For those of you that have been following along, you already know about the fact that Bob Mandelstam of the CIA made a deal with two religious front groups – the MRA (Moral Re-Armament) and Scientology (L. Ron Hubbard) to conduct political action activities.

For those that haven’t, I suggest you catch up on the following posts:

Note: All of the following is covered in much more detail in the above posts.

Brief synopsis –

Basically, CIA agent Miles Copeland had been put in charge of a new unit called Political Action under Kermit Roosevelt JR. in July 1955, which is exactly when L. Ron Hubbard launched the scientology religion, as requested. Hubbard had already been working with Mile’s assistant, Bob Mandelstam since 1954, getting ready to do his “job”.

Hubbard had already been in bed with the CIA as far back as the very first foundation, the Dianetics Research Foundation, back in 1950, which Miles also talks about in his auto-biography The Game Player.

Hubbard incorporated occult elements into the new scientology religion, also as requested by Bob Mandelstam, starting with appropriating MI6 occult agent Alistair Crowley’s cross and even the name of the original occult group that Alistair Crowley had first joined – The Golden Dawn – which was also what Hubbard named a mailing in August of 1954 “testing” the new religious angle.

The basic goal of this Political Action group was –

In its original form, my theory was that properly ‘charismatized’ leaders, placed in certain positions in the ‘free world’s’ ‘key’ bureaucracies, could be used as political levers by which an enlightened American foreign policy could uplift the world.

…the judicious application of my theory would enable a properly employed CIA to fulfill the Wilsonian pledge to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ while removing certain goings-on here and there that were inconveniencing the American way of life.

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player “political action description” – Chapter 15


I hoped to devise political actions which would boost aspirants of my choice into them, keep them there and channel them into paths leading to prosperity and security for both them and us.

identifying potential leaders and guiding them to their rightful destiny, through democratic means if such were available but unhesitatingly by other means if they were not.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, p. 144 (Scientology and the MRA had been “officially” chosen by Miles in 1955)


These “political action operations were very top secret.

None of the operations that got their guidance from my little Political Action Staff has ever been publicized, nor have any of those which in later years followed our original model. But, although they didn’t cost nearly so much money (we didn’t need soldiers, weapons and logistical support), their net effect was much greater and much more lasting, and they resulted in no embarrassing newspaper publicity. [for the CIA, he means]

…After being sparked by the CIA’s original Political Action Staff, the CIA ran over a hundred conventional, low-key, successful political action operations in more than thirty different countries. But even those anti-CIA polemicists who knew about them have ignored them entirely.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, p. 179


Political Action consisted of the following general areas of operations, with propaganda being employed in just about all of them.

  • Lobbying
  • Financial aid
  • American advisers
  • Native advisers
  • Agents of influence 
  • last-resort capabilities – (such as assassination)
  • Dissuasion – Terrorizing, instead of killing   
    • – any act designed to frighten an enemy away from some particular activity, or to provoke him into irrational behaviour suiting our strategic purposes


Also, the “enemy” that had been chosen to justify the formation of the CIA in 1947, yes, chosen, was Russia/Communism and “the threat of nuclear war.” This particular choice of those “evil communists” was not a new one. It goes all the way back into the 1800’s when it was chosen as a straw-man to try and degrade the American Revolutionists, the Bill of Rights (which they hated) and the Constitution.


Now – let’s look at another perfect example of Hubbard doing exactly what the slavemasters and their little pitbull agencies (like the CIA) wanted – propaganda about both Russia and communism.


Hubbard and the Brainwashing Manual


Literally within only a month or so of Miles coming back to Washington D.C. in July 1955 to get the whole Political Action division officially going – Hubbard was right there with a fantastical propaganda creation nicknamed the Brainwashing Manual.

We already proved in this post that Hubbard would often write his particularly political propaganda using pen-names (such as Tom Esterbrook).

Let’s take a look at Hubbard’s version – Brainwashing Manual version two, with the editorial ‘Note’ by Charles Stickley produced by the Church of Scientology (L Ron Hubbard) presumably in August/September 1955.


This book is a synthesis of information gathered through observation, discussion, investigation and experience over the last ten years.

