Imagine my surprise when I came across not one but two Robert Whitakers both having some very important information/views on what I’m researching right now.

At first I thought they were the same person, but it doesn’t appear that they are. (I’m open to correction if I’m wrong about that).

Robert Whitaker #1 is a historian with a particular passion for British history – correcting false portrayals, that is – and this guy  doesn’t pull his punches very often.

Robert Whitaker #2 started out as a journalist, but soon became impassioned about psychiatric abuses.

Don’t roll your eyes at me –

Woman-Pointing-Her-Finger-now now

This guy is the real thing, and he is most definitely not a supporter of scientology’s antics as far as that goes.

Robert Whitaker #1 recently wrote a just awesome article about the actual history of Interpol. One that screws scientology’s well-worn propaganda sixteen-ways-to-Sunday and lines up with some of my research on British intelligence.

Oh yea.

oh yeah do the hustle.

Blowing away all the bullshit. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Robert Whitaker #1 is a doctoral candidate in History at the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation, “Policing Globalization: The Imperial Origins of International Police Cooperation, 1918-1960” studies the relationship between the British Empire and international police organizations, such as Interpol. In addition to his doctoral work, Robert serves as an Assistant General Editor for the journal Britain and the World.

The first article by Robert Whitaker #1 that I came across (which is not the Interpol history article) is also great in talking about one segment of Interpol’s history related to the Guardian’s Office antics. That article is called: Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol.

When I began my dissertation research into the origins of the multinational crime fighting organization Interpol, I encountered a number of very good histories written by retired police officers, historians, and sociologists. I also found a number of works based on wild conjecture. This sort of discovery is par for the course when studying a security or surveillance organization, but what made these books about Interpol stand out was that they were published by the Church of Scientology in the 1970s. These COS books attack Interpol (playing up, in particular, the group’s Nazi period), but provide no explanation for why the Church set their sights on the organization in the first place.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.


I agree, it doesn’t make much sense, but notice that he doesn’t seem to know it was the Guardian’s Office (itself primarily an intelligence organization within scientology) that was behind such publications.

The only clues in pamphlets like The Dossier Disease are in 1: the map they made showing that Washington was the ‘hub’ of ‘the source of false reports’ being spread around the world about scientology.

Page 4  –


And 2: the only other reference to Interpol was on p. 20 –


Pretty vague. However, it does say that Interpol got its information from Scotland Yard. That’s about the closest I’ve seen the scientologists ever get to “pinning the tail on the donkey” as it were.

But when it comes to the history of Interpol itself that I’ve seen them do? They are way, way off base.

And that’s where Robert Whitaker #1 comes in –

In 1968, West German police, concerned about the opening of Scientology auditing centers in their country, requested information on the organization from Interpol. Interpol had yet to create a dossier on the Church, and thus asked the London Metropolitan Police (the Met) to develop one.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

Hidden Hand - STOP.

First of all, for those who don’t know, this is really important to derailing scientology’s false claims that it was Interpol that caused the “attacks” on them. By attacks, they mean the FDA Raid in the early 1960’s, the revocation of tax exemption in 1967, and the FBI raid in 1977.

Since Interpol didn’t even have a dossier on scientology in 1968, that rules out any connection for two out of three of the attacks scientology usally tries to pin on Interpol!

Second of all, see that innocuous statement about the London Metropolitan Police (the Met)? Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you that Interpol would ask a British police force to compile a dossier for them?

It should, because that’s a direct link to MI6.

I go into all this in a lot of detail in my Reading Library article titled: Casimir Pilenas Palmer. I highly suggest you read it because it documents Britain’s long history of doing combined intelligence operations with Russia, with Pinkerton’s Detective Agency – operations inside American intelligence agencies such as Army Intelligence (planting false information to embarrass them when they acted on it) and other lovely things like being mixed up with the forging of the infamous Protocols of Zion and The Hitler Map.

Briefly, as to why would “the Met” (or its other nickname scientology used – Scotland Yard) be involved, here’s a condensed history for you.

Sir William Melville


Melville was made the Superintendent of Scotland Yard Special Branch beginning in 1892 approximately. He worked together with Russian Intelligence perpetrating black ops designed to create false “threats”.

For example, while Melville was leading the fight against the so-called International Anarchist movement (which he and Russian Intelligence head Rachkovsky basically invented) he got caught with that one of his own spies, Auguste Coulon, was actually spearheading it – the Walsall Anarchists – who were responsible for the 1894 Greenwich Park bombing. The people they had recruited into it were arrested in 1892 and stood trial, accused of planning bombings and running a bomb factory. All of which was instigated and run by Coulon (code-name Pyatt) Melville’s agent. Evidence against them was fabricated.

When Melville was point-blank asked about Coulon’s role, he refused to answer and the judge supported him. Three men were sentenced to 10 years hard labor, another was given 5. Melville was never disciplined for this false imprisonment.

To illustrate just how long British intelligence will hide and protect things from exposure that would show their true colors, I give you this – the British were still hiding the fact until almost 120 years later, that Coulon was indeed Melville’s agent!

