Miles Copeland was a CIA agent starting pretty much right when it began in 1947. Later on, he wrote a book called The Game Player. In the beginning of the book, he tries to address the question of how and where censorship may have become an issue in this, his autobiography.

Miles Copeland junior

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_1 The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_2

In all my past writings, I have asserted somewhere in the texts that I do not ‘clear’ my drafts with the security authorities of any US or British Government agency. I do, however, impose my own security disciplines. I patriotically refrain from saying anything that I think might harm the security defences of the United States, but that’s not all. Before I give the go-ahead to any publisher, I send manuscripts to two or three friends high in the American and British Governments with cards saying, ‘Complimentary Draft Copy; hope you like it.’ lf I get no reaction, I assume that I am on safe ground…

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player Acknowledgements


Even if Miles does end up removing something, however, he does leave clues. As he puts it –

To this, my autobiography, however, the reactions have been a bit different. From one of those to whom I sent a manuscript I got a letter that was personal in tone, but had obviously been written upon orders of his superiors. It thanked me for thinking of him, and then went on to say that it touched upon matters where, not knowing all of the background, I perhaps didn’t realize how sensitive they were.

My stories, told innocently, might enable professional enemies of the United States to complete half-secrets in their possession, and to use their completed knowledge to the serious detriment of American interests. So out they came. Wherever possible, however, in emulation of the notorious Victor Marchetti I have indicated places in the book where the missing bits might have gone.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player Acknowledgements
Note: a 1980 printing of Victor Marchetti’s book: The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence was uploaded to the Internet Archive in 2014.


When Miles talks about Frank Buchman and L. Ron Hubbard in his book (the two leaders of the two groups he chose for political action) he interjects an element of distancing – calling both of them “nuts”.

Considering this is easily documented as not being the internal view at the high levels over the Frank Buchman operation, well, I’ll leave you to figure out why this characterization was “approved” of and therefore able to be left in the book.

Personally, I think it’s largely because it appears to counteract the glaringly obvious truth he reveals in this book – that slavemaster intelligence (both British and American) were running both religious and other front groups to achieve their agenda towards humanity. This is also probably why all the talk about Occult and astrologers – which neither Hubbard nor Buchman had anything to do with overtly but yet both had tight ties to “occult” British intelligence agents and previously existing front groups.

There’s also the matter of what the two of them were to help do. For one thing, spread the word about the new chosen “enemy” of the slavemasters – chosen entirely to justify the creation of the CIA and it’s funding by American taxpayers. They had to make it look good – right?

The enemy that was chosen was Russia and the threat of Nuclear War and world domination that would come from these “communists”. That’s particularly rich considering that the choosers of the new enemy were the real people that had long had world domination and New World Order plans.

This would be the second time that they would ascribe world domination with a New World Order plans to a totally created enemy – the first was during WWII when a speech and a fake map were even drawn up by British intelligence that referred to Hitler and “his” new world order goals. All to falsely channel the world’s attention onto that only he is doing this,, and attention away from them and that they are the real reason for Wars, not to mention callously and deliberately sending millions of people to their deaths for false reasons.

Both Frank Buchman and L. Ron Hubbard incorporated elements of this newer propaganda in their “religious” groups. Both had already long been propagandizing on behalf of the slavemasters – this 1955 arrangment was just more of a continuation and slight updating of their overall operating methods with their “followers”.

Hubbard had been already being supported covertly by the CIA and British intelligence right from the beginning with Dianetics. It was the same with Buchman, he was supported by the Round Table and New World Order crowd of British slavemasters (Lord Cecil, etc.) from the previous generation.

Choosing “communism” was not a new idea, it was actually quite consistent. In fact the whole demented philosophy itself had been backed by combined Vatican/British interests back in the early-1800s. What you may not know though, is in what context the need for this straw-man enemy was created.


The straw-man of Communism

I have recently put together a post using Catholic Church Pope “encyclicals” (in their own words) to clearly illustrate that what lobbying around the slur “communist” was really about and even why it was started. The bottom line is that there was a deep hatred and fear of what was happening in America, and of the people who were most prominent, such as Thomas Jefferson, in successfully achieving our “break” from the Vatican/British slavemasters.

I’ll give you just one example of the type of foaming-at-the-mouth tirades that have gone on in the name of attacking the principles of our country, this one was done just one month after President Andrew Jackson had vetoed what was called the Bank Recharter Bill.