I cannot entirely vouch for its authenticity. Disclosure of the sources from which it is drawn would undoubtedly lead to great difficulties for them. And in matters of this kind the Soviet is not accustomed to the issuance of validations.

Having compiled this volume I did not easily discover any method of distributing it since my own facilities and finances are, as is customary with professors, necessarily limited.

Further, the placement of this volume in anyone’s hands constituted to some degree a considerable risk to myself until I realized that there actually were two American groups in the field of mental science who were entirely above suspicion, particularly since they were often mentioned as Soviet targets by my informers and were mentioned in the actual text of this book as being antipathetic to this Soviet programme. These two groups were the Christian Scientists and the Dianeticists. Christian Science is an American Religion, intensely patriotic. Dianetics is the only entirely American development in the field of the human mind.

Knowing from my information sources that Dianetics and Christian Science and their people have experienced years of mauling and defamation at  Communist hands, I am submitting to these organizations this work. I wish to express here my appreciation for their bold resistance to Communism through the years.

I wish also to express my confidence in the future of the free nations of earth. Although the soviet has found a chink in the armour of individual liberty, it is certain that Democratic processes can mend it. That only the individual himself can protest against assault and injury to him before law, joined with the fact that the insane have no rights before law, has permitted in itself this deep ingress into our country’s security. So long as this legal hole exists, there is then no law against driving anyone insane, even though this action deals as finally with a person as does murder. The existence today of highly efficient drugs such as LSD, one-millionth of an ounce of which can create insanity, brings this legal loophole into focus. By enacting legislation permitting a friend or next of kin to bring charges in case of assault, and by quickly placing all treatment of and institutions for the insane in the hands of ministers, taking it entirely out of the hands of European indoctrinated practitioners, the entire effort of psychopolitics can be nullified at once.

If you care to check this subject of psychopolitics against current occurrences in the American scene you will discover the urgency of such measures.

Charles Stickley,
New York City, 1955.


What in the hell is Hubbard doing promoting Christian Science? Well now, that’s a good question. Basically, in a nutshell, that’s because Christian Science was “the religion” of the Round Table group after Alfred Miner died. Lord Lothian (Philip Kerr) had supposedly converted (I think he was still one anyway) from being a Roman Catholic to being a Christian Scientist in 1914. The newspaper, Christian Science Monitor was even run by several different Rhodes scholars and was a constant source of New World Order/Slavemaster propaganda (see Library article on Christian Science).

Hubbard, by positioning Dianetics in such a way, is trying to let people know that he is among this “in” crowd of the slavemasters, which is quite interesting, and also quite true, unfortunately for the unsuspecting scientologists.

The whole issue of the brainwashing manual itself is actually quite complex, but there is an excellent timeline you may want to review called “The Brainwashing manual: Timeline”. It includes scanned images of many primary documents relating to the book, such as an FBI report on it, and some of Mr Hubbard’s correspondence regarding it. Hubbard’s version of the Brainwashing Manual can be downloaded from here.

I’m going to do my own timeline though because I have different items to address, although there will be some common ground.

I’d like to start by mentioning a wonderful article by Massimo Introvigne who is the only person that I have seen that noticed what was really going on with this thing. In this passage, he is trying to resolve the two versions put out by Ron Hubbard and Kenneth Goff, and makes the following observation –

It may perhaps be possible to solve this problem by suggesting, on the basis of the US government’s and the CIA’s interest in brainwashing in general in the 1950s, that the text was compiled by some governmental agency on the basis of a variety of sources (Soviet and US Communist documents, texts on psychopolitics in general, exposes of brainwashing allegedly practiced by both Nazis and Communists). This agency would then have sent the text more or less anonymously to several different organizations (Scientology, Goff’s group, and perhaps others), with sentences which would have captured their attention (including, for Scientology, a specific reference to Dianetics), in the hope that they will publish it[14]. This would confirm both the interest in brainwashing by the CIA and other U.S. governmental agencies during the Cold War and their dissemination of false documents about “Communist brainwashing” through a variety of sources.L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Goff, and the “Brain-Washing Manual” of 1955.

His note #14 says: The argument on which Hubbard’s critics insist, that having received the tract from the Church of Scientology, the FBI suspected its authenticity, is not very telling, for often the FBI was not kept informed of CIA or military services projects in this or other fields.”



