Greetings! Yes, it’s true, I found another important little piece buried in the recently declassified FDA documents (obtained by activist R.M. Seibert) – probably overlooked by everyone, including the FDA.

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In and amongst the documents released by the FDA, there are often copies of flyers, articles, and various promotional pieces by scientology, up to and including full copies of magazines. Such was the case with this find.

On cd #1, Box 1, Folder 3 PDF, page 141 – was a listing of members of the Professional Auditor’s Guild International.

professional auditors guild international echavarria

I’ve marked Federico Echavarria with a red arrow.

professional auditors guild international echavarria 2


Isn’t it funny how you can just know things sometimes? That’s what happened here. Of all the names on that list, I honed in on Federico and then duly noted it in my FDA workfile of things of interest as I went through the documents.

And there it sat…until up that name – Echavarria – popped as part of my research into the seedy history of drug-rehabilitation programs backed by the U.S. government in the more overt version of MK-Ultra begun in the 1960’s.


Damn! says me, I hate it when I’m right.

Well, not really, but you know what I mean. This is some nasty, nasty stuff. The full relationship will be covered in my other rough-draft article I’m working on, but for now I thought I’d just focus on the scientology connection.

Federico Echavarria was quite involved with L. Ron Hubbard and his Phoenix-based organization in the 1950’s.

He’s listed in Ability #3 Major (1955) on p. 6 –

ECHAVARRIA, Federico, B. Scn., (#4962), Medellin, Colombia.


He’s listed in Ability #4 Minor (1955) on p. 18 – and he’s gonna bring scientology to Colombia! This entry also indicates he’s been in scientology quite a bit longer than this already. Note the ‘refresher’ part.

…..B.SCN. (misspelled) FREDERICO ECHAVARRIA – after a fast refresher trip to Phoenix, is in Medellin, Colombia planning the future of SCIENTOLOGY SOUTH AMERICA with D. SCN. MAGGIE DE ORTIZ…

and in  Ability #4 Major (1955) on p. 37, we can see that Maggie (Margaret) is also from Medellin, Colombia.


Maggie later became Clear 10,830, per the Auditor magazine.

In Journal of Scientology issue #29-G I found a picture of Federico Echavarrio – marked by red arrow.



So, who is this Federico Echevarria character?

Time for a history lesson about the Echevarria family, and man, was this a real pain to put together. Half the time the stuff was in Spanish which meant I had to translate it a piece at a time. But, I did it, and now you can witness the fruits of that labor.

Some of the translations are, I’m sure, questionable due to Google-translates fun take on certain words, but I think we’ll muddle through it ok anyway.

The family history begins with Don Alejandro Echavarria Isaza, patriarch and business titan who participated in the establishment and development of a large number of commercial companies. He first created Alejandro Echavarria and Sons which consisted of Don Alejandro, Don Gabriel, Don Guillermo, Don Diego and Don Carlos J.. The firm was involved for years in the import and sale of foreign fabrics primarily from England.

Don Alejandro


Alejandro Echavarria older

Also referred to as Organization Corona apparently –

Organizacion Corona was founded in 1881, making it one of the oldest business entities in Colombia.It is one of the largest conglomerate based in the South American country. The company manufactures ceramics for the home improvement market and is divided into six business units.[citation needed] It has operations in Colombia, Panama, Mexico, the United States and China and export to more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Founded     1881
Founder     Echavarria Family


Bogota, Colombia

Area served

United States

Number of employees


    Hipercentro Corona, Manfield Plumbing, Homecenter, Orchid Ceramics, Grival, Colceramica, Vajillas Corona, Insumos Industriales

Website     http://www.corona.com.co

Don Gabriel Echavarria Masses (son of Alejandro) had a son named Hernan Echavarria Masses, who one day he went to his grandfather Don Alejandro with the idea of making their own textiles there in Colombia, so they founded a company in 1907 that became the powerful and famous company Coltejer – which by 1960 was the largest company in Columbia.

Don Alejandro’s firm also branched out into a number of other areas, such as the Colombian Navigation Company (second aviation company in the world); Robledo foundry and workshops (managed and founded by his son German); the Antioquia Company for Electrical Installations, Brewery Antioquia (Ramon Restrepo and others) and one of the more important coffee threshing companies. The Antioqueña Electrification Company provided utilities for Medellin. Besides the above, Echavarria and Sons was a permanent investor and real estate/livestock pioneer in the Sinu, under the leadership of son William.