This was a bill to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States which was predominantly owned by slavemasters and then headed by a City of London backed slavemaster agent named Nicholas Biddle. To renew it meant continuing to place a large portion of America’s finances in the hands of the slavemasters, not only through Treasury Department income deposited into it, but from interest payments on the U.S. debt. Jackson intended to take down that bank, remove the foreign interests, and pay off the national debt, thereby permanently removing the slavemaster excuse for having their greedy little hands in America’s pie.

He did all three.

Andrew Jackson.

This was not a man you want to mess with if you were a slavemaster – but boy, did they try, silly little arrogant men that they were. In the end, they were badly beaten and out-maneuvered at every turn.

So, it’s July 4th 1832, and Jackson had just delivered his first death blow to the slavemasters financial stranglehold when he vetoed the Bank bill.

Just one month later, Pope Gregory XVI is practically hysterical in an encyclical he wrote. I go into a lot more of it in my post, but here’s just a little taste –


Our Roman See is harassed violently and the bonds of unity are daily loosened and severed. The divine authority of the Church is opposed and her rights shorn off. She is subjected to human reason and with the greatest injustice exposed to the hatred of the people and reduced to vile servitude.

–  Pope Gregory XVI “On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism” Mirari Vos, dated August 15, 1832


The Vatican, of course, was one of the covert owners of the United States debt at the time.

Through front representatives they owned stock in the Bank of the United States, their interest being somewhat semi-buried under the cloak of the Baring Brothers, the largest foreign stockholders,  and Nicholas Biddle, President of the bank (and also City of London Rothschild representative).

american_almanac_1833_bank_of_united_states_share_holdersImage from American Almanac – 1833

Beginning with the American Revolution, the Pope’s and Britains treasuries began bleeding money profusely due to loss of income from all those freed people rebelling against their rule.

During the first 50 years of the 1800’s, the Vatican was losing money for 40 of them.

Therefore, Jacksons destruction of the Bank of the United States and paying off the debt (no more interest income, you see) falling right exactly then – 1832 – was an extremely hard hit to the already financially troubled slavemasters.

And by the way, it might interest you to know that the exact point that the British and the Vatican got back in bed together financially – they united again – was when this same Pope Gregory XVI borrowed money from City of London connected bankers – the Rothschilds. He borrowed 400,000 British Pounds (approximately 43 million dollars today) from Amschel Mayers son Carl von Rothschild. Carl had been sent to Naples where he established C M de Rothschild & Figli.

The interesting thing is that this loan occurred on January 8th, 1832, followed by a ceremony on the 10th where Carl was given a ribbon and star of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George by brand-new Pope Gregory XVI.

The loan had an extraordinarily high interest rate of around 30 percent – the Pope only received 70 percent of the loan in cash, plus had to pledge several of his taxes income sources as a “guarantee”.

You might notice that this makes it even more apparent why what President Jackson did to that Bank just 7 months later was so monumental.

By the time the next Pope came into office in 1846, “communism” had been invented, and the exact same diatribes that were more accurately about what had been created governmentally in America, began being directed by this Pope at the straw-man of communism.

This straw-man enemy was used liberally during and especially just after WWI when it was ascribed onto “the Bolsheviks” and the “Red Bible” and it was used to try and discredit and distract from Senator Borah’s successful put-down of the slavemasters League of Nations.

I call that communism – Take Two.


The straw-man of Communism Take Three – “Nationalism”


The slavemasters had to generate a plausible enemy in order to justify the continuation of the spying and black operations around the world done by the OSS.

As Miles Copeland discussed in his book the new chosen “enemy” of the slavemasters was Russia and the threat of Nuclear War and world domination that would come from these “communists”.

These slavemaster propagandists often come up with new variations of the same basic idea as a slur, and just exactly when this hotting up the field was occurring about the new “enemy” was when Ron Hubbard jumped on board to help using the vehicle of “fiction. Literally within only a couple of weeks after the CIA was formed (26 July 1947).

Literally picture-perfect propaganda – it incorporated both chosen elements: threat of nuclear war and communism/nationalism.

The title of the story was The End Is Not Yet appearing in Astounding Science Fiction magazine as a 3-part serial beginning August 1947. The characters in the story attempt to form a federation to prevent destruction of the world by atomic war.

end is not yet - Astounding Science Fiction August 1947


Hubbard’s characters attempt to from a group or federation to counter destruction of the world by atomic war, and further on in the story, Hubbard carefully promoted a world government. He had two different characters discussing nationalism as the cause of war and that it will destroy this world –



Fellow CIA asset Cord Meyer was engaged – at this same time – in pushing the more generalized goal of establishing a one-world government through the United World Federalists (front group formed by Cord Meyer in August 1947). This group also sought to “save the world through a limited federation before an atomic war destroys it.” – Time magazine, February 16, 1948.

