On October. 8, 1993, 10,000 cheering Scientologists celebrated “victory” against the Internal Revenue Service.

The only problem is, it wasn’t the IRS’s idea to yank their tax-exemption in the first place.

It was the Kennedy administration.


Annex - Price, Vincent (Bat, The)_01.

No, no bats here – it’s the truth.

But it’s all quite the story – a hell of a lot more interesting than the usual Hubbard the Con-Artist versions of history we seem to be inundated with. Not that he wasn’t a con-artist, he was. But, all of the slavemasters covert intelligence agents are con-artists, of course, because their job is to lie and get people to think they are one thing when they are really another, and get them to do something that is ultimately really, really bad for them as individuals, but good for the slavemasters. So, to say Hubbard was a con-artist is kind of like saying Hitler was an occult-follower, kinda leaves out the whole meat of the story and over-focuses on one aspect and doesn’t even focus on that properly!

So, let’s get to it.

*Note: This is not the final arrangement of my research here, by the way, but I thought I’d go ahead and share it with you sooner rather than later, despite a somewhat rough format.


The revocation of the Church of Scientology’s tax exemption in July of 1967 was one of the final acts of a special commission that had actually begun under president John F. Kennedy. At the time of his assassination, this unit was poised to begin audits on thousands of organizations/individuals labelled right and left wing, and/or “militant”.

Buried in the main office of the IRS audit department in St. Louis, Missouri, was a file named “subversives”. In 1974, long after these sorts of political targeting was supposed to have ended (and all the files conveniently destroyed, incidentally) there sat this file folder – and the only things in it were exclusively on the subject of Scientology. The file had been missed in the wanton destruction that was so prevalent in the Senate investigation of intelligence activities period of time (MKUltra, etc.)

And there it sat…

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. I’ll come back to all that in the next post/segment, but for now we’re going to go back to David Miscavige and Mark Rathbun, who in their own words were the main orchestrators of this “milestone” in scientology history – regaining tax exemption.

The entire video of this Oct. 1993 The War Is Over IAS* event is available now on the internet. Although poor quality, it is still quite viewable. Don’t miss the huge opening number but the meat of the video begins here: 01:32:10.

*IAS = the International Association of Scientologists, it was created by David Miscavige to replace the allowed-to-go-defunct corporation of the HASI = the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc.



There are specific statements by David Miscavige that are relevant here, and I have made individual clips so that you can see them easier.

A transcript of the main part of the event is available here, and I will be pulling from that as well.

The first thing I want to pull out by itself is where David talks about the Alaskan Bill.

The transcript that is out there currently (here) has missing parts in this section – I have corrected it.

LRH went on with his business of further researching Dianetics and Scientology.

All the while these attacks continued. But finally a response was in order if these psychs were to be prevented from creating a slave society in January of 1956, a plan the psychs had hatched many years before was about to come to fruition.

They had formulated a plan to infiltrate all levels of society so that they – and they alone – were the decision makers as to what was right and wrong.

In this way they could do away with the influence of religion and even the family in matters of morals and mores of the civilization. I’m not joking here. This is all a matter of public record.

Their plan for the US was simple.

They would purchase a million acres of land in Alaska which they would use as a huge mental health colony. They would then would change the commitment laws so that they could arbitrarily commit any citizen to this facility. One didn’t need to violate a law or do anything wrong. All it would take was a psych deciding you weren’t desirable and off you would go with no recourse.

This is very convenient for a government wanting to control its populace. And the obvious force to implement this plan was psychiatry.

In fact, such a plan already had precedent. It was doing wonders to keep the populace quiet! Where? In Stalinist Russia of course. They called it: Siberia!

Unbelievably the House of Representatives had already passed the bill to create this facility in Alaska and by all indications it would fly through the senate. The press and public were asleep and the politicians were drooling. And then out of nowhere a force they never contemplated came on the scene.

That force was LRH and Scientology.


Naming it for what it was, LRH dubbed the plan: “Siberia USA”. He began a campaign to alert the public and the press to the true meaning of this grand plan. The press finally woke up and the words “Siberia USA” were seen everywhere as a slogan to defeat this danger to personal rights and freedom. You can see some of that press here.

[puts this image up]


[You will note the article Miscavige puts on the screen says its about a woman – which is totally contrary to what he just said about that it was Hubbard that did this. Her name is Mrs. Stephanie Williams of Burbank, president of American Public Relations Forum, Inc. – article headline is: “Woman Sees ‘Political Siberia’ in Alaska Mental Health Bill” and is dated February 21, 1956. As you will soon see, the term Siberia U.S.A actually comes from a small women’s group named the APRF in December of 1955, and it was spread widely in the press by a different woman from Van Nuys, Mrs. Leigh F. Burkeland, who was a member of the Minute Women – which again, is not Hubbard]


Public outcry reached a fever pitch and finally hit its crescendo when the bill failed to pass and was killed in Congress.


Now today hardly anyone in the country remembers this plan. In fact, say it to the press and they think you are joking.

I know. I did.

The country has LRH and Scientology to thank for destroying this master plan that came within hours of becoming law.

Now, even if the public have forgotten, it was a blow that the psychiatrists would not forget.

[Original Transcriber] Chris Owen’s comment: The “Siberia Bill” is a staple part of Scientology mythology. It really did exist, though it only provided for funding to build Alaska’s first mental hospital (previously, mentally ill Alaskans had been shipped out to Oregon – hardly an ideal situation). The “master plan” was a figment of L. Ron Hubbard’s over-active imagination. There were in any case only a few thousand Scientologists in 1956. Contemporary newspaper reports in the major US dailies do not mention Hubbard, Scientology, “Siberia USA” or a major outcry over the bill. A curious omission, if it really was such a big deal.


We’ll come back to this again later, but do note Chris Owens comment (he did the transcript), it’s almost as bad as far as spin goes, as Miscavige’s speech!

You’ll see what I mean as you learn about what really happened.

I’d love to be able to tell you it’s as simple as that ‘Scientology lied, Critics tell the truth’ about this Siberia Bill –


But that would be another lie.


The back-story here is distinctly a whole lot messier than that – messier, in the sense that the whole proposition of the Bill and the controlled opposition to it seems to have roped in a whole lot of people who thought they were fighting a “communist” takeover of America. The full truth of the situation is a whole lot closer to that these people had been caught into a public relations/intelligence trap.

So, let’s start with what the Bill was, when it was proposed and by whom, and we’ll go from there. I also have a pretty exciting find of FBI documents to go over with you that I think will help shed even more light on this scene.


Senator Barry Goldwater and the Alaskan Mental Health Bill



Barry Goldwater letter about Alaskan Mental Health Bill may 29 1956 Barry Goldwater letter about Alaskan Mental Health Bill may 29 1956 2_Page_2

Text –

Dear Herbert:

H.R . 6376 the so-called Alaskan Mental Health Bill, passed the House of Representatives on January 18, 1956, and was referred to the Territories Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, of which I am a member.

Senator Jackson, Chairman of the Subcommittee, held extensive hearings on the Alaskan Mental Health Bill on February 20, 21, and March 5. The bill, as amended, was reported to the Senate on May 25, 1956. Printed copies of the hearings are available from the Committee.

The necessity for the Alaskan Mental Health Bill is two-fold.

First, under the present Organic Act of Alaska, the Territorial Legislature is specifically prohibited from changing the laws respecting the commitment of the insane of Alaska. Secondly, the legislation is needed to transfer from the Federal Government to the Territory of Alaska, fiscal and functional responsibility for hospitalization and care of the mentally ill of the Territory.

This responsibility is now vested in the Secretary of the Interior, and due to the lack of facilities, the Secretary has contracted with a private hospital in Portland, Oregon, for the care and treatment of the mentally ill of the Territory.

The bill, as it originally passed the House, aroused a great storm of protest from groups all over the country. It was branded “Siberia, U.S.A” and was described as a Congressional plan to banish wrong thinkers from the country.

Most of the criticism was directed at Title 1 of the House Bill which consisted of some thirty-nine pages of commitment procedures.

The bill, as reported, is, in substance, an amendment in the nature of a substitute, originally proposed by me, which, in effect, turns over to the Territory of Alaska responsibility for prescribing procedures for commitment, care, and treatment of the mentally ill.

My reason for submitting the amendment was the feeling on my part that it was ridiculous for Congress in a paternalistic attitude to deal with the intricacies of care and commitment procedures,
when by the terms of H.R. 6376, the Territorial Legislature was authorized to amend the laws passed by Congress at any time it wished. My feeling is that the Territory is best qualified to determine what procedures are suitable for Alaska, and that it- not Congress- -should deal with such legislation.

The bill, as reported by the Senate Interior Committee, is composed of three parts. First, authorization for Alaska to prescribe care, commitment , and treatment procedures. Second, a grant-in-aid provision. Third, a land grant.

The first section, which I have already discussed, is the main difference between the House and Senate versions of the bill; the grants in aid and land grant being identical. A great deal of criticism has been directed at the million acres of land which Alaska, under the terms of the bill, is authorized to select from the vacant and unappropriated public lands of Alaska. The Territory consists or some 375 million acres of land, more than 99 per cent of which is Federally owned . After the Territory has selected its million acres, the Federal Government will still own 98 plus per cent of the total Alaskan Territory. The purpose of this land grant is not to provide a site for the hospital, but is designed to provide a tax base for the Territorial Government of Alaska so that the Federal Government will be relieved of the fiscal responsibility for the mental health program. The income from the million acres is not ear-marked solely for mental health, but may be used for other public purposes.

The enclosed report on H.R. 6376 should answer all of the questions that may have been raised by your constituents in regard to this bill. I honestly feel that the bill in its present form is a good
piece of legislation, and I encourage your support when it is considered on the Floor.

– document found at Columbia.edu website.


The legislation in its original form was sponsored by the Democratic Party, but after it ran into opposition, it was rescued by the Republican Senator Barry Goldwater. Under Goldwater’s sponsorship, a version of the legislation without the commitment provisions that were the target of intense opposition from a variety of far-right, anti-Communist and fringe religious groups was passed by the United States Senate.

Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona proposed an amended bill that removed the commitment procedures in title I of the House bill and specifically stated that “Nothing in this title shall be construed to authorize the transfer to Alaska, pursuant to any agreement or otherwise, of any mentally ill person who is not a resident of Alaska.” In effect, this eliminated the bill’s most controversial element—the provision for the transfer of mental patients from the lower 48 states to Alaska.

You can see that for yourself in the revised Bill but here’s the relevant part –


What were those ‘controversial’ elements?

