Look on the internet today re: Scientology and what do we see?

A “grass-roots” campaign?

A “rising wave” of ex-scientologists telling their stories in the media?

An “overwhelming” acceptance of chosen propaganda lines?


A bit like all three, methinks.

The world of a slavemaster revolves around two words.





In my post entitled: CIA Man Says This is “Better And More Practical Than LSD Tablets” For Discrediting Enemies

Kermit Roosevelt Jr., in charge of CIA man Miles Copeland, had lectured Miles and Jim Eichelberger about what they were doing wrong in their propaganda/psychological warfare.

He said to them, that they needed to “appreciate the difference between knowing and believing” using Mussolini as an example of someone who understood this.

Quoting Mussolini –

I don’t want my people to know, I want them to believe.


Miles boss further instructed them that they needed to make their propaganda ‘information’ fit beliefs and not knowledge.

So why this distinction between the words believe (belief) and Know?

Because, under the hand of the Nesilim Empire starting in the 15th century (the Roman Catholic Church), the word had been redefined to mean “trust in God” and also limited to –

mental acceptance of something as true


Not whether it is true, whether it is accepted as true.

So, in a very real sense, this created “war” between belief and know is really all about:

WHO people love and trust.


And that’s where the word appearance comes in. Slavemasters, if seen as they are, feel they would never be accepted – which is quite true actually, only what this means to them is accepted for what they are underneath their mask of appearance.

Which is quite ugly under there.


So, at once we see that the entire field called Public Relations – that they invented – is completely infected with the disease of false appearances and acceptances.

The use of masks that are not how one really feels, really thinks, or really is.

They are “put on” in order to mislead others.


You will also note that what this really is, is a form of psychological warfare. It is deception. It is “cover”. As such what you are always looking at here is a form of intelligence.

All slavemaster “PR” is actually black intelligence operations.

Now, people like Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Karen De La Carriere, Steve Hall, Chris Shelton, and so on and so on, were all touched by this same disease both within and without their tenures in scientology. By that I mean before and after.

They are obsessed with APPEARANCES and ACCEPTANCES. This is not a new thing, they were this way while they were “in” the church – scientology. Some of them even held jobs where they were particularly trained in “PR” techniques ala Ron Hubbard.

One shouldn’t be surprised to find that despite Hubbard’s protestations of being anti-enslavement and every other thing that slavemasters do, strangely…even these materials – the PR ones – are infected with the very same slavemaster disease.

It’s quite fascinating.

With this particular “exposing scientology” contingent I’m referring to here, let’s have a look at what they were trained in vis-a-vis Ron Hubbard/slavemaster ideas about PR – and more importantly, their ideas about you.

In scientology, there is this diagram of a triangle with each point being labeled as A, R, and C.

  • A stands for Affinity, love or liking.
  • R stands for Reality, agreement and BELIEFS
  • C stands for Communication, acceptance mentally facilitating willingness to speak.

Hubbard took this from early psychological warfare materials – it is not new. All slavemasters believe that other people can be covertly manipulated to love, to agree with, and to talk to them (or their chosen vehicles) and that it’s just a matter of manipulating these particular points – with the Corollary of that if you can get one of them in place you can get the others.

For example, if you can get someone (by deceptive means, as is always the case with these people) to like you more, then you can get them to talk to you and agree with you and accept what you are saying as truth.

It’s really that simple – and they believe wholeheartedly that this is true. Even most of those who claim to be “ex” scientologists.

I, myself, do not believe in this triangle, nor do I find it valid as either truth or knowledge. It is inherently poisoned, it is inherently flawed. Basically, it’s infected with the whole APPEARANCE and ACCEPTANCE false basic premise that someone can (or should be) manipulated by such mechanical means.

I don’t care how many examples others offer up, give me any one of them and I’ll show you what’s wrong with it and how all it is, is manipulation that is never in the person’s best interests – guaranteed.

Here’s L. Ron Hubbard on the matter. Pay attention to the part on “Cover” where he tries to act like that’s not what they are doing, but yet just a few sentences later he confirms that is exactly what they are doing – DECEIVING people into mental acceptance that the PR deceiver is like them.