…for years the Metropolitan Police Special Branch fought tenaciously to prevent access to their files for the 1890s, the period of Melville’s ascendancy. When he asked initially for them under a Freedom of Information application Butterworth was told the files had been lost, pulped in the war effort, or destroyed by a bomb. [They lied, in other words]

Then, in 2001, they mysteriously reappeared, having been used as the basis for a doctoral thesis by Dr Lindsey Clutterbuck, a serving Special Branch officer.

Butterworth finally received the 120-year-old Special Branch files —all names in it had been redacted.

Stuart Christie, The Guardian, 27 March 2010, review of The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth
– Dr. Clutterbuck’s doctoral thesis (mentioned above) is available here. Page 302 is where he specifically states Coulon was an informant for the police (Melville) – names are not redacted, Clutterbuck includes the names so he obviously had the un-redacted version!
Note: – I’ve also uploaded the thesis here at the blog in case it goes missing.


The basic op here, that we will see repeated over and over by British slavemasters and their intelligence organizations, is:

  • attract people that were rebels to the British program of world domination through world government
  • set them up to be vilified, and even arrested.

It was the British that also began (about people catching that their agent Coulon started all this) this particular handling for anyone who exposes them –

anyone who opposes us,

(especially who tries to expose our conspiracy)

is a criminal terrorist nutter.

Nutter = insane person.


I’m sure you see the relationship to the later creation of the derogatory terms “conspiracy theorist” and “tin-foil hat”.

They called this guy (who was dead right) a criminal terrorist nutter.

Doesn’t it strike you that there is something queer about this Anarchist business of Polti and Farnara? Of course they may be the desperate ruffians they say they are, and their intention to blow down half of London may also be beyond dispute. But somehow it does seem to us that the great Melville has possibly engineered the whole thing. We don’t say that he has, of course. Nevertheless, we cannot but remember that a serious Anarchist plot in England would be very convenient just now, especially an Italian or French Anarchist plot. The Walsall affair showed how far our high-minded police are prepared to go in order to get up a scare at a critical time.

Justice April 1894


Still during Melville’s time in Scotland Yard here, a similar exposure happened again. This one involving the Pilenas brothers who were also Melville’s agents – that is documented. (see my article for details about that).

Melville resigned his Scotland Yard post in October 1903. At the time, the public was led to believe that Melville’s sudden “retirement’ was over this second exposure, and that he had been “demoted” or “forced” into retirement.

On the contrary, he was rewarded with heading up a new Secret Service Bureau to continue doing more of the same. It was supposedly a private detective agency, he opened it under the false name of William Morgan. However, it actually was a cut-out for the British War Office. Meaning it was a front that gave the English government “deniability” for the actions that Melville was definitely under their direction to do. Melville served the Empire’s secret needs (dirty work) both in England and internationally.

This “private detective agency” was the forerunner to both MI5 and MI6 formed in 1909 with Winston Churchill presiding over the “home” part (MI5). Melville also ran the spy school, teaching his methods to young recruits. He retired for real in 1917, and died in 1918.

Dr. Clutterbuck’s thesis specifically mentions that Melville was also working with Pinkerton’s in the U.S. to run British intelligence operations in America.

He also talked about how long this intelligence relationship actually went on.

*MPSB = Metropolitan Police Special Branch, Scotland Yard

Pinkerton’s proved to be extremely useful investigative tool that MPSB could utilise to carry out its enquiries in the United States. Its efficacy is borne out by the numerous references to it in the Chief Constable’s Register. A block entry of five reads: –

Pinkerton, Messrs – re. observation on:
Skevitt in New York
John Walsh alias Walters
Forley – transmitting accounts for services rendered

Several other entries relating to Pinkerton’s are recorded in a different format i. e. “Benson Harry- Messrs Pinkerton forwarding account re.”, where only the subject name differs from entry to entry.

The use of Pinkerton’s was not confined to intelligence gathering but also extended to evidential enquiries on behalf of MPSB “Cohen, Joseph- account re enquiries by Messrs Pinkerton re watch”.   [that means he was under surveillance]

It will be recalled that Cohen was an additional suspect in the Callan and Harkins case who died just before the arrival of the detectives at his address.

Monro’s memoirs confirm the use of Pinkerton’s as the preferred operational contact point: –

Minute enquiries as to his previous occupation, employees, friends etc in America were made and his replies recorded, immediate investigation being made in America through Pinkerton’s Agency as to the truth of his statements.
(Morro memoirs, 1903, p. 72)

– Dr. Clutterbuck’s 2001 thesis

Clearly the relationship was a close one between British Intelligence and Pinkerton’s. It was British intelligence, through Pinkerton’s, that actually helped set up the whole database idea that became the FBI. Bet you didn’t know that, eh? The British (slavemasters) just love to use other countries governments and intelligence agencies as the ‘fall guy’ that they can point to and make fun of and say –

He did it!

pointing the finger at 2

Which they do frequently.

OK, so now that we know that the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, is “Scotland Yard” and what that really means, let’s come back to Robert Whitaker #1 and take another look at what he said.

