You know, I don’t really know why I’m writing this today, but I’m thinking someone out there (or maybe a number of someones) must need this, must need some help.

So, here I am.

I was working on some research for another post that I’m just about done with, and I came across something pretty fascinating that sparked off today’s post.

To make a long story short, it had to do with an article that excerpts had been posted from at David Rice’s website some years back, that I had to track down in the internet archive because the website was long gone.

The article began –

The Bilderbergs. The Trilateral Commission. The Council of Foreign Relations. The Central Intelligence Agency. Most everyone has heard of these groups and some of the conspiracy theories surrounding them regarding the development of the ‘New World Order.’

Now imagine for a moment there is something to this (and there appears to be no lack of documented material justifying these theories).

That would mean that at almost every elevated level of business and government, world wide, men and women have infiltrated, become the controlling administrators and are working to effectively control every aspect of the life of the “world citizen.”

One aspect of this that has not been properly searched out is the “religious” connection. Surely, given that much of the world is religious, and in the currently reigning SuperPower nation of the U.S., predominantly “Christian,” then it would only make sense that these organizations have infiltrated the Church itself and are also actively leading it to into the New World Order as well.

Notice that many mentioned, (as well as many not mentioned) are members of the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations).

This is a group espousing the New World Order and have actively and openly worked toward it for decades.

– this is from a newsgroup post by Ida Camburn archived by David Rice. Rice’s website had excerpted this article from a different defunct website that I retrieved from the internet archive.

Now I happen to know for a fact, not a theory, that what this author is writing about there is true. For example, the New World Order idea having gone on now for decades beginning with the Round Table, which I just got done a few months ago fully documenting. You can see that here in our reading library, just dox section: Cecil John Rhodes – Confession of Faith 1877.

The article author also posed the question –

“Is this a ruse, to draw evangelical believers and right wing patriots into the NWO?”

Like in the movie I-Robot – Now that’s the right question.

I Robot - That, is the right question.

The answer is yes. It is a ruse.

A social-engineering project (one of many) designed to draw in anyone not staying in their little peg-holes for whatever reason.

These “recruits” are led to believe that they are there doing one thing, but then through behavior modification systems being tested and used in each front group to turn them out as proper citizens? They end up doing something else entirely.

Failing the escaped-and-now-good-citizen result, there remains the still “good” option of that such people are literally locked inside one or another of these groups – like a jail – endlessly fighting the wrong thing and supporting the wrong thing (and definitely the wrong people) with the result being that they are effectively neutralized as a threat to the slavemasters.

But neutralized about what?

Fighting back, and especially against the right targets.

All the tactics boil down to trying to get people to:

  • shut up,
  • cease attacking,
  • get distracted,
  • change sides,
  • attack someone else,
  • run away,
  • hide etc.


The ‘change sides’ one is, of course, the slavemasters very most cherished statistic.

One they wish so hard within their tiny little hearts, that their worst enemies will one fine day…

fingers crossed wishful thinking

Become them. Love them, admire them, and so on.

What isn’t discussed in any document that I have ever found is just what happens to the people that engage in such things when all of these fail – especially when it is over a long period of time.

Everything begins working in reverse on them.

This is a powerful “weapon” – make no mistake about it, and one that right up til the bitter end, they will try their damndest to not let you know just how devastating it is for them to fail in this.

It is a reckoning that will melt through anything.

The Reckoning

It is so powerful that they won’t even want to talk about it.

Please remember this if you are honored sarcasm enough to be selected by them for one of their destruction campaigns.

Figure out what you’re doing or who you are associating with that is their real target to “render ineffective” – and cement those ties and continue those actions and watch closely, for it won’t be long before you see evidence of just how much this drives them nuts.

It’s been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and that’s actually one of the first indications you’ll see – it’s actually an admission of you won – they lost in this situation – is that they will try to start copying you.

In just about all cases, this is your first clue that rather than them working on you, you are working on them! Without even trying. See how that works?

It never works for them that way – that’s the thing you need to understand.

Against a true-hearted and well-aware target – they are as nothing.

magic point - magic touch

The only thing they can (and will) do in that case is target people around you that are perhaps…I’m being polite here…not quite as willing to hold their ground.

If you see that happening? Again, it’s an admission of their failure against you and you can take that to the bank.

It isn’t that you need to “win” against them on these battlegrounds of other people, things that you want or like.

What really, really, hurts these people in the sense that it puts big, giant cracks in their false views of the world, happens when they win on such “battlegrounds”.

