Starting where we left off in my post “It sounded so exotic…” let’s talk about Pablo Escobar a bit more first.


Pablo the Designated
Drug Lord and all-around Bad Guy)

It was his JOB.


In The Accountant’s Story, Pablo’s brother, Roberto Escobar, discusses how Pablo rose from poverty and obscurity to become one of the wealthiest men in the world – quite the Fairy Tale, that.

christianity fairy tale

He relates how he and Pablo were so poor that they were once sent home from school because Pablo had no shoes and no money to buy them.


If only he had shoes – he would have never become a drug dealing psychopath.


sarcasm little guy.

Give me a break. I hate obviously intentionally manipulative stories like that interjected into things. In cases like this, they have no bearing on why the person did what they did.

Not everyone with no shoes becomes a drug lord, yes, I hate to have to break it to you but it’s true, shoes are not the determining factor.

Somehow, our dear, innocent little Pablo manages to make it through school, and when he came of age in the late 60’s, he was studying political science at the university but was forced to drop out when he could not afford to pay the required fees.

This was when he was recruited to begin his cocaine career. Cocaine use in the U.S. had been quietly being fostered courtesy of Klaus Barbie, and they needed a fall guy, a delivery system – a man to kill more than two birds with one stone and most important: a man ignorant enough and desperate enough to just grasp what they were handing him.

That was Pablo alright.

Seriously, think about it. He goes from being dirt poor and kicked out of college, to more or less suddenly having enough money to buy massive amounts of pure cocaine paste for godsakes?


no shaking head

That ain’t what happened.

Since we know Klaus Barbie (who started the cocaine business) was in with the CIA, the British, the Catholic Church and the Nazis, well…with that kind of backing, Pablo didn’t have any trouble getting together five or six other illegal entrepreneurs from the Medellin area and forming the infamous Medellin Cartel.

Then with the slavemasters blessing, large amounts of coca paste were purchased in Bolivia from the Klaus Barbie/Roberto Suarez operation there, which was then processed by Escobar before being brought to the United States.

a young Pablo Escobar

young pablo escobar

pablo escobar first plane he flew drugs withEscobar’s plane that took the first load to the U.S.,
forms part of the entrance to his mansion as some sort of memorial to himself.


At the height of the Medellin Cartel’s success they brought in $60 million a day and smuggled cocaine throughout Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, the US, Canada and even Europe.

Escobar used those funds to win the hearts and minds of Medellin residents. He built hospitals, schools, and low income housing projects for his loyal workers. He built over a thousand homes for impoverished people in the city and gave them away for free. He built soccer fields in slums – all to nurture the whole false hero image he had going and at the same time making a mockery out of what people like Gaitan (and others) stood for.

In 1982, he was elected to Congress.


As a congressman, Escobar had automatic judicial immunity and could no longer be prosecuted for crimes* under Colombian law. He was also entitled to a diplomatic visa, which he used to take trips with his family to the United States.

*That’s a rather convenient law, considering most of the government was “elite” – wouldn’t you say?

By 1989, Forbes magazine estimated Escobar to be the seventh-richest man in the world with close to US$25 billion while his Medellín cartel controlled 80% of the global cocaine market.

They were smuggling 15 tons of cocaine a day, worth more than half a billion dollars, into the United States alone.

In 1992 United States Delta Force operators (and later Navy SEALs from SEAL Team Six) joined the all-out “manhunt” for Escobar. They trained and advised a special Colombian police task force, known as the Search Bloc, which had been created to locate Escobar.

Later, as the conflict between Escobar and United States and Colombian governments dragged on, a new twist was needed. Covertly created by slavemaster interests (the CIA etc.) a deal was made with the Cali Cartel. They would help create and finance (with Carlos Castaño and others) a vigilante group known as Los Pepes (Los Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar – People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar).

These hired nutcases then carried out a bloody campaign in a so-called ‘quest for vengeance’ in which more than 300 of Escobar’s associates and relatives were slain and large amounts of his cartel’s property were destroyed.

hit squads on escobar people

This brings into question the role the United States played in gathering intelligence on Escobar’s organization, because some of this information was later used by the Los Pepes organization in its crusade of retributive executions.

On December 2nd, 1993, Colombian armed forces, working with American intelligence officials, shot and killed Pablo Escobar on a rooftop in Medellin. 20,000 mourners attended his funeral.

Colombian police and military forces storm the rooftop where drug lord Pablo Escobar was shot dead just moments earlier during an exchange of gunfire between security forces and Escobar and his bodyguard 02 December 1993. The death of Escobar and the bodygaurd ends a 16-month hunt for Escobar, who controlled one of the world's most ruthless drug trafficking empires. (Photo credit should read JESUS ABAD-EL COLOMBIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit JESUS ABAD-EL COLOMBIANO/AFP/Getty Images)


I can’t embed this here, but if you follow this link you can watch an ABC video about it.


Galan execution

The eldest son of Pablo Escobar, Juan Pablo, has lived in Argentina since 1995 and has changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín. In August 2008, the family of slain presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán revealed that Marroquín had sent them a letter in which he apologized for his father’s involvement in the 1989 murder.

On July 4, 2006, Virginia Vallejo, the television anchorwoman who was romantically involved with Pablo Escobar from 1983 to 1987, offered her testimony in the trial against former senator Alberto Santofimio, accused of conspiracy in the 1989 assassination of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, to the Colombian Attorney General.

Virginia Vallejo in 1987 by Hernan Diaz

Virginia Vallejo in 1987 by Hernan Diaz


Luis Carlos Galán

luis carlos galan

The judge then closed the trial, rather conveniently, I might add.

A Mr. Iguaran acknowledged that, although Vallejo had contacted his office on the 4th, the judge had decided to close the trial on the 9th, several weeks before the prospective closing date.

On July 16 2006, Virginia Vallejo was brought to the United States in a special flight of the Drug Enforcement Administration. On July 24 2006, a video left by Vallejo was broadcast on television, where she accused Santofimio of instigating Escobar to eliminate the presidential candidate in her presence at least on three occasions between 1983 and 1985. In 2007, Vallejo published her memoir Amando a Pablo, odiando a Escobar (Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar 2010), where she described her stormy relationship with the druglord and accused several politicians, including Colombian presidents Alfonso López Michelsen, Ernesto Samper and Álvaro Uribe, of being involved with the drug cartels in different ways. President Uribe denied Vallejo’s allegations.

On July 11 2008, Virginia Vallejo testified in the reopened case of the 1985 Palace of Justice siege and said that Escobar had financed the coup.

– Hemad Pant blogspot

This is a bit of a set-up, a incomplete story if you will, because it leaves out the real players in that and other assassinations.

On that note, it’s time to leave off Escobar and go deep, deep down the rabbit-hole on this mess, starting with the old maxim:

Follow the Money.


follow the money.

Time to part the Mists of Time

part the mists of time.

* * *


The Vatican


The story of cocaine begins in South America, where the native Americans had an ancient tradition of using coca leaf for chewing and for coca tea.

Mate_de_coca_Stevage tea

It wasn’t until 2012 that the first real insider details about Robert Suarez surfaced, when his widow Ayda Suarez Levy released her book The Cocaine King.

Nick Squires of the Telegraph tells us more about Roberto Calvi – nicknamed God’s Banker – who was laundering cartel money for the Catholic Church’s benefit, and how that fit in with Suarez – The Cocaine King.

god's banker

Ayda Suarez Levy, the widow of a Bolivian druglord, claims that Calvi was laundering drug cartel money through an account in Nassau, in the Bahamas, on behalf of South American drug lords.

Mrs Levy, the widow of Roberto Suarez Gomez, claimed in an interview on Italian television on Monday that Mr Calvi was her husband’s “Italian contact”.

“He said he could vouch for us,” she told Italy’s Channel Seven television.

“He said by vouching for us at such a high level, business would go well for us. I imagine he was talking about cocaine. He was not explicit but I imagine that is what it was about.”

Ms Levy recounted an encounter involving her husband and Gunter Sachs, a multi-millionaire German playboy who was the third husband of Brigitte Bardot.

She said that six months before Calvi’s death, she and her husband met Mr Sachs on a trip to Switzerland and they discussed the Italian banker.

Mr Sachs, who committed suicide in his Swiss chalet last year at the age of 78, reportedly told the Bolivian drug baron: “Calvi is very scared because Pablo Escobar wants his money back from the bank in Nassau.”

The Bahamas bank that he was referring to was an affiliate of Banco Ambrosiano, which was Italy’s biggest private bank when it collapsed in 1982.

It was headed by Mr Calvi, who had close ties to the Vatican’s bank, formally known as the Istituto per le Opere di Religion – the Institute for Religious Works.

– Nick Squires in Rome, 3:46PM GMT 26 Nov 2012, – Telegraph: God’s Banker linked to Pablo Escobar


Oh man, is that ugly.

