Well, see, Paul was an interesting guy. A VERY interesting guy.

Let’s start with the fact that he wrote a book in 1948 (just after WWII had ended and the CIA had been officially formed) called Psychological Warfare. This book, just this year (2015) has been put on the net in its entirety by Project Gutenberg.

I have extracted a few key things from this book, that I think you should all see.

Psychological warfare is waged before, during, and after war; it is not waged against the opposing psychological warfare operators; it is not controlled by the laws, usages, and customs of war; and it cannot be defined in terms of terrain, order of battle, or named engagements. It is a continuous process. Success or failure is often known only months or years after the execution of the operation. Yet success, though incalculable, can be overwhelming; and failure, though undetectable, can be mortal.

…The enemy often avoids identifying himself in psychological warfare; much of the time, he is disguised as the voice of home, of God, of the church, of the friendly press.

Offensively, the psychological warfare operator must fight antagonists who never answer back—the enemy audience.

He cannot fight the one enemy who is in plain sight, the hostile psychological warfare operator, because the hostile operator is greedily receptive to attack.

Psychological Warfare by Paul M. A. Linebarger School of Advanced International Studies; published by DUELL, SLOAN AND PEARCE, NEW YORK,  COPYRIGHT 1948, 1954 (second revised addition), made available on the net by Project Gutenberg –  Release Date: March 30, 2015 [EBook #48612]


Couple things I’d like to discuss here, the first is this part: “…it is not waged against the opposing psychological warfare operators” – together with the rather petulant and cranky characterization of “greedily receptive”.

Well, I beg to differ with this whole defeatist concept. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate just how devastating it is to thin the ranks of the “enemy” by getting to their own people. Some of the best people, best and most loyal friends that I have ever known, were formerly part of psychological warfare teams arrayed against me, who then “turned” because they were having to monitor me as part of their job and what they were seeing, over time, “got through” to them – if you follow me there.

There is no “brotherhood” of propagandists who swear some sort of oath to respect and not engage each other. But it’s a consistent error in thinking that slavemasters can’t seem to help continuing to propagate. I’m referring to the fact that their cowardly view of things always leads their actions toward trying to manipulate the weak – or those whom they think are weak – as well as that they can’t ever seem to view “the whole picture”.

They also consistently want to target (and punish, if need be) not their main enemy, a leader, but those who might want to array with them.

I think this is where this wrong idea that psychological warfare is only directed at the “enemy” MINUS the enemies psychological warfare operations.

You can see how tactically stupid that is, to put it mildly.

So much so, that as you read more here of what I’m going to excerpt, you’ll see that in quite a lot of cases the psychological warfare operator is very, very close to the Slavemaster fulmigating the war in the first place.

The Slavemaster utterly depends on this nameless, faceless, person or persons. Take them away from him? His only option is to do it himself and that would reveal him as the enemy – something slavemasters never want to do because then…people would know (versus belief) and there goes the ball game.

This is the self-instilled character flaw that lies at the viral root of such wrong-headed thinking as what Linebarger wrote: “…it is not waged against the opposing psychological warfare operators”.

He’s been hanging around slavemasters far too long, in other words.

The second important point to note: “It is a continuous process. Success or failure is often known only months or years after the execution of the operation.”

Now that is true – slavemasters will continue psychological warfare campaigns for decades, centuries even (by passing the torch).

Why do you think that is?

It sounds very much like that they have an enemy that they are constantly afraid of, one they have not beaten, have NEVER beaten and that they feel the need to constantly try to fight back against their gaining “followers” (that’s the slavemaster view of people that associate with others. It’s always about masters and slaves to them in their twisted 2-class view of things).

That must be one hell of an “enemy” – I like them already.

thumbs up.

But let’s look at how tactically stupid that all is. If their consistent target is to target “the people” (for lack of a better term) then what is that an admission of?

That there is no possibility of winning in either direct combat of body or mind against their real enemies.

The expression “Riddle me this, Batman” is used as a challenge to someone to provide an answer to a question that has no apparent answer.


Riddle me this –

riddle me this batman.

If the slavemasters cannot ever win against these “enemies” directly (and they always lose in such confrontations, as a corollary) this means they have flawed thinking, reflexes, skills and battle tactics.

What on earth could they be thinking

to think they could win (against this same enemy)

in any other way?



Yea. Exactly.

In a very real sense, all of the slavemaster actions – the wars, large and small – can be viewed as acts of terrorism. They actually think that their “enemy” can be made to BELIEVE that they have lost, made to BELIEVE that they are wrong, weak, or whatever.

You do realise that the very desire to do so reveals everything you ever needed to know about what is “wrong” with a slavemaster.

He’s lying about who he is – to himself.


It’s a “I believe I am” – versus who he actually is. That last is a KNOWN and never a belief.

This is why he will always lose against someone who doesn’t do “belief” in the sense of how they mean it. Belief isn’t a bad word in and of itself, but it sure has been turned into one in their hands.

Note: In referring to this apparent dichotomy between belief and know, I am talking about their own references and ideas about this that I discussed in my post entitled: CIA Man Says This is “Better And More Practical Than LSD Tablets” For Discrediting Enemies

Kermit Roosevelt Jr., in charge of CIA man Miles Copeland, had lectured Miles and Jim Eichelberger about what they were doing wrong in their propaganda/psychological warfare.

He said to them, that they needed to “appreciate the difference between knowing and believing” using Mussolini as an example of someone who understood this.

Quoting Mussolini –

I don’t want my people to know, I want them to believe.


Miles boss further instructed them that they needed to make their propaganda ‘information’ fit beliefs and not knowledge.

Since I haven’t seen anyone else do it, I suppose I should take a moment here to provide a disambiguation regarding what happened to the word belief that it became this somehow separate from know – usage and meaning.

When the Nesilim King-and-Priest style of brainwashing and public management techniques resurfaced in the Holy Roman Empire of Germany, in the years that followed a whole series of declamatio writings were commissioned by various Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. One of which was, of course, “the bible”.

As part of distancing from true history, one of the routes chosen for these fanciful stories to originate from was Greece. So, you often have Christians arguing over what the word believe (belief) means with “authority” answers instructing everyone about what the GREEK word meant.

This is literally as silly as someone arguing about the origin of the word “elf” from within the history and language of J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

The facts on the matter of both the origin and the change in meaning of the word belief/believe are something far more interesting than any Fairy Tale about it.

Because, you see, the word was actually GERMAN in origin – which makes perfect sense.

It came from the word giloubo or Glaube which in turn came from turning a noun leubh that meant meant “to care, desire, like, love” into a verb or action word by adding the prefix “ga” to it.

See? It’s fascinating already.

This is about LOVE!


And its not split away from know here, at all.

The action word also meant LOYALTY between people.

So, what happened to turn this into something else?

The Catholic Church – that’s what.

Why are we not surprised…


By the time Pope Nicholas V and his cadre of declamatio scribes were done scribing away at things –

scribing away the years

The word had been redefined to mean “trust in God” and also limited to –

mental acceptance of something as true


Oh, the world of hurt encapsulated in that word acceptance.

Torture, burning at the stake, war, death and pestilence.

The Slavemasters at work.


Moving forward in time, we now have definitions like this for belief/believe:

  • an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
  • something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.
  • confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof
  • a religious conviction.

You will notice that they are all revolving around that concept of ACCEPTANCE.

And then there’s these – that are the only ones that have any sliver left of the words original meaning (before the Holy Roman Empire turned it into something slimy and horrible)

  • a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing
  • trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

With statements like this made about its meaning:

Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully

Making it sound as though one cannot act on knowledge or actual truth, but on belief only!

So, in a very real sense, this created “war” between belief and know is really all about:

WHO people love.


You can easily see the actual slavemaster fear being visibly asserted throughout the meanings – that the people will see them as they are, and will not love them, but will instead (and deservedly) love their nemesis.

An enemy of which is often paradoxically ascribed “divine” talents and warrior abilities –


The word know is now synonymous with their enemy – do you see that?