We get a hint of it in the Congressional Record, found at CQ Almanac Online Edition


COMMITTEE – Interior and Insular Affairs.

HEARINGS – Feb. 20–21, March 5 on HR 6376.

ACTION – May 25 reported HR 6376 (S Rept 2053) with amendments. The amended bill gave the Alaska legislature power to draft its own mental health laws instead of setting down federal regulations as in the House bill. The Committee noted that the House-passed bill had the approval of the Administration, the American Medical Assn., the National Assn. for Mental Health, the American Psychiatric Assn. and other “leading private organizations qualified to express technical opinions.” It said it had eliminated the commitment procedures of the House version partly because they had been “misunderstood” and partly because the people of Alaska were “fully capable of drafting their own laws.” The Committee went on record that its action was “in no way a repudiation or disapproval of the provisions approved by the House of Representatives and endorsed by such a large number of qualified experts.”


Misunderstood – was it?

Not so much. The problem was that it was understood.

Notice the list of who endorsed it – that will come in play later.

  • the Administration – U.S. President Eisenhower and his cabinet,  Eisenhower was President from 1953 until 1961
  • the American Medical Association – AMA
  • the National Association for Mental Health – NIMH
  • the American Psychiatric Association – APA      – and-
  • other* “leading private organizations qualified to express technical opinions.”

*One wonders who those were.

Here’s TITLE I and I have identified what the problem areas were that were allegedly “misunderstood”. I have excerpted from the original and changed the formatting to make it easier to read. (the original has each line numbered).

2d Session
H.R. 6376


JANUARY 19 (legislative day, JANUARY 16), 1956 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
To provide for the hospitalization and care of the mentally ill of Alaska, and for other purposes.

1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the “Alaska Mental Health Act.”

Sec. 101. Definitions.
Sec. 102. Powers of the Governor.
Sec. 103. Authority to receive patients.
(a) On application by patient or by guardian of minor.
(b) On application by others.


Note: I imagine the first warning sign to people of a problem area here was that point b and its nebulous reference to ‘application by others’. WHAT others…



Sec. 104. Emergency hospitalization.
(a) Upon medical certification and endorsement.
(b) Without certification or endorsement.

There’s another problem – this (b) of committing someone without certification or endorsement.

A little difficult to see how that would be categorized as “misunderstood”  sarcasm  when its clearly saying a person can be put into the Alaskan Mental Hospital without any certification of “insanity” or endorsement (meaning permission by whom it should be – like the person themselves, for example).

Here’s the rest of the named sections of Title I –

Sec. 105. Examination of newly admitted patients; discharge by hospital.
Sec. 106. Right to discharge on application; emergency detention.
See. 107. Petition for judicial determination.
Sec. 108. Hospitalization upon court order; judicial procedure.
Sec. 109. Commitment to an agency of the United States.
Sec. 110. Detention under special circumstances.
(a) Pending removal to a hospital.
(b) Subject to court order pending judicial determination.
(c) Subject to order of court in criminal proceedings.
Sec. 111. Writ of habeas corpus.
Sec. 112. Appeal from decision or order of United States Commissioner.
Sec. 113. Transportation.
Sec. 114. Notice of hospitalization.
Sec. 115. Right to humane care and treatment.
Sec. 116. Mechanical restraints.
Sec. 117. Right to communicate and visitation; exercise of civil rights.
Sec. 118. Transfer of patients generally.
Sec. 119. Transfer of nonresident patients.
Sec. 120. Contract care outside Alaska; rights under State law.
Sec. 121. Release on convalescent status.
Sec. 122. Readmission.
Sec. 123. Discharge upon medical review and certification.
Sec. 124. Provision for personal needs of a patient on discharge.
Sec. 125. Disposition of unclaimed funds of patients.
Sec. 126. Disposition of funds subject to claim.
Sec. 127. Disclosure of information.
Sec. 128. Liability for expense of hospitalization.
Sec. 129. Fees and expenses for judicial proceedings.

Whoa! These two are seriously scary-sounding.

  • Sec. 109. Commitment to an agency of the United States – what “agency” would that be? The CIA?
  • Sec. 110. Detention under special circumstances.

Note: Title II of the Bill covers the “special grants” to Alaska for mental health, including the land grant.

Next are some definitions that they gave –



9 SEC. 101. As used in this title-


10 (a) The term “Alaska” means the Territory of Alaska.


11 (b) The term “designated examiner” means a licensed physician designated by the Governor as specially qualified, under standards established by him for the purpose of this title, in the diagnosis of mental or related illness: Provided, That, for areas in which no licensed physician so qualified is available, any licensed physician may be designated.

Any licensed physician sounds like a troublesome area as well. Corral ole drunken local country doc into committing someone into a mental hospital kind of thing, or one that is paid to do so.

1 (e) The term “hospital” means a public or private hospital or institution or part thereof, equipped and other-wise qualified to provide inpatient care and treatment for the mentally ill.

That one sounds ripe for exploitation, especially considering all the weird experimentation going on at this time period by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

5 (f) The term “individual”, as used in section 103 and 104, means a resident of or a person in Alaska.

So, let’s say you happen to be in (or get clunked on the head and transported to) Alaska. What this means is that now you would come under this law! All the person has to do is be in Alaska – get it?

7 (g) The terms “interested party” or “interested parties” include the legal guardian, spouse, parent or parents, adult children, other close adult relatives, or an interested, responsible adult friend of a mentally ill individual or a patient.

Hidden Hand - STOP

There’s the really vicious part of this Bill.


Basically this means that anyone who claimed to be “your friend”, any bought, blackmailed, or just plain vindictive relative, practically anyone at all who pretends they fit this section could be used to put you away.

Furor over this Bill was certainly justified, just based on that point alone.

Another bad part is coming up next –

12 (h) The term “licensed physician” means an individual licensed under the laws of Alaska to practice medicine or osteopathy; a medical officer of the Government of the United States while in Alaska in the performance of his official duties; or a medical officer of the Territory of Alaska.

See that “while in Alaska” business? Guess what kind of person that would conveniently include – say Dr. Overholser, a government “medical officer” running the biggest government insane hospital in the U.S. at this time, and who just happens to be one of the most monstrously evil man there was that was involved in the horrific experiments they were doing on “mental patients” – you see, he also just happened to be in Alaska. He was one of the “team” sent to Alaska to set this all up!

I’ll get to that a little later but I just had to say at least a little something now, so that you understand how that innocuous-sounding statement they just made is anything but.

Next up – how they defined “mentally ill” here in 1955.

17 (i) The term “mentally ill individual” means an individual having a psychiatric or other disease which substantially impairs his mental health or an individual who is mentally defective or mentally retarded.

Sounds almost logical, except for the fact that half the people they were putting in mental hospitals (or keeping there to experiment on) were not mentally ill!

It was a political weapon against their enemies, or those who might expose them to “embarassment”.

One of my family members was married to a very rich man, a man who happened to like to sexually abuse his children. BOTH of his children – one male, one female. He was a paedophile.

Years later, one of his children told me what had happened, and the male was trying to defend the female from this abuse and threatened to expose the father if he didn’t stop.

The father, fine upstanding citizen that he was <spit> got a prominent San Francisco psychiatrist to pronounce the boy “schizophrenic” (he most certainly was not) and together they had him literally dragged away from his home and forcibly incarcerated in a mental hospital for treatment. Restraints, electro-Shock, drugs, whatever would terrify the boy into silence, into submission.

That’s the kind of thing “psychiatry” is really used for, and it’s no joke.

I’m all for there being a nice, friendly and safe place for people to intentionally go, to be protected while they recover from an upset life – but that is not what this Bill was about, or is it what Psychiatry is really about, despite the many people who are decent who get roped in to thinking that’s a profession they should have to make a difference that way.

It’s quite a sickening bait-and-switch actually. I wonder just how many young psychiatric students (or medical students) when forced to watch and participate in psychiatric “treatments” as part of their education, find themselves utterly horrified at the process. To themselves, the dominating feelings/thoughts being fear and a desire to never let themselves be put in that position, how many then justify that fear and find themselves pandering to the profession (which they hate and fear) from then on just to not be on their “bad” side?

I’m betting all but the seriously crazy ones who truly love wielding that kind of vicious power over others lives (those tend to become “top” men – like Overholser). I think most of the students immediately grasp that it’s nuts what goes on, like stepping into the middle of a medieval torture chamber – it’s that surreal.

I know that my father in his medical training at Duke University, was absolutely horrified at what went on there – he almost didn’t want to become a doctor at all because it was that terrible to have to “do a year of psych” (it was a requirement!).



11 SEC. 103. The head of any hospital which has been designated by the Governor pursuant to section 102 is authorized to receive therein for observation, diagnosis, care, and treatment any individual whose admission is applied for under one of the following procedures:



(b) Any individual may be admitted for care and treatment in a hospital upon written application by an interested party, by a health or welfare officer, by the Governor, or by the head of any institution in which the individual may be, if the application is accompanied by a certificate of a licensed physician that, on the basis of an examination held not more than fifteen days prior to the individual’s admission, such individual in his opinion is mentally ill and because of his illness, either (1) is likely to injure himself or others if allowed to remain at liberty, or (2) being in need of care or treatment in a hospital, lacks sufficient insight or capacity to make responsible application in his own behalf.


Note the “institution” part – that could mean other mental hospitals in the Continental U.S. could apply to send their “patients” to Alaska.

That’s another very scary one, but also note that ominously generic “interested party” business, as well as point 2 – “lacks sufficient insight” part.


Kermit the frog excited.

That’s rich.

I’d say most of the time the problem to them – the slavemasters – is too much insight.

Insight of their evil, perverted real intentions is potential grounds for “mentally ill” – you understand?

Buried under the section called: HOSPITALIZATION UPON COURT ORDER; JUDICIAL PROCEDURE are a couple of very interesting slip-it in there’s.

SEC. 108. (a) An interested party, a licensed physician, a health officer, or the Governor may, by filing a written application with a United States Commissioner, commence proceedings for the hospitalization of an individual by judicial commitment.

Any such application shall be accompanied by a certificate of a licensed physician stating that he has examined the individual and is of the opinion that the individual is mentally ill and should be hospitalized, or by a written statement by the applicant that the individual has refused to submit to examination by a licensed physician.

{it later says you can be forced to submit to an examination – Yikes!}


Remember, this applicant can be any “interested party” – and even if no-one has examined you, they’d still have the capability to put you away anyway.

I also love, sarcastically speaking, about how an issue is made out of “refusing to submit” to one of these retarded examinations – as if every good or “sane” person would of course happily submit to such a thing.

