The following clip is from the October 1993 IAS celebration often referred to as “The War is Over” event. You can view the full video here.



Truncated Haldeman memo flashed on screen – note that the key part that would reveal that he was lieing is not shown.


Screenshot of what Miscavige is telling thousands of scientologists that the document said –


Note where it says –

“…some of these Scientology groups…”


The document itself is a Memorandum for: H.R. Haldeman; Subject: IRS & Ideological Organizations from Tom Charles Huston. It was a report about the activities of the IRS Special Services group that had been formed under President Nixon.

In 2008, someone uploaded Book VIII of the 1974 Nixon Impeachment hearings to the Internet Archive and that’s where this Haldeman memo is.

Note: I had already come across this Book VIII a while back, and I had mentioned it in my post: The Nixon/IRS List – Founding Church of Scientology WAS On A List: Targeted For Special Investigation 1969-1973



Here is the actual document Miscavige lied about – it’s on page 44 of the Book VIII PDF, Exhibit 42.

Exhibit 42 memorandum haldeman IRS SSS idealogical targets.

What we cannot do in a courtroom via criminal prosecutions to curtail the activities of some of these groups, IRS could do by administrative action.

– Tom Huston


See? No word “scientology” there at all.

Miscavige point-blank LIED about that.

And it was most definitely intentional.

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Virginia McClaughry


Note – You may also be interested in 2 other posts that are dissecting other Miscavige Lies and Mis-representations in this IAS video (and in other places) on the subject of attacks on Scientology.

Here’s one of them –

  • Post titled: Overholser, The 2 Hubbards and The Jesuits, The Alaskan Mental Health Care Bill and The Brainwashing Manual


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