This shows an almost exactly worded parallel at exactly the same time as what Hubbard is promoting in the End is Not Yet – putting Hubbard and Cord Meyer right in line with Allen Dulles and any other number of OSS/CIA agents pushing the same propaganda lines and establishing front groups to rope in some unsuspecting Americans.

Note: Hubbard also rather transparently portrays himself in his story (through character Martel) as a Messiah.

By 1957, Hubbard was going great guns in propagandizing this “enemy” to the unwitting scientologists roped into his CIA front group called the Church of Scientology – incorporating interesting new versions of history (sarcastically speaking) along the way.

He utilized a pen-name of Tom Esterbrook, one he had also used previously in his sci-fi fanzine days. The fact that this was one of Hubbard’s pen names was proven in the Gerry Armstrong legal case.

In Ability magazine #57 – there is a whole page devoted to the subject.

abiity 57 1957 nationalism.

In Ability #58 we have a discussion of flying moons – the apparent predecessor to the “Death Star” moonship used in the later Star Wars movies. In this one, Hubbard is acting like he’s someone else writing about himself – sort of a sock-puppet thing apparently.

Ability 58 flying moons esterbrook.

flying moons tom esterbrook Ability 58 1957.

In this same issue, we also have a whole re-write of history for us, all about nationalism, internationalism and a new propaganda term called “individualism” also using the same pen-name. Plus, we also have the term slavemaster introduced – which I find perversely humorous considering who Hubbard is working for.

wry face.

ability 58 nationalism and use of term slavemasters ability 58 nationalism 2


Oh Look –

He just reworded the slavemaster 2-class system!

If one could make all citizens of a nation moderately strong, with the tolerance of the truly strong, one could only then abandon violent Nationalism and hysterical Internationalism.

– L. Ron Hubbard using the pen name Tom Esterbrook


It’s like some poison mouth-piece saying:

“OK, we’ll let you be kind of strong, but that’s it! You cannot be as strong as us – that just won’t do at all. OK?”

Mouth of Sauron.

get the fuck out


ability 58 nationalism individualism.

How about that last line, eh?

Man’s main problem is the weak man, the unable man…Let’s process the devil out of him until he too can stand to stand in the light.


Process the devil out of him?

Come on…

come on!.

It’s interesting that the most political talk is chosen to be done under a pen-name – don’t you think? How very CIA.

By the way, Ability #59 shows that it is Hubbard using that Esterbrook pen-name usually. You can tell by what he’s talking about here on page 4, but you also see that in just over a year after he was chosen for political action by the CIA, he had tested out a number of political theories on people at a Congress in August of 1956.



A World Based on You

obviously a carefully chosen PR button trying to offset humanity’s hatred of the slavemaster 2-class system.


As you can see, Hubbard is dutifully doing exactly what he was supposed to – figure out ways into the minds of people and how to influence them.

black scroll divider


The “countries of interest”

We want – you give, or else you are “Communist” and “Nationalist”

.new world order under god the lonely planet.

When CIA agent Miles Copeland came back from helping the British and American slavemasters overthrow of the Egyptian government, the year was 1955. This is when he activated Buchman and the MRA, Hubbard and Scientology for political action – as Miles called it. Ron Hubbard immediately moved to Washington D.C. and incorporated the Founding Church of Scientology,  the same month that Miles was back “officially” – July 1955.

Hubbard had already been working with Miles’s assistant, Bob Mandelstam in 1954, during which Hubbard conducted a religious opinion survey in preparation for this new role of “political action”. Bob wanted the occult angle to be mixed into things, so Hubbard had done a large general mailing called The Golden Dawn (a direct parallel of MI6 Alistair Crowley’s OTO group) and it was after that mailing that the survey was conducted on the respondents.

From this survey, Hubbard concluded that –

[…] people are sitting there waiting for a religion, and don’t, at the moment, have one, and will not have one unless we get busy.

–  Journal of Scientology issue 35G where L Ron Hubbard discusses his Religious Opinion Poll that he did after the Golden Dawn mailing went out, Summer 1954.