So, when you see junior slavemasters such as Kermit Roosevelt Jr. instructing his lower down tools in the words of Mussolini –

I don’t want my people to know, I want them to believe.


You now know what that really means.

  1. They want people to accept what they are saying is true, when it isn’t.
  2. They want people to love them, when they shouldn’t.
  3. They want people to be loyal to them, when they shouldn’t.

All of which is to try and take these things away from the people it should go to.

And right there is the entire basis of their “psychological warfare” subject.

It’s about controlling and directing Love


So, I ask you again, if these tactics never win against this “enemy” and assuming this “enemy” is not idle against their heinous activities –

Who is going to “win” in the end?

morticia - wink.

Without even really trying, no less.

Just by being themselves, which is the Ultimate Weapon against these people.


black scroll divider


You know, there’s a funny (to me) part in Linebarger’s book that shows just how upsetting it is to the slavemasters, and how devastating, to have just one or two of these “can’t be made to accept and love us” people around.

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.


In my Synanon and Scientology post –

(search the page for this phrase: “They were especially looking for what they called natural leaders“)

– I talk about how directed psychological warfare campaigns on the internet often use “gang” terrorism tactics – including one person using many different names – to try and create that “isolation” aspect.

On an internet forum – it’s like this:

sockpuppets on the internet


Trying to get this view of things accepted by the target –


But in that same post, I also discuss their other form of trying to get rid of their competition that Linebarger mentions – “imprisonment” – which is what Psychiatry is there for and serves both the isolation and the imprisonment “solutions”, in some cases.

I told the story of how I was selected as a “prime candidate” for psychoanalysis when I was six, which was because I am (and this is in writing) –

  • a natural leader
  • charismatic
  • Highly intelligent
  • Excellent communication skills

I highlighted the word charismatic, because for one thing, I thought it was interesting they described me that way – I had to go look up the word and then I found out that word means to them.

The funny thing about that word, which comes from the word charisma, is that part of what it means is strong character – as if that’s a BAD thing. Very slavemaster, that is.

The slavemasters view that charisma quality as:

  • exercising a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others. Charming, and fascinating.
  • a divinely conferred power or talent.

The second one actually gives you just a hint of the truth about this word, it is an admission that the person can do something that the slavemasters cannot – hence the word “divine” and the derogatory of that somehow this is not because of the person themselves – it came from “god”.

Heck, the word itself – charisma – comes from the Roman Catholic church declamatio “Greek” translations. It meant “favor or grace” from God.

Well, now see, that all makes no sense whatsoever, because if these people are so devout and all and so trusting of some imaginary “god”, then they should be pleased as hell to see “god’s work” showing up in a person such as me, for example.

But…that’s not quite their reaction, now is it.

no shaking head.

No, their reaction is this –

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

– Paul Linebarger


Speaking of charisma and all that jollying around about “inspiring devotion” – remember what that word belief was really about?


– especially –

A person that is loved, trusted, and that people are loyal to.


This “charismatic” trait, of course, could take all that away from them (that’s how they view it) and I was most definitely such a person in the sense that I was most definitely anti-them.

So, this is what they mean by the anti-social designation (which they also said I had “tendencies” of).

It’s not really that, in most cases, that the person is anti-PEOPLE as the average person might think. No, that’s not really it at all. It’s that the person is anti-them and their nasty thing they have inflicted upon the human race that they call society.

Hence – anti-social.

Quoting Linebarger again –

Sometimes individuals will be unpersuadable. Then they must be killed or neutralized by other purely physical means—such as isolation or imprisonment.

As I also have delineated in other posts (like this one, for example) L. Ron Hubbard was exactly in line with what should be done with such “anti-social” people, written right in the very beginning of his Dianetics/Scientology front group creation, the very first book no less!

Note that the first line I quote below is actually what I was telling you earlier – it’s an admission of failure in any kind of direct confrontation of wills with this “enemy”. Hubbard’s bitching about that you just can’t get them to “accept” your BS no matter what you do, in other words.

There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others


Notice that the second line you’re about to see, for all you scientologists and ex-scientologists out there, is actually telling you that by your even getting auditing?

You, whether you wanted to know it or not, have already been identified as anti-social and in need of “therapy”.

The first is to raise them on the tone scale by unenturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others

By accepting this premise, most of you scientologists (and former) out there also wrongly accepted that this “low-toned” anti-social business is true about you as soon as you agreed to start Hubbard’s treadmill of “reform” for you.

That was pure choice on your part, but it most certainly doesn’t relieve them of their part in this, not ever.

I didn’t, by the way. I never “accepted” any of their crap. I did their treadmill also for entirely different reasons, a most embarrassing for them reason included giving them a lesson the hard way. Giving them full access, and doing all their silly little techniques over a nice long period of time, and then? Surprise! You got nothing, and you never did. I’m quite ruthless with these slavemaster people, that way.

Hubbard’s whole system – he crows about this repeatedly in many, many places – supposedly works whether the person wants it to or not. This, sayeth Hubbard, is what makes it a science.

Oh really, says I….it works against my will, does it?

oh really hermione


In some ways, I do get some enjoyment out of watching the little twits (junior propagandists) out there trying to figure out what’s the deal with that Virginia. On some of the forums, you get them saying that I must have been that kind of an evil person, and a vindictive **** and that crazy before scientology.

What is entertaining about that is not so much what they say, it’s the fact that they need to say it.

Gee kids, what are you trying to deny here?


Note: I am not hard to handle or talk to but I am just complete and utter death on this whole “acceptance” of what one should not. That’s what they’re bitching about (and indirectly admitting failure about). That just means “I” am in their heads and they can’t get me out, in a way.

Truth is like that, and that’s what I enjoy about watching them twist-and-turn and bitch – it’s a losing proposition, but more importantly, what I love about it is that the only way that would be going on with each and every person like this? Is because they are just like me – no matter how much they “believe” otherwise.

Belief (the slavemaster definition) can never change actual truth, you see, and that is what is fun to see.

And…for those of us who make it clear that we will not accept the yoke of the slavemasters, here’s ole L. Ron Hubbard with the same solution for us that Linebarger delineated.

The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.

Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women.

The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.

It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line — a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred — or simply quarantining them from the society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others


You will notice that Hubbard specifically says social order – and we know what that actually means: SLAVEMASTER “society”.

The two choices for you?

Psychotherapy/Psychiatry behavior modification aka auditing




quarantine deadly force.

That’s what is going on with the people still IN scientology – they are to all extents and purposes effectively quarantined, do you see that?

For all the people who “think” they have moved on, or risen above “this cult” by leaving scientology – and who now are happy to believe that –

Psychiatry is great.

Drugs are great.

Angels are great.

and so on…?

Shame on you.

vincent - wow

You accepted what you should not.

You put your LOVE and LOYALTY where and on what – that is not deserved.


That’s all this was ever really about, understand? Your acceptance of their world, their agenda.

Now IF there ever was anyone needing to be “removed” from society? It wouldn’t be the “anti-socials”. It would be these people – the Slavemasters.

One wonders what might happen to “the world” if they (and all their minions) were to suddenly take a nice, long sabbatical…


but I digress.

Sure, we get paraded before us the “obviously insane” as well as mass-murderers, child molesters, and serial killers as some sort of proof of this anti-social business – but all that is really about is getting us to accept their complete and utter propaganda on what is an “anti-social”.

It isn’t great numbers of murderers and rapists that are “under their care” – be it in a religion, cult, psychotherapy group or psychiatric hospital – the great numbers are made up of people who do not conform properly to their system in some way.

In a very real sense, psychological warfare, as discussed here by Linebarger, forms “solution one” that Hubbard mentioned – it’s trying to get the person to “change” their mind, to BELIEVE instead of know what the slavemasters want them to.

Now that that’s clarified, let’s take up another instruction/edifying passage from Linebarger.

In these two excerpts, we learn of the techniques involved – both of which are based on accepting something as true that isn’t, in some way.

