. Greetings! Yes, it’s true, I found another important little piece buried in the recently declassified FDA documents (obtained by activist R.M. Seibert) – probably overlooked by everyone, including the FDA. . In and amongst the documents released by the FDA, there are often copies of flyers, articles, and various promotional pieces by scientology, up […]

. Today I finally tracked down a decent picture of Brian Roubinek through offline sources. Brian, at least in 1972, was the Deputy, Deputy Guardian Intelligence for the U.S. (D/DGI Int US) L. Ron Hubbard personally responded to his intelligence “find” concerning Dr. Overholser of St. Elizabeth’s federal mental hospital in Washington D.C. You can […]

“The best safeguard against abuses in the future is a complete public accounting of the abuses of the past.”
— Senator Edward Kennedy on MKULTRA

On October 8, 2014, for our Reading Library I published an extensive compendium concerning Casimir Pilenas Palmer (who was a combined Russian and British and later American deep cover intelligence agent) and his little known role in the Protocols of Zion hoax.

Imagine my surprise when I came across not one but two Robert Whitakers both having some very important information/views on what I’m researching right now.