So, not only was Suarez’s drug money being laundered by this Catholic Church banking front, but so was Escobar’s!

Philip Willan, the author of “The Last Supper – The Mafia, the Masons and the killing of Roberto Calvi”, after reading Ayda’s account said:

“There is evidence suggesting that Calvi may have had direct links to the laundering of drug money in the Caribbean,” said Mr Willan.




You got that right.

Roberto Calvi supposedly hung himself from Blackfriar’s Bridge in London, in 1982.


roberto calvi2

– WARNING – Graphic image of a dead body coming up –


Scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge from which Roberto Calvi was found hanging

Scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge from which Roberto Calvi was found hanging

Roberto’s body

SUNDAY MIRROR ONLY Roberto Calvi's body


Strange. He doesn’t look like he choked to death at all to me.

Roberto Calvi, head of the Banco Ambrosiano, a now defunct Italian bank that had close ties with the Vatican. In June of 1982, Calvi’s lifeless body was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London. There was also the Cuban revolutionary hero Arnaldo Ochoa, who was later charged with drug trafficking and executed by firing squad; U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, implicated and later exonerated in the 1986 Iran-Contra scandal; German Gestapo captain Klaus Barbie – known as the Butcher of Lyon; and former military strongman of Panama, Manuel Noriega.

– Telegraph: God’s Banker linked to Pablo Escobar


Wow. With a list of names like that you know something seriously wrong has been going on that involved all levels of the slavemasters.

And so it had.


The Vatican

The Vatican2.

Most people equate “the Vatican” as being the religious institution, the Roman Catholic Church.

That is somewhat of a deliberately propagated deception. “The Vatican” is actually a political entity, the latest incarnation of what was previously referred to (and still is sometimes) as the Papal States, Pontifical States or States of the Church.

This political rule (which is what they – the Nesilim – were always after in the first place) began with King Pepin the Short allegedly granting lands to the Church under Pope Stephen II.

Real proof about anything like this does not exist in any original form.

This is more of a squatters scenario, again, also typical of the Nesilim, with a whole invented history of how that came to pass (typically written beginning in the time of Nicholas V) when a whole lot of other nasty ideas were deemed law for the first time, as well. Like slavery, like burning women as witches, for example.

In the time of Pope Nicholas V, the Catholic Church was definitely ruling politically over just about all of central Italy.

During the French Revolution, Napoleon seized much of this, but not for long and that was really more of a show, because just a few years later in 1815, the Congress of Vienna restored the bulk of earlier papal holdings.

Anyone who tried to protest this utterly fascist rule by the Roman Catholics, any uprisings at all, were “put down” – quite the euphemism there – by King Frederick’s people – the Austrians (who also used the Nesilim double-headed eagle as their symbol)

House of Hapsburg

House of Hapsburg


The earliest form of the prototype neighborhood watch – spying on each other – was actually begun under the Catholic church during that time. Despite the fact this just about always gets laid off on “the Nazis”, it’s really the Catholic power-base that is that crazy.

Fortunately, they were dislodged again in 1870 and their authority was now geographically confined to a small area in Rome. In protest (and in total hypocritical fashion considering the church’s background imprisoning people in one way or another) a whole series of Popes then designated themselves as “voluntary prisoners.”

But then came fascism and Benito Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini


Nesilim love fascism, despotism, they’re all the same core idea which is basically where they are in power over everyone else and they can “do what I want to do whenever I want” and no one else can without approval. By the same token, anyone against their yoke has all sorts of invented philosophies and isms subscribed to them – terrorist, communist, anarchist, etc.

They do so love their labels. Keeps people confused – they hope.

Benito was also a convenient straw-man, a darkly enigmatic figure of insane “nationalist” tendencies who could then be pointed out and burned down later in yet another “he did it” game. It’s another variation of the lesson we’re all supposed to learn, ie: “see what happens when someone other than the slavemasters run things?”

(they do this a really, really lot)

Benito did what he was told though, and through something called the Lateran Treaty in 1929 between the government and the church, Benito transferred $85,000,000 to the Vatican state as “financial compensation” for papal claims about their lost lands.

Patti_Lat mussolini and the catholic church deal 1929– “Patti Lat” – the Lateran Pacts
On February 11, 1929, the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Gasparri and Prime Minister Benito Mussolini signed the Lateran Pacts in the palace of St. John Lateran.


Mussolini formally recognized the sovereignty of the Vatican state, officially declared Roman Catholicism the state religion and nominally called for the papacy to remain neutral in international affairs.

Well, they didn’t exactly adhere to that, now did they?


no shaking head

In addition to this, the church was granted control of various properties outside of Vatican city, and those holdings were declared tax exempt. Later on, as if that wasn’t enough, Mussolini’s government granted all Vatican investments in Italy tax exemption.

Speaking of fascism, let’s not forget the Roman Catholic Church’s support of Hitler’s fascist and totalitarian regime in World War II.

Pope Paul VI, Cardinal Montini and Cardinal Pacelli (who became Pope Pius XII) signed an agreement with Hitler’s government.

Konkordatsunterzeichnung in Rom. - Am 20. Juli 1933 wurde zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und dem Heiligen Stuhl in Rom das Reichskonkordat unterzeichnet, durch das zum erstenmal in der Geschichte für das ganze deutsche Reich die Beziehungen der katholischen Kirche zum Staat geregelt werden. Die Unterzeichnung vollzog für Deutschland der Vizekanzler Franz von Papen, für den Heiligen Stuhl der Kardinal Staatssekretär Eugenio Pacelli. Von links nach rechts: Vizekanzler Franz von Papen, (2.v.l.) Kardinal Staatssekretär Eugenio Pacelli und Ministerialdirektor Dr. Buttmann während des Unterzeichnungsaktes. 25935-33

Signature of the Reichskonkordat on 20 July 1933. From left to right: German Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, representing Germany, Giuseppe Pizzardo, Cardinal Pacelli, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, German ambassador Rudolf Buttmann. Signing the Concordat is Cardinal Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII). By 1933, he was the Vatican Secretary of State. Far Left is Prelate Ludwig Kaas, leader of the Centre (Zentrum) Party). Seated second from his left is Franz von Papen who was a German nobleman, Catholic politician, General Staff officer, and diplomat, who served as Chancellor of Germany (Reichskanzler) in 1932.. Standing at the far right can be seen the little known Vatican prelate, Montini, who became Pope Paul VI on 30 January 1933.


A “concordat” is the equivalent of a treaty when the agreement is between the Catholic Church and a state.

This one guaranteed the rights and material interests, as well as government financial support of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany.

It placed restrictions on the political activity of German clergy of the Catholic Church, which in exchange for monetary and power considerations, resulted in a decrease of the previously vocal criticism of Nazism (not that anything had changed with them, you understand) by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Germany, after September 1933 when the treaty was ratified.

This clearly demonstrates that regardless of what Catholics think their religion is about, the Catholic leadership doesn’t care about principles or rights of others or their spirituality and lives – it only cares about keeping their possessions and keeping the money flowing to them as you will soon see.

From the agreement –

  • Article 32 With regard to the special conditions existing in Germany and with regard to the provisions of the present concordat guaranteeing legislation to protect the rights and privileges of the Catholic Church in the Reich and its states (Laender), the Holy See will issue ordinances by which the clergy and the religious will be forbidden to be members of political parties or to be active on their behalf.

The leaders of the Catholic Church (and the rest of the slavemasters) still wanted to prevent any other American Revolutions from happening, and would tar any such movements with invented slurs and subjects such as “communist” “atheist” and “Bolshevist”.

See this post for many examples of one Pope after another spewing their completely anti-demoracy, anti-freethought, anti-free speech propaganda along those lines.

On 12 March 1933, the German Cardinal Faulhaber was received by Pope Pius XI in Rome. On his return he reported:

After my recent experience in Rome in the highest circles, which I cannot reveal here, I must say that I found, despite everything, a greater tolerance with regard to the new government. … Let us meditate on the words of the Holy Father, who in a consistory, without mentioning his name, indicated before the whole world in Adolf Hitler the statesmen who first, after the Pope himself, has raised his voice against Bolshevism.

On the day they set out for Rome to prepare the way for the Concordat the first two anti-Semitic laws (excluding non-Aryans from public office and the legal profession) were issued in Germany, but this did not impede the discussions.

Of course not – they didn’t care what was done to the Jews, in fact they welcomed it.

On 30 April the leader of an interfaith group asked Cardinal Bertram to help against the boycott of Jewish businesses but was refused because it was “purely an economic matter” and that Jews had not spoken out when the Church was persecuted.

That is so incredibly childish as an excuse, and yet so evil at the same time, because consider this – Edith Stein (who was later gassed in Auschwitz) wrote to Pius XI in April 1933 asking if he would issue an anti anti-Semitism encyclical in view of “the indifference of Catholics to the growing vexations against the Jews.”