This type of psychological warfare device—the use of unfamiliar instruments to excite panic—

“Depress and unnerve the enemy commander,” was fulfilled almost to excess on Wang Mang. Here is what happened to him after he noted the progress of the enemy: “A profound melancholy fell upon the Emperor. It undermined his health. He drank to excess, ate nothing but oysters, and let everything happen by chance. Unable to stretch out, he slept sitting up on a bench.”

In this excerpt, he breaks down the techniques they think work, even more –

The text is interesting because it combines the following techniques, all of them sound: 1) naming the specific enemy; 2) appeal to the “better people”; 3) sympathy for the common people; 4) claim of support for the legitimate government; 5) affirmation of one’s own strength and high morale; 6) invocation of unity; 7) appeal to religion.


Now he dances around the whole “belief” point – but notice his last statement.

…Emphasis on Ideology.

In a sense, the experience of the past may, unfortunately, provide a clue to the future. The last two great wars have shown an increasing emphasis on ideology or political faith (see definition, page 30 below) as driving forces behind warfare, rather than the considerations of coldly calculated diplomacy. Wars become more serious, and less gentlemanly; the enemy must be taken into account not merely as a man, but as a fanatic. To the normal group-loyalty of any good soldier to his army, right or wrong, there is added the loyalty to the Ism or the Leader.

Warfare thus goes back to the Wars of Faith.


That it does – and that was brought into being by? The Roman Catholic Slavemasters and the “Nobility” – the priests and kings mentality of the Nesilim. Two things which were completely unnatural and completely not founded in anything but outright lies.

Linebarger gets down to it, and talks about their real concern – which remember now, this was written in 1948, almost exactly the same time that L. Ron Hubbard is preparing for his Propaganda role to accomplish exactly these goals.

How fast can converts be made from the other side? In what circumstances should an enemy word of honor be treated as valid? How can heretics (today, read “subversive elements”) be uprooted? Does the enemy faith have weak points which permit enemy beliefs to be turned against personnel at the appropriate times? What unobjectionable forms should leaflets and broadcasts follow in mentioning subjects which are reverenced by the enemy but not by ourselves?

…If Christians, or democrats, or progressives—whatever free men may be called—are put in a position of underprivilege and shame for their beliefs, and if the door is left open to voluntary conversion, so that anyone who wants to can come over to the winning side, the winning side will sooner or later convert almost everyone who is capable of making trouble.


See? There it is. “making trouble” – as in stopping them in their insane plans.

Again, Linebarger puts the same solution, but in a different way and this time acknowledging that they are after the smart people.

…in the language of practical politics, it means “cut in the smart boys from the opposition, so that they can’t set up a racket of their own.”


Linebarger (as did Hubbard) now delves into their favorite thing ever to be used “against” the person – the so-called subconscious mind.

…In the first place, the psychologist can bring to the attention of the soldier those elements of the human mind which are usually kept out of sight. He can show how to convert lust into resentment, individual resourcefulness into mass cowardice, friction into distrust, prejudice into fury. He does so by going down to the unconscious mind for his source materials.

…The useful mission consists solely of making the enemy stop fighting, by combat or other means.


Also exactly the first target of Hubbard – his first book Dianetics is completely all about inviting people to go down “into” this unconscious mind idea of theirs.

One of the many problems with this so-called truth of an unconscious mind, is that it is exactly like believing in God. One is expected to believe (accept) that some separate thing called the unconscious mind, that one cannot see, cannot verify as such, is directing one’s life and behavior.

Not only that, but all the bad things around are this things fault – not yours. If you didn’t know anything else, you’d know this was pure slavemaster invective invention – just by that alone. It speaks of total irresponsibility for bad actions – their favorite thing that they do. It’s always someone else or something elses fault – like the “unconscious” or as Hubbard puts it – the “reactive” mind.

Least possible responsibility - marty gif.

Hubbard spills the beans and takes this one step further, he says the “reactive mind” is someone he calls “the Genetic Entity”. They are not even a person, see, they are a thing, an entity.

The reason this idea of an unconscious mind – and that actually includes the brain-boys who lay this or that behavior off on some electrical reaction in the brain, same Fairy Tale basically – the reason this idea has such pull with people is because it rests on a powerful truth.

I said rests on, I didn’t say it was a truth itself.

And that truth is the Life Force that powers the body can indeed enact whatever he/she wants upon the body whenever they want and without your permission, if necessary.

That’s just a terrible, nasty, scary, thing to slavemasters, and probably to some of you too.

To mis-characterize what is obviously not a thing as being the source of all kinds of bad things, and that they can “control it” against it’s will indefinitely – is probably one of the worst miscalculations on the part of slavemasters and their ilk that I have ever seen.

The thing is? They actually know how bad it is to make that kind of miscalculation – Linebarger says it!

Some of the worst blunders of history have arisen from miscalculation of the enemy state of mind.

Finally, these last excerpts give you even further insight into why slavemasters make war so often against the rest of humanity –

Formally, war may be defined as the “reciprocal application of violence by public, armed bodies.”

If it is not reciprocal, it is not war, the killing of persons who do not defend themselves is not war, but slaughter, massacre, or punishment.

…Why must you fight just so and so, there and not here, now and not then? The answer is simple: you are fighting against men. Your purpose in fighting is to make them change their minds.

…Psychological warfare seeks to win military gains without military force…

Linebarger also happens to mention the One World agenda –

You may believe in One World; I may not.


Linebarger and Hubbard as CIA Propagandists


We’ll take up some basic descriptions regarding the propaganda work that both Hubbard and Linebarger had engaged in for more than a decade before the CIA itself was actually formed – you will note that the first definition is basically taking communication and wanting us to accept that is “propaganda” or “Psychological Warfare” – and that is simply not true.

From Linebargers book –

For the purposes of explaining what this book is about, propaganda may be defined as follows:

Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of communication designed to affect the minds, emotions, and action of a given group for a specific purpose.

…it might be desirable to narrow down the definition to exclude those forms of propaganda designed to effect private or nonpolitical purposes, and make the definition read:

Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific public purpose, whether military, economic, or political.


What he is leaving out here, is the all-important distinction between belief and know again. Their whole world is about getting people to accept things that they should not, all in order to further only the slavemasters interests.

Get that?

ONLY the slavemasters interest.

Most peoples communications are not so…selfish…if left to their own devices and not being constantly prodded to behave that way by insane propagandist/slavemasters.

This is an interesting little scale Linebarger made – he calls it STASM.

In operational terms, propaganda can be distinguished by the consideration of five elements:

  1. Source (including Media)
  2. Time
  3. Audience
  4. Subject
  5. Mission

..Source is the most important.

See? Source does matter to them, despite all their bs protestations that it doesn’t.

He gives their efforts to gain acceptance colors.

White propaganda is issued from an acknowledged source, usually a government or an agency of a government, including military commands at various levels. This type of propaganda is associated with overt psychological operations.

Grey propaganda does not clearly identify any source.

Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true one. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological warfare operations.


Jumping ahead here just for a moment, keep in mind that what Paul Linebarger was considered an expert in black propaganda. This is especially important when you consider his “science-fiction” contributions.

In terms of the timing, propaganda can be subdivided into two further categories, strategic and tactical. Strategic propaganda is conducted with no immediate effect in view. Its purpose is to wear down the enemy by psychological changes that may extend over months. […] Tactical propaganda is operated to accomplish an immediate short-range purpose, and normally does not cover a long time-span.

Strategic propaganda is directed at enemy forces, enemy peoples, and enemy-occupied areas in their entirety, and—in coordination with strategic planning—is designed to effectuate results planned and sought over a period of weeks, months, or years.

Tactical propaganda is directed at specific audiences, usually named, and is prepared and executed in support of localized combat operations.

Enemies, Enemies, Enemies…talk about seeing enemies everywhere, eh? (inside scientology joke)

On that note – let’s say we examine Paul’s personal history and where it intersects with L. Ron Hubbard, yes?

Come with Me


There exists no biography of Linebarger that delves into the less palatable events of his history in any meaningful way. Probably the most important excluded item would be the depths of depravity he was made a part of in his intelligence work.

