The British Security Coordination was a WWII American-based but British intelligence firm headed by William Stephenson – formed with the goal to a: get America into the war and b: to get America to join the new form of the League of Nations – the United Nations. There were a number of other things that were engaged in, one of which was getting America’s intelligence departments set up, based on and actually overseen by British intelligence – particularly MI6. This was first called the Office of the Coordinator of Information, which then split into two parts, propaganda and intelligence. The Intelligence part became the OSS and both of these were headed by William “Wild Bill” Donovan. The OSS agents, files, connections to British intelligence, rolled over into the newly created CIA after WWII was over.

I did a series of in-depth articles (still not finished entirely) on the people, the circumstances, and what they were really doing under the guise of “war-time” intelligence activities. The second article, British Security Coordination Compendium II: The Party Boys, delved into these same men and women and how their activities led to the creation of the highly secret MKUltra mind-control experimentation program.

In this article, I talked about a video that I found of Debbie Sharp. I was discussing it because it related to some research I had been doing concerning George White, who provided LSD and other drugs to CIA agents as part of Operation Midnight Climax – an MKUltra program to study “sexual behavior” – which is not really what it was about, that was just the more palatable version. You can read more about that particular operation by following the link above.

The video clip is a April 1980 interview with Debby from a Texas public access channel.


Here’s a transcript I made to make it easier for people to access what was said. It’s not perfect but it will suffice for now.

Announcer: You’ve been keeping track of what the CIA and the Defense Department have been doing for a long time as far as using us as guinea pigs for mind control and other types of horrible things they had in mind for us and the rest of the people in the world.

What are some of them?

Debby Sharp: Well, uh, it started out with the CIA basically doing experimentations on their own men to discover if they could get rid of, uh, agents who were going to quit the department and still had classified information.

So, they utilized different types of drugs and pain and hypnosis, and electric shock, to try and get the guys to forget.

Then they also did experimentations to using different chemicals to see if you can induce a person to commit a crime or induce him to do that or to do this.

Um, of course, the CIA claimed that it didn’t carry it through. Um, the documentation we got was actually that they did that.

Then we came across the overall project called MK Ultra. It’s earlier code name was Artichoke and that included 149 sub-projects.

Announcer: A hundred and forty nine? (sounding shocked)

Debby: Yea. And those sub projects ranged from what I just described to open air testing in the United States, experimentation on prisoners, experimentation on soldiers, experimentation on college students.

Announcer: Uh, were these people know they were being experimented on and give their approval?

Debby: No. Except for the “Volunteer” – the Voluntary Army soldiers.

Announcer: Yea.

Debby: And the way the volunteer Army program worked is that it started in 1959 and the guys were just told that they would be doing experimentation on new weapons. All right.

Then they get to Fort Detrick, Maryland where the experimentation was done and find out that they were going to be doing it on drugs and chemicals, but they were never told what they would be experimented on.

And they just knew that they went crazy for a couple days or so forth and so on and then years later have uh… similar things to the guys who have had Agent Orange.

Cuz there’s this one chemical that was used called BZ and its a hundred times stronger than LSD. It’s a very gross drug that causes a person to totally go out of his head for at least 12 hours, sometimes up to 2 or 3 weeks where he doesn’t even know where he is or who he is.

Announcer: Are there residual effects to BZ?

Debby: Yes. Now the Army at first said that they had done testing to discover it and they said that there weren’t any residual tests…any residual results.

Announcer: It’s harmless, it’s harmless – they always say that.

Debby: Right.

And we did a campaign to find the soldiers who had been experimented on and we found approximately 40 in the U.S. All of which have been experiencing extreme emotional and physical upset since that time, you know, with children with birth defects – the same sort of thing as Agent Orange.

But the Army, as part of the CIA’s experimentations, wanted to simulate chemical biological warfare attacks and to see what effect it would have on different Americans, how far it could go in, and so forth, but also test to see how they could use it on other countries.

The different kinds of things that they did without the citizens permission, any time, on any of these tests was…

Announcer: Or even knowing about it.

Debby: Oh No. Of course not. They didn’t even say they were going to do a test, you know…

They experimented with the use of mosquitoes. Where they just let tons of mosquitoes go in uh…South Carolina, and uh…just to test how far the mosquitoes would go because they had the idea that maybe if they used a particular strain of mosquitoes in say….Soviet Russia, then those guys aren’t immune to Yellow Fever, because they don’t have yellow fever there, then Russia could be infected with an epidemic of Yellow Fever.