Another area they were big in was banking. They created the Bank of Medellin (1882) which suffered economic crises at the end of that century, the Bank of Credit Antioquia, The Bank Atlantic, the Bank of Commerce, Bank of Miners, the Mortgage Bank of Colombia, and most important of all, Deutsche Bank Antioqueño.

Reference: Series: 100 Empresarios. Historias de Vida: Alejandro Echavarría Isaza

Deutsche Antioquia Bank, or Banco Aleman Antiogueno was established in 1912 with head office at Bremen, but specifically to do business in Columbia. The local merchants of Medellin contributed about 25 per cent of the capital and German merchants, principally of Bremen, about 75 per cent.

Reference – Report on Cooperation in American Export Trade: (In Two Parts …, Part 1, published 1916.

One reason that bank is important, is because it is GERMAN. It is thought by some to have been involved in laundering Nazi assets (primarily from stealing them from Jews that they killed). In fact, it was investigated for just that, as these National Archives show.

Banco Comercial Antioqueño: Relationship to Adolf Held and Deutsche, Antioquia Bank – 1949 [A1, Entry 421]

– National Archives, General Records Pertaining to External Assets Investigations, 1945

Also see Banco Comercial Antioqueño: Relationship To Adolf Held And Deutsche Antioquia Bank › Page 18 – Fold3.com

Then there’s this –

FRANKFURT— Historians combing through Deutsche Bank AG archives have found evidence that the biggest German bank helped finance construction of the Auschwitz death camp, the chief historian of the bank said Thursday.

Manfred Pohl, director of the bank’s historical institute, said it was the first time that Deutsche Bank had been linked to the financing of companies that built the Nazi death camp. Other recently unearthed documents showed that the bank serviced accounts for the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police, which deposited proceeds from auctions of property confiscated from deported Jews, he said.

Deutsche Bank Linked To Auschwitz Funding by John Schmid Published: February 5, 1999

And also this –

(which was in spanish so I included the original and the Google translation)

Vale le pena destacar que el Banco Aleman Antioqueno habia hecho un convenio con el Deutsche Bank para que sus Reisemark (marcos de viajeros) y los cheques en Reisemark sean pagaderos en la sede principal de este banco en Berlin y en las 267 sucursales del Deutsche Bank en Alemania.

Google translation –

It it worth noting that the German Bank Antioch had made an agreement with Deutsche Bank for its Reisemark (frames rating) and checks in Reisemark are payable at the headquarters of the bank in Berlin and the 267 branches of Deutsche Bank in Germany.

Montalban  by Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Facultad de Humanidades y Educación


Don Alejandro, “Papalelo ” as he was affectionately called by his children and grandchildren, had married to Dona Ana Josefa Masses Eusse, whose father was an “important land owner”.

They had nine children, five boys and four girls. The greatest of these (business-wise) was Don Gabriel Echavarria Masses who was born in Medellin in 1883.

Gabriel (back right) next to his mother Ana Josefa, with Don Alejandro in the center.


Don Alejandro sent his children away to Europe and England to study, including his daughters. Gabriel and Alexander studied in England, Diego and German in Germany and William and Carlos J, in the United States. The two older daughters, Sofia and Luisa, studied at New York’s School of the Sacred Heart of Manhattan. His daughter Rosa studied in Medellin and married very young to John Uribe Escobar, who was an important founding entrepreneur of Textiles Vicuña and John Uribe and Children.

The youngest daughter, Rosa, did not want to study outside the country because she had met “the man of her life” – this was Gustavo Uribe Escobar, brother of John, whom her sister had married.

Gustavo was one of the leading medical and academics in Antioquia, founder of the Red Cross and Venereal League Antioquia.

These two daughters children were double cousins. The son of Rosa and Gustavo, Rodrigo Uribe Echavarria, was who guided the business of Coltejer until 1972, making it the biggest company in Colombia. Gilberto Uribe Echavarria, was the youngest son of John and Margaret, he carried on the John Uribe and Children firm which formed more than ten companies in the textile and garment sector. Esprit, Mango, Chevignon, Naf Naf, Americanino, Parachute, Mercantile fabrics, Colorine, Floral, Infantex… among others.