From new OEC volume: Management Series #3 –

OEC_management_series_3  PR_series_36_Org_image

The Communication formula contains duplication at either end.

In the presence of duplication of type or social class of appearance we get better A (Affinity) (can occupy same space), better R (Reality) (can agree because of similarity of caste or station in life) and hence Communication, lifted by A & R can occur.

The above is the actual operating law.



[..] enters the wonderland of “cover appearances”. Then one must look and act like what the viewer thinks the personal identity adopted looks like. Impersonating a real reporter one has to look like what the person being interviewed thinks reporters currently look like in that area. Notice we say “what the person thinks reporters look like”.

[…] “cover” is a deception process and depends on perverting the comm formula by fooling the person or persons being seen addressed or interviewed…


However, in PRO, one is actually creating an illusion or symbol that will be considered acceptable by those who see the image compatible with the message one is trying to put across or the data one is attempting to find.

[…] This subject of appearance is actually an ETHNIC idea. Ethnic means beliefs, mores, customs, patterns of thought or racial or religious stable data.

What do the people being seen think the PRO person should look like, dress like, act like to be asking or talking to them about that subject?



First of all, do you see how much trouble slavemasters have to go to? How much effort they have to put into being accepted?


Because they (as they are currently living) are not and never will be really “accepted”, so they have to lie to you about what they are, who they are, and what is their real intention and purpose in what they are doing.

That’s Scientology in a nutshell, amongst other things, by the way there.

Slavemasters are so obsessed with appearance and acceptance that they can be ridiculously stupid on the subject when on the other end of the most simple things imaginable. Like your current body and it’s history, for example, standing between you and them just gives them all kinds of perceptory troubles. Just your body can throw them completely off! Let alone anything more subtle. It literally has to be seen to be believed just how amazingly gullible and susceptible to their own bullshit that they are.

I only tell you this because it forms part of why they are so messed up on the subject of perception – which both appearances and acceptances have both feet firmly planted in. It’s because their own perception is so easily manipulated, that they then think everyone is that way.

What else do we see here in these plagiarized materials Hubbard is going on about? We see a very interesting and not quite stated attitude about you.

What is it?

That all of us can be influenced to accept someone purely by appearances.


Oh really, says I.

smoke another cigarette wtf

Somehow, I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

What it means though, is that you are considered a “mark” – like the target of a con-game – and that you are considered to be like putty in these people’s hands.

That right there tells you a lot about what the problem with their thinking is. You see, slavemasters think that the words good and naive go together. One can’t be good and be fully aware of their crap and capable of beating them at their own “game”, you understand.

They really are that infantile in their thinking, when it comes right down to it.

So, if they run into someone who “beats” or “resists” their magnificent persuasion skills – well, they must be “evil” too! You can see how stupid that conclusion is.

Heck, even their own psychological warfare materials knows how fatal it is to make such wrong estimations about somebody is to their “war” against humanity. Fatal, as in, THEY LOSE.

Some of the worst blunders of history have arisen from miscalculation of the enemy state of mind.

– Paul Linebarger, OSS and CIA propagandist in his book Psychological Warfare School of Advanced International Studies; published by DUELL, SLOAN AND PEARCE, NEW YORK,  COPYRIGHT 1948, 1954 (second revised addition), made available on the net by Project Gutenberg –  Release Date: March 30, 2015 [EBook #48612]


What is their solution to such people that mess up false ideas of a world where they can “manipulate” everyone successfully whether they like it or not?

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

– Paul Linebarger, OSS and CIA propagandist, friend and compatriot of L. Ron Hubbard, in his book Psychological Warfare School of Advanced International Studies; published by DUELL, SLOAN AND PEARCE, NEW YORK,  COPYRIGHT 1948, 1954 (second revised addition), made available on the net by Project Gutenberg –  Release Date: March 30, 2015 [EBook #48612]

Somebody is a really poor loser, wouldn’t you say?


One of the main things that they also never seem to want to realize, is that no-one “doesn’t know” when something is going on that is aimed at them – that is never the case. All that ever happens is the person chooses to live like “they don’t know” = not the same as actually not knowing

This means their (the slavemasters) entire world of so-called acceptances is a house of cards, a total illusion. No one has accepted them, they just said they did.

