On October 8, 2014, for our Reading Library I published an extensive compendium concerning Casimir Pilenas Palmer (who was a combined Russian and British and later American deep cover intelligence agent) and his little known role in the Protocols of Zion hoax. This compendium was the result of hundreds of hours of research and contains many documents that have never before seen the light of day.

Starting about 4 months later, a couple of sites began piping up regarding one of the subjects given its own section in my Casimir article – the Hitler map.

The first one is a journalistic-type site in England called Mental Floss, the second features an article by a man I call Robert Whitaker #1 who is a historian at the University of Austin (Texas). For more about him please see my post: The Two Robert Whitakers.

The interesting thing is that neither of them actually get it right as to who originally made this map, the whole mess just gets sort of foisted off on William Stephenson who was the head of the BSC.

The BSC, or British Security Coordination was a British intelligence organization in America formed specifically to not only create ‘daughter’ British intelligence organizations in the U.S. such as the Coordinator of Information (which then became the OSS, which then became the CIA) to serve British interests.

More importantly it was formed:

to trick America into fighting WWII for the British and Catholic slavemasters as we call them.

I have extensively documented many of the activities of this organization in a series of Reading Library articles (and I’m not done yet). Here they are:

Section I – The Book and The Lords
Section II – The Party Boys
Section III –  Your Mind – My Mind
Section IV – The British Way
Section V – Back to the Beginning
Section VI –

Robert Whitaker #1 article is from March 9, 2015 and its titled: The Secret Anglo-American Empire of Intelligence.

Note: I have to say that to call the people that participated with the British in this travesty American is an insult to Americans, because most of them were so pro-British they might as well as have been British citizens.

Robert writes:

Britain accomplished these two goals thanks in large part to the work of BSC director William Stephenson, who developed a close relationship with William “Wild Bill” Donovan, head of America’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS, precursor to the CIA). Stephenson supplied Donovan, an anti-isolationist, with British intelligence on German espionage throughout North and South America. Donovan then passed this intelligence on to President Franklin Roosevelt, who made several references to this intelligence – without mentioning the source – in public speeches about the war prior to Pearl Harbor. The most famous instance came in October 1941, when Roosevelt delivered a speech that made reference to a projected map of South America under Nazi control. Unbeknownst to Donovan and Roosevelt, however, this map was not the result of legitimate British intelligence, but instead had been completely fabricated by William Stephenson.

The part I put in orange is misleading and needs correcting.

I’m hoping that is an honest mistake, and that Robert got that from the second article I mentioned which was published by William Herkewitz of Mental Floss on February 18, 2015. It was titled: The Astounding Lesser-Known Counterfeit Nazi Invasion Map:The fake map that Roosevelt used when justifying America’s involvement in World War II and Robert linked to it in his article.

Herkewitz apparently drew from Southern California historian Nicholas Cull, whose information is from way back in 1996 when Cull published a book called Selling War published by Oxford Press no less. I had not come across this book before now, and when I checked into it I see that Cull actually specifically mentions Ivar Bryce on p. 172.

Neither one of them mentions Bryce’s connection to both Walter Lippman and Richard Coit, his brother-in-law and boss respectively. Richard Coit was the son of Stanton Coit (see my article on Stanton) who was from the previous generation of British Empire-Building propagandists – he was mixed with reformed judaism and Felix Adler’s Society for Ethical Culture through Temple Emanu-El in New York City.

Why didn’t Whitaker or Herkewitz mention this in their articles poses an interesting question which I’m going to let sit for the moment.

This is what Herkewitz said (excerpted) –

Decades after the war, Roosevelt’s Nazi map was discovered in his private documents, and released. But according to Nick Cull, a historian at the University of Southern California who has studied the map, it is not at all what it appears to be. As Cull told mental_floss, the map is actually a carefully prepared counterfeit—curiously, one made by neither the Germans nor the Americans.

“In truth, the map was a fiction forged by the British intelligence service,” Cull explains.

Stephenson—who had collected a rag-tag team of intelligence operatives, including a prominent ad-man, the philosopher Alfred Ayer, a British song-writer, one of the co-writers of the Wizard of Oz screenplay, and, at one point, Charlie and the Chocolate Factorys own Roald Dahl—had the map loosely based on several actual Nazi-made South American maps, but “redrew the boundaries in a quite carefully selected way to maximally upset everybody,” Cull says.