In my opinion, Gabriel Echavarria Masses was obviously the one ‘chosen’ to help expand the British slavemaster empire. He was first trained at a Jesuit College, then immediately went to a different English school in Manchester in order to “perfect in all branches and specialties of trade.”

Gabriel Echavarria Masses

garbiel echavarria 1930

Gabriel married Helena Olozaga Restrepo, her mother was Rosa “from a rich Medellin family”. Apparently her brother, José María Olózaga (Pepe), was a founder of the Communist party of Colombia.

Hernan Echavarria Olozaga, born in Medellin on April 7, 1911, was the second son of Gabriel and Elena Echavarria Olózaga. When he was 12, his father took the whole family to England, an his father had him groomed the same way he was, only in this case? One of the places that he attended was the London School of Economics.

Reference – Interview with Hernán Echavarría Olózag a, Bogotá, agosto de 2004, p. 4

The London School of Economics (of Fabian Society infamy) was the then slavemaster grooming factory, sort of like Oxford-lite. Hernan was taught Keynes and other supposedly “leftist” ideas while there.

While he was in London, Hernan met Pedro Hernán López Michelsen, the son of Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo, and developed a close friendship with Peter, which later led to Pumarejo (during the second term of Presidency) appointing Hernan as Minister of Public Works at the young age of 32.

During the build-up to WWII, Hernan was performing “Engineer functions” at Coltejer between 1933 and 1936.


hernan echavarria 2

Then, on March 18, 1936, Hosiery Alfa SA was established. The creation papers were signed by Alejandro Echavarria Masses, Gabriel Echavarria Masses, Carlos J Echavarria, Escobar and Gustavo Uribe Echavarria of Rosa Uribe. Also in the same document, the management was entrusted to Alejandro Echavarria Masses and Hernán Echavarria Olozaga as administrator.

Hernán’s father, Gabriel Echavarria Masses, dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances. Supposedly from a “poorly formulated drug” at the pharmacy. It was October 19, 1943 right in the middle of WWII – Gabriel was only 59.

With Gabriel dead, the two brothers took over running the ’empire’ there in Colombia.

Earlier that year, on February 22, 1943, Hernán married Loli Obregón at the Hotel del Prado Barranquilla. Described as the “elegant young daughter of a Colombian father from the Coastal area, Arjona Rafael Obregon, whose family made a lot of money.”

Hernan and family

hernan echavarria

They promptly went to live in Europe, which is rather interesting considering this is right in the middle of the War!

Even weirder, Loli’s father Arjona Rafael Obregón was the Colombian ambassador to Berlin in 1936, right at the rise of Hitler.

Now, our scientologist Federico Echavarria comes down a parallel line to Hernan. Federico’s father was CARLOS JOTA Jose Echavarria Misas, (1902-1978) who married Elena Olarte Restrepo in 1926 – he was the brother of Gabriel, who was Hernan’s father. That means Federico and Hernan were cousins.

Carlos Echavarria Misas

carlos echavarria father of federico.

Federico was born in Medellin on March 6 , 1931 – which means he was in his 20’s when he was doing scientology with Ron Hubbard. Federico had gone to High School in New Jersey, and was taking Business Administration at the University of Franklin and Marshall, Pennsylvania, USA. This may have been where he first ran into Ron Hubbard.

He went on to take Political Economy at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He was on the board of Coltejer, Executive of the Year in 1969, and the CEO of Incolda, Bogota. More recently, he was Colombia’s ambassador to China, 1991-1993.

One of the more interesting things about Hernan, and a probable connection to his cousin Federico’s activities with Ron Hubbard, is that Hernan attended a seminar at the Embassy of the United States about the need to improve techniques of management. Just a few months later, in 1959, the Colombian Institute of Directors, Incolda was created and it begins offering management training for executives and managers of Colombian companies  – which all sounds very Ron Hubbard to me. Especially considering what you’re going to read later on here.

Two years later, the School of Management and Finance is created, the first Colombian business school in Medellin.

Hernan was Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States in 1967 and 1968.

Hernan and Loli Obregon had three children. The eldest, Gabriel, was born on November 29, 1943. The second, Jose Antonio (Tonino affectionately called), was born October 26, 1946. The youngest daughter, Lolita, was born July 21, 1962, fifteen years after the eldest son, and was the darling of her father right from the beginning.