They were not informed of Hubbard’s role in the CIA, not even once.


But, see? This guy got pretty close, he just didn’t think of the idea that probably Mr. Eichelberger or Mr. Linebarger (who were in Miles Copeland’s stable of star-propagandists) probably threw it together and gave it to Hubbard.

Why? becomes fascinating (and rather obvious). Look at the timing of it, and what it was used for first. It agitated people particularly towards the upcoming Alaska Mental Health Care Bill – what with all that going on in the booklet about “brainwashing” and isolated political prisoner camps.

Hubbard was charged to do a controlled opposition game which would yield a number of intelligence products of interest to Miles Copeland of the CIA. What’s controlled opposition?

Commentary on the controlled opposition tactic by Steven Hager

But that’s the way spooks play their games. If there’s going to be a social movement against whatever you’re doing, it’s best if you secretly create and orchestrate that movement against yourself right away so that it never does any unintended damage to your personal fortunes.

Alright, so that’s what we’re going to do a little timeline about then.

Note: I am going to just include the document links taken from the Brainwashing Timeline where relevant.

1955, July 29

In his new “political action” capacity (in fact the same month Miles is there running things) Hubbard starts trolling the FBI (this was typical of CIA activities for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to help build Hubbard’s intelligence cover)

[Scan, HTML]

Somewhere between then and September, Miles must have given him this thing to “spread” – because on September 4, he writes his publisher about getting copies run off and he’s in an all-fired hurry about it. He wants 2000 copies, and he says he’s already “sent” a copy to the FBI, so that was obviously part of the “political operation” – you know, let’s see what the FBI does with it, kind of thing.

[Scan @ Lermanet]

Hubbard and the Brain-Washing Manual


Two days later he writes another letter to his publisher and says something interesting, especially now that we know he was doing this as part of his CIA task.

There is a degree of security involved with the work and we don’t want this copy of the ms to get lost or any copies to go astray.

I have several pieces of work to do for submission to the government

[Scan @ Lermanet]


Just a couple weeks later on September 30, Hubbard gets his “game” on no, and begins rumbling to his adherents that a “war exists” between them and “the psychiatrist-psychologist-psychoanalyst clique”.

He’s practically giving it away – “if in the next year…” which is probably him kinda working the PR angle here and doing the “great master” thing. You know, trying to look prescient and spiritually advanced (amongst other reasons) to his expectant followers.

And occult – don’t forget, with such “future-seeing” abilities.

Reference – Professional Auditor’s bulletin, No. 62; 1955. Psychiatrists; pp. 267–269. Reprinted in The technical bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology volume II

P.A.B. No. 62
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W.11
30 September 1955


Don’t be terribly surprised if in the next year or two the psychiatrists start pushing auditors around with even greater antagonism. And DON’T be caught flatfooted when they do. […]


A few months go by, and then we see him start talking about it in various Operational Bulletins, like #8 on December 13, 1955



The brainwashing manual which came into our possession so mysteriously is being released, not with any intent to unmock psychiatry, but as a necessary piece of information for auditors who are confronted with the problems of brainwashing.

…Some of the mystery concerning the manuscript on brainwashing which came into our hands in Phoenix was resolved when it was discovered that a book called Psychopolitics (spelled with a K) is in the Library of Congress. It is in German. It was written by a man named Paul Fadkeller, and was published in Berlin in 1947. Although I may be misinformed, and I definitely do not read German, this book is probably the Russian translation.

…Don has been asked to mail a copy of the manual as printed to our various professional members, and to make other copies of it available through Box 242, Silver Spring, Maryland, for 50 cents a copy.


[Source: Ingo Heinemann, transcription + scan of first page]


Massimo Introvigne correctly figures out that “Paul Fadkeller” is, in fact, neo-Kantian German philosopher Paul Feldkeller (1889-1972). His text “published in Berlin in 1947” [12], a copy of which is in fact at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., shares with the “Manual” only the first part of the title and the use (but with a quite different meaning) of the word “psychopolitics”.

To me, this sounds like Hubbard trying to conceal and reveal a “little” – an old sleight-of-hand trick – as part of hiding that it came from CIA propagandists.