Part of the reason for the addition of occult elements into the religion of scientology, had to do with the slavemaster desire to portray the “enemy” as occult and satanic – the American revolutionists through the straw-man of “communist” – starting as far back as the 1800’s as evidenced by encyclicals by various Popes. This is also designed to attract the type of people that slavemasters are afraid of – those that don’t just jump onto their usual propaganda band-wagons.

Here’s one example –

…Everywhere today there is an anxious appeal to moral and spiritual forces; and rightly so, for the evil we must combat is at its origin primarily an evil of the spiritual order. From this polluted source the monstrous emanations of the communistic system flow with satanic logic.

…favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


Note: that whole first opening sentence, particularly this part “anxious appeal to moral and spiritual forces” shows a unified propaganda campaign of the Vatican with the British – because that’s an exact statement of the ideas and even the renaming of the British intelligence backed Frank Buchman movement: Moral and Spiritual Re-Armament – the MRA, which was originally loosely referred to as The Oxford Group and was renamed that right about the same time as this Pope is talking.

Buchman actually said: “Many leaders are convinced that the world needs a moral and spiritual awakening…”. He was repeatedly preaching this idea in what we call his traveling salvation show that happened to be in full roar by the time Pope Pius XI said what he did.


So…with that said, now perhaps you can have a little better understanding of Hubbard’s choice of the occult-name of The Golden Dawn for his mailing – it’s an already chosen propaganda angle for recruiting of the world’s “rebels” and would-be leaders.

After Hubbard’s survey, he and Mandelstam got busy brainstorming ideas for the religion of Scientology.

Mandelstam was in tight communication with his boss Miles as well as their superior Kermit Roosevelt Jr during this period, and one of the first things that Miles drew up was a list of countries – countries that had things that the slavemasters wanted or who were not on-board with their Grand Plan.

A domination of the world plan, in other words, for “American and British interests”. Lurking in the background was the Vatican, inextricably tied to them both especially starting with WWI and greatly expanding the scope of this diabolical trinity during WWII.

The Skekses

dark crystal skeksis vatican bank.

Miles described it thusly –

countries of interest -The Game Player by Miles Copeland-5


As I’ve already said, our first act as the Political Action Staff was to list those countries of the world which had in them materials or locations that were absolutely essential to our survival and wellbeing- raw materials, possible sites for military or naval bases in the event of war, areas we would have to cross in order to be sure of speedy and economic  access to essential raw materials or places of strategic military importance. As I remember, there were only thirty-odd countries and geographic units (the so-called Arab world was listed as one unit) which met this qualification; anyhow, there were far fewer than we had supposed up to that time.

…In the two years that I took my job as political action specialist seriously, the CIA sent overseas over a hundred advisers of various kinds and recruited and trained as many more among promising natives of the target countries, all of them primarily because they had shown genuine talents for their particular fields and only secondarily because they could be counted on as agents of influence.

At the same time, our station chiefs in all those countries made mutually advantageous arrangements with local police and security services, selected newspapers and magazines, labour unions, religious organizations and other institutions, keeping the arrangements secret not because there was anything legally or morally wrong with the activities we supported but because there was a stigma attached to accepting financial support from foreign sources.

…In the Agency itself, there was the natural bureaucratic tendency to grow, and division chiefs assigned station chiefs to a lot of countries where we didn’t really need coverage. Once there, the station chiefs weren’t going to sit on their thumbs. They immediately set about convincing themselves and us back in Washington that their respective areas of assignment were hotbeds of political activity which, if not stopped, would certainly spill over into neighbouring areas in which there were countries on our priority list.


Miles also describes the large “zones” they were interested in, and why.

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_7


Bob, a few researchers and I next toured the area divisions and their desk heads to ask these questions of each country they covered: ‘What is going on in your area that endangers American interests? Why? What can we do to alter it?’ We covered the whole globe from Afghanistan, Albania and Algeria to Yemen Yugoslavia and Zambia, not looking for all the trouble we could find but seeking a selection of clearcut dangers suitable for pilot projects with which to test the modest political action techniques we then had in mind.

…The most frequent answer to our questions was that such-and-such a country didn’t have a proper appreciation of Western-style democracy, that it wasn’t periodically holding ‘free elections’, or that Western ideas on ‘human rights’ hadn’t yet become integrated into the local culture. Our reaction was ‘So what? How does that hurt us?’

We found two or three cases where reasonably free elections were an accepted norm in the society,  constituting a positive danger to our interests because the peoples, hating Americans, would consistently vote for those candidates who promised to undermine us at every turn. In such places, it would hardly be in our interest to generate enthusiasms for ‘free speech’ such as we have put up with at home.

