Today I finally tracked down a decent picture of Brian Roubinek through offline sources.

Brian, at least in 1972, was the Deputy, Deputy Guardian Intelligence for the U.S. (D/DGI Int US) L. Ron Hubbard personally responded to his intelligence “find” concerning Dr. Overholser of St. Elizabeth’s federal mental hospital in Washington D.C.

You can read more about that in Scientology Tax Exemption: What Really Happened – The Kennedy List. Once it loads, just search the page for “Roubinek”.

With that particular post title, Brian must have been Terry Milner’s direct junior. (Terry of the gun-running and drug-smuggling with the Elusive Jerry McDonald, as well as Stanford University CIA remote viewing contracts and telepathy machines infamy.

Terry Milner


A couple years later – 1974ish – Brian had been demoted to Assistant Guardian for Information (Intelligence) Flag (AGI Flag). Flag is a reference to the new buildings scientology was buying in Clearwater, Florida – that Ron Hubbard and crew were making a “land base” out of. Brian was the senior over the black operations being run in Clearwater versus those deemed ‘enemies’ of scientology such as Mayor Cazares.

During this time he was working with Jeff Marino (aka Don Alverzo) and his wife Molly, as well as Merrell Vannier, Joe Lisa, and others who were acting as either operatives or handlers or both, as in the case of Jeff Marino.

The Operatives and Handlers –

Jeff and Merrell





AnimatedStarNote: I also just tracked down a picture of Joe Lisa from this time period – I blacked out his children’s faces.

P. Joseph Lisa - kids blocked out

larger –

Peter Joseph Lisa aka Joe Lisa aka P. Joseph Lisa
– he infiltrated the AMA (American Medical Association) while working for scientology’s Guardian Office.



The local ‘crime boss’ so to speak – Brian Malcolm Roubinek.


From a group shot of Northwestern University’s Beta Theta Pi fraternity, 1963.
Brian graduated in 1966.


Here’s a pic from 1974, at Gerry Armstrong’s wedding. Although of poor quality, you can see that in just 11 years he has lost a lot of his hair. (You can see why I wanted to find a better pic of him)


The FBI later raided the church in 1977, and found documents proving all these people’s involvement in black intelligence operations.

Check out this video from just before he died, where Joe Lisa tries to cover up not only that his ‘client’ was the Guardian’s office, but that he actually was staff there. The video was put up on youtube in 2013, but the interview itself has to have been from some time prior to 2008 (when Joe died).


That is just unconscionable that he’s trying to hide his true involvement here.

Terry Milner ran a licensed private detective agency in California while he was the Deputy Guardian For Information (intelligence), which he used to ‘hire’ people as a sort of cut-out to try and hide the involvement of scientology and the Guardian’s office. Perhaps this is why Joe Lisa selected that term as part of his word-parsing he engaged in during the video above.

Be all that as it may, I have assembled several different types of documentation proving he was a lot more than just a “private investigator” hired by some nebulous client.

Note – here’s a nice little glossary of acronyms used by scientology and by its Guardian’s Office.

You will see that the Guardian’s Office was targeting people for black operations there in Clearwater.

Part of why this was, is because in 1968 Joe Lisa had began his cover operation for the Guardian’s Office which resulted in ultimately his infiltration of the AMA (American Medical Association) in April of 1969, using an intelligence cover of that he was “writing a book about quackery”. He (and his Guardian’s Office superiors) decided to place a full-time agent in on the AMA – this was June Byrne (1970 and 1971). This op became ‘blown’, not all that long before his relocation to Clearwater, Florida.

In his video interview, Joe Lisa says that in 1975 some of the documents he had ‘found’ had been leaked to the press by…”shall we say, friends of mine” – this is a reference to other Guardian’s Office personnel. The whistle-blower feeding the documents to the press was referred to by them as “Sore Throat” – a play off of the Watergate whistle-blower called “Deep Throat”. Example headline by the Washington Post, July 13, 1975, reads: Sore Throat Gives AMA High fever.

