I’d like to show you something about L. Ron Hubbard’s War Record.

Recently a reporter evaluated Hubbard’s war history and correctly concluded that there is something very odd, mysterious even, with his records.

Well, that’s true, there is, they are edited depending on who they are being sent to!

Chris Owen, a long-time scientology critic, seems to have a preference for highlighting particular versions of Hubbard’s war history – like the FDA version I’m about to show you, for example. In fact, Tony Ortega just recently posted that Owen feels that this version: “As you say, it corroborates what we already know from the records,” and yet there is no comment on just how highly edited that version is.

Nor does he (nor anyone else) seem to want to discuss the much better version sent to President Kennedy man – Mitchell Rogovin – that I highlighted in my recent heavily documented post concerning the “Kennedy List”, and Rogovin is who spearheaded the actual removal of scientology’s tax exemption, no less!

Seems worthy of a comment or two, I’d say.


So, what version is Owen referring to when he says “what we already know”? This one.

The interesting thing is that one is almost the same as the Rogovin version of 1966, just 3 years after the highly edited version given to the FDA.

What I’d like to focus on today, is just how bad – how much – the Navy edited Hubbard’s war history with what they gave to the FDA.

It establishes a sort of precedent. One of that they DO alter, and have altered, Hubbard’s war record. This begs the question of what else is being left out, even in the fuller versions.

For example, his obvious training by the British in intelligence – at Pemberley in England. That is not in any records!

But, then again, that’s British policy in things that could be “embarrassing” for them – they destroy the records (or say they did). Such is the case with L. Ron Hubbard here, particularly his connection thereby into the OSS (later the CIA) – the British counterpart of MI6 formed during WWII and overseen by the British.

For much more about this, please see my husbands Scientology Roots chapters:


The version that the Navy sent to the FDA in 1963, was found in the recently obtained declassified FDA documents (courtesy of a Bunkerite – Ortega Blog – and Muckrock researcher). The request for the records and the answer from the Navy, can be found on the disk/pdf labelled Church of Scientology-121 files.

Here’s OCR’d pdf of them, and one of what was sent Rogovin 3 years later.


Before I go on I’d like to talk about Mitch Rogovin briefly.

In my post Scientology Tax Exemption – What Really Happened: The Kennedy List we learn who Mitch Rogovin was.

President Kennedy made his brother Bobby (Robert) Kennedy the Attorney General – Justice Department.

Bobby Kennedy

Robert Bobby Kennedy attorney general

Bobby and John Kennedy (the president) then posted Mitchell Rogovin as Assistant Attorney General.

Mitchell Rogovin

Mitchell Rogovin


After President Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963, Rogovin was posted as Chief Counsel to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) – aka the Office of the Chief Counsel. This is where Charlotte Murphy worked.

Rogovin also happened to be the attorney handling the FDA case against the Founding Church of Scientology, as this document shows.

Letter dated June 7, 1967; from Mitchell Rogovin Justice Department, Assistant Attorney General Tax Division, and Phillip Miller – Chief, Court of Claims Section to Commissioner of the FDA James L. Goddard

rogovin to Goddard june 7 1967 fda scientologyrogovin to Goddard june 7 1967 fda scientology 2

– found in the recently declassified FDA records  – in Cd #2, Vol 3 of 18 PDF, pp 40, 41

James L. Goddard

Dr. James L. Goddard at the F.D.A. laboratory in 1966. Credit George Tames The New York Times


By the way, Charlotte Murphy was the IRS lawyer that David Miscavige tried very hard to direct all the scientologists attention to at the “War is Over” IRS victory event – he kept trying to portray her as “the” bad guy who made scientology lose it’s tax exemption. Of course, he doesn’t bother to even mention Mitchell Rogovin.

Gee! I wonder why that is….

whistling girl

If you’d like to see a lot more about all that, you can check out these posts:


Ok, so Mitchell Rogovin requests L. Ron Hubbard’s records from the Navy.

This is what he gets.

