Congressional hearings in 1974 exposed that Seed Inc. was a Synanon based behavior modification group using brainwashing techniques similar to North Korean prisoner camps. One of the ways it was funded was under CIA program MKSEARCH – U.S. government funding.

Narconon enjoys the same government protection that Synanon and it’s multiple later front groups did – including the original licensing of Narconon’s biggest center in Oklahoma.

This same licensing, despite attempts at ‘exposing’ Narconon by mostly Catholic activists (without really going after the true reasons for its existence, by the way) was just renewed yet again.

People wonder why, even with multiple congressional hearings and exposes over decades, these groups are still allowed to function.

Because of that they are desired experimental programs that the Vatican/British/Sockpuppet American slavemasters want done.

This is why you see no real ‘shut down’ action – the kind that lasts – ever on these things.


A number of people have wondered about the fact that Synanon and Scientology used the exact same tactics, just with different names, and they wondered if there was something tying them together.

Well, there was.

That’s the rabbit-hole we’re going to go down today, and it’s a doozy.

You ready?

Come with Me

Down we go –

Down the rabbit hole.

* * *




Synanon and The SEED

How I got on this anyways…


AnimatedStarWhy Synanon? AnimatedStar


I often use posts like this as a sort of rough-draft of what will usually later become Reading Library articles, so I want you to understand that this is by no means a complete work.

I was trying to decide which way I wanted to go with this, starting with SEED, Inc. and the congressional hearings, or starting with Synanon itself, and I decided the best way was to arrange this as I found it, so to speak.

What happened was that I was researching another segment of Guardian’s Office history (scientology’s intelligence and PR organization) connections to other things, and one of the rather large books (655 pages) that I needed to go through was the 1974 publication of the Congressional Hearings on Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification.

This abstract here will give you an idea what its covering.

Abstract – This report responds to a directive issued to the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights to conduct an investigation into behavior modification programs, with particular emphasis on the federal government’s involvement in the technology of behavior control and the implications of this involvement for individual rights. Two basic considerations motivated the investigation:

  • first, the concern that the rights of human subjects of behavioral research are sufficiently protected by adequate guidelines and review structures; and
  • second, the question of whether the federal government has any business participating in programs that may alter the substance of individual freedom.

Although the material included in this report is by no means comprehensive, some initial findings are apparent:

  1. there is widespread and growing interest in the development of methods designed to predict, identify, control, and modify individual behavior;
  2. few measures are being taken to resolve questions of freedom, privacy, and self-determination;
  3. the Federal government is heavily involved in a variety of behavior modification programs ranging from simple reinforcement techniques to psychosurgery; and
  4. a number of departments and agencies fund, participate in, or sanction research involving various aspects of behavior modification. (Author/PC).

* * *


I got to page 13, and ran into a fascinating definition for what “they” – those that do such things – consider that Behavior Modification is and why it’s ok for them to do it.

The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare uses “the following operational definition of behavorial modification: the systematic application of psychological and social principles to bring about desired changes in or to prevent development of certain ‘problematic’ behaviors and responses.1

1 – Letter from Frank Arlucci, Acting Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, to Chairman Sam. J. Ervin, Jr. July 25, 1974, printed as Item I.A.26

– Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-Third Congress, Second Session; published November 1974; 655 pages. – found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives.


Do you see that reference listed that shows they have that letter from Arlucci actually in this publication – noted as IA.26? Well, as part of setting up to be able to more easily go back and forth in what I’m reading to the document itself being referenced (something I do with big-ass files like this to make it easier) I went to the end of the document and started going backwards in it until I began running into the reference section.

I had to do it this way because even though it is OCR’d, text search wasn’t finding IA.26 so that meant I had to do it the hard way. I began paging through and was planning to make notes of where different document sections started, like where roman numerals I, II and III started etc – just to make it faster for when I pull out something I want to use.

So there I was fast-paging through (it’s like a fast scanning really) and suddenly – for lack of a better word – I just felt it.

Hidden Hand - STOP

Stop – something here.

I had stopped right on p. 197 which was a document talking about SEED, Inc. I took one glance at it (I didn’t even read the whole page) and I just knew – know what I mean? I knew it was connected to scientology somehow – and in a bad, bad, way.

The U.S. covert project kind of way.


And so without even really reading the page I stopped on (I was going to come back to that later)…I began to research this SEED Inc. place. What a spaghetti mess!

spaghetti face


One of the first things that I found, I have decided to include because I feel it is an excellent example of the kind of behavior modification that is used by sockpuppets (both agents and dupes) on the internet.

sockpuppets on the internet

Various documents leaks in recent years have revealed that these ‘sockpuppets’ are often actually part of British and American intelligence-sponsored plans to try and control exposure levels and public perception of something. These people who do this sort of online manipulation will often use multiple identities from multiple locations, and they will monitor/post on public forums trying to ’embarass’ people (by association, you understand) out of looking any further about something that is true – whenever someone brings it up.

They are Mouth of Sauronacting as mouthpieces for some very, very, evil agendas.

I had come across this guy’s timeline (which is a not a bad timeline actually, Skull & Bones notwithstanding) and I had also came across a 2008 thread at forums.whyweprotest that happened to reference that same guy’s timeline. The Why We Protest forum is where the “Anonymous” anti-scientology protesters often post.

The pseudonymic person that posted about the timeline focuses forum attention on the Skull & Bones aspect in the timeline he posts – which is a very tricky thing to do. It’s kind of like an almost truth, but misses the whole damn real point. Doing what he did could be ‘the setup” for the spike of what did, predictably, come next.

The first response says –

Re: Scientology linked to Skull & Bones

I don’t know what the dude who wrote that is smoking but he needs to get off of it.

Scientology is a crazy cult founded by L. Ron Hubbard. There is no giant shadowy group controlling the world from behind the curtains.

See? Hold up the weak point – the Skull & Bones – then shoot down the whole thing with it.

But guess what was also in that timeline?

This –

Early 70’s – The US Government funds a program known as “The Seed” that follows the tactics and example of Synanon, located in Florida.

Hey now, says me, that happens to be 100 percent true. I’m sitting here looking at the dang Congressional Report that is documenting that.

But, if you notice, nobody bothers to mention that in this thread.


Instead, the original poster comes back and says:

It would be a very bad idea to scoff at anything concerning scientology without first researching every aspect of it. The more we know about them, the easier they will be to defeat. If there is indeed a connection to Skull & Bones by virtue of Mel Sembler, then scientology may have government resources to draw upon that we should be aware of. While this may be unlikely, we would be foolish to completely dismiss it as paranoia.

I have found the following article dimly related to the research. However, I’m looking for something more damning than this. … cd=4&gl=us

– Dyllythyx posting, Mar 13, 2008 #7

See this part?

“If there is indeed a connection to Skull & Bones by virtue of Mel Sembler, then scientology may have government resources to draw upon that we should be aware of.”

Notice that the scientology may have government resources to draw upon part is only related to Skull & Bones and this Mel Sembler guy – a very weak connection and not even really important anyway, I might add. Too low on the food chain.

But then… the person adds a link and says it  – whatever is there obviously – is “dimly related” and that they are “looking for something more damning” than what’s at the link.

The link doesn’t work any more, apparently the whole website is defunct. But, you know me, I didn’t let that stop me. I decided to see if I could find a working version still in existence in the Internet Archive and I did – Here it is

This website was run by Wes Fager who happens to have been a friend of ex-scientologist and activist Arnie Lerma at some point – I guess they picketed together or something.

wes fager.

What did this site mention that our WWP poster links to but didn’t even name? Synanon and a connection to Scientology.


Narconon, the drug treatment program tied to the Church of Scientology, boasts of the largest drug rehab treatment facility in the world at Chiloco, Oklahoma. In the early 1990s state health regulators in Oklahoma refused to license Narconon. But then, amidst a big debate, just out of the blue, the state legislature in Oklahoma decided to change the law. The new law said if you can’t get licensed by Oklahoma authorities then we’ll still let you operate if you can get certified by an out-of-state licensing body. And that is just what Narconon did. They got a license from CARF in Arizona. The Newkirk Herald alleged of possible associations between CARF and some Scientologists. CARF, incidentally, also licenses the Sembler-based synanon Growing Together in Lakeworth, Florida.

Now George W. Bush has found another creative way to license drug rehabilitation programs which can’t pass state muster as stated in this first bullet of his drug policy from a Straight Foundation (now calling itself DFAF) writeup. There was a church-related drug rehab program in Texas that could not pass state health regulations to operate a drug rehab program, so he passed a law that exempts church-based rehab programs from state scrutiny. George W. says that if he is elected he will have churches exempt from state oversight of running rehabilitation centers.

archive of website


With a slavemaster puppet like George Bush mixed up in this (making it clear the heavy slavemaster interest behind such programs) and government support, well now, this just got a whole lot more interesting.

Now that you know that –

What was one of the entries in the timeline the forum poster mentioned but decides to focus on Skull & Bones instead?

Early 70’s – The US Government funds a program known as “The Seed” that follows the tactics and example of Synanon, located in Florida.