Hernan and Lolita

hernan echavarria and lolita

The last two mentioned both became active in scientology – illustrating that the Echavarria interest in scientology was indeed spanning generations.

How active, and were there others?

Very, and Yes! There were.


Lolita attested to CLEAR OT, per Source magazine #23, October 1979.

Claudia Echavarria was still doing services all the way into the late 1980’s. At the same site, if you do a search of that last name you’ll see that Julian, Jose, Emma Garces (did L11 New Life Rundown in 2003), Elsa and Christina Echavarria had all done scientology services.

Lolita X.(Ximena) Echavarria is also on the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) Donors Cumulative List (2006)
– Taken from Impact Magazine Issue #115

She married the great-great-great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt, Simon Cummings Roosevelt February 28, 1999. At that time, he was a lawyer at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, the New York law firm.

Lolita’s brother Tony, or JOSE ANTONIO ECHAVARRIA was listed as Clear 6191 in Auditor #139 from 1977.

Tony is still active in scientology as of June 2015. He is listed as having completed a bunch of training at the New York scientology organization.


Jose Antonio (tony) echavarria

Congratulations to Tony Echavarria for completing his Level IV Auditor Course!! This provisionally earns him the title of Hubbard Advanced Auditor.

Tony has completed Student Hat, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Pro Metering and Level 0 through IV all here in the New York org!

facebook notice June 2015

Maria and Enrique Echavarria (brother and sister) also had some involvement in Scientology.

Hernan is their uncle, and was Enrique’s mentor.

“When I came to Colombia to Cali in the year 1967, I was trying to define what it was I wanted to do my uncle …he invited me and he became like a father, my mentor, and my friend. …One of the things uncle Hernán told me that I had to develop a business for me. … I have the great pleasure to say that all I have in my life is because of uncle Hernán.”

Interview with Enrique Garcés Echavarría, sobrino de Hernán. Bogotá, 12 de julio de 2006.p.1

Enrique decided to start a furniture manufacturing company Socorro that exported furniture around the world. He ran the company for 33 years and it was very successful.

Maria Eugenia Garces, Enrique Garcés Echavarría y María Clemencia
María Eugenia Garcés Echavarría, Enrique Garcés Echavarría y María Clemencia

This is Enrique and Maria’s parents –

Alvaro Garcés Giraldo and Alice Echavarria Olozaga

echavarria alvaro_alicia

María Eugenia Garcés, one of the leading members of an influential Colombian business family, has a strong commitment to supporting philanthropic initiatives that seek to bring peace and development to her native country.

In mid-2003 she and her family decided to join the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPC) on the advice of her relative, Lizzie Eder Zobel de Ayala, who had married Jaime Zobel de Ayala, a leading businessman in the Philippines. Lizzie knew that María Eugenia and her siblings Elena Garcés, Enrique Garcés and Emma Garcés [note, the one that did L-11 mentioned above] were in the process of setting up the AlvarAlice Foundation in Colombia…

From her base in the US, where she has lived for the past thirty years, María Eugenia has had a continuous involvement with the philanthropic endeavors of her family in Colombia. A major vehicle for her voluntary support for social development initiatives has been the Fundación Corona (Corona Foundation), one of oldest, most respected, and influential Colombian private foundations established by her mother’s brothers: Felipe, Hernán, Elkin and Norman Echavarría. She has served as an active Board Member of the Fundación Corona since the year 2000.

…María and her siblings created the Fundación AlvarAlice (AlvarAlice Foundation) in 2003 in memory of their parents Alvaro Garcés Giraldo and Alice Echavarria Olozaga. The purpose of the Foundation is to “honor their philanthropic spirit and commitment to  Colombia’s social development. In addition to continuing their parents’ legacy and work, the Foundation’s objective is to develop synergistic partnerships and global alliances that enhance the lives and living conditions of Colombian citizens, particularly of the poor and unprivileged communities.”

Snyergos website


“…develop synergistic partnerships and global alliances that enhance the lives and living conditions of Colombian citizens, particularly of the poor and unprivileged.”

wiley-double yikes

Somehow, when it comes to these people? I don’t think those words mean what we think they do.