The response?





Many people saw through all this, and saw the Catholic Church as it really is (and has always been).

For example –

L’Ere Nouvelle wrote “The contradiction of a system preaching universalism making an agreement with a highly nationalistic state has been repeated throughout Vatican history. The Church never attacks existing institutions, even if they are bad. It prefers to wait for their collapse, hoping for the emergence of a higher morality.”

Meanwhile, of course, hundreds of thousands or even millions of those nasty, rebellious and non-catholic peasants have been killed and removed as a “problem”.

warning heavy sarcasm

_ _ _


The Polish newspaper Kurjer Poranny wrote on 19 July 1933, perfectly encapsulating the perfidy of Slavemasters against their own ever-so-faithfully held (choke) “religion” –

“Once again we see the methods of the Vatican—intransigent with the passive and amenable, but accommodating with the high-handed and ruthless. In the last century it rewarded its persecutor, Bismarck, with the highest Papal decoration, the Order of Christ.”

Well said.

At a 26 April meeting with Bishop Wilhelm Berning of Osnabrück, representative of the German Bishops’ Conference, Hitler declared:

“I have been attacked because of my handling of the Jewish question. The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for fifteen hundred years, put them in ghettos, etc., because it recognized the Jews for what they were. In the epoch of liberalism the danger was no longer recognized. I am moving back toward the time in which a fifteen-hundred-year-long tradition was implemented. I do not set race over religion, but I recognize the representatives of this race as pestilent for the state and for the Church, and perhaps I am thereby doing Christianity a great service by pushing them out of schools and public functions.”

On 10 April 1933, Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber wrote to Cardinal Pacelli (the man who would become Pope Pius XII)  advising that defending the Jews would be wrong “because that would transform the attack on the Jews into an attack on the Church; and because the Jews are able to look after themselves.



That’s their excuse?


Petty, childish, evil, arrogant – insert many other appropriate adjectives here – but most importantly, completely unconscionable. These are Jewish peoples lives we’re talking about!

Hitler’s government negotiated other agreements with them which, in yet another sick twist of childish revenge, put Nazi officials, most of whom were Catholics, into positions of influence or outright authority over Protestant Churches. Many Protestant church leaders simply reorganized their congregations out of the agreements, causing a schism within the Protestant Churches. These Protestant resisters attempted to rally Catholic prelates to the dangers portended by these agreements but were simply rebuffed when the Reichskonkordat was ratified.

Many of the Protestant clergy who opposed the Nazi religious program (Bekennende Kirche), were later imprisoned or executed.


Kill the Jews – Check.

ticking off list

Kill the Protestants, Check – that’s ok too.

But touch OUR money?


Death to the Infidels!

touched my money - death to the infidels


Let’s Make A Deal

Konkordatsunterzeichnung in Rom. - Am 20. Juli 1933 wurde zwischen dem Deutschen Reich und dem Heiligen Stuhl in Rom das Reichskonkordat unterzeichnet, durch das zum erstenmal in der Geschichte für das ganze deutsche Reich die Beziehungen der katholischen Kirche zum Staat geregelt werden. Die Unterzeichnung vollzog für Deutschland der Vizekanzler Franz von Papen, für den Heiligen Stuhl der Kardinal Staatssekretär Eugenio Pacelli. Von links nach rechts: Vizekanzler Franz von Papen, (2.v.l.) Kardinal Staatssekretär Eugenio Pacelli und Ministerialdirektor Dr. Buttmann während des Unterzeichnungsaktes. 25935-33.

For just us, you understand.


In the beginning, the Papal Nuncio in Berlin (Cesare Osenigo) is reported to have been “jubilant” about Hitler’s rise to power and that the new government would soon be offering the same concessions to the Church that Mussolini thought necessary to do previously in Italy.

Well, in a way, it did, to the tune of a “tax” worth hundreds of millions of dollars of seized asset money going into the Vatican vaults which effectively brought the vaults of the Vatican exponentially more money than what Mussolini gave them.

You can see the money-talk veiled in this point of the Concordant –

Article 13 Catholic parishes and diocesan associations, episcopal sees, bishoprics and chapters, religious orders and congregations, as well as institutions, foundations and property of the Catholic Church administered by ecclesiastical authorities, shall retain or acquire respectively juridical personality, recognized by the State according to the general provisions of civil law. They shall remain publicly recognized corporations as far as the have been such hitherto; the same rights may be granted to the others in accordance with the general law applicable to all. { With regard to Art. 13. It is understood that the right of the Church to levy taxes is guaranteed.}

And this one –

Article 18 Should the state payments in kind or money, which are made to the Catholic Church, whether based on law, contract, or any other special legal title, be discontinued, the Holy See and the Reich will proceed in due time beforehand to set up amicable agreement the principles according to which the discontinuation is to be carried out. In this connection, a right derived from a legitimate traditional custom is to be considered as a special legal title. Such discontinuation, implying the cessation of a state payment or obligation, must be adequately compensated in favor of the claimant.

The all-important Article 18 – the main point of all this – assured the Church that it would be consulted should the Nazi regime [or existing government] try to discontinue its subsidies to the German Catholic church.

Note: just so you understand, these “taxes” are still in place to this day – if you can believe that madness. German Catholics must pay this state tax and can only escape it if they renounce their religion. In practice, very few who renounce it. This tax alone represents between 8 and 10% of total tax collected by the German government.


Lest you doubt the support of the Vatican and its hierarchy of the Nazis, including the SS, have a look at this picture.

On the left, in priest vestments, is Archbishop and pro-Nazi Gregory Rozman reviewing a unit of the SS.

archbishop vatican pronazi Gregory rozman reviews a unit of the SS
photo credit – Eric Frattini’s site


The Vatican literally entered into a franchise deal with Nazi Germany with this notorious Kirchensteuer or “church tax” which was an income tax.

In 1943 alone, over $100 million flowed into the coffers of the Vatican from that tax.


You do understand where much of that money was coming from, right?

ADN-ZB Das faschistische Konzentrationslager Auschwitz Eine Gruppe Juden aus Ungarn nach der Ankunft in Auschwitz im Sommer 1944.

Das faschistische Konzentrationslager Auschwitz
Eine Gruppe Juden aus Ungarn nach der Ankunft in Auschwitz im Sommer 1944.


Assets stripped from people consigned to the concentration camps – most of which were murdered and then thrown into open pits like so much garbage.


Blood Money.


Forever tainted.

Just four years after this lovely little deal-between-devils, in 1937, Pope Pius XI did his infamous diatribe against breaking the 2-class system using a created propaganda slogan called atheistic communism (which was a hell of a demonstration of still holding a grudge against our American Revolution).

Many Popes have repeatedly made clear that only a two-class system (feudalism) is acceptable to God.


The Rich

and everyone else – the workers.


It is not true that all have equal rights in civil society. It is not true that there exists no lawful social hierarchy.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


These people, the Catholic hierarchy, are everything they invented to accuse others of (to distract attention away from themselves). They are evil, barbaric, fascist, dictatorial, and Nazi-esque.

They are anti-democracy as created by our forefathers, they are against free speech, they are against the right to think whatever you want, they are against the right to make your own decisions without some authority rubber-stamping it.

They are forever inventing (bringing into being) horrific and well-publicized examples to parade in front of us to demonstrate why we should not have these rights. Mass murderers, child rapists and so on.

They are obsessed with power over humanity.

This is not just a case of a lone rogue Pope, no.

One after another have propagated over and over again the same ideas – they should rule, there must be classes, (the rich and everyone else – the workers) and basically pretty much everything we Americans fought against.

If you don’t believe me, see these four Popes words for yourself.

Furthermore, many questions remain concerning this period of time of WWII.

For instance, the Vatican’s role in sequestering gold seized from Jews in Eastern Europe, and the involvement of the church in operating the so-called “Vatican ratlines” which provided phony passports, shelter, money and transport for war criminals heading out of the European continent – such as Klaus Barbie, our Bogota, Colombia cocaine trade creator.

Klaus Barbie - Butcher of Lyon.

I have recently stumbled across a fun cache of documents. Although the site (Eric Frattini) was all in Italian, I managed to bumble my way to exactly what I needed anyway.

For example – the Vatican provided Adolf Eichmann with the necessary identity validation for his flight papers – as in flight from prosecution out of Europe.

Special - Vatican 1948 1 June FLIGHT OF PAPER Adolf Eichmann ISSUED BY THE VATICAN 1948


Google’s interesting translation of the important parts – eyes “heavenly” is pretty funny, it obviously means blue, but I think you’ll get all the important points here anyway.