Ah, see? Now you’re starting to get what went on there at that forum. The posters second reply (giving the link etc.) was responded to by multiple identities saying “tin-foil” – you’re crazy, in other words – and more of the same with an overriding just drop it message for anyone reading.

Well, that ain’t me. I ain’t gonna drop it just because some stupid government sock-puppet wants to make it clear that anyone who follows any of this will get labeled and publicly ’embarrassed’ the same way.

So fracking what…says me.

smoke another cigarette wtf.

Like that’s news.

Speaking of Arnie Lerma, one of the few intelligent conversations regarding Synanon and Scientology (for which a record exists)  was on another forum, the Operation Clambake forum, and it was Arnie talking about it.

The interesting thing to me is how few responses there were and how most of those tended to derail the thread into the whole thing point being just dropped, literally.

You know, come to think of it, I can’t say I’ve seen any of the so-called “let’s expose scientology” current crop of yellers digging into this with any real intention of finding anything truly damaging. None, nada, zip.

The only person scientology-related that  I’ve seen go anywhere near it really is Arnie Lerma! And he recently got banned (from the same forum we got banned from) for talking about things like this – bad and very ugly connections into scientology. The kind that could bring down and embarrass a whole lot more than a “science-fiction cult” – as is so popular right now to try and distract everyone with.


Part of what Arnie said was –

From “The Light on Synanon” ISBN 0-87223-613-7 (c) 1980
David Mitchell, Cathy Mitchell and Sociologist Dr. Richard Ofshe

“How a Country Weekly, exposed a cult and won the Pulitzer Prize”

(David and Kathy poured thier lives into a 3000 circulation weekly in Marin County, California, They won a Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Synanon scam)

The “Game” described below, a ritual encounter used in Synanon, had an uncanny resemblance to the weird kind of attacks and questioning from some characters I’d supposed to just be sociopathic or osa… like Diane Richardson, who drove by her harassment, Scientology-Expose-author, Paulette Cooper from the net... the similarity is more than striking…

Synanon, Scientology and the THE GAME Arnie Lerma, May 3, 2007, forum

More than striking indeed.

Arnie also said:

In a later chapter, it was revealed that Synanon leader Deitrich bragged of Synanon’s ties with Moon, Hare Krishna and even Scientology.

On that note, it’s time we went into what is Synanon and what’s this SEED business.

* * *



Synanon and The SEED


AnimatedStarWhich came first? AnimatedStar


It was Synanon that came first.

A few years ago, there was a brief discussion about this in the comments section of Tony Ortega’s blog – but then it was dropped.

mooki • 3 years ago

PTA interviews on CBS This Morning and the Daily Show…

is the Partnership for a Drug-Free America a CoS front group?…

PoisonIvyHerself @ mooki3 years ago

Partnership for a Drug-Free America – I thought they were for real. I wonder if California knows? Or David Love? Does Narconon/CCHR go even deeper than we thought?


Yes, it does.

PARTNERSHIP FOR A DRUG-FREE AMERICA INC. has been registered and is active as a corporation in California since January 26th 1996. You can look it up by the corporation #C1961006 at the California State website.

Scientology’s version is called The Foundation for a Drug Free World.

A blogger mentions that in 2009, scientology launched “a series of snappy video pieces aimed at the horrors of addiction and abuse.”

Scientologists Fund Delusional Anti-Drug Website May 6th, 2009 by Russ


It looks like a damn video game, I’m sure that’s intentional.

Much like the Drug Free America Foundation, Partnership for a Drug Free America – aka PDFA – played the name-changing game.

It was renamed The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids in 1985, then the Partnership at in 2010.

After its second renaming, in 1989 Johnson & Johnson (a large pharmaceutical drugs firm) chief executive James E. Burke took over leadership of the organization.

The Partnership began holding a special position under law within the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign of the U.S. Government’s Office of National Drug Control Policy – the NDCP.

The Partnership coordinated efforts with Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey, a retired general who was the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, in targeting efforts against heroin. McCaffrey endorsed the Partnership’s campaigns and spoke at their news conferences. Later, it worked with state alliance programs.

In the Partnership’s early days, its primary supporter was the American Association of Advertising Agencies. That group knew better than to alienate the legal drug industry. But the mandate must have been reinforced in 1989, the year Burke came from Johnson & Johnson, bringing with him a $3 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a prominent health care philanthropy. The foundation described its unusually handsome grant to the Partnership as “pivotal in leveraging … support from other private foundations.”

On cue, the other foundations rolled over. In 1989 and 1990, the ten largest foundation grants for alcohol and drug abuse totaled $12.4 million. The Partnership took $4.7 million from that pool, or 38 percent. Many an individual donor gave its largest anti-drug grant to the Partnership. In other words, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation accelerated a trend: the channeling of foundation money into public awareness, which is considered a less effective form of drug-abuse prevention than school-and community-based programs.

The Partnership’s funders are usually kept secret to protect them from other grant seekers and from the legalization lobby. But the Partnership’s 1991 tax return reveals another motive for secrecy: conspicuous support from the legal drug industry. From 1988 to 1991, pharmaceutical companies and their beneficiaries contributed as follows:

  •    the J. Seward Johnson, Sr, Charitable Trusts ($1,100,000)
  •    Du Pont ($150,000)
  •    the Procter & Gamble Fund ($120,000)
  •    the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation ($110,000)
  •    Johnson & Johnson ($110,000)
  •    Smith Kline Beecham ($100,000)
  •    the Merck Foundation ($75,000)
  •    and Hoffman-La Roche ($30,000)

Note: If you’d like to see a more complete listing of donations – see this website.

Pharmaceuticals and their beneficiaries alone donated 54 percent of the $5.8 million the Partnership took from its top twenty-five contributors from 1988 to 1991. That 54 percent is conservative.

It doesn’t include donations under $90,000, and it doesn’t include donations from the tobacco and alcohol kings: The Partnership has taken $150,000 each from Philip Morris, Anheuser-Busch and RJR Reynolds, plus $100,000 from American Brands (Jim Beam. Lucky Strike).

Ref – The Partnership Hard Sell in the Drug War; The Nation, March 9, 1992, Cynthia Cotts


Only for PR purposes, were they forced to then discontinue any direct fiscal association with tobacco and alcohol suppliers in 1997 but they still kept the donations coming from the ‘legal’ drug companies.

The Partnership has stopped taking tobacco and alcohol money, but it still accepts donations from pharmaceutical companies. According to the group’s 1999 annual report, donors include the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Du Pont, Hoffmann-LaRoche, and the Pfizer Foundation.

– Cynthia Cotts, Village Voice, May 21, 2002, Don’t Do Drugs Ads

This is exactly the same as the Drug-Free America Foundation, that’s where their money largely comes from as well.

In a current FAQ from their latest renaming adventure – Partnership at – you can see them attempt to distance from the Drug-Free America Foundation, as well as attempt to do no-answer answers concerning both their past funding by the same U.S. Government agency as Drug-Free America and their continued funding by pharmaceutical companies.

Note that the first question is what is called present tense, it was deliberately framed that way. It should have been framed Do you or have you ever….see what I mean?

Do you receive money from the Office of National Drug Control Policy?

No. The Partnership helped secure Congressional support for the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign in 1998 and worked on the Campaign as a pro-bono partner. In 2013, after Congress eliminated funding for the program, we took over the management of the Campaign and are raising private funds to sustain it.

In a real paradoxical PR maneuver – in a response to a different question they admit to receiving funding from the same place they just said they didn’t!

Do you receive support from pharmaceutical companies?

As part of The Medicine Abuse Project,our multi-year national action campaign to prevent 500,000 teens from abusing medicine by 2017, the Partnership works with numerous nonprofit and association partners and funders to educate parents and the public at large about what they can do to prevent teen abuse of medicine. These partners include the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, as well as a number of pharmaceutical companies concerned about the misuse and abuse of over-the-counter cough medicine and prescription drugs. These funders provide us with unrestricted educational grants for research on prescription drug abuse, for web-based educational modules and for community education programs delivered at the grassroots level.


This final example Q&A is another example of lawyerly word-parsing, the word relation is not the same as relationship – which is why it was chosen.

What is your relation to the Drug Free America Foundation?

There is no relation. Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. is a drug prevention and policy organization based in Florida. Their site can be found at


Oh well then – I guess we’re all set straight now. No connection here, right?

Come on.

come on!.

Wrong. There is, but I’ll get to that.

Meanwhile, over at the Drug-Free America Foundation’s FAQ – notice their treatment of the same questions. Yet another word-substitution game, the use of the word affiliated.

Is your organization affiliated with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America?

No. We are joined by the same cause but are not affiliated in any way.


You have to wonder, even just a little, why both of them feel the need to clarify this point.

Check out this next Q&A – the same use of the present tense of a question and also pay attention to this. They are trying to throw you off the trail by using the current name of the group to avoid the point-blank facts as to these same people, the Semblers definite involvement with clandestine government funding which Senator Ervin’s committee caught them at.

Is your organization supported by government grants or privately funded?