When you lose a friend, when you lose support of someone, when someone’s love turns to hate, when someone you love agrees to degrade themselves (at these people’s behest) and when you are made to feel pain.



Be it emotional or physical.




When they do not see you “change” to get these things back, when they do not see you alter your course in any real, meaningful way?

That’s when you have beaten them in a way they can never recover from.

By that I mean that the real person there, underneath it all, has HEARD you, has SEEN you and then…the worst thing for a slavemaster or sociopath…they see themselves and what they have become. If you think that doesn’t cause them a thousand times more pain than anything they could do to you?

Think again.

It’s about like striking a vampire through the heart – there is no going back for them after that. Nothing will ever be the same for them again.

vampire stake

To not-change even when they look to be “winning” (never with you directly) has such far-reaching and tremendously powerful effects, I lack the words to properly communicate just how important this is, and I speak from personal experience.


It’s a way to break those chains.

break chains.


_ _ _


What other kind of things do people like this do
to try and turn people against you as part of a psychological warfare campaign?


Well, I’ll give you some real examples. I’m going to use two peoples’ (one mainly) actions to show you what nastiness they will do and this is publicly where anyone can see it.

A woman named Kathy Mace is one of Karen de la Carriere’s nasty little operatives. She is part of Karen’s Outer Banks private group – part of the Admin “board” that just recently kicked Scott Gordon out for revealing to me what they had been up to towards my husband and I.

Kathy Mace was also involved with helping to shore up Karen and Nancy’s operation to bring my son out to publicly lie about me and attack me. BOTH times. The first time was in 2010, the second time was Christmas Eve 2014.

See these two posts:

I call people like this – Soul Terrorists.



Kathy Mace


Kathy Mace posts on the internet using the monikers AnonyMary, Mary McConnell and Formerly Fooled. As I said, Kathy took it upon herself to support my son coming out in a public attack against his mother – me.

See Paul Haggis interview:

“I’ve seen Scientology ruin people”

“I know what they do online,” he says, “I’ve seen them attack others under false names…”


Kathy was outed as to her real name, on the same forum, not that long ago, but she also verified that is indeed her identity just recently.

Note: she posted her story (under her real name) years before this talking about her 20 year experience with scientology.

How I was outed is a sad story which wound up being briefly discussed here on ESMB…

Emma responds to poster about it…

I respond to Emma ( re: her response to poster )

Emma responds to poster and me

…Never the less, people in Scientology who knew me knew me as Kathy Mace. Here are some links to things I wrote on the internet about myself and my involvement in Scientology.


– excerpt from AnonyMary post – note: most of the above forum post links Kathy made don’t seem to work unless you are a member of the forum, but the other ones do work.



Here’s Kathy, as AnonyMary, talking to my son about me in 2010 – excerpted

Hi AgentIce,

… resolve the insanities of the past.

… I do hope you visit and write up or repost your story on the exscientologykids.com site

… she went off the rails.

I pity your mother. She is the epitome of all that is wrong with Scientology. I’m so sorry you were sucked into her insanity.

AnonyMary 2010 post on HELP thread started by GO and OSA (and catholic) operative Nancy Jean Many, who first brought Tom onto this forum. The link is correct, the reason it won’t work for you is that the whole topic, after my husband and I began defending ourselves in it and thousands of people were reading it, was shoved out of public view in 2014 where no one can see it unless they are a member. Here’s a screen shot so you can see it does exist.



Kathy/Mary has continued to spread hate and lies, eerily enough, the same exact ones that the Office of Special Affairs has spread (which she professes to be against) for over five years now.

Here she is previously talking as if she is against breaking up families using scientology OSA tactics –

“Scientology PTS/SP tech & disconnection mandates ruined my family and caused untold heartache – even death.

– November 1, 2009, More About Scientology & Me by Kathy (McBride) Mace, she divorced husband Paul in 1980.


Here’s an example from just this year – 2015 – where she says things designed to create hate and division within our family and towards our family. It’s amazing just how much of a catalyst we are for blowing people’s “covers” and showing them to be the utter hypocrites they actually are living like.

Note: her misspelling of our name is a little nasty intentional tactic all by itself.

Mike and Virginia McClaurey went off the deep end years ago and apparently Mike thinks he’s LRH reincarnated and Virginia, well, she’s out there …

AnonyMary/Kathy Mace in 2015, spreading hate and OSA propaganda


I get a special category, did you catch that? I can’t even be described, you see.

