In a fit of hypocrisy, three days before CIA Director Allen Dulles would launch Project MK-Ultra on April 13, 1953 – that would begin more than a decade of the most heinous human experiments you can imagine when he approved the first sub-project – he gave a speech at an Alumni conference of Princeton grads.

A. Dulles Director of CIA, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower,MKUltra 1953 – Allen Dulles, General Edward Lansdale, Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, President Eisenhower


Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953


…in the great area behind the Iron Curtain a vast experiment is underway to change men’s minds, working on them continuously from youth to old age.

In Hitler’s Germany… some effort was made to make men into a single pattern…was called gleichschaltung — the leveling process.

He described what is “different” about Russia, saying there was a first technique of controlling the masses, and then a second technique –

…the perversion of the minds of selected individuals who are subjected to such treatment that they are deprived of the ability to state their own thoughts. …In effect the brain under these circumstances becomes a phonograph playing a disc put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control. [L. Ron Hubbard’s reactive mind description in 1950 Dianetics book]

The Chinese, who are seldom at a loss for a word, have given us a term which has come generally to be applied to this treatment of individual minds: “brain washing”.

Actually, the Chinese subjected to Communism “thought reform” techniques experienced two treatments:

  • a “brain washing” which “cleansed the mind of the old and evil thoughts spawned by Imperialists of the West,” and
  • a “brain changing” which implanted the new and glorious thoughts of the Communist Revolution”.

In our conception of the perversion of individual minds the term “brainwashing” seems aptly to describe this phase of brain warfare.

To create conditions which permit the mass indoctrination of…people certain prerequisites are necessary. In particular it is necessary to close off with an impenetrable barrier the area within which the operation is to take place…physical and spiritual barrier…isolated…from the outside world.

…During the past few years, in particular, the people of the Soviet Union and of the Satellites have been given one theme song about Western democracies and especially the United States…We are portrayed as the protagonists of atomic and bacteriological warfare, and our government is said to be dominated by the magnates of Wall Street — the oppressors of the working man. It is the most vicious campaign of hatred that any country has ever attempted against another.

…After the war, Soviet science and ingenuity made rapid strides in the study of mental reactions and in the nefarious art of breaking down the human mind.

…there must be a considerable period — probably a minimum of around three months — to properly indoctrinate the intended victims.

What does this indoctrination consist of?

We, in the West, are somewhat handicapped in getting all the details. There are few survivors and we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques. The Soviets have their political prisoners, their slave camp inmates…

We now have, however, some evidence on which to base a judgement. A few have escaped from the ordeal of brain-washing to tell their story.

One element stands out in all the known cases. It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.

One victim, Shipkov writes;

…One: they are not over interested in what you tell them.

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…

There is a lot that could be said about this unbelievably self-serving pile of propaganda by Dulles, but for now I am going to limit myself to just a few key points.

“…we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques.”

So, all this is a long-winded excuse for what they were about to embark on in Project Mk-Ultra, which, don’t let them fool you, was not about some race against “the Russians”. This is part of why you see Dulles using the word “seem” so often in this little screed.

But they did need a plausible excuse.

“The Russians” were chosen as the new “enemy” to bilk the U.S. government out of funding, resources, and behind-closed-doors permissions to choose and experiment on those ‘guinea pigs’ Dulles is mentioning.

Next –

“It is endless interrogation by teams of brutal interrogators while the victim is being deprived of sleep.”

Sometimes there is truth in what these pathological liars say – they can’t help it, in my opinion. This is one of those times.

In the shadow world of brain-mapping, brain entrainment and influencing techniques using machines, when sifting through both the many obviously planted testimonies and the real ones (few and far between) one thing remains constant. The person is deprived of quality sleep and subjected to various forms of mental haranguing.

Exactly like Dulles is describing but just updated to incorporate emerging technologies.

You will also see this exact same technique employed in their experimental front groups – such as Scientology, Synanon, Narconon, etc.

Sleep Deprivation and brutal “interrogation” – bearing in mind (for those not familiar) that part of interrogation techniques includes not just questioning but actual manipulation of the person’s environment, their emotions, and any number of techniques and remember – please notice that it is also a very true statement that they are not really interested in any answer the person might give.

What are they wanting to see?

repentance and self-condemnation


The second one is the really important one, because only when it happens does the other one also happen.

In my recent post about Toxic Adult Children I touch on a recent conversation with one of my children where it was literally like Dr. Ben described. I felt like my child had been “replaced by a cruel, vicious, bullying, abusive alien” who was cloaking that with a pious and insulting (and false) calm rationality.

A brutal interrogation technique. What makes it brutal is the intent, not the method. For example, a brutal attack against one’s core identity that is simply veiled by a calm facial expression and well-modulated tones of voice is no less of an attack than if it was screamed in rage.

