I remember Eich getting Kim’s reluctant endorsement of a plan to pepper unpopular and hot-headed Middle Eastern leaders with messages likely to provoke irrational responses which we could publicize in such a way as to raise questions about their sanity.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 129


The Game Player by Miles Copeland_Page_2.

James “Eich” Eichelberger, while working for Miles Copeland in the CIA in 1955, decided it would be just a fine idea to target Jamil Barudi as his first guinea pig.

He (as was L. Ron Hubbard) was working with Miles Copeland in “political action” – which is quite a euphemism for what they were actually doing, by the way.

p. 207 The Game Player

Jim Eichelberger, who had been with me in Egypt and who joined me on my political staff in 1955, saw all this more clearly than I did.


Eichelberger in his CIA days


The one application of the idea was a series of letters and telegrams to old Jamil Barudi, the voluble Saudi representative to the United Nations.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 129, 130


Jamil as part of the Saudi Arabia U.N. delegation in 1957.


Jamil Baroody (Barudi)

jamil barudi

The CIA men prepared a series of letters and telegrams that were sent to Jamil.

Both insulting and pious in tone, as though they had been written by deeply religious Moslems and ultra-patriotic Arabs, they accused him of lacking enthusiasm in defending the Arab side of the Arab-Israel conflict, perhaps because he had fallen under Western influence.

Taking the bait, Barudi made several speeches in which he babbled even more gibberish than customarily.

Eich was pleased with the effort, saying it was ‘better and more practical than LSD tablets’.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 130


Page images from book –

chapter 14 The Game Player by Miles Copeland

.chapter 14 The Game Player by Miles Copeland-2.

One of their bosses, Kim Roosevelt, was not too pleased with what Copeland and Eichelberger had done to Jamil and chewed out the two men. But, what was interesting about this, was what he said they should be doing.

Kim, though, was unimpressed. In the first place, he liked Jamil Barudi, and agreed with most of what he said, gibberish and all. In the second, he said there was nothing wrong with the Saudis’ position on the Arab-Israel conflict, and that it would be better for the United States if they could put it clearly and convincingly. What bothered him most, though, was the spectacle of three high-powered OPC ‘experts’, with all the facilities of the United States Government at their disposal, devoting their talents to making a fool of a well-intentioned friend. He made his point. We hung our heads in shame.

But he had other points: first, we, of all people, should have understood what it meant to know something, and to appreciate the difference between knowing and believing.

Second, as propagandists we should have understood that ‘information’ must be fashioned to fit beliefs, not knowledge.

Mussolini knew the difference (‘I don’t want my people to know,’ he said. ‘I want them to believe’); so should we. But it was the beliefs of our targets that mattered, not our own.



That’s a hell of a thing.

I don’t want my people to know,’ he said. ‘I want them to believe.


You understand the distinction there, right?

Know in this sense, puts the person on solid and unassailable ground making them hard to manipulate and control.

Whereas belief =

Quicksand – unstable and shifting, it will pull the person under.


In this sense, belief is a trap.


A person basing their lives and decisions on such manufactured beliefs is easy to manipulate and control.


Speaking of manufactured beliefs

L. Ron Hubbard video interview

L Ron Hubbard, having had CIA involvement practically since it’s inception in 1947, had repeatedly been in cahoots with the CIA on many of their top-secret projects. This went so far as that in 1955, he and his newly created Church of Scientology were chosen in addition to what he was already doing, to be one of two front-group religions used to influence “native” people and spy on leaders of various fields as part of Mile’s Copelands “political action” group.

This “plan” by Eichelberger was taking place at this very same time period.

Why are we not surprised to see this same CIA tactic of psychological warfare – not on solid ground, you understand, but on spurious created false grounds – being well inculcated into scientology materials and “tech” as part of some sort of Holy War against the “psychs” and the “SP’s” of the world.

An excellent example of this tactic being still in use within scientology, is scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis using it on BBC reporter John Sweeney.

To review – the tactic, again, is:

…pepper unpopular and hot-headed Middle Eastern leaders with messages likely to provoke irrational responses which we could publicize in such a way as to raise questions about their sanity.