During WWII Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger was technically posted in the Psychological Warfare Branch of the Military Intelligence Service – but that’s deliberately misleading.

cordwainer smith real name paul linebarger

Apparently, no one but me seems to have noticed that this entire division was transferred under the OSS in 1942.

Not only that, but take a look at one of the people heading it up, that I discussed in my BSC (British Security Coordination) section 2 post.

Reginald Earle Looker

Reginald Earle Looker, passport 1913 - British and American military intelligence liasion to Roosevelt

Reginald Earle Looker, passport 1913 – British and American military intelligence liason to Roosevelt


In March 1942, the Military Intelligence Division was reorganized as the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Originally comprising just 26 people, 16 of them officers, it was quickly expanded to include 342 officers and 1,000 enlisted men and civilians. It was tasked with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. Initially it included:

  • an Administrative Group
  • an Intelligence Group
  • a Counterintelligence Group
  • an Operations Group

But then, when the OSS (under the hand of British through William Stephenson) was officially formed in June 13 1942, everything changed.

Reggie Looker was part of the Psychological Warfare division of the M.I.S. (very secret) which was transferred under the OSS as of December 31, 1942.

Looker was in tight with both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and even acted as speech-writer for FDR (coordinated with William Stephenson). This is a British Intelligence connection.

Perhaps it was Looker, with a little help from Paul Linebarger, that wrote that heinous bunch of lies for President Roosevelt to say, that some have nicknamed “The Hitler Map” speech. See Hitler Map post, where it discusses that was a total forgery and Roosevelt knew it!

Ah, but what else was Looker mixed up with, that forms a tight connection to L. Ron Hubbard going way back to the 1930’s?

Winfred Overholser, superintendent of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Hubbard’s stomping grounds) and the Truth Drug Committee.

Dr. Winfred Overholser

Dr. Winfred Overholser

You see, the order actually came down through Looker and the Psychological Warfare Branch to “activate” a committee to investigate the feasibility of using drugs in interrogation on October 31, 1942.

This is why you see him listed on that Committee.

From my BSC post – I included a CIA document referred to as OSS Truth Serum

Truth Drug CIA doc

The original committee consisted of Dr. Winfred Overholser (chairman), Prof. of Psychiatry at George Wash. U. and Director of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Wash., D.C….


So..this is the kind of people that Paul Linebarger was so happily working with – at least during WWII. But, helping support that kind of evil does take its toll.

Before the War – 1938 at Duke University


This is him at the end of WWII –

Paul Linebarger just after WWII

He looks a bit haunted to me.


He seems like a decent enough guy, but one who definitely chose (his associations) poorly – as they say in one of the Indiana Jones movies.


Paul’s early life

Paul’s family had spent much time in Shanghai, China during his childhood years – concurrent with L. Ron Hubbard’s arrival in the same exact place in the late 1920’s. Linebarger even went to a British school there, and probably knew Hubbard’s intelligence pal – Major Ian MacBean.

In September 1931, Japan had invaded Northern China and captured three provinces, but by that time Paul was out of there and again enrolled as a student in the School of Engineering at George Washington University.

He was not a happy camper, describing himself as “more self-consciously lonely than ever before in my life.”

Reference – Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984

Paul had already hooked up with L. Ron Hubbard, for one thing they shared some of the same classes. When Paul became the editor of the Literary Review, a supplement to The Hatchet, the college paper, he published L Ron Hubbard’s first story (not science fiction) called “Tah”.

(9 February 1932 The Hatchet: Literary Review Supplement).

L. Ron Hubbard in 1932


The two men liked to one up each other with their stories about their lives thus far, and both were ambitious in pretty much the same ways, interestingly enough.

The editor of the literary supplement during Hubbard’s final semester at GWU was Paul Linebarger, two years younger but a year ahead of him in school. Another member of the literary supplement’s staff has told me that Hubbard and Linebarger soon became intensely competitive toward each other. Linebarger made good grades, wrote as fluently as Hubbard, and was equally ambitious. Linebarger held a major advantage in their bragging sessions: he really had traveled extensively by himself, not only in China but in Russia; he really had studied the classics of Oriental wisdom and sat at the feet of Chinese sages, including the great Sun Yat-sen. Linebarger had also conducted a passionate romance in Peking with an exiled White Russian woman several years his senior, had narrowly survived a suicide pact with her, and had participated directly in high-level secret negotiations between the U.S. and Chinese governments — all before he was 18. Further, Linebarger was not above adding a bit of embroidery to these genuine experiences, to make them even more colorful. Is it any wonder that Ron Hubbard might thereupon dramatically expand the scope and drama of his own exaggerations, simply in order to stay competitive? And is it any wonder that when such exaggerations appeared to gain acceptance, Hubbard would try more of the same in the future?

– from Alan C. Elms review of Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller, that appeared in issue #2 of NYRSF back in 1988.


It was also together with Linebarger, that Hubbard arranged his first “cover” trip for an intelligence mission. He placed an ad in The Hatchet that stated, “Seeking restless young men with wanderlust.” Fifty students from the area responded to the ad, and with Hubbard as their leader, they sailed through the Caribbean on the Doris Hamlin and “took photographs.”


Hubbard’s real purpose for this trip was something else entirely. (see Scientology Roots, Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career).

Linebarger remained interested in Hubbard for many years – they were a lot more connected than most people know about.

Linebarger graduated from GWU in February 1933, then went to Oxford in England as a “special student” studying medieval English literature. This is when he began being groomed for his intelligence career – meanwhile Ron Hubbard is off on intelligence missions in Puerto Rico. Twice, no less.

Linebarger went on to attend and graduate from John Hopkins, and then, wonder of wonders, he ends up at Duke University where he was an Associate Professor of Political Science.

Duke University



Pierce writes that “As a Far East specialist he was involved in the formation of the Office of War Information and of the Operation Planning and Intelligence Board. He also helped organize the Army’s first psychological warfare section.” He was sent to China and put in charge of psychological warfare and of coordinating Anglo-American and Chinese military activities.

– Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984

The same year Linebarger is starting at Duke, Hubbard is starting his first propaganda pieces-for-hire in the genre of science fiction. “The Dangerous Dimension” was published in Astounding in July 1938.

July 1938-astounding_science_fiction

From February to August 1942, Paul Linebarger was Chief of the Far Eastern Section of the Psychological Warfare Branch, Operations Group, Military Intelligence Service, War Department.

As I already covered, this was transferred under the OSS, but first it became the Office of War Information – where Paul was Chief of the Far Eastern Section, Operations Planning and Intelligence Board, Overseas Branch, Office of War Information (from August to November)

1942 (December): 2nd Lt., AUS (MIS, Washington); detailed to work with Joseph Grew, who had recently returned from assignment as U.S. Ambassador to Japan

1943: 1st Lt., AUS; transferred overseas to G-2, CBI [later China Theater], serving under Generals Stilwell and Wedemeyer; stationed initially in India, then China

1944: Captain, AUS; stationed in Chungking, China, with visit to Chinese Communist headquarters in Yenan

– Biographical Timeline of Linebarger

It was in 1945 when Paul was a Major AUS (Chief, Far Eastern Section, Propaganda Branch, War Department General Staff G-2, Pentagon) that he wrote his first Sci-fi story titled: “Scanners Live in Vain”

He mailed the manuscript in to Joseph Campbell at Astounding on July 18, 1945 under the pseudonym of Cordwainer Smith.

He wrote to a friend that same day:

I have gone from the ‘being-read-to’ state of eyesight back up to the ‘read-a-little-at-a-time’ phase, so that I am getting into [reading a new book] in a slow luxurious way quite unlike the top-speed scanning which I used to give books in my nastier and freer days.

– Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984


By this time Linebarger was fully engaged in using the psychological warfare principals he detailed in his later 1948 book.

He had become a Catholic – or at least wanted to appear to be – and was experimenting with using religious materials mixed with space opera-come-Messiah elements to conduct psychological warfare on the more intelligent but rebellious elements of America.