Now, normally, in the face of such a full-out psychological warfare campaign, I would simply hang the person with their own moral turpitude. I’m not going to get into how that is done right now, but I will say that it is a kind of perfect revenge courtesy of the person themselves.

The huge, yawning and unbridgeable chasm difference, however, between what I’m describing there and what they do, has to do with that word self in self-condemnation.

Since practically the day I was born, there has been a continuous (although thin) stream of supposedly well-meaning people trying to tell me (or enforce upon me) what parts of self are the “real me” and what parts are not. You can guess what the not ones are, I’m sure.

I can “force” change in them, but they never can with me. Now, I know that immediately some people will jump up and down and start citing Sociopath! or Narcisstic Personality! because I said that, as if those words act as some kind of crystal ball into my character – but we’ll just ignore them.

The point is that what Allen Dulles is talking about here is a true statement – on many levels – of what they want to see happen.

repentance and self-condemnation


People like him (who are slavemasters, junior slavemasters or useful “idiots” – the Igors) are engaged in their own special and unique kind of mirroring of people that are like me and can do what I just said.

The elements appear to be the same but they aren’t.

I once wrote a post where I talked about people who have a paper-doll of you (or a picture of you) that they play with in their heads and think it’s the same thing as you.

That’s the incalculably huge difference, right there, between them and people like me.

They do not see the actual self. They see only what they want to through the filter of their own masks (limited versions of self).

Heck, they don’t even see your masks properly, let alone the master mask-maker ie: you. They try and they try, they develop systems and machines and body-language reading and so on and so on ad-infinitum but yet still…I (and anyone else like me) get “under their skin” to the actual self whether they like it or not. They get endlessly upset that the reverse does not upset us – they really can not think with that at all.

There’s a clue for you in there somewhere.


I will tell you something that I have never told anyone before about this kind of thing in action. My son Tom Rhodes, in his early 20’s when he was still living at home, was becoming more and more upset at that I was not who he had “pictured” me as and had begun engaging in a kind of war with me, a war of trying to do exactly what Allen Dulles described.

Bring about

repentance and self-condemnation


I’m over-simplifying all the many factors in play during this time period, because the point is that what I finally did with him is “force” him to live the life he had chosen.

I kicked him out.

A pretty clear message of “That’s your life, this is mine” and he’s been complaining about it ever since (in one form or another). But see, that’s the point. I could “force” change with him – that he now has to walk the path he chosebecause he chose it and I recognize that. But he can’t do the same thing with me because I am already on my chosen path.

He needed to (and still does) become cognizant of the fact that while he will always have absolute choice over how and in what way he chooses to live, the reverse is not true with him towards other people.

This is the key weakness of any slavemaster or “brain washer”.

We are not the personal animated blow-up dolls of others, where our software can be rewritten to anything that is desired (or not desired) as the case may be. This is uniquely a slavemaster method of thinking (which infects many people).

They have all these rules and ways and means and methods to try and identify if whatever they have been doing has “worked” to make someone change their path – but they are all wrong. Every. Single. One.

Bottom line difference? We know their choices and the difference between that and the person who made them, they don’t know ours, not really, and they definitely don’t have a clue about the person who made them – let alone the difference between the choices and the person. They can’t know that (or allow themselves to) unless they viewed the situation just like us. And if they did that truly there wouldn’t be any conflict any more anyway so it’d all be moot! See the conundrum of the life of a slavemaster?

It’s literally hell.

But, they are very Catholic about it all – they are obsessed and endlessly fantasize about all that kneeling repentance business, and I do mean obsessed.

What does that look like, or what do they want to see?

Here’s a real-life example – something my son said to me earlier this year. It went something like this:

“I often fantasize that there is a machine somewhere that has a recording of all our conversations and that I could play it and you would realize how wrong you are about everything. Then you would apologize and tell me “I am so sorry for all the things I have done, I was so wrong and you were so right. Can you ever forgive me?” Now that’s an apology.”

In other words – they want this:

begging for forgiveness.

The problem is it’s never real.

It cannot be. No one can actually condemn (as in erase or “wash” away) self – not even self!

So what this is really about – all this attention on controlling the minds of others – is having the person behave like that paper doll they have in their mind. I’m sure you can see the inherent flaw (and their ultimate undoing) in this line of thinking. It’s like a revolution just waiting to drop on their heads.

It’s not about whether it’s right or wrong to be on one’s knees, to offer oneself in a sign of respect to another, it’s about two very important things that are completely missing from all forms that this takes under their helm. One – the person on the receiving end must actually be operating as a self, and two – so must the other person. Then, and only then, it becomes merely a form of communication between the two selfs about something, with the positioning of the bodies being merely part of that communication.

After all, marriage proposals are traditionally done that way and no one minds that – see the difference? One is two-way love and the fun of the game, the other is a game of things, a game of masks only.




Virginia McClaughry








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