Drug Free America Foundation was founded by Ambassador and Mrs. Mel Sembler through private means and now performs special projects, drug abuse education and prevention and drug free workplace programs through tax-deductible contributions as well as federal grants and contracts.

Blah Blah fricking Blah

 blame - talking heads


Do notice though, all the way at the end, the innocuous (and vague) mention of federal funding as “grants and contracts”.

Oh, is that all.

Annex - Price, Vincent (Bat, The)_01


It’s all just so, so humanitarian.

You mean like the Unification Church and its support of drug lords and drug smuggling with scientologists and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love to fund the mass killing of Nicaraguans who just wanted their country to be, you know, their country, while giving cocaine to the natives to keep them under control and with the Vatican bank happily financing all aspects of this?

That kind of humanitarian?

sarcasm little guy


Here’s a mouthful for you – from their about us page.

Drug Free America Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Are you impressed yet?

Its just so many words and all.

marilyn-monroe-glasses dumb blonde.



Seriously, what a mess.

In just a classic frack-up, in February of 2000 one of the Board members of the foundation wrote a letter to the St. Pete Times complaining about their portrayal of workplace drug-testing programs.

For perspective, this was written at exactly the same time period that Bob Minton had started the Lisa McPherson Trust in memory of scientologist Lisa Mcpherson who had died under the care of scientologists.

While Ms. Fay, the Executive Director of the place no less, is trying to discredit the Times article she ends up revealing something she probably shouldn’t have – that the reason Drug Companies are funding companies like Drug-Free America Foundation and Partnership for a Drug Free America (and yes, scientology’s version too) is for profit.

exclamation point

Robyn Blumner’s reliance on the American Civil Liberties Union as her resource about workplace drug testing shows her lack of understanding of the problem. The ACLU has been opposed to drug testing from its inception. Of course, its “investigations” or “reports” would not show drug testing in a positive manner. Blumner needs to look beyond the ACLU filter at some valid, unbiased studies. Corporate America does not invest in programs that do not provide a return on its investment.

– Calvina L. Fay, executive director, Drug Free America Foundation Inc., St. Petersburg, St. Pete Times February 3, 2000


A return?

A return?


You’ve got to be kidding, right? Unfortunately – she isn’t.

Notice whose on the Advisory Board of this place in 2007 –

Founding Director National Institute on Drug Abuse

Robert Dupont


Who is that?

Well, besides being the White House’s drug czar from 1973-1977 – right when SEED Inc. was getting exposed by Senator Ervin’s hearings as brainwashing kids essentially – he helps SEED Inc. get right back on its feet and renamed as Straight Inc., which then later got renamed….Drug-Free America Foundation.

The same year as this editorial response by MS. Fay about the drug-testing, happens to be when, in collaboration with PHR Associates, Inc. and Drug and Alcohol Testing, Inc., Drug-Free America Foundation was awarded a $314,539 grant by the U.S. Small Business Administration in December 2000. The grant was to help 200 small businesses in the Tampa area to setup drug-free workplaces.

Straight, Inc. had repeatedly tried to mislead the public that it did not accept government funding but this was not true. As part of the fall-out from Ervin’s hearings, the LEAA, the U.S. government’s Law Enforcement Assistance Agency had been caught being one of the groups funding Straight’s predecessor, SEED Inc.

The LEAA then promised not to fund any more drug rehab programs…

fingers crossed - lie



Just a few months later LEAA was already funding Straight startup money of $100,000 in two grants!

Someone had to nail the LEAA to-the-wall for being in violation of federal law in its use of that money (given to Straight Inc.) before it finally stopped funding them.

How did our happy slavemasters get around that?

Well, laws were passed in the late 1980s authorizing the federal government to give financial aid to programs which had established Employee Assistance Plans or EAPs.

Next think you know? Straight’s newsletter EPIDEMIC ran a big promotional article for EAPs – and that’s why you see this discussion about “workplace drug-testing” by MS. Fay in 2000.

And what was Robert Dupont, former paid consultant of Straight Inc., doing at that time? He was assisting businesses in setting up EAPs from his offices in Maryland and Chicago.

How convenient.



Robert DuPont is from the famous DuPont Family. He served as the first director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and as the second White House drug chief – he ran the “War on Drugs” during the Nixon Administration.

Dr. DuPont is who administered the US government’s grant to The SEED, Straight’s predecessor, when he was the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (an National Institute of Health – NIH – subsidiary).

And besides him, there are other odd connections into this Drug-Free America Foundation Advisory Board such as Thomas Constantine (former director of the DEA) and Karen P. Tandy (Administrator DEA) is also on the Advisory Board. Note: Peter Bensinger, DuPont’s business partner, was another director of the DEA.

And then there’s the Bush-fest going on there –

Former CIA director George H. W. Bush made a TV commercial for Straight out of the Oval Office and appointed Straight founders Mel Sembler and Joseph Zappala to ambassadors to Australia and Spain, respectively. His son President George W. Bush appointed Sembler to ambassador to Italy. His son Governor Jeb Bush is on the Advisory Board for Straight (under its current name, DFAF) along with his wife Columba and his Lt. Governor Toni Jennings.

– February 25, 2005, The Conspiracy Theory: Is Straight some sort of Richard Nixon CIA-NIH mind-control experiment gone awry? by Wesley Fager (c) 2005

Here’s a clip of the commercial mentioned – it was resurrected out of the internet archive and unfortunately it isn’t very good quality.


In 1978, DuPont founded the Institute for Behavior and Health Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted todrug prevention and treatment‘.

Sure it is.


The so-called “war on drugs” was never about actually stopping the drugging of Americans, that was just a cover. It was really about making sure that the slavemasters got and retained control over the drug trade.

Please see: Scientologists Help the CIA Take Over the Drug Trade – Nixon Era


Why the LEAA?

So, what’s this LEAA doing mixed up in this?

Well, that’s really not good, and I’m going to tell you why..

One of the funding agencies to contribute to the CIA’s MKULTRA program mind-control experimentation, was the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), a unit of the U.S. Justice Department, and was a pet agency of President Nixon. Nixon began his Presidency in 1969.

LEAA’s role in the behavior modification research began at a meeting held in 1970 in Colorado Springs. Attending that meeting were Richard Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, John Erlichman, H.R. Haldemann and other White House staffers. They met with Dr. Bertram Brown, director for the National Institute of Mental Health, and forged a close collaboration between LEAA and the Institute. LEAA was a product of the Justice Department.

Mitchell, it might interest you to know, sent Guardian’s Office Intelligence head for the U.S. (scientology) Terry Milner a commendation letter.

From Scientologists help the CIA take over the Drug Trade

As part of a document submitted by the Church of Scientology, called Evidence on Religious Bonafides and Status of the Church of Scientology, an affidavit was included from Terry Milner.

This was in one of the files from the recently declassified FDA records – courtesy of a FOIA request by R.M. Seibert.

CD #1, Folder 3 PDF, p. 144

religious bonafides scientology.

The Part that mentions Terry –


Note the date of the letter – May 21, 1970.

It’s from the Justice Department…which is headed by Attorney General John Mitchell, and his Deputy had been the chairman of the executive committee that initiated Operation INTERCEPT in the summer of 1969.

Mitchell, I have already proven was in tight with Richard Helms, and Terrence Burke was CIA operating as a BNDD agent cover, and running the particular busts that Jerry and Terry Milner were involved with.

Really take a moment and get what that all means now, before we move on.

Got it?


Moving on –

Regarding the close collaboration between LEAA and the National Institute of Mental Health, the Institute was a product of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), whom one of its heads was a prior behavior modification experimenter in the OSS, who commissioned the “changing images of man” study at the Stanford Research Institute.

LEAA funded 350 projects involving medical procedures, behavior modification and drugs for “delinquency control”.

A national uproar was created by various articles in 1974 which prompted a Senate investigation. Several scientology Guardian’s Office members helped to bring this about.

There were good people there that actually took scientology at its “word” – that it was trying to stop such aberrant behavior of the slavemasters – not realizing that they themselves were not only actually working for those very slavemasters, but were also actually the targets of their experimentations – a cruel twist, indeed.

The subcommittee’s harrowing report was virtually ignored by the news media.

– Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification; A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-Third Congress, Second Session; published November 1974; 655 pages. – found at Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives.


These are the same Congressional hearings that exposed that Seed Inc. was a Synanon based behavior modification group using brainwashing techniques similar to North Korean prisoner camps, and that one of the ways it was funded was under CIA program MKSEARCH – U.S. government funding.

This makes the cruel twist even more visible, of just what a horrific lie scientology is as well, and how it was taking terribly sick advantage of good-hearted people – like those that volunteered their time and money to try and expose such groups.

You really need to take a moment and look at the seriously sick irony there.

It’s off the-charts, is what it is.

It was Senator Sam Ervin, of Watergate fame, that headed this U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights and published their results in that 651 page book, and a good-sized portion of the book had to do with the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Ervin chairing the Watergate Committee

erwin chairing the watergate committee

One thing Senator Sam Ervin wanted to know, (he wrote a letter asking):

“…whether Dr. William Sweet, Dr. Vernon Mark, or Dr. Frank Ervin will perform any work at UCLA project. I understand that Dr. Sweet and Ervin are now associated with the Neuropsychiatric Institute of UCLA [Jolly West] and that they are closely aligned with types of projects to be conducted. Their work in the past has raised questions with regard to the constitutional rights of the subjects of their experiments.”