In 1968, West German police, concerned about the opening of Scientology auditing centers in their country, requested information on the organization from Interpol. Interpol had yet to create a dossier on the Church, and thus asked the London Metropolitan Police (the Met) to develop one.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

Put together with the Guardian’s Office statement in Dossier Disease of:

Since the French government relied heavily on information supplied from Interpol, which obtained theirs from Scotland Yard, which obtained theirs from the FBI, it is not difficult to have predicted such an outcome.

You can see the Guardian’s Office isn’t exactly giving you the correct impression. It makes it sound like Scotland Yard doesn’t have any information other than what they got from the FBI!


vincent - well...puhlease

This is British intelligence in its very first form that we’re talking about here. Saying its Scotland Yard (and leaving out MI5 and MI6) is just plain ignorant at best, or something a whole lot less noble at worst.

And since we know the MPSB’s long history of involvement in creating false impressions AS COVER FOR THEIR AGENTS and hiding documents for over a hundred years to prevent knowledge of what they do?

Well now, things get a whole lot more interesting here as to what’s really going on with this “Interpol did it” business.

I also think that now that you just learned the back history of British Intelligence ‘boosting up’ the FBI into prominence forms the perfect place to cut in with that other article, the Interpol history one that I mentioned earlier.

It’s called: The Joyriders: Richard Enright, Barron Collier, and International Policing, 1922–1938, by Robert Whitaker, found in Perspectives on Europe, Autumn 2014, Vol 44, Issue 2.

Condensing down the article for you here, basically an organization called the IPC (International Police Conference) was founded at a meeting of the National Police Conference in 1922 at New York City. A man named Richard Enright (New York Police Commissioner) had the idea to turn that into an international association, so off he went on a trip to Europe to recruit other members.

He went to Britain, all earnest and impassioned about cracking down on the drug trade, and other crimes.

Considering the drug-lord to end all drug-lords status of the Brits – the slavemasters – you can just imagine what they thought about that.

Oh no!


Needless to say they didn’t exactly fall over themselves in cooperation. The British sent one of the Met’s men (you know what that means now – MI6 connections) Llewellyn Atcherley, to attend an IPC conference. The topics included: industrial conflict (which Britain through Pinkerton’s was busy stirring up) drug trafficking (which Britain was the biggest heroin drug lord around) criminal identification (which all of MI6 would qualify as).

Atcherley reported back that the delegates from Canada and South America, as well as those from Belgium and Denmark, pledged their “whole-hearted support” for the new scheme.

Lord Horwood himself decided he better attend the next meeting, the 1923 one. Horwood, representing British “interests” (which means slavemaster dominate the world plans) started trashing the American police as being disorganized and so on. Really what that was about is that they weren’t under their control, didn’t kowtow to them well enough.

Horwood put the kebosh on it, in other words.

Enright ignored them (as he should) and with financing from American Tycoon Barron Collier he attemted to hold the 1927 meeting in London.

British intelligence contacted their boy Hoover over at the FBI (using him as the cut-out, you understand) who dutifully bad-mouthed both Enright and Collier, saying that because Enright wasn’t head of the NYPD anymore the NPC was doomed, and that since he was “forgotten” it would be most unfortunate for the IPC to be revived or recognized. Hoover, just newly made director, put in a plug for the FBI to be the “clearing house” for international cooperation. That’s kind of his way of saying he would do the job Pinkerton’s had been doing for the British.

Hoover and the British wanted to plant negative articles on Enright in papers in New York, then “drop” them to foreign police around the world.

Gee, exactly like Interpol does later!

Lord Horwood then declared that the idea of a London conference would “be turned down with a heavy hand.” So, the British backed the founding of the right kind of organization (that won’t look where they don’t want them to, and will do whatever they tell them to). That organization was called Interpol, and it was founded in Vienna in 1923. The first British ‘representative’ (ha ha, it was their idea in the first place) was Leonard Dunning. They called it an organization that was “truly” international and not focused primarily on North America.

British nobility are such jealous little snits sometimes, aren’t they? Sheesh. I also love the double-speak employed by Dunning, who wrote that Interpol “does not aim at influencing legislation, nor does it seek to touch matters which are more properly approached through diplomatic channels.”

Matters, eh? Oh, like the tonnage of heroin the Brits were shipping around the world?

Yea. We call enslaving half the world by drug addiction “matters“.

come on!

Despite all this Enright and Collier crashed a couple meetings and continued pushing to be a part of this new organization. Eventually, like almost two decades later, they succeeded – in 1938. Unfortunately, that same year the Vienna headquarters of Interpol were taken over by Nazi Germany during the Anschluss – and since the Brits backed all that anyway, oh Look! Just in time to protect their drug trade and all that lovely money and assets they were about to rip away from half the Jews in Europe.

Sick frackers.

perish the thought - wry ick face

Interpol went “defunct” during the war – how convenient and then came alive again after the intelligence controls and new organizations were all nicely in place in America – how convenient again!

So, that’s Interpol.

The BRITS did it.

pointing the finger at

Not exactly what the Guardian’s Office told you, now is it?

Monkey Investigators

i really know what im talking about monkey
They lend credibility to the thing they are attacking! And that was the point.

OK, now it makes even more sense why British intelligence through the Met was giving Interpol the dosssier, right?


The Met didn’t finish its ‘profile’ on scientology until 1969, and then had Interpol circulate it worldwide – so that part (that the Guardian’s Office likes to talk about) is true.