20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 2 20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 3


This is what the FDA got, 3 years earlier, plus a couple other things that were thrown into the FDA file next to the letter.

navy to fda 25 feb 1963 l ron hubbard record navy to fda 25 feb 1963 l ron hubbard record 2 navy to fda 25 feb 1963 l ron hubbard record 4 navy to fda 25 feb 1963 l ron hubbard record 3


The originals for this correspondence to the FDA (much better copy) can be found in Margaret Lakes research. Margaret has a page of PDFs of the documents she received, which are described as:

“L. Ron Hubbard Navy service records”, National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), St. Louis, MO (copies provided in 2011). The NPRC is part of the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration (aka NARA aka “National Archives”).The documents are on NPRC “CD 1 of 1″ titled “Lafayette R. Hubbard”.

Here’s the particular PDF that has these original letters.

Here’s the images themselves –

fda request hubbard war record 1963

navy to fda 1963 hubbard war record

navy to fda 1963 hubbard war record 2


The main thing that I’d like to call your attention to in the FDA version is:

There is no mention of Hubbard’s intelligence career.


I’ll blow up up the FDA version for you –

Hubbards edited war history navy to fda 1963.


Nothing about intelligence…

short of the Ship’s Censor part, which most people in looking at this wouldn’t even know that’s actually intelligence, unless they were well versed in OSS/ONI history.


Whereas, the version Rogovin was sent in 1966 – page 2

20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 2

Blown up and marked where it specifically says intelligence

20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record - intelligence


And this the 3rd Naval District, from page one, happens to be actually literally the main intelligence operation of the U.S. at the time (prior to the formation of the OSS), and it was secretly directed by Vincent Astor of the previous “Room” intelligence unit, and then William Donovan of the OCI (predecessor to OSS). This is all well documented in Scientology Roots Chapter Twelve – 1 Hubbard’s Lifelong Intelligence Career.

20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record - intel training

Note: You really need to understand, that’s pretty high muckety-muck in the intelligence community at that time, for Hubbard to be being trained there, and he was there for three weeks!

Take a look at what this document shows though – which shows an intelligence course that Hubbard took that is not mentioned on ANY of these versions of his war history.

Here is the record from the SECNAV/CNO office files – obtained courtesy of Margaret Lake’s research into Hubbard’s War History, the full image is here.

Hubbard secret intel-course
(Source: “Name and Subject Index to the General Correspondence to the Secretary of the Navy, 1930-1942 (also includes Office of Chief of Naval Operations”, Microfilm Publication M1067, National Archives.)

This shows that even in the Rogovin version you see edits leaving out key information. Whether by intention, or by ignorance? Who knows…but there was very tight secrecy and compartmentalization of information about the first British/American intelligence agents being made there at the Third Naval District.

In any event, it’s pretty obvious that not only did the FDA get sent a highly edited version of Hubbard’s history, it particularly got one that showed basically no intelligence background whatsoever!

That’s not too obvious at all…is it.



Further on down the page of what Rogovin (and the FDA too) were sent, we see something else that is highly damning to other “accounts” out there that attempt to whitewash (or redact) Hubbard’s intelligence career.

See this part?


That entry – especially the highlighted part – proves that Hubbard was still an intelligence man as late as 1944!


vincent price - whoa.

Yep, there it is, the one remaining hint of that Hubbard never stopped being an intelligence agent.

I’m sure it also isn’t lost on you just how much more information was provided to Rogovin, in general, but let’s look at it again one more time.

This is what the FDA had for his history, just 4 little blurbs –

Hubbards edited war history navy to fda 1963And this is what Rogovin got – pages more of detailed history!

20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 20 Oct 1966 RJ Tiller response to Rogovin Full Ron Hubbard Record 2


That’s just ridiculous.

As you can see though, it shows that the FDA version was highly edited, especially leaving out his intelligence background.

I am no Hubbard supporter, but I do think that the truth about him should be what is focused on, not some slanted agenda looking to still help hide his actual role as a lifetime intelligence agent.

Since it’s Memorial Day here in the U.S., it seemed appropriate to focus on the truth about previous WWII veteran, L. Ron Hubbard.


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