Because of this, the AMA was able to track how the documents were leaked, and that led to Lisa’s agent, June Byrnes.

And then…some brilliant  sarcasm Guardian’s Office person sends June down to Clearwater to be an agent there, where Reporter Betty Orsini of The Clearwater Sun , who was investigating scientology, soon came close to discovering June Byrne (who was there using a false name of June Phillips) and if Orsini kept it up things would have led to exposing the whole infiltration of various government and non-government entities. Smells like someone in the Guardian’s Office was setting up June to be discovered, if you ask me.

Top Guardian Office executives were all in a dither over the risk that Orsini would put two-and-two together about June and scientology (as documents seized in the 1977 FBI raid of the Church of Scientology showed).

The Clearwater SunCover blown, 2 spies came in from the cold by Richard Leiby Nov. 27, 1979 –

WASHINGTON – June and Jodie were Scientology spies – and apparently pretty good ones.

[…] June Phillips worked for The Clearwater Sun advertising department from Dec. 12, 1975, until sometime in November 1976

Joe went on to write a book about the documents that he and June had “uncovered” from the AMA. It was called Assault on Medical Freedom. What he was exposing is actually quite interesting.

This is my copy –

joe lisa book.

As an interesting side-note, it’s sad to see that after some pretty good expose work all-in-all, Joe would later (early 2000’s) be reduced to running a harassment op on behalf of the renamed intelligence office of scientology – the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Joe contacted (by both phone and email) my husband Mike and attempted to gain information about us, amongst other things. The last thing he said to us, was to try and position that he had “got Diabetes and lost his job” from talking to us.


perish the thought - wry ick face.

Typical OSA mind-fuck ops though, they still try and run that kind of stuff to this day. In fact, since that time they have recruited my son, Tom Rhodes, to do it for them. Within only a couple of months of the start of this blog in 2010, he began regaling internet forums (at the behest of Nancy Many) about his terrible abusive mother and his horrible childhood, untrue, of course, but all purely done in some sick effort to try and discredit me publicly. There was even veiled threats of ‘writing a book’ about it at one point.

After many years, I finally had to completely cut him off to make it impossible for his scientology handler to use him to try and upset me. These are sick, sick people, and sometimes, to protect the person being used? You have to take away their game.

And just like that –

snap our fingers.

The person can become useless to them.

A good tip for those of you in a similar position. Heart-breaking to have to do, yes, but perhaps forming the only chance of ever giving the person a chance to get free of these monsters.

* * *


OK, on to the documentation about Joe Lisa’s real positions versus just a “private investigator”.

Here’s an in-depth article first.

– The Scientology Special Report – p. 9

WHILE THE church was publicly wooing citizens of Clearwater, behind the scenes its agents were investigating public officials and civic leaders and compiling dossiers on them.

[1976] On Feb. 21, a two-page report from Molly Harlow, collections officer for Flag to [Joe] Lisa provided biographical background on Clearwater City Atty. Thomas Bustin. A May report furnished Lisa with pertinent data on The Upper Pinellas County Association for Retarded Children. An information bureau daily report said the investigation of county commissioners was almost done.

Here’s another one – showing that Joe Lisa was the Assistant Guardian for Information (intelligence) Flag, in 1976 in Clearwater, Florida – aka A/G INFO.

This means he ran the scientology Guardian’s Office black intelligence operations there in Clearwater, and Merrell Vannier worked for him.


The following image is from a court case against Merrell Vannier in Florida. It specifically mentions that he worked for Joe Lisa, and what his code-name was – Ritz. (page 16 of the PDF)

p 16 florida court case merrell vannier scientology joe lisa black ops

Plus there was also this in the same PDF, showing that not only did Joe hold that position in the Guardian’s Office, he was promoted to Deputy Guardian for Information (intelligence) for the U.S. and held that position in 1980 and 1981.