The Met, using their own surveillance records [wtf?] as well as reports collected by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), finished this profile on Scientology in 1969, after which it was circulated to Interpol member nations.

The Met’s profile portrayed the Church as an organization that used the trappings of religion to avoid taxation on what was essentially a massive confidence scam.

The report described the Church’s auditing process as essentially a brain-washing technique that primed the potential member for financial exploitation.

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.


That’s their big ‘profile’, from one of the world’s oldest intelligence organizations?

Kermit the frog excited.

Oh man, it is so obvious that British intelligence was crafting a cover for scientology (and for their agent Hubbard) while appearing to expose it.

That’s not an expose, it’s a fricking tabloid!

However, this part is what gives it away – look at it by itself.

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Look! It’s another Walsall Anarchists operation! Only this time, it’s been updated to try and ‘catch’ the modern rebels and hopefully, those damned people who might be able to actually do that nasty telepathy business so we can study them covertly.


perish the thought - wry ick face


I couldn’t have asked for a better tip-of-the-iceberg example showing that British intelligence had both hands and both feet planted firmly within the whole scientology operation.


For example, take the carefully chosen words they used to describe the modern ‘rebel’ here – mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.

First – mental instability. Now, besides the fact that every one of you out there that ever had anything to do with scientology has just been classified as mentally ill in some way (put that in yer pipe and smoke it), let’s review something my husband and I have talked about extensively here at the blog, and that is the special meanings that the British slavemasters have for words related to their World Government (New World Order) plans.

For background about those plans and how they relates to the whole “Mental Health” movement please see Scientology Roots Chapter 36: Down the New World Order Rabbit Hole which contains documentation of the founding of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH).

The scale my husband created of the slavemasters special meanings for words, was first created for his Chapter 21: First Scientologists and Their Masters, where it goes into all this “mental health” business that the slavemasters are so hot for.

Here’s what he says about it –

The mental hygiene movement was a crusade to ‘end abusive treatment’ of mental patients. The slavemasters transformed it into a crusade for establishing a world government. The International Committee for Mental Hygiene was superseded by the World Federation for Mental Health. John Rawlings Rees was the first WFMH president.

Mental health is being a willing subject under slavemaster rule. Everyone needs this.

That idea is a political operation masquerading as being mental health.

Their political operation uses propaganda and other devious methods to accomplish their end that we should all be subjects in a world that is ruled and run by the slavemasters – for their benefit, not ours!

Thus began their campaign that everyone in the world
needs their mental health treatment.


L. Ron Hubbard was already on board for that “mental health” agenda, he was already their agent for their New World Order.

The slavemasters have a special meaning for certain words.

Here is what they mean by these words –

RULE – The slavemasters say they are extremely superior to everyone else. All others are inferior to them. All others must exalt the slavemasters, worship them, praise them and bend the knee to them. The slaves must always submit, obey, comply and fulfill every desire the slavemasters have.

SOCIETY – the only proper society is one where the slavemasters RULE

SOCIAL – being a willing subject in the slavemaster SOCIETY

ANTI-SOCIAL – rejection of the slavemaster SOCIETY



WORLD PEACE – no wars because everyone is SOCIAL

DEMOCRACY – a monarchy disguised as democracy. This is accomplished by using propaganda to covertly manipulate people into giving their consent and by having the only candidates for election are the minions of the New World Order RULERS.

The above meanings are derived from actual statements made by New World Order people.


Quote again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Mental instability – comes under ANTI-SOCIAL above, it’s just another way of saying it. So, they mean people that are not willing subjects in slavemaster society (where they rule), and who reject that idea.

Now, this is not what they really think about such people (they are actually quite aware of the prevalence of things like high intelligence and so on of those who oppose them) BUT this is what they want everyone else to think about them. Get it?

I’ll give you an example, the targets for recruitment into scientology – as told to us by former Marketing Director and Advance! magazine editor Jeff Hawkins -give you a lot better clue.

The best prospects for Scientology were young (25 to 35), some college education, urban, middle income. Men rated slightly higher as prospects, 60% to 40%….

They weren’t followers. They didn’t watch what everyone else did

They were mavericks, iconoclasts, mold-breakers. They liked the odd, the intriguing, the quirky. They liked… well, the kinds of things that I liked, that most Scientologists I knew liked.”

Jeff Hawkins – Counterfeit Dreams

Regarding scientology, Jeff also said:

“The danger is not that they prey on the stupid and gullible, the danger is that they prey on the intelligent and well-meaning.

Which is another excellent clue as to what is really thought about those “mental instability” types that British intelligence portrayed in the dossier made for Interpol, and called inadequate.

If you look at what front group religions, subjects, whatever, offer – if you look at what is common from one to the other there is usually always some element of providing a “target” to attack for the bad things that go on. Or, there is this idea of somehow “disconnecting from all the hate and anger” and go off hippie-style in some form.

What both of these ideas accomplish is to keep the person busy wasting their time with the wrong things to do to handle what has happened here on our planet and to be distracted from doing what should be done. Number one on the list being dis-empowering the correct things, systems, people, etc. – like the slavemaster network, for example.