ID card no. I3I (131) issued by the city of Termeno 1 IIVI1948

Allowed free land. exp. 23I489 / 48

departing with Steamer Anna C” in the first half of June

Brown hair
Eyes: heavenly
Nose: regular

Segnia Details:

Visa for the authenticity of the statements, photograph, signature and fingerprint of Mr Riccardo Klement [ that is Eichmann’s new fake name ]

Signature and stamp of the Authority: Edward P. Domoter [a Franciscan priest]

Place and date: Genoa I / 6/1950


Here’s the two photos side-by-side:

One of the really sick twists here, is that the ship Anna “C” was often carrying Jewish emigrants on it, that just seems so wrong to me that he would be on there with them.

A number of other Nazis went on the Anna C, here’s one from 1951, just as an example.

From: The Real Odessa: How Peron Brought The Nazi War Criminals To Argentina By Uki Goni  – Note: remember that name Peron, it’s going to be key here later on.


Apparently the above Vatican document was then used by the Red Cross to produce an actual passport for Eichmann/Klement.

WP_Eichmann_Passport through red cross


Note that this one – the application to the red cross – lists his religion as Roman Catholic!!!!

.the red cross application eichmann

Eichmann was captured in Argentina by the Israelis in May of 1960, and was brought to trial where he proceeded to smirk his way through most of it. What a sad excuse for a man he was, but remember something, those who were his HANDLERS are even worse, and that would include Pope Pius XII. The fact that they helped hide this man from accountability, to me is clear evidence of complicity regarding the sick, sick, things this man was doing to those poor people in the concentration camps.


Eichmann at his trial

adolf eichmann in Jerusalem.

Ok, how about another example of a rat-line person that the Vatican helped hide.

Josef Mengele.

Josef Mengele in 1956. Photo taken by a police photographer in Buenos Aires for Mengele's Argentine identification document..

Mengele and one of his twin experiments during WWII –


Here’s another document from Frattini’s site, of a letter to Pope John Paul II asking his help in extracting Mengele from Argentina – notice the dates.

letter to john paul II pope re harboring josef mengele


The man who was harboring Mengele was Gen. Alfredo Stroessner, the former president of Paraguay whose marked by an uninterrupted 35-year period of repression in his country made him South America’s most enduring dictator. Just the way the slavemasters like it, he was yet another Catholic-installed fascist and vicious puppet, who committed numerous atrocities on the people of Paraguay during his reign of terror. Stroessner provided refuge for Argentina’s Juan Perón (Mr. Odessa files/rat-lines supporter) and Nicaragua’s also bloody dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle.

Alfredo Stroessner


Paraguay was a leading participant in Operation Condor, a campaign of state-terror and security operations officially implemented in 1975 which were jointly conducted by the military governments of six Latin American countries (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil).

Between 1962 and 1975 the United States provided $146 million to Paraguay’s military government and Paraguayan officers were trained at the US Army School of the Americas.

Here he is meeting with President Lyndon Johnson at the White House. (Straussner is on the left)

Stroessner_White_House lyndon johnson

Between 1962 and 1966, nearly 400 Paraguayan military personnel were trained by the United States in the Panama Canal Zone and on US soil.

Oh joy. The CIA is involved too.

come on!

It’s real origin lies in who it was backed by. The Catholic Church and the other half of the slavemasters – the British nobility and the rich Angophile and pope-supporting Americans (which certainly is not the American people, you understand), but that’s where the CIA, the DOD, the Army etc. come in, they take their orders from these people.


Green: main active members (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay). Light green: sporadic members (Colombia, Peru, Venezuela). Blue: collaborator (USA).


Human rights violations such as kidnappings, torture, forced disappearances and executions with no trial or court case, were routine and systematic during the Stroessner regime. Following executions, many of the bodies of those killed by the regime were dumped in the Chaco or the Rio Paraguay – dumped in the river, in other words.

Pastor Coronel was the chief of his Department of Investigations, or secret police. He would interview people in a pileta, a bath of human excrement or ram electric cattle prods up their rectums. The Secretary of the Paraguayan Communist Party, Miguel Soler, was dismembered alive with a chainsaw while Stroessner listened on the phone. (The fact that he’s a “communist” gives you a big clue why the Catholic leaders were enthusiastically sanctioning all this)

One of the most horrifyingly obvious examples as to the pattern of the Nesilim slavemasters, is what happened to the Aché Indian population of Paraguay’s eastern districts. The Aché Indians resided on land that was coveted and had resisted relocation attempts by the Paraguayan army. Well, why should they move? Think the Catholic leaders don’t resist people trying to make them move?

Man, they whine up one side and down the other, so why the frack do they think it’s ok to do to everyone else?

Because they are bat-shit crazy – that’s why.

Annex - Price, Vincent (Bat, The)_01

So, Stroessner had orders to retaliate for this egregious sarcasm   non-compliance with slavemaster wishes and so he did. He sanctioned outright massacres and forcing many Aché into slavery.

My god –


It really is the German Holy Empire resurrected, just the way the Popes are still romanticizing it.

Once upon a time… otherwise known as –

The Dark Ages

 for humanity

– when they Catholics ruled


Note: The Catholics call it The Dark Ages when they no longer ruled all the states, through a King (The German Holy empire) who would go out and kill people that weren’t co-operating with “the one true religion”.

civil society was renovated… nothing more perfect had been known before, or will come to be known in the ages that have yet to be.

– Pope Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum (of revolutionary change) May 15, 1891

and this –

There was once a time when States were governed by the philosophy of the Gospel. Then it was that the power and divine virtue of Christian wisdom had diffused itself throughout the laws, institutions, and morals of the people, permeating all ranks and relations of civil society.

[that’s a politically correct way to say they infiltrated everything]

Then, too, the religion instituted by Jesus Christ, established firmly in befitting dignity, flourished everywhere, by the favour of princes and the legitimate protection of magistrates; and Church and State were happily united in concord and friendly interchange of good offices.

The State, constituted in this wise, bore fruits important beyond all expectation, whose remembrance is still, and always will be, in renown, witnessed to as they are by countless proofs which can never be blotted out or ever obscured by any craft of any enemies.

Christian Europe has subdued barbarous nations, and changed them from a savage to a civilized condition, from superstition to true worship.

It victoriously rolled back the tide of Mohammedan conquest; retained the headship of civilization; stood forth in the front rank as the leader and teacher of all, in every branch of national culture; bestowed on the world the gift of true and many-sided liberty; and most wisely founded very numerous institutions for the solace of human suffering.

And if we inquire how it was able to bring about so altered a condition of things, the answer is-beyond all question, in large measure, through religion, under whose auspices so many great undertakings were set on foot, through whose aid they were brought to completion.

IMMORTALE DEI, Pope Leo XIII, November 1, 1885


“the gift of true and many-sided liberty” and “the solace of human suffering.” ???

I think I’m going to be sick.

vincent - i think im going to be sick

The exact opposite is what they did. Caused suffering, took away freedom, made slaves out of thousands and thousands of people!


THIS is what (and who) we fought against in the American Revolution.


Just a little reminder.

As you can see though, reality – like what was done to the Ache’ Indians in Paraguay, is a whole lot different from their dang fairy tales of how fantabulous life was under Catholic rule.

Coming back to the Mengele document now –

If you look at it, it says that Mengele was being the personal physician of this monster President Stroessner, and “enjoyed his protection” – more like the shoe is on the other foot. Mengele is probably acting as a slavemaster hander of the guy. But one thing is for certain, the Catholic Church Popes (more than two of them by then) they knew, they helped put him there.

So when this letter came, which carried a clear threat of exposure obviously – a threat the Israelis meant to make good on (with good reason) – Mengele is suddenly now dead!


That’s just amazing!

sarcasm cartoonish

And, although he’s being a physician for this psycho-President between 1978 to 1980, the Vatican and others have a bag-of-bones produced and pronounce them as Mengele’s from a supposed death in 1979.

I don’t buy it, do you buy it?

no shaking head.

Neither do more than a few of the Jewish investigators.

So, that’s some real-life examples of the Vatican rat-lines in action. Besides being pro-Nazi, coinkidinkally the Vatican was viciously anti-Jewish as well, even before Kristallnacht and the Nazi penalties against the Jews, there were a long series of draconian laws which the church leveled throughout the Papal State in Italy during the 19th century.

It should be clear from the quotes contained in the link I gave you above (here it is again) as to why the Vatican would support and foster fascist regimes such as Mussolini and Hitler, and some of the nastier Colombian dictators versus what they intentionally misdirected people to call “atheistic communism”, as well as basically helping to suppress just about the entire continent of South America along the way.


All the while preaching love and light, and forgiveness and la la la…

la la la - darla little rascals


Oh sure.

that is just not right - spanky little rascals

The American Revolution, the ideals, the rights for men, all that was also called communism – if you didn’t know that before. It seems the Vatican, together with British and Russian Intelligence, was also involved in creating the pseudo (and purposefully tainted with violent and evil twists) strawmen of “Marxist” or “Bolshevik” communism.

