Conspiracy – a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

Conspiracies are a fact of life. They happen. And that is not a theory.

The distribution of illegal drugs around the world is not a one man operation.
People who work in an intelligence agency do not sit around knitting all day.

Those are only two examples of a group of people conspiring together.

The thing to do is investigate, document as much as possible, and expose them.

* * *

People who expose a conspiracy get attacked by conspiracy debunkers.

These conspiracy debunkers are cover-up artists.

They run a propaganda campaign to discredit the conspiracy researcher.
They also discredit by planting false researchers who make ridiculous claims.

Gary Webb was a reporter for the San Jose Mercury newspaper who discovered that the CIA was complicit in cocaine trafficking. He had some good evidence to prove that conspiracy and was gathering more evidence.

The CIA acted to discredit Gary Webb, they conducted a media campaign to malign him, got him dismissed from his job, and finally someone killed Gary Webb with two gunshots to his head.

Decades later, congressional investigations proved what Gary Webb was exposing and the CIA itself admitted it was true.

* * *

A person covering-up a conspiracy, is working for the conspiracy.

Covering-up evil is an evil act – that is how to view conspiracy debunkers…

propaganda mouthpieces engaged in the evil act of covering-up a conspiracy

Mouth of Sauron


Mike McClaughry


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