[holy shit! – no human rights for countries who don’t want to be the Slavemaster Trinity’s slaves??]

We had top-grade intelligence telling us that Soviet strategy was directed at Western weaknesses, not based on Soviet strengths, and that the weaknesses they regarded as the most exploitable were countries ruled by crooks and tyrants whose forte was knowing which side their bread was buttered on.

So the countries which my little unit spotted as suitable for priority consideration were those in Africa, Asia and South America ruled by ‘pro-American’ leaders whose behaviour was making them easy prey to KGB operations.

We weren’t able to convince a Republican administration that these leaders were a costly embarrassment to us – and were, besides, such easy targets for Soviet political action that there was no effective way we could make them coup-proof- but there were a few that would serve as practice targets for ourselves since few Congressmen, if any, had ever heard of them.

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player,  p. 177 and 178


My book on modern espionage techniques {published as The Real Spy World in Britain and Without Cloak or Dagger in the US)…As a result, I was invited to attend all sorts of anti-CIA symposia organized by various left-wing groups.

At every one of them, the following thirteen countries were named as places where the CIA has conducted operations that were immoral, bumbling and/or damaging to America’s ‘real’ interests:

Burma, China, Philippines, Cuba, Indonesia, Tibet, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Congo, Greece, Iran and Guatemala.

In these countries and several others the CIA did indeed do a bit of bumbling from time to time, but in all but two of them, China and Cuba, it has had commendable successes – although, being successes, reports of them never reached the newspapers or even the Congressional oversight committees.

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player,  p. 179


After being sparked by the CIA’s original Political Action Staff, the CIA ran over a hundred conventional, low-key, successful political action operations in more than thirty different countries. But even those anti-CIA polemicists who knew about them have ignored them entirely.

– Miles Copeland – The Game Player,  p. 180


As you can see from the first set of quotes, one of the top zones of interest was South America and one of it’s top “countries of interest” was Colombia, for a number of reasons ranging from the “communist” elements going on there as well as the natural resources the slavemasters wanted control of.

Right on cue, L. Ron Hubbard was already at work developing “native resources” such as Federico Echevarria, son of one of the most prominent (and richest) Colombian families.

He’s listed in Ability #4 Minor (May 1955) on p. 18 – and he’s gonna bring scientology to Colombia! This entry also indicates he’s been in scientology longer than this already. Note the ‘refresher’ part.

…..B.SCN. (misspelled) FREDERICO ECHAVARRIA – after a fast refresher trip to Phoenix, is in Medellin, Colombia planning the future of SCIENTOLOGY SOUTH AMERICA with D. SCN. MAGGIE DE ORTIZ…

and in  Ability #4 Major (May 1955) on p. 37, we can see that Maggie (Margaret) is also from Medellin, Colombia.


Medellin – which would later become cocaine-central under Pablo Escobar.

In Journal of Scientology issue #29-G from early 1954, I found a picture of Federico Echavarrio – marked by red arrow.



For much more about the Echavarria family and their continuing involvement with the CIA front group of scientology, please see this post:


This arrangement with Hubbard and Scientology was a continuing relationship –

scientology continuing arrangmnt CIA - The Game Player by Miles Copeland.

To better illustrate that continuing relationship that Miles Copeland described (with CIA assets like the MRA and Scientology) look at this from the Church of Scientology’s current website –

As the driving force behind a worldwide program to expand all Churches of Scientology to better serve their communities, Mr. Miscavige led the creation of a new breed of Scientology Churches. These Churches stand as points of succor where all are welcome. These are also the Churches from which Scientologists extend their social betterment programs to mitigate intolerance, illiteracy, immorality and drug abuse.

L. Ron Hubbard expressed the goal of Scientology to create Churches that reflect physically what they provide spiritually:

“You are creating an island of friendliness, decency and succor in the sea of a violent world. … Some time in the future the islands will become the sea.”

The quote that the church is using is from Ron’s Journal #28 called Forming Orgs (audio) which is from the last big push for creating “orgs” around the world. Orgs which have a strange tendency to be in or around “countries of interest” of the CIA.

This lecture was November 26, 1976, five years after a US federal court in 1971 ruled that Hubbard’s E-meter auditing could not be called a scientific treatment. The CoS responded by “going fully religious, seeking First Amendment protection…counselors started sporting clerical collars. Chapels were built, franchises became ‘missions,’ fees became ‘fixed donations,’ and Hubbard’s comic-book cosmology became ‘sacred scriptures.’”