They then use it as their excuse for all their nasty, horrible actions that have nothing to do with “communism” and everything to do with forcing people to confirm to their two-class system.

They also use them in order to then “burn it down” – the real thing. Real revolution, real attempts to be free – in effigy.

Strawman argument - meaning


Sort of like wishful thinking on their part, get it?

Together with the other slavemasters, the Vatican is part-and-parcel to creating and supporting the two-class society; the rich and everyone else. So, in their minds, at least with “fascists” – what’s the same as how the Vatican wants things to be?

At least SOMEONE is ruling over the people. That’s why.

Man cannot be exempted from his divinely-imposed obligations toward civil society, and the representatives of authority – have the right to coerce him when he refuses without reason to do his duty.

Some restraint is necessary for man considered either as an individual or in society.

– Pope Pius XI DIVINI REDEMPTORIS (On Atheistic Communism) 19 March 1937


If you consider that this ever so euphemistic and sweeping “some restraint” translated into allowing millions of undesirables to be killed during WWII – you get a clear context of just how evil these leaders of the Catholic Church perpetually are.

As a matter of record, it is next to impossible for outsiders to determine what the “net worth” of the Vatican really is. Some of this wealth is described as “illliquid,” meaning that it consists of art treasures, buildings and other holdings, and some of this is in the form of so-called perpetual trusts, which means that it cannot be sold off. But some of the wealth takes a different form, virtually indistinguishable from those of any modern bank, government or corporation.

And now we move into more of the back story specific to God’s Banker – Roberto Calvi.

god's banker.

Much of money from the Lateran Treaty (from Mussolini) was placed in the control of a church agency known as APSA, the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See; and after 1960, it’s known that increasingly these investments were made outside of Italy, which they were not supposed to do.

Right in the middle of WWII, however, another agency was created in 1942, the Instituto per le Opere de Religioni, the Institute for Religious Works – this was where the ill-gotten Nazi “tax” off of stripping the Jews of assets – those funds – were funneling through. The IOR was reconstituted from another agency, the Administration for Religious Works, which had been established by Leo XIII in 1887.

Map of Vatican City with the round tower of the IOR – the Vatican Bank – marked with red arrow.

map of vatican city


1 Bronze Doors, Stairway of Pius IX and Royal Stairway
2 Arch of the Bells
3 Petriano Entrance
4 Bastion of Nicholas V (IOR)
5 Palace of Sixtus V (Residence of the Holy Father)
6 Palace of Gregory XIII
7 Medieval Palace (Secretariat of State)
8 Borgia Tower
9 Sistine Chapel
10 Hall of  Ligorio
11 Hall of Sixtus V (Apostolic Library)
12 Courtyard of the Library
13 New Wing of the Chiaramonti Museum
14 Tower of the Winds
15 Hall of Bramante
16 Court of the “Pigna”
17 Fountain of the “Galera”
18 Stairway of Bramante
19 Palace of Belvedere
20 Pius-Clementine Museum
21 Atrium of the Four Gates
22 Entrance/Exit of the Vatican Museums
23 Vatican Pinacoteca
24 Gregorian-Profane, Pio-Christian and Missionary-Ethnological Museums
25 Historical Museum of the Carriages
26 The “Passetto”
27 Saint Anne Entrance
28 Parish Church of Saint Anne of the Palafrenieri
29 Barracks of the Swiss Guard
30 Vatican Typography, Commissary
31 Charity Services of the Holy Father
32 Church of Saint Pellegrino
33 L’Osservatore Romano
34 Central Vatican Post Office
35 Vatican Drugstore, Health Services, Vatican Television Center and Telephone Service
36 Square of the Furnace
37 Fountain of the Sacrament
38 “Casina” of Pius IV
39 Pontifical Academy of Sciences
40 House of the Gardener
41 Fountain of the “Aquilone”
42 Tower of the Gallinaro
43 Technical Management of Radio Vatican
44 Part of the Border of the Leonine City
45 Grotto of Lourdes
46 Saint John’s Tower
47 Transmission Center “Marconi” of Radio Vatican
48 Ethiopian College
49 Palace of the Governatorate of the State of Vatican City
50 Railway Station
51 Mosaic School, New Underground Parking
52 Church of  Saint Stephen of the Abyssinians
53 Palace of the Tribunal, Central Office of the Vatican Gendarmerie
54 Residence of the Arch-Priest
55 Palace of  Saint Charles
56 Saint Martha’s Square
57 Domus Sanctae Marthae
58 Sacristy of Saint Peter’s, Palace of the Canonicate, Historical Artistic Museum (Treasure)
59 Square of the Roman Proto-martyrs
60 Teutonic College and Graveyard
61 Hall of the Pontifical Audiences “Paul VI”

Palace of the Holy Office

63 House of hospitality “Gift of Mary”


You will note that this building is named Bastion of Nicholas V.

Now doesn’t that just figure. I say that because that man was a monster. An utter monster.

It was him that legalized slavery, including enslaving anyone who was not Catholic or who refused to become Catholic, and it was that man that started the burning of women as “witches”.

For much more about him, and their schismed (until the 1800s) branch of the British Nobility, please see my library article:

Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of the Bible

So, putting the ill-gotten gains of what he started in a bank in his building?

That’s perfect.

Pope nicholas V by Peter_Paul_Rubens in 1616

The IOR – the Vatican Bank, Nicholas’s building.

vatican-bank- IOR institute of religious works


The entrance

vatican bank entrance

Inside the building –

inside the vatican bank

.inside the vatican bank - the IOR.

You know, whenever I look at this picture of the current heads of this bank, with the evil just pouring out of them –

vultures vatican bank heads IOR(one on the left is replacing the one on the right who’s retiring)


I can’t help but think of the Skekses from Dark Crystal

skeskis dark crystal head bankers vatican bank.

How about you – do you see the similarity? (dark humor alert)

– – –

A few rather interesting factoids about this bank –

  • After the Queen of England, the Vatican Church is the largest:

    “holder of land titles for any organization or government in the world, with visible title to around $316 billion in property (churches, schools, hospitals etc) and around $2,623 billion of investment property hidden in extremely complex networks of hundreds of thousands of trusts and front companies.”

  •        The main depository for the Vatican’s gold is the U.S. Federal Reserve!

hmm - ponder

Slavemasters are such busy little skekses.

dark crystal skeksis vatican bank.

You can clearly see the obvious pact between Britain and Catholicism from back in the 1800s – together with using America as their political pitbulls, they clearly decided to split ruling the world between them.

As well as the profits.


Both of them go to a lot of trouble to hide the true extent of their assets, it just looks like one is more than the other when they are really about even.

It was actually Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Pacelli, who in June of 1942 simply renamed this original agency – the Vatican Bank – and then placed it under the control of a financial wizard named Bernardino Nogara. Nogara had worked for Pope Paul VI (Cardinal Montini) starting in 1929.

Once Montini put him in place then, Nogara immediately goes to work using the funds from the Lateran Treaty, and begins investing Vatican monies in banks, real estate holding companies, and corporations.

His bosses

Bernardino Nogara

Bernardino nogara.

But Nogara also invested in things the Catholic Church, with their chosen propaganda shield called “the bible”, should never have invested in were they actually sincere in their “beliefs” – which of course they weren’t. Never have been, never will be.

What kinds of things did Nogara invest in that belied the love-and-light message of Roman Catholic christianity?

Oh, well….

Things like –

Pietro Beretta arms factory Ltd. (the largest arms industry in the world)  – which is controlled by the Holding SpA Beretta and the majority shareholder of the Beretta Holding SpA after Gussalli Ugo Beretta, is the IOR (Institute for Works of Religion).

And a whole host of other arms manufacturers.


Under Pius XI, Nogara made large investments in other firms contrary to Catholic teachings (such as birth control manufacturers – showing that Eugenics support thing happening there) and made direct loans to Mussolini’s government prior to Mussolini’s 1935 invasion of Ethiopia, to assist in putting down those “heathens” who wanted that nasty independence stuff.

Italian-troops-marching-up-an-Ethiopian-hill dead-ethiopians-ww2

While helping to blithely try and sell the world on their tolerance towards African people – using children in some cases.



Oh and…later on in the investments of the IOR – there’s the lovely business of –

Cocaine trafficking


You know, so helpful to humanity kinds of things, that’s what the Catholic leaders invested in.


Did you know that they so knew what they were doing was utterly wrong, that when Pope Pius XII took over in 1939 (and retained Nogara as the head of the Special Administration) he managed him directly. No intermediaries. No notes were taken during their conferences (nor do any documents relating to Nogara exist in their archives).