I think they figure they had it made with having a front group like scientology as a nice little trap for those rebellious types, as well as a nice pool to try out new techniques to “remake” said rebels aka mind control experimentation.

The end product of the Scientology Bridge is –

happy socialized human + belief in God (whether they know that’s what it is or not)


a happy socialized human who believes in god

*socialized – meaning willing to spend 90 percent of their lives working within a world fiefdom just to survive.


Or failing that, and the person leaves Scientology for whatever reason? They still become:

a happy socialized human


I’m free of that cult! I’m free…

Im free! well kind of

Hubbard was literally a hide-in-plain-view clearing house of ideas that the Slavemasters simply wanted to try on those deemed inadequate. A sort of “theory” pool.

ALL of which was still going for the same goal as biological psychiatry, Catholicism’s baby.

  • Control of man’s behavior.
  • Quarantine of those who deemed “dangerous”.

Think about it.

What better place than a closed and insular “cult”?

Cut-off, closed to outside ideas, punished for questioning “authority”, every aspect of their personal and professional life highly regimented.

Sounds like quarantined to me! You’re a dedicated Scientologist? You just quarantined yourself for them!

quarantine deadly force

Even better, from their perspective, think about what happens to most scientologists who have lived under such an environment for years – after they leave the “quarantine” zone.

What are their predominant attitudes now in place towards ‘the world’ (as run by the Slavemasters)?

  • It’s really “free” out here!
  • Medicine really works.
  • Psychiatry and psychology aren’t so bad.
  • Christianity isn’t so bad – at least they’re nicer.

Now, what views have gone missing as a result? Or as William Sargent put it “dropped out of sight” after all that nice treatment (sarcastically speaking) –

Oh yes, the other line in the Interpol Dossier…

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

That’s just not possible unless it’s done by ‘approved’ forms such as….there you go. NOW you’re getting it.

The now ex quarantined-in-a-cult member has changed his views of “society” – and is now a willing participant in society as it is.

This is not a good thing – remember what the word society actually means in slavemasterese.

As Dr. Ewen Cameron once said: one of the characteristics of the “weak” is that they are unwilling to accept the world as it is, and should be forcefully re-educated, removed from society, and their ideas along those lines destroyed.

And there they all are, the now EX scientologist, the formerly weak, the formerly inadequate, the formerly mentally unstable – they are now exactly in the position the “strong” (the slavemasters) wanted them to be in.

Think that is a coincidence?

no shaking head

Think that’s a good thing? If you do, you might as well slap a big S on your forehead and call yourself a training.

slap an s on your forehead

Next thing you know you’ll be advocating locking people up for their beliefs or their non-desired abilities, torturing them with electro-shock, enforced comas, and isolation. What a great life that would be, right? Such power over others…such beneficence on your part for helping all those ‘damaged’ people who just can’t get along with things as they are…it’s practically sainthood for you.

warning heavy sarcasm

But what about those still in the cults – you ask – how does that benefit the slavemasters to have robotic Scientologists and such running around “saving” the world?

Come on now, think about it. What do we see the rest of the world pressed to view such behavior as?

Look at the Lepers!

the crazies

the loons

the moon-bats

and the happily provided conclusion?


is what happens when people organize to “save the world” or when they try to practice unauthorized increases in mental awareness.


You will be ostracized and/or helped literally to death – the death of all that is unacceptable about you.

See? Works for them both ways – the “graduated” quarantined cult member happily re-entering slavemaster “society”, or the die-hard (and quarantined) cult member endlessly defending the world against aliens and devils –

It’s all good.

As long as they never come after us.

– sayeth the Slavemaster.


That’s all they care about.

Let’s take up the other carefully chosen word now – unhappiness.

Quote again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”


Well, that sounds rational, right? People shouldn’t be unhappy, it’s unhealthy for them.

Yea, Yea, Yea.

blame - talking heads

Ah, but no, that’s not what they mean by that. They mean unhappy with them, unhappy about the wrongs they see being perpetrated by these psycho-dogs.

A person who knows the difference between right and wrong is just a terrible thing to a slavemaster, terrible thing.

In George Brock Chisholm’s lecture titled; The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society, The  Responsibility  of Psychiatry,offprinted in: Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress – Chisholm and Sullivan 1946 he promotes that concepts of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, need to be eradicated from society.

He also tries to give one the idea that these concepts burden Man with guilt and anxiety.


Relevant excerpts:

“… this is a sick world, with an old chronic but ever more extensive and serious sickness. Its sickness has recently become acutely dangerous and the future is uncertain indeed.”

the burden of inferiority, guilt, and fear we have all carried lies at the root of this failure to mature successfully.

“…the inevitable results, are frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to enjoy living, to reason clearly or to make a world fit to live in.

Chisholm blames this on parents.

“We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests, our newspapers and others with a vested interest in controlling us.

About choked on that last one I bolded.

Chisholm looks for the root cause.

“For a cause we must seek some consistent thread running through the weave of all civilizations we have known and preventing the development of all or almost all the people to a state of true maturity. What basic psychological distortion can be found in every civilization of which we know anything?”