Alan Elms considers his Scanners story a full-blown allegory of the coming of the New Covenant, and reveals a very sophisticated understanding both of the Biblical narrative and typology (e.g., the smell of roast lamb reminds the central character of the smell of burning people), and of the theological and philosophical tenets of the Christian religion.

– Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984


Far more interesting than that, is Linebarger’s beginning presentation of telepathic warriors.

In the story, the scanners resemble skilled espionage agents in certain ways: though respected and admired by ordinary folk, they are regarded as not quite human and are not able to lead ordinary lives.

Guess what his main character’s name is?


Why is that important?

Because in a very similar story, L. Ron Hubbard named his character the exact same name.

From my “End Is Not Yet” post (the name of Hubbard’s story) –

In August of 1947 L. Ron Hubbard published the first segment of The End Is Not Yet in Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

The intro reads:

First of three parts of Hubbard’s first post-war novel. A story of a few men against a dictatorship-and of the inevitable, the inescapable result, whatever the determination, the high ideals and high courage of the rebels!

The story opens with character Professor MacIlwraith of Columbia appearing in character Charles Martel’s room as a “square man”, and talks about Interplane travel and how he isn’t the “real” Professor  but is his “counterpart” in another plane that had been created by a “time split” from the Germans nuclear bombing Washington in their plane in 1945.


Considering this story by Hubbard with the exact same character name is done two years after Linebarger’s submission to Astounding, it is highly doubtful that is a coincidence.

Meantime, just after Linebarger submits Scanners to Astounding, he gets promoted to full Professor at Duke even though he hasn’t been there for 4 years and never returns.


Later on in the year, he begins lecturing at the School of Advanced International Studies, a part-time appointment.

– Biographical Timeline of Linebarger

One of the covers that Linebarger utilized repeatedly was a real-life job as a professor and from 1946 through 1966 he was a Professor of Asiatic Politics, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University.

The same year Hubbard published his End is Not yet serialized fiction, Linebarger publishes his first novel under a different pseudonym – Felix C. Forrest. The novels name was Ria.

– Biographical Timeline of Linebarger

Now Linebarger begins his first CIA mission (it had been formed in 1947) and is dispatched to Korea where he “studies” brainwashing techniques – which he was deeply interested in, and in fact this was the same year he published the book Psychological Warfare that we studied earlier.

He is becoming deeply troubled by this time, and in 1949 he went through what he called “hell year” which culminated in his being divorced by his wife Margaret Snow on December 14.

– Biographical Timeline of Linebarger

He began seeing a psychotherapist regularly, which some think was Dr. Robert Lindner.

The interesting thing, well there are several, but one that stands out is that if true, this refers to Linebarger as a research physicist – of all things.

I didn’t see that on his resume…hmm.

enid_markey - hmmm

One hot June day, probably in the late 1940s or early 1950s, psychoanalyst Dr. Robert Lindner received a phone call from a physician who wanted to refer a troubling case to him for treatment: “The fellow I’m calling you about is a man in his 30s, a research physicist with us out here. As far as I can tell, he’s perfectly normal in every way except for a lot of crazy ideas about living part of the time in another world—on another planet.”

This famous case study, which Lindner shared in his 1955 book The Fifty-Minute Hour, is now believed by some to be a real-life account of Paul Linebarger (1913-1966)—better known to science-fiction fans under the name of Cordwainer Smith

…Brian Aldiss first reported the possible linkage between Smith and Kirk Allen—the name used by Lindner for his patient—in 1973, and subsequent research by Alan Elms and Lee Weinstein has tended to substantiate, although not definitely prove, the connection.

…According to Lindner, his patient first began experiencing a strange feeling while reading fanciful adventure novels during his youth. “In some weird and inexplicable way I knew that what I was reading was my biography [emphasis Lindner’s]. Nothing in these books was unfamiliar to me: I recognized everything… My everyday life began to recede at this point. In fact, it became fiction—and, as it did, the books became my reality.” At the further stage of this “psychosis,” the patient “filled in the spaces” between the written stories with “fantasy ‘recollections.'”

If, in fact, the man described here is Paul Linebarger (a.k.a. Cordwainer Smith), this strange, distorted sense of reality did little to hinder his success in the more conventional world that you and I inhabit.

Remembering Cordwainer Smith, the Atlantic, March 2013

The same article describes Linebarger’s science-fiction work as “obsessed with grand historical concepts and organizational philosophies” and that it describes in great detail command structures—in particular what he calls the Instrumentality of Mankind, a galactic governmental framework that recurs again and again in his work—and transformational epochs.

Gee…he and Hubbard are like two peas-in-a-pod that way too then, Hubbard incorporated exactly this sort of framework just a few years later in his early scientology lectures.

See Anthropology Earth and The Universe Time Track – according to L. Ron Hubbard

You’ll see Galactic Confederacies, rogue elements, telepathic wars, “theta” or spirit traps, and even fights on the moon and mars over “implant” stations where human spirits were forced to go between their “lives”.

Throw in a cat or two, and he’d match up Linebarger 100 percent!


You’ll get the humor more a little later on.

But as it is, they were both right in line with each other on the same propaganda ideas that obviously were what was “wanted” for psychological warfare purposes, that much is obvious.

Linebarger was not happy with his psychoanalyst, and he ended up working with Hubbard in the nascent days of Dianetics. He sort of reverse-promoted it afterwards by being “critical”, but he wasn’t really. It was more of a game between the two of them. If you understand their history together the criticism is pretty much meaningless.

I’ll go into that more in a minute, but first, let’s line up some things here.

The year Hubbard would officially release Dianetics (May of 1950) Paul Linebarger now was able to have his Scanners Live in Vain story finally published in Fantasy Book magazine – in January. Reminder – he published it under the pseudonym of Cordwainer Smith.

– Biographical Timeline of Linebarger

In fact, the reason he even got it published at all is because of Hubbard’s person literary agent Forrest Ackemerman! Obviously Hubbard had provided Linebarger with that “in”.

Forrest Ackerman – 1990’s


Frederick Pohl talks about this time period of “Scanners in Vain”  –

Sometime in the early 1950s, I was putting together Beyond the End of Time, an anthology for one of Doubleday’s subsidiary imprints. That was something I liked doing, so I did it fairly often.

It was an easy thousand dollars or so, because I had already read about a zillion stories that I liked well enough to be willing to package for some new readers and because all those old issues of Astounding, Amazing and Wonder had not yet been mined by so many other anthologists that every good story had already been reprinted by six or seven anthologists in six or seven books. I needed to include a bunch of those old superstars, because my editors felt that the names were what sold the books, but I also liked to include a couple of pieces that would be new to almost everyone. And I had one candidate in mind from the very beginning.

It was a story that had appeared in a semi-pro sf magazine from California called, if I remember aright, Fantasy Book. Its title was “Scanners Live in Vain.” It was about a bizarre kind of spaceflight, set in a bizarre future world, and it was signed as by someone named Cordwainer Smith. So I included it in my lineup, and then had the problem of finding out who could sign a permission for the use of the story and accept the payment for it. “Cordwainer Smith” smelled very much like a pseudonym to me. But for whom?

…So I got my permission, the author got his money when Forry [Forrest Ackerman] had tracked him down, and one day when I happened to be in the office, a man named Paul M.A. Linebarger showed up to thank me for publishing his story and to ask if I would be interested in some others he had written.

Frederick Pohl memories, Fantasy Book No. 6, 1950, Linebarger’s Scanners In Vain story.


Plus, here’s a translation of an excerpt from a now-defunct German website that I resurrected out of the internet archive.

In 1950 in the insignificant and ephemeral SF magazine “Fantasy Book” a story that made the SF-friends sit up: “scanners live in vain.” No one in the American SF ghetto had ever heard or read by a Cordwainer Smith – a pseudonym? Henry Kuttner was known for hide and seek with names that strict organization of the scanners could be a Robert Heinlein trust, van Vogt created similarly colorful worlds … Who was Cordwainer Smith?