In another example of a truly cruel twist, Jolly West (who would be funded by the LEAA in 1973 and be one of the subjects of Ervin’s investigation) is seen in the below picture crusading with Charlton Heston (left) for Civil Rights – and if you understand just what kind of sick things this man was involved with, it’s enough to make Thomas Jefferson want to come back from the dead just to take on sick fracks like this.


You will also note the slavemaster-based chosen slur (way back just after the American Revolution) of “communism” is on Jolly’s side.

Now that is perfect positioning for this wannabe slavemaster.

Charlton Heston, Chet Pierce and Dr. Jolly West march for Civil Rights..

The Nixon Administration was, at one time, putting together a program for detaining youngsters who showed a tendency toward violence in “concentration” camps. According to the Washington Post, the plan was authored by Dr. Arnold Hutschnecker.

Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Robert Finch was told by John Erlichman, Chief of Staff for the Nixon White House, to implement the program. He proposed the screening of children of six years of age for tendencies toward criminality.

Those who failed these tests were to be destined to be sent to the camps. That particular program was never implemented, but it resurrected under a new name in California, underneath The Neuropsychiatric Institute (Jolly West) and was a pet project of Ronald Reagan.

But, the important aspect of the program was implemented – that screening business – in places like Duke University. I know that first hand, because I was one of its first victims.

They were not actually screening for criminality in the sense you and I think of it, murderers, druggies, rapists and so on, what they were actually looking for was anyone who could be a threat to the slavemaster 2-class system being installed around the world. The 2-class system being that of the Vatican Nesilim and the British nobility, and the preference for this system was expressed in various Pope’s own words.

*If you’d like to see quotes from
several Popes talking about how their
must be these “classes” of society,
please see this post.

They were especially looking for what they called natural leaders who are brilliant and charismatic and who do not kowtow to their system – and that is exactly what I was identified as at the age of six at Duke University. Literally in those very words – I obtained the records and saw it for myself.

This is me at age six – first grade.

me first grade school pic resize


What do they call these “enemies” to them?



If you understand the actual meaning of certain words from a slavemaster perspective, this becomes even more interesting.

Back in 2013 there was an article talking about a report that British Intelligence had put out about L Ron Hubbard and scientology way back in the 1960’s, that’s relevant here.

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

That’s their big ‘profile’, from one of the world’s oldest intelligence organizations? No. That’s not an expose, it’s a fricking tabloid.

This was British intelligence was crafting a cover for scientology (and for their agent Hubbard) while appearing to expose it.

This is the real point though, look at it again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.

This makes it perfectly clear that Ron Hubbard and scientology (as chosen by the CIA in 1955 under MKULTRA) were simply an updated attempt to try and ‘catch’ modern rebels and study them.

First – mental instability. Now, besides the fact that every one of you out there that ever had anything to do with scientology has just been classified as mentally ill in some way (put that in yer pipe and smoke it), let’s review something my husband and I have talked about extensively here at the blog, and that is the special meanings that the British slavemasters have for words related to their World Government (New World Order) plans.

For background about those plans and how they relates to the whole “Mental Health” movement please see Scientology Roots Chapter 36: Down the New World Order Rabbit Hole which contains documentation of the founding of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH).

The scale my husband created of the slavemasters special meanings for words, was first created for his Chapter 21: First Scientologists and Their Masters, where it goes into all this “mental health” business that the slavemasters are so hot for.

Here’s what he says about it –

The mental hygiene movement was a crusade to ‘end abusive treatment’ of mental patients. The slavemasters transformed it into a crusade for establishing a world government. The International Committee for Mental Hygiene was superseded by the World Federation for Mental Health. John Rawlings Rees was the first WFMH president.

Mental health is being a willing subject under slavemaster rule. Everyone needs this.

That idea is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

Their political operation uses propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be subjects in a world that is ruled and run by the slavemasters – for their benefit, not ours!

Thus began their campaign that everyone in the world
needs their mental health treatment.


L. Ron Hubbard was already on board for that “mental health” agenda, he was already their agent for their New World Order.

The slavemasters have a special meaning for certain words.

Here is what they mean by these words –

RULE – The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL – being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL – rejection of the slavemaster SOCIETY



WORLD PEACE – no wars because everyone is SOCIAL

DEMOCRACY – a monarchy disguised as democracy. This is accomplished by using propaganda to covertly manipulate people into giving their consent and by having the only candidates for election are the minions of the New World Order RULERS.

The above meanings are derived from actual statements made by New World Order people.


Quote again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Mental instability – comes under ANTI-SOCIAL above, it’s just another way of saying it. So, they mean people that are not willing subjects in slavemaster society (where they rule), and who reject that idea.

Now, this is not what they really think about such people (they are actually quite aware of the prevalence of things like high intelligence and so on of those who oppose them) BUT this is what they want everyone else to think about them. Get it?

I’ll give you an example, the targets for recruitment into scientology – as told to us by former Marketing Director and Advance! magazine editor Jeff Hawkins -give you a lot better clue.

The best prospects for Scientology were young (25 to 35), some college education, urban, middle income. Men rated slightly higher as prospects, 60% to 40%….

They weren’t followers. They didn’t watch what everyone else did

They were mavericks, iconoclasts, mold-breakers. They liked the odd, the intriguing, the quirky. They liked… well, the kinds of things that I liked, that most Scientologists I knew liked.”

Jeff Hawkins – Counterfeit Dreams

Regarding scientology, Jeff also said:

“The danger is not that they prey on the stupid and gullible, the danger is that they prey on the intelligent and well-meaning.

Which is another excellent clue as to what is really thought about those “mental instability” types that British intelligence portrayed in the dossier made for Interpol, and called inadequate.

I believe that answers the question as to the real reason why was I “screened”.

But, just to fill in the details a bit more, this began with a sociopathic (and violent towards children) first-grade teacher who didn’t like that she couldn’t break me.

She couldn’t turn me into this inside, where it counts –

no will to fight


So that I could then be “re-made”, get it?

I’m not kidding here, she tried with violence; she tried with public humiliation; she tried with everything she could think of. Worse, from her perspective, every student in that class stood by me through all her attempts.

Why was she doing this? Because I, having always finished my own assignments first, would then go around and help everyone else learn whom this teacher had deemed “backward” (they weren’t, she was simply a terrible teacher). I literally taught that class, at the age of six, because I couldn’t sit by and watch her try to destroy these people. And they thrived…

Anyone who has ever loved teaching knows what a joy it is to see those lights come on in someone, to see them see that they are not stupid, they are wonderful.

But this woman, being a sociopath, well…that’s a “challenge to her authority” in her sick little twisted mind. It’s definitely not slavemaster-approved to have people break out of their classes, you see.

slavemaster seal of disapproval

And we’re going to pout about it –

angry pout


and get even with a six year old!

me first grade school pic resize

Get her! She’s a natural leader!

pointing the finger at 2


So, that’s how I got referred for this special testing. Due to intervention by my father, the screening psychiatrist (an extremely vile man) was not allowed to do any “treatment” other than psychotherapy with a social worker. My father had seen what this man did to people during my father’s enforced year of psychiatry, and there was no way in hell he was having any of that done to me. So I basically spent two years of my life once a week or so, mind-fucking right back – some social worker who was busy trying to mind-fuck a six-year old into being a “good little citizen/slave”, you understand.

It didn’t work.

And then came my seeing scientology, when I was just twelve, trying to do the same thing with people.

perish the thought - wry ick face.

Well, says me, I simply cannot let this pass unchallenged. Like Thomas Jefferson, I hate these kind of insane agendas with a passion.

It is not “because” of my experience at Duke –

no shaking head.

I hated this kind of thing and the people who would do it, long before I ever ran into being “screened”.

I always have and always will oppose these insane people who think this way.

Forever, if that’s what it takes.


When Nancy Many, a scientology intelligence operative for decades, first assisted in bringing my son onto a public forum to try and have me marginalized in the public’s eye because we had just begun this blog (back in 2010) one of the very first things that was said about me was about my “being in a psychiatric institution” – a deliberate mis-characterization with the obvious goal of having me be viewed as…you guessed it…crazy.

Nancy Many

Nancy Many


A pic of my son from exactly when he was doing this, he wasn’t looking too good being associated with these people, fake smile aside – the sad thing here is the story his eyes tell. They look literally dead in comparison to what they used to.


So let’s look at something here.

If it didn’t work when I was six to try and publicly humiliate me and terrorize me with “psycho-therapy treatment” for my supposed inequities – and I’m supposedly just a “unformed” child then, you understand – how stupid do you have to be to think it would work on me now as an adult?

Nobody’s that stupid, not even a low-level slavemaster agent, so obviously the reason was purely to try and influence others away from me.

The scenario they tried to create –



Yep. My Response?

Doc Holliday - Say When.

We decided to address this a couple years later at that forum and as a result of how that went for them – do you know what they did?