Frack that.


Is what I say.

Does that make me a communist?

winking angel.

Don’t laugh – that is exactly what they tried to position people as, who saw this bill for what it was.


They called them extremists, right-wing, militants, and communists.


A little hysterical (and childish with all that name calling) about disagreement with their Grand Master Plan – wouldn’t you say?

To try and justify this positioning (or maybe conveniently arrange for it to look true) they even created groups and materials that would recruit people who correctly disagreed with this bill – groups that were then later “exposed” as being communist etc. etc. etc.

L. Ron Hubbard was involved in just such a “trap” action – as you will soon see. He was no white hat saving the world from psychiatry, that’s for damn sure.

L. Ron Hubbard

not a white hat.

Check this next part out –

9 (b) Upon receipt of an application, the United States Commissioner shall give notice thereof to the proposed patient […] If, however, the United States Commissioner has reason to believe that notice would be likely to be injurious to the proposed patient, notice to him may be omitted.



Injurious, as in pisses him off/terrifies him and he’d run for the hills as he should? Yeah, let’s not tell that guy then, we want to make sure we can lock him up, fry his brain and experiment on him with mind-altering drugs – all in the name of helping him.

Good god, this is unbelievable!


Misunderstood my ass.


perish the thought - wry ick face


The proposed patient shall not be required to be present, and the United States Commissioner is authorized to exclude all persons not necessary for the conduct of the proceedings.


I imagine someone who was opposed to their treatment and labelling of the person as “mentally ill”, would have come under that not necessary part.

And…they could commit the person for “observation” for a minimum of six-months.

(g) If, upon completion of the hearing and consideration of the record, the United States Commissioner or, in the event the right to a jury has been exercised pursuant to subsection (f) hereof, the jury finds that the proposed patient-

(1) is mentally ill; and

(2) (A) because of his illness is likely to injure himself or others if allowed to remain at liberty; or

(B) is in need of custody, care, or treatment in a hospital and, because of his illness, lacks sufficient insight or capacity to make responsible decisions concerning hospitalization, the United States Commissioner shall order his hospitalization either for an indeterminate period or for a temporary observational period not exceeding six months; otherwise, he shall terminate the proceedings and dismiss the application.


An indeterminate period of time – now that’s actually like Siberia. Now I see why it was nicknamed the Siberia Bill.

Here comes one of the second scariest things in this bill –


SEC. 109. (a) If an individual ordered to be hospitalized pursuant to section 108 is eligible for hospital care or treatment at the expense of any agency of the United States, the United States Commissioner, upon receipt of a certificate from such agency showing that accommodations are available and that the individual is eligible for care, may order him to be placed in the custody of such agency for hospitalization.

When any such individual is admitted, pursuant to the order of a United States Commissioner, to any hospital or institution operated by any agency of the United States within or without Alaska, he shall be subject to the rules and regulations of such agency. The chief officer of any hospital or institution operated by such agency and in which the individual is so hospitalized shall with respect to such individual be vested with the same powers as the Governor or the head of a hospital concerning the detention,custody, transfer, conditional release, or discharge of patients.


CIA black sites, anyone?



[…] (b) An order of a court of competent jurisdiction of any State, authorizing hospitalization of any individual by any agency of the United States, shall have the same force and effect as to the individual while in Alaska as in the jurisdiction in which the court entering the order is situated; and the courts of the jurisdiction issuing the order shall be deemed to have retained jurisdiction of the individual so hospitalized for the purpose of inquiring into his mental condition and of determining the necessity for continuance of his hospitalization, as is provided in subsection (a) of this section with respect to individuals ordered hospitalized by the United States Commissioner. Consent is hereby given to the application of the law of the State in which is located the court issuing the order for hospitalization with respect to the authority of the Chief officer of any hospital or institution operated in Alaska by any agency of the United States to retain custody, transfer, conditionally release, or discharge the individual hospitalized.



SEC. 119.


(c) The Governor is hereby further authorized to enter into a reciprocal agreement with any State providing for the care and treatment of mentally ill residents of Alaska by such State, and for the care and treatment of mentally ill residents of such State by Alaska, each on a reimbursable basis.


SEC. 122. […] If in the case of a patient committed under section 108 there is reason to believe that it is to the best interest of the patient to be rehospitalized, the Governor or the head of the hospital may issue an order for the immediate rehospitalization of the patient. Such an order, if not voluntarily complied with, shall, upon the endorsement by a United States Commissioner of the precinct in which the patient is resident or present, authorize any health, welfare, or police officer to take the patient into custody and transport him to the hospital, or if the order is issued by the Governor to a hospital designated by him.




I was wrong. I think those are the worst parts yet, and that first one is possibly the scariest piece of proposed legislation that I have ever seen.

If I’m reading that right, it is saying (in the longest and most convoluted way possible) that all this proposed legislation is not only going to apply in other states, but it is also going to setup a “hospital or institution” in Alaska that all the other states must give over power to – to the head of whatever-the-hell Dr. Overholser and his sick cronies had in mind to create the isolated wilderness areas of Alaska.

Alright, I think we’ve seen enough of this Bill to see that there was a good reason for the furor about it, and a very bad reason to try and mischaracterize any opposition of it as because of “misunderstanding”.

What a lily-livered, slime-ball, double-dealing, travesty of irresponsibility that kind of Pfft! dismissive attitude was. It’s so utterly childish and petulant too – isn’t it amazing how immature these people are?

But hey, no wonder they had to change it once the cat was out-of-the-bag – how could you ever live that down once people understood what you were up to?

They couldn’t, and they knew it. They had lost, lost really badly, on that point of Title I.


There was no coming back from that.

no shaking head

Being sociopaths, they get very dismissive and petulant when they do not win*. (They really are that shallow.) They are also extremely vindictive when they get smacked down that hard, as you will see when I get to the President Kennedy part of this story.

*See my article Portrait of a Sociopath.

Oh wait –

One other point. You have to PAY THEM for all the super-fun sarcasm little guy  tortures they were going to do to you. They could break someone financially just on this point alone, and I think that was definitely part of that plan.


SEC. 128. (a) It shall be the duty of a patient, or his legal representative, spouse, parents, adult children, in that sequence, to pay or contribute to the payment of the charges for the care or treatment of such patient when hospitalized pursuant to the provisions of this title in such manner and proportion as the Governor may find to be within their ability to pay: Provided, That such charges shall in no case exceed the actual cost of such care and treatment.


This thing – there is no better word for this “Bill” – passed the House of Representatives January 18, 1956.

The Fairbanks paper covered it about 5 days later.

Fairbanks Daily News 23 January 1956 – The original bill passes the House, with some strange doings going on.


Now let’s get to the fight that stopped it, but we’re also going to have to sort out the players and the false (planted) players or better titled: agent provocateurs.

First of all, the rightful furor over this bill was primarily from organizations that all later became classified as “right-wing”, interfering with the Grand Plan of the slavemasters as they were.

Here’s an example of an organization that lobbied heavily against it, dominated by Catholic women, no less. It was called the APRF, the American Public Relations Forum, a Catholic anti-communist women’s study club.

In December 1955, a small anti-communist women’s group in Southern California, the American Public Relations Forum (APRF), issued an urgent call to arms in its monthly bulletin. It highlighted the proposed text of the Alaska Mental Health Bill, calling it “one that tops all of them”.

We could not help remembering that Siberia is very near Alaska and since it is obvious no one needs such a large land grant, we were wondering if it could be an American Siberia.”

The APRF conveys this fact thusly, “The bill provides that AFTER THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BUYS the MILLION ACRES OF LAND and GIVES it to the Territory of Alaska, we then relinquish all rights to it, any way they wish and to whom they wish and no report has to be given to the Federal Government. The United States starts this off by GIVING THEM SIX AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS to purchase this huge grant of land ‘for the mentally ill’ in the United States and Alaska.

[…]The Bill….takes away all of the rights of the American citizen to ask for a jury trial and protect him[self] from being railroaded to an asylum by a greedy relative or ‘friend’ or, as the Alaska bill states, ‘an interested party’.”

(APRF Bulletin 47; December 1955. TTU Papers.



As you now know, they were right about that “interested party” business – dead right.

Shortly after this, Mrs. Leigh F. Burkeland (from Van Nuys, Ca) issued a bulletin about the Bill, it ended up as an editorial to the Santa Ana Register titled “Now-Siberia, U.S.A.” – obviously the suggested name by the APRF had taken root, and an accurate name it was. The APRF membership were often also members of a much larger organization called the Minute Women of the U.S.A., a nationwide organization of anti-communist housewives which claimed up to 50,000 members across the United States – Mrs Burkeland was a Minute Woman.

The Minute Women had been formed in 1949, and was a later outcropping of the original “Red Bible” combined British/Russian intelligence propaganda operation undertaken, for one thing, to portray anyone who was against the League of Nations bill as being “communist” or “Bolshevik”. This Minute Women group paralleled but in parody of the real opposition of that Bill, like Senator Borah in getting woman to oppose internationalism and the United Nations by saying it was Communists.

See, the thing is, it was the BRITISH and their Catholic counterparts that were behind the League of Nations bill – not the “communists”, so here was this Minute Women group suckering a whole lot of women into thinking they were fighting the “right” enemy – communism – when in fact they were actually being set-up to be “exposed” – thereafter positioned as right-wing”, militant, etc. etc., and marginalized. The idea being to position anyone who talked about the same or similar things that they did, could then be branded with the same “lunatic fringe” brand.

Real convenient, that.

vincent price - the parrot knows

Nothing like setting up some people to do your bidding who have no idea what they’re parroting and for whom.


This original editorial was reproduced in a Texas paper as well.

Here it is –

Pampa Daily News (Pampa, Texas_ February 26, 1956, Sunday


As you can see, it is quite accurate in it’s quotations from the Bill and what they meant or could be used for, as we now know from reading it ourselves.

This part is very interesting, I didn’t know about this before.

Originally H.R. 6378 contained Sec. 128 (p. 31) which related to punishment for willfully conspiring to cause the unwarranted hospitalization of any individual. This Sec. 128 has been stricken from the amended bill now in the House for passage!

Note: You can tell by the last sentence above that this was written/composed obviously prior to January 18th, 1956, when the bill actually passed the House.

Thousands of letters and calls began flooding in to Washington, to local senators and congressmen across the United States concerning this proposed bill – particularly the Title I aspects.

Its very educational to watch the Slavemasters and their mouthpieces (on both sides of the river) in action on this point.