“It must be a force which:

  • discourages the ability to see and acknowledge patent facts, which
  • prevents the rational use of intelligence,
  • which teaches or encourages the ability to dissociate and to believe contrary to
  • and in spite of clear evidence,
  • which produces inferiority, guilt and fear,
  • which makes controlling other people’s personal behavior emotionally necessary,
  • which encourages prejudice and the inability to see, understand and sympathize with other people’s points of view.

Is there any force so potent and so pervasive that it can do all these things in all civilizations?

There is-just one. The only lowest common denominator ….capable of producing these perversions is morality, the concept of right and wrong…

Which Chisholm wants the solution to be:

  • “…the eradication of the concept of right and wrong…”


thumbs up

No right and wrong ever?

Now everyone is happy!





And of course just incidentally, slavemasters can run around and do whatever they want to whomever they want and it’s just a perfect society now.

sarcasm little guy


If that wasn’t bad enough as to what all is actually encapsulated in that “unhappiness” loaded word –

Quote again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”

Chisholm in 1946, when he was the head of the WHO and presenting this very same information to help direct the founding charter of UNESCO, his views could be encapsulated concerning the Burdens of Man as:


The INEVITABLE results of knowing right from wrong, and good from evil are:

“…frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to enjoy living, to reason clearly or to make a world fit to live in.


Ergo Unhappiness!


See how loaded that Interpol quotes really is? See what it is revealing that scientology is there to ‘trap’?

I doubt that most of you know this, but Dr. Ewen Cameron wrote an article for Canadian Nurse magazine in 1947 pushing the very same ideas as Brock Chisholm.

Here’s a PDF file of the pages of the article: Guilt and Anxiety as Social Controls

Ewen Cameron Guilt and Anxiety – Canadian Nurse vol43no4 Feb 1947

…Fortunately we arrive in this rather difficult world with certain devices already built into our natures which greatly facilitate our capacity to establish social control. These devices are the capacity to feel pain, to feel anxiety, and to feel guilt.

The use of pain as a social control I shall dismiss briefly by saying that it is much less used than it was. True enough , the sound of the parental slipper is still heard at the bedtime hour, but not so much as formerly, the ecclesiastical rack and the torture chamber, once used to wrench the sinner back to the path of righteousness, have disappeared save for a brief and horrible revival under the Nazis.

Keep in mind that this man is about to start doing just as bad, if not worse things to people without their consent (just like the Nazis) and get paid for it under Project MKUltra.

…The first statement is that ideas of right and wrong are not inborn.

……In a word, “good” and “bad” are relative, not absolute things. The great difference between the way in which those who lived before us thought about anxiety and guilt and the way in which we think about them is thrust into still sharper outline by the statement that they looked upon the excessively conscientious person, the person prone to feel guilty over every passing trifle, as someone who had a specially delicate sense of right and wrong and who for that reason was to be considered a specially worthy person. We, however, think of him as having a limited and crippled personality and as having been damaged most probably by unhealthy childhood experiences.

…To this one must add that some damage is not done in ignorance but is done through the deliberate fingering and manipulating of other people’s feelings of guilt and anxiety for the profit of individuals and institutions.

In particular we have to be especially critical of those systems of belief, those social institutions, which make excessive use of anxiety and guilt to control people. …The Right and the Left do not really represent choices; they are the same thing.

The choice is between them and freedom — freedom from unnecessary anxieties and guilts, freedom from taboos and useless prohibitions, freedom from all kinds of crippling social institutions.


Dr. Ewen Cameron, probably one of the worst monsters ever at trying to torture people into no longer knowing right and wrong, talking about ‘freedom’ like he cares is just about the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

Early in his career, he had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and “reprogramming” the psyche (that’s a rather mild way of putting what he was actually doing, believe me).

He then started to distinguish populations between “the weak” and “the strong”.

Those with anxieties or insecurities and who had trouble with the state of the world – who were correctly unhappy with certain things about it – were labeled as “the weak”.

Cameron said these “weak” could not cope with life and had to be isolated from society by “the strong”.

Cameron further argued that “the weak” must not be allowed to influence children. He promoted a philosophy where chaos could be prevented by removing the weak from society.

He began to document these “types” that should be removed, beginning with a lecture called: Recognition of harmful personalities, in 1947.

If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitudes and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used, may be employed in freeing ourselves from their attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress.

—Cameron on the Germans, in lecture: Life is For Living, 1948


On October 17, 1951, Cameron presented his ideas in a lecture entitled Dangerous Men and Women. It describes various personalities that he believed were of marked danger to all members of society.

Cameron stated in his lecture:

Get it understood how dangerous these damaged, sick personalities are to ourselves – and above all, to our children, whose traits are taking form and we shall find ways to put an end to them.

For Cameron, the traits were contagious and anyone affected by the societal, cultural or personality forms would themselves be infected. Cameron used his ideas to implement policies on who should govern and/or parent in society.

He said that The described types would have to be eliminated from society if there was to be peace and progress.

He just neglected to mention that he was one of those types he keeps trying to lay off on his ‘enemies’ – you know, those ‘inadequate’, as the dossier made for Interpol put it.

