But the arrangement we made with Moral Rearmament gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe. When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology…

– CIA agent Miles Copeland, autobiography The Game Player


This arrangement with L. Ron Hubbard to do this (and other things) began in July of 1955.

Within the first four years of this arrangement (1959) Hubbard had invented what was called “sec checks” – procedure for finding that which was being withheld by the person undergoing ‘auditing’ procedures using an E-meter to “track” these secrets.

The real purpose of this procedure – what his CIA masters were actually interested in – is visible in a 1961 lecture given in England at the Saint Hill Manor estate during what was called: The Briefing Course.

– L. Ron Hubbard, July 12, 1961, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lecture entitled: ANATOMY OF MAYBE, SOLUTIONS.

In a conversation with one of the students, Ron Hubbard and his wife Mary Sue are discussing a number of things, such as:

  • that all security checks had been being sent in to Hubbard and Mary Sue
  • the procedure of what to write down
  • the ‘reason’ for Hubbard’s interest and in what types of ‘withholds’

Under the first point, we see this conversation –

“Male voice: In the bulletin instruction about sending all Sec Checks forwarding them in to you …”

With both Hubbard and Mary Sue trying to explain the reason for this.

Hubbard: And this was actually a preventer. It wasn’t that I wanted to know these things. It was that there was some feeling about, when this was first begun, that such data might be used for blackmail or something like this. And of course, if the actual Security Check is sent through and it’s already resident in a safe someplace in the world, it’s-couldn’t so operate, ever. You got the idea?

OK. So let me get this straight.

Hubbard is saying, in the most convoluted way possible, that he is deliberately collecting all these secrets withheld by people and storing them in a safe “someplace” in the world so that no-one can use the information for blackmail.

Considering that now we have proof that he was working for the CIA this whole time, that takes on a whole other level of meaning, wouldn’t you say?

Then we see this (excerpted) –


…And eventually I’d be able to go over a tremendous pack of written Security Checks, don’t you see and be able to establish the type of withhold which was most closely pressed to the bosom…”

…those that are very resistive would be of great interest to me.”

The human race most closely withholds the following. . .

And then you just make some great long column of the types of withholds. You get the common denominators in these withholds, you’d probably find a hidden button that we didn’t know much about before.


Three days before Allen Dulles would launch Project MK-Ultra on April 13, 1953 when he approved the first sub-project that would begin more than a decade of the most heinous human experiments you can imagine – in a fit of hypocrisy he gave a speech at an Alumni conference of Princeton grads.

Brain Warfare Summary of Remarks by Mr. Allen W. Dulles at the National Alumni Conference of the Graduate Council of Princeton University, Hot Springs, Virginia, April 10, 1953

In this speech, he talks about having a lack of human guinea pigs to experiment on.

What does this indoctrination consist of?

We, in the West, are somewhat handicapped in getting all the details. There are few survivors and we have no human guinea pigs, ourselves, on which to try out these extraordinary techniques. The Soviets have their political prisoners, their slave camp inmates…


Since the purpose of brainwashing isn’t about getting the person to say any particular thing, but instead was:

It would seem that the ultimate purpose of this treatment is to break you down completely and deprive you of any will power or private thought or self-esteem…they appear to place importance on the parallel appearance of repentance and self-condemnation…


Particularly note the “private thought” part with the understanding of two things:

  • one – that Alan Dulles, the very next day, would approve a highly secret program to do all these very things, under the helm of psycho-dog Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.
  • two – that Hubbard would again start working with the CIA for political action just two years later – using scientologists as guinea pigs!

With all that in mind – regarding Hubbard and his “sec-checks” (and later variations such as “ethics” handlings, Overt/Withhold write-ups etc.) –

Look at this again –

The human race most closely withholds the following. . . And then you just make some great long column of the types of withholds. You get the common denominators in these withholds, you’d probably find a hidden button that we didn’t know much about before.


And what would be the purpose of finding these hidden “buttons”? Why, to push them, of course.


Hidden Hand - STOP.

button - love.

It was in 1959, that Hubbard had first introduced “security checking”, where Scientologists are interrogated, having to answer long, prepared lists of questions about their moral transgressions. The E-meter is used as a lie detector throughout these “sessions”. A careful record is kept of all confessions, and this has proved to be a highly effective means of silencing dissidents.

Fellow intelligence operative and pseudo-wife Mary Sue Hubbard was right there with him in and through all this, and indeed incorporated the form she wanted this to take for her files – short-hand notes and lists of “withholds” such as “stole an apple” and so forth.

All this was only four years after Hubbard had signed on with CIA agents Bob Mandelstam and Miles Copeland – operating underneath Kim Roosevelt and Frank Wisner in the OPC.

In its original form, my theory was that properly ‘charismatized’ leaders, placed in certain positions in the ‘free world’s’ ‘key’ bureaucracies, could be used as political levers by which an enlightened American foreign policy could uplift the world.

…the judicious application of my theory would enable a properly employed CIA to fulfill the Wilsonian pledge to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ while removing certain goings-on here and there that were inconveniencing the American way of life.

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player “political action description” – Chapter 15


Removing certain goings-on, which would have been caused by certain kinds of people. Get the idea of at least one thing scientology was going to do to its adherents?

I hoped to devise political actions which would boost aspirants of my choice into them, keep them there and channel them into paths leading to prosperity and security for both them and us.

identifying potential leaders and guiding them to their rightful destiny, through democratic means if such were available but unhesitatingly by other means if they were not.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, p. 144 (Scientology and the MRA had been “officially” chosen by Miles in 1955)


Ron Hubbard was on the pioneering end of when the CIA would take things even more broadly in the 1960’s.