Here’s an example of where Kathy/Mary attempts to do some “spin” on why we were banned at that forum and how she really wanted it to be believed that Tom was this poor abused child.

…there and the issues of why they are all banned, with the exception of Virginia’s son Tom aka AgentIce, is that they continue to harass and attack him on the forum for speaking out about the outrageous upbringing he had living with them and being raised by them. Except for Tom aka AgentIce, the family members who have posted here have earned themselves banned here

– same thread – AnonyMary/Kathy Mace in 2015, spreading hate and OSA propaganda



The real reason that we were banned is that just two people, my husband and I, were a whole hell of a lot more than any number of “them” could handle – we make them look bad because they are bad. Living bad, that is.

And they are so afraid of that, it’s amazing.

It went so far when I was last posting there, that one of the moderators set my posts to having a time limit between them because I was “too fast” for them to keep up with!

Oh brother…

Kermit the frog excited


Now there was a “brilliant” move. Nothing like admitting the inferiority of your entire team against 1 person.

You see how far-reaching and dangerous even just one person can be – to THEM.

You have set an example and they won’t be forgetting it.


So take heart, while you may be “losing” people – things, or friends and family, or even tradespeople – around you, they aren’t really lost. You are, however, affecting more than twice that many people within their ranks, at a minimum.

When they lose someone, the world has gained another true-self being who is capable of their own untold amount of influence.


If there ever was a way to change the world in a permanent fashion?

This is it.


It’s the same ultimate weapon I told you about earlier – I operate as me, and they operate as…you get the idea.


Again, it’s that powerful against their crap.

The Reckoning.

It’s never what I’m doing, it’s who I am – if you are the same your abusers will fall apart too.

Don’t depend on what they say in response, either, to tell you that. FEEL their confusion and not knowing what to do with you – it’s always there as soon as they come up against a real person who isn’t living like they do.

 – – –


If you are truly targeted by these kind of slavemaster operations, you have just been given the opportunity to thin the ranks of the very people who want the world in the state it is in today.

To wage and win battle after battle without any guns, without any bloodshed….all you have to do is?

Stay you, stay looking correctly, stay seeing correctly, share what you see, spread the word, stand up, stand beside, support and defend others who are doing the same – and that’s that.

Well that's that then - hand gesture.

That is the true heart of any effective “rebellion” or lasting change. This is what strikes abject fear in the heart of any tyrant or tyrant wannabe.

Thank you for reading.

Virginia McClaughry

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  1. Well, it’s nice to read you again. I’ve just found the hidden WordPress files from March and not know why they didn’t come direct to my address.
    This was very interesting and helpful. Thank you. I’ll be catching up soon.

  2. Please tell me how I can subscribe to your website and or get emails saying that you have posted Thankyou

  3. Thanks for the info. Valuable information. This chick was Internet stalking me for years. Once on New Years Eve I got several texts that she was trying to fair game me on the Internet. That was like, five or six years ago. Didn’t even know how I knew her. Some disagreement on a blog? Kind of spooky. So anyway, she outed me on ESMB a week or so ago. Really went for the throat to knock out my income lines and thereby, fk up things for my kids. Had several emails about it right away and could not even recall where I knew this woman from. I mean, this is serial killer type of character. Someone sent me her write up from Scientology-through the door http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?300. She did work for OSA and also the finance police. This is her own testimony. Lenny did also, and has only spoken of his Paulette Cooper incident, not the many others as his OSA role and general Scientology community bully role, which I have heard much about. So anyway, I make calls to N.Y. and find out Lenny is still very much in good standing with the Scientology community in New York. So, he is apparently just pushing this chick’s buttons to set her up. He got her out on the front lines and making the hits for him. Anyway, if you read her history by her own hand, she was just a grifter in the Scientology community. Only committing when there was a witch hunt she could contribute to. If she has become a loose cannon with specified targets with no reasonable relation, like me, she is being used as a push button by an OSA OP. It’s not her, it’s Lenny Zenburg. Or Zinberg, or whatever his name is. So, he is the “who”, not her. He just managed her in a way to out herself and declare war on others while he lurked in the shadows. Setting her up to take the hits. Anyway, thanks for the lead. And the photos. It is strange when someone sets you up for a loss, and your children, and you do not even have an i.d. on this person.

    • Strange indeed Oracle. Note: overlooked this comment or something, but this morning I suddenly vaguely remembered there might have been a comment from you. We don’t normally engage in a lot of discussion here like at other blogs, but I wanted you to know I found your comment! lol

  4. Great info thank you.


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