Pius XII – center

Pope-Pius-XII-1950 condeming idealogies

It was particularly that period, when they would begin the “final solution” and start funnelling all that blood money stripped from the Jews, Gypsies, and anyone else they didn’t like – World War II – that such tight secrecy was maintained, as compared to the fact that prior to this period Nogara happily and painstakingly documented much of his work himself during the period of 1931-39.

Ah. But not this period of time, you can clearly see why.

However, there does exist records in the US national archives due to Nogara’s transactions with New York banks – showing duplicity and profit-sharing of stripped assets going on with the anglophilic catholic supporting American bankers, such as Chase Manhattan Bank, for example, where one of my ancestors headed the investments department (Halstead Gurnee Freeman). Yep, I come from that kind of blood-line. If you’re hep to such things, it sure is a good thing it’s me “in here”, in this body, eh?

But, seriously, what a sordid mess these Catholic leaders perpetually leave in their wake. It’s truly disgusting and the damage far, far FAR outweighs any so-called charity and “helping the sick” that might go on beneath them.

* * *


That’s a bit of background, now we’re moving into the mid 1940’s.

In Italy there were “regular banks,” but the church maintained a parallel banking system of “Catholic banks.” These were banks that throughout the country did business with the church and its officials, they were usually owned by Catholics, and they considered themselves as distinct from other parts of the financial community that they deemed “secular.”

a young Roberto Calvi


Roberto Calvi, by 1946, with the help of an old school friend, transfers to Banco Ambrosiano, which was one of the network of parallel “Catholic banks” meant to counter the influence of the so-called “lay” banks. Most of the bank’s shareholders were Church-controlled institutions, and to prevent a takeover by the “lay” banks or non-church interests, no one individual could own more than 5% of the voting shares.



Beginning in the 1950’s, Nogara and the Vatican begin to harness and direct the financial power of these more conservative “Catholic” institutions (such as Ambrosiano) and use that capital for wider investment purposes. This marked a distinct break in the history of the “Catholic bank” system, which began to behave like the “regular” banks.

As a result of this distinct change, made by Nogara with Vatican approval, the IOR begins to establish ties with the leading financial institutions of the world including Morgan Guaranty, Credit Suisse, Chase Manhattan and the Chicago-based Continental Illinois Bank.

Not too long after, the Vatican is then involved in corporations involved in steel production, agriculture, and insurance. The Vatican also buys a 15% interest in the giant real estate holding and construction company known as Immobiliare. This gives the IOR interests in everything from the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC, to resorts in Mexico, and apartment complexes in Montreal. Working through Chase, the Vatican Bank begins purchasing stock in General Motors, Gulf Oil, Bethlehem Steel, TWA, IBM and other major companies.

Ref – Murder, Banking, Strategy – The Vatican by Conrad Goeringer

Nogara retires in 1954, dies in 1958, and although hardly anyone knew of him he had pyramided the money given to the Vatican by Mussolini’s regime to nearly $1 billion.

And that’s just THAT money – just that 85 million.

Now, after WWII, also starting in the early 1950s under Nogara before he retired, the IOR began forming a “trust” of Catholic and non-Catholic financial advisors, who became known as uomini di fiducia, or “men of confidence.” One of those was Michael Sindona.


Other Players
Michael Sindona

Michael Sindona – the would be patron of Roberto Calvi, got his start by having a letter of introduction to Archbishop Montini back in Naples after the war, and don’t forget – Montini was in on that nasty, nasty, agreement with Hitlers new government.

Michael_Sindona3Michael Sindona –  image from Eric Frattini site

By 1959, Michael Sindona, the IOR and the Vatican’s principal American bankers, Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company (where Mormon David Kennedy chaired) had acquired the Banca Privata Italia.

La sede della Banca d'Italia, Palazzo Koch, oggi 21 ottobre a Roma. ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO


Note: After all the exposes about this disgusting world of arms and drug trafficking by these people to suppress other peoples “american revolutions” from happening – The Continental bank failed in 1984. At that time, it was the largest bank failure in US history. It had been formed in 1857 as Merchants’ Savings, Loan and Trust and at one time had been the seventh-largest commercial bank in the United States as measured by deposits.

For those further interested – this crosses into my family tree, which you can read here, because its founders included such “empire builders” as Cyrus McCormick, who invented the reaper, meatpacker George Armour and Chicago’s first mayor, William Ogden. In my family tree post, please note the section where McCormick and the Catholics were mixed up backing the creation of the Federal Reserve by forming a league to make it look like it was “the people” that wanted it – it wasn’t.

Two banks merge, The Commercial National Bank, founded during the American Civil War, and the Continental National Bank, founded in 1883, merged in 1910 to form the Continental & Commercial National Bank of Chicago with $175 million in deposits.

My Great-great grandfather, Henry W. King, was one of the first Directors of the Commercial National Bank (aka Commerce National Bank) in 1863, for the next 25 years. Albert Keep was also a director, and Franklin Mcveagh (Yale Skull & Bones 1862) was it’s President.


In the early 1920s, Merchants’ Savings, Loan and Trust merged with two other institutions – Illinois Trust & Savings Bank and Corn Exchange National Bank – to reach the then-impressive figure of $1 billion in assets.

In 1929 the Continental & Commercial National Bank of Chicago then merged with Illinois Merchants’ Savings, Loan and Trust. It was in 1932 that the new name became the Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co.

So, as a reminder, that bank was the Vatican’s principal American bankers.

Author Naylor talks about in his book HOT MONEY AND THE POLITICS OF DEBT, the so-called “anstalten,” which is a term for a Swiss or Liechtenstein-based corporation with only one stockholder; it’s a very powerful financial tool if you want to move money around through anonymous conduits.

He writes –

“In the postwar period, Sindona, a pioneer in the use of the Liechtenstein “anstalten” allegedly put his financial skills to work channeling CIA money to the church and the Christian Democratic party, and laundering and reinvesting heroin profits for the Mafia.”



That’s just fricking wonderful – so the Catholic Church is ciphoning off of the CIA? That’s OUR money – taxpayer money, the American people’s money!

Ask your non-Catholic neighbor if he likes the idea of working hard every day in order to support the Catholic Church and Britain’s “empire”.


It’s the new Dark Ages!


Medieval fiefdom - 'commoners' work the fields


It is not democracy.


Guess who else our man Mr. Sindona brought to this party of evil?


Other Players
Licio Gelli

Brief overview –

  • Black Shirt Battalion
  • Liason, Herman Goring SS Division in WWII
  • “Operation Gladio” Stay-behind networks
  • Grandmaster, P-2 Lodge

licio gelli

Gelli was the Grandmaster of a Masonic lodge known as Propaganda Due, or P-2, and before you get your skirts in a bunch, this is not about conspiracy BS of “Illuminati” and so on.

These people form things like this for entirely different purposes than what you might think.

This particular “secret” lodge had quite a membership roll, including some of the most powerful people in Italy as well as ranking members of the military and intelligence services, leading industrialists, bankers and other business leaders, members of government agencies and at least one high ranking Vatican official despite the church’s prohibition on freemasonry, but that’s how they are. They don’t really believe their own propaganda, and in the end, they simply want to rule the world off the backs of the rest of us, however that may need to be accomplished.

The original P2 Masonic lodge was founded in 1877 as “Propaganda Massonica”, it had been suppressed by competitors for power, but was revived after the second world war as “Propaganda Due” and that’s who Gelli had joined and obtained approval to start his own branch, so to speak. We’ll talk more about his lodge a little later on here.

So, Gelli here, was also a member of the Black Shirts Battalion in Italy and served with the fascists during the Spanish civil war. When World War II broke out, as you saw in the image of him that I included, he attained the rank of oberlieutenant in the SS and was named as liaison officer to the elite SS Herman Goring Division!


That’s not good. I’m even going to quote a friend of mine and say: Mighty Oh my!

There is definitive proof also, that after the war Gelli became involved in the Vatican “Ratline” working with a Croatian priest named Krujoslav Dragonovic, and that Gelli was instrumental in smuggling out Klaus Barbie, the “Butcher of Lyons,” whose flight to the west was paid for by funds from the US Counterintelligence Corps.


Oh, but it gets worse ….

Apparently, Gelli was also a key member of what was known as Operation Gladio. This was a secret operation run by the CIA and NATO that established so-called “stay behind” networks all over Europe, that L. Ron Hubbard and his fleet of ships were mixed up with in a CIA operation in Corfu, Greece. See Scientology Roots, Chapter 12-2 Hubbard’s Life-Long Intelligence Career.

But, wow, and a big holy crap-o-rama-lama! Hubbard was not only mixed up with fronting yet another “cult” religion to try and make true-believers and reformed rebels out of people – aka Dianetics and Scientology – he was also mixed up with SUPPRESSING type intelligence operations with the Catholic Church – against those very kinds of people around the world!

Yeesh. L. Ron Hubbard?



Yep, L. Ron Hubbard.