Slavemasters think that a person needs to “agree” before they know something is the truth – that is a total lie. See, how things really work, is that when someone reads something that actually is true – whether they “agree” or not isn’t even an issue. The real person underneath all their personal masks ALWAYS knows what is true and what isn’t and agreement has no part to play whatsoever.

It simply IS that way.

This is so true, that even people who read our blog here and say “it’s not true” or whatever – that doesn’t matter at all. It’s too late.

It’s already landed right where we wanted it to – with them. Not their masks.

Conversation over – it’s known now. Now they sit like a time-bomb, primed to go off and strip their masks at any moment and the slavemasters will never know when that will happen – only that it will happen.

Amazing, eh?

This is why my husband and I don’t give a crap about “media exposure” or any other tactics like that. We have a blog, people read it, that’s all it takes to get things rolling.

I’m sure you’ve realized that goes for slavemasters too, they are people too, you know. They do know what is right, what is wrong, just like I do and you do. Everything else is just a big show – a very REAL one, but still just a show. It isn’t who they really are under all their masks either.

Ron Hubbard knows that media isn’t really the thing anyway (even though he obssessed about having it endlessly) but he still skews what he says “it” is really all about.

Word of mouth.


Page 3 of issue –


WORD OF MOUTH is a public relations comm line superior to press, radio, television or Mr. Big.

Radio, press and TV only seek to create “word of mouth”. This term means what people say to one another.

[…] The enemy, lacking integrity, word of mouth and workable tech has not won despite total control of governments, press, radio, TV and all standard PRO media…


What’s funny about that last statement is…well, I’ll let you figure it out.

morticia - wink.

These people think that people don’t respond to what is true, as if we’re all some sort of he-man aboriginal creatures running around howling at the moon and living in caves – Darwinism is your first clue what they really think of their fellow man.

So, with a false premise like that, they think that we all have pea-sized intelligence and only respond to what is “real” to us.

You notice there is nothing about actuality – actual truth – in that statement.

Therefore, slavemaster logic goes, anyone telling the actual truth is “too incredible” and…wait for it…becomes invisible! No one will see you or listen to you anymore.

Tell the truth=become invisible.

he told the truth and became invisible

See for yourself, this IS what they would like you to believe.




The public will only respond to what is real to them. Here we are centuries ahead of our time and we have even solved death. […] We are incredible. How could we be real? We are unbelievable.


If you found out what the public wants and then sell and deliver it you will overcome this reality gap and become real and credible to the public.







The thing is, this particular issue (with its rather damning statements) has disappeared as if it never existed but yet it was in force for over a decade.

Ah! But when David Miscavige, Dan Koon and the other people in what was called RTRC (technical research and compilations) came along and took power over the Church of Scientology, they invented a completely different issue called PR Series 15, with a different name, and dated sixteen years later!

Not to mention Ron Hubbard was dead at the time his name is put on this new issue.

barbie forehead slap.

wiley oh wow


Here is the original in full, from the older OEC volumes – Volume 6. These are large images. To actually read them click to enlarge.

PR series 15 1972

.pr series 15 1972 second 2 pages.

Here is the current version – the completely fabricated one – contained in the Management Series part of the newer OEC volumes.




It’s a completely different thing, and nowhere in this newer issue is that key part about “becoming invisible” if you tell the truth.

Oops! Busted.


Next fun topic – scientology’s Tone Scale and how that gets used in deceiving people in PR.


Ron Hubbard’s book Science of Survival discusses a “Tone Scale” that ranks people from best to worst (which he has assigned numbers to) –


– with anywhere from 2.0 down being comprised of people that if they can’t be “handled” they should be deleted from society. (Hubbard actually says that in his materials).

In the following excerpts from a Hubbard policy letter re: public relations, you’ll see the use of that and the use of “buttons” – things that are supposed to “make” the person react in some way.

button - hate.

This first one is a real doozy, it’s where Hubbard says these PR concepts are from space opera – of all things!

It’s from the Welcome to the Sea Org course, which I took in 1978.