They moved the thread where people couldn’t see it because it made them look so bad!

Kermit the frog excited

As the level of our exposes increased in scope and documentation especially during 2014, the slavemaster powers-that-be ordered my son, Tom Rhodes, to come out and attack again (me especially) on that forum on Christmas Eve of 2014. That can’t have been an accident, the timing was obviously chosen to be maximally upsetting.

Oh really? Well..

doc I'm your huckleberry

We took them on and showed them up to be the hypocrites that they are again.

Being such poor losers as most slavemaster tools are (they are obsessed with how things appear to others, you see), this time they got so upset about how things were going that tey banned us!


Moral of the story?

The Ultimate Weapon against Sociopaths and Slavemasters always works – in any real confrontation it is always them that runs away in the face of it.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason that some people get labeled anti-social.


To use their own tools, their own words against them here –

It’s a big fat inferiority complex on the part of slavemasters and their Igor tools.


I decided to share my personal experience on these matters, so you could start getting a better picture on what all this posturing of “help” for druggies or whatever is really about.



Reminder, we were looking at the fact that –

Straight, Inc. had repeatedly tried to mislead the public that it did not accept government funding but this was not true. As part of the fall-out from Ervin’s hearings, the LEAA, the U.S. government’s Law Enforcement Assistance Agency had been caught being one of the groups funding Straight’s predecessor, SEED Inc.

LEAA also subsidized the research and development of gadgets and techniques useful to behavior modification. Former Rand Corporation executive Paul Baran (inventor of the internet) warned that the influx back to the United States of the Vietnam War [ended in 1973] surveillance gadgets alone, not to mention the behavior modification hardware, could bring about “the most effective, oppressive police state ever created”.

Senator Ervin questioned the head of LEAA concerning ethical standards of the behavior modification projects which LEAA had been funding.

Head of LEAA – Donald Santarelli


After Senator Ervin’s denunciation of the funding polices, LEAA announced that it would no longer fund medical research into behavior modification and psychosurgery.

The LEAA then promised not to fund any more drug rehab programs…

fingers crossed - lie


Despite these pledges by LEAA’s director, Donald E. Santarelli who coincidentally resigned following the full exposure of their activies in 1974 –


The LEAA ended up funding 537 research projects dealing with behavior modification.

We previously discussed that just a few months later LEAA was already funding Straight Inc. (SEED inc. renamed) startup money of $100,000 in two grants, and I was also starting on the topic of what else the LEAA had been being used as a funding conduit for.

Well, here’s an example.

Immediately after the funding announcement by LEAA, there were 50 psychosurgical operations at Atmore State Prison in Alabama. The inmates became virtual zombies. The operations, according to Dr. Swan of Fisk University, were done on black prisoners who were considered politically active.

There is strong evidence to indicate psychosurgery was still being used in prisons in the 1980’s, as well as in hospitals such as Camarillo State Hospital.


Senator Ervin issued a strong condemnation of the federal role in mind control. That condemnation, however, did not halt mind control experiments, they just received more circuitous funding.

Like through the Church of Scientology and its front groups such as Narconon, for example.


OK, so getting back to Dr. Jolly West

In 1972, the Director of the Neurophyschiatric Institute and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West was selected to run the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence.

West worked for the CIA mind control programme MKUltra, confirmed by CIA records. It might interest you to know that West was also involved in the CIA and Scientology’s partnership in remote viewing research at SRI, exactly at this time, as well.

Dr. West’s specialties included interrogation using deprivation techniques, hypnosis and psychoactive drugs, behavior modification through electrical stimulation of the brain, and electronic devices to track and monitor his victims. Governor Ronald Reagan, who would go on to be President and try to destroy Nicaragua for daring to stand up to the slavemasters, was a strong supporter of West’s ideas.

January 11, 1973 – Governor Reagan had announced his plans for the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence that West had been selected to run.

In California, the publicity associated with the Dr. Vernon Marks and Dr. Frank Ervin and Dr. William Sweet report, [1967] aided in the development of The Center for the study and Reduction of Violence.

Both the state and LEAA provided the funding.


The center was to serve as a model for future facilities to be set up throughout the United States.

Thirteen behavior modification programs were conducted by the Department of Defense. The Department of Labor had also conducted several experiments, as well as the National Science Foundation. The Veterans’ Administration was also deeply involved in behavior modification and mind control. Each of these agencies, including LEAA and the National Institute for Mental Health, were named in secret CIA documents as those who provided research cover for the MK-ULTRA program.

Eventually, the LEAA was using much of its budget to fund experiments, including aversive techniques and psychosurgery, which involved, in some cases, irreversible brain surgery on normal brain tissue for the purpose of changing or controlling behavior and/or emotions.

See? That’s why they are funding Straight, Inc. and scientology’s Narconon “drug programs” – it’s really part of their continued (and covert) testing of behavior modification methods.

Whatever happened to the Jolly West’s Center?


The Napa Sentinel, ran a series of articles in 1991. I have used several things from these articles in the above.

One of the articles detailed what happened to the Center, and I include it here.

“Dr. Earl Brian, Governor Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Health, was adamant about his support for mind control centers in California. He felt the behavior modification plan of the Violence Control Centers was important in the prevention of crime.

The Violence Control Center was actually the brain child of William Herrmann as part of a pacification plan for California. A counter insurgency expert for Systems Development Corporation and an advisor to Governor Reagan, Herrmann worked with the Stand Research Institute, the RAND Corporation, and the Hoover Center on Violence. Herrman was also a CIA agent who is now serving an eight year prison sentence for his role in a CIA counterfeiting operation. He was also directly linked with the Iran-Contra affair according to government records and Herrmann’s own testimony.

In 1970, Herrmann worked with Colston Westbrook as his CIA control officer when Westbrook formed and implemented the Black Cultural Association at the Vacaville Medical Facility, a facility which in July experienced the death of three inmates who were forcibly subjected to behavior modification drugs. The Black Cultural Association was ostensibly an education program designed to instill black pride identity in prisons, the Association was really a cover for an experimental behavior modification pilot project designed to test the feasibility of programming unstable prisoners to become more manageable.

Westbrook worked for the CIA in Vietnam as a psychological warfare expert, and as an advisor to the Korean equivalent of the CIA and for the Lon Nol regime in Cambodia. Between 1966 and 1969, he was an advisor to the Vietnamese Police Special Branch under the cover of working as an employee of Pacific Architects and Engineers.

His “firm” contracted the building of the interrogation/torture centers in every province of South Vietnam as part of the CIA’s Phoenix Program. [several members of which ended up mixed up with covert funding of terrorism against the Nicaraguan people] The program was centered around behavior modification experiments to learn how to extract information from prisoners of war, a direct violation of the Geneva Accords.

Westbrook’s most prominent client at Vacaville was Donald DeFreeze, who be tween 1967 and 1969, had worked for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Public Disorder Intelligence unit and later became the leader of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Many authorities now believe that the Black Cultural Association at Vacaville was the seedling of the SLA. Westbrook even designed the SLA logo, the cobra with seven heads, and gave De Freeze his African name of Cinque. The SLA was responsible for the assassination of Marcus Foster, superintendent of School in Oakland and the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.

As a counterinsurgency consultant for Systems Development Corporation, a security firm, Herrmann told the Los Angeles Times that a good computer intelligence system “would separate out the activist bent on destroying the system” and then develop a master plan “to win the hearts and minds of the people”. The San Francisco-based Bay Guardian, recently identified Herrmann as an international arms dealer working with Iran in 1980, and possibly involved in the October Surprise. Herrmann is in an English prison for counterfeiting. He allegedly met with Iranian officials to ascertain whether the Iranians would trade arms for hostages held in Lebanon.

The London Sunday Telegraph confirmed Herrmann’s CIA connections, tracing them from 1976 to 1986. He also worked for the FBI. This information was revealed in his London trial.

In the 1970’s, Dr. Brian and Herrmann worked together under Governor Reagan on the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, and then, a decade later, again worked under Reagan. Both men have been identified as working for Reagan with the Iranians.

The Violence Center, however, died an agonizing death. Despite the Ervin Senate Committee investigation and chastation of mind control, the experiments continued. But when the Watergate scandal broke in the early 1970’s, Washington felt it was too politically risky to continue to push for mind control centers.

Top doctors began to withdraw from the proposal because they felt that there were not enough safeguards.

[in other words, they could get exposed and people would see them as the monsters that they were]

Even the Law Enforcement Assistance Agency, which funded the program, backed out, stating, the proposal showed “little evidence of established research ability of the kind of level necessary for a study of this cope”.

Eventually it became known that control of the Violence Center was not going to rest with the University of California, but instead with the Department of Corrections and other law enforcement officials. This information was released publicly by the Committee Opposed to Psychiatric Abuse of Prisoners. The disclosure of the letter resulted in the main backers of the program bowing out and the eventual demise of the center.

Dr. Brian’s final public statement on the matter was that the decision to cut off funding represented “a callous disregard for public safety”. Though the Center was not built, the mind control experiments continue to this day.”



Let’s talk about Straight, Inc. first, a bit more, before we move on.