Although it was in September that Hubbard told his publisher that he had already sent it in to the FBI, for whatever reason only the letter dated December 16, 1955, is what we have any documentation of.

It’s here that he gives a much different description of what this thing is, he refers to it as a compilation which is interesting, and probably dead accurate, just not by him exactly.

We are enclosing our printing of what appears to be a Communist manual on Psychopolitics.

This was compiled from Communist sources for use of our research department and people.

It may be that we will also use this in anti-Communist campaigns.



Yah, “it may be…” ? It was right exactly then, here in December that the agitating about the Alaska Bill would begin, as you’ll soon see.

He writes a couple of other Operational Bulletins that talk about it, #9 and #12 on December 19 and January 10 of 1956 respectively.

In the December one, which is only 3 days after his letter to the FBI, Hubbard does a lot of entertaining tap-dancing explaining why he has this manual. Here also, you can see Hubbard shilling away along the chosen propaganda line.

Found in scientology Technical Volume #3 –







In our studies of brainwashing it has been necessary to procure what information existed on the subject. Fortuitously, in Phoenix there came into our hands two manuscripts on the subject; as well as I can recollect, they were left there at the front desk with the request that they be mailed back to their owner. We are not sure exactly from whom these came, but we understand now that this is unimportant since the subject is broadly rather well known in a book on Psychopolitics. It is to be found in the Library of Congress. It is in German, but we suppose it is the same manual. As we needed this material for research, we read it off onto a tape, compiling the two manuals and removingfrom them some of their very verbose nomenclature, substituting for it more common English terms, and we have had a few copies of this struck off for use in our research.

It is necessary if one is confronted by a case of brainwashing to understand the motives and general procedures of the people who did it. I must say an inspection of this manual does not make for much respect for the motives of people who brainwash other people. In the early pages of this manual, there is a letter from the person who purportedly gave these manuals to the organization, “Charles Stickley”, supposed to be a professor at Columbia University in New York City. This letter, included in the manuals as printed, makes it definitely and adequately clear that these manuals were reprinted for study by research workers. However, in handing out a copy of one of these manuals to one of our own people who had not heard of it, he made several wrong estimates of the manual itself. At first he thought it was a piece of communist propaganda. Then he thought it was something the organization had composed. Then on further inspection, he did not know what to think and it had to be pointed out to him very specifically that this was a synthesis of a Russian instruction book on the subject of brainwashing, and it had to be pointed out to him that it was reprinted for the benefit of people working to remedy and heal brainwashing. It had to be pointed out to him additionally that there was a cover letter in it which explained these things. Thus if you have one of these copies and it gets away from you which it might, you may find it necessary to explain exactly what it is.

We certainly have the right to have in our possession materials covering something as intimately connected to mental research as brainwashing. We have the right to know why and where and who. Furthermore, this material is evidently well known to various governments and is not classified, since the subject “Psychopolitics” (which is the technical name for brainwashing) is to be found in the major libraries of the world.

…In the original text of this book there was a warning to psychopolitical operatives that they must stamp out Dianetics, Christian Science, and practical psychology, as these alone represented a menace to the brainwashing programmes.

…We are not planning to use this reprinted manual for purposes of propaganda.

[oh, yes he is]

However, to prevent any misunderstanding from occurring, the highest police in England and America have both received copies and have been told that this is a reprint manual, and that we do not wish to cause them any extra labour in case another one of them falls into their hands. Actually, however, it is my belief that they have had the original, which is to say the communist version of these manuals, in their possession for years, and have simply been unable to credit it or unable to do anything about it. Thus our reprinted version should come as no shock to them.

It has been my experience with Anglo-Saxon governments that where idea propaganda line attacks were concerned they couldn’t care less. They do not believe that propaganda is effective. Otherwise they would themselves engage in more propaganda activities. The Anglo-Saxon traditionally depends upon force in order to accomplish his ends.

[The above para and the following are practically verbatim Miles Copeland of him]

This is one of the reasons why communism has made such vast progress across the face of the world. It is an idea advancing against arms, and the arms of course will never be able to stop an idea. An idea will be necessary to stop the idea. We may very unfortunately be those persons in possession of the idea that will stop the other idea.