Pages from scientology-welcome-to-the-sea-org-course



Some excerpts –

Actually some of this work was done for American troops before World War II, and they weren’t supposed to do this and weren’t supposed to do that, and et cetera, to better their relationships with the native population. But these were simply based on careless factual or non-factual surveys and a space opera approach to this situation is quite different than an Earth approach. Quite different.

If you are going to control or govern or have influence upon an area, you have to make ethnic surveys. You have to find out what is most liked and what is next most liked and what is considered bad and what is considered totally evil.

When you’ve got the lists of those things, now you know the control buttons of the society. Those are the buttons of control, boy. They aren’t just “study, ha ha.”

– L. Ron Hubbard in the Welcome to the Sea Org lectures, #5,  TAPE # 6910C21 IT’S A PRO WORLD – 21 October 1969 (there’s a transcript of it here but it’s a wordfile only, just so you know)

The source of ethnic survey tek – per Hubbard.


Also do note – in the newly invented issue pictured earlier:


It changes what Hubbard actually said in the PRO world lecture (which it’s supposed to be based on).

Hubbard had listed 4 things –

  • what is most liked
  • what is next most liked
  • what is considered bad
  • what is considered totally evil.

The buttons that the new mind-control crew added are “what people consider…”

  • wonderful
  • good
  • bad
  • awful
  • infinitely valuable
  • valuable
  • worthwhile
  • unacceptable
  • not wanted
  • hateful

That’s quite a list! You can tell David Miscavige has been running amok in it, particularly that really cheesy addition of “infinitely valuable”.


Come on –

come on!.

He sounds like a little boy trying to one-up somebody.


“Well, mine is INFINITELY valuable. So there!”

miscavige big wheel tricycleShoop of Miscavige found at forums.whyweprotest.net


From the same taped lecture (PRO world one) here’s Hubbard talking about “critical people” – and how you should start bugging them relentlessly.

Now they’re not critical of us, they’re critical of some PRO action or line infiltration action that has been done. So, a part of it is do a confrontation and get that cleaned up. We’ve learned that. Don’t let these things sit around. Do a confrontation. Punch them through. Punch them through. Bug these people. They’ve done some bad action toward you, you caught up with and so on, start bugging them!

Don’t ever let them off. Don’t ever let them off. Start tackling it. You know, because it’s a pack of lies anyhow. It’ll eventually collapse. So you don’t let bad PRO stay around if you possibly can help it. As soon as you can do something about it, you do something about it, but from the top.

But meanwhile locally you make all bad PRO look like a bunch of schnooks, see?

– L. Ron Hubbard in the Welcome to the Sea Org lectures, #5,  TAPE # 6910C21 IT’S A PRO WORLD – 21 October 1969 (there’s a transcript of it here but it’s a wordfile only, just so you know)


That all sounds an awful lot like his secret intelligence unit policy of “never defend, always attack” towards persons critical of the mind-control experiment called scientology.

Gee, I wonder how that would look on an “ethnic survey”…

whistling girl.

This next one continues along this whole control of people by “buttons” idea, sort of like Diego the robot-toddler here – this is a real experiment at UC San Diego, by the way.


List every button (wants, desires, what’s valuable, what they want to get rid of…

Take this list. On EACH button with matching service-a separate promo-PR message is formulated.

Rough example:

Button = Other people
Service = Processing
Survey Tone Level = Fear
Message = You don’t need other people getting in your way. Handle it once and for all. Send them to us for processing. (Antagonism one tone above.)



The reason that you see the pick of “antagonism” in the example given is to control the person against their will – they think they can do that, they think that people are that push-button – like a dang machine or something.

The Hubbardian rule-of-thumb is match the person’s “tone” to get into affinity etc. with him, go 1/2 to 1 tone higher (than whatever the person is supposedly pegged at) to control them.

Here’s that part of the issue –


Nice, eh?

perish the thought - wry ick face.

I’ll bet this has some bearing on why we get a fairly steady diet of trolls with false email addresses spouting antagonistic comments at our blog.

Some idjiot has probably decided that we must be at the tone “covertly hostile” or some such lunacy, and that we can be “controlled” simply by making antagonistic comments. See, since they can never quite figure us out (consistent intelligence failures on their part) well, therefore thusly we must be “covert”.