Mrs. Sembler was also one of ten founding members of Straight, Inc., along with her husband Melvin Sembler, a prominent fundraiser for Republican politicians, and several Florida State Senators. Straight, Inc was sued several times for abusive practices. The plaintiffs were awarded several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and one as much as $721,000 in damages due to mistreatment by Straight, Inc. There are several websites, videos and a documentary dedicated to surviving the abuses of Straight, Inc.

Betty Sembler

(I swear, this woman looks like a trans-sexual to me)



Now let’s move on to discussing that the slavemasters, using the CIA for example, had long used “crazy cult” churches to both support and covertly fund their black operations.


Unification Church, Scientology and Straight Inc.


Straight Inc. wasn’t the only mind-control operation posing as a humanitarian group that George Bush was instrumental in supporting and protecting – there was also Reverend Moon and the Unification Church.

Moon and his group were also investigated by a congressional committee in the 1970’s – led by U. S. Representative Donald Fraser (D-MN). George H. W. Bush was CIA director when the Fraser committee investigated Moon – which is why nothing happened with it despite the fact that many abusive practices were documented.

Don Fraser in 1970


At the time, Bush was handling “sensitive matters” on U.S. relations with Korea and the political figures involved.

George H. W. Bush has repeatedly been one of the most politically powerful defenders of Moon and the Washington Times – a mouthpiece for Moon’s organization.

Moon had been originally recruited under the Round Table british slavemaster intelligence operation called the MRA – Moral Re-Armament “evangelical” front group, way back at the time of the Korean War. They used him in Asia at first primarily, and then brought him into the U.S. in the 1960’s when the MRA founder died.

MRA was one of two “cults” chosen to front for CIA “political action” in 1955 – ie: behavior modification and spying on people’s intimate details of their lives. The other…was Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. Hubbard had already been selected in 1950 – right from the beginning of his “Dianetics” social change movement (that’s a euphemism) and funds were funneled through his Dianetic Research Foundation using John Starr Cooke as the agent, getting the funds from a Rockefeller.

Note: see my post about the MRA, for more on that.

To show the further clear parallels in the intelligence use of both Moon’s organization and Church of Scientology front groups – consider the activities in the 1990’s in South America.

What was Moon’s group doing?

According to a Reuters report, (“Bush Praises Moon as ‘Man of Vision,'” November 25, 1996) when Moon held a banquet in Buenos Aires celebrating his new “Spanish-language newspaper for the whole of Latin America,” his guest at the event, George H. W. Bush, praised Moon’s “respect for editorial independence.”

Bush’s speech “was full of praise” for Moon’s Washington Times, according to Reuters. The report also says Bush described Moon as “the man with the vision.”

Reuters said Bush later traveled with Moon to neighboring Uruguay “to help him inaugurate a seminary in the capital, Montevideo to train 4,200 young Japanese women to spread the word of his Church of Unification across Latin America.”

“I want to salute Reverend Moon who is the founder of the Washington Times and of the new paper here,” Bush said. According to Reuters, the Washington Post reported that Bush was paid $100,000 for his Buenos Aires appearance.

Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family? By Carla Binion,  February 22, 2001

While Moon is busy schmoozing Uruguay and Buenos Aires, scientologists Mike Edwards and Dick Weigand are schmoozing Colombia – drug lord central.


Just a year before the Reuters report, David Miscavige was giving scientologist Mike Edwards a “Medal of Honor” for his work in the drug cartel capital of the world – Medellin, Colombia – where Edwards was spreading the same basic “one world” (new world order) gospel as Reverend Moon.

Auditor #258, 1996 – New Year’s Event –

Full page –

auditor- 258-1996 Medal of Honor awards - mike edwards colombia

Mike Edwards with his award


David Miscavige – head of the Church of Scientology


For example –


The Military trained on LRH tech enabling them to achieve the result of a country without insanity (the real enemy), without criminals (Mafia,Druglords) and without war (guerrillas and terrorists), where the able can prosper and honest being can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights which are the aims of Scientology. To make this goal and target real for the officers and soldiers of the Military.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.  Note: TNX was a private mailing list for scientologists.


Here’s Reverend Moon, from the Unification News (December 2002, Vol 21; Issue 12) –


God sent His beloved sons and daughters to the earth to push history forward, toward establishing the nation that is absolutely one.

But at the present moment there is no prepared foundation on which the one nation can be restored.

Because of the repeated failures of fallen humanity, God has sent  heavenly persons to the earth to carry out, push forward, and accomplish this task throughout history.

This has been the history of the providence of restoration.

Besides the fact that this reminds me of Ron Hubbard’s line in his basic technical issue called “Keeping Scientology Working” – which went something like  “..don’t ask how I came to rise above the bank (the reactive mind)” and its implications of Hubbard’s other-wordly and advanced heavenly status compared to the rest of us – this crap by Moon is just so blatant, so absolutely blatant BS.

These examples that I have just given you are both New World Order propaganda – such nice words, nice ideas. But they don’t mean what you think they do. Not to the real movers-and-shakers behind front groups like Scientology and the Unification Church.

Especially when you consider their actual views of “unapproved of people” – right out of the mouth of L. Ron Hubbard. Moon ain’t no slouch in the nasty views he has about “detractors” either, by the way.

From Ewen Cameron and Ron Hubbard – Two Peas In A Pod

There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts.

The first is to raise them on the tone scale by unenturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes.

The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.

Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women.

The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.

It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line — a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred — or simply quarantining them from the society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others; 1952

Do note that Hubbard is covertly advocating Eugenics which appears be our New World Order religion, by the way.

Make way for the street-sweeper!

street sweeper tumblr_lnjbaseWGd1qeui32o1_1280

Cleaning up the streets of the world of all those inferior souls.

Now, let’s compare that to the Unification Church –

…Family First

…to establish a world of peace and unity among all peoples, races, and religions as envisioned by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Many members of the FFWPU accept and follow Reverend Moon’s particular religious teaching, the Divine Principle, and are known as Unificationists.

…seeks a “culture of peace” by supporting interreligious and international cooperation

– Internet Archive of FFWPU (Unification Church front group) site.

And yet, Reverend Moon is known for breaking up families, including his own!

Reverend Moon – 1940s

reverend moon 1940s

In 1946 while buying rice for his family, Reverend Moon was told by God to leave his family without notifying them and go to communist North Korea to preach.

– FFWP website history of Rev. Moon

The site neglects to mention that “God” was actually the CIA and British Intelligence – through Frank Buchman and the MRA.

eye roll


1950 – Beginning his evangelization work in the South after nearly five years in the North, Reverend Moon was rejoined by his wife. However, he continued to dedicate himself night and day to his religious mission. She could not accept his dedication to the mission at the sacrifice of his family.

– FFWP website history of Rev. Moon


Some Republicans have accepted Moon as part of their “family values” movement. For the Religious Right, the family values issue means support for the traditional nuclear family. However, Moon teaches recruits to abandon their biological families and to accept Moon and his wife as their “True Parents” and the Unification Church as their “True Family.”

Why is TV news ignoring the relationship between Moon and the Bush family? By Carla Binion,  February 22, 2001

But yet, Family First eh?

Apparently there’s a qualifier on that word ‘family’.

vincent - wow.

Sounds just like scientology’s staff and Sea Organization experiences, doesn’t it? Replacing that old family with the “new” family.

As you can see though, between the two we have the same touchy-feely hollow hypocrisies, the same goals as scientology spouts – while both groups covertly level harassment and black intelligence operations against their critics and both specialize in splitting apart families.


Strike One – of being a front group for NWO intelligence and using agreed upon propaganda to cover their real activities.

Both groups have been caught doing horrendous things, and in the face of exposure they both claim “conspiracy” – which is a dark joke since they both are part of a conspiracy.

The Unification Church –

On May 1,1954, in Seoul, Reverend Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, Reverend Moon’s faith community which became popularly called the “Unification Church‚ Äù worldwide.

…Coincidentally, newspapers in Seoul suddenly began to print alarming stories about the Unification Church, sex orgies and Reverend Moon being a North Korean agent. [my note: which there was truth to that] Reverend Moon was thrown in jail, to be released weeks later when no charges could be found. Again the following year he was thrown in jail on charges of evading the military draft, even though during the time in question he had been in Hungnam prison. After several months confinement–and sensational media coverage–the charges were dropped. His release received scant notice in the press.

Thus began the pattern of collusion between religious leaders, government and the media that to this day suppresses Reverend Moon and his church.


Oh the poor Unification Church…


And Scientology….

The Dossier Disease – a 1979 publication put out by scientology’s intelligence unit called the Guardian’s Office detailing it’s world-wide persecution and suppression by the very same nebulous religious leaders, government and the media.

The map they made showing that Washington was the ‘hub’ of ‘the source of false reports’ being spread around the world about scientology –

Page 4  –


“A plague of false reports….infected thousands of agencies in dozens of countries.”

Oh the poor Scientology Church…


Scientology’s propaganda story goes that a girl in the IRS started the ‘false reports’ (as this booklet calls them) and ‘Nazi-dominated’ Interpol was the pipeline for circulating them around the world which they have a map of in this booklet. While all of that contains some facts (barely recognizable as such) it is not the correct, complete story of what actually happened.