Certainly the way things are going, if we don’t use our ideas to stop the incoming ideas across the face of earth, we are going to wind up one of these days in the middle of a total communism, living in a totally brainwashed society, the way I look at it.


Good Hubbard. Good doggie. Great Propaganda.

good doggie.

Literally right now, is when his CIA-made propaganda booklet goes into action.

An “anti-communist” women’s group called The Minute Women had been formed in 1949, and was a later outcropping of the original “Red Bible” combined British/Russian intelligence propaganda operation undertaken, for one thing, to portray anyone who was against the League of Nations bill as being “communist” or “Bolshevik”. This Minute Women group paralleled but in parody of the real opposition of that Bill (like Senator Borah) and got women to oppose internationalism and the United Nations by saying it was Communists.

This of course, was not who was behind either of those two things, so this is yet another example of a controlled opposition with a little straw-man tactic thrown in there for good measure.

Stephanie Williams was a Minute Women of the California chapter. In 1952 she formed the APRF (American Public Relations Forum) another anti-communist group but much smaller (only 100 people by 1955) headquartered in Burbank. She told the opening meeting that  “we are wives and mothers who are vitally interested in what is happening in our country.” It campaigned against anything it saw as socialist or anti-nationalist, organizing meetings and letter-writing campaigns to apply political pressure as well as issuing monthly newsletters and “emergency bulletins” on issues of urgent concern.

One of its earliest campaigns was mounted in 1952 against the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which the APRF regarded as a foreign promoter of internationalist ideas and principles of one-worldism goals that were in line with communist ideology.

Three mental health laws proposed in the California Assembly in 1955 (Assembly Bills 1158, 1159 and 3300) attracted the attention of the APRF, which regarded them as an attack on fundamental civil liberties. It issued a bulletin in May 1955 claiming that

“This [bulletin] could very well be our last . . . Before another one is due freedom of speech may be a thing of the past. Whether it is the last one or not, it will certainly be the most important. See that you read every word of it and do not let the sun go down without taking action on the information.”

The APRF’s head Stephanie Williams testified against the bills before an Assembly committee and, in conjunction with other far-right groups, convinced the committee to pass Bill 3300 back to the Rules Committee, where it languished for another two years. The American Journal of Psychiatry later acknowledged that the APRF had played a lead role in defeating the bill.

This was not done by Ron Hubbard, despite the hyped out claims he made. For example, in Ability #4 (Major) magazine –

Page 30 Ability 4 Major( 1955) hubbard claims bill defeat california.

Exactly right on top of when Hubbard was releasing (and talking about) his Brainwashing Manual in December of 1955, is when Stephanies APRF and member Gene Burklehart started attacking the Alaskan Mental Health Bill, and they used Hubbard’s Brainwashing Manual to support their claims.

They even reprinted it in 1956 – complete with the Charles Stickley intro.

brainwashing book aprf 1958

In late December 1955, the American Public Relations Forum (APRF), issued an urgent call to arms in its monthly bulletin. It highlighted the proposed text of the Alaska Mental Health Bill, calling it “one that tops all of them”.

We could not help remembering that Siberia is very near Alaska and since it is obvious no one needs such a large land grant, we were wondering if it could be an American Siberia.”

The APRF conveys this fact thusly, “The bill provides that AFTER THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BUYS the MILLION ACRES OF LAND and GIVES it to the Territory of Alaska, we then relinquish all rights to it, any way they wish and to whom they wish and no report has to be given to the Federal Government. The United States starts this off by GIVING THEM SIX AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS to purchase this huge grant of land ‘for the mentally ill’ in the United States and Alaska.”

[…]The Bill….takes away all of the rights of the American citizen to ask for a jury trial and protect him[self] from being railroaded to an asylum by a greedy relative or ‘friend’ or, as the Alaska bill states, ‘an interested party’.”

(APRF Bulletin 47; December 1955. TTU Papers.



Stephanie and Gene (using her pseudonym) in 1952

stephanie williams and gene (leigh) burkeland 1952, Los Angeles HeraldExpress.

A woman named Gene Burkeland who was both a Minute Women member and an APRF member said that God talked to her and told her she had to fight against this “evil”.