While Gelli was busy down in South America with the whole rat-lines shuffle, he makes friends with Argentinean General Juan Peron and enlists his help in harboring Nazi war criminals – the truly vicious ones.

And heck, why not, while he’s there he accidentally on purpose becomes an arms broker! He’s a regular Nicholas Cage in Lord of War.

lord_of_war_ nicholas cage

Now that he’s perfectly positioned that way, he later gets used as an intelligence asset by the unholy trinity of the Catholic/British/suck-up to both Americansto back Juan Peron’s return to power in 1973.

That’s just wonderful.

While there in Argentina to do that (on orders from the Vatican) he helpfully establishes an elite kill-everyone party place – aka a branch of P-2 – where he works with occultist and death squad leader Jose Lopez Riga!

Just look at this guy – does he look evil or what?

nickname The Warlock.


Happily killing anyone and everyone for his bosses Juan Peron and Licio Gelli, targeting anyone who opposes the slavemaster insane two-class feudalistic society.

He had first served as Peron’s bodyguard in the 1950’s, but while Peron was in exile in 1965, his new task (by the Catholic Church) was to bring him back into power – with a twist. He became his private secretary, and when the combined slavemasters forces deemed it time, they re-launched Peron in 1973. This is when the “anti-communist” death squad action began – obviously as part of Operation Condor.

Peron in his early days


Interesting side note – What got Peron in trouble? He had some sort of personal crisis and changed his views on some things.

He did the ultimate no-no. He openly challenged the church’s authority. 

How? With a package of reforms that demanded legalized divorce, legalized prostitution and full civil rights for children born out of wedlock. He also hosted the services of an American Protestant faith-healer called “Brother Tommy,” the Rev. Tommy Hicks, who preached to record crowds in Buenos Aires.

This would simply not do.

On June 16, 1955, Pope Pius XII excommunicated Peron and threatened his followers with similar punishment.

Aw, look. Scientology’s origins of its disconnection policies right there front and center.

Isn’t that special

church lady dana garvey(Dana Garvey as “church lady” from Saturday Night Live)


Not to mention that Pius XII (Cardinal Pacelli) was just a monster of a man, so it’s not exactly like he has any leg to stand on to judge anyone elses “morality” So much for freedom though, eh? You can see what happens in reality when push-comes-to-shove with slavemasters and their bs propaganda of love and light and la la la.




So, when Argentine Catholics were forced to choose between the church and Peron, they sided with the church. Peron resigned in October 1955 and fled into exile.

But… they still wanted to use him, he just needed some “grooming” you see – some re-brainwashing back into the slavemaster fold.

Do you know, that these Catholic leaders and assorted slavemasters were so scared of the people, so scared of the pull of Eva Peron, that just to deny Peron’s followers an “emotional rallying point” together with Vatican assistance they shipped Eva’s body to a cemetery in Milan, Italy!

sick sick sick

Meanwhile in Madrid, Lopez Rega built ties to the old fascist network of Nazi SS Col. Otto Skorzeny, a Hitler loyalist known as “Scarface” from a dueling wound. The dashing Skorzeny had been a central figure in protecting fugitive Nazi war criminals and developing a new generation of neo-fascists.


U.S. Army intelligence documents identified Skorzeny as a leader of the Nazi’s legendary ODESSA network, the underground organization of SS veterans that helped resettle Nazis in the Peron’s Argentina and other countries.

Ah, but it’s worse than that.

See, Klaus Barbie arrived in Bolivia in 1952 via a stop in Argentina. as we already know, he had been spirited out of Germany by the combined efforts of the Dulles/Donovan OSS spy network (now the CIA) and the Vatican. Barbie then teamed up Vatican-loved SS Major Otto Skorzeny, who now was himself affiliated with the CIA. Dr. Fritz Thyssen and Dr. Gustav Krupp, both beneficiaries of the amnesty of U.S. attorney and all-around go-to man for the anglophile presidents, John J. McCloy – they bankrolled Skorzeny from the start.

                           Krupp      and       Thyssen

Krupp Thyssen


More about Thyssen

From my husband’s article Intelligence Basics, Window Dressing and Forging Documents that debunks undercover agent and con-woman Salee Amina Mohammed who tried to infiltrate my husband and I in the early 2000’s after we left scientology –

Carmen “Tita” Cervera would go look at the Star of Peace diamond at the Geneva office of Harry Winston. Tita says the Star of Peace almost sold three times back then but it did not sell and she finally came to own it in 1981. The man who bought it for her was Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza De Kaszon.

Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza De Kaszon was a multi-billionaire living in Switzerland.

His uncle was Fritz Thyssen, chairman of the board of the Thyssen mining and steelmaking company, founder of Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG in 1926, the biggest mining and steel cartel in the world at the time of Nazi Germany. The Thyssen family was a primary funder of Adolf Hitler, donating 500,000 RM to the elections of 1932 and continuing on to help financially support the Nazi government.

Hitler and Fritz Thyssen


From Scientology Roots, chapter 22, New World Order and Nazi Germany

In 1922, (William) Averell Harriman, member of Skull and Bones, went to Berlin and made contact with Fritz Thyssen. Rudolf Hess, member of the Thule Society, introduced Fritz Thyssen to Adolf Hitler. Like the Bonesmen, Thyssen believed that the New World Order would be ruled by the kings of banking and commerce.

When Harriman went to Germany, the membership of the Thule Society included Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler all of whom became Nazi leaders. The secret society that had anointed Hitler as its leader, would later become known to the world as the SS —The Brotherhood of Death.

Harriman and Thyssen agreed to establish a banking association, and they did in 1924. 16

William_Averell_Harriman   Fritz_Thyssen
Harriman                                                            Thyssen

The W.A. Harriman Company established an international investment firm Union Banking Corporation, which was in business with the Thyssens. George Herbert Walker was made president.

By agreement between Averell Harriman and Fritz Thyssen in 1922, the Union Banking Corporation handled funds chiefly supplied to it through the Dutch bank by the Thyssen interests – for American investment… transferring funds back and forth between New York and the Thyssen interests. The Union Banking Corporation and the Thyssen bank also acted as Nazi fronts and served to launder funds for Thyssen and the Nazis – money and funds that could be used to buy guns, arms, favorable publicity, and dozens of U.S. senators, congressman, and newspaper editors. 16

The Dulles law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the U.S. affairs of I.G. Farben and Hitler’s major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen. John Foster Dulles wrote “Heil Hitler” on his letters to German clients.

On 20 October 1942, under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being directed by Prescott Bush, including the Union Banking Corporation. Union Banking Corporation was run as a front for the Thyssen family of Germany. 16

* * *


Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen’s father – Heinrich Freiherr Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon et Impérfalva  – also sat on the board of Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG.

So, presumably some of Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen’s billions came from Fritz Thyssen’s war profiteering and support of Hitler.

Note: John J. McCloy also happened to the legal representative for I.G. Farben.

In 1952 the Nazi, Martin Bormann’s money was released. In Argentina, Juan Peron’s earlier wife Evita Peron had died of cancer at age 33. In her name (that’s a sick twist in itself) they deposited the nazi money in 40 Swiss banks. $100 million cash, another $40 million in diamonds. Several hundred million more were set aside with her brother Juan Duarte to courier. All these events led to three murders the following year:

  • Juan Duarte was shot to death.
  • Heinrich Dorge, an aide to Hjalmar Schacht, killed. Schacht was Skorzeny’s father in law, who had been president of Hitler’s Reichsbank
  • Rudolf Freude, Nazi banker who knew the locations of the money, was poisoned.



* * *

Lopez Rega insinuated himself into the exile Peron’s household.

By the early 1970s, Lopez Rega also was holding conversations with Stefano delle Chiaie, who with Skorzeny’s blessing, worked to build the new international “neo-fascist” movement.

Rega nursed Peron (who had several physical ailments) and practiced his occult “arts of healing”. He also “arranged” the return of Eva Peron’s carefully preserved corpse. (ha ha, since he’s a dang Vatican spy who probably helped hide her body in the first place)

On Sept. 23, 1971, Eva’s remains were transported from Italy to Spain where they were turned over to Peron. Later, Lopez Rega moved the body to a second floor room at Peron’s house and ordered Isabel to lie on the coffin. Amid burning candles, Lopez Rega reportedly performed rituals to transfer Eva’s spiritual essence into Isabel.

You know, I think they really do believe in this crap. I know Pope Nicholas V (and pretty much every pope after him) was obsessed with “the occult” – basically special powers that they wish they had but don’t. Why? Mostly because they cannot due to their never living as who they really are. Nice strait-jacket for them, see how that works?

morticia - wink.

Peron bought it, and between that and a little teaser  – read more emotional manipulation – by our good buddy Vatican P-2 man Licio Gelli, who chartered a DC-8 jet that returned Peron to Argentine soil for a brief visit in late 1971 – just to get the ole juices flowing even more.