Why am I going into such detail about the Enrique side of things now?

This is why –

Beginning in January 1975, Richard “Dick” Weigand held the position of Deputy Guardian for Information in the United States (DG I US) having taken over for Terry Milner.

Dick Weigand – circa 2000’s

Richard Weigand

After the FBI raid he was indicted and convicted of conspiracy charges in United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al. in 1979.

Fast forward a couple decades now –

After I got onto the scientology’s advanced level called OT VII (aka Solo Nots) in 1990, a couple of years later my ex-husband (and OSA intelligence volunteer) Bill Rhodes got me an ‘approval’ to be on the private scientology email group TNX-L.

I would get emails every day of whatever postings had been made.

On April 17th of 1995, one of the posts that day (by Dick Weigand) contained a briefing from Mike Edwards wherein their efforts to spread Scientology into Colombia for the last 3 years were detailed.

Although I have the original message stored offline, you can access it easily at this website.

Taking some excerpts from it –

Subject: Colombia Update

Dear TNXers, Here’s some Scn good news:

(Here is an updated debrief of the activities in Colombia, So America. Since the original report we have started delivery of the BSM to 12,000 high school students, which is in progress at this time. We are delivering to the Military enmasse and to the Police. Many great results have been obtained and further delivery is being planned by these agencies. We have 7 other High Schools, 42 elementary schools, and an entire State’s educational system in the country wanting LRH’s educational tech. We are also consulting the biggest businesses in the Country as a means of financing the social reform efforts. The debrief is long, but interesting. DW 17 Ap 95)

The debrief itself is dated October 27, 1994. However, as you will see their efforts in Columbia began in 1992 approximately.

Approximately 4 1/2 years ago Protectionism was thrown out of Colombia.

[…]Hoescht, which is the Chemical company. I went to their factory in Cali

[…]The country needed new ways in which to operate if it was to have a place in the world market. The result was the country had a chance to catch up with the rest of the world in the areas of economics, education and government.

[…] This created a positive situation for us. This ground work plus our connection to the Echavarria family has opened the door for us.

Our purpose is to fill that vacuum created, claiming as much ground as quickly as possible through the introduction of LRH technology to the government, military, police, education and business personnel . As our resources are minimal the most has to be made with the least.

As a result of this background we have been able to secure agreements with high ups in Government, Military, Police, Education and Business for the introduction of LRH tech.

In the 1990 presidential campaign, three presidential candidates, including the poll-leading Liberal Luis Carlos Galán, and hundreds of other people were killed by drug traffickers in a backlash against tougher drug-trade policies.

The President of Columbia from 7 August 1990 to 7 August 1994 was César Gaviria Trujillo.

cesar trujillo

As president, Gaviria also led the so-called fight against the Cali drugs cartel (a break-away group from Pablo Escobar and his Medellin associates) and various guerrilla factions.

The Cali Cartel operated as a tight group of independent criminal organizations, as opposed to the Medellíns’ structure of a central leader, Pablo Escobar.

With connections to British mercenaries, allies among countries, countless spies and informants in the government and its vast intelligence and surveillance network throughout the city of Santiago de Cali, the Cali cartel was once renowned and compared to the Russian KGB by the American DEA, calling it “The most powerful crime syndicate in history”, later called “The Cali KGB”.

At the height of the Cali Cartel’s reign, they were cited as having control over 90% of the world’s cocaine market and for being directly responsible for the growth of the cocaine market in Europe, controlling 90% of the market.By the mid-1990s, the trafficking empire of the Cali Cartel was a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

The Cali Cartel also carried out slavemaster Eugenics programs. In his book End of Millennium, Manuel Castells states the Cali Cartel had participated in social cleansing of hundreds of “desechables” (English: discardables). The desechables included prostitutes, street children, petty thieves, homosexuals and the homeless. Along with some of the locals, the Cali Cartel formed parties self-named grupos de limpieza social (English: social cleansing groups) who murdered the “desechables,” often leaving them with signs on them stating: “Cali limpia, Cali linda” (English: clean Cali, beautiful Cali). The bodies of those murdered were often tossed into the Cauca River, which later became known as the River of Death.

Note L. Ron Hubbard also agreed with deleting such ‘low-toned’ individuals from society.

From Ewen Cameron and Ron Hubbard – Two Peas In A Pod

There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts.

