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Especially considering this –

Video Description at YouTube – David Miscavige gets name “Uxtal” wrong from Forsyth Report, and in so doing inadvertently connects the Process Church and guerrilla warfare training to the Church of Scientology and Jerry McDonald. – Stay tuned, post upcoming and link will be added when complete.

Text of speech – (my note in […])

Probably the best example of the vicious nature of these false reports is a document written by David Forsyth who was posted in the IRS intelligence branch. The report was written in 1974 and was an attempt to smear the Church internationally and wipe it out. At the time the report was written, the Church had coincidentally purchased a ranch in Mexico [thanks for confirming that Miscavige] as a boarding school for the children of Sea Org members in Southern California. In other words, the ranch was occupied by 6 years olds! But, in Forsyth’s report, he stated:


A group of Scientologists is currently training in guerrilla warfare near the town of Uxtal on the Yucatan peninsula.


Slight alter-is! Those kids must have really been something.


Miscavige flashed this on the screen – calling it Uxtal.

Note: The report also mentions scientologist drug and gun runner Jerry McDonald’s boat the Blue Fin.


Hard to read, but it definitely does not say “Uxtal” whatever this is that was flashed on the screen.


The correct name looks to have been Xtul.




From Wikipedia:…Final_Judgment

The Process, or in full, The Process Church of the Final Judgment, commonly known by non-members as the Process Church, was a religious group that flourished in the 1960s and 1970s, founded by the English couple Mary Anne and Robert DeGrimston (originally Robert Moor and Mary Anne MacLean). Originally headquartered in London it had developed as a splinter group from Scientology, so that they were declared “suppressive persons” by L. Ron Hubbard in December 1965.

In 1966 the members of the group underwent a social implosion and moved to Xtul on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula where they developed “processean” theology (which differs from, and is unrelated to process theology). They later established a base of operations in the United States…”

CIA asset Timothy Leary decided to go down to Yucatan just before that –

Dr. Timothy Leary left New York on December 20, 1965, by automobile, accompanied by his two children, Susan, age 18, and John, age 16, and two other persons. Their destination was Yucatan, Mexico, and the alleged purpose of the trip was a Christmas vacation for the Leary children and to provide Dr. Leary the opportunity to write a book and to prepare for a summer session to be conducted with a research group at his home in Millbrook, New York.

Hashish smuggling and passport fraud : ”the brotherhood of eternal love” : hearing before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-third Congress, first session, October 3, 1973

It would have been a 27 hour drive from Laredo to Yucatan –


If he had made it, that is. He got detained at the border though, and had to make the trip again later on, probably when the Grimstons showed up having traveled all the way from London, England to Xtul – of all places.

Odd, that.

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