Its so important to understand how they operate, that I think it’ll be well worth our time to go into the countering actions that were engaged in.

Let’s start with this editorial by Drew Pearson, Washington columnist – The Washington Merry-Go-Round in the Robesonian March 23, 1956, Friday –




From the tone of the mail it would appear that the U.S. government is establishing an internment camp in the wild of Alaska for political exiles. Actually, all the bill provides for is that mental patients in Alaska shall not be shipped 2,000 miles to Portland, Ore., but shall receive care in Alaska near their friends and relatives.

However, this plan will upset a nice profit for the Morningside Hospital….


Oh tricky!…very tricky there. He makes the Bill sound so warm and fuzzy and gosh, it’s just love and happiness by the campfire all around.

The bill was not nearly so innocent, as you now know, so look for yourself how he tries to spin this. You can tell that he is betting on that noone has actually read the damn thing, so if he “maintains low tones” and appears all mild and everything, I’m sure the entire thought was that hopefully people will believe him because of his “reputation” and without looking for themselves. You see how utterly fragile that all is? One read of the Bill by someone would just shatter Pearson’s whole illusion he tries to build here. I particularly enjoyed his alternative conspiracy theory he gave to try and counter the very real conspiracy. That was practically inspired…

sarcasm little guy

By the way, Pearson wasn’t exactly brimming over with journalistic integrity, his career seems more defined in his creating controversy than anything else, but he also was used many times by both the British and American intelligence communities to “report” on something in the way they wanted it to be – I think that is the case here.

The spin he is putting on things smacks of an obvious PR handling attempt.

The next article I’m going to show you is actually from a few days earlier, and is a really over-the-top attempt to derail the deserved criticism of the Title I section.

It says it’s by Robert Thompson, Washington, and the paper it’s in here, is the Lubbock Evening Journal (Texas) on March 20, 1956.

The headline – “Concentration Camp” DENIED, Sponsors of Alaskan Mental Health Program Hit Critics – all by itself is pretty blatant.


The two House representative supporters of the Bill said it was all a “fantastic propaganda campaign” and full of “scurrilous attacks”. O’Brien explained that the whole thing was because of “misinformation and misreading of the bill.”

Oh really…



I beg to differ.

Mrs. Green portrays the mail she is deluged with is from a “fanatical fringe group” and she tries to bluster her way out of her complicity with a little barnyard strutting. She says that she had “urged an investigation” to determine how this campaign against a – a little name dropping here – administration approved bill had originated.

Ooh! An investigation…Scawy!



This chick sounds exactly like L. Ron Hubbard in his psychotic and fascist policies towards critics about doing “loud investigations” to scare them away – to silence their dissent.

You gotta love O/Brien’s attempt to explain away (and simultaneously verifying it in the process) the fact that they struck out a rather key part – the part about people conspiring to put someone into this proposed Alaskan mental hospital.

O’Brien noted that critics of the legislation point out that Congress struck from the original plan a provision providing penalties for persons who enter into a conspiracy to have an individual placed in a mental institution. He explained that this was deleted because the penal code already provides penalties for such action.


Oh, please. How much do you want to bet there was no such specific (like this was) in the “penal code”. He’s just figuring no-one knows enough to check up on it, and dumb paid mouth-piece that he’s obviously being here, he’s actually confirming there was a nefarious reason why that was struck out, by even allowing himself to be associated with such a lame excuse as this!

Under the heading of False Claims Made, we see this:

A “grave misinterpretation, O’Brien said, has come because of the provision that Alaska can seek reimbursement from a state if a resident of that state is placed in an Alaska institution. The New Yorker said the bill in no way would allow patients to be transferred from stateside hospitals to Alaskan institutions.

Yet, he said, the claim has been made by a newspaper in Santa Ana….that it would permit wholesale transfer of political and religious prisoners to Alaska.


Well now, lookie here! So, that was just about “reimbursement” – no transferring going on, says O’Brien?


Let’s look at that part again.


SEC. 119.


(c) The Governor is hereby further authorized to enter into a reciprocal agreement with any State providing for the care and treatment of mentally ill residents of Alaska by such State, and for the care and treatment of mentally ill residents of such State by Alaska, each on a reimbursable basis.


What’s that first word? TRANSFER of nonresident patients – the very thing O’Brien just tried to get around.

What did he say about the portrayal of “that it would permit wholesale transfer of political and religious prisoners to Alaska? He said that was a “grave misrepresentation”.

Was it?

no shaking head

Especially considering the other parts of the Bill that neither of them wanted to discuss, this all could most definitely be used to do exactly that.

The accusation that a “concentration camp” would be established, O’Brien said, grows out of the provision that one million acres of land will be given Alaska. He explained that none of the proposed mental institutions will be built on the land-much of which is barren-that it will be used to gain revenue for the territory’s mental health program.


This is a mis-characterization – although that was a point of questioning, the real issue here was the isolation of Alaska. Sending people from state-side hospitals to Alaska was akin to sending them to Siberia. There was nowhere they could go even if they did escape, it was hard for others to get there to “get them out” – ALL of that was indisputably part of the plan.

At this point, I think it’s time we present the villain of this piece, the man you don’t see any of these people talking about, and for good reason.

Dr. Winfred Overholser

Dr. Winfred Overholser


What’s the head of the biggest government insane Hospital (St. Elizabeth’s) a man with multiple top secret mind-control experimentation projects going on (truth drug committee), a man who champions the most destructive treatments ever developed (electro-shock, LSD, etc.) what pray tell, is he doing smack in the middle of this whole Alaska Mental Health Bill push?


And…this man is not just in the middle of it, he’s part of the team that wants to set the damn things up!

He was involved in the planning for this long before there was any “upsets” over the Portland Hospital – that was just a convenient smoke-screen to make it look good to the public – “Oh, the poor maltreated mental patients.” kind of thing.

If you have super-IGOR Dr. Overholser involved, you have something very, very, ugly in the works – and that’s no joke. And you most definitely have some big name Slavemasters yanking his leash, to boot.

igor - what about this one.

Let’s start with this, a little find of mine that I dropped into one of my De-Classified CIA document articles some time back. I intentionally didn’t say much about it at the time.

It’s a news article clipping from the Seattle Times. It has a date stamp on it of Sept. 8 1949, which is a good seven years before this Bill pops up looking like it’s supposedly generated by concern about “problems” for Alaskan mental patients not having a local hospital.

He’s pictured with his wife in a press photo for the Times.


There is also a May 1955 article that also verifies that he was part of a team (five years later in 1954) which surveyed Alaska’s “mental health problem.

Here’s that one first –


Here’s the other article with the 1949 date stamp on it –

Overholser - Seattle Times Sept 8 1949.

The beginning of it is so perfect as a setting for Overholser’s arrival – I love this.

The Alaska Steamship Company’s passenger vessel Aleutian crept into port through a heavy fog at 7 o-clock this morning…


A scene from the movie Dracula is just perfect in so many ways –

Dracula’s ship arrives


Among passengers were Dr. and Mrs. Winfred Overholser of Washington D.C. Dr. Overholser is superintendent of St. Elizabeth’s, a Washington, D.C. government hospital.

Dr. Overholser and a party of Public Health Service and Interior Department officials have been touring Alaska “from Ketchikan to Kotzebue” the past two months, studying the possibilities for establishing mental-health clinics in the territory.

Dr. Overholser said he would make strong recommendations” to the Public Health Service and the Interior Department that such clinics be set up at strategic spots throughout the territory as soon as possible.

“There are absolutely no facilities in the whole vast territory for caring for mental-health cases, he said. “Such patients now must be brought out to a…”


Another article from 1956 in the Southern Illinoisian documents that Overholser has written an article in March of 1955 complaining about how difficult it was getting enough psychiatrists to fill the positions available – perhaps another element of his interest in the Alaskan Bill, put in conjunction with his numerous government contracts to do experimentation on mental patients (mind control).


This 1956 series was a self-serving set of articles probably trying to repair the damage by the Title I section being exposed – they were written by Mike Gorman, the Director of the National Mental Health Committee in Washington, D.C.

So now, see – we have a whole different story-line here about who started this Alaskan Bill idea, than we’ve been told by the press, or by “opposers”.

Seems a rather key piece of information, don’t you think? One wonders why it was so left out of “history”… it’s odd. Or maybe not.

So, now that we know about it, we can make sense out of the blatant propaganda roping people into either positioning it as “communist” or positioning it in any other way other than the truth of where this really originated.

And that’s where L. Ron Hubbard comes in. Hubbard had always been a pet propagandist of the British slavemasters, going back decades by this time. It’s not much of a surprise then, to find him right in the middle of promoting that this Bill is by “communists” and “european psychiatrists” – as if the source of it was elsewhere than right where he was, and who he had always worked for and with.

These people, when they know something is going to rightly come under attack, like to do what’s called a controlled opposition. That means exactly what you think it does. Hubbard liked to give away his ‘lofty’ position – in his eyes – by dropping little statements here and there in his lectures and writings.

The following is a good example – it’s from only a year after this Bill was passed with Title I struck from it.

Now here—here was the battlefield that Dianetics and Scientology walked upon, and here is the battlefield on which it is fought. And don’t get an idea that it isn’t a battlefield because it is. It’s a great mistake to walk out between two lines of soldiers who are shooting like hell at each other and pretend there’s no battle going on; you can get hurt doing that. There is a battle going on. It’s a worldwide battle. And the target of that, the end goal of that, from the communist point of view, is ownership of the mind of man.

And they have announced this over and over and over and over: 1933, 1935, 1938, 1940, 1945, 1950 and 1957. Their communiques and party line contain this over and over and over again: that they are not going to invade with arms, that their total conquest is the mind of man. Why, just—just this last week it was in Drew Pearson’s column that they were giving up over in the London conference because they’d already said their best target was the mind of man.

..Now, it is a world, then, in which a great deal of propaganda about the mind is flying around. And we’re actually doing a cowboy in the white hat and a cowboy in the black hat, like the kids watch on TV. We’re actually doing that.

There are always two great forces at work in the world: black forces and white forces. Now, there—to get very mystic on you and tell you what I was taught up in the Western Hills of China, there are always really three forces. There’s the baddies and the goodies and the gold lodge. And the gold lodge referees it. The black, the white and the gold. And it’s quite fascinating.