According to a memoir of one of Stephenson’s eclectic team’s members, the original plan was to plant the map in Cuba somewhere that the FBI would come across it on their own. But it is believed that, instead, the British just handed the map over themselves, claiming it was discovered in a Nazi safe-house raid.

… Cull believes Roosevelt may have known, or at least suspected, that the map was a fraud. “What convinced me,” he says, “was that if you look at Roosevelt’s own handwritten edits in the first few drafts of his Navy Day speech, you can see that he crosses out a line that says ‘I have in my possession a map of undoubted authenticity’ and eventually revises it to ‘I have in my possession a secret map.’ It’s almost like he’s trying to distance himself from the smoking gun in those revisions.


Roosevelt knew. Of course he knew. For one thing, you can see his nervousness about it in the video I provided.

The following is from my Casimir Pilenas Palmer article, in the section called:

The Protocols of Zion – A British Intelligence operation — Creating strife and contention, where there was none – Casimir, Boris, and William Wiseman

  • subsection – False Flag Operations and Forging Documents


The Hitler Map


A man named John E.C. “Ivar” Bryce worked for both SOE and OSS while a BSC agent for Stephenson. As an SOE agent under Stephenson, he had the number G.140; as an OSS man he was 991. Among other jobs for SOE, Bryce describes himself as an agent recruiter: “and to find…[recruits] in Latin America was his…special responsibility.”

Ref – Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44 by Thomas E. Mahl, Chapter 3


Bryce’s brother-in-law was Walter Lippmann – who was also a BSC “asset”. That means that he would again, propagandize for the British Slavemasters during WWII.

A man named Richard Coit helped to “vet” (do background checks and interviews) the agents/junior handlers that were recruited into the BSC. One such agent was “Ivar” Bryce, who was recruited for the Latin American affairs section of BSC, a section that was run directly by Coit.

*See Specific Persons section – Richard Coit (unpublished as yet).

In one of the most destructive propaganda false flag operations I’ve seen, Richard Coit approved an idea that his junior Ivar Bryce (the brother-in-law of Walter Lippman) came up with because, well, there just were no bad war-like actions going on in Central and South America.


What’s a slavemaster-war agent to do?

I know, I know!

I know I know raising hand




And that’s exactly what happened.

This event has been referred to as – The Hitler Map.

Note: Regarding the map image below – In an act of truly unmitigated gall, a book called ROOM 3603 The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II by H. Montgomery Hyde, gives us one of the only copies of the map available (p. 149) while having the nerve to still try to keep alive the lie that it was “real”. It even carried a foreword by IAN FLEMING, long-time British intelligence agent and sometime lover of Ivar Bryce. Bryce is who came up with the idea of the map forgery!

Fake German Map - the hitler map

Here it is in Bryce’s own words, his admission that he falsified the map for the BSC.

You_only_live_once_-_ivar_brycePhoto by Virginia


Autumn 1941 – pp 64-67.


An infinitely more important event was on the cards this fateful autumn of 1941.

[his excuses come first]

… a powerful propaganda was hammering the pacifist doctrines of ‘America first’ into the minds of timid and wishful-thinking citizens. Numerous influential papers, radio stations and opinion-swaying groups were fighting against entry.

our representatives were prepared to go to greater lengths than they would have been willing to admit to their American colleagues. The battle was between life and death, after all.

The enemy’s strength in South America and the Nazi intentions for that continent had Hitler decided to attack to the west rather than to the east were well known. But they were difficult to prove to those who did not wish to believe.

Sketching out trial maps of the possible changes on my blotter, I came up with one showing the probable reallocation of territories that would appeal to Berlin. It was very convincing: the more I studied it the more sense it made.

…It made me feel the heady power of king-makers, and I drew most carefully a detailed extension of the idea… for submission to the powers that be, to wit Bill Stephenson.

Were a genuine [which it was not] German map of this kind to be discovered or captured from enemy hands and publicized among the good neighbours themselves, and above all among the ‘America firsters’ with their belief that America could get along with Hitler, what a commotion would be caused.

The idea appealed to the Chief [Stephenson] and a method immediately occurred to him.