But OUR guys were tested on it. Not the Russians were tested on it, WE were tested on it.

Announcer: What other types of things did they drop in the air?

Debby: They dropped a particular bacterium, I can’t pronounce it very well, serra…. whatever, and it was used – I’m sure that most people have heard of it… in San Francisco where at least 10 people got sick from it and one died. In fact, Edward Neevin the III is suing the Army currently because of his father who died from it.

Now that chemical was also used utilized in Florida, and it’s a bacteria that causes a pneumonia type disease, you know, respiratory problems and things like that. So that was tested in San Francisco and in Florida.

Then they also used other chemicals that they have not released what they are…yet. In New York, they released it in subways and in tunnels and in turnpikes. In 1956 and 1966, in two different tests.

Um, then the major thing that they used after that was zinc cadmium sulfide – which the Army spokesman have again said is harmless. But the only scientific studies that we’ve come up with says that it is…it could be very harmful. In fact if a person is exposed to it continuously… it could cause death, but it would definitely cause anyone with respiratory problems to get it agitated to a degree that they would either get very, very sick or they could actually die.

Announcer: Well they’ve used Texas and Texans as guinea pigs for a long time, haven’t they…

Debby: Oh yes, and that’s zinc cadmium sulfide. Now that was done – what we’ve documented – in at least 15 different locations in the U.S. One of which was in Dallas in 1961.

A series of 34 different tests were done off a TV tower, where they blew it out to a very large area, and the whole test area went from Dallas all the way down to McLean?? Texas which is a very long way, it’s like 160 miles.

Announcer: Well, Austin’s been involved in one of these tests too, hasn’t it?

Debby: Right.

The other series of tests that we discovered with zinc cadmium sulfide, was in – the test area was described as from Corpus Christie up to San Antonio, Austin over to Houston. So, it was that area.

And they sprayed off jet bombers, zinc cadmium sulfide, by following the coastline and then it would blow in to the coast. Then they set up samplers to see the concentration and how far it would go in. That was done in 1965 in that area.

But a year later, they did a similar type test, but this time the simulant used was 23 tons of glass beads and cork particles.

Announcer: Glass beads and cork particles, and we inhaled these?

Debby: Yea. Yea. Now those wouldn’t be as dangerous as zinc cadmium sulfide but I don’t think I’d want to breathe 23 tons of glass beads.

Announcer: No…

Debby: So…then again, the thing is…Now, with these tests we are currently trying to get Texas Senators at least, we’ve given a submission to Senator Tower and Binsen and Pickle, to ask them to please, put a ban on any chemical biological warfare testing without anyone’s permission.

So, that if a city wants to, you know, be utilized as a guinea pig then they have the ability to decide whether they want it or not.

I mean it’s just not ok for Dallas to get sprayed and everyone in the city get that effect without their permission and so we were trying currently to get a ban on this.

Announcer: What about the …certain types of testing of a strictly racial or ethnic nature?

Debby: Well, we discovered that, actually what they phrased it as is – ethnic weapons.

Now in the United States, we’ve been able to document that Negro men were experimented on with LSD and other hallucinogenics, who were either mental patients or prisoners.

And the attempt with that, is to discover how different ethnic groups or races would not be as immune to something as someone else. Like as…with Soviet Russia they don’t have Yellow Fever, so those guys they hadn’t built up an immunity to Yellow Fever yet, so if you used a particular chemical in that area, then, say, Russians may not have that immunity and might get an epidemic that’s real quick and disable the country, immediately.

Announcer: That reminds me back in the old days, the good old days, when the Army and all, used to give the smallpox infested, infected blankets to the Indians.

Debby: Right.

Announcer: We haven’t really changed much, have we, except we’ve gone on a mass-produced basis and have the ability to spread it throughout the whole world.

Debby: Well, the irresponsibility with it is, is what, is a terrible thing. Because the Army apparently felt like…some of the guys are good guys and they really probably felt that we need to do chemical biological warfare tests to make sure we don’t get attacked on this. I mean what if Russia came over here did a chemical…you know, sprayed a chemical on the United States. What would happen?

But, who was responsible for telling the Army that that chemical was safe? I mean that has never been in any documentation.

Who was responsible for saying that BZ, which is an extremely dangerous drug, could be used on our soldiers.