(d) Complainant’s Exhibit 6A & 6B: Video deposition and transcript of Peter Joseph Lisa. Complainant’s Exhibit 6A & 6B consists of a video tape deposition and transcript of Peter Joseph Lisa, Assistant Guardian Information for the Scientologist’s Clearwater headquarters in 1976 and 1977
and Deputy Guardian Information, United States in California in 1980 and 1981. 8 T p. 142. The deposition was taken on September 29, 1984 in the civil case, McLean v. The Church of
Scientology of California, United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Case No. 81-174-Civ-T-R. Mr. Lisa was deposed by Walt Logan, attorney for the plaintiffs.

Here’s some examples of documents seized in the FBI Raid, revealed in the later City of Clearwater commission hearings – showing some of what Joe Lisa was involved with. The first one is from Molly, Jeff Marino’s wife.


cc: CSG Comm – CSG
cc: CSG Asst Info
cc: G Comm WW – G WW
cc: DG I Comm WW – DG I WW
cc: Pgms Off Info WW
cc: DG Comm US – DG US
cc: DG I Comm US – DG I US
cc: Pgms Off Info US
cc: SEUS Dir Sec Info US
cc: AG Comm Flag – AG Flag
cc: AG I Comm Flag – AG I Flag
cc: Pgms Off Flag
cc: Dir Br I Flag

12 February 76

Re:  Rumours


Dear Joe,

The following rumours were instructed to be laid in to the CW Sun, and the Chamber of Commerce, they were not implemented, to as the opportunity to put them in with security was not available.  They are:

A conversation was overheard in which some SCNists said that LRH was in Europe and that he lived there.  He had come to CW to do some photography and records some choirs.  He visited churches in the area and did some recording and then left.  He was also in the area to set up the United Churches operation; but then left to return to his home in Europe.

Current instructions to some friends are that he was not here for the setting up of UC, but was here for his own relaxation and recording.  As nothing went down on these lines it’s within the scope of the current plans, which are that he was not here for UC purposes.

This should get laid in to the newsroom of the CW Sun tomorrow.  It is doubtful that the Chamber will get this data from one of the friends as it would be too much of an out-point and jeopardize her cover.

Monica, an employee at Henry’s newsstand heard that LRH is in Europe.  Her comment was “How can they serve him if he’s in Europe; how can they bring him back?”  Monica is usually quite friendly, but she cooled off a little today.  (It should be noted that Cazares frequents this newsstand regularly).

That’s it.



Collections Officer Flag





March 30, 1976



Dear Joe,

Attached is a list of ops customers in order of priority.  Please (actually please continue) sending up ops on these folk.

Robert Snyder
Mayor Cazares
Steve Advocat (unless he shifts off the heavy and Stuart/
Orsini/Andy Barnes
Jan McLean

The following is a list of areas it would be worth having data from:

Bob Snyder
St. PETE Times
States Attorney Russell
Fla DA’s Office
Telephone [illegible] office/technical office
US [illegible] office Jacksonville


Mike [Meisner, perhaps?]

Note this –

list of ops customers

Customers? What, are they lining up and paying for the privilege of having black ops run on them?

Come on!

come on!

This one is from Xenu-net archives

DDG US (AE)                                   Nov.3,1976

cc:CSG Asst Info(AE)
cc: US Dir Sec BI WW
cc: Info Pgms Off WW(AE)
cc: Guardian WW--G/Comm WW
cc: DG US--DG Comm US
cc: SE Sec BI US
cc: DG Info US
Info Pgms Off US(AE)
cc: AG Flag
cc: Info Pgms Off Flag(AD)
AG Info Flag

                     COMPLAINCE REPORT
                     G Pgm O 398-Tgt.42

Dear Duke;


Many actions have been done on this target which have brought
about a product as called for in the target.Phone calls,3P letters
spreading rumors inside his camp, contributing to disorganization
in his campaign, giving data to Young on Cazares, all contribute
to the final outcome of Cazares not being elected.

Attached as evidence is a copy of the St.Pete Times article on
the outcome with the headline.."YOUNG SWAMPS CAZARES FOR CONGRESS".


This is in compliance to this target. Also attached is an attest
 of actions taken to help bring this about.


                                     JOE (Lisa)


And there you have it!


Virg sig script

me june 2015 3

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