The emphasis on ‘Nazis’ is wrong, it is an intentional misdirection by Hubbard to the intelligence staff of the Guardian’s Office. You can read about that in Scientology Roots Chapter 32: Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff.

You could sum up this pamphlet using the same words the Unification Church uses: Thus began the pattern of collusion…

Strike two – they both claim the same lie for the benefit of their followers primarily and to gain new recruits to bilk for thousands of dollars and to use for “missions” around the world.

One of the key points of Moon’s strategy for gaining political influence is to approach conservative leaders when they need money. “Moon quietly infuses money and gains the leader’s gratitude..”

– Reference: Consortium News Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Buying the Right by Robert Parry

Scientology takes a different, but similar approach, it infuses people – free labor in the form of sea org members, volunteers etc. Plus, it often provides smarmy press giving the leader accolades and awards before an adoring scientology public (hard to resist for ego-driven third world leaders) and even “defense against enemies” for the leader targeted for grooming by scientology.

Moon and scientology also align themselves with “further to the right” organizations. Moon allies with the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) and scientology currently aligns with the Nation of Islam (NOI).

The WACL, according to Frederick Clarkson, is “an international alliance of conservative, fascist and Nazi groups, governments and individuals.”

The NOI often gets described in similar ways – just with the addition of Islam and Scientology (instead of Christianity) as the “drum” to beat.

It just so happens, that the head of the Unification Church in Japan was a member of the WACL board of directors. This Japanese section of the WACL, called Shokyo Rengo, was founded in 1968 as an alliance between top Unification Church officials and leaders of the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime/Mafia) such as Yoshio Kodama (児玉 誉士夫).

*Note: See The Vatican Meets Nicaragua, Scientology, and The Unification Church – Get On Your Knees World! to see just what else this WACL was up to with General John Singlaub and the Iran-Contra Affair, drugs-for-guns, etc.

Yoshio is referred to as the most famous kuromaku, or behind-the-scenes power broker, of the 20th century.

kodama yoshio.

Yet again, another similarity to scientology. According to some sources, Scientology (under the helm of David Miscavige) has also formed alliances with mafioso – sometimes using them as part of harrassment operations apparently. This may even go back to Hubbard’s time of running the church, but that has not been examined as of yet.

Ron Hubbard’s (and now Mr. Miscaviges) long insistence in operating financial money-laundering operations in South American climes such as Costa Rica and Panama – conveniently located by VATICAN CIA/MI6 hotbeds of activities funding their own “rebels” – forms another similarity with the Unification church.

ronald reagan lieing before congress iran contra affairWhile many of us are probably already familiar with the Iran-Contra scandal beginning in 1985, where President Reagan approved the sale of arms to a sworn enemy – Iran – and then turned around and used the money to fund the Contras to overthrow the goverment of Nicaragua, you may not be as familiar with who first helped Reagan and the CIA/MI6 fund the Contras.

Moon and company.

When retired U. S. Army General John K. Singlaub took over leadership of the WACL, the WACL helped provide money and weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras particularly after Congress cut off CIA-channeled funding to the Contras in 1984.

Moon’s front group CAUSA was one of the first groups to give the Contras “humanitarian aid.” CAUSA was an acronym for “Confederation of the Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas”, and is also Spanish for “cause.”

Reference – Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis and Latin American Death Squads have Infiltrated the World Anti-Communist League by Jon Lee Anderson and Scott Anderson, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1986.

Guns are humanitarian aid?

I guess Jerry McDonald and Terry Milner were real humanitarians then.

makaira guns mcdonald milner scientology arrest_

Note: The above image is from a 1970’s bust of scientology sea org member Jerry McDonald, who was deep undercover working a black intelligence operation together with scientology’s Terry Milner (the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence) and the CIA.

– See Appendix – Text of Scientology’s Jerry McDonald and Brotherhood of Eternal Love News Articles

It’s interesting how these people keep providing the very things that keep all the conflicts in the world going. It’s like in Battlestar Galactica (the series) where Gaius Baltar is trying to recruit the ‘rejects’ of the lower decks to his cause. What does he say to them?

That he’s going to get them –

Guns, guns and MORE guns…BIGGER Guns!



Here’s a news article that discusses some of what actually happened there.

telegraph aug 16 194 moonie cia connection

– Just six weeks after [Oliver] North secretly recommended establishing a tax-exempt “Nicaraguan Freedom Fund,” the Washington Times – whose publisher Bo Hi Pak has been identified as Moon’s top political lieutenant – established such a fund with the same name.

– A note found in North’s files links Pak and CAUSA – the name of Moon-dominated political groups – to North and his Contra-support network.

[…] In February, the Tower Commission report revealed that North wrote a March 1985 computer message to his boss, National Security Adviser Robert McFarlana, anticipating congressional rejection of $14 million aid to the Contras.

The Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, Inc., a tax-exempt corporation, must be established,” North wrote. McFarlane wrote “yes” in the margin.

In May 1985, just after the congressional vote, the Washington Times launched a $14 million Contra-aid drive called the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund with a $100,000 check from publisher Pak. It reportedly raised $350,000 in “humanitarian” aid.


There’s that “humanitarian” intelligence cover again.


And check this out – this is the second time “god” – which is really the CIA – has told Moon what to do.

– Moon – who recently had been imprisoned on a conviction for income-tax evasion – said publicly last November, [1983] “God…visited me in prison to tell me to work on Nicaragua’s crucial situation.

I also love this part –

Public congressional testimony and media reports give no hint that a possible North-Moonie-Contra link is being investigated.

And I’ll tell you why –

In 1987, amid the Iran-Contra inquiry, investigators found that the scandal fit within a larger Republican scheme for manipulating American public opinion through CIA-style disinformation. But GOP senators blocked inclusion of the chapter in the final report, Robert Parry wrote in 2008.

CIA Director William J. Casey, who deployed CIA-style propaganda and disinformation against the American public in the 1980s.
(Photo credit: Central Intelligence Agency)


Parry, in March 2013, obtained and published the chapter from the Iran-Contra hearings that was “lost” and not allowed to be publicized for many years.

He said:

“…the chapter’s conclusions and its detailed account of how the “perception management” operation worked ended up on the editing room floor.”


“the American people never got to read a detailed explanation of this finding nor see the evidence. In October 1987, as the congressional Iran-Contra committees wrote their final report, Republicans protested the inclusion of this explosive information.

This being the “no hint” rather tongue-in-cheek metaphor being employed by the Congressional Hearings rep that told the reporter that earlier in 1987. I’m surprised they didn’t do a Dr. Dee and say the donkey-cart carrying the documents caught fire or some such crappy British intelligence type excuse.

So, this document that went “missing” just happens to prove CIA involvement in arranging private funding for the “democratic” contras in Nicaragua.

Page 3 specifically says that: “They also became the main funnel for private U.S. money going to the democratic resistance in Nicaragua.


This, of course, would include Moon’s CAUSA front group.


The They mentioned above is referring to Richard R. Miller and Francis D. Gomez who had been hired by the former director of the Covert Action Staff of the CIA (who was working through the National Security Council) to be part of complex network of committees he created, specifically the one called the Central American Public Diplomacy group. They were to “carry out a variety of activities on behalf of the Reagan administration policies in Central America.”

Here’s another news article that fills in some more super-fun (gack) details about the Moonies involvement with funding the Contras.

Indiana Gazette, August 16, 1984 –

Indiana_Gazette_Sat__aug 16__1984_

Note the part about providing (and wearing) red T-shirts – this was the Miskito Indian contras which were seen by a reporter at the front wearing the bright red CAUSA tee shirts.

This pic is not the same shirt, but its a similar idea –


The church of scientology also established various front groups that do the exact same brightly-colored tee shirt gimmick – one of which are The Volunteer Ministers. This is so the same it’s getting downright scary!

The only difference is their color choice is yellow.

Scientology passing out food and water in Nepal

Scientology-Volunteer-Ministers-pass-out-food-water in Nepal

In Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal scientology volunteer ministers yellow shirts

They even have a yellow puddle-jumper plane

yellow plane scientology volunteer ministers

Their slogan is “something can be done about it”.

Both the Moonies and the Scientologists deny that they are doing anything other than “religious” activities in the places they have their front groups in their respectively colored t-shirts.

For example, from the Indiana Gazette article we looked at –

A Unification Church spokeswoman denied that the church is engaged in any but religious activities in Central America.

We now know that it’s a fact that is a lie – they were assisting the CIA and the National Security Council (Oliver North).

Both the Moonies and the Scientologists tell a story of that their front groups were started spontaneously (or were suggested) by “members” of their organizations – this is a lie.

Now, considering that Moon’s front groups were assisting CIA activities covertly…let’s look at this in regards scientology’s volunteer ministers as well.

Considering that scientology tends to focus its “humanitarian efforts” accidentally/on purpose  sarcasm  in intelligence intrigue hotbeds such as Nepal, Guadalcanal, Corfu, Kosovo, Colombia, India, the Phillipines, South Korea, China, and Afghanistan – all historically CIA/MI6 areas of black operations, well, hmmm.