Who said that it was ok to use Agent Orange and that it was harmless?

You know?

Those guys cannot be found.

They are not in the documentation, you can find out about all the tests…of course you go to the Army cuz the Army conducted the tests …but WHO in the Army said that it was ok?

That’s what I think is the thing that must be found out because those individuals I think should be prosecuted. It was a criminal… it was a criminal thing and it shouldn’t have been done.

Debby Sharp – 1980


After watching the video for a bit, I knew she was a scientologist, and not just any scientologist but a Guardian’s Office scientologist. The Guardian’s Office was the Church of Scientology’s intelligence branch – which still exists, it’s just now called the Office of Special Affairs or OSA for short).

Marty Rathbun (the man that I mention below helped David Miscavige destroy the Guardian’s Office) had a blog post on March 14, 2014. One of the comments to it said:

Debby Sharp Before Cathy Norman Sullivan was the DSA, she was the A/G Legal in the Austin Org branch of the Guardians Office. Dan McMurrough was A/G for Intelligence, Debbie Selle Sharp was the A/G for Public Relations, and Danny Chadwell was the A/G. This was in the roughly 1973 – 1981 era. So much for the “disbandment” of the old G.O!*

*G.O. = Guardian’s Office

This shows that Debby Sharp’s position was the Assistant Guardian Legal for the Austin, Texas Church of Scientology in 1980, when she did this interview.

In the interview she uses the particular style of language common to scientologists.

For example –

At around 2 minutes in she says:

“Experiencing extreme emotional and physical upset…”

The use of the word upset in that particular manner of speaking is pretty exclusively a Scientologese usage.

At around 6 minutes in she says:

“It’s just not ok for Dallas to get…”

The use of “not ok” in that particular manner of speaking is even more of a good example of Scientologese usage.

But, it wasn’t so much what she said, it was more her treatment of the subject that clearly said to me who she actually was.

Since the time that I wrote the BSC Compendium article I found proof of her involvement in Scientology and the Guardian’s Office – this news article is detailing one of the front groups created by the Guardian’s Office in the Spring of 1978, called the ACHG (American Citizens for Honesty in Government).

The Galveston Daily News Friday November 17th 1978.

Article images –



Three members of the American Citizens for Honesty in Government visited Galveston Thursday offering local citizens rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of “corrupt government officiaIs.”

Sponsored by the Church of Scientology, a Washington-based organization which has a history of crusades against corruption in government and the private sector, the ACHG representatives are sending small task forces throughout various parts of the country to disperse literature urging citizens to “fight conspiracy…between…special interest groups and the government.”

According to Debbie Sharp one of the three ACHG representatives who stationed themselves near Central Plaza Thursday, the group is most concerned, at this time, with fighting a “decade-long conspiracy between representatives of federal agencies and medical special interest groups.”

An article in Freedom, journal of the Church of Scientology and one of the items being distributed by the three-person task force, maintains that medical and business organizations, as well as several federal agencies, were involved in a secret forum where government representatives could keep abreast of those who had attracted the ire of the special interest groups and keep the special interest groups informed of the government’s enforcement actions.

Among the groups attacked, the article says, were the field of chiropractic medicine, the National Health Federation, various health food lecturers and vitamin advocates.


I quite enjoyed this video clip of it that I saw, everything she says I know for a fact is true (I have the relevant CIA documents).

She is straight-forward and very “normal” compared to the raygun-eyed conspiracy theorists out there, that in my opinion are either total dupes (manipulated by an actual intelligence agent) or intelligence operatives deliberately muddying the area by populating it with “crazy” conspiracy theorists.

I think there is some truth to the idea that Scientology’s actual intelligence handlers didn’t like some of the things the Guardian’s Office was doing – and I don’t mean their crazy black ops they ran on people.

I mean exposing real conspiracies, and if you notice, this only was “allowed” for a very brief period of time before the next thing you know? A new “front man” is installed – David Miscavige – who disbands the Guardian’s Office and replaces it with his right-hand man Mark Rathbun who then promptly set about destroying all their files!


Mark Rathbun 2015 interview –

Video clip –


That’s pretty obvious why someone would insist that the incoming new regime would do such a thing – Guardian’s Office staff who were not themselves double-agents of sorts, had gathered a lot of very real evidence.

Too real.

The Guardian’s Office does happen to be a least part of why most of us know about MKUltra and Project Artichoke experimentations such as chemical and bacteria warfare tests against non-combatant and innocent Americans.