Peron was “revitalized” and itching to return to power in Argentina. All was being prepared, the Argentine government helped out by voiding an outstanding criminal warrant against Peron for “statutory rape” in the Nelly Rivas affair (she was 15).

Meanwhile back at the psycho-dog Nazi ranch – (slavemasters love their psycho-dogs)

the slavemasters and their pet german lap dogs

Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny are involved in helping to form death squads such as the Angels of Death in Bolivia, the Anti-Communist Alliance in Argentina (the Triple A) and in Spain, with Stephen Della Chiaie, the Guerrillas of Christ the King.

As soon as Peron was back in office again with an absolutely in-your-face hypocritical posting of Mr. Rega as Minister of Social Welfare – that’s when Rega/Barbie/Skorzeny (with Vatican support) formed the Alianza Anticomunista Argentina.

The Triple A.

So, Rega is Minister of social welfare and he’s killing people left right and center?

hypocrisy overload

And look at Peron from that time period – He looks like he’s on cocaine or something.

juan peron 1973.

I swear though, for some reason he totally reminds me of the creepy head of the Adams Family (tv show) – Gomez Adams.

gomez adams adams family.

Except Gomez Adams was a whole lot more human, and that’s saying something.

* * *


So, as a brief recap, that puts Vatican bankers  and pro-Nazi’s Michael Sindona, Licio Gelli, Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny all linked up with each other with CIA and MI6 support to put down anyone who would oppose the new Holy Roman German Empire – the Nesilim rise again.


And we have fascism posing as Democracy.


Over and over again people are sold on this “democracy and freedom” idea – a sick parody of what people like Thomas Jefferson created here in America – and then…they are punished and told it is in the name of democracy!

A good example is when Juan Peron was re-installed in 1973 (in Argentina).

Hoping that maybe this time (this just breaks my heart it’s so sad) maybe this time they would have a leader who would care about them? The people of Argentina, almost two million of them, surged hopefully to Ezeiza airport outside Buenos Aires.

ezeiza 1973

But, of course, Peron’s allegiance was never to the people he was to rule over, it was to his masters, represented in the strange band of bodyguards who flanked him on the dais at Ezeiza airport.

Consortium News

The security detail included Cuban-Americans from Alpha 66, gunmen from Italy’s Ordine Nuovo, Croatian fascist Ustashi thugs and several Corsican gangsters who were involved in the infamous French Connection heroin ring.

At the head of this international odd squad was Ciro Ahumada, an ex-leader of the ultra-right French Secret Army Organization [OAS], which in the early 1960s had engaged in terrorism to block President Charles deGaulle’s plans to grant independence to Algeria.

Another commander was Lt. Col. Jorge Osinde, Peron’s intelligence chief from the 1950s and a close ally of Lopez Rega. In preparation for Peron’s return, Lopez Rega had been named head of the Ministry of Social Welfare, the euphemistic name for the secret police. Osinde had become Lopez Rega’s top deputy.


The people were stunned by this strange display of black-shirted thugs surrounding Peron on the dais, and began to grow restive. Understandably so, they knew this did not bode well for them. This was not likely to be ushering in a new era of order and prosperity for them.

And they were right.

In what is known as the Massacre at Ezeiza

Peron’s security force [camouflaged snipers first] opened fire on the crowd. Panic swept Ezeiza airport. Bullets tore through leftist protesters and bystanders alike. Scores of screaming people fell to the ground while others pushed and shoved their way to safety.

The number of dead and wounded reached into the hundreds. Like a sudden slap in the face, the massacre ended the utopian dream of Peron as Argentina’s savior.


That was probably the point. Slavemasters are really sick that way, they love to raise up hopes and then just rip them apart. In usually the most bloody, painful, and soul-betraying way possible.

Remember that, that is one of their most used tactics.

Instead of hope, and love, and care for their welfare, what did they get?



When Peron died his wife took over the Presidency, and Mr. Snake Rega became her personal secretary.


I bet that was special for her. Can you imagine what that must have been like for her?

black scroll divider

Michael Sindona, Licio Gelli, and Roberto Calvi.

The Vatican Boys


roberto calvi


I know I’m ripping you around a bit in time, but sometimes when dealing with such a non-linear subject as this, it’s necessary to focus on a person (or people) insteand of just time only. But, now we’re going to come back to Roberto, and stay in time-sequence mostly here for a while.

By 1960, Roberto Calvi had helped formed Italy’s first Mutual Fund. It was at the Banco Ambrosiano that Michael Sindona became Calvi’s “patron”, when in 1965 his career was “dead-ended”.

You see, in the Catholic World, one must have a “patron” to make any kind of real advancement.

See Backdated Overpopulation Myths and the Forging of the Bible for an in-depth discussion about what, where, and why this whole “patron” business started.

This crossed with our man Gelli that we just got done discussing, who also had himself a Vatican patron, Cardinal Paolo Bertoli.

Now we will talk about that P-2 lodge a lot more in-depth. OK, so the Vatican assigned Gelli to go out and join the Masonic movement in Italy in 1963. He rises quickly through the degrees, and soon has the authorization to form his own Lodge.

On cue, he begins to systematically recruit high members of Italy’s military and intelligence services including Orazio Giannini who is head of the country’s financial police, as well as leading industrialists and bankers.

Ah, but the real reason for doing this begins to show up – it was really an intelligence gathering/blackmail front.

Gelli begins accumulating files on people that he targets for membership (he also had the membership rolls of the whole lodge) and he blackmails these people into joining his lodge, which he christened Propaganda Due, or P-2.

Besides in Argentina, Gellie’s lodge soon has branches in Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Portugal and Nicaragua.

Some of the people he brings into P-2 from Colombia, are henchmen of Klaus Barbi (of course) as well as people from the juntas and death squads throughout Latin America, such as Jose Lopez Rega, whom we already mentioned BUT….what else did he do?



He was part of the cocaine smuggling operation between Argentina and the United States – which was actually one of the earliest operations with Klaus sitting like a spider-on-a-web as the chemical man for these people.

Klaus oversaw the making of the “paste” using mostly forced-slave labor, of course. The Slavemaster Way.

coca-pour to make pasteGround Coca strained from a solution of sulfuric acid and urea, leaving behind a grey paste of coca base.

 cocaine paste.

From there, it gets made into the distinctive power called – cocaine.

In 2008, Bolivian President Evo Morales gave the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) three months to leave the country, accusing them of fomenting the drugs trade rather than fighting it.

…Throughout the 1990s, the DEA in Bolivia “bribed police officers, violated human rights, covered up murders, destroyed bridges and roads,” said Quintana.

Morales earlier Thursday said that after a 1986 operation in Huanchaca National Park, it was determined that the largest cocaine processing plant “was under DEA protection.”

…On Wednesday, he had accused the DEA of shooting and killing Bolivians during their anti-drug operations, including members of the coca farmers’ movement.

Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, has served as the leader of the Bolivian coca-growers union. The coca plant, from which cocaine is derived, has many uses in traditional Andean culture.

…The DEA has denied Morales’ accusations.

DEA complicit in drug trade, says Morales Agence France-Presse Published: Thursday November 6, 2008


I give you that to illustrate that what the Vatican/OSS/CIA/British/Nazis put in motion back in the 1950’s with Klaus Barbie?

Is still going on

  • as a tool of oppression
  • as a tool of behavior modification

as eugenics.


To keep rebellious types out-of-commission and only focused on the drugs, or to outright kill them. Either way is fine with the slavemasters.

Remember that, the next time someone tells you that you should take drugs to “reach enlightenment” or to “expand your mind”.

That is NEVER what the drug “revolution” was really about.


* * *


What’s this got to do with Scientology?


I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

snoopy raz.

No, seriously.

The answer is, because Ron Hubbard is (and always was) right in the thick of all this. Now, that did not mean all the scientologists were, that’s the really sick part in many ways. There were many different types of slavemaster agents peppered all throughout scientology, yes, that’s true, but not everyone was in on this particular farce of behavior-modification-come-slush-fund for the slavemasters.

Unfortunately though, they were being used to do whatever the slavemasters wanted done.

And one of those things was –

putting a stop to rebellious people’s actions
like in Colombia where they just (July 2015) opened an “ideal” church of scientology.)

and another was –

Providing cover and assistance for intelligence activities, military reprisals and drug operations.


Don’t believe me?

Yea, well, you should have learned by now, really you should, that if I say something like that? Proof has this strange habit of coming my way when I “ask” for it. Call it real magic. The best kind. No demons, gods, spells, incantations, rituals, procedures, “tech”, or any other craptastic inventions necessary.

Of course, I could just be FOS.


Or maybe not.


winking angel


To be continued –

Next up will start with how Roberto Calvi got to be the head of Banca Ambrosiana, and we’ll go from there.


Virg sig script

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