Guardian Office execs committed crimes and were removed.

They were following LRH policies to commit crimes against critics.

Then we had Operation Dumbo Drop.

miscavige dumbo dropThis photo shoop was found at Why We Protest Forum

A new exec was installed who followed policy and committed crimes.

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L. Ron Hubbard is long gone.

Scientologists can do whatever they want with Scientology.

And Hubbard cannot say or do anything about it.

Proof is the fact that the current leadership has made thousands of alterations, deletions and fabrications to LRH issues.

L. Ron Hubbard had cancelled enforced disconnection.
David Miscavige resurrected enforced disconnection.

If he wanted to, Miscavige could cancel all Fair Game policies.
If he wanted to, Miscavige could cancel enforced disconnection.

Keeping them proves he agrees with those policies.

Miscavige is a criminal. He holds people against their will.
He beats people up, and gets others to do the same.

Evidence says he has even committed murder.

He is a walking advertisement that Scientology does not work.

He has got to go. However, that alone is not enough.

The classic tactic has been to remove the “bad executives”.

         And nothing changes.

Hubbard’s lunatic policies are never blamed and changed.

Just removing criminal executives is meaningless.

Fair Game and Enforced Disconnection policies have to go.

Until that happens, nothing has changed, nothing has improved.


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The Aims are
a world without criminality, insanity and war.

That is a joke when it can’t even make its own execs that way.

Fair Game and Enforced Disconnection policies are counter to the Aims.

Well?       What are you waiting for?



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