The first is to raise them on the tone scale by unenturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes.

The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.

Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women.

The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.

It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line — a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred — or simply quarantining them from the society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others

Hubbard too, is covertly advocating Eugenics, as was the Cali Cartel.

Feeding off the weakening Escobar Cartel, the Cali Cartel grew in strength, eventually founding Los Pepes or Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar (English: People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar).

Los Pepes was specifically formed to target the Medellín Cartel and bring about the downfall of Pablo Escobar, receiving received assistance from the United States counter-terrorism unit, Delta Force. By the time of Escobar’s capture and eventual death in December 1993, Los Pepes have been responsible for the deaths or executions of over 60 associates or members of the Medellín Cartel. The death of Pablo Escobar led to the dismantling of the Medellín Cartel and the rise of the Cali Cartel.

Which was then repaid for its efforts on behalf of CIA black ops, by being dismantled in 1994, with most of its leaders arrested and 2 billion dollars in assets confiscated by the U.S.

Weigand and Edwards look to have begun their work down in Columbia starting in 1992 with INCOLDA.

Remember that name? Here’s what I said about that again –

One of the more interesting things about Hernan, and a probable connection to Federico, is that Hernan attended a seminar at the Embassy of the United States about the need to improve techniques pf management. Just a few months later, in 1959, the Colombian Institute of Directors, Incolda was created and it begins offering management training for executives and managers of Colombian companies  – which all sounds very Ron Hubbard to me. Especially considering what you’re going to read later on here.

So, whaddya know? That’s where the scientologists are again getting their in.

This year while delivering a workshop at INCOLDA (Institute Colombiano de Administracion- the institute which I originally started with, back in 1992) two Military Officers were attending.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

But, they were also pushing into Columbian schools.

About 2 years ago, while doing a safe pointing project with the WIS book, and meeting with the different Ministers of Colombia, we had a conversation with the then Minister of Education. We brought him copies of WIS, the BSM, POW and the WTH. He showed some interest in the BSM and referred us to the terminal who was responsible for implementing new programs in the school system. A proposal was done up for a pilot program to deliver to 150 teachers and administrative personnel in the Dept. of Education. Because of administrative red tape, and even thou the program was approved, the actual starting never occurred. The original Minister of Education resigned as he was running for another office. The terminal we were working with was transferred, and the new terminal was very busy with the new Minister of Education. With our comm line to the Presidents office, and with his authorization, his private sec’y arranged for an appointment with a new terminal within the Ministry of Education. We met with him and asked how to get the program in. He recommended bypassing the Ministry and Sec’y of Education and go right to the schools. He gave us a list of all the schools in Colombia.

One person was put on phoning the schools. He immediately got 12 schools interested. Promoting was stopped as we were exceeding the delivery capacity. The first school approached in person was Kennedy H.S. I brought the BSM and the POW and gave it to the Principal. I did the Dissem formula on him. He said, “This is what we need . Lets start it out in the Spanish dept.” He brought in the Director of the Spanish Dept. and explained to him that we were going to educate all the Spanish teachers (39) and they in turn would educate the children. We started with these 39 teachers.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.



During the past administration I had excellent comm lines into the President’s office. The President backed us through his Private Sec, which he had help us. The Private Sec helped us get appointments with some of the different Ministers.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

Miguel Silva was President Trujillo’s private secretary (aka chief of staff) – this is documented in this transcript of a White House meeting with the U.S. President on September 29, 1990.

Silva is currently a senior managing director at the strategic communications segment of FTI Consulting. He has been an editor at Semana magazine, and a columnist at El Tiempo and El Espectador. He writes a blog for The Huffington Post.

Miguel Silva in 2013


In 1993 I had a meeting with the Minister of Defense along with Enrique Garces Echavarria. At that meeting I was trying to get the Minister of Defense to back us in doing a WTH campaign there. At that time we gave him copies of POW, TWTH and the WIS book. He felt that at that time he could not have this campaign going because of the problems in the country. During this period of time there were a lot of car bombings going on and the drug lord Pablo Escobar was threatening to blow up the President’s house and other government officials. In PT Pablo has since been found and killed, by the Military and the car bombings have stopped.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

It wasn’t “by the military” as I’ve already covered, but its interesting to watch this kind of disinformation being spoon-fed to scientologists.