One wonders what the poor dupe scientologists (who think they are actually helping people) still are actually a cover for.

What’s David Miscavige really carrying out in these places?

woman question mark

I’ll leave it at that, for now.

I’d say that we’re looking at strike three here with these last things we’ve been discussing.

Any semblance of being a true humanitarian group just went out the window.

They’re both front groups for something that is anything but humanitarian.

Humanitarian would tend to mean – pro-humanity. Wouldn’t you agree? Promoting hate, breaking up families, running drugs and guns and doing mind control experiments against people’s will on a massive basis doesn’t exactly line up with being pro-humanity, to put it mildly.

But, there are really so few of these crazy people, comparatively, that you see, they need us in order to carry out their stupid ‘grand plans’. They can’t be expected to actually do any of these day to day, low-class things that are necessary, you understand. That’s just beneath them.

Since most of them are completely inept at just about anything to do with actual living, they can’t exactly pass themselves off as “one of us”.

And so, Scientology and the Moonies (just like every good intel front group – especially religious ones) they really need some good ole True Believers to give them credibility and make those associated with it look good when they are anything but. It’s all about image, about having false perceptions of these things.

The reason these groups fight against exposure is not because of the agents within them, or even the handler behind them (although that point is somewhat of a factor of concern) and what they think or do, no.

It is because of the risk that the True Believers – the people that are helping to hide the real masters evil agenda because the True Believers usually do actually have compassion and a desire to help others – it is the risk that they will lose them.

If that happens, there goes the entire front group, the money, everything.


That’s who you target your exposes towards, the ‘dupes’ (as they are called in the intelligence community) and any future dupes hopefully.

The agents and handlers already know when you’re telling the truth about them, that’s the problem – that you do know, and since you don’t work for them, you are not under their control. You will do terrible sarcasm things to their nasty little bone-cave games, like tell their people what’s really going on.

You told them about us?

Vincent price - is that it.

See what I mean?

You know, as part of my husband’s expose video he talks about the interest that his superiors in the Guardian’s Office (Jimmy Mulligan) had with helping the Moonies.

Note: The video below is qued to start right at the part where Mike talks about this, just push play.

I believe it makes sense now as to why these 2 groups are so parallel. My husband says that he saw a Montana paper (that I haven’t found as yet) which back in the 1990s ran an article about that the CIA had ordered the IRS to give tax exemption to scientology and the moonies – the article asked why.

I’d call that a rhetorical question at this point, but former CIA operative Miles Copeland also said something rather odd along these lines too.

In his 1989 book, The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA’s Original Political Operative, Miles Copeland brags of the intelligence agency’s control over both Moral Re-Armament (a predecessor to Moon’s Unification church) and L. Ron Hubbard’s scientology.

Copeland writes that he served in the 1950s as head of an agency entity known as The Political Action Staff, where one of the operations run was based on “a theory of political activism based on an impressively detailed study of ways in which leaders of the world based their judgments on one form or another of divine guidance.”

Sounds like an MKUltra project to me, actually. The timing is certainly perfect, that’s for certain.

Miles and his assistant Bob Mandlestam began to utilize the Moral Re-Armament movement, which “gave us useful secret channels right into the minds of leaders, not only in Africa and Asia but also in Europe.”

After this, Copeland writes:

When Bob made similar arrangements with Scientology, … we were on our way to having a political action capability which would make the highly expensive, largely ineffective and largely overt “covert action” of Bill Casey’s CIA seem trivial by comparison.

“MRA will him ’em high, and the Church of Scientology will hit ’em low!” Bob liked to boast, and he was right.





Back to Straight Inc and the Drug Free America Foundation

Robert Parry has an excellent article about Reverend Moon and Straight Inc’s newest re-naming of Drug Free America.

Drug Free America Foundation was founded by and currently led by Betty Sembler, who is also a board member of DARE Florida (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) a widely known failed program.

One must keep in mind regarding anything stated by the Drug Free America Foundation is they are largely sponsored and funded by pharmaceutical corporations including:

  • King Pharmaceuticals – a part of Pfizer
  • Pfizer – The world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company
  • Endo Pharmaceuticals – working in pain management, urology, endocrinology and oncology
  • Cephalon – one of the world’s top ten biopharmaceutical companies
  • Abbott Laboratories – which manufactures drugs for the treatment of migraines, epilepsy and mania associated with bipolar disorder; antibiotics, obesity, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and cancer, including the highly addictive, Vicodin.
  • Other Sponsors include:
  • CHPA – Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a trade association representing the makers of over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements.
  • Cigna – the fourth-largest health insurer in the U.S. a provider of prescription drug coverage.

Response to Drug Free America Foundation Recent Claims By seabourne (seabourne’s Blog) January 8, 2012 – 5:14pm


Of course, it’s a worthy goal to reduce the dangers of drug abuse. But given the hypocrisy that pervades the drug war, it’s no wonder kids don’t buy into it. Indeed, Forbes says the true purpose of the taxpayer-funded campaign is not to discourage teen drug abuse, but rather “to target adult voters and keep them supportive of the massively expensive war on drugs. Marijuana is by far the most-used illegal drug and the drug most adult voters remember using. That’s why it’s the linchpin in the struggle for opinion.”

– Cynthia Cotts, Village Voice, May 21, 2002, Don’t Do Drugs Ads


In 2009, former director David E. Krahl comes out as pro-marijuana now, just about the time several states legalized it.

There was a point in my professional career as Deputy Director of the Drug Free America Foundation when I supported the prohibition of marijuana as medicine. But then, I experienced a change of heart, if you will; a moment of clarity, an epiphany.

Former Drug Free America Director Flipped It March 31st, 2009 by Rick

Note: David Krahl had started worked at the Foundation in 2006, so this is just 3 years later. Rather a short tenure, if you ask me.

– Ref: November 8, 2006 Vol. 1, No. 16


To be continued…

Researched and written by Virginia McClaughry


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  1. I have long suspected that the Drug Free America Foundation formerly Straight Inc was part of the mind control apparatus, look at the Cannabis Legalization attempts most states, Also regarding the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) it was started by a known CIA subcontractor by the name of Dr Ruth Fox, I believe the Anti Cannabis groups like Project SAM, Drug Free America Foundation, Parents Opposed to Pot and etc are a Scientology and intelligentsia operation

  2. Mike, would like your input on this issue if possible, I noticed groups like Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana/Cannabis), Parents Opposed to Pot, Drug Free America Foundation (Fomerly Straight Inc), CADCA, StopPot2016 and other anti Cannabis groups or drug groups are working together and when asked about their connections to Scientology or Narconon or Synanon they will either block on facebook if its possible to have your input on this, I will apreciate it as I have long suspected the groups just mentioned are using Synanon and Scientology type tactics

    • Hi – I’ll be getting into the connections between particularly Straight/Drug Free America because I already know there are some. I’m not familiar yet with the other ones you mention but I also haven’t finished my research yet. – Virginia

  3. Very interesting article.

    Do you have a source cited somewhere to explain the statement, “One of the ways it was funded was under CIA program MKSEARCH – U.S. government funding” ?

    Thanks, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. Thanks, I am interested in the source that specifically shows the Seed, Inc. was funded through MKSEARCH.

    I know there are rumors about that, but so far I have found no actual documentation beyond the NIMH and LEAA grants which may or may not have involved other agencies.

    Can you explain the reasoning in your statement or share a source that links MKSEARCH specifically to the Seed, Inc.?

    It would be a very important step in documenting the history of these programs.

    Thanks again!

    • You’re welcome, and yes, I’ll be getting to that when I work on the Synanon posts again – which isn’t right now. I’ll try to remember to respond again to your comment when I do though.

  5. Interesting it somehow confirms my suspicions that the Troubled Teen Industry is nothing more than a mind control experiment

    • It certainly does look that way.

      • By the way you might want to look into Kevin Sabet, the guy who runs Project SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) he was groomed by the Betty and Melvin Sembler and he is likely to be part of the Mind Control Experiment which involces the Troubled Teen Industry:

      • BTW – there are 8 segments so far to my connection between synanon and scientology posts. If you search the blog for “connection between synanon and scientology” Part 2, 3 etc., it should bring them up.

      • Also I have noticed many Anti Cannabis groups have a partnership with Narconon as well, they resort to blocking when they are quizzed is Addiction real or why are they connected to Narconon, I have at least 2 screenshots of a page called Parents Opposed to Pot run by Julie Ann Schauer on Facebook and who is also part of the CLEAR Alliance who have connections to Narconon, I can send the screenshots your way

      • Interesting…yes, please do send the screen shots. You can email us at vmcc then put the at sign then icehouse with a period and net. Sorry for writing it out but it helps block spam bots.

      • Sent you the screenshots hope it will connect more dots and possibly contribute to a part 9 on the Scientology Straight Inc connection

      • Thanks! and yea – that’s what I’m working on right now (part 9) there are a lot of pieces to assemble that I don’t think have been assembled in quite this way before but I’s-a-working on it. 🙂

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