But here we are again with that word society – those that see them, that fight them, they are dangerous to the slavemaster prison-camp-with-nice-furniture plans called “society’.

Per Cameron, the “Experts must develop methods of forcefully changing attitudes and beliefs.

I said earlier that this dossier prepared by MI6 (covertly through the Met) in 1969 was helping to establish a cover for scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, a new world order supporter and agent, but that it was also playing off a kind of truth.

A truth of how they view people that won’t conform to their stupid plan.

If that was true, we’d expect to see Hubbard carrying out their agenda that Cameron talked about – those methods of changing attitudes and beliefs, and we’d expect to see some sort of internal teachings that are the ideas these psycho-dogs wanted us to have.

And so we do.


Take a look at Hubbard regarding the point of contagion – in 1950.

Disease is contagious. Germs, traveling from one individual to another, wander through an entire society, respecting none until stopped by such things as sulfa or penicillin.

Aberrations are contagious. Like germs they respect none and carry forward from individual to individual, from parents to child, respecting none until they are stopped by dianetics.

…Aberrated parents are certain to infect their children with engrams.

– Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health; CHAPTER VIII Contagion of Aberration

Take a look at Hubbard here, in the same year as Cameron’s “dangerous” people lecture (1951).

There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts.

The first is to raise them on the tone scale by unenturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes.

The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow.

Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women.

The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.

It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line — a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred — or simply quarantining them from the society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, from “The Science of Survival”, CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN; COLUMN Y Method Used By Subject To Handle Others


Note: Out of the other side of his mouth, Hubbard had just said in the Dianetics book that:

A society which practices punishment of any kind against any of its members is carrying on a contagion of aberration.

– Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health; CHAPTER VIII Contagion of Aberration, 1950

OK, now we’ve covered what is really meant by the choice of the word unhappiness.

Last, but not neleast – uncertainty.

Quote again –

As the report details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”


There are two reasons for the choice of this word by British intelligence.

1. Resolving the ‘uncertainty’ into a ‘certainty’ – to them would mean the person isn’t questioning the Slavemaster plan, or those nagging little things called right and wrong.

2. It’s about what the person is uncertain about. The Slavemasters want the person’s certainty to be on what they want them to be, and they want them uncertain about what is true, and what is not, especially when it comes to the no-no subjects (from a slavemaster perspective).

As a derogatory, it’s meaning people who are correctly uncertain that all this horseshit they put out is “truth”. You can see why they wouldn’t like that.

However, it’s a bit of a double-meaning, because the slavemasters spend a lot of time and effort trying to bring about that very condition!

Doubt, uncertainty. Again, it’s about what that matters. You’re not supposed to doubt them, you understand.

Phil Lesly tells us about this a bit in his Handbook of Public Relations and Communications.

“The weight of impressions on the public must be balanced so people will have doubts and lack motivation to take action. Accordingly, means are needed to get balancing information into the stream from sources that the public will find credible. There is no need for a clear-cut victory. . . . Nurturing public doubts by demonstrating that this is not a clear-cut situation in support of the opponents usually is all that is necessary.”

In an article by Tim O’Shea entitled: The Doors Of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything, which I posted to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in 2004).

In his Doors of Perception article, Tim states:

“Over time, the sophistication of these tools of propaganda has evolved to a very structured science, taking its cues in an unbroken line from principles laid down by the Father of Spin himself, Edward L Bernays, over a century ago, as we will see.”

Tim references a book entitled: Trust Us We’re Experts by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber.

Stuart Ewen, a historian and author of PR: A Social History of Spin, interviewed Bernays, which is quoted also on page 42 of Trust Us We’re Experts.

“…interviewed Bernays near the end of his life and was struck by his “unabashedly hierarchical view of society. Repeatedly, he maintained that, while most people respond to their world instinctively, without thought, there exist an ‘intelligent few’ who have been charged with the responsibility of contemplating and influencing the tide of history…. He expressed little respect for the average person’s ability to think out, understand, or act upon the world in which they live…. Throughout our conversation, Bernays conveyed his hallucination of democracy: a highly educated class of opinion-molding tacticians are continuously at work, analyzing the social terrain and adjusting the mental scenery from which the public mind, with its limited intellect, derives its opinions.”

Hence, the derogatory of uncertainty used in the Dossier. They mean people that are uncertain, not buying it, not towing-the-line on their “mental scenery adjustments”.

I find I am somewhat amused though, at the idea of slavemasters being glorified set directors, kinda accurate as to their role in the hierarchy of your mind.

At the bottom.


Now that you’ve learned all that, we’ll look at the quote one more time and then move on.

As the report [on scientology] details, “the organization caters to the inadequate. The promise of enhanced mental awareness appears to appeal to those already affected by mental instability, unhappiness and uncertainty.”


Some of us have just been complimented, and some of us have just been identified – I think you know what I mean.

Here’s what else Robert Whitaker #1 tells us about this dossier –

In the eyes of the Met, the Church’s auditing process was little more than a street level confidence trick, referring to the Church’s auditing machine, “the E-meter,” as nothing more than

a electric meter held in a wooden box [that] has two terminals each of which is attached at the end of a electrode which is a steel or tin can resembling and sometimes actually being, a soup can…The E-meter would appear to be no more than a powerful gimmick for controlling [initiates] and developing in them a sense of awe and submission to a dependency upon the organization.

