In a 1997 issue of the News Journal of the Office of Special Affairs (the dirty tricks intelligence department of scientology), Grace-Marie Haddy is pictured manning the “Cult Awareness Network” phones.

Note: The Church of Scientology had taken over the Cult Awareness Network by that time.

A poster recognized Grace, and pointed her out in a posting to the Why We Protest forum, and the poster was referring to this page found in Anonlover’s Scientology Religiosity series vol. 1.

grace marie haddy 1997 working for office of special affairsimage found here.
My husband Mike, who knew Grace from when he was in the Guardian’s Office, also verified that this picture is definitely her.


Grace-Marie Haddy has a long history being involved with subversive intelligence operations going as far back as the formation of the Grateful Dead to be the ‘house band’ for the MKUltra mind-control experiments concerning LSD – especially the ones at Stanford Research Institute under people like Willis Harmon, Gregory Bateson, Captain “Trips” Al Hubbard, and OSS man (and Secretary for Health and Welfare) Mr. Gardner.

Grace was also personally Terry Milner’s communicator, right from the beginning of his “career” running intelligence operations in concert with the CIA and MI6 (through L. Ron Hubbard’s contacts) – Terry was the Deputy Guardian intelligence for the United States, and was the senior over Guardian’s Office agents like Don Alverzo aka Jeff Levin aka Jeff Marino, who ran the nasty operations against Paulette Cooper.

what terry milner did to paulette cooper - fair game.

Grace-Marie Haddy continued her activities when the Guardian’s Office was disbanded after the FBI raid, and was involved in Operation Snow-White actions in the mirror organization of the Guardian’s Office called the Office of Special Affairs – formed up by Mark Rathbun in the early 1980’s. Grace was also a trustee of the scientology front group National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, in addition to her activities attacking scientology’s “enemies” through the Cult Awareness Network.


Former undercover spy (run by scientology handler Don Alverzo/Jeff Levin/Jeff Marino) Merrell Vannier, also worked with Grace-Marie Haddy, Duke Snider, and Jimmy Mulligan (a senior of Terry Milner’s) in the Guardian’s Office in January of 1980 (per his book Arrows in The Dark.)

Pages 168, 169



Note: He also accuses Mulligan of having been an FBI plant, this is just one example leading up to it.



For much more about Grace (died in 2003) and the people she influenced/worked with, please see the following articles here at our blog:


You know, I just have to say that simply cannot believe people who say they “liked” the Grateful Dead’s music – like Merrell did here. They have maybe one or two songs that are even halfway decent. For the most part, I’d say that to “like” the bulk of their music, you’d have to have been stoned (or similarly completely out-of-it) to say such a thing about their music. It was like they were trying to be some sort of concatenation of southern bluegrass/rock music, but failed miserably.

Now this, for example, is the real thing as far as that goes.


Interesting tidbit: This song was written in response to Canadian Neil Young’s over-generalization of all southerners as rednecks in his songs “Southern Man” and “Alabama”.

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Virginia McClaughry

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