I had done a post on February 2, 2015, which went into a document that I had found in the recently declassified FDA records.

The documents concerned L. Ron Hubbard’s overseeing the forming of something called the National Academy of American Psychology, and that in a church of scientology publication (that was not written directly by Hubbard) an inference was made that the then vice-president, Richard Millhouse Nixon, was in support of this organization.

On February 21, 1958, the Secret Service was asked to investigate the National Academy of Psychology on the initiation of the office of the Vice President Nixon. The investigation indicated that the Vice President was not interested in sponsoring the National Academy of Psychology, and would not permit the Vice President’s name to be used.

– can be found in the Church of Scientology – 121 files zip file,H-7 PDF. The document itself is dated February 12th, 1963 – FDA declassified records


The first documents that I posted about specifically mentioned an investigation conducted by the Secret Service in 1958. We independently tracked down documentation of that investigation which I posted about a few weeks later.

PDF – Secret Service Protective Research Report March 13 1958

These new and never before seen documents showed that Ron Hubbard had incorporated the National Academy of American Psychology on December 12, 1957 (Corporation No. 24167 in the District of Columbia) with Kenneth D. Barrett, Philip Spickler, and John W. Galusha signing the application. Richard Steves was actually the secretary, but I don’t think that’s mentioned.

John Galusha and L. Ron Hubbard in early 1958.

John galusha left l ron hubbard right 1958

Phil Spickler much later in life –

phil spickler

L. Ron Hubbard (left) Ken Barrett and next to him (the groom) is Richard Steves – 1957

ken barrett richard steves 1957

Although the “Academy” it was incorporated as a non-profit organization, capital stock was issued with Hubbard having the lion’s share of the stock.

It wasn’t until a little over two weeks later that Hubbard actually announced this organization in a lecture of the same name. The lecture was given on  31 December 1957, as part of The Ability Congress Lectures in Washington, D.C. – you can read a transcript here.

The two SA’s (Special Agents) that performed this Protective Research investigation (the PRC was kind of like the intelligence department of the Secret Service) were Joseph J. Ellis (Jr.) and Andrew P. O’Malley. Their investigations ran from February 21, 1958 to March 5, 1958. They never talked to Ron Hubbard himself, they talked to Kenneth D. Barrett.

Note: Ellis was also on JFK’s security detail.

Some of the other people named in these documents as being involved with this investigation one way or another, are James Beary, Chief U.E. Baughman (their superior), and Charles Taylor.

I have finally tracked down pictures of these people, so here they all are.

The two investigators of scientology first –

Joseph J. Ellis Jr.

Joseph J. Ellis Jr. SS instructor

Andrew P. O’Malley

andrew p o'mally secret service

James Beary

James beary_secret_service

Group shots -circa 1956

  • James Beary (purple arrow)
  • Joseph J. Ellis Jr. (green arrow)
  • Chief of the Secret Service U.E. Baughman (red arrow)



Chief U.E. Baughman (red arrow)



In the background – Andrew P. O’Malley and Charles Taylor.


And there you have it.


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