Reference – Richard Behar. “Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” TIME MAGAZINE, May 6, 1991.

After years of running CIA ops around the world using a front called the Sea Organization (that he ran the scientology church through) aboard his flagship, the Apollo, in 1975 Hubbard had bought the Fort Harrison Hotel and a former bank building in downtown Clearwater, Florida under the name United Churches of Florida, to hide Scientology’s connection. He moved his crew to Clearwater, establishing the Flagship Land Base, a.k.a. “Flag.”

This happened to be the same year that another CIA front group Synanon, (born from the down-lines of Moral Re-Armament) had created a spin-off (renaming) and had also moved itself to Clearwater, Florida – having experienced its own “strike” against it.

While the Church of Scientology continued to expand, its private intelligence agency known as the Guardian’s Office (GO) ran cloak-and-dagger operations against the mayor of Clearwater, various governmental agencies and anyone else perceived as in their way.

This “forming orgs” crap is the same program that David Miscavige launched in 1990 hiding CIA aims beneath forming “missions” around the world – also under the cloak of “islands of friendliness”.

In 1990, for example, before much of the reconfiguration of the former Soviet Union and Europe had taken place, Scientology Mission International reported that “[t]he Expansion Office is currently active in establishing Dianetics and Scientology Missions in Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, India, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad, Uganda, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Phillipines [sic]!” (Scientology Missions International, 1990: 3)

International Society Control by the Church of Scientology by Stephen A. Kent, Department of Sociology University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA – March 23, 1992 (3rd Draft): Paper presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, November, 1991.


Even a brief examination of that list shows heavy concentration in 3 of the then most prominent CIA “zones” of interest, such as Africa, for example, which was indeed a hotbed of political activity during the 1990’s.

Notice the heavy concentration of Eastern Bloc countries, South American countries, Africa and Asian countries.

Exactly like Miles Copeland described –

  •  thirty-odd countries and geographic units (the so-called Arab world was listed as one unit)
  • We covered the whole globe from Afghanistan, Albania and Algeria to Yemen Yugoslavia and Zambia
  • …Burma, China, Philippines, Cuba, Indonesia, Tibet, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Congo, Greece, Iran and Guatemala.
  • So the countries which my little unit spotted as suitable for priority consideration were those in Africa, Asia and South America


Couldn’t ask for a more perfect example of follow-the-leader action by David Miscavige.

Dianetics CAR miscavigeshoop from forums.whyweprotest


Can’t forget his side-kick – Tom Cruise – (he “helps”)

tom cruise hippy hee hoo moving.

Also, this newer scientology “expansion” was also used as a cover for demanding more funds from existing scientologists and recruiting more “raw meat” people to assist in “clearing the planet”.

More than a decade later, David Miscavige launched another re-worked version of the old Hubbard stand-by cover for political action by scientology – this time in the form of major real estate purchases to create “ideal” churches of scientology.

…in 2004 Mr. Miscavige launched a program with the stated aim of making every Church of Scientology into an ideal Church of Scientology—ideal in location, design, quality of religious services and social betterment programs.

Each Church is uniquely configured to accommodate the full array of Scientology services for both parishioners and the surrounding community.  Each houses extensive public information multimedia displays that introduce every facet of Dianetics and Scientology. Additionally, libraries, seminar rooms and chapels serve as places to hold Sunday services and other congregational gatherings. The first wave of these new Churches now graces world cultural centers, including Madrid, London, Berlin, New York, Rome, Washington D.C. and Brussels.

– Church of Scientology main website, viewed August 27th, 2015


So when we see David Miscavige having the main website of the church talking about “islands of friendliness” – now you know what that really means.

David_Miscavige_Popeshoop of David Miscavige found at forums.whyweprotest


Hubbard clip from the 1976 Ron’s Journal 28 – together with pages from Miles Copeland’s book where he talks about choosing scientology and the MRA for political action.



Virginia McClaughry

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  1. Excellent write up!!! In my own research I have come to a similar conclusion; That LRH was a satanic hypnotist working for the intelligence community. You have a lot of good material on your page…
    It’s interesting that you mentioned the Vatican and communism… Did you know that the tenets of “communism” were perfected by the Jesuits during their Paraguyan Reductions for over 150 years in the 17th and 18th centuries? This is not commonly known amongst the public…
    But I have also found in my researching that the Vatican, namely their insidious Jesuit Order, have some connections to the COS…
    Have you ever come across any of this in your research?

    God Bless


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