However, this is not to say that there wasn’t efforts to capitalize the efforts of other people exposing these things in the Senate Commission hearings, in order to PR-position Scientology as “heroes for the people” (or some such). I am absolutely positive that kind of thing was going on here as well.

Around this same time of this news article, Guardian’s Office staff began releasing information that they had found in the MK-Ultra records (ones that had survived the massive shredding project ordered by MK-Ultra head Sidney Gottlieb, that is).

Here’s an example –

The Daily News January 6, 1979 – you can see that the ACHG is mentioned.


If you’d like to see the rest of the articles etc. that I’ve gathered, please see my other post focusing on just that.

From my husband Mike –

See? Now that’s the problem with Dupe Agents. A lot of the time they are decent people with good intentions. They are not in on the covert evil purpose of the Front Man and the Front group – in this case some of the Guardian’s Office staff.

These Dupe Agents in the Guardian’s Office were actually digging up hair-raising and extremely embarrassing documents, and exposing them publicly in direct contradiction to the Slavemasters Global Domination plans.

It became a forest fire out-of-control.

its out of control

It had to be stopped.

But, L. Ron Hubbard could not very well tell those people to stop what they were doing, for they would then immediately turn around and look at him cross-eyed and that would be the end of that.

I believe that was the real reason that Hubbard was removed as Front Man, and a new Front Man was installed, Mr. David Miscavige, who promptly set about putting a stop to the Guardian’s Office and ordering the destruction of all those very, very embarrassing files.

I call this –

Sidney Gottlieb and the destruction of the MKUltra files

Take Two.

Not only did Miscavige, through orders to him, and then orders to his henchmen (such as Rathbun) derail completely where the Guardian’s Office was going in its investigations, but he also got control of the Front Group of Scientology itself. The replacement of the Guardian’s Office – the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) – does not investigate and expose a goddamn thing compared to what the Guardian’s Office was doing right before the squash order happened.

– Mike McClaughry, June 2, 2015


Virginia McClaughry

me_may_2015_5 thumb





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  1. Greetings Mike and Virginia,
    I was just reading the new Friday, June 05, 2015 post on Tony Ortega’s blog. It is titled “If the Sea Org doesn’t legally exist, how does it run Scientology?”. In it he mentions, among many other interesting things, is what has been repeated often, and that is this quote. “The Snow White Program (1973-1977) was a Guardian’s Office intelligence operation that became the largest infiltration of the US federal government in its history. The Church was the subject of a massive multi-location FBI raid on July 8, 1977.” I find myself thinking this is a bit of cleaver misdirection. Perhaps in a certain aspect it is true, but not fully. If you begin to consider the facts that you have provided on your blog, it is easy to see. The fact is, if you consider the Nazi infiltration, it becomes more clear. When you look at the origins, you see a large US contingent of Nazi’s that were involved before, during, and after the war. With this contingent you see “Operation Paper Clip” and other programs that we may not even know about, bring in a small or perhaps even a large army of Nazi’s into the US. Mostly known to be brought into US intelligence and the new space program, NASA, and perhaps more. Then there is the infiltration of the US by British intelligence (how many degrees of separation between these two, not enough to get a piece of paper between). Your work has shown the connection between Hubbard and British Intelligence and its infiltration of the US, and the invariable connection with the Nazi’s. (On a side note, I suspect, gut wise, but cannot yet prove or connect, is the origins of the KKK as a British NAZI creation, at least something they would dream up at any rate). So in wrapping up, it seems to be true, that Scientology has the distinction of “….the largest infiltration of the US federal government in its history…..” but it is an incomplete truth, and that is dangerous. Coupled with your recent article about the GO and some of the dupe agents, who went “rouge” revealing to much truth, causing trouble to the true agents, and the power change that resulted, it becomes even more clear. This Scientology infiltration of the US government, and subsequent exposure could have been a blessing in disguise or, perhaps, an actual plan of the Global Enslavers as a perfect misdirection of the actual breadth and depth of the true infiltration and subversion of the US.

  2. Greetings Mike and Virginia,
    This is a more personal letter to you both. I am in the process of cleaning out…[edit]

  3. Hi Virginia, I was wondering if you’ve delved into Agenda 21 and how, in real time, this is changing the world, one municipality at a time. I love all the information you and Mike have supplied and it seems to me it’s all leading to Agenda 21. What do you think?


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