– Miles Copeland, The Game Player, 1989; p 129


This is exactly what was intentionally done to John Sweeney, but as an additional component of the “peppering” process Sweeney had been “softened up” by putting him under extreme and surrealistic stress prior to the finale, so to speak.

All as part of the “plan” by scientology’s dirty tricks department (now called OSA, the Office of Special Affairs) Sweeney was followed, pestered and goaded for days prior to the main event.

I have been shouted at, spied on, had my hotel invaded at midnight, denounced as a ‘bigot’ by star Scientologists, brain-washed – that is how it felt to me – in a mock-up of a Nazi-style torture chamber and chased round the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers…

– John Sweeney as quoted in Scientology turns BBC’er into ‘exploding tomato’ By LAURIE T. CONRAD, May 14, 2007


During our investigation in 2007, black SUVs with tinted windows appeared to be following our team as we carried out interviews. A mystery man who we suspected was from the church also appeared to be keeping tabs on us at breakfast in our LA hotel each morning.

At the time, I put my suspicions of being under surveillance to Tommy Davis.

He responded: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It seems to me you’re getting a bit paranoid.

– John Sweeney per BBC article John Sweeney revisits the Church of Scientology, September 2010


And there goes Tommy Davis doing exactly what CIA man Eichelberger planned (and succeeded at) more than half a century earlier.

“…responses which we could publicize in such a way as to raise questions about their sanity.”


“you’re getting a bit paranoid…” – Tommy says to Sweeney.


Is he…

patrick-mcgoohan-as-longshanks-king-edward brave heart - Is it.

No, he’s not the crazy one.

Tommy Davis and Mike Rinder were.

“Was I being paranoid?” I asked him [Mike Rinder] when we met again.

“No, you were being followed. No doubt whatsoever,” he told me.

Mike said he should know as it was he and Tommy Davis who were doing some of the covert surveillance.

Mike said he and Tommy were reporting back on our movements to David Miscavige’s office every few minutes or so.

Through its UK lawyers, the firm Carter-Ruck, the church deny spying on us and reject Mike Rinder’s version of events dating back to 2007.

– John Sweeney per BBC article John Sweeney revisits the Church of Scientology, September 2010


Of course they denied it, these “anti-emotion” types never tell the truth.


That’s a sort of inside joke, you’ll see why I said that in just a minute here.

You see, when one is under such a personal threat as this, where one’s very life and sanity is in danger, anger is not an insane response.

The will-to-fight is an important and valuable thing – and John Sweeney was not wrong to get angry at what he correctly perceived were attempts to end his life mentally.


Gas-Lighting is what Sweeney was being subjected to.


Gas-lighting is a reference to the movie Gas Light, where the victim of attempts to make her appear crazy were portrayed by actress Ingrid Bergman back in the early part of the 20th century.

In this movie, her husband wants her to become “crazy” for his own nefarious purposes and he proceeds to do very subtle things around the house (which she accurately notices) and then repeatedly accuse her of imagining things. The movie title of Gas Light, stems from the husband’s subtle dimming of the house’s gas lights, which Ingrid Bergman’s character accurately notices and which the husband insists she’s imagining.


It might (or might not) surprise you to know, that slavemasters are very, very, obsessed with “appearance” – how they appear to others.

Not how they are, how they appear.


Since every single one of them are practically foaming-at-the-mouth with hate every minute or every day at just about every one and every thing –

slavemaster crypt keeper.

You can see why having an outer mask, an appearance of themselves, would be so important to them.

But it goes further than that. Did you know, that in scientology materials there is even a whole section of writing dedicated to how “bad” and “low-toned” anger is?

It even goes so far as to say that a person who is angry is always blatantly lying and never tells the truth!

From the Hubbard book Science of Survival –


Where Hubbard is talking about his “Tone Scale” that ranks people from best to worst (which he has assigned numbers to) –


– At 1.5 we achieve the ultimate reversal in facts; any white fact will be turned into a black fact; here we have blatant and destructive lying. Did you ever hear an angry man tell the truth?

– A man at 1.5 deals in destructive facts and twists them so as to make them more effectively destructive; his data cannot be believed; and, indeed, any data from individuals at the 2.0 level or below has discard value only.