I want to move the story forward some more, from the CIA experiments in the 1950’s into the 1960’s and beyond. The 1960’s brought us a new variation in operational utilization of the techniques of brainwashing and sensory deprivation and so forth…and this is the religious cult issue.

But it was in the 1960’s that the idea of using these techniques on essentially freestanding populations was experimented with and the cults provide the laboratory setting for social influence processes where the people are not taken into complete physical custody.

– lecture by Dr. Alan Scheflin, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University and author of the book “The Mind Manipulators”: “The History of Mind Control: What we can prove and what we can’t”


Get that? Social Influence “processes”.

Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard (besides many other experimental “processes”) were still carrying out this same “hidden button” research for political action use well into the latter part of the 1960’s decade.

One very good example of how they chose to use what they had learned, was when Mary Sue Hubbard issued Guardian Order 121669 on December 16, 1969 about “culling” of people’s private confessional folders to find their “buttons” to use against them.

Mary Sue’s “Intelligence Bureau” used BUTTONS from the information gathered to form black intelligence operations around with the goal of destroy/control/harass people that had been targeted by the CIA and it’s front group of the Church of Scientology.

The Guardian’s office training of their Intelligence handlers, such as the Assistant Guardian for Intelligence, trained them on that the main categories of buttons were LOVE HATE PROTECT.

Mike McClaughry said  –

There is nothing in the training hat pack of the Guardian’s Office concerning the use of “buttons” to formulate Black Operations. In fact, it was considered so secret, that you had to actually have been there for a while and become trusted before you would even be shown that piece of paper.

Mike’s first public revelation of this secret technology in use in the Guardian’s Office, was in his video interview done at the Lisa McPherson Trust.
Here is a PDF of Guardian Order 121669 and here are the page scans themselves:

Guardians Office Order 121669 Guardians Office Order 121669-2


There is a plain text version here.

Key parts –

MAJOR TARGET: To use any and all means to detect any infiltration, double agent or disaffected staff member, Scientologist or relatives of Scientologists and by any and all means to render null any potential harm or harm such have rendered or might render to Scientology and Scientologists.


Render null ?

How creepy-sounding is that…certainly comes under that other means that Miles Copeland (Ron Hubbard’s CIA handler) had mentioned.



  • To make full use of all files on the organization to effect your major target. These include personnel files, Ethics files, Dead files, CentralFiles, training files, processing files, and requests for refunds
  • To assemble full data by investigation of each person located for possible use in case of attack or for use in preventing any attack and to keep files of such.


The purpose of all that would be, as Mike said, assembling material under the three “buttons” for the target, their family, their friends, and so on. Each one (people and the individual button categories) would have entire black intelligence operations designed around their particular “buttons”.

Which is about as perfect of a demonstration as you’ll ever see that even more than a decade later, Hubbard’s organization was still functioning for political action purposes.

This button business comes under the “dissuasion” category of general political action activities as per Miles Copeland

  • Dissuasion – Terrorizing, instead of killing  
    • – any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes

You could certainly say that the Guardian’s Office activities were a perfect microcosm of the bigger macrocosm of playing dirty.

The Doolittle Report – 1954.

It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply.

If the U.S. is to survive, long-standing American concepts of ‘fair play’ must be reconsidered. We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies by cleverer, more sophisticated, and more effective methods than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people become acquainted with, understand, and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.

– from pages 1, 2,3 of the Introduction of Doolittle’s Report – Special Study Group, J.H. Doolittle, Chairman, Report on the Covert Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency (declassified), September 30, 1954 – and from, p. 15,16 (of 78) of the PDF itself. Here is also an Internet Archive version in case it goes missing.


We must learn to subvert, sabotage, and destroy our enemies…


The problem is that word enemies. Particularly when it comes to scientology you have people going after “enemies” that are everywhere but right in front of their face, like this guy –


And in some particularly fucked-up cases the enemy they’re looking for is staring back at them in the mirror.

Like this chick – for example:

Grace-Marie Haddy

Grace-Marie Haddy

Or how about this guy, her buddy, for example (college photo)

Jimmy Mulligan

Top row – second from left

University Texas-Austin 1958 - Jimmy Mulligan 2


Larger –

Jimmy MulliganUniversity Texas-Austin 1958 - Jimmy Mulligan largeJimmy was in the Drama Club in college.


Both of these people worked for both the Guardian’s Office (GO for short) and it’s later re-incarnation by Mark Rathbun called the Office of Special Affairs (OSA for short). Both of them worked in intelligence where part of the daily routine was the selecting out people’s “buttons” and then designing, picking operatives for, and implementing some unbelievably vicious and destructive black intelligence operations on the people selected for this treatment.

Wouldn’t it have been something if one fine day they looked in the mirror and saw what they had become, at what the slavemasters had wanted them to become.

a hard look in the mirror

And wouldn’t it have been something, if at that point they began putting their considerable skills to going after the real enemies?

The ones Thomas Jefferson called Hostis Humani Generis.

Translation – The Enemy of the Human Race

Hostis Humani Generis 3


Now, that would have really been something to write home about. I think it still could happen with other intelligence personnel, in fact I think it already has begun.

Nothing quite like having fully trained intelligence people to deal with those duplicitous slavemaster intelligence operations.

panslabyrinth twisted mirror images


Virginia McClaughry

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