– 18th Advanced Clinical Course Lectures (ACC), lecture titled: What Scientology Is Addressed To 18 JULY 1957, the 18th ACC took place in Washington, DC, beginning on the 8th of July and ending on the 16th of August, 1957, with sixty-eight students privileged to attend.
 Note: Hubbard starts out this lecture pretending he’s “talked” with major Catholic icon, Thomas Aquinas. “You would be quite amazed at the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas, about 1265, 1275—I’ve forgotten exactly when—it was June, I think, I talked to him.
He also tries to cover for and distract from Catholicism’s direct involvement in promoting and creating Psychiatry/Psychology, and such nasty “therapies” as electro-shock treatment (its inventor was a Professor at the Pope’s College in Rome), by saying: “He was the only Wundt in Leipzig, Germany in 1879.  And he is the direct father and the direct descendent of all psychology taught today in every American university except, perhaps, Catholic universities.


I’m sure he did find such duplicity fascinating – that’s how he was recruited in the first place. But, check the statement about what the target of those evil communists supposedly is: ownership of the mind of man.

Considering his role in doing just that for his masters, this is an excellent example of controlled opposition. The person, who actually works for those doing the thing under attack, then attacks it, but in such a way that will send the recipient on a wild goose chase, plus set them up to be “taken down” because they are using wrong information – its always wrong in some way, you see, and just by that alone it weakens the real opposition.

More of that duplicity Hubbard finds so fascinating.

One more interesting little tidbit about Overholser, when he retired he became the president of the Academy of Religion and Mental Health –


wiley-double yikes.


One of the main documents that began being circulated as a controlled opposition tactic, to attract real opposers and also fuel the fire, so to speak, was something called the Brainwashing Manual.


The Brainwashing Manual


On March 6, 1956 – a cable was sent to Hubbard from several of the executives of the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C., one of which included Hubbard’s son, L. Ron Hubbard JR. who was nicknamed “Nibs”.

Professional Auditors Bulletin 6 March 1956

P.A.B. No. 74

6 March 1956





Notice that the first two underlined (by me) parts are 100 percent accurate, as we now know from reading the Bill directly. The third underlined part is not. Not because they wouldn’t have used some part of that one million acres to build at least one extremely isolated “mental” hospital – knowing Dr. Overholser I bet they would have. But the article about him referred to multiple institutions, and so did one of the debunker articles we read earlier.

Let’s consider where he was “visiting” – the article said he had traveled from “from Ketchikan to Kotzebue” studying possibilities for where they wanted to locate these hospitals.

Dr. Overholser and “team” Mental Health Tour


Pretty much the entire state!

So, see, this million acres most certainly was a factor, but the inaccuracy that had been planted to derail the opposition of that the Bill was about establishing ONE internment camp hospital is close, but not completely accurate – see how that works?

Notice the date of the cable to Ron Hubbard – March 6, 1956.

After the public uproar over the “commitment” section of the bill, hearings were held by Senator Jackson, Chairman of the Subcommittee, on February 20, 21, and March 5. Some time between March 5 and May 25, Title I was struck from the bill, and Senator Goldwater reported the amended Bill to the Senate on May 25, 1956, with the commitment procedures removed and left up to Alaska to decide for that territory. So, this date of March 6 is falling right after the last of the hearings, and before Goldwater amended it.

The staff of Hubbards D.C. church are also asking what to do – as if nothing had been done by scientologists prior to that point.

Which was not true – Hubbard had been up to some funny business, which I guess we’re supposed to believe that his son and senior staff knew absolutely nothing about? I doubt that, especially considering that the version of the Brainwashing Manual put out by a D.C. area scientology concern had been printed over six months earlier.

Minor problem with the story line there…

whistling girl


Note: In later testimony to FDA officials by L. Ron Hubbard Jr. (found in recently declassified FDA documents PDF titled: E-31, H-3, H-77, p. 39) – he said the following:

Ron Jr. stated that his father raised considerable opposition to the Alaskan Mental Health Bill in 1955 or ’56. Ron Sr. thought this bill gave psychiatrists and psychologists too much power.


Pretty generic statement, but there you go.

Considering the March 6 cable, it gets interesting in that there were two versions of this brainwashing manual – one put out by Kenneth Goff and one by Hubbard.

Fortuitously, in Phoenix [Hubbard’s home] there came into our hands two manuscripts […] they were left there at the front desk with the request that they be mailed back to their owner [allegedly «Charles Stickley supposed to be a professor at Columbia University in New York City] and we are not sure exactly from whom these came…

– Hubbard, Operational Bulletin no. 9, 1955


Apparently, on September 4th of 1955 Hubbard sent a copy of this manual to his publisher.

Hubbard and the Brain-Washing Manual.

But later on in 1956, a Kenneth Goff lays claim and also publishes the same thing, just without the “Charles Stickley” name.

Kenneth Goff Hubbard and the Brain-Washing Manual-2.

There is an extensive file of FBI documents related to this, which I have uploaded.

PDF – Goff_Kenneth-HQ-2

You can see his copy starting on page 4. You can tell there’s something fishy going on here with this, because his version is the same as Hubbards, and indirectly promotes Dianetics, on pages 21, 24 and 25 of this PDF.

A note from the FBI to a Mrs. Timmerman about Mr. Goff is interesting –

This note to the SAC Seattle documents that they have been sent two versions issued from two different places.



This letter from Anna to Director of FBI Hoover is fascinating in the details it raises – plus apparently she sent copies of the Goff-version Brainwashing Manual to seven congressmen she was writing re: the Alaska Mental Health Bill!


anna to hoover august 1956 goff and hubbard

Page 2 is where it gets interesting – she apparently received around the same time a 17 page plain mimeographed edition with the Charles Stickley 1955 editorial (Hubbard’s version) from the American Public Relations Forum, Inc. The same place that was mentioned in the news article from February of 1956 that David Miscavige flashed on the screen..

Got a put a big hmm there for that one…

hmm - ponder

anna to hoover august 1956 goff and hubbard 2


I love how Anna notes that Hubbard’s version, particularly her point 3 – noting that his booklet recommends turning it all over to ministers – would discredit the whole idea!

Gee – maybe that was Hubbard’s plan in the first place?

wry face

anna to hoover august 1956 goff and hubbard 3.

Ya gotta hand it to Dr. Anna Mathiesen, she’s asking the right questions.

Apparently, these two goofballs (Hubbard and Goff) were attempting in their very own special way, to distract off a very real book on the subject by Edward Hunter. Anna had written to him about all this and he responded.

He gives details showing he was already familiar with the Hubbard version, and suggests that she promote his book instead of these pamphlets.

Edward Hunter to Anna re Hubbard and Brainwashing july 1956.

She writes to the Rittenhouse Bookstore and gets back a letter obviously from a scientologist – a very weird letter. So that makes it clear there is a connection to Hubbard.

anna to hubbard book seller brainwashing august 1956It was signed Jonathan S.B. Kenworthy.

A note to SAC Springfield verifies the Hubbard connection further, on page 169 of this PDF.


All quite the sleight-of-hand going on, by all parties involved.

There is an excellent timeline you may want to review called “The Brainwashing manual: Timeline”. It includes scanned images of many primary documents relating to the book, such as an FBI report on it, and some of Mr Hubbard’s correspondence regarding it. Hubbard’s version of the Brainwashing Manual can be downloaded from here.

One of the more important documents is that Hubbard sends in this Brainwashing Manual to the FBI – per FBI documents “The H-Files” at: http://www.xenu.net/archive/FBI/

The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International 
(Incorporated in the State of Arizona, U.S.A. and registered in England) 
CABLES: SCIENTOLOGY LONDON. TEL: BAY 5780 AND 4294 16th December, 1955. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Constitution Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.


We are enclosing our printing of what appears to be a Communist manual on Psychopolitics. 

This was compiled from Communist sources for use of our research department and people. 

It may that we will also use this in anti-Communist campaigns. 

As there is evidently a copy of Psychopolitics in full view in the Library of Congress, you evidently do not classify this subject.. 

We have been seriously hurt by Communists and Communism and we see nothing wrong in our using their tactics against them. 

Should you run into this manual on how to brainwash people you will now be able to recognize it as printed and distributed by an anti-Communist group for their research. 

Yours very truly, 

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard 


Resident in Great Britain authorised to accept service of processes and notices: 

You can find more text-references like the above at Ingo Heinemann’s website.

Let’s take a look at Hubbard’s version – Brainwashing Manual version two, with the editorial ‘Note’ by Charles Stickley produced by the Church of Scientology (L Ron Hubbard) presumably in August/September 1955.


This book is a synthesis of information gathered through observation, discussion, investigation and experience over the last ten years.

I cannot entirely vouch for its authenticity. Disclosure of the sources from which it is drawn would undoubtedly lead to great difficulties for them. And in matters of this kind the Soviet is not accustomed to the issuance of validations.

Having compiled this volume I did not easily discover any method of distributing it since my own facilities and finances are, as is customary with professors, necessarily limited.

Further, the placement of this volume in anyone’s hands constituted to some degree a considerable risk to myself until I realized that there actually were two American groups in the field of mental science who were entirely above suspicion, particularly since they were often mentioned as Soviet targets by my informers and were mentioned in the actual text of this book as being antipathetic to this Soviet programme. These two groups were the Christian Scientists and the Dianeticists. Christian Science is an American Religion, intensely patriotic. Dianetics is the only entirely American development in the field of the human mind.

Knowing from my information sources that Dianetics and Christian Science and their people have experienced years of mauling and defamation at  Communist hands, I am submitting to these organizations this work. I wish to express here my appreciation for their bold resistance to Communism through the years.

I wish also to express my confidence in the future of the free nations of earth. Although the soviet has found a chink in the armour of individual liberty, it is certain that Democratic processes can mend it. That only the individual himself can protest against assault and injury to him before law, joined with the fact that the insane have no rights before law, has permitted in itself this deep ingress into our country’s security. So long as this legal hole exists, there is then no law against driving anyone insane, even though this action deals as finally with a person as does murder. The existence today of highly efficient drugs such as LSD, one-millionth of an ounce of which can create insanity, brings this legal loophole into focus. By enacting legislation permitting a friend or next of kin to bring charges in case of assault, and by quickly placing all treatment of and institutions for the insane in the hands of ministers, taking it entirely out of the hands of European indoctrinated practitioners, the entire effort of psychopolitics can be nullified at once.

If you care to check this subject of psychopolitics against current occurrences in the American scene you will discover the urgency of such measures.

Charles Stickley,
New York City, 1955.


Hidden Hand - STOP


We need to take a side-tour here, that will better illustrate why this 1955 manual is saying what it did about LSD.


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD?

The earliest general public PR campaign that I could find so far re: LSD was in 1951, and wouldn’t you know it, it just happens to be the beginning of trying to establish public support for the Chisholm-based WFMH* ideals.