The report ended with a note of warning:

the authorities in this country are extremely concerned about the organization…scientology is socially harmful; it alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it. Its authoritarian principles and practices are a potential menace to the personality and well-being of those so deluded as to become its followers.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

He then goes into the Guardian’s Office and Operation Snow-White, and correctly surmises that they surreptitiously gained a copy of this dossier in West Germany in 1973. That’s exactly what B1 (intelligence) agents did.

Operation Snow White, led to the theft and destruction of hundreds of thousands of government documents relating to the Church of Scientology before it was discovered by the US government in 1977.

Though I have not been able to confirm it, it is more than likely that this operation, or a similar one, also resulted in the public release of the Met’s profile of the Church of Scientology in West Germany in 1973.

The release of this damning document led to a swift response by the Church, which filed suit against Interpol and the Metropolitan Police in German court.

The Church followed this by organizing a propaganda campaign against Interpol that attacked it as a tool of totalitarianism, emphasizing in particular the organization’s Nazi past.

The early wave of this attack featured short newspaper articles and pamphlets that offered surviving photographs of Nazi-run Interpol conferences during the Second World War.

Cops, Robbers and Scientologists – Why The Church of Scientology Hated Interpol by Robert Whitaker, May 16, 2013.

All correct.

Now let’s get to Robert Whitaker #2, and wrap this up.

robert whitaker 2

Briefly, Robert Whitaker #2 has won numerous awards as a journalist covering medicine and science, including the George Polk Award for Medical Writing and a National Association for Science Writers’ Award for best magazine article. In 1998, he co-wrote a series on psychiatric research for the Boston Globe that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Anatomy of an Epidemic won the 2010 Investigative Reporters and Editors book award for best investigative journalism.

An interview with him –

Interviewer: Robert Whitaker began researching for a series on abuses of psychiatric patients for the Boston Globe with a self-professed conventional understanding of psychiatry. But as he delved deeper into the scientific literature, he found surprising results. Where was the proof of the chemical imbalance? Why did short-term outcome studies show improvement with drug treatment, but long-term outcome studies showed medicated patients faring worse than their unmediated counterparts?

Robert:…I was shocked, and I was continually shocked, as I moved my way through the research, initially starting with studies dealing with antipsychotics use for schizophrenia. I was shocked by how consistent the story was as you began to focus on long-term outcomes as opposed to short-term outcomes. The very first one-year studies show the outcome that the medicated patients are more likely to be hospitalized and then you start following these landmark studies in order, you kind of follow your way through the research studies that begin looking at long-term outcomes and you see the same outcomes coming up again and again. First you see it with antipsychotics. I was surprised to see that by the late 1970s, people were saying “Uh oh, are we basically making this disorder more chronic?”

I was surprised, actually, by how fleshed-out the story was about the paradoxical long-term effects of the drugs. Then I was surprised that you begin to see it everywhere. If you look at cross-cultural studies, you see it. You see it in Courtney Hardings studies. Then you get MRI technology, which is showing that antipsychotics shrink the brain, and as that happens you get some functional impairment. By the time that the 2007 report came out by Martin Harrow, there were fifteen years of outcomes for medicated and unmedicated patients. By this time I expected the unmedicated patients to do much better.

Interviewer: Are we basically making this disorder more chronic?

That’s what he indeed reported and found. Even though it seemed so startling and so contrary to what you would expect to find given societal expectations, it was exactly what I expected to find.


But here’s what I really loved that he said –

Interviewer: You mentioned Eli Lily and their response to data showing Prozac being associated with suicidal ideation, and how scientology and its views on psychiatry entered the picture.

Robert: I made a little joke in the book about psychiatry secretly funding scientology, but really, it couldn’t have worked out better for the pharmaceutical companies and biological psychiatry. The reason is that, of course, it delegitimizes criticism. The fact that scientology is so visibly attacking biological psychiatry and attacking psychiatric drugs delegitimizes all criticism. Scientologists clearly do have a cult-like status and they clearly do have an agenda. The fact that they’re so visible makes it very easy for psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies to say, “This is just criticism coming from that crazy group.”

Some of the stuff, they’ve gone into the data and they’ve brought out some information. Because it was scientology and CCHR that was out front with the criticism and raising questions and raising accusations that these drugs were causing suicide and violence, just made it really easy for pharmaceutical industry and Eli Lily to have it dismissed.

If we didn’t have Scientology. Imagine it doesn’t exist and there’s no such group raising criticism.

The questions around whether Prozac can stir violence or could cause someone to become suicidal or homicidal would have had a lot more traction.

Why Psychiatry Embraced Drugs: An Interview with Author Robert Whitaker Written by Kelly Bourdet, April 16, 2012


Now we know why scientology “attacks” psychiatry with the lamest attacks ever, especially under David Miscavige’s helm – eh?

To give credibility to it!

Since it’s a damn British/American Intelligence front group, that makes a whole lot more sense than the other retarded explanations out there.

Damn straight. Loved this article!

Ok, time for more knitting.

winking angel


Virginia McClaughry



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