My map was quickly turned over to the expert forgers – a department of scientists whose knowledge of papers, inks, types, colours, watermarks and similar minutiae was total. In forty-eight hours they produced a map, slightly travel-stained with use, but one which the Reich’s chief mapmakers for the German High Command would be prepared to swear was made by them. An authentic German map from the highest, most top secret archives.

My Note – this would have been done by Station M in Canada

At station M in Canada, under cover of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – a document and letter forgery division. Imperial Censorship completely cooperated and helped these forgery efforts through its power over the mails in Canada. Station M worked on the principle that its output must be good enough to confound microscopic examination. They gathered stamps from official bodies all around the world, special kinds paper, aged paper, and even private stationary to assist their forging efforts.

Station M also provided cover false history documentation for all the BSC agents.

– BRITISH SECURITY COORDINATION, The Secret History of British Intelligence in the Americas, 1940- 1945, first published in Great Britain by St. Ermin’s Press – 1998.

This is important, because they did this with other historical “documents” for over 400 years.


And there you have it.


The British FORGED the Hitler Map.


President Roosevelt, who announced it live to millions of Americans – he knew it was forged and that it wasn’t “captured” from the Nazis or any other such total horseshit.

Roosevelt speech –

Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. His submarines and raiders prove otherwise. So does the entire design of his new world order.

For example, I have in my possession a secret map [said in deliberately deep tones, slow and serious] made in Germany by Hitler’s Government—by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America, as Hitler proposes to reorganize it.’

‘A map secured by the diligence of America’s Foreign Service, from the highest and most redoubtable quarters of Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich, which depicts our sister continent as it will be’ – pause- ‘after the Nazi victory.’

‘These grim truths which I have told you of the present and future plans of Hitlerism will of course be hotly denied tomorrow in the controlled press and radio of the Axis Powers.’ [he just pre-positioned that anyone who denies the veracity of the map is a Nazi]

‘The protestations of these American citizens – few in number – [there were millions, not “a few” ] will, as usual, be paraded with applause through the Axis press and radio during the next few days…The motive of such Americans is not the point at issue.’

[He just made it an issue. See how obviously British this is?]

‘And when we have helped to end the curse of Hitlerism we shall help to establish a new peace which will give to decent people everywhere a better chance to live and prosper in security and in freedom and in faith.

[…a new peace the real New World Order plan – see that? Just like the League of Nations front group – the NSL – in WWI with their “just and careful peace”. And what happens to those labelled indecent, one wonders.]

Note: This “peace” and the seditious plans around it, were immortalized in a speech given by George Brock Chisholm – titled: The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress.

– References: President Roosevelt Address for Navy and Total Defense Day – October 27 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum Collection: Grace Tully Archive, Series: Grace Tully Papers, Box 5; Folder = FDR Inscribed Speeches: Navy and Total Defense Day Address, October 27, 1941
There is a cautionary note on the original by Stephen Early, Secretary to the President, that says:
Caution: The following address of the President, to be delivered at the dinner to be held at the Mayflower Hotel in celebration of “Navy and Total Defense Day”, MUST BE HELD IN STRICT CONFIDENCE UNTIL RELEASED.
Followed by some specific instructions as to the Press, the note then reiterates:
– text of speech also available at The Jewish Virtual Library

Here is the actual written copy of the speech made up for F.D.R to read, courtesy of the Grace Tully Archives. It was nicknamed “Fight Speech”.

(click to enlarge)

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives

Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-2Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-3Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-4 Pages from Address for Navy and Total Defense Day grace tully archives-5

I apologize for the ignorance (and false propagandizing) associated with the youtube user that posted the following very real clip of Roosevelt saying a key part of the above live.

Until I find a better source, this will have to do for now, but you can still see how obvious it is that Roosevelt is nervous as hell, and he has many “tells” that he show that he knows he is lieing.

Also note the pretentious character with the cane, in the left corner – I believe that is one of Roosevelt’s British handlers, possibly Lord Lothian.




As you can see –

Roosevelt point-blank LIED to America about “Hitlers Map”.


He did it at the request of his British handlers who were losing the battle to control American minds – millions of Americans were banding together to stop this sick maneuvering by the British. He did it to scare us into going to War!

Creating strife and contention, where there was none.