How ignorant do you have to be ….to actually think that any of this works on someone who isn’t playing dead or something?



Well, that goes with what I said earlier, what these people actually think other people are really like.

There’s no place on a PE or PrR staff for people who have an abiding faith in the self-determinism of the public. The public has long since lost its power of choice. It’s a question of What  self-determinism? The public has to be told where to go and what to do. It’s a control problem, not a problem in choice.




Note: The above is also from the older OEC Volume 6 and is not even mentioned in the newer set (as the chronological page of Management Series #3 shows)

Magazines_testing_PE_1961_hubbard  magazines_and_pe_1961




Since many of these “expose scientology” current crowd are former Sea Organization members and would have taken the Welcome to the Sea Org Course and studied that PRO world lecture, and also that many of them were actually further trained in these techniques and do think they work? We would expect to see them following these guidelines in relation to the subject of Scientology, the Church of Scientology, etc.

We would expect to seem them deciding who their “publics” (types) are, doing surveys (without telling people, of course) finding buttons and tying them to a “message”.

Karen de la Carriere in particular was quite clear about what the original main message was to be – David Miscavige and the corrupt “official” Church of Scientology.

Remember that?

It was not to be deviated from. I actually have an email showing that this was actually being dictated to people behind-the-scenes – ie: don’t disturb “the message”.

That’s scientology marketing techniques being employed, intentionally, and I doubt that has changed.

Watch the buzz words that are used – they are specifically chosen to manipulate the public.

Don’t fail to notice that.

I don’t think these are necessarily inherently bad people, not at all, but the techniques they are using most definitely are. I don’t like people who try to “handle” me without saying that’s what they are doing. Know what I mean?

You can forget that idea.

talk to the hand.

Hubbard’s materials state that the professional Public Relations person should be doing these items –

Note: this particular issue is also in the older OEC volume 6, and although the new OEC management series 3 continues an issue written only 1 month later by Hubbard, the new crew heading scientology “vanished” this issue as well – it’s not to be found where it should be, right next to the 16 December issue on PRO area control. The main information like I am quoting has probably been simply moved into a “new” issue because I know for a fact that these points are definitely still what these people do as PR functions – in general.



A. Classifying, researching and listing the various publics that exist.

B. Locating who the Opinion Leaders are.

C. Surveying the various publics and Opinion Leaders for what they want, what is popular, public relations and preferences.

D. Formulating from surveys what to campaign and push and tailoring PR messages that hit the right buttons (per surveys) for the right publics.

E. Contact and getting Opinion Leaders on our side giving us favorable mention and assistance.

F. Image and Appearances of the org, policing same and keeping them acceptable to the public.

G. Community PR, liaison and participation to increase favorable image.

H. Campaigns and PR programmes using surveys, contacts. events, mass media to get across our PR message.

I. News-stories, press, TV and Radio to increase Scientology impingement on the public.

These duties if performed will create favorable opinion and response from publics…

– HCO POLICY LETTER OF 14 NOVEMBER 1971 Issue 11 – Mini Public Division Org Board


I think that if you’ll look, you’ll see every one of these is in play with these “expose scientology” newer crowd of people, although it is amusing the Hubbard contra-indication previously given of that “media” isn’t the thing, but yet a number of these items have lots of push for exactly that!

It’s a wtf moment.

Igor - huh.

The whole point is that watch yourselves when it comes to this anti (or pro) scientology business out there – you are being “handled” by appearances to get you to accept.

Accept what really, is what you should be asking yourself about, what are we really being asked to accept as true?

And why….cuz that’s the real kicker right there.

By Virginia McClaughry

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I’m so happy I found your blog. It is helping me immensely. I’ve searched for a long time for this level of honesty & I can’t begin to explain how many questions I’ve had that have finally begun to get answered by your blog. I’d love to talk to you if it’s possible. Thank you so much.

    • Hello Carmen, we are so happy to hear our work here is helping you! We’d love to talk to you. To get started, you could leave a comment with what email address you’d like us to contact you at (we won’t make it public) and I’ll send you an email. Best – Mike McClaughry


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