– Science of Survival, 1951, CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO;COLUMN T; The Handling of Truth

Here’s the actual book page –


Now, why would there be such a push to talk about anger in such a derogatory way?

Do you think it’s because it is bad to get angry, or….

Is it actually because it terrifies and dethrones any slavemaster when you treat him as you should and he wants to make it believed to be bad by spreading propaganda that people who do it are bad, as well as have them “punished” for such unauthorized fighting behavior?

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now.

Yea. The second one.

That’s exactly what happened with John Sweeney.

They led him into an extremely disturbing exhibit about psychiatry that is designed to upset people – particularly at a genetic level, meaning the spirit of the body, that intimately knows about these things all up and down history.

This is not a belief, this is knowledge of such things in a way – make no mistake about that.

The intense anger and hatred towards slavemasters by these body spirits, even now, is truly impressive to behold, and it is completely justified.

Among the sickening exhibits were images of people having needles put through their eyeballs, having their brains operated on and undergoing electroconvulsive therapy, a controversial treatment for depression that involves inducing a seizure in the patient by passing a current through electrodes on their temples.

The place felt like a mock-up of a torture chamber.

Although I’ve often been on the side of those who say medicine can get things wrong, the idea that the whole discipline of psychiatry is meant to be a Nazi pseudo – science seems totally wrong – yet that’s what they wanted me to believe.

It was immensely disturbing and, yes, it made me feel angry and confused.

By the end of 90 minutes, I felt bombarded and unable to bear another single second of the pressure. It was so intense.

As a reporter, I’ve been in plenty of tough situations. I’ve worked in Chechnya twice and managed not to lose it.

This, however, was different. It was weird and intense and terrifying. It felt like an invasion of my mind. And I snapped.

The trigger was that we were talking about brainwashing. Tommy Davis had accused me, unfairly I felt, since he hadn’t heard the whole interview, of giving a critic of Scientology an easy time.

…I’d walked straight into the giant elephant-trap they’d set up for me – and, in doing so, handed scientology a coup.

BBC man says ‘I was wrong to lose it. But these scientologists are truly scary’ By JOHN SWEENEY 15 May 2007

Do you know about the pressure that this man was put under to apologize for getting that angry when he was under direct assault? Well, you do now, and it’s easy to find on the internet if you want to delve into it further.

He was not wrong to get angry, and I’ll take that even further – he doesn’t need to apologize for it.

But, let’s look at what happened, in the end.

Tommy did this –



Sweeney fought back –sweeney


Watch this video – notice that in the first half Tommy runs away.

Notice what Sweeney is saying when he gets angry in the second half of the clip.

Is he lying?

no shaking head.

Is he right about what he’s accusing Tommy of?

Jack Nicholson - yes yes hear hear.

There goes scientology’s angry man bullshit then.

If you watch and listen closely, you can see, hear, and feel that what I said earlier is true. When faced with a very proper response to this assault on Sweeney, these sick people who do this kind of thing get terrified in the face of it.

Tommy was not in control any more at that point – Sweeney was!

I’m betting he never realized that.

Now watch the end of this one, and notice that after Sweeney has Tommy revealed to be the coward he actually is and when he’s starting to try and calm Sweeney down (because he’s afraid of him at that point) and is starting to actually listen for once, Sweeney very quickly and instinctively shifts out of anger because the assault has stopped and talks to Tommy normally again.

Again, it’s the last couple seconds…watch Tommy closely.

Perfectly done, actually.

You know, the Church of Scientology through its propaganda rag Freedom magazine –

“Reporter” John Sweeney, pilloried on YouTube as the “exploding tomato,” proves once again that you can lead him to the truth, but you can’t make him think. Watch the investigative video report.

– Desperate Lies of the BBC Freedom magazine, Church of Scientology

– still tries to portray this as if it means something bad as to Sweeney’s character, and something good as to the wonderfulness of scientology itself.

I consider it quite the opposite, and I thought you might want to know about this chicken-shit tactic dreamed up by Slavemaster sock-puppets such as James Eichelberger, and then carried-the-torch on by L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology.


Virginia McClaughry

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