But look – there’s the connection to Enrique Echavarria!

Enrique – center

María Eugenia Garcés Echavarría, Enrique Garcés Echavarría y María Clemencia

By 1994, with the new elections, Edwards and Weigand were happily getting TWTH going with the new Minister of Defense, Fernando Botero.

Enrique Echavarria, yet again, greased that particular association in 1993 when Fernando was still a Senator.

Also in 1994, Mike Edwards was delivering a workshop at INCOLDA and General Gil attended.

… he loved the data from POW and the talk on Book One. I offered our services to him and the next week we delivered a similar work shop to his officers at their Base. This was the start of our relationship with the Military. The Military’s main function is to handle the guerrilla’s, terrorists, bombings, kidnappings’ and drug smuggling. The handling of these things has improved over the past few years, but isn’t yet under control.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

That’s the understatement of the year. But listen to this…

General Gil has received Book One auditing and recently said he felt a leader to be a true Leader must know LRH’s data on ARC and Ethics Presence. The General is being promoted later this year to one of the top administrators in the Military. He wants all of his Officers trained on ARC and Ethics Presence as well as Book One!

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.

Oh god…




The Military trained on LRH tech enabling them to achieve the result of a country without insanity (the real enemy), without criminals (Mafia,Druglords) and without war (guerrillas and terrorists), where the able can prosper and honest being can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights which are the aims of Scientology. To make this goal and target real for the officers and soldiers of the Military.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.


The other person attending the INCOLDA workshop was “the Major”.

Scientology wants to help him handle the false PR of the guerrillas – how very CIA of them!


The Major in the Military got his book one auditing and just loves it. He had to get an operation on his nose for some reason. The auditor gave him some assists after the operation and the nose healed very quick, so much so that the doctor could not believe it. He is very happy with the auditing and can not believe how well it is going. He has been transferred to a new post, as the Commandant for a battalion. He has invited me to the front lines to deliver more of LRH tech to his soldiers. It is in the fields of Colombia where the guerrillas are. We are going to work out some PR for the military between them and the people that live there. The guerrillas have the PR position with the people in the area. We are going to show the Military how to correct up the false data the guerrillas have given the people.

-TNX-L message by Dick Weigand containing a briefing by Mike Edwards, message dated April 17th of 1995, briefing itself is from October 1994. You can access it easily at this website.


Mike Edwards was awarded a scientology Medal Of Honor, an event which David Miscavige happily presided over.

Auditor #258, 1996 – New Year’s Event –

Full page –

auditor- 258-1996 Medal of Honor awards - mike edwards colombia

Mike and David



That reminds me.

Dick Weigand told my husband once, that he was offered that Medal too, but he politely (and very rightly) declined to accept.

Good for you Dick!

thumbs up.

After all, who’d want a medal for that?


You might not know it, but the ‘little people’ the low-class workers- as the rich like the Echavarria’s liked to think of them -these people hated the Echevarrias and their ilk because of their utter arrogance and disregard for others as well as their propensity to be completely in the pockets of the British/American/Catholic slavemasters trying to dominate the entire world from their tiny little specks of mind.

These, the smart and brave original people that saw the writing on the wall, these were the original “guerillas” before they got infiltrated by the CIA and MI6 and turned every which way – including into doing horrible atrocities.

You know, it’s actually somewhat horrifying that Mike Edwards was so pleased with himself to offer a “solution” to their “black PR”.

Lest you think this is all old news, let me point out to you that this sort of thing has continued on up as recent as 2015, as per the Church’s PR rag Freedom magazine.

Lara began conducting seminars centered on the ethics and morality espoused in the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness. She spoke to company executives and moved on to address corruption-plagued military forces and, finally, to law enforcement. She was a one-woman force of nature, taking her message to Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Mexico to reach tens of thousands of open ears.

“I took four years off from my work as an actress to do just this,” Lara says. “I saw this as something that needed to happen, and the reactions of the people told me I was right.”

Over the past eight years, Lara has personally given The Way to Happiness seminars to more than 120,000 people across Latin America and reached 25 million more through television, radio and print media.

Freedom magazine, June 2015, Vol. 47. Issue 5, Freedom Medal winners.

Maria Lara


And so…the Strange Tale continues…


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