The next day – in an effort to try and help distract from this obvious forgery by British Intelligence – radio announcer Raymond Swing attempted to misdirect the public attention onto the Nazi press attacking the authenticity of these documents – as if the fact that the Nazis attacked them meant the documents were “therefore” credible. That press attack was also controlled through British intelligence assets, as history now reveals, so this particular tactic by Swing becomes even uglier in hindsight.

From my BSC Compendium, Section V

WRUL was the only short-wave wireless station in the US not run for profit. It was founded by IBM guru Walter Lemmon to “spread international goodwill”.

Note: If you know your history, IBM is who also provided the machines for tabulating the Jews for the Nazis.I don’t think that exactly came under spreading international goodwill, I say as drily as possible.

It’s power, 50,000 watts was unsurpassed by any other station in the Americas or Germany. Through cut-outs, BSC began to supply it with everything it needed to run a first-class international program, including subsidizing it financially.

WRUL was one of the very few stations powerful enough to be heard easily in Europe – it began regularly sending programs to England, Yugoslavia, Holland, Belgium, Rumania, Germany, and Italy.

WS recruited foreign news editors, translators and announcers to “serve” on its staff. It furnished it with material for new bulletins, specially prepared scripts for talks and commentaries and with transcribed programmes.

Raymond Swing – a leading American voice from Britain during World War II – he was one of the regular broadcasters utilized by the BSC. He is also who was chosen to try and stave off the correct accusations that “the Hitler map” was an outright forgery by the BSC.

(ref re: Swing broadcasting for WRUL – Harvard Crimson magazine May 2,1941)

By the middle of 1941, WRUL was literally a subsidiary of BSC, sending out British propaganda all over the world.

The British slavemasters used us Americans to front for (and make it look like we did it alone) – again.

Daily broadcasts went out in no less than 22 different languages. Sir Samule Hoare asked for an immediate propaganda campaign designed to convince Spain that she would be the loser if she entered the war on Germany’s side – in May of 1941.

BSC WRUL broadcasts written by BSC agents launched in June.

Raymond Swing

Raymond Swing

The following evening after Roosevelts speech/broadcast, here is what Swing broadcasted on the radio. He had started out having tried to re-characterize press attacks from all sides of the veracity of these so-called “documents”, as having been Nazi press attacks, and then continued with one of the lamest explanations ever as to why no-one can actually see these documents.

The excerpts chosen were mostly those telling about the secret map of a Nazi-fied Latin America and the plans for a Nazi church to replace all other religions. These were branded as forgeries, as the President had foreseen they would be. In Washington Mr. Roosevelt at his press conference today did not throw more light on these two disclosures. The Latin American map, he said, could not be published because notations on it would reveal its source. That, he said, might jeopardize the source and perhaps eliminate a fountainhead of valuable information. He also said he could not make public the religious documents.

…The President’s speech, I should add, pleased the British.

– News for Everyman: Radio and Foreign Affairs in Thirties America by David Holbrook Culbert, page 117.

Yeah, I’m sure it did please the British.

How very droll of him.


That’s enough for now, but don’t worry, there is far more to say about this (all documented, of course) and I will be handling it as a separate section of my British Security Coordination Compendium (in our World Government section of The Reading Library). One of the things we will get into is what was Stephenson’s rather intricate plan that he came up with for forging the events of the maps “discovery”.

You know, I think it’s important to point out the importance of that at least Bryce told the truth about what he did – kind of refreshing, isn’t it? It probably weighed pretty heavily on his conscience, what he did to the world in the name of “progress” ala Coylan-Walsh’s ideas. (See my article Inside the Mind of a Slavemaster)

So, thank you Bryce, wherever you are.

Ivar Bryce

Ivar Bryce

Now that you know just how far these people are willing to go

Think they wouldn’t have also backed something so evil as the Protocols of Zion?

To really change the future, one cannot deny the past – especially one as evil as this is.

Hell, even Churchill knew that.


The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see. – Winston Churchill


You must know the past as it was, not as someone wants you to believe it was.

Beware of people that tell you to “move on” or “let it go” – nine times out of ten that is someone who has a past they are trying like the dickens to make “disappear” – a bad past that they have never really faced and are doomed to never be able to actually do anything else but run from it, permanently. You don’t want that, trust me.

* * *

For those that haven’t read my Casimir article before, now you know about the Hitler map.


Virginia McClaughry


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