Both Frank Buchman and L. Ron Hubbard incorporated elements of this newer propaganda in their “religious” groups. Both had already long been propagandizing on behalf of the slavemasters – this 1955 arrangment was just more of a continuation and slight updating of their overall operating methods with their “followers”.

The British/Vatican slavemasters have always held that there is a social order, a hierarchy of society that boils down to two classes. The rich or the nobility (priests and kings) and everyone else – the workers, the slaves.

What I’m about to tell you also answers why scientology celebrities get treated differently within the Church, and why they sometimes (behind closed doors) may not even have to PAY at all for their “services” – unlike the rank-and-file scientologists.

Political Action Methodologies: DISSUASION- Terrorizing, instead of killing – any act designed to frighten an enemy away from…

My previous post on this topic discussed how people like Mark Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Karen De La Carriere, Steve Hall, Chris Shelton, and so on and so on, were all touched by what I called the “slavemaster disease” – an obsession with APPEARANCES and ACCEPTANCES.

CIA cult studies and deliberate manipulation of small groups for both study and offensive purposes (against those it perceives as threats to the slavemaster 2-class system) shows up in the darnedest places.

John Mulholland was a stage magician. On April 13, 1953, he met with Sidney Gottlieb of the TSS division of the CIA. Gottlieb wanted him to teach undercover agents sleight-of-hand and other techniques for anywhere from passing messages to delivering drugs and poisons surreptitiously. Gottlieb (real name Joseph Scheider) Sidney Gottlieb, left, speaking with his […]