Here it is, a veritable propaganda banquet.

PDF of The Dossier Disease – published by Church of Scientology Guardian’s Office


Mike McClaughry

P.S. The propaganda story goes that a girl in the IRS started the ‘false reports’ (as this booklet calls them) and ‘Nazi-dominated’ Interpol was the pipeline for circulating them around the world which they have a map of in this booklet. While all of that contains some facts (barely recognizable as such) it is not the correct, complete story of what actually happened. My wife has done, and is doing, some posts telling the real complete true story – which I will soon be incorporating in my book.

The emphasis on ‘Nazis’ is wrong, it is an intentional misdirection by Hubbard to the intelligence staff of the Guardian’s Office. You can read about that in Scientology Roots Chapter 32: Hubbard’s Disinformation to Intelligence Staff.

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