*see Scientology Roots chapters on that point, and see the PDF Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress from 1947.

Here are two articles –

Jacksonville Daily Journal – 11 May 1951: Doctors Induce Mental Illness in Experiments


Bridgeport Telegram, Friday May 11, 1951 – Production of 1-Day Mental Cases for Study of Causes is Described


Personally, I think the killer dogs in England eating some sheep was a better story – at least it was real.

But let’s take a brief look at what’s being said here.

The first thing to notice is that this article gives hard proof that experimenting on people with insanity-producing drugs was going on this far back in both Boston and New York – naysayer propagandists will have to take a backseat now, where they belong.

“Several reports on the use of certain drugs…were presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric association.”

Means they have been doing it at least a year.

“One of the drugs utilized is….a compound based on lysergic acid [LSD].”

“The doctors who described the tests said that symptoms closely similar-although not exactly identical-to those seen in certain people who are really mentally ill were produced in the volunteers.

They experienced hallucinations, their thinking and speech became altered, they became suspicious, and they had “feelings of unreality.”


Hold that last thought…

“Dr. Max Rinkel and a team of associates from Boston Psychopathic hospital* and Dr. Paul H. Hoch of the Psychiatric Institute of New York all said no conclusions can yet be drawn from these highly-experimental studies.”

*Massachusetts Mental Health center is the later name of Boston Psychopathic.


What’s left out here (of course) is why they were experimenting with these “mental illness” drugs.

Their interest in “curing insanity” was more of a PR angle rather than any interest in actually helping anyone – especially considering the whole ‘illness’ of schizophrenia was a totally spurious invention in the first place, and that there was no so-called physical cause – which the slavemasters well knew.

The man named Dr. Hoch, mentioned in the article, had also written a report saying that the symptoms produced by LSD, mescaline and related drugs were similar to those of schizophrenia: intensity of color perception, hallucinations, depersonalization, intense anxiety, paranoia, and in some cases catatonic manifestations.

Hoch put it this way –

“LSD and Mescaline disorganize the psychic integration of the individual.”


Despite the promotion of that the people he and Dr. Rinkel did this on (as presented in the news article) as being “volunteers” – the truth was rather a lot more grim.

Dr Hoch was the director of experimental psychiatry at the Institute, and they were covertly administering hallucinogenic drugs to patients in order to observe reactions – they did not tell them what they were doing or ask permission. Many of them actually died. His research involved covertly administering intraspinal injections of LSD causing an “immediate, massive, and almost shocklike picture with higher doses.”

He gave LSD to patients and then lobotomized them to compare the effects before and after psychosurgery!

Innocent? Good-hearted?

dr paul hoch.

I think not.

Dr. Hoch was born in Budapest in 1902, came to the United States in 1933 from Germany. He received his med­ical training at the University of Gottingen, and did psychiatric work in Zurich before coming back to be on staff at the neuro­psychiatric clinic at Göttingen.

He was chief medical officer of the Hospital for War Neu­roses at Gladstone, N. J., in 1942. Later he went to the New York Psychiatric Institute, the state’s model research center, and was placed in charge of its department of experimental psychiatry in 1948.

Besides being funded directly by the CIA there at the Institute, he was also a secret collaborator with the Army Chemical Corps chief of clinical research, Dr. Amedeo Marrazzi. Hoch was assisted by Dr. Carney Landis. The Institute was paid $32,000 for the work it did for the Army over 18 months. Hoch later became the Commissioner of Mental Hygiene for the State of New York.

Now there’s a scary thought.

This imported monkey-science doctor was in charge of who’s sane and who’s not!

Paul Hoch

dr paul hoch.

He was appointed to this position by Governor Averill Harriman and reappointed by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller on January 1, 1959.

In a statement following his death in December 1964, Rockefeller referred to “the master plan” for treatment of disabilities, attributing it to Hoch, and that this master plan was “adopted by President Kennedy and the Congress as a model for federal action.”

So much for John F. Kennedy the ‘white hat’ then.



Take a moment here and really get what’s happening here in 1951 with this news article about “volunteers” and such, as compared to what was really going on, what this man Hoch was really doing.

It’s a great live demonstration of just exactly how the Slavemasters operate, how they lie and misconstrue – deliberately – to us (and still do). They deliberately withheld from the public what they were really doing, and now that we can document that it should help to familiarize you of how to read “scientific advances” in “mental health” that we are told about, and read between-the-lines as to what they are really doing with whatever it is.

Here’s a very current example for you to try your skills out on –

There Could Soon Be a Pill to Make Us More Compassionate – Time magazine, March 21, 2015


So, try it out. Ask yourself –

What are they really researching?

What state are they really trying to produce…

and most important –



I’ll tell you what, it is definitely not about making people more “compassionate”. The following holds true to pretty much what I think about all that.

From the movie: Serenity, based on the TV series Firefly

“A year from now, ten, they’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that.”

– character Malcolm Reynolds



Less argumentive and combative, in the movie, translated to millions of people just laid down and died.

See where this is going? Compassionate, my ass, in other words.

– – –


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

Covert Mind Control Research


You will note that these articles are from 1951, that means they fell under Operation Artichoke.

What’s that?

explain to me how this is a CURE again - vincent.

Monkey Science – and their primary target?

heart of artichoke YOU.

The CIA’s earlier project, codenamed ARTICHOKE, was a forerunner of MK-ULTRA that aimed, as part of its mind control projects umbrella, to discover drugs which could be used to develop telepathy and clairvoyance, in addition to psychic abilities such as psychokinetics and remote viewing. 1

Psychokinetics is using psychic means to move an object. Remote viewing is using psychic means to see distant things without using the eyes.

Their interest in these subjects was about trying to prove that it was all physically based somehow. Hence their ridiculous idea that they could drug someone into carrying out such psychic tasks.

I’m Psychic –


There were two schools of thought on how to force these abilities into the open, new-age “religions” like scientology and so on fell in one school and LSD-givers into another. But they were BOTH coming from the shame physically caused premise, however much some tried to veil that fact.

For example, long-term mind control researcher Dr. Roll, his last research, as presented to the American Psychological Association, claimed that the root cause of psychic phenomena is a combination of modern physics (i.e., quantum mechanics) and neuroscience. According to Roll all objects and individuals have “psi fields” around them which are the carriers of psi information.*

For much more about all that, please see Duke University – The Anti-Life Zone

This is where the ‘radio-waves’ control of people’s minds ideas came from, by the way.


ARTICHOKE was actually just a continuation and expansion of the CIA’s Project BLUEBIRD.

BLUEBIRD was authorized on Thursday, 20 April, 1950. CIA-contracted psychiatrists (such as doctors Rinkel, Hinkle, Fink and Hyde) begin secret experiments with ice-pick lobotomies, electroshock, hypnosis, pain, and drugs, including cocaine, heroin, mescaline and LSD. All that (and many of the original ‘researchers’) then rolled over into Project MKUltra in 1953 – ultra meaning super super secret.

Rinkel Fink Hyde and Wolff

BLUEBIRD was renamed ARTICHOKE on 20 August 1951.

The following document images were obtained from Black Vault’s MKULTRA archives  –

CD #1, Main Directory, and within that, doc series 144688, Document #2.


Document #3 says:

“I am sure that you will recognize the implications which might be drawn should it become known, generally, that CIA or the Military Intelligence Agencies are directly concerned in this matter, even though this concern stems primarily from the defensive aspects of the problem…The Code word “Artichoke has been assigned and is unclassified when used in such a way that it does not reveal the nature or scope of the problem.” – Deputy Director of the CIA



and from Document #4:

“Medical Science, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and psychotherapy, has developed a variety of techniques whereby some control can be imposed on the will of an individual. The techniques include neuro-surgery, electric shock, drugs, hypnosis and others.”



Notice that these 2 innocuous looking news articles are from May of 1951, just a few months before Project Bluebird would be renamed ARTICHOKE.


What they were really researching –

Drugs that could:

#1. Develop telepathy and clairvoyance, psychokinesis and remote-viewing.

#2. Impose control on ‘the will’ of a person, destroy integrity

#3. Manufacture ‘insanity’, feelings of unreality, hallucinations etc.


#4. Forcing you to “tell all”


(5) Development and administration of speech-inducing drugs

This project apparently began in 1947 and ended in 1953.

It was performed primarily by a contractor located in New York and, in one aspect, by the Navy at a location in Europe. The involvement of the Central Intelligence Agency was apparently only as an interested observer. The project was funded by the Navy through the Naval Medical Research Institute. The Central Intelligence Agency records of this project are apparently in the BLUEBIRD .and ARTICHOKE project files.

The Navy arranged in 1950 to obtain marijuana and heroin from the FBI for use in experiments and entered a contract with a researcher in New York to develop drugs and instrumentation for use in interrogation of prisoners of war, defectors and similar persons. The security cover for the project was a study of motion sickness. The study began with six of the researcher’s staff as knowing volunteers. The project was expanded to cover barbituates and benzedrine. Other substances were evaluated.

– From – GENERAL COUNSEL FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE; date September 20, 1977; Title: MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, SUBJECT: Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-control or Behavior modification Purposes; p.10,
*Note, this reference already went missing once (the DOD deleted the page) but the above link goes to the internet archive version, in case that ever doesn’t work we have also uploaded it here.
For document images, please see my post L Ron Hubbard, Benzedrine, and Secret CIA projects in 1950


Notice the “contract with a researcher in New York” part – from the news article I found we now know that was: Dr. Paul H. Hoch of the Psychiatric Institute of New York.

Here’s another part from the same document talking specifically about this LSD research – which we now know was Hoch and Rinkel (plus a few others)

(4) Administration of LSD to human subjects

This project began in 1952 and was apparently completed by 1956. It was performed by a researcher located in New York. Navy is listed as a sponsor on only one CIA document prepared at a later date, and not otherwise corroborated. If Navy was involved, it was solely as a conduit for funds between the Central Intelligence Agency and the researcher. This project has been identified as subprojects 7, 27 and 40 of the [1953] MKULTRA project.

Dr. Max Rinkel, was particularly interested in using LSD to induce a schizophrenia-like state in mentally healthy people.

In a CIA Project ARTICHOKE document (dated October 21, 1951), it talks about all the speech-inducing drugs that they had been testing. In addition to LSD, this document also mentioned morphine, ether, ethyl alcohol, mescaline and Benzedrine.

“There is no question,” noted the author of this report, “that drugs are already on hand that can destroy integrity and make indiscreet the most dependable individual.”

