I’d like to show you something about L. Ron Hubbard’s War Record. Recently a reporter evaluated Hubbard’s war history and correctly concluded that there is something very odd, mysterious even, with his records. Well, that’s true, there is, they are edited depending on who they are being sent to!

The post about Jeff Marino aka Don Alverzo aka Jerry Levin has been put on private.

Hubbard may have many followers, but he does not have any friends. – A.E. Van Vogt

David Miscavige – “And why was denial of tax exemption so important? Because, a tax exempt church may use all of its financial resources for accomplishing its mission.”

Great blog post by Sharon at Scientology – The Apollo Series

David Miscavige deliberately alters what the Haldeman Memo actually said in order to make it look like it specifically mentioned scientology when it did not.

On October. 8, 1993, 10,000 cheering Scientologists celebrated “victory” against the Internal Revenue Service.

The only problem is, it wasn’t the IRS’s idea to yank their tax-exemption in the first place.

It was the Kennedy administration.