Gene Birkeland first spoke to God on the corner of Sepulveda and Victory Blvds…the spring of 1954. …sitting at a red light…the young mother suddenly understood the true meaning and usefulness of her faith. Already a veteran of the grassroots anticommunist movement as a member of the Minute Women of the USA, Birkeland now saw the connection between the earthly fight against Cold War subversion and the spiritual battle for America’s soul. She resolved to resist the “drive world-wide to wipe out God”

…tapping out another diatribe against world government conspiracy, she felt overwhelmed by the great evil she was compelled to describe. Falling to her knees to pray for deliverance from her burden, she heard a voice reassuring her that she had been chosen, handpicked to warn America of the UN’s plan to infect schoolchildren with left-wing theory, and to have its own critics carted away in the name of mental hygiene. She reasoned with her heavenly interlocutor: “I’m just a housewife in Van Nuys, California [..] How can I do this thing? The voice repeated that she was chosen, and that she was strong.*

*Reference: McClay, In The Presence of Our Enemies, p.xxxvi. Gene Birkeland used various pseudonyms during her career as an anticommunist agitator, including Leigh Burkeland and Ellen McClay.
– Main Source: How to be an American: Community Anticommunism and the Grassroots Right, 1948-1956, by Matthew Glazebrook PhD in American Studies University Of Sussex January, Chapter 3, A counterconspiracy of Righteousness: Cold War Christianity and its Grassroots Conservative Legacy.


Come on…

come on!


Okey Dokey then.

Shortly after this, in mid-January using her pseudonym of Leigh F. Burkeland she issued a bulletin about the Bill, it was mimeographed by the California State Chapter of the Minute Women and mailed across the nation.

Somehow, it almost immediately ended up as an editorial to the Santa Ana Register on January 24, 1956, titled “Now-Siberia, U.S.A.”.

Excerpts from the article –

Is it the purpose of H.R. 6376 to establish a concentration camp for political prisoners under the guise of treatment of mental cases? The answer, based on a study of the bill, indicates that it is entirely within the realm of possibility that we may be establishing in Alaska our own version of the Siberia slave camps run by the Russian government. …

this legislation, say its opponents will place every resident of the United States at the mercy of the whims and fancies of any person with whom they might have a disagreement causing a charge of “mental illness” to be placed against them, with immediate deporation to SIBERIA,U.S.A!


The Minute Women were actually instructed to be cryptic and secretive.

Suzanne Stevenson, the founder, instructed members to act as individual citizens and never reveal their Minute Woman status. She reasoned that political action was more effective when it looked unorganized —hence the anonymously penned Santa Ana Register article “Siberia, U.S.A.” Even when Burkeland revealed herself as the mysterious writer to the subcommittee in Washington, she never identified herself as a Minute Woman. “I represent myself,” she told them. 27

27 – Alaska mental health. Hearings, Eighty-fourth Congress, second session, February 20-March 5, 1956, p 139

– The Politics of Healing: Histories of Alternative Medicine in Twentieth-Century North America


You will note that this is happening right when Hubbard, in his Operational Bulletin #12 of January 10, is using a come-on tactic of acting like his Brainwashing Manual “has been recalled”.



It is the friendly opinion of the government that the pamphlet giving forth the basic materials of brainwashing be circulated only amongst very trusted personnel in the organization and that it be withheld from general public release. You understand that this is not an official order on the part of the government, but the government appears to be very well satisfied with us and is only afraid, I suppose, of the commotion which would be caused by the broad and general release of the brain-washing booklet.

Certainly the materials in it described by the government representative as “noxious” would bring a considerable upset into the public sphere. We are quite satisfied that the material has been placed on proper communication lines and has been communicated to the proper authorities. This having been done our basic interest in the booklet, that it be used by us in order to research the entire field of brainwashing and its healing and eradication, be resumed and that we withhold from public distribution any and all of these books. There is as an incidental point an error in the printing of the booklet, in that it does not carry the name of the printer. […]

[Source: Ingo Heinemann, transcription + scan of first page]


This is obviously purely a marketing “scarcity” tactic, as evidenced by the fact that someone wrote the FBI a month later, having been actually mailed a copy of it despite the fact that “we withhold from public distribution any and all of these books”.