The report concluded by recommending that LSD be critically tested “under threat conditions beyond the scope of civilian experimentation.” POWs, federal prisoners, and Security officers were mentioned as possible candidates for these field experiments.

– book Acid Dreams


There are a couple of other points to add to that list of their “reasons” for researching LSD, that we need to cover. Both of which are directly tied into the Catholic Church.


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

– Covert Mind Control Research

The Catholics –


The Catholic Church, being behind psychiatry in the first place* took quite an interest in LSD, and promoted it internally as a spiritual experience.

See post titled: The Marriage of Catholicism and Psychiatry – Brain ‘Techniques’ Come From God

Pronouncing it (psychiatry) as coming from God –

Catholicism and psychiatry are representative of the two orders in the universe, i.e., supernatural and natural, divine and human, heaven and earth. Denial of the former has led to idols or the worship of false gods, among them, the Goddess Science. Both faith and science come from God and are not enemies.

– The Roman Catholic Faith and the Science of Psychiatry, Luz G. Gabriel


Captain Al Hubbard aka Captain Trips was a devout Catholic.

It’s interesting the convergences into my personal life that sometimes happen in my research. For example, in 1950, Al Hubbard decided to return to my neck of the woods here – the Spokane/Coeur D’Alene corridor. Of course, the fact that there are numerous underworld connections in Spokane wouldn’t have anything to do with it…but I digress.

whistling girl


The story goes that he came here because had “spent summers” in the area when he was younger and returned “seeking enlightenment”.

Sure. I believe that.

Come on…

come on!.

That’s as ridiculous as the reason Keith Fozzard (intelligence asset of the Church of Scientology) gave my husband Mike as to why he had suddenly moved into our area (which just happened to be concurrent with when the black ops began on our children) – he said it was because he had “fond memories of summers and a girl” here.


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

Covert Mind Control Research

– the Catholics –

Why Spokane?

What many may not know about this area, is that it is somewhat of a Jesuit strong-hold in the Pacific Northwest and it’s also home to one of the largest followings of the SSPX (Society of St. Pius X) catholic cult.

The Jesuit mission at Cataldo was their first big “shrine” – their mark, so to speak – located just 30 minutes from me in the Silver Valley. In fact, built between 1850 and 1853, it is Idaho’s oldest building!




You can see the Jesuit IHS symbol on the front.


In 1842 Jesuit missionary Father Nicholas Point entered what is now Idaho and began living among the Coeur d’Alene and in 1843, the first Jesuit settlement in Idaho was built. The humble mission stood on the point where the St. Joe River and Lake Coeur d’Alene met. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a poor location. During the spring thaw the mission often flooded and swarms of mosquitoes were a common nuisance.

…Eventually, the decision was made to relocate the mission and the rest of the community to higher ground along the Coeur d’Alene River just west of the present day town of Cataldo. This new location turned out to be much better than expected. Not only was the mission safe from spring flooding, but it turned out to be a crossroads of sorts for many travelers who stopped to rest, eat and share stories with the community.

– Silver Valley Stories blog


This was an expedition of six Jesuits seeking covert control within the nascent United States, by “conversion” of the the U.S. Indian population – particularly the Blackfeet. You will note that this expedition occurred not long after President Jackson had successfully taken down the British/Catholic slavemasters Bank of the United States (and broken their choke-hold by paying off the debt – the only time in U.S. history we’ve ever been debt free.)

Here’s some pictures a couple of them –

Father Cataldo

father joseph cataldo.

Hoecken and Jean De Smet

Adrian Hoecken Pierre Jean de Smet.

One of them, Father Nicholas Point said that the Indians called the Jesuits – the black robes. He painted a picture of their “arrival”.



These six men’s specific target was the Blackfeet Indians, who were on British controlled lands in the Northwest (at least then they were), so its not too obvious what they’re really doing there – a form of subversion, which the Jesuits are somewhat infamous for.

They meddle.


They don’t like women much.




The object of this Mission was to bring the truths of Christianity to the Blackfeet Indians, who were in the early days one of the most numerous and most powerful tribes of the Rocky Mountains. Their country lay to the east of the min Rockies, from the 46th to the 59th parallel, and within the 29th and 30th degree of longitude west from Washington.

The Blackfeet nation is composed of three principal groups or families, having different names, but all speaking the same language. They are the Blackfeet proper, named in their tongue Siksikana; the Piegans or Pikani, and the Bloods, whose Indian name is Kaenna. The Siksikana or Blackfeet proper, had their home on the borderland between British America and the United States. When the boundaries were defined they found themselves on British soil; there they have remained.

This portion of the Blackfoot nation is now under the spiritual care of the Oblates M. I., who are engaged in missionary work over a great part of British America.

Father Point estimated the number of these Indians at about one thousand lodges, or nearly 10,000 souls; and he tells us that: “This is not half of what they were before the smallpox was introduced among them.” He says, further on: “The women constitute two-thirds if not three-fourths of the whole number,” adding at the same time: This inequality, so baneful to morals, is the result of the continuous warfare of these people with neighboring tribes.’

But what seemed to specially impress these wild children of the prairie was the sign of the Cross: “There is scarcely any camp among the Blackfeet,” says Father Point, ” in which the sign of the Cross is not held in veneration and practiced.” Indeed, such as their reverence for the sign of our Redemption, that they would harm no one, not even a deadly foe, if he had cross about him, or if he knew how to bless himself. This became so well known among the whites that even non-Catholics and men of no religion, if they had to travel over the Blackfoot country, where at this time no white man’s life was safe, would learn to make the sign of the Cross, and not fail, besides, to carry with them a little cross, were it but in the form of breast-pin or a watch-charm. The sign or emblem would most likely prove their best protection from attack.

Indian and White; In the History of the Northwest, Chapter 25


An interesting historical anecdote, to be sure, I included it to show the kinds of influences in play in the Northwest and why devout Catholic Al Hubbard felt a need to “return” to this particular area.


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

Covert Mind Control Research

– the Catholics –

The ‘path to God’


As the story goes, and it’s definitely a “story” (as in bullshit) Al Hubbard hiked into the woods here in the Spokane area, and an angel appeared to him in a clearing.

“She told Al that something tremendously important to the future of mankind would be coming soon, and that he could play a role in it if he wanted to,” says Willis Harman. “But he hadn’t the faintest clue what he was supposed to be looking for.”

The Original Captain Trips by Todd Brendan Fahey Published originally by High Times, November 1991


So, you see, angels work for God, so it’s God that wanted humanity to take LSD, basically…is what this story is trying to spin here.

And…what was it that LSD did to people again?

Oh yea – made them crazy, hallucinating, and – especially important – having less strength of will and personal integrity.


Thou shalt take LSD…


Just the kind of thing “God” needed.

Think I’m kidding?

It’s in their own materials – the Catholics.

ONLY when man is in bad shape will he be accepting of God – the real meaning of God being a group of men trying to control the world using this fictitious power as somehow theirs and theirs alone as the “conduit”. The Slavemasters, we call them.

This little discussion of 2 Corinthians 7-10 ought to serve to enlighten you.

In the Bible, St. Paul is struggling with personal sin, in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10:

“And to keep me from being too elated by the abundance of revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to harass me, to keep me from being too elated. Three times I besought the Lord about this, that it should leave me;  but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” I will all the more gladly boast of my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities; for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

From the above statement of Paul, we see that God gives each one us sufficient grace to overcome sin, even when it seems like we are struggling with overcoming sin.  And when we are the weakest, that is when we are the strongest, because that’s when God’s power is made perfect in us.  How many people, when things get so bad in their lives, fall down on their knees in tears and ask God to fix things?  A lot, and that is exactly what God means when he says “my power is made perfect in weakness.” The acknowledgment of God as our loving Father over our own strength and power is the beginning of our relationship with God, and the beginning of the end of our pride. The prideful and strong who are always in charge of their affairs never do this, so God can’t work in them as powerfully as someone who is humble and acknowledges God in their distress.


Fall to your knees in tears, now that’s the thing, that’s the state to be in –  versus being prideful and strong, and in charge of one’s life yourself.

So, in what state is this nebulous God’s power then, when others are strong in themselves?


Corollary –

“God” is made Imperfect and Weak in the face of personal strength.


That says it all, don’t it.

Take this statement by Paul: I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities

It’s ok to let (or even manufacture) hardships, persecutions and calamities in the world, because, you see, it is only when people are brought to their knees that then “god” can work on them.


Thou shalt take LSD…


And become weak and disoriented enough to accept “God”…



Captain Trips Al Hubbard also fed Willis Harman a line about that he read an article about rats given LSD in 1951, and he knew “that” was it – the goal the angel in Spokane pointed him to – and that’s why he went and got some LSD.

That’s not what happened at all, but it is true that after his first acid experience, he had become a True Believer and promptly went and shared an acid trip – which he called a sacramentwith a prominent Monsignor of the Catholic Church in North America.

“Hubbard discovered psychedelics as a boon and a sacrament,” recalls fellow CIA operative Timothy Leary.

Can’t you just see it now? Priests tripping on LSD – oh man, what a sight that must have been. Scary!

As part of his “mission” to give LSD to prominent leaders and political figures, Al Hubbard would provide a “stage” (or rather a set-up) for his chosen targets.

He provided a comfortable couch and throw pillows, and also employed icons and symbols to control the experience into a variety of different directions: someone uptight may be asked to look at a photo of a glacier, which would soon melt into blissful relaxation; a person seeking the spiritual would be directed to a picture of Jesus, and enter into a one-on-one relationship with the Savior.


What’d I tell ya –

LSD is a ‘path to God’.


When Al Hubbard met up with Aldous Huxley (also a personal friend of L. Ron Hubbard at this time) Aldous’ wife Laura recalls meeting him and how he promoted that after breathing in some funny gas, he talked about being “revitalized” and having a vision of the Virgin Mary!

Come on…

And this is taken as some kind of truth?




When he hooked up later with SRI man Myron Stolaroff (who was assistant to the president of long-range planning at Ampex Corporation) Myron said that he was “convinced that he was the man to bring LSD to planet Earth.”

Stolaroff had learned of Hubbard through philosopher Gerald Heard, a friend and spiritual mentor to Huxley. “Gerald had reached tremendous levels of contemplative prayer, and I didn’t know what in the world he was doing fooling around with drugs.”

In yet another odd coinkydink, one of the other operatives sent in on my children as their “date”, his mother was involved in these same SRI experiments through Ampex!

What a small world it is…when it comes to black operations against those with “too much strength” in themselves – eh?

morticia - wink.

