain” cleaning processes  – regardless of perceived outcome.

It’s also a fabulous description of “the Game”.

The early groups consisted of 8 to 12 people and lasted usually an hour. Dederich’s specifically targeted age group at this time averaged thirty-three to thirty-four years old.

But, the real implementation of “the Game” as per Dederich’s notes, began when the group size outgrew his apartment and he was offered the use of a wealthy female divorcee’s house in Bel Air. Bel Air was an elite community built along Sunset Blvd just west of Beverly Hills.

Dederich’s notes outlined that he would pursue a concept he supposedly took from Zen literature, “a line of inquiry with no line.” That means basically they would just see where the talk went. L. Ron Hubbard had something similar by the way – he called it the “itsa” line – as in the person starts talking about “it’s this…” etc. eventually leading to “the real issue” (whatever that means).

Dederich followed the AA format of telling’s one story and anecdotes, but now the others could respond to it.


It was these “responses”

that were in the form of the same attack therapy (aka brutal teams of interrogators)

that were the real coercive tactics being employed.


I’m sure the parallels to Dulles description of “brainwashing” are not lost on you.

* * *


Dederich peppered his “directions” to his group with all the high-sounding (however meaningless) psychology terms he learned at the Santa Monica Library (reading the Professors and his new handlers recommended books).

He thought this was all just great – he loved it, and later referred to that he would tear into everyone as if each ”had a tail” – ie: as if they were a devil.

Synanon leader Charles 'Chuck' Dederich perpetual stewDederich at the “game”

Not too surprisingly, Dederich didn’t have any real friends since a Jesuit priest at Notre Dame. He didn’t do too well in one-on-one encounters, for obvious reasons. By that I mean that he couldn’t get the gang aspect going against someone, he couldn’t distract the person by using others in the audience either in one-on-one situations. This is why he preferred groups.

Slavemasters pretty much all share that particular proclivity, by the way, and infect their down-lines with it as well.

So while “Chuck” as he was then called, appeared to be everyone’s friend, in reality he had none. But, in the late spring of 1958 that changed. Gray Thompson, mesmerized by an AA speech Dederich was giving at a sheriff stations in Malibu, ”came at me like a huge dog…a Great Dane wanting to slobber all over me.” described Chuck.

He invited Chuck to come to his “pad” at the beach, and I have to say, this sounds more like either the beginnings of a homosexual relationship or a handler-agent rather than just the average close friendship.

As Paul Morantz put it

Gray Thompson was everything Chuck was not and wanted to be. He was tall–six feet four–solid, good looking and despite his past love affair with alcohol he was always upbeat and full of endless vigor, a striking contrast to a moody 5 foot ten inch Dederich who along with his right-side facial paralysis had a short military style crew cut and 220 pounds, much of it now drooping over his trousers.

Dederich was giving an AA speech at a sheriff station’s in Malibu when Thomspson, as Dederich described, ”came at me like a huge dog…a Great Dane wanting to slobber all over me.” Thompson invited Dederich down to his pad at the beach. Each admired the other for what he lacked. Thompson was awestruck by an intellect he thought he could never obtain. Chuck never had such adulation, particularly from someone who had Thompson’s physical attributes and outlook. Thompson’s dedication transformed Dederich. It gave his already budding confidence a major encouragement and validation. A seal of approval. What they had in common was endless energy. They outlasted everyone at parties and called themselves Twin Falstaffs.

… Dederich became aware he had a small “cult” forming around him, led by Thompson. Some called his apartment the “clubhouse.” Chuck was the inquisitor, using confession, ridicule and cross-examination to change the thinking of his followers. He was a salesman once again. A powerful manipulator, controlling and developing the group philosophy. He told the group, “Some things might be right at one time and wrong on another. It depend on you know…you know…what you are trying to accomplish. And so on.” It was a philosophy he would always adhere to.


In May, Gray Thompson exhibited/introduced a controlled direction for Dederich’s faction, he brought in a heroin addict named Whitey Walker, who had just been released from prison.

By the end of July – the changed direction was official. Dederich later said that, “I knew I had something that would work on addicts.” The Dederich group was now a “drug-rehab” versus an alcoholic one and Synanon was born.

drug addict synanon 1961

Other addicts joined the club until they outnumbered alcoholics, and the “alkies” complained. Dederich summarily chucked them out.

By September of 1958 – the PR Push had begun.

Incorporation requires having a board of directors who are supposed to be the “control” of the organization. Much like Ron Hubbard and later David Miscavige, Dederich explained how he avoided this possible threat to his power by picking “dummies” that he was in total and complete control over and incorporated Synanon which had about 40 members when it started.

Note: In Scientology you have to sign a letter of resignation before you are even made an officer of any of its corporations – making it clear what would immediately be done if the person gets out of line at all.

Heavy media saturation began (this is typical for covert slavemaster intelligence operations). Members appeared on the L.A. based Paul Coates television show and told stories of horrible drug addiction before coming to Synanon and being “saved”.

The Santa Monica Evening Outlook followed with favorable human interest coverage and then the bigger media outlets began to pick up the story. Even Caesar Chavez, head of the United Farm Workers and the Black Panther party hooked up with Dederich – further demonstrating in my opinion, that this was more of a recruit-the-rebels thing than it was a heal-the-poor-addicts thing.

For one reason, many of the heroin addicts were older, and statistically we now know most of them would have quit anyway so this wasn’t about “getting them off drugs” – this was about testing out brainwashing theories, and group dynamics, peer pressure etc.

All areas the CIA and the slavemasters were intensely interested in. They are afraid of groups of people, you see, and they know that all groups start with ONE. Derail those potential leaders and hopefully you have no insurrection among the inmates citizens.

Unfortunately, it is all too true that this is exactly how these cold-blooded mother-frackers view things.

That is what Charles Dederich was helping with as was L. Ron Hubbard.

By 1958 they were both well on their way to creating the “new” age of Holy Rollers

synanon where only the damned want it 1965 movie

synanon game poster



Whether you call it psychiatry, or a “science of the mind” or Christianity it doesn’t matter.

The effect is the same.


I’m gonna wash those thoughts right outta my brain….

wash those thoughts right outa my brainsung to the theme from the movie South Pacific


Researched and written by Virginia McClaughry


Stay tuned – there’s more coming.

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