1956, February 3


Recently we received in the mail a copy of the pamphlet entitled Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics. This was sent to us by an organization entitled The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Box 242, Silver Spring, Md.

According to a letter received from the same organization, a copy of the pamphlet had been sent to the FBI, and this resulted in an urgent “governmental request” that all copies of the pamphlet be recalled. A subsequent letter stated that “authorization” had now been received to release the book to “trusted members” for “research purposes.” […]

[Scan, HTML]


That Hubbard, he’s such a card.

snoopy raz.



The campaign resulted in a major public controversy but attracted relatively little support in Congress, which passed the bill in July 1956 after only two hours of debate.

What it did, however, was get anyone rightly pointing out the inherent abuses in the use of “mental health” treatments on people, portrayed as –

extremists, right-wing, militants, and communists



kissey face.

Why are we not surprised…

The thing is, it was a very nasty bill (contrary) to what name-callers tried to say about it. I go into it in quite a bit of detail in this post.

And there’s L. Ron Hubbard right in the middle of just such a “trap” action. He was definitely not a white hat saving the world from psychiatry, that’s for damn sure.

L. Ron Hubbard

not a white hat.

Side note – it looks as if this Kenneth Goff character jumped on the bandwagon and made his own version of the Brainwashing Manual sometime in late spring, early summer of 1956, after the Bill was already passed (late July 1956)

There is an extensive file of FBI documents related to all this, which I have uploaded.

PDF – Goff_Kenneth-HQ-2

You can see his copy starting on page 4.

A letter from Anna to Director of FBI Hoover is fascinating in the details it raises – plus apparently she sent copies of the Goff-version Brainwashing Manual to seven congressmen she was writing re: the Alaska Mental Health Bill in early July apparently.

Her letter starts on page 40 of the PDF.

anna to hoover august 1956 goff and hubbard

The second page of her letter is where it gets interesting – she apparently received around the same time a 17 page plain mimeographed edition with the Charles Stickley 1955 editorial (Hubbard’s version) from the American Public Relations Forum, Inc. The same place that was mentioned in the news article from February of 1956 that David Miscavige flashed on the screen.

I love how Anna notes that Hubbard’s version, particularly her point 3 – noting that his booklet recommends turning it all over to ministers – would discredit the whole idea!

Oopsie! Hubbard’s a bit exposed there.


That was part of the plan, remember.

Anna writes to the Rittenhouse Bookstore and gets back a letter obviously from a scientologist – a very weird letter filled with all sorts of random things. Be that as it may, it makes the connection to Hubbard clear.

anna to hubbard book seller brainwashing august 1956It was signed Jonathan S.B. Kenworthy.

A note to SAC Springfield verifies the Hubbard connection further, on page 169 of this PDF.


All quite the sleight-of-hand going on, by all parties involved.

As you can see, the FBI doesn’t have a clue Hubbard is working for the CIA.


By the way, the protest that they (the Minute Women and the APRF) had instigated spread, becoming a nationwide movement against mental health. Many people, mainly conservatives but also some liberals, protested the Alaskan Bill as well as the mental health movement in their own communities.

By 1962, when the term anti-psychiatry had been coined, the movement had become so powerful that UCLA Psychiatrist Alfred Auerbach wrote to The American Journal of Psychiatry and said about the statements being put out by the APRF, etc:

…the fact remains that millions of Americans are being exposed to them over and over again. In addition to thousands of pamphlets and brochures repeating them there are many radio and television stations across the United States which routinely broadcast this philosophy, although in a more subtle manner. The attack on mental health is coupled with attacks on our educational system, churches, minority groups, and governmental institutions amongst others…


Finally, David Miscavige’s statements at the 1993 “War is Over” event about this whole time period are so bad, that one wonders if he ever read any of his own organizations documents.


Or maybe that’s just him playing dumb – just like Hubbard the CIA agent did to the FBI.

It’s a real mystery to me.


But the real reason Ron Hubbard pushed that Brainwashing Manual, and where he got it?

Ain’t no mystery at all anymore.


Virginia McClaughry

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All that Spy Stuff, Historical Research


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