Al Hubbard had actually received the first FDA license – IND #1 in 1963. IND stood for Investigational New Drug Permit. This is one of those points that doesn’t exactly line up with his story about “discovering” LSD because of reading a rat research story and having visions of angels.

Prior to this license, he had already been in deep with intelligence-agency funded Canadian Drs. Hoffer and Osmond – you can read more about that in my husband’s chapter 12-2 of his book (about L. Ron Hubbard’s lifelong intelligence career) – but the interesting thing is the similarity of their work to what was being done in Scientology. SAME GOAL, SAME INTENTION.

Al Hubbard would lift mentally-disturbed lifelong alcoholics out of psychosis with a mammoth dose of liquid LSD, quote – letting them view their destructive habits from a completely new vantage point – unquote.

That’s the whole basic premise of scientology auditing, when it comes right down to it. An outside person determining that (and what) a person needs to change to become a more happy (amenable) member of “society” – their (the slavemasters) society, you see.

“As a therapist, he was one of the best,” says Stolaroff, who worked with Al Hubbard until 1965 at the International Federation for Advanced Study in Menlo Park, California, which he founded after leaving Ampex.

Al Hubbard was also specifically assigned to the Alternative Futures Project (what a euphemism) which performed “future-oriented strategic planning for corporations and government agencies.”


Using LSD

you understand.


Harman and Hubbard shared a goal “to provide the [LSD] experience to political and intellectual leaders around the world.”

Harman acknowledges that “Al’s job was to run the special [LSD] sessions for us.”

Oh, the special LSD sessions…


You know, the ones where Al Hubbard literally played Director of the person’s mind complete with props and pictures of Jesus and everything!


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

Covert Mind Control Research

OK, so we can now add two other elements regarding the real purposes of LSD experimentation, which gives us a full list of:

  • Develop telepathy and clairvoyance, psychokinesis and remote-viewing.
  • Impose control on ‘the will’ of a person, destroy integrity
  • Manufacture ‘insanity’, feelings of unreality, hallucinations etc.
  • Forcing you to “tell all”- from a desire to “open” your mind to the slavemasters perusal
  • Deliberately ruining and “bringing to their knees” people to get them to accept God
  • Getting people to view their ‘destructive habits’ from a completely new vantage point.


Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD? –

The Chemical that ’causes’ Insanity PR line


We started this off by talking about a news article from 1951, and how the PR version of what they were doing with LSD only (barely) touched upon the manufacturing of insanity whereas the real reasons for this experimentation are those listed above.

We covered how at that time Project Bluebird/Artichoke was the secret project that these same researchers – highlighted in the news article – were working under.

Next – now that the big umbrella Project MKultra that replaced those and got underway in 1953, we see a somewhat different kind of publicity push begin – very heavy on the existence of an “insanity” chemical now.

These are from 1954.

Indiana Gazette, 7 May 1954 – ‘Insanity Chemical Explained’


“The drinks containing LSD gave normal humans many of the mental signs of schizophrenia…”

“This is the main reason for theorizing that insanity has a chemical cause…”


The Corpus-Christie Caller Times, May 7, 1954 – Experts Link Insanity to Chemical in Body



“This chemical theory for insanity and new evidence for it were described to the American Psychiatric Assn. [at their annual meeting] in a report by Doctors Max Rinkel, Robert W. Hyde and Harry C. Solomon of the Boston Psychopathic Hospital.”

[…] It offers the possibility of pinpointing what the insanity chemical is, and then to counteract it to prevent

“mankind’s greatest plague, insanity,” Dr. Rinkel said.


“The drug is LSD…”


Daily Independent Journal (San Rafael, CA) 7 May 1954 – Does Insanity Originate From Body Chemicals?


“LSD has no taste, no color. Just a trace of it in a glass of water was tested by more than 100 volunteers, including Dr. Rinkel.”

transparent back flashing star Propaganda Linetransparent back flashing star

 “The idea was to learn what it feels like to be in the shoes of a mental patient.”


Chosen PR explanation there. You have to remember that MKULTRA had just been approved only a year earlier than this, with testing of LSD being one of the very first ultra top-secret projects, and it was definitely not for the reasons of the explanation given above.

Also note the “go” words grabbing your attention, like:

“It Works!”


News Review (Roseburg, Oregon) 13 May 1954 – Scientist Claims Insanity Result of Chemical Change



“Still other drugs which produce results resembling mental illness create similar kinds of physical and chemical changes.

This is the main reason for theorizing insanity has a chemical cause…LSD and other drugs which work like it may be interfering with the body’s chemical factories so that the insanity chemical starts to be made, Dr. Rinkel said.”


So the thing to do then, was to introduce these insanity-making drugs to large numbers of intelligent, college-student Americans – is that right?


A humorous take on these people –

Monkey Science – Coming up with a Theory

hey I just came up with a theory - monkey science


Monkey Science = “You see, my good fellow, LSD is a mind-expanding drug.

 Aldous Huxley monkey.

Monkey Science – “And therefore, based on my fabulous theory formulated while drunk and high on LSD, I have found the elusive insanity chemical.”

monkey pompous ass scientist


Monkey Science Lockstep = “Insanity is a Chemical, Insanity is a chemical…”



Monkey Science = Dr Max Rinkel.

Max Rinkel

Well, there you have it folks – the 60’s was never about enlightenment, it was about creating insanity amongst as many young Americans as possible, thereby fracturing the culture, the family, hopefully permanently. That is, if they couldn’t kill them off by drafting them into yet another one of their stupid drug wars, like Vietnam.

Alright, now you know Why Does the Brain-Washing Manual Mention LSD?



The existence today of highly efficient drugs such as LSD, one-millionth of an ounce of which can create insanity, brings this legal loophole into focus.

By enacting legislation permitting a friend or next of kin to bring charges in case of assault, and by quickly placing all treatment of and institutions for the insane in the hands of ministers, taking it entirely out of the hands of European indoctrinated practitioners, the entire effort of psychopolitics can be nullified at once.

Brainwashing Manual version two, with the editorial ‘Note’ by Charles Stickley produced by the Church of Scientology (L Ron Hubbard) presumably in August/September 1955.


I wouldn’t exactly say putting it in the hands of “ministers” is much of a solution – given what we know about the religious influences already extant in said LSD use!

This sounds like a deliberately guaranteed to fail solution, a misdirection if you will, by long-term intelligence agent L. Ron Hubbard.

Despite the fact that it is true what he said about LSD, it’s what he isn’t saying that’s much worse, as well as WHO he is trying to lay the responsibiity on – nebulous “european indoctrinated practitioners”.


Not even close.


He’s targeting the psychotic pets, NOT THEIR OWNERS.

the slavemasters and their pet german lap dogs

See that?

It is literally (this booklet) asking to be made fun of and debunked, and I’m sorry, but I just cannot (and will not) see this as anything but fully intentional to do just that – waylay any real solutions before they get started. What I mean by that, is any real concerted and effective effort to block and stop these psychotic slavemasters and their little pets from engaging in their “mission” to rule humanity by using drugs (amongst other things).

We started discussing this brainwashing manual, because of the Alaskan Mental Health Bill we were learning about.

You see, the people that were both sincere and not sincere (planted agent-provocateurs) in their efforts to challenge this “insanity chemical” horseshit and any plans to engage in mass “fixing” of humanity – used this manual to bring pressure to stop that Bill.

And that’s where our story became even more interesting, the real meat of it not exactly being revealed by anyone along the way, I might add.



Suffice it to say

Things are not as simple as scientologists like David Miscavige would have them appear.


In closing –

After the public uproar over the “commitment” section of the bill, hearings were held in February and March, and then Title I of the bill was amended with the commitment procedures removed and left up to Alaska to decide for that territory.

So, in that sense, the public lobbying was successful, but the 1 million acres part still remained.

Times Record 1 August 1956 – President Eisenhower signs the amended Alaskan Mental Health Bill.



This article From the Pampa Daily News (October 30, 1956) does a pretty decent job summing up the main highlights of what happened with this Bill, so I’m including it because it’s a good read.



The Church of Scientology, particularly David Miscavige, still tries to lay claim to “defeating” this Bill, going so far as to portray that it never got passed.

Let’s look at what he said again.

…if these psychs were to be prevented from creating a slave society in January of 1956, a plan the psychs had hatched many years before was about to come to fruition.

They had formulated a plan to infiltrate all levels of society so that they – and they alone – were the decision makers as to what was right and wrong. In this way they could do away with the influence of religion and even the family in maters of morals and mores of the civilization.

I’m not joking here. This is all a matter of public record.

Their plan for the US was simple. They would purchase a million acres of land in Alaska which they would use as a huge mental health colony then they would change the commitment laws so that they could arbitrarily commit any citizen to this facility one didn’t need to violate a law or do anything wrong. All it would take was a psych deciding you weren’t desirable and off you would go with no recourse.

This is very convenient for a government wanting to control its populace. And the obvious force to implement this plan was psychiatry. In fact, such a plan already had precedent. It was doing wonders to keep the populace quiet! Where? In Stalinist Russia of course. They called it: Siberia!

Unbelievably the House of Representatives had already passed the bill to create this facility in Alaska and by all indications it would fly through the senate. The press and public were asleep and the politicians were drooling. And then out of nowhere a force they never contemplated came on the scene.

That force was LRH and Scientology naming it for what it was, LRH dubbed the plan: “Siberia USA”. He began a campaign to alert the public and the press to the true meaning of this grand plan. The press finally woke up and the words “Siberia USA” were seen everywhere as a slogan to defeat this danger to personal rights and freedom. You can see some of that press here.


Public outcry reached a fever pitch and finally hit its crescendo when the bill failed to pass and was killed in Congress. Today hardly anyone in the country remembers this plan. In fact, say it to the press and they think you are joking.

I know. I did.

The country has LRH and Scientology to thank for destroying this master plan that came within hours of becoming law.

– David Miscavige, October 1993, IAS ‘War is Over’ speech


You can see that was a lie – the Bill was not “killed in Congress”.

However, part of the Bill certainly was.

You can also see David Miscavige doesn’t have a frickin’ clue what the hell he’s talking about.

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Written and Researched by Virginia McClaughry

Note: The next post will cover how this all relates to the Kennedy List which was before the Nixon List


1. CIA interest in psychic abilities such as psychokinetics and remote viewing, is cited in Ken Kress CIA report which originally appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA’s classified internal publication. It was released to the public in 1996. Abstract and new postscript written by Ken Kress in January 1999 for publication in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

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