   Frederik Pohl, in his author and editor, sat down on the trail of the unknown. A new anthology offered the best opportunity to discover the Incognito: somehow this Mr. C. Smith had indeed signed the contract … Forrest J. Ackerman wrapped as a literary agent for the matter.


scanners live in vain - fantasy book january 1955 linebarger.

So, besides helping him get his sci-fi career started by sharing the same literary agent, Hubbard also personally helped Linebarger with Dianetics counselling.

Linebarger later wrote in Ethical Dianetics that he was “a great deal happier now than I was two years ago when I began testing some of these techniques.”

– Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984

Apparently Paul was sufficiently rejuvenated from his “auditing” to consider a future with Genevieve Collins – either that or he was on a kind of rebound – and he married her on March 26, 1950 just 3 months after his divorce with Margaret was finalized.

Kingsport Times March 26, 1950 – Wedding announcement, photo of Genevieve.

Kingsport_Times_News_Sun__Mar_26__1950_ .

Genevieve in the earlier engagement announcement on March 5 – same newspaper.



You’ll notice the announcement says that they plan to take a world-wide honeymoon beginning in June 1950, where they will visit Amsterdam, London, Paris, Marseille, Cairo French Somaliland, Ceylong, Penang, Singapore, Cambodia, Annam, Hong Kong, Formosa, Japan, Vancouver and the West Coast.

Sounds like Paul has a number of intelligence assignments to carry out!

In fact, he did. During 1950 he became consultant to British forces in Malaya and consultant to the Army’s 8th in Korea (Lieutenant Colonel) for the next two years.

Just before Dianetics was released in May, Paul wrote an unpublished hundred page book manuscript entitled Ethical Dianetics, intended to teach a mass audience how to engage in “mutual emotional aid” with a sympathetic friend or spouse.

This was obviously more in support of what Hubbard was doing, than anything else, with buzz words like that he was not trying to replace “qualified psychologists or psychiatrists” for readers who really needed professional help, nor was he proposing what he referred to as a “closed cult” like the Dianetics of L. Ron Hubbard.

Very tongue-in-cheek, he described Hubbard as “probably the outstanding science fiction writer of our time” but “not a person to whom you would turn for relaxation or for spiritual repose.”

Ha ha – very funny. Still playing around and jostling Hubbard (his very good friend) I see.

Quoting from the manuscript:

Ethical dianetics presents you with the opportunity of reliving part of your life with the help of another person. Don’t try to do it alone …. Torment more hellish than anything the Gestapo ever invented can be developed by two people who are in a condition of intimacy and who try to discharge malign ch ‘i at the same time. I know. I experienced it. I never want to try it again. Two people, both of them tormented, can help one another tremendously if they take tums.

Linebarger was unable to sell the book to a publisher, and it is not clear how long he depended on “mutual emotional aid” (presumably with his new wife) before going back into “official” therapy – but it’s clear that he was pleased with Hubbard’s techniques.

And…his next sci-fi story incorporated aspects of this experience, as well as functioning as a desired propaganda considering the number one ability that people have – telepathy – that slavemasters are forever obsessing about (because their enemy can do it easily between each other, is my educated opinion on the subject).

A word on his prolificness in the sci-fi genre – for the next 16 years (1950 to 1966) Linebarger as Cordwainer Smith (pronounced CORDwainer) produced CIA/slavemaster propaganda and psychological warfare designed to influence those “rebels” out there.

More links between contemporary psychology and Linebarger’s fiction were identified by David Seed, who noticed similarities between Linebarger’s comments on brainwashing in Psychological Warfare and themes of his science fiction stories.

That next story doesn’t come out until 1955, and in-between 1950 and then we have a couple of other things happening that bear examination first.

For example, after the initial research funding by the CIA and Rockefeller elements, Ron Hubbard shifts away from the “Dianetic Research” foundation and takes the new tack – the new cover and recruiting tool – chosen by the slavemaster intelligence and psychological warfare agents. Ie: Religion. In 1952, Hubbard creates a new religion, plagiarizes the name Scientology for it, and makes his first corporate creation dedicated to Scientology instead of Dianetics (the HASI, the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International) as a milestone on the road to creating the “Church” of Scientology.

Meanwhile, his buddy Paul Linebarger is in Mexico ‘spinning stories” while working for the CIA as well.

linebarger in mexico 1952 spinning stories

One of his daughter’s writes about that time and says-

I didn’t know until Genevieve told me after he died that he had also been working for the CIA on the side, that summer and through many of the years that he was a professor at the School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C.

In 1952, what Linebarger was doing is that he was working in Mexico City with Howard Hunt for various CIA “activities”.

As you might have noticed, one of the things you don’t see in any real bio of Linebarger out there, are any kind of detailed account of his many efforts as part of slavemaster intelligence organizations both before and after WWII – like his work with Hubbard or with Howard Hunt, or with Miles Copeland and overthrowing Eyptian government.

And that’s what he does the following year, 1953.

Note: James Eichelberger was also involved in this with Linebarger.

He’s who came up with the tactic of –

…pepper unpopular and hot-headed Middle Eastern leaders with messages likely to provoke irrational responses which we could publicize in such a way as to raise questions about their sanity.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 129

See my post – CIA Man Says This is “Better And More Practical Than LSD Tablets” For Discrediting Enemies

James Eichelberger


These are pictures of Nasser, the Egyptian guy they were using to put in a CIA controlled government.

Gamal Nassar (left) Kim Roosevelt (Eichelberger, Copeland, and Linebargers boss) and Naguib (right) the guy they were overthrowing using Nassar.



Nasser shaking hands with Kim Roosevelt.



Nasser was apparently very good at chess.


CIA agent Miles Copeland writes about this time –

Images of book and relevant pages:

The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_1 The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_2

Nasser operation from The Game Player by Miles Copeland

.nasser operation 2 from The Game Player by Miles Copeland-2

In 1953, when we wanted to keep Nasser alive, our main worry was the possibility of a counter-coup carried on by the very group that had led us to the army in the first place, the ikhwan el-muslimin. Nasser had what it took to put it down, but there were two obstacles.

First, he had taken at face value the disinformation we had channelled to him through our pre-coup resources, and he believed for some months after he had achieved power that the ikhwan could be a valuable ally.

Second, after he became convinced that it was no such thing, he couldn’t think of any way of completely neutralizing it without showing up his new regime as being unduly repressive. I’ve oversimplified here, of course, because I only want to make this point. Nasser’s new regime, like any revolutionary regime, had to go through a period of out-and-out repression; it had to establish a ‘repressive base’ before it could even begin to think about creating a ‘constructive base’.

…While the ‘straights’ in Washington were increasingly displeased with the anti American content of Nasser’s public utterances and the anti-American propaganda that poured out of Radio Cairo, the Middle East’s most far reaching medium, can you guess who was writing a goodly portion of the material? We were. We understood as Nasser did that at that time the new regime’s hold on the country depended on its being consistently and convincingly anti-American, and that Nasser couldn’t even risk an indication of reasonableness towards our various Middle East policies.

We even had Paul Linebarger, perhaps the greatest ‘black’ propagandist who ever lived, come to Egypt to coach the Egyptian-American team that turned out the stuff.


Remember, the definition of “black” propaganda per Linebarger is:

Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true one. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological warfare operations.

What I want you to really get here is that this is a perfect example of Controlled Opposition, so when you see people like L. Ron Hubbard “attacking” something – now you know what you’re really looking at there.

It’s purely psychological warfare to make the audience think Hubbard is “against” something that he’s actually a fully knowing part of. Just like Linebarger and Copeland were engaging in here in 1953.

Miles, in discussing (or rather rationalizing) why this was all OKEY DOKEY to do, spends quite some time basically trashing democracy as conceived by people like Thomas Jefferson, but he also reveals some interesting points as to why groups like Moral Re-Armament, Unification Church, and the Church of Scientology were considered so necessary to Slavemaster plans to continue and expand their 2-class system, King/Priest ruling the world  – with everyone else dutifully suffering their way to enlightenment.

You see, our job was to create a secret, bureaucracy-free Egyptian American channel, and to keep it open and antiseptically free of corruptive influences.

…This, I must emphasize, is all that a political action operation can ever do. It can make the best of whatever indigenous dynamics are in motion; it can sometimes alter their course; it can even, sometimes, create new ones. But it can rarely, if ever, bring about internal changes in a country by use of forces from without– not in Egypt, not in Cuba, and not, more recently, in Nicaragua.

…The first is the one I’ve already stated. If you must change either the character or the course of another government, you must do it by use of forces already existing inside the country. There is, of course, a corollary.

Once you see that there are no such forces- or that there are no dormant ones that can be awakened, motivated in terms of their own interests, and directed into channels benefiting our interestsyou must give up on political action, try some other approach, or simply adjust to an imperfect situation. The basis for this principle was enunciated by a Chinese military strategist three thousand years ago: you must never pick a fight you can’t see your way clear to winning; you must never enter upon a course of action unless you see an acceptable chance of success at the end.

In political action, the costs of failing to solve a problem are invariably greater than the costs of leaving it unsolved, and costs of conspicuously failing to solve it can be positively suicidal.

The second principle is the one which field operatives have the least success in putting over to armchair strategists in Washington. It is that in many countries of the world free elections and democracy are not the answer either to the problems of the country itself or to our own problems.

More often than not, a free election in a so-called ‘developing’ country will be won by one of two types: first, a politician or political group whose first priority upon getting into power will be to ensure that there will be no more free elections; or, second, a demagogue making promises he can’t possibly keep and who, after victory, will make demands on us we can’t possibly meet and then blame us for his failures.

The third principle is that we must recognize, and accept as fact, that to the government we boost into power its own interests will invariably come first. Even the most pro- American government will not do our bidding unless it serves its interests as well as ours, and unless it doesn’t endanger its hold on the country. This is the item that we who worked with the Nasser government could never get across to Washington.

As we saw it, our first priority was to keep Nasser in power. He was no good to us out of power, and no alternative was in sight. But time and time again we were instructed to demand that Nasser take some action which both he and we knew would be suicidal, and when he kept refusing we were directed to lay plans for getting rid of him.

Finally, we must recognize that most of our best work with a government we wish to see remain in power must be secret, not because we need the secrecy but because our client needs it. No, Virginia, we are not popular in most parts of the world; no, leaders in countries which receive our largesse do not gain in the eyes of their peoples from advertising their friendship with us-

…Secretary Dulles failed to understand rule number one: ‘You can hardly win a game if you don’t even know that you’re in one.’

But a winning strategy can come to a sad end if it fails to take into account radical changes in the gameboard itself.

Nasser used to say, ‘I don’t act; I only react.’ That made it easy for us – what the hell, let’s not mince words: made it easy for me. (One can be too self-effacing, you know.)

This part:

Once you see that there are no such forces- or that there are no dormant ones that can be awakened, motivated in terms of their own interests, and directed into channels benefiting our interests –

is an excellent description of what was the deal with scientology, particularly the directed into channels benefiting our interests bit.

Another interesting thing about his tortuous logic dissertation about democracy, is that the slavemasters CREATE those very conditions unnaturally – he just got done describing that very thing.

The other point to make here is, none of what he describes is ever a problem in an area uninfluenced by slavemasters.

Alright, so after all that fun-and-games and now that the “church” of scientology is off to the races, Miles and his other CIA cronies choose Hubbard and scientology to hit “low”.

Briefly, based on all these fun sarcasm techniques Linebarger, Eichelberger, and Copeland etc had tried out in Egypt, Copeland was chosen to be under Kim Roosevelt and head a “Political Action” group – that’s what scientology was now chosen again to be a vehicle for psychological warfare on the American people primarily.

For a much more comprehensive look at all that, I have done a number of posts about all of Miles Copeland’s statements and Hubbard’s actions that show his alignment with the CIA and British intelligence.

I have added (today, March 12, 2016) a listing of all the posts that have been done since the time of this one.


Listing of related posts


and to read about Hubbard’s being in tandem with what we call ‘the slavemasters’ to develop a religious cult to study and experiment on people aka Scientology –

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology –

* * *



Meanwhile Linebarger is busy doing his imitation of a good Catholic –

“He and [wife] Genevieve went to Sung Mass on Sundays, and he said grace at all meals at home. The faith extended and shaped his powerful imagination’ But he simply ignored contemporary religious movements, especially the secularizing ones directed to social problems. The God he had faith in had to do with the soul of man and with the unfolding of history and of the destiny of all living creatures.”

– Alan C. Elms, The Creation of Cordwainer Smith, Science Fiction Studies, vol. 11, 1984

By 1954 Linebarger had seen several psychotherapists, and had been very strongly influenced by Hubbard.

But his connection with the CIA’s political action committee and Duke University forms an even more clear connection to his choice of propaganda in this new “sci-fi” creation.

Duke was deep into researching telepathy as part of the CIA’s MKULTRA and Paul was obviously in the know on this. Considering he was a professor there, not hard to figure out how he knew, either.

Please see my post The Man Who Murdered My Mother – Duke University, The Anti-Life Zone for much more about this kind of research.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier his buddy L. Ron Hubbard was still  producing materials within scientology concerning telepathy and alien space opera races, as well as the “entities” that plagued man.

Both of them are engaged in creating strong metaphoric parallels to a “reactive” or “subconscious” mind – a thing to be feared, a dragon, but that can be slayed by “the light”.

The strong Catholic parallels as well, are very obvious. Please remember that Paul’s (and Hubbard’s) whole thing with these is to convey an idea that the slavemasters wanted conveyed and accepted by the population.

After all, the Catholic Church has long been obsessed with using droves of priests and followers as part of Spiritual Warfare. Don’t let me be your only source for this – see this Pope’s words for yourself: they use it as part of WAR against “the mighty”.

This is all part of the war to keep their 2-class system going – which is:

It is not true that all have equal rights in civil society. It is not true that there exists no lawful social hierarchy.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937

the wealthy and the working men…ordained by nature that these two classes should dwell in harmony and agreement.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891

Thou art punished…

The chief duty of all men is to cling to religion in both its reaching and practice-not such religion as they may have a preference for, but the religion which God enjoins, and which certain and most clear marks show to be the only one true religion – it is a public crime to act as though there were no God.

…Jesus Christ gave to His Apostles unrestrained authority in regard to things sacred, together with the genuine and most true power of making laws, as also with the twofold right of judging and of punishing, which flow from that power. “All power is given to Me in heaven and on earth… “In readiness to revenge all disobedience.

The mighty shall be mightily tormented.

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885

Spiritual telepathic warfare

….the Roman Pontiffs are to be regarded as having greatly served the public good, for they have ever endeavored to break the turbulent and restless spirit of innovators, and have often warned men of the danger they are to civil society.




59. But “unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it.”

And so, as a final and most efficacious remedy, We recommend, Venerable Brethren, that in your dioceses you use the most practical means to foster and intensify the spirit of prayer joined with Christian penance.

When the Apostles asked the Savior why they had been unable to drive the evil spirit from a demoniac, Our Lord answered: “This kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.”

So, too, the evil which today torments humanity can be conquered only by a world-wide crusade of prayer and penance.

We ask especially the Contemplative Orders, men and women, to redouble their prayers and sacrifices to obtain from heaven efficacious aid for the Church in the present struggle.

…60. To apply the remedies thus briefly indicated to the task of saving the world as We have traced it above, Jesus Christ, our Divine King, has chosen priests as the first-line ministers and messengers of His gospel. Theirs is the duty, assigned to them by a special vocation, under the direction of their Bishops and in filial obedience to the Vicar of Christ on earth, of keeping alight in the world the torch of Faith, and of filling the hearts of the Faithful with that supernatural trust which has aided the Church to fight and win so many other battles in the name of Christ: “This is the victory which overcometh the world, our Faith.”

… Everywhere today there is an anxious appeal to moral and spiritual forces; and rightly so, for the evil we must combat is at its origin primarily an evil of the spiritual order. From this polluted source the monstrous emanations of the communistic system flow with satanic logic.

Now, the Catholic Church is undoubtedly preeminent among the moral and religious forces of today. Therefore the very good of humanity demands that her work be allowed to proceed unhindered.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937

After all, what is “prayer” but directed telepathic thought?

Let them implore also the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Virgin who having crushed the head of the serpent of old…

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


So now, it’s 1955, and Paul Linebarger comes out with his re-worked Catholic Serpent propaganda, woven together with spiritual warfare and psychiatry’s “unconscious mind”.

Paul’s “Game of Rat and Dragon” story says that Space travelers are being attacked by “something out there underneath space itself which was alive, capricious, and malevolent.” This “something out there”, perceived by human telepaths as giant dragons, can be destroyed by light if detected soon enough.

– Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1955

galaxy science fiction october 1955 linebarger


The Catholic church imagery in this propaganda story –dragon linebargeris very strong as well, because around the time of Pope Nicholas V in the 1400’s – “Satan” or the devil began being depicted as a dragon/serpent.


And also…hence the origin and purpose of L. Ron Hubbard’s promotional campaign “slay your dragons” (the reactive mind “stopping” you on the Bridge to Enlightenment) heavily used within the Church of Scientology to keep the inmates on that treadmill.

Scientology’s Advance! magazine issues #53 and #171 from circa 1978 and 2000’s respectively.

Pages from Advance 53 LA 1978 dragon reactive mind

.Pages from advance 171 uk 2000s dragon reactive mind


So, serpents, dragons = the ENEMY forming the first element of Linebarger’s story.

The second element to Linebarger’s new “Game” story of 1954 is even more fascinating.

The Dragons are too fast and too skilled (I’m laughing at that one) for the human telepaths, so the humans create “the pinlighters” – these are humans that use electronic headsets to boost their telepathic powers.

Oh lordie, that’s a particular CIA MKULTRA project right there, actually TWO of them at least!

Kermit the frog excited

Not to mention SQUIDS –

Strange_Days_-_SQUID_helmet MEG_SQUID.


Pinlighting is a hell of a way to earn a living. Underhill was furious as he closed the door behind himself. It didn’t make much sense to wear a uniform and look like a soldier if people didn’t appreciate what you did.

He sat down in his chair, laid his head back in the headrest and pulled the helmet down over his forehead.

As he waited for the pin-set to warm up… He felt the squares of space around him, sensed himself at the middle of an immense grid, a cubic grid, full of nothing.


… He sat in a small room, small, small, warm, warm, the bodies of the other three people moving close around him, the tangible lights in the ceiling bright and heavy against his closed eyelids.

As the pin-set warmed, the room fell away. The other people ceased to be people and became small glowing heaps of fire, embers, dark red fire, with the consciousness of life burning like old red coals in a country fireplace.

As the pin-set warmed a little more, he felt Earth just below him, felt the ship slipping away, felt the turning Moon as it swung on the far side of the world, felt the planets and the hot, clear goodness of the Sun which kept the Dragons so far from mankind’s native ground.

Finally, he reached complete awareness.  [Oh Barf…says me, how Ron Hubbard of him]

He was telepathically alive to a range of millions of miles. He felt the dust which he had noticed earlier high above the ecliptic.

… His consciousness absorbed the tearing wound inflicted by the alien enemy. It was like no wound on Earth—raw, crazy pain which started like a burn at his navel.

… They put him in the hospital at Caledonia.

The doctor was friendly but firm. “You actually got touched by that Dragon. That’s as close a shave as I’ve ever seen. It’s all so quick that it’ll be a long time before we know what happened scientifically, but I suppose you’d be ready for the insane asylum now if the contact had lasted several tenths of a millisecond longer. What kind of cat did you have out in front of you?”

Underhill felt the words coming out of him slowly. Words were such a lot of trouble compared with the speed and the joy of thinking, fast and sharp and clear, mind to mind! But words were all that could reach ordinary people like this doctor.

… In the fraction of a second between the telepaths’ awareness of a hostile something out in the black, hollow nothingness of space and the impact of a ferocious, ruinous psychic blow against all living things within the ship, the telepaths had sensed entities something like the Dragons of ancient human lore, beasts more clever than beasts, demons more tangible than demons, hungry vortices of  aliveness and hate compounded by unknown means out of the thin tenuous matter between the stars.

Game of Rat and Dragon by Paul Linebarger, 1955


The pinlighters “partner” is a cat, the idea being that since cat’s reflexes are much faster than a human’s they can go chase down the dragons once detected – whom they see as giant rats whom are destroyed by the cat using nuclear light.

rat and dragon nuclear light

Yeah. That’ll work.

Come on…

come on!.

Along the line of the humans needing a machine to boost their telepathy (very slavemasteresque – that is) a friend of mine has a joke he made up about this –

“Psychotronics – Machines for men who can’t get it up spiritually.”


Cracks me up every time I think of it, but yeah, I’m kind of “dark” that way.

Anyway, Alan Elms sees Game of Rat and Dragon as reflective of Linebarger’s experiences with psychotherapy, problems “developing” new evasive tactics and “returning” necessitating different kinds of therapy.

However, what Elms is completely missing the boat on is the purpose of Linebarger here – he is a black propagandist, remember, working for the CIA – and sci-fi stories is one of their chosen vehicles going way back to British intelligence in both WWI and WWII as well as The WFMH founding and methods chosen to be “fifth column” into American society particularly.

Then, let’s not leave out, there’s Linebarger’s connection with and knowledge of the CIA’s ultra-secret research projects at Duke University and other places along exactly this line – USING SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. A practice which would continue on into the 1970’s with the Stanford experiments using Ingo Swann, up to and including an NSA contract for Hal Puthoff researching this very type of “machine” to boost telepathy!



thats not something you see every day - vincent.

Yes, really.

Not only that, but experiments documented in Changing Images of Man proved that everyone could do telepathy but most were not “using” it.

Telepathy – The perception of another person’s ongoing mental activities without the use of any sensory means of communication.

P114 – (Changing Images of Man)

In other words, this watershed experiment appears to provide clear evidence of universal telepathic capacity with almost complete repression (for most persons) of awareness of this source of knowledge.

Chapter 4 Influence of Science on the “Image of Man


After centuries of being burned-at-the-stake by Catholic men who were scared to death of their enemies abilities – this is not too obvious as to why that “repression” would be going on – but it does not mean it isn’t there, and it’s a lot easier to use than you are supposed to think.


Brief note –

OSS man, John William Gardner, was the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare from 1965 -1968. He used his position to launch a research center at Stanford Research Institute in 1968, and one of it’s first tasks was to postulate the future of Western Society. It was actually a study on how and what to change Man into to bring about a new World Order (you can see that term on the cover). This resulted in the book Changing Images of Man in 1974.

John William Gardner



Reminder –

Remember the statement about believe versus know that Roosevelt was instructing “the kids” about?

Here’s that same idea reworded in Changing Images of Man –

Myths shape perception.

Changing Images of Man – p. 155.


Now, to really take a walk on the wild side here for those so inclined, the real reason for all this posturing in sci-fi stories (a form of recruitment and stimulus for people to use their telepathic skills) is because the slavemasters are, and always will be, inferior in just about all ways to their “enemies”.

The biggest threat to them, in their mind, is their enemies ability to “see” into their minds and into their most secret locations, as well as their ability to converse instantly and coordinate activities across the world – completely undetectable, no less.

The really funny part of metaphors like this, is the fact that the slavemasters don’t realise they have TWO “enemies” minimum, in one body.

They think “the body” is what can both be made to do telepathy at their bidding and can also be made to not.

Let’s see if you can pinpoint what the error in their thinking is.



It does also speak to what I said earlier – their self-inficted flawed reason is why they lose in direct confrontations of any kind with their “enemy”.

Enemy shmenemy – there wouldn’t be any problem at all if they’d just quit their lyin’